2/20: Help is just a thought away

2/20: Help is just a thought away

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You can now watch the full 60 Minutes segment on Placebos. Click HERE.    
  1. Comforting indeed! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful lift!

  3. Totally comforting to know that healing is just a thought away - a 'single moment 'of right,spiritual thinking! thanks Rob.

  4. How marvelous that Mary Baker Eddy's revelation from God — Christian Science — continues to heal and save mankind whenever and wherever one finds it — even written on a wall! — proving beyond doubt that Truth/God reveals to us who we spiritually are, purifying our thought with the understanding that we His/Her dearly beloved ideas — perfect, whole, complete, and eternal. Also, Rob, your love and unselfish sharing with the doctor of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by our beloved Leader and his consequent placing of the passage from it on his wall was the catalyst that enabled the man seeking healing to find it in the most permanent way possible. And his acknowledgement of healing from his working with and applying the truth of that passage demonstrates that the power of God is as present and powerful now as it was centuries ago. What a beautiful testimony of divine Love at work in our lives. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us, Rob. And thanks to all who bring us these inspiring Daily Lifts.

  5. How beautiful Rob. That is power packed.
    Thank you

  6. How comforting. How powerful!

  7. Great Lift...THANK YOU!

  8. Bonjour
    This is nice!...Thank you very much
    How grateful should we be for the Truth, for the Christ and for Mary Baker Eddy who dedicated her life to write Science and Health which blesses and heales so many lives...
    Thank you so much again

  9. Thank you so much. Yes healing is only a thought away and this passage in Science and Health with Key to
    the Scriptures is so very comforting and profound. We are all thoguht of Life Truth and Love and we all abide
    in God. Nothing can separate us from Him or cause any ill effects as we are not made of matter substance

  10. I am thrilled and rejoice daily when I listen to the discourse by Christian Science daily.

  11. Thank you.

  12. GREAT!
    More than a refreshing cold shower - just wonderful.

  13. Lovely message for today - thank you!

  14. Wonderful, thank you :)

  15. Yes, two years ago, in deep sorrow, I clearly heard the words: "I'll be here whenever you need me, I'm only a thought away!" "Clear before us through the darkness/ Gleams and burns the guiding light;/ Brother clasps the hand of brother,/ Stepping fearless through the night." (Christian Science Hymnal #351.)

  16. Thank you, Rob, for a beautiful example of the power of the word.

  17. Oh how beautiful and energising this message is. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  18. No hay duda de que nada hay más saludable que estar el pensamiento alineado con Dios siguiendo la enseñanza cristiana, es fortalecernos con la Verdad divina que es saludable en SÍ misma y que nos permite ayudarnos a nosotros y por ende a los demás en una hermandad autentica y efectiva porque nace de la comprensión de saber que no hay otro pensamiento real que el que viene de Dios que desecha todo lo desemejante a Él ya que el desconocimiento del mal es una barrera contra la que choca la intención maligna y no permanece porque nada es, nada de esa rintención maligna se hace realidad si no lo permitimos si no consentimos por ello la importancia de estar unidos a Dios por el Cristo y la Ciencia Cristiana, la barrera infranqueable que produce el Bien.
    "Mas Tú Jehová, eres escudo alrededor de mi; Mi gloria, y el que levanta mi cabeza" Salmos

    "El que ve con claridad e ilumina a otras mentes con la mayor facilidad, mantiene su propia lámpara aderezada y encendida" Mary B.E.

    Sin genealogías humanas, ¿oh acaso no decimos que somos hijos de Dios? demostrémoslo, comprendiendo que el ser es espíritual y que sólo el hombre, material es mortal.

    Muchas gracias por toda la ayuda permanente que recibimos a diario. Thank you so much Rob.

  19. Thanks for retelling that story, Rob. I heard it years ago, told by another doctor, --- or maybe the same one!---- and it needs to get around. The patient knew what had healed him and the doctor knew that none of the medical treatment could have nor did. Just think!

