2/18: Grüß Gott (in English)

2/18: Grüß Gott (in English)

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  1. Grüß Gott Franz!
    Remembering God's blessings are the source of all our being is transformative.
    To bestow that Love and peace on others we meet in our daily round is surely the supreme act of "Love reflected in love"
    Beannachd (Scot's Gaelic = Blessing)

    Daily Lift Team:
    See "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy page 17, line 7:
    "And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
    And Love is reflected in love;"

  2. Thank you Frank for this very comforting Lift. God's love for man is all-inclusive, distributed equally, and abundantly. It is never a case where some get more than others. In fact, there is an infinite supply always on hand and forever meeting our needs. We, as God's beloved creation, go about our day greeting others, are witnesses to Love being reflected in love.

  3. Thank you,Frank for a welcom lift!

  4. Thank you Frank, the same Feeling with the Greeting "Gruess Gott" I had, too, when I lived in Munich for about 14 years. And when I visited my hometown Hamburg during those years I also said "Gruess Gott" to all I met here in church, my Family and friends. and most of them found it nice too. Yes you feel yourself everytime then near to GOD! But in fact we a r e always near to GOD!

  5. Thank you for this blessed Lift! A lovely greeting in words aloud and also quietly in thought.

  6. When I first came to Switzerland, while hiking in the mountains, everyone we met said Gruss Gott, and i was told it meant "Go with God". It was so wonderful to meet people who who blessed you with that greeting, and I understood that it also meant walk with God. And so it was wonderful to hike with that in mind - knowing that we are all, always being blessed by consciously walking with God. Thank you for the beautiful reminder in your Lift!!!

  7. Thank you Frank for such a lovely and thought provoking DL. The first time I visited south of Germany I asked the meaning of that greeting. We had a nice explanation about it but your insight has brought new light to the subject. Every time I greet someone or someone greets me, I wiil be reminded of God`s blessing to each of His children. Gruess Gott!

  8. Was für ein kraftvoller Einstieg in den Tag. Ich möchte ganz neu hier in Deutschland diesen Gruss weiterschicken, wem ich begegne.. Du hast gesagt, dass das Wort auch segnen " to bless " bedeutet. Wo hast Du diese Information gefunden? In meinem etymologischen Wörterbuch ist eine andere Wurzel des Wortes beschrieben. Würde mich einfach interessieren. Aber abgesehen davon - DANKE für Deine Gedanlken - ich finde sie wunderbar.!

  9. Thank you Frank for this clear explanation. I love the idea of God greeting us as He expresses us in His own image. It is such a warm and comforting feeling which makes me feel at home with God straight away. I like the idea that God's blessing was with us at the creation and was not a reward in the human sense.

    I have long thought of the word mercy in this context. I like to think that God's mercy was shown to man at the creation in that man reflects all of the qualities of God - and nothing else. This was a merciful God keeping us apart from matter rather pardoning our conduct in matter.

  10. Many thanks Frank for this great reminder that today we are being blest by the all knowing all wise God that is Love." "How blest are they whose hearts are pure;/ From guile their thoughts are free,/ To them shall God reveal Himself,/ They shall His glory see." (Christian Science Hymnal #121).

  11. God bless you!
    In many Latin countries this is a common farewell, not so much among young people though, is it because it's no longer "cool" to talk about God in public?

    When we hear this greeting is a good idea to return it, remind your friends and acquaintances that God is in constant contact with his children, loving them, caring for them and communicating His ideas.

    And in countries where this greeting is not as common? I am sure it would do us a lot of good to remind people that whatever the event, we couldn't be separated from God.

    "GOD. The great I AM; the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, and eternal; Principle;
    Mind; Soul; Spirit; Life; Truth; Love; all substance; intelligence." S&H 587: 5

    ¡Que Dios te bendiga!
    En muchos países latinos esto es una común despedida, claro que no tanto entre la gente joven, ¿será porque ya no es "cul" hablar de Dios en público?

    Cuando escuchamos este saludo es bueno devolverlo, recuérdales a tus amigos y conocidos que que Dios está siempre en contacto con Sus hijos, amándolos, cuidándolos y comunicándoles Sus ideas.

    ¿Y en los países en los cuales no es tan común? Nos haría mucho bien recordarle a la gente que en cualquier evento, Dios jamás se aleja de nosotros.

