2/19: Spiritual insights from a chicken!

2/19: Spiritual insights from a chicken!

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  1. Thank you Josh for sharing this insight of God's protection. I love the words that are used by Mary Baker Eddy in her writings to describe God's protection of His creation such as sheltered, enveloped, and surrounded. These words give us a better understanding, not just of God's presence, but of His active and continues love, power, and protection that are always with us. From the Bible as you cited,we read in Psalm 91,.."under the shadow of the Almighty." and "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust:" Such comfort, assurance and protection is found here. Thank you again.

  2. It is good to be refreshingly reminded that Love knows of no pecking order. Thank you!

  3. Thank you!!

  4. Wonderful caring by filming and sharing God's love expressed through the Mothering of the chicken. I'm sending this through to my grandchildren who have a few chickens in Surrey, near London.

  5. What a precious and comforting Daily Lift! Your observations and insights are uplifting and inspiring! Thank you Josh.

  6. Thank you for the Lift. It has come at a time that I need to hear it.

  7. Thank you, Josh, for reminding me that "Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you." Even feathers can act as a panoply!

  8. That was so lovely. Thanks, Josh.

  9. Thanks Josh for such a powerful statement and very uplifting thought that at all times and circumstances always we are loved, guided,protected and cared for by God. Thanks so much! That's ALL I needed to hear, know and remember now, today and always!

  10. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this! !!!

  11. Many thanks Josh for this great illustration. Yes. "Sometimes we may feel 'pecked at'. But we are always safe under the complete protection of divine Love." "Drop Thy still dews of quietness,/ Till all our strivings cease;/ Take from us now the strain and stress,/ And let our ordered lives confess/ The beauty of Thy peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #49).

  12. What a beautiful, firm bur gentle message. That you Josh. God is doing just that protection, constantly. We must rrecognise it, acknowledge it and make sure we do the same for others, "…love thy neighbour as thyself."

  13. How sweet! Beautifully done with this comforting message. Thank you. I love chickens and have watched them a lot. Such fun. Dankeschön!

  14. Thank you Josh, that is such a comforting message to start the day with. Dilys. UK.

  15. What a lovely picture! I love chooks, and the illustration of the mothering hen giving her protection to the little bantam is precious, and how beautifully it raises into focus the mothering love of our Mother Love.
    "Brood o'er us with Thy sheltering wing" - Mary Baker Eddy in her hymn 30 (CS Hymnal) says it all.
    Many thanks Josh!

  16. Thank you so much. Very beautiful and touching. A blessing to behold.

  17. This lift is just wonderful Josh,thanks so much for your insight in the lives of chickens!Truly God is ever present to govern ,guide and guard even in a chicken yard! I love your observation of how one hen helped her friend as long as needed.Only God,good,is being expressed everywhere and in everything.Thanks again Josh for this delightful and very spiritual lift

  18. Oh, this message is a tender, fluffy treasure!
    Thank you, Josh!

  19. Thank you, Josh, for “Spiritual insights from a chicken!” I love it - especially the visual! “… and a little [chicken] shall lead them.” ( Isa 11:6 ;-)

    Got me to thinking that whatever “yard” I’m in at any time …

    Am I being pecked? Am I pecking? Am I offering a protective wing? Am I an onlooker praying for harmony in the “yard” and Love revealed for all concerned?

    “… the answer to the sublime question as to man's life shall come from God and … its adjustment shall be according to His laws. The characters and lives of men determine the peace, prosperity, and life of nations … Whatever weighs in the eternal scale of equity and mercy tips the beam on the right side, where the immortal words and deeds of men alone can settle all questions amicably and satisfactorily ... To coincide with God's government is the proper incentive to the action of all nations ... The government of divine Love is supreme. Love rules the universe, and its edict hath gone forth: ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me,’ and ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’ Let us have the molecule of faith that removes mountains, — faith armed with the understanding of Love, as in divine Science, where right reigneth.” (My 277-278).

    A Rule for Motives and Acts. SECTION 1. (Man 40:4) offers guidance into a lifestyle of harmonious interactions that prove “the government of divine Love is supreme.”

    Yard full of chickens? Gathering of God’s children? Nations of the world? Healing follows as we let Love lead.