  20. Thank you for that great reminder healing is just a thought away.

  21. thank you

  22. Rob, thank you so much for this great Lift. In Australia we are required by law to visit a medical doctor if we drive a car, and if we've accumulated a certain number. But we can have a very friendly relationship with our appointed medico, and it's good to know our visit is looked forward to with pleasure. I sometimes feel guilty that I turned my back on Christian Science during my teen years. But God never turned His back on me, and I always knew He was right there - which I didn't always appreciate, like a child who wants to walk alone, even before she can walk. How wonderful to have that healed man in the community, as a perfect example of effective spiritual healing. And how many others there are worldwide!
    Thank you Nate and your production team; thanks to the BoL and the lecturers; and to our precious family of YDLifters.

  23. Thank you for this wonderful Daily Lift . Mary Baker Eddy included the quote the man pondered, that elevated his thinking to communion with God, in the first chapter of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, titled Prayer. "Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, -- neither in nor of matter, -- and the body will then utter no complaints. If suffering from a belief in sickness, you will find yourself suddenly well. Sorrow is turned into joy when the body is controlled by spiritual Life, Truth, and Love" (S&H 14:12-18).

  24. Comforting indeed, that help is just a thought away! Thank you, Rob.

  25. Thanks! I'll share with my people

  26. I saw that TV show on placebos yesterday. It was VERY good and showed that placebos have as much healing power as targeted drugs in most cases. Thanks for your wonderful commentary. The world is slowly awakening to the mesmerism of the drug "fix" for every physical complaint. What a good counter that show provided, and your Lift of course, to the "not so subtle" campaign by the pharmaceutical industry to create a need by suggesting diseases and their symptoms, and then providing a product to fill that need.
    Three cheers for the Truth that God, Divine Love is ALL and that we can overcome suggestions of disease, depression and fear through knowing the Truth about our real existence.

  27. Thank you for reminding me that God, our present help, is always near!!!

  28. Where is that quote in S & H? Thank you for sharing.

    Daily Lift Team:
    See Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, page 14:12-18.

  29. Peter Mark: Thank you, and it is this very passage that a practitioner gave me to study while he was working for me...

  30. Thank you. What a lovely Daily Lift!! And thank you to the Daily Lift Team for the S&H reference so I can put this on my wall too!!

  31. Beautiful

  32. How uplifting - here you see Christian Science is for everybody - everybody is Gods child and under His assuring care - thanks for sharing with us this great healing.

  33. It was so wonderful to open my Daily Lift and hear it connected to a program I watched last night
    and was so taken by the doctor's admission of the effect of the placebos. I mentioned to my husband as we watched it how Mary Baker Eddy in discovering Christian Science had also worked with the placebos effect. So nice to hear and see how the medical community is awakening to the Truth of prayer.
    Thanks for this lift.

  34. I just watched this last night myself....my daughters and I commented that we learned this with CS and the placebo effect. I love the fact that a medical doctor ultimately appreciates the power of prayer for the lasting healing.

  35. I also saw the program 60 Minutes on TV last night about placebos it was very interesting, especially, based on this evidence, the UK has made changes in issuing depression drugs. And, I loved the story you told this morning. What a wonderul lift this morning, it is very encouraging, thanks so much Rob.

  36. Thank your reminding and the awareness through this beautiful daily lift

  37. Thanks so much, Rob, for an exceptional Lift to start our week. It's powerful message is so inspiring! I agree with all of the previous comments, so won't repeat what has been said already. I wish I could attend your lecture in San Marino on March 4th, as I've enjoyed your contributions to the periodicals and these Lifts, but I'm about 900 miles north of there on the Oregon border.

    I tried to watch the program on 60 Minutes last night but our CBS station had no sound, so I finally gave up.

    I'd also like to comment, if I may, on Nate's very inspiring article "CA$H Does money define what you do? Who you are? Where you can go? Not so fast..." in the Sentinel of February 27, 2012. I really appreciate your sharing, Nate, of your experiences, especially your six-and-a-half month journey and the events leading up to it. What wonderful memories you have for the rest of your life!

    The message in this Lift resonates with me. Some years ago I framed a copy of the poem we've all seen by A.E.Hamilton that begins "Ask God to give thee skill in comfort's art..." and gave it to a local acquaintance who is a chiropractor. Some time later I had occasion to notice it hanging on the wall directly in front of her desk. Today's Lift reminds me of a line from a childhood favorite in our hymnal about willingness and gentleness in communication..."The good, the joy that it may bring eternity shall tell".