    DIOS. El gran YO SOY; el que todo lo sabe, que todo lo ve, que es todo acción, todo sabiduría, todo amor, y que es
    eterno; Principio; Mente; Alma; Espíritu; Vida; Verdad; Amor; toda sustancia; inteligencia." CyS 587: 6

  12. And Gruss God to you, too, Frank. I'm sure my computer has the German alphabet, but not at this moment. Our second Girl Guide tour included Christmas in Bavaria, and I was in Furstenfeldbruk with a little family. I felt very "at home" here, and loved the Christmas Eve Mass in a Lutheran church. All the men sang! This used to be something Australian men avoided. But the most wonderful thing was that the young Frau said she had "to go downstairs to feed the eagle. . . " I was speechless with amazement! Australia has lots of eagles, and the biggest has a wing span of 13 feet - or almost 5 metres! I simply couldn't imagine how she could keep this giant of a bird in her boiler room, and asked if I could come down and watch her feed it. She agreed, but impressed on me that we had to be very careful to keep the door shut to prevent the eagle from escaping. I could scarcely breathe! She reached into a box - a small box - and brought out a baby hedgehog, Frank! I was allowed to nurse it - with gloves on, of course. Never mind the clock, the market, the men in their green capes and lederhosen, that tiny baby hedgehog was the ultimate of that visit to Bavaria.
    Thank you so much, Frank, and to The Mother Church, and our family of Daily Lifters, and those of you in Bavaria, God is with you, at all times and in all places.

  13. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  14. Thank you, Frank. What a lovely sharing. It is a beautiful phrase which I heard many years ago when visiting those parts of the country where it is used. Thank you for reminding us all that we are blessing and being blessed by all we meet, each day and throughout the day. "What blesses one, blesses all."

  15. Thank you Frank,
    Looking forward to greeting our German friends at Easter Camp in South Wales with Grüß Gott.
    Reminder. Must send in booking form!

  16. I now hear here in Los Angeles the words "have a blessed day." I love that too.

    I lived in Munich for a year and always felt the lift from those two little words Gruss Gott!!


  17. Thank you It is always good to be reminded that God is always present.

  18. Thank you.

  19. Grüß Gott (highlight, copy, paste... from the title). I reflect Grüß Gott. Of course! :)

    Thank you Frank.

  20. Pienso que cuando decimos, Dios te bendiga en realidad nos estamos bendiciendo a nosotros mismos, puede que no empléemos las palabras, pero sí lo sentimos y eso es lo real y autentico El mundo está lleno de palabras, y muchos idiomas, sin embargo, aún sin nombrar a Dios, se puede despertar en los demás los valores que son los propiamente divinos. Escribo artículos para un diario local, nombro poco a nada a Dios, sin embargo, como mis escritos son basados en los valores morales, aún aquellos, "que no creen en Dios", rsponden valorándolos o sea que los atributos divinos estan en la consciencia de cada uno, y solo se necesita ser despertada y a veces hay que buscar caminos que sin darse cuenta los lleven a comprender, que esos valores, no son otra cosa que Dios mismo.

    Una persona me escribió, que el mal ha existido siempre y que hay que aprender a convivir con el, y sigue diciéndo, sin embargo, en la chiquita, en nuestra vida diaria cada uno de nosotros fomentara esos valores las cosas podrían cambiar, y sí si cada uno de nosotros hiciera el bien sin duda el "mal" desaparecería. por eso al bendecir a los demás nos estamos bendiciendo a nosotros mismos, aunque no lo hagamos de palabra.

    Muchas gracias por el mensaje.

  21. So glad for your wake up call to the joy and meaning of a blessed greeting, Frank. It reminds us to always include "Good" before "morning". Good day to you. Good on you. Then we are including God, good, in our greetings and they are then felt blessings. The thought behind the thought. Good!

  22. Thank you so much for the blessings and in return I am sending you a wonderful one from the Bible "Behold, I have received commandment to bless:......." and I cannot reverse it." Numbers 23:20
    Each one is a blessings giving to us by our loving Father.
    So blessings to all of you here and everywhere.

  23. Thank you, Frank, for “GruB Gott … God greet you … God bless you …”

    I love that you remind us to greet others in such a way as to remind them that God is with them, too!!!

    Years ago, I had just finished a transaction in one of the shops that was on my “errands route” for that day. The woman behind the counter changed that ordinary transaction into a beautiful transformation, when she thanked me and said, “Have a blessed day.” Not just the words, but the spirit with which she said them, gentle and sincere – like a sacred benediction. I felt as though the heavens had opened up and the Holy Spirit had washed me clean. I don’t even remember which shop or who the woman was or what I had purchased, but I will always remember that she honored me with an “angel message” that continues to bless me, especially as I continue to “pay it forward.”