  20. Josh, Thank you. All of God's ideas are cared for, watched over., protected, and blessed.

  21. Psalm 91 is so complete an offer of protection!

    Way before our parents thought of us, way into the hereafter, God, as a loving mother-bird, has us under his protecting wing:
    "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust" PS 91:4

    We can rest assure that every one of our love ones is protected:
    "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways." PS 91:11

    We don't need to know when or how will God work His purpose for us, and we don't need to outline the outcome, we just need to know that:
    "Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him" PS 91:14

    ¡El Salmo 91 es una oferta de protección tan completa!

    Mucho antes que nuestros padres pensaran en nosotros, bien profundo en el más allá, Dios, como una ave madre amorosa, nos tiene bajo su ala protectora:
    " Con sus plumas te cubrirá, Y debajo de sus alas estarás seguro" Salmo 91: 4

    Podemos descansar seguros de que cada uno de nuestros seres queridos está protegido:
    "A sus ángeles mandará acerca de ti, Que te guarden en todos tus caminos" Salmo 91: 11

    No necesitamos saber cuándo ni cómo obrará Dios Su propósito para nosotros, ni necesitamos delinear el resultado, solo debemos saber que:
    "Por cuanto en mí ha puesto su amor, yo también lo libraré" Salmo 91: 14

  22. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  23. Thank You so much, Josh, for these sheltering insights :-)

  24. The "pecking order" among chickens is well known. So happy to hear of the solution that came about in your chicken family through your prayers and love for them all. Divine Love really does meet all needs, always!

  25. Thank you for your dear chicks. We have about 15 free range chickens, who come at 7:10 every morning and line up outside my bedroom glass doors, waiting for me to come out and feed them. They always make me smile. Now some wild turkeys have decided to join them. So, the idea came to me to toss the corn under the Landcruiser, high enough for the chicks, but too low for the turkeys to get under and eat all their food. Observing the wildlife gives lots of food for thought.

  26. so beautifull Josh... It is just what I need it today !!!
    God bless you
    Pieranna from Italy

  27. Thanks Josh for this lovely reminder of Gods love for all his ideas.

  28. That was beautiful, thank you

  29. More lessons from birds! and the second on chickens in recent months. May I post the Youtube link to the previous one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myKEgIap2V8 I also see that research is going on at British universities in a project based on 'human-chicken interactions' across the world, and across the centuries. They invite research into such questions as 'What roles do chickens play and how does this vary between different faiths (e.g. Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Islamic). What might this variation reflect?' I think these chicken video-Lifts would answer a question or two on the role of chickens in Christian Science! See http://www.chickenco-op.net/home

  30. Sweet! Thanks!

  31. So gentle, soo lovely, sooo true. Thank you.

  32. Outstanding Josh, thank you!

  33. soooo wonderful. Thank you.!

  34. Thanks Josh. You bought the message home beautifully.

  35. Thank you for this very lovely and comforting Lift a great way to start our day.

  36. I love that lift of yours more than I can say. It was so beautiful Josh. Thank you a million times over. Very much love.

  37. Thank you ver much, Josh! This is so beautiful and clear and comforting and reassuring! And above all encouraging to trust the eternal wings that are always spreas open to protect and guide us.
    This is wonderful.

  38. God's loving protection- the chicken story, how perfect!

    Yesterday this angel thought came to me:
    My Divine Rights
    You have the right to remain healthy.
    Any truth you claim can and will be used against error, for God is All-in- all.
    Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error.
    Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal.
    Spirit is God and man is His image and likeness, therefore man is not material, he is spiritual.

  39. I really needed to hear this today - was actually reduced to a few tears by its comfort and loveliness! Thank you Josh. X

  40. Thank you.

  41. Thank you.

  42. Lovely thank you Josh!

  43. Thank you so very much: it was just what I needed to hear today.
    be blessed
    carlotta cerrato

  44. What a nice Lift, so comforting. Thank you for the video and words. What beautiful birds, and how lovely the metaphor. Thank you so much.

  45. I've always loved chickens. Thanks so much, Josh, for this sweet lift. Even chickens express Love to their neighbors, God's Love is always active and provable, even in a chicken yard..

  46. Sincerest thanks, Josh, to you and yours for sharing this wonder-filled and healing lesson - one to share with family and friends, as well as to know for all creation! Daily gratitude for these Lifts, the DL Team, Lifters - and for all the bountiful gifts of Church!

  47. Just what I needed, Josh. In light of a very disturbing picture in the news, there is comfort that God is right there providing the comfort and protection needed. Thank you.