    The A. E. Hamilton poem is included in the book Retrospection and Introspection by Mary Baker Eddy on page 95, line 4, and the quote from the hymn is from Hymn 315 the last verse.

  39. lynn

    What a way to start this day - what a way to start this week!!!!! Thank you for this inspirational thought today which is being shared around the world!

    A grateful thanks to all those bringing us these "starts for the day" - our Daily Lift

  40. Just a thought away. No visits, appointments, long drives, long waiting times, handling of prescriptions, or tests and diagnoses. Simply open Science and Health, or remember a line or passage wherever you happen to be. The immediate Comforter is here to heal.

  41. I was just relating to one of my sons last night a demonstration his sister and I had a couple of years ago on this very subject. My daughter, driving his car, got lost in downtown Dallas leaving a convention. She called me to help her get back on track but kept driving further and further into south Dallas, which is considered an unsafe area. I had pulled up my trip planner and was attempting to direct her back toward home. She kept getting further south as I repeatedly was instructing her to turn around. She couldn't find a place to do so and then her cell phone died. This mom was in a 'run out the door to go look for her panic'. I stopped. Turned wholeheartedly to God and listened. The words I heard were 'the lines of communication are still up and working.' What a joy those words were to hear! I held onto that thought knowing God and her angel messages were directing my daughter. She called about 45 minutes later from a store where she stopped at to use a phone. She was in far north Dallas at a very familiar intersection! I directed her towards home and have been rejoicing ever since! Mrs Eddy also states on pg 12:31, 'In divine Science, where prayers are mental, all may avail themselves of God as "a very present help in trouble." Love is impartial and universal in its adaptions and bestowals.' Thank you BOL, DL team and our daily Lifters! You inspire me every morning!

  42. I watched the 60 minutes segment about Placebos last night. How great to have the immediate follow up discussing the effect of thought on the body from a spiritual standpoint! Thank you.

  43. This is a deeply profound Lift today, ensuring that beyond the 'belief' , or faith in a panacea, is the divine science of metaphysics, Christian Science, as discovered by Mary Baker Eddy, permeating all. This verified healing of cancer is just brilliant. Thank you.

  44. ¡Gracias por este mensaje!

  45. Rob,
    Thank you so much for sharing this powerful demonstration of being "...absent from the body and present with Truth and Love]" So many times in Science and Helath with Key to the Scriptures Mary Baker Eddy takes us back to the words of Jesus Christ as she does when finishing the paragraph you quote from - she writes: "Hence the hope of the promise Jesus bestows: "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; . . . because I go unto my Father," — [because the Ego is absent from the body, and present with Truth and Love.] The Lord's Prayer is the prayer of Soul, not of material sense" (Science and Health, p. 14:18).

  46. Thank you, Rob, for this enlightening Lift today! So grateful that all of us are waking up to the Truth of Being that Jesus taught and practised and that Mary Baker Eddy presented to the world in Science and Health. Mind, Spirit, knowing itself, could only have a spiritual idea of itself. That idea is man in his true being. Cherishing this thought brings physical healing! When we know what God is, we know who we are!

  47. Sometimes you find a website which has been moved. There is a “redirect” and you instantly find yourself at a new web address. The redirect notice is practically invisible and the old website is already gone. I was sort of thinking that as I listened to the redirected experience of the man at the doctor’s office reading those wonderful re-directing words. Did the cancer “go away”? Not in reality. He was simply at the new site where there is no cancer.
    I love our morning re-direct notices! Great Lift, Rob.

  48. This message is really helpful, thank you!

  49. An inspiring and practical message. Thanks for sharing this message that demonstrates the power of the leaven of Truth.

  50. That which seems a miracle is :divinely natural Thanks great demonstration..great lesson

  51. I, too, listened to 60 minutes, and kept wanting to interrupt the good people talking about the placebo effect and point them to Science and Health. So, I was glad to discover this lift, to which I have listened twice so far. Thanks, Bob.

  52. It is so comforting to know that all we have to do is realize the spiritualizing of our consciousness. Thank you Rob!

