2/15: You're beautiful

2/15: You're beautiful

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  1. Thank you Ginny for this very helpful Lift. The world, for the most part, searches for beauty in the mortal, material concept of man. This search is not only unending, it is never completely satisfying. True everlasting beauty resides in the spiritual concept of man; unchanging and eternal. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 246,"Man, governed by immortal Mind, is always beautiful and grand." How could we be anything less?

  2. Ginny, you ARE beautiful in all the love you express in your pod casts. You teach me to watch others and see the beauty they show in the things they do, the way they say them, and the way they respond to God's children. As a retired teacher I have enjoyed the beauty of children who respond to love and can see the Truth so very well. The old saying that beauty is in the beholder makes me remember to look within my thinking and see only God's children - of all ages. Thank you for your sharing.

  3. thank you Ginny for this great lift.

  4. Thank you, dear Ginny, I needed this message today. We all are beautiful through God. Blessed be each day we remember our source and are comforted again. Aloha, Monika

  5. Wonderful, Ginny really. And you ARE beautiful.

  6. Thank you so much. A dear friend said the same to me once - 'you are more beautiful, more wonderful, more magnificent, in God's eyes, than you can ever possibly imagine'.

    We cannot be less than what we are can we, and we are so divinely fair, all bright and beautiful.
    Thanks again for the uplift.

  7. Thank you.

  8. It's so nice and encouraging that even our dear lifters are caught from time to time in the trap of materialism and how they manage to regain their paradise. Out of sincere gratitude I'll quote one verse from the Bible in full to show my thankfullness to all my brothers and sisters who contribute out of their beauty of holiness to the freshness and actuality of this broadcast series (Ies.52:7):
    "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!"

  9. i was just thinking that i want to pray about being beautiful, so this is just what i needed. thanks ginny.

  10. Thank you for this lift! People have a special glow, when they feel loved, recognized. And then, when somebody says: you are so beautiful to me, there is even a special bound between this people. God is seeing us always special, like this week DL, we are unique. God is reflecting his Love thru all of us and is God's Truth letting us glow. "We are so beautiful to God". We can also look thru God's Life and see the beauty everywhere (even sometimes is quiet a challenge).

  11. Mankind is so vane, " vanity of vanities; all is vanity." said the prophet. Ecclesiastes 1:2
    A pretty girl will probably get a better job, more friends, faster help...
    Gradually, we allow vanity to control our lives; fashion, makeup, hairstyle, keep our thinking busy... and it doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

    But we are all beautiful, not because we look one way or another, but, because we reflect God's perfection, and we are the complete expression of His/Her qualities.

    Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures said about beauty: "Beauty is a thing of life, which dwells forever in the eternal Mind and reflects the charms of His goodness in expression, form, outline, and color." S&H 247:21

    La humanidad es tan vana, "vanidad de vanidades; todo es vanidad" dijo el profeta. Eclesiastés 1:2
    Una muchacha bonita obtendrá probablemente un mejor trabajo, más amigos, ayuda más rápida...
    Gradualmente, permitimos que la vanidad controle nuestras vidas; moda, maquillaje, estilo de peinado, mantienen nuestro pensamiento ocupado... y ni tienen el valor de un poco de frijoles.

    Pero todos somos hermosos, no porque nos veamos de una manera u de otra, pero, porque reflejamos la perfección de Dios, y somos la expresión completa de Sus cualidades.

    Ciencia y Salud con la Llave