  48. This is great, Josh; video really made my day; thanks !

  49. Ha! I just don’t know if I can make the leap from the world of chickens to God’s government without laughing at myself. Perhaps it is like unto Jesus’ “like unto” remarks. The kingdom of heaven is like unto a protective chicken wing. Now if I were the size of a mouse, I might get that loud and clear.

    Lest lightning strike, I will move on.

    I do know that God’s protective Love embraces each of us where we are. I dare say that Josh and his family are federal agents and contribute understandingly to the harmony of the yard. Even when just one chicken answers the need for inclusiveness, the yard is better off. Perhaps in the kingdom of heaven, we’re the chickens.

    OK, I am hopeless today… go back to Nela’s great quote. Thanks Josh. I do actually get it.

  50. In response to Josh Niles' DAILY LIFT for Wednesday, February 19, 2014:
    Barbara Lomker wrote:
    In life's "hen house" it seems I have been the victim of many "pecks" so I have a decision to make!
    1) hold onto that "victim mentality" and "starve" myself from all the spiritual food being fed to me each moment by my Mother Hen
    2) stagnate where I am and go neither forward nor backward and hope things improve
    3) keep searching for my true sense of sustenance and be "abundantly fed"
    4) realize that the other hens were NEVER the source of my supply and go to the divine Father-Mother Hen for ALL my needs
    Thanks Josh!
    For feeding me with the inspiration I needed to start today as a "fully-fed hen of God"!
    To continue with the barnyard humor,
    Guess that makes me a H.O.G. (Hen Of God)

  51. Beautiful. Thank you!

  52. Exquisite message. Thank you, Josh.

  53. that was beautiful!

    thank you

  54. beautiful example of Gods constant care. thank you!

  55. Thank you Josh! Interesting to begin the day. No one can be apart Love.

  56. Dear Josh,

    Thank you for making this video! It's such a beautiful reminder that God takes care of all of his creatures even without "human" intervention. I taught first grade for many years and "we" hatched chickens in the classroom and saw first-hand how some of the chickens treated their own. I realized how unique and individual chickens can be!

  57. Beautiful video as well as a comforting message. It reminded me of when my husband brought home a Banty hen who we named Sylvia. We also had a feral cat "Tom" who visited regularly that I fed and petted. The first time Tom came up after Sylvia arrived I held him on my lap petting him and telling him that he and Sylvia were going to get along together. The next morning I heard cluck, cluck and meow at the back door and there was Tom and Sylvia side by side asking for their breakfast. Tom looked after Sylvia as we live next to a woods with wild animals. And one morning Sylvia was alone clucking and led me to where Tom was lying on the ground. She clucked over him until I picked him up and cared for him. Seeing love expessed is so uplifting between animals and people. Divine Love reigns and is ALL!

  58. Thanks so much Josh. A perfect Lift for me today, Straight from God, through you, to me. Isn't it incredible how that works?? I feel so much better.

  59. Oh, thank you so much....

  60. I really liked this message and the way it was conveyed. Thanks so much!

  61. Thank you! In the face of turbulent news, I immediately applied this lift to airplane passengers and travelers in general, seeing all sheltered under Love's wing, safe and secure, traveling in Love's embrace.

  62. Such a comforting reminder. Thank you Josh, this is exactly what I needed today.

  63. Thank you, Josh, from Gorgeous Snowy Idaho! I never really thought much of chickens before.....certainly never thought of them as expressions of God and as expressing God! Then, thanks to your LIft and Video, I remembered: "All of God's creatures, moving in the harmony of Science........" Thank you for expanding my thought of God and His Creatures to include even the love of a protecting chicken's wing! All of God's Creation is under His Wing of Love today!

  64. Oh that was sweet..I have chickens also and have seen this loving protection from my hens...thank you.

  65. Thank you, Josh!

  66. Loved this lift. Sent it to my children and grandchildren to think about while they are skiing Thank you for this and all the lifts!!!

  67. So sweet! Another bullying situation with God's protection for ALL his creation. Thank you, Josh.

  68. Thank you for this video Lift demonstrating God's "Everlasting Arms of Love".

  69. Love this Lift...particularly K of CA..the Miranda Rights for God! How clever!! Thank you!

  70. How beautiful said and showed the truth, dear Josh, that we are always protected under the loving wings of the Holy Spirit of God. Doesn't matter humans or the creature of creation as our companion. Thank you all for the profound insight and loving assurance the DL from all the lecturers and the community members are provided to bind us together as the beloved children of God.