  53. Nancy, #43, I love the way you illustrated the change in consciousness: a new "web site," i.e. consciousness, where there is no cancer. Yea!

  54. Beautiful Rob and thanks so much to remember that healing is right at hand, regardless. A great way to begin this and every day.

  55. I love the title of this lift, "Help is just a thought away," and its message! Thank you.

  56. Thank you for sharing this with us, Rob. Truly helpful!

  57. Thanks, Rob, for this clear, simple, and healing Lift!
    And how wonderful that with all that good thinking going on, there are only good side effects!

  58. Thank you, Rob. My friend (a non-scientist) and I took great interest in yesterday's 60 Minutes program regarding the placebo. I am so grateful for Science in KNOWING the Truth...healing is just a thought away.
    Love to all....

  59. Fabulous ,, Thank You ! :-)

  60. Great lift Rob and a wonderful gift to humanity. Didn't watch the program but am aware of the "scientific" curiosity behind placebos' effects. It just amazes me that rather than embracing the growing evidence of healings being linked to spiritual sources, the scientific community, strongly influenced by our secular environment, tries to find explanations to negate any causation that is not medically based. Your physician friend, as the saying goes, is a "zebra".

  61. Thank you Rob, is a wonderful lift!

  62. Thanks Rob for a great lift. To me that says the "Still Small Voice" continues to leaven thought....the healing you shared with us and also the 60 minutes segment are just more signs of the Truth revealing itself to mankind.

  63. I missed 60 Minutes but maybe I can find it in a replay. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message. I, too, am writing down that passage on the wall. "Sorrow is turned into joy when the body is controlled by spiritual Life, Truth and Love" . . . . now I'm ready to start my day . . . :)

  64. After I listened to this, I said "Wow!" What an experience the patient had, and what a wonderful lesson for all of us. Rob, your articles, contributions to Sentinel Radio, etc., are always so good. Fresh, interesting, and with a quiet sense of authority.

  65. I know this citation very well, but it is so helpful to have it brought before us again. I have been pondering it ever since I listened to today's DL. It has infinite applications. Thank you, Rob.

  66. Great lift. I too have listened twice and I'm so grateful for the reminder. Thank you.

  67. Amen.

  68. I always admired how MBE’s writings can answer for her:
    Her purpose: she commits these pages to honest seekers for Truth. S&H xxii:26
    Who: Whosoever understands a single rule in Science, and demonstrates its Principle according to rule, is master of the situation. Misc. 265:12
    How: Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, — neither in nor of
    matter, — and the body will then utter no complaints. S&H 14:12
    Why: A spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive. S&H 463:12
    Because man: “has not a single quality underived from Deity” S&H 475:20
    Siempre admiré como los escritos de MBE responden por ella:
    Su propósito: ella dedica estas páginas a los que sinceramente buscan la Verdad. xii:6
    ¿Quién? Quienquiera que entienda una sola regla en la Ciencia, y demuestre su Principio de acuerdo con la regla, es dueño de la situación. Misc. 265:12
    ¿Cómo? Estad conscientes por un solo momento de que la Vida y la inteligencia son puramente espirituales —que no están en la materia ni proceden de ella— y el cuerpo no proferirá entonces ninguna queja. C7S 14:12
    ¿Por qué? Una idea espiritual no tiene ni un solo elemento de error, y esa Verdad elimina debidamente todo lo que sea nocivo. CyS 463:1
    Porque el hombre: no tiene ni una sola cualidad que no derive de la Deidad. CyS 475:20

  69. Great lift Rob! I don't choose to have a TV since some years back I found that it was mostly a time waster, but for the few programs that are truly worth while. However, it is interesting that last evening I was working on a problem and the thought came that I am not living in matter at all, but in God, as Paul says "for in Him we live and move and have our being." A powerful treatment! It is great to bear witness to the "leaven of Truth" which is finding its way into homes around the world!

  70. Thanks for a marvelous Daily Lift, Rob. Imagine a world where all doctor's offices had MBE's quotes on the walls.

  71. Thank you Rob!

  72. I, too, loved this. I often send the Lifts to friends - and in the case of this one, I copied the MBE quote in my cover note. I would suggest in the future, when a Lift features a specific quote (in this case it healed the man) it might be nice/helpful to put the quote on the Lift page. Although Rob's message was more broad than this quote - and one would need to make it clear that THIS particular quote doesn't have some "healing magic" (!), it would be helpful for the non-CSists to not have to be trying to re-listen over and over to that little part in order to write down the quote, etc.