    In her poem, “Love,” Mrs. Eddy wrote, “Thou to whose power our hope we give, / Free us from human strife. / Fed by Thy love divine we live, / For Love alone is Life; / And life most sweet, as heart to heart / Speaks kindly when we meet and part” (Po 7:7).

    Love always leads us to speak kindly and especially when we meet and part. What a simple and powerful way to acknowledge and encourage the divine within us. We can’t be stopped by a mere human language that is foreign to us. We can trust the “language of Spirit” (S&H 117) to bless all concerned.

    Have a blessed day.

  24. I enjoyed this lift very much. Thank you, Frank. God Bless!

  25. Thank you for a a beautiuful greeting at the start of a new day .

  26. Until I studied German in college, I thought "Gesundheit" meant "God bless you" after a sneeze. But it actually means "health." In Christian Science God's blessing and health go hand in hand, with no sneeze. Blessings and health to all.

  27. Grüß Gott is certainly a beautiful greeting to share. May God greet and bless each one participating in this Daily Lift and a special thanks to you, Frank!

  28. What a Precious Lift! Danke Frank! I'm so glad to know that God is getting more popular in peoples' daily lives! I was always impressed that in India people greeted us with "Namaste" - a Blessing from God. And I love the Hispanic Greeting, "Vaya con Dios" - "Go with God"! We used to do a Sufi Dance and Song:

    "May the Blessings of God be upon you,
    May His Peace abide with you.
    May His Love illuminate your heart,
    Now and forever more."

    We are here to Bless and be Blest! Have a God-filled Day Everyone! God Bless You!

  29. Shalom, Frank, or Grüß Gott. Two heart felt greetings in their originals. So grateful to know that Grüß Gott,which might be translated "yours sincerely" in English, has much the same meaning as Shalom simply translated "peace" in English, whereas, in all its fullness as a greeting says, "May you have all you need today for your spiritual and physical welfare." Both greetings wishing the recipient blessings from God. Danke-schon, Frank.

  30. Grüß Gott ... good one ! My German ancestors are smiling. (They were mostly from the north.). Grüß Gott and thanks!

  31. Lovely lift and such heartfelt comments. Thanks Frank and everyone who has shared.

  32. Thank you for this reminder.

  33. Thank you Frank, such a nice way of loving our neighbor.

  34. What a joy to see the beautiful,Bavarian greeting,Gruß Gott,and be reminded of countless times when living in Bavaria that that rich and welcoming greeting was offered me...at a later time I was also living in the northernmost area of Deutschland..i.e. Schleswig Holstein, and I continued greeting people in the same manner..I was never refused,but warmly welcomed in return...What a joy to know that as God's perfect,spiritual children,we can always be lovingly greeted,no matter the language,no matter the traditions...because our motive is to bless one and all...Thank you for this inspiring lift, and ThankGod for ChristianScience,which keeps our motives and interests always on the straight and narrow,spiritual path...

  35. --and we remember, too, that "good-bye" ia a contraction of "God be with you."

    I'm so very grateful for each DL --daily LIGHT ---glorious SUNRISE.
    "SUN. The symbol of Soul governing man,__of Truth, Life, and Love. MBE, S&H, Glossary.

  36. Thank you Frank for GOD BLESS
    I just received a Valentine stating
    how SPECIAL I am to a friend.
    We EACH from SPECIAL & lOVED!

  37. Visiting my cousin in Bavaria a few years ago, we went on a hike in the mountains on a wide easy trail. Near the top end we found cattle grazing and even a pub, because so many people used the trail. Everyone we passed used the greeting you mention but I heard the expression as "Es Gute" which means "It is good", not too far removed from your description and definition. I am so grateful for your more accurate interpretation. God bless you.

  38. My dear "19. Nancy from Yellow Springs,"

    Thank you!!! ;-) Thank you!!! ;-) Thank you!!! ;-)

    When I read your, "Grüß Gott (highlight, copy, paste... from the title)," it was as if you were answering my question of how do I get "mine" to look like that??? Brilliant!!! ... and it's just tooo much fun!!! I might even have laughed out loud. For sure, I was smiling all over my face!!! Beaming!!! ;-)

    Of course!!! It's just that easy!!! I shoulda-coulda-woulda; and yet, I never even thought of it. Maybe it was just tooo simple??? But there it is!!! The "template" is right there, like a gift - just like the "template for living" given to us (in so many formats) by God / all-Good / Love-itself!!! All we have to do is "highlight, copy, paste!" to live as God's image and likeness. Isn't that the way in Christian Science. The “proof is in the pasting.” ;-)

    Thanks again, "19. Nancy from Yellow Springs," and Grüß Gott!!!