  71. This is very dear, and just what I needed to hear this morning. It covers several situations that had been concerning me. Thanks so much. Great photography!

  72. Thank you, Josh. I woke one day with these words..."with healing in His wings". This is such a good example!

  73. this is so great, thank you

  74. Josh...Thank you!! Thank you!! How beautifully expressed!! I just treasure the video and will keep it as long as possible. Yes, thank you again.

  75. Thank you!

  76. Another beautiful video, thank you so much ! We can all take a lesson from observing the natural world. I had a few tears too - as this touched my heart so much - I feel very inspired. Josh, you have a gift for getting your messages across I think !

  77. What a wonderful Lift, Josh. There is a little banty rooster somewhere in this locality, and I hear him summon me to prayer every morning quite early. I've asked others if they hear him, and they all shake their heads. Roosters are not generally permitted in suburban localities, but here he is, loud and clear every morning.
    That bullying element in the divine nature is so not in harmony with a perfect spiritual idea. We see so many emails now, and many from The Christian Science Monitor of other species nurturing the babies. We can learn so much from our furry families. Albert used to be somewhat of a bully, but I just keep telling him how much God loves him, and he appears to be putting that rough stuff to one side.
    Thank you so much Josh; and the production team; The Board of Lectureship; and our Daily Lift family - being embraced; embracing; and comforting each and every one. Not one is left out in the cold.

  78. Thanks to you and your wife, Josh, and of course, your cast of chickens for this beautiful Lift. It's truly precious and heart-warming for our whole brood. Makes me think of Mrs. Eddy's words, "His arm encircles me, and mine, and all." Hymn 207

  79. Beautiful. Thank you.

  80. Thanks Josh. When we initially and, after much preparation, we finally received our first chickens, about 15 years ago, we looked forward to their gifts of eggs. Through the years, those chickens have given us so much more: so many lessons on nature and life! Your video and words are precious. Not only a hen "offered" protection ... the one being pecked readily accepted it. While the "protective" hen is a wonderful comforting reminder of the ever present "divine wings" ... it also reinforces for me the presence of others who are ready to help and guide, and how it is up to me to humbly, gladly and happily accept and welcome their offer to help.

  81. How lovely! Easy to share this Lift with my loved ones. I enjoyed the craftsmanship of the fencing, offering protection, but, like parents taking "all" the measures to shelter our children, still - conflicts arise, and then we get to see how REAL protection unfolds. This was an extra special blessing this morning, many thanks!!!

  82. If a chicken can express that much compassion to a companion in need, it is a wonder that higher forms of life sometimes seem to be lacking! Thank you Josh. Delightful video. It brings to mind a phrase from Science and Health, "... there is more life and immortality in one good motive and act,...."

    The full statement reads:
    "The pallid invalid, whom you declare to be wasting away
    with consumption of the blood, should be told that blood
    never gave life and can never take it away, — that Life is
    Spirit, and that there is more life and immortality in one
    good motive and act, than in all the blood which ever
    flowed through mortal veins and simulated a corporeal
    sense of life." (S&H pg. 376)

  83. It is always comforting to be reminded of who provides for us and gives us shelter. Interesting way to demonstrate the concept. Thank you, Josh

  84. Thank you Dear,
    what a comforting message

  85. Josh,

    Spiritually Perfect in every way. So clear. Your best yet. (Full screen made it even better).

  86. Such a sweet lift. Lovely pictures and such a clear connection to the Psalm. Thanks for all the comments as well.

  87. Awesome video and thought to carry us through the day. Thank you.

  88. Josh, thank you so, so much for this touching and incredibly inspiring lift. Talk about love amongst all God's creatures....this is a beautiful lesson for us all, love and protective care so sweetly visualized!

  89. really cool.....thanx josh!

  90. Thankyou! Brought tears to my eyes.

  91. Thank you Josh, a lovely up lift !!!

  92. Thank you, Josh!
    What a dear story and lovely illustration.

  93. What a joy, my husband said he wanted to get some chickens, I didn't agree, I always love how God sends me His angels to correct my thinking, missing the mark, with my loving husband, God has given me to love and cherish! What a joy

  94. Yes, animals are God's ideas too, and receptive to Truth and Love. I, too, have witnessed wonderful healing experiences of chickens, dogs, horses, pigs, etc..expressing the purity of Soul, the wisdom of Mind, Love's protection ~ the perfect, innocent joy and freedom of God's creation! Thank you, Josh, for sharing you and your wife's lovely experience both audibly and visually.......just beautiful.