    Thanks, Rob, and all - for such a timely Lift!

    Daily Lift Team:
    Please see comment # 23 today for the complete quote and reference. And # 45 provides the remainder of that paragraph in the chapter titled Prayer in Science and Health on page 14. Thank you all for listening to, participating in, and praying with each Daily Lift and Lifter.

  73. The simplicity of the Christ is all.

  74. Thanks Rob! I am sharing with my spiritual thinker friends!! :)

  75. Thank you, Rob, that's the lift I needed today.

  76. Thank you!

  77. What an inspiring story and practical thought. Many thanks for this timely Lift.

  78. Thank you.

  79. what a precious gift! Thanks Rob Gilbert for your clear delivery, thanks dear Yvonne Cooper for inviting me to listen, thanks to the dependable inspiring Daily Lift team, thanks to Christian Science for providing such firm undeterred guidance to Light and Life and Love. With much gratitude, Maria

  80. Thanks for a great lift!

    Been there, done that.

  81. Often when we are working through a challenge, we read the lesson, Science and Health, Prose Works, the Christian Science periodicals in search of that one thought that will heal. And, look at this! All we need is to stick to ONE thought and apply it, and we will be healed! What a wonderful LIFT! Sue

  82. What a comfort...we have in Christian Science!

  83. Fabulous! Thank you so much! Very inspiring.

  84. Thank you for respondidng to that 60 Minutes program!! As I was listening to the program, I prayed and gave thanks to M.B.E. for her revelation of Mind as God and for last week's Lesson that so clearly pointed that out. I wondered to myself, why more people aren't coming to that thought that gives such peace and comfort and healing.

  85. Thank you. I found that statement so powerful, thought and practiced almost daily, that I have one word above the mirror inside my car - "Become!"

  86. What a beautiful thought-provoking testimony! Thank you, Rob!

  87. Wow, Rob, what an inspiration to keep alert for opportunities for sharing!


  89. Thank you very much, Rob! This phrase is one of my favorites. It is like a jewel. When there had been an accident at home with my small son a long time ago, the thought came to me "become conscious for a single moment ..." that was all I could think of. And I continued in thought "... that all is Love, nothing but Love, just everywhere - all Love". this was so clear to me while I held him tight that nothing else was able to enter into my thinking. And there followed a quick healing.
    Our textbook is so full of precious stones - thoughts. Thank you again, Rob !

  90. Thank you!

  91. I saw the 60 minute presentation last night. It was wonderful and eye/thought opening. It basically said that medicines that relieve depression do not work because of the chemicals within but because of the thought of the patient. The patient expects to get better. And the environment of the doctor's office makes the patient feel that he will be helped or healed. It is all the thought of the patient, and that is true of most or all drugs and all illnesses. Even those doctors that defended Prozaic and other drugs admitted that the drugs are only minimally effective, if at all. This is a milestone. What Mrs. Eddy knew over a century ago!

    Another thought is how the feminine thought is so receptive to spiritual Truth as brought out in this week's lesson about Christ Jesus. And this is as guy saying this!

  92. I get very much caught up with the inspiration that lifters share with one another each morning. Quite profound and from around the world. The same doctor I referred to told me before he heard of Science and Health he would work with passages from the Bible and experience healing. A lady with a herniated disc came to him. He saw the xrays and knew what conventional medicine would dictate. He told her they were not equipted to do the procedure, but asked if she would like to pray. After they did he said, I think you can jump off that table right now pain free. She she said she thought so too. She did and was completely healed. Truth' immortal idea IS sweeping down the centuries, gathering beneath its wings the sick and sinning. S&H 55.

  93. Thanks so much for this beautiful lift. And special thanks to the precious physician who had the love and humility to post those words in his office.

  94. Thanks Rob. That was great!

  95. Rob! I am so grateful that the Daily Lifts' messages are coming through on facebook. I'm praying that all who see them may wake up to the truth of being as the right path to health, harmony, and boundless bliss.