    Grüß Gott, Frank and everyone!!!

  39. Danke sehr, Frank.
    And God bless you and all Lifters!

  40. Vielen dank!

  41. An invigorating lift (thanks Frank), and invigorating music ( thanks producers). This lift, to me, goes so well with the Christian Science Bible Lesson this week on the subject of God as the supreme, divine "Mind". As we follow the guidance we feel from this altogether good Mind, we are very blessed.

  42. Thank you Frank.
    God's day. Good day. God bless us every one.

  43. I LOVED IT! Thank you!

  44. Interesting that several have commented on other greetings, which though not necessarily obvious refer to God's blessing on us, and a wish to remind those we greet about this. As a linguist, It seems that just about all greetings I know of in English, Spanish French, Chinese carry this idea of blessing- and from God, Good: In English (Goodbye); in Spanish, "adios", which can be seen as "a Dios/ to God" (?Go to God) means goodbye, and Spanish speakers use it also as a greeting, when they cross another's path briefly; in French, similar to the Spanish (adieu- or A Dieu/ to God); in Mandarin Chinese (Nǐ hǎo- You good).
    The message here may be to really take to heart the meaning, or original meaning behind these greetings as an inspiration and opportunity (each time we greet) to cherish God's love and presence with us, as well as to cherish, in that light, those we are greeting.

  45. Thank you for this loving reminder! When I worked in Straubing as a civilian with the Dept. of the Army, many years ago that was a greeting I heard everyday many times from the wonderfully warm local people. It was confirming when later my CS teacher suggested we greet everyone in our path, mentally with" Hail, thou son of God". You can't do that without a big smile! Love reflected....
    Thanks for the wonderful lift. Frank

  46. Thank you very much.

  47. I am almost speechless with delight; couldn't have imagined a happier way to start my day than seeing Alpenglow on the snowy mountain peaks or listening to my favorite Mozart chamber music. Thank you, frank, you've given me one! A blessed day to all Lifters and all the world : >)

  48. Danke ~ Danke ~ Danke EveryOne!!

    Your comments and of course Frank's Lift are all so helpful and healing!!

    Let's have Love's Day, folks!

    ;<))) Sue

  49. How loving of you to share that sense of God with us! I will continue to share this all day--thank you!

  50. . . . and a big thank you to the Daily Lift fiddler!

  51. Worked in southern Bavaria (Wuerzburg) in the 80's at the Army Education Center. This greeting was the first thing I was taught to say in German :) It was the "hello" to all that crossed my path (whether on the giving or receiving end), and I always thought it was a lovely, spiritual way of greeting everyone. Thanks for the reminder of a wonderful time in my life and all of God's blessings while I lived there!

  52. Hi! Grüß Gott Franz,

    Hi - Bon Jour! Here in Quebec you have to be careful to say Bon Jour - Hi, to be linguistically correct
    for the current government dictates. I too always feel a glow when being greeted in Bavaria and in
    nearby Salzburg with Grüß Gott. Somehow it feels like a shared intimacy, a joint secret of wishes
    being exchanged. Such lovely follow-ups also to your message of God's love for each of us.

  53. Thank you! This was an enlightning lift!

  54. What a wonderful way to start the week being reminded we are always being greeted by God as we turn our thoughts to God. That greeting is eternal and ever present. It is so heart warming to be greeted with a verbal "go with God thought" so let's not be reluctant to give it. Thanks lifter and respondents for your sharing.

  55. Further to my earlier post, thank you Pam #35 for your expansion of "goodbye" I knew the original must have been to convey a messag like what you said, but I did not know for sure how. So thanks again for your explanation

    [--and we remember, too, that "good-bye" ia a contraction of "God be with you."]

  56. Dear Frank, I had the opportunity to live is Bavaria for a few years where I learned that expression of greeting. At first I didn't know what they were saying with such warm smiles on their faces.Wanting to reply with a smile in the same kind manner I said "criss cross." Of course they were stunned, not expecting that reply. When a colleague explained the greeting to me I realized the love being extended, and was then able to appropriately reply. Thank you for extending your love to all of us in your "Daily Lift" world.