  95. Beautiful what a wonderful thought to wake up to-thanks

  96. What a wonderfully tender uplift. Thank you so much.

  97. Thank you Josh. I felt so loved as I listened to what you said that tears streamed down my face. It touched my heart. God 's peace be with you.

  98. Received so much comfort from this - and yes, I shed a few tears too. Beautiful video, grateful for the healing message - thanks so much, Josh! And by the way, your chickens are just gorgeous!

  99. Great to see the strong mothering love step in and save the smaller hen. AND save the whole community from this mean--or maybe just mindless, "bad habit"--pecking and bullying.

    I really needed to feel under that mothering wing this morning. Thank you.

  100. Oh, I love this lift -- it's so tender and expressive of God's dear mothering love. Thanks, Josh.

  101. What a unique experience, Josh, proving also that those hens are not simply animalistic with "survival of the fittest" their only instinctive behavior. They clearly have those qualities of their Creator--love and protective unselfishness.

  102. It's reassuring to see that the loving nature to guide and protects naturally resides even with
    God's lesser ideas! Then just consider what is there for us!

    Amy in Dayton

  103. Thank you Josh, This says all..

  104. It's just amazing how when something bad happens to me, the very next morning when the Daily Lift comes out, it's about what happened to me and how to overcome it by praying scientifically. Last night I reacted abnormally, which I knew was wrong, but I fell into anyway. Mortal Mind really tries hard to mix one up. Well, I prayed hard during the night that Love's feathers was protecting both of us, the other was what I reacted to instead of solving it by prayer. Well, this morning, I would say, I was on the road for forgiveness as to what I did stupidly. Something in S&H which states
    "Blessed are the use of adversity." I don't remember the exact statement. My prayers during last night, whenever I awoke, was that no matter what Mortal Mind tried to do, it can only fail. Guess what?
    My love of my life, just kissed me. All is forgotten, all is forgiven. We as humans, I suppose need those lessons, to be still, don't react, here the still small voice speaking to the human consciousness.

  105. Wow! That's all I can say through my tears of joy - Thank you.

  106. I love the fact that in the Kingdom of God there is no "here'" and "there" . The Kingdom is Now and All, and when we are conscious of Love, we see it expressed it everywhere. Thanks for seeing this expression of love and sharing it.

  107. Hearing you describe and seeing the mother hen protect the bantum hen stirred a deep emotion in me. It is so precious seeing God reflected in nature like that -- a reassurance that Love is in control. That mother hen drew on the intuition of all that is kind, good and right, which of course is God. Even among chickens, Love prevails -- bullies are depowered as the brave hen extends her wing of protection.

    1 Corinthians 13:7 "(Love) It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

    Thank you Josh for this precious, precious lift! It made my day!

  108. Thank you so much Josh! I have tears in my eyes! I have been feeling like I have been pecked at and have been working to see through it! That was soooo helpful! :)

  109. Thank you. I feel a tucked in by Love.

  110. Thank you! Such a thrill to witness the protective care demonstrated by the outstretched wing to the little Banney Hen. AND, how the other hens eventually followed suit. Thank you again for sharing this scene in a video and with all of us!

  111. Josh, the timing of this lift could not be more perfect for me in addressing a world belief that came to my attention yesterday. Thank you.

  112. What a beautiful lesson. No one can peck on us or deny us what God provides for us. "He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways."(ps. 91). That mother hen was listening to God and acting as one of His angels. Those angel thoughts are guiding us wherever we go.
    Thank you Josh for the this Lift and the cute video, and blessings on our Daily Lift team and all our family of .Lifters who share their ideas.

  113. Thanks Josh.

  114. Josh, the tenderness and loveliness of your voice as you share this story and we see it unfolding before our eyes in the video powerfully convey's God's Motherhood and Fatherhood of us all. It brings to mind Psalm 91:4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler." Thanks for lifting my thoughts into the Kingdom of Heaven! Just what I needed at this moment to trust and not be afraid!