  96. This is FANTASTIC! The first testimony I have EVER heard where an MD wrote an MBE quote on their wall - and such an absolute one at that! That the patient expressed the wisdom to study and use that quote and to recognize that it healed him is a TREMENDOUS JOY to this lifelong student of Christian Science. The Truth is truly everywhere and the Truth indeed sets free! Many thanks to the speaker for sharing this experience and for sharing the Truth with the MD!

  97. Lovely DL. I so appreciate it, Rob.

    Since healing is thought, it can never be too late. I have proved this many times in my life of spirtitual growth. My son once brought me a hummingbird who had flown into a window. He wasn't moving and his neck was to one side. I asked my son to put him on a high wall, so he could fly away. We prayed knowing that Life, God is All without an unlikeness. The bird flew away shortly and we rejoiced that the healing thought is omnipresent and powerful.

  98. My oldest brother, a doctor who read Science and Health years ago, "approves" of my studying Christian Science. :) I like that he has a sign on the ceiling above his examining table that says simply,
    "Expect good." And I'm sure his patients are helped by this thought. Great lift!

  99. THAT WAS AMAZING. I love it.

  100. God bless that physician who was receptive to the spiritual ideas that God is all, matter is immaterial and changing one's thought basis brings healing. That he/ she chose to post Mrs Eddy's passage for all his/her patients indicates true love and compassion. Wonderful Lift today"

  101. Rejoicing in this beautiful proof of the Truth!

    Glad Rob had the courage to share Science and Health, the doctor had the courage to post the citation in his office, the patient had the courage to apply the rule stated.

    Let's keep sharing with joy!

  102. Thank you so much Rob. So relevant, inspiring, helpful and powerful.

  103. Rob you have so many comments that you do not need my simple "thank you!" But I will say it anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  104. My husband and I also saw the 60 Minutes program....the story regarding placebos and a patient's thought effecting healing was preceeded by a story about people who have been out of work for over 2 years during this challenging economic time. A program was high-lighted that focuses specifically on helping people who had good jobs and suddenly found themselves laid off. This program helps them deal with debilitating fear to re-think how they are searching for a new job. Each one mentioned how their thought changed to be more open to possibilities and they found new employment. So each of the programs on 60 minutes last night showed the effects of thought....great daily lift Rob. THANK YOU!!!

  105. This was healing. I am grateful that I am finding help, through the writings of MBE and people who believe in Scripture. I recognize that I was ill taught tho, raised in religion, schooled from K-12 in Catholic School, and in those days, church and school were combined, very much. I need the people who comment as much as the CS lecturer providing the daily lift. Thank you very much. 'today, this was part of my daily bread (spiritual bread)

  106. Once more..you are marvellous...merci

  107. Thanks Rob for sharing your thoughts today and especially that you shared S&H with your doctor friend and the patient was healed! As a few have said, wouldn't it be wonderful if spiritual thoughts (from S&H) were "posted" in all doctor offices? Loved your comments on the 60 Minutes program. I watched it, too, and was thrilled to hear the analysis that really healing is in our "thought"....as you said: "Help is just a thought away"! Thanks to everyone for their comments, as well!

  108. This is a great Lift. There have been several instances in public lately of an awakening thought. Here on PBS was the results of an extensive review of Medicare statistics, and the enormous differences across the country, in treating the same condition, the amounts of pharmaceuticals used, and the costs. One conclusion, 30% of the procedures and medications were not needed. Grand Junction,CO delivered the best care, efficiency, least cost. The doctors cooperated, refused to accept free samples of drugs, charged a uniform price, consulted the patient, at length. "What do you want us to do?" Computerized records. Brought costs way down. Patient centered, and left those who were profiteering exposed.
    So many women I run into clearly speak of the mental nature of things. It is more common than ever before. The leaven is working.

  109. Such a powerful example of healing. Thank you!

  110. So nice and thanks a lot.

  111. So very precious! Thank you for sharing this wonderful healing!

  112. Thank you, Rob! I loved hearing about the Dr.'s office!

  113. Thank you so much for this wonderful daily lift. I am so grateful!

  114. Hallelujah!!!!!
    Thank you, thank you.

  115. Thank you Rob

    Yes, we are all a product of our thinking, change the thought and the picture changes.