  57. Wonderful reminder of God's goodness being with all his ideas always.
    Comments about "good day," "good morning," etc very interesting -- Good=God (Mrs. Eddy refers to the word for God being the word for "good" in numerous languages).
    As to the etymology of Grüss Gott -- Kluge's Etymological Dictionary of the German Language (2002 edition) mentions the basic meaning for grüssen as "address." Then, later on in the discussion, with a question mark, they mention a possible early influence of Latin "gratus" meaning something like 'dear' or 'welcome.'
    There is no mention in Kluge of "blessing," but 'dear' and 'welcome' certainly are loving ideas.

  58. And "God Bless" to you too, Frank. I liked so much your phrase "God is always greeting me". I think we sometimes forget as we are praising God, to, as you say, "...listen and follow.." God's greetings to us.

    Our "Daily Thought for the Day" online today is "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." "King James Bible": Proverbs 3: 5,6.

    Thank you again Frank for allowing us in the US to see a glimpse of cultural norms in your country, that we may apply anywhere.

    Thank you Daily Lift Team, as always.

  59. At a concert by HAPA, a slack-key guitar duo from Maui, I heard it explained that "ALOHA" actually means "presence or face of God, or God's breath." For Hawaiians, before saying "Aloha" one had to recognize in the other "the face of God." Queen Lili`uokalani (1891-93) stated that wherever the ancient Hawaiian went, in meeting or parting he said "Aloha" in recognition of Life or God in another. I have always loved that greeting, but much, much more after learning its deep and spiritual meaning. I suspect in all languages (for example "via con Dios) there is a greeting that affirms the fact of God's presence. I love this forum and the contributions of all.

  60. Nice lift . .. Gruss God!

  61. While living in Bavaria and visiting Berlin, I said "Grüß Gott" when entering a shop. The shopkeeper replied, "Grüß Ihn selbst" (Greet him yourself.) Prussian wit!

  62. A very helpful message. Thank you. It is good to remember that God blesses us, and fatso to share that fact with others.

  63. Frank, Danke schon.

  64. 38, Nela. Thank you for sharing the fun of what I was also amused by this morning. Highlight, copy, paste! Plus your "the proof is in the pasting!" made me laugh. Perfect.

    So, one high lighted Mind, held, and pasted where needed. Voilà - language of Love.

  65. Interesting how "God Bless You," is mentioned in other countries, cultures. Here in the USA, when one sneezes, the hearer will usually
    Respond, "God Bless You." Realizing, of course that God blesses every one and at all times. It's a loving way of wishing one well.

  66. Deises information habe ich gefunden an Der ancient-hebrew.org website auf Englisch. Grusse ist segnen ist barak. "Barak is a primitive root word to kneel, to stoop, to cower...the bringing of a gift on blended knee." Herzlichen dank Frank, #8 und #56.

  67. God bless you, Frank for this wonderful Lift! Much to think about and do:---by listening to, looking for, seeing, reflecting god's constant blessing(s). As always, terrific Lifter sharing! Merci beaucoup, DL team!

  68. And this is one of the reasons my husband and I cherished living in Vienna (where the greeting is ubiquitous as well!)

    Thank you for spreading the word about this warm, loving, greeting that reminds everyone that God is present and blessing everyone!

  69. Danke Frank,......Gut

  70. Herzlichen Dank, Frank,und Gruss Gott.

  71. A warm greeting even from a stranger can do much good.

    I was on a van travelling from the parking to the airport with others. A rapid exchange with another passenger about the safety of our travel went something like this: Me -"God loves all of His children." Him-"Yes, all or none!"

    For some reason this reply helped me to see and feel the unbiased love of God's unconditional approval.

  72. My father grew up on a farm in Bavaria, KANSAS (USA). During WW II there was a prison camp nearby, and my grandparents would hire prisoners of war to work on their farm. The young German men liked coming out of the camp to work for a day, because my grandmother fed them well and amused them by trying to learn German from them. Perhaps the lessons included "Grüß Gott."

    I thought this story fit the day's idea of blessing everyone, anyplace, anytime. In spite of the war, here were Germans and Americans willing to bless each other.

  73. Thank you! Makes me feel good.

  74. thank you - this is so lovely and full of joy and happiness. God bless you and all!!!

  75. Thanks for another great lift, Frank!

  76. Wenn ich in Augsburg bin, dann freue ich mich jedes mal über diesen Gruß und nehme ihn innerlich , um auch hier Gott in jedem Menschen zu grüßen, mit nach Hamburg. Danke für die Erinnerung.

  77. I'm a day late listening to this, but it was worth saving to hear. It is so warming and peaceful to be greeted with Love. Thank you for reminding me that my greetings are a reflection of that and to be conscious of that fact.

  78. Thank you so much Frank.