  115. Loved it!

  116. What a great lift! I laughed. I cried. I really got the point. Thanks, Josh!

  117. Thanks, Josh. Helps remind us too that God's message of love and care is everywhere. What a treasured gift He has given us!

  118. Love this lift, Josh . .. the video is a great visual to add to the beautiful thought.

  119. Thank you for this vivid thoughtful example of awareness of the needs of others to be brought under the care of God .

  120. This is an answer to what i was pondering today. Thanks to you all particularly #50 for making it clearer and direct.

  121. So much love! Thanks Josh.

  122. Very Sweet!

  123. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you.

  124. What a lovely Lift. I remember those protecting wings from my family's chicken ranch in the San Fernando Valley in WWII. Mostly we had hens (1000 egg producers) but the protection was there when chicks did arrive. thanks for the reminder of God's ever-present unfailing love and protection.

  125. Thank you Josh. That was really nice!

  126. Such a poignant example of real life mothering love. Thank you for this helpful message.

  127. Thanks, Josh!!! We are ALL under His protective wings. Wonderful, healing thoughts!

  128. How inspired! Funny pictures -- especially the chicken so interested in the camera. Really, though, where are the galoshes for those birds having to walk so far in all that snow! Remember the Doris Day tune, "I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck ...?" Isn't it true old mortal mind so enjoys continually accusing, pecking us apart with rank criticism; whereas Divine Mind, God and Christ Science teaching, the Holy Ghost, is what comforts us with Truth we are loved beyond measure.

  129. Pure act of Love in operation! Thanks for your insights.

  130. I LOVE this lift! What a WONDERFUL example and lesson it shows and teaches us! Makes me weep a bit with joy! How absolutely DEAR and CARING was this nurturing hen to the little one, a clear and present example of God's love being expressed through her. LOVE THIS! Just WONDERFUL!

  131. Not only God looks after each of His idea but a great lesson on how we need to be alert and be like that mom chicken. Be right there to help those who need an extra "cover" with love and never fear the consequence!! Have no fear!! Thank you Josh!

  132. WONDERFUL!!!!

  133. Tender, touching, and so very comforting.

    See "O Gentle Presence" by Mary Baker Eddy, Hymn 207 Christian Science Hymnal

  134. Love this. Lori, #57, what a beautiful story!

  135. What a precious Lift. Thank you Chickens & Josh!!!

  136. Josh ~
    I really liked and appreciated this Daily Lift. It meant a lot to me!

  137. Oh, how I needed to hear this kind message today. Thank you so much, Josh, for the tender way you told it.

  138. Thank you. I simply love what nature has to teach us. Thank you for sharing this wonderful uplift.

  139. Isn't God's universe amazing! Love abounds for all of us to witness and share. I am so grateful that Christian Science illuminates this great gift for all of us to recognize and enjoy. Thank you for each one of our Daily Lifts.

  140. God's protective wings! Protective care... always. Thank you-- Blessed day, one and all-- Rob of the Rockies

  141. Great, Josh! A good reminder to be kind and loving to everyone. I wrote down and stuck on my computer a sticky note that says, "Don't be a stone thrower." I wrote that down from a previous Daily Lift. I've been pecked on and had stones thrown at me (mentally) many times for many reasons in the past that say revenge is better than forgiveness, and that I need to be punished for what I might have said or done. But we are under His wings of protection and are Mothered, whether we have feathery feet or not.

  142. Beautiful! Thank you so much.

  143. Good, Josh!!

    Christ Jesus used many symbols, illustrations, stories in his teachings. Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: "Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols. Did not Jesus illustrate the truths he taught by the mustard-seed and the prodigal?" (Pg. 575:13)

    As a "visual-learner," I always appreciate the clarity of a simple thought-picture. So, thank you very much for this video. Of course I will send it along to our daughter and her family who live on a sweet little farm...with lots of chickens!!

    Thanks so much to all the many commenters, also. Wow, what a great family of thinkers!!!!

  144. Thank you!!

  145. Thank-you for this message....I really loved seeing that even animals can take care of each other....what a world we would have if this was applied to everything and everybody

  146. What a lovely revelation! God cares for and protects ALL His creations. Your chickens benefit from your spiritual consciousness. Thank you so much for sharing this experience.