    Oh, how we are all blessed with this Science that our beloved leader Mary Baker Eddy left for all mankind.

  116. Its me again. I just wanted to say that I was not the one who first brought S&H to the doctor's attention or introduced him to Christian Science. That happened before we spoke. And to my sense, I think he posted that quote, like he worked with Scripture, to focus his attention on the healing power. I don't think it was necessarily meant for others. But it sure caught the attention of that one patient and healed him.

  117. Thank you!

  118. Thank you Rob for sharing that lovely experience. It goes to show as Mrs Eddy says "A grain of Christian Science does wonders for mortals so omnipotent is Truth". I have heard of two healings of cancer by people who knew nothing of Christian Science. One was of someone in hospital whose brother read her the Book of Job from the Bible - over and over. Eventually she started listening and was healed. The other was a woman we knew who upon being diagnosed, took up painting - beautiful small floral patterns. She said "I got so interested in the painting I forgot all about the cancer".

  119. What a wonderful healing, and a great lift for today. Thanks for sharing.

  120. Hey Rob,
    I immediately thought of a friend dealing with pain that seemed unyielding when I read your Daily Lift, “Healing is just a thought away.” I called her to tell her about it. She put us on speaker phone so her fiancé could also be in on the conversation. We had a sweet sharing of God’s power and goodness and clarified that Christian Science is not Scientology. They both have such a beautiful sense of God. I was able to send them the article in the Daily Lift format and the passage typed out from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy found at page 14 line 12. They were expectantly waiting to receive them. I loved when she told me that I couldn’t have called at a better time. We both felt that it was on God’s time.
    NRH :)
    Vincennes, Indiana

  121. Thanks you so much!! So simple and yet so true! We don't know when the Christ, Truth will be there for someone in need, but we do know that it surely is!!!

  122. Yes thankyou. It really helped me with my morning

  123. I'm one day late but what a lift!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  124. Thank you Rob for sharing this powerful thought.

  125. Excellent evidence to emulate. Thank you!

  126. That was a wonderful lift - even if I didn't see the "60 Minute" program. This was like a two minute mini-lecture. Thanks for sharing.

  127. Rob - a little late, but thanks so much! This passage, "Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, -- neither in nor of matter, -- and the body will then utter no complaints'' was the first that hit hard when I was introduced to the book years ago. I held to it in times of need when bringing up a family and found it to be true. Still holding on to the certainty of its truth. Have been [almost totally] immobilized and in incessant pain for several years now, with little relief 'even' from the medical to whom I eventually had to resort [how can one cope without help if one can barely move, in this world?]. Little relief, that is, other than from the gratitude, knowing the 'spiritual' progress made. Still holding on to the consciousness of that truth as quoted, but I wonder: did Jesus find freedom from the complaints of 'the body', freedom from the pain, while he was on the cross, or was he removed out of the body as quickly as was possible? There seems much yet for me to do here, but relief and the ability to move 'the body' would help! Excuse this self-centred response, 'dear reader' - whoever you are. My blessings on you all.

  128. Dear Rob,

    Great Daily Lift. Please tell me on which page your sentence is in the S&H?
    Thnak you.


    The passage quoted in this Lift is from page 14, line 12 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

  129. My heart goes out to #127 who seems to feel a great love for Spirit and restrictions on access to this wonderful truth in his or her human experience. There is no judgment about the use of medical support that can separate anyone from God's loving care. If you live near other Christian Scientists, there are individuals who want to be there to support you; I know that I would be on my way to see you if you were in my community. If you are away from other Scientists, use the directory on this site to contact a practitioner who can share insights about God. Please keep enjoying the daily lifts and expect good to grow steadily in your experience in every practical detail.

  130. Thank you so much, Linda in Quebec - practitioners over the years have been and are being very, very kind and helpful, and I am extremely grateful. So many lessons learnt, and yet to learn. The Daily Lift and contact globally is part of the myriad of blessings. With love to you all!

  131. PS. And thank you, Linda, for expanding my horizon outwards to remind me of a trip to your beautiful city [and country] when we were first married. ‘The wide horizon’s grander view’......

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