  147. Nice, Josh, thanks! Beautiful video and message.

  148. Awesome!

  149. Dear Josh, what a good visual of our Father's protecting force! I'm arriving after so many wonderful comments, nothing more needs saying.
    Just thank you and know that the Marine recruits at Camp Pendleton will share this video. Two of the older men who have college degrees have felt so much harshness and down grading because they are not the usual age for recruits. We are praying for this contrary attitude to vanish and harmony remain. The chickens proved it works! Sally

  150. What a beautiful example of care and compassion coming from a chicken! We can show the same care and compassion by not eating them!

  151. Great job Josh. Wonderful, practical message. We noticed with our ducks that they all have different personalities. The sheltering arm of the mothering hen is such a proof that love and caring are universal. On a side note, are you selling any eggs? I need a dozen.

  152. What a wonderful sense of God's all-embracing love came over me as I listened and watched the video. Thanks to you, your wife and the chickens.

  153. Thanks so much Josh! Really a precious lift with an equally precious message. Thanks to all for the lovely comments.

  154. Thank you, Josh, for this lovely, encouraging message and the charming video giving beautiful evidence of Love protecting the bullying victim and transforming the bulliers-- "as in heaven, so on earth, God [Love] is omnipotent, supreme." (S&H:17)

    That was also movingly illustrated in #57 Lori's account of her pet hen Sylvia and "her" feral cat Tom feeding together and looking after one another.

    And in reading to #49 Nancy's somewhat humorous comments re identifying herself with chickens, I was reminded of Jesus likening Jerusalem to a violent bully and himself to a mother hen in Luke 13:34 "O Jerusalem, which killest the prophets,...how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!"

    And in the same chapter he "likens" the kingdom of heaven to a mustard seed growing into a "a great tree; and the fowls of the air lodged in the branches of it."

    This DL and the Feb. 3 one about the blackbird singing on, unruffled by a bully's act, could inspire some interesting Wed. evening readings about birds.

    Thanks again Josh and all the DL team and commenters.

  155. Thank you, Josh.

    Awesome message.

    I think we have all felt pecked at.

    Beautiful video as it brought me peace.

    The only delta or negative is that it would have been nice to have seen Josh in the video too.

    Keep up the good work like this as it is obvious from all the responses that it brightened our day.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  156. How absolutely lovely is your daily lift. Ellejnn

  157. Josh and Darci,
    This lift is shining with peace and joy and power. It is visually beautiful! The narration with music has a strength, and tenderness that promotes healing. It speaks to mankinds' natural good. Nature does teach us grand lessons and points us to Love's vast unique expression.
    Thanks to both of you, and your bird "talent", and the BOL production team for a truely special "Lift".

  158. Beautiful Josh! Just what I needed today! Thank you!

  159. What a lovely lift!!!! We have chickens as well, and one always gets pecked. I will definitely be using this!!
    Thank you so much!

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  162. Words insufficient to express how much this means to me today

  163. All I can add is grateful thanks to Josh and all the commenters for the uplifts shared. The actual creature incidents related were the icing on the cake. I was raised around various animals, and they all have that instilled capacity to act lovingly in so many unforseen situations. Never place any limits on them as to what they can accomplish. They are so receptive to God's thoughts.

  164. Thank you Josh for your uplifting lift! I have always loved Psalm 91 because of the feeling of comfort conveyed in "sheltering wings".
    Mary Baker Eddy begins her poem "Love" with: "Brood o're us with Thy shelt'ring wing..."
    And in her poem "Mother's Evening Prayer" verse 5 she says: "Beneath the shadow of His mighty wing;..."
    Such clear metaphors for God's love and protection that are ours for everyday.

    Thank you Daily Lift Team also.

  165. Jesus' prayer that begins "Our Father..." includes all of His creations, even if they are chickens. Thanks you Josh.

  166. So refreshingly sweet. I'll be looking at my own chickens today with this lesson in mind. Thank you, Josh!

  167. IThank You! Love your chickens! Gorgeous! Love Psalms 91 verse 4 especially!

  168. I LOVE this message and video, Josh! :-) THANK YOU for recognizing the beautiful message that these
    creatures gave you and sharing it with us. Intuitively, they expressed GOD's perfect creation and perfection
    AND protection! So many of us today are seeking the reassurance and comfort that GOD's perfect
    protection offers us. Thank you for this beautiful and perfect message.
    I would suggest that every Sunday School teacher.....every parent, youth leader, educator....share this
    video message with the youth they know and love.....the kids will certainly enjoy and "get" this!

  169. Josh, that is so special, and all in film. Thank you so very much. Carol, in the UK

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  171. Sweet! Even in the snow I can feel the warmth and protection of a mother's wing of Love!

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  173. 154 Thankful in the midwest - you have made my day. You put it all together with Luke 13:34. I feel gathered.

  174. Josh-loved seeing your chickens!! It makes me want to study our backyard chickens for more spiritual lessons :) and I find it extraordinary that one chicken sheltered another like that! What a cool example. Thanks for sharing.

  175. What a wonderful message and visual- Thank you Josh, and thank you mothering chicken!

  176. Thank you, Josh.

  177. Calling chickens or any animal a lesser idea defines them by a sense of lack . . . not the most divine perspective. This video shines a light on their ability to feel and care for one another. Thank you. :)

  178. Mrs. Eddy writes '...Jesus was alone in the garden ... he met his fate alone... there was no eye to pity...' Even on the cross he said '...my Father why has thou forsaken me ...' Yet his humility to do God's will helped him decide God would be glorified in order to break fustian's hypnotic spells and prove Spirit, God, is the only power. According to the Bible, one with God is a majority. The silver bantam proved it. The millennial kingdom is here.

  179. Hi Josh, What a great message in your "Lift" today. The girls and I really enjoyed it especially since we have chickens, too :) We will be enjoying them in a new light. They love the "Lifts" with video.

  180. Thank you, Josh. This was a beautiful Daily Lift ----- a gentle reminder that bullying of any kind will be eradicated by God's care and ever-present love for his creation.

  181. Josh,

    Thanks for such a clear, simple message. I love the video. Makes these Daily Lifts come alive! Thanks for the clarity!

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  185. I am stunned. The hens excluding a little chicken - that is not an analogy but my daughter's situation at school. So, thank you for this powerful healing message, it is exactly what we needed to hear today (and any other day). Thanks so much.

  186. Loved it, Josh! Thanks for this beautiful about all of God's creatures getting along!

  187. Better late that never, Josh, I had a problem with my computer yesterday. What a sweet comforting message and the video showed so clearly how the protecting presence of that dear hen enabled the little grey bantem to get what was rightfully hers. Yes it is good to know that divine Love's protecting wing is always there " To comfort, guard, and guide." Hymn 9 .v.3 Thanks Josh

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  191. Hi Josh, I meant to thank you for a previous Lift you gave about being a witness and letting God do the healing. I've relied on those thoughts and want to take this opportunity just to say "Thanks, Friend."

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  193. What a beautiful and inspiring Lift! Thank you.

  194. What a wonderful lift! I too have chickens and enjoy watching them express God qualities such as gentleness and joy. Thank you for the sweet story of interspecies harmony, #57! When we first got our baby chicks, I was unsure how our three cats would react. I trusted that God would protect them. Two of the cats are basically uninterested and don't bother them at all. One cat loves them! He would sit with them in their chicken coop when they were tiny chicks and gently paw at them. Now he follows them around the yard, playfully pouncing but never trying to hurt them. Our German Shepard mix also enjoys watching them. It is a lovely expression of how God creates peace and harmony amongst his entire creation!

  195. Big uplifted smile

  196. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
    Who among us has not felt a little pecked at times.....?

    I love the video, the lifter's comments - everything about this is a keeper...
    Special thanks to Barbara (No.50) with her recognition of being a Hen of God!

    If someone should see me smiling to myself as I drive today - that will be the reason....

    Thank you, Josh for opening the floodgates of featherdom!

  197. I can only echo the many "thank-you's" above. Such a tender, loving, comforting, touching lesson. God's feathers cover us, and we stay under those wings and trust.

  198. Such a beautiful concept! I love the idea of being sheltered and protected under the wings of God!

  199. Oh, so divinely touching, so True.

    Thank you so much.
    Ellen Bennett

  200. It gives us such a lot of love and real comfort, which is encouraging for all of us.. Thanks Josh - Juliane from Berlin

  201. Thank you Josh, So very clear and easy to understand and accept. Always covered by God's protecting wings. Peacefully, Carol

  202. Sooo.. lovely Josh. Thank you. i just had to come back and re visit it again.
    i sometimes refer to my (adult) children as my chickens. It has given me great peace as they travel and llive in far away parts of the world that they are in God's care - under the wings of Divine Love- far better than any material care that I could ever give. Just like your chickens.I loved your visual,thank you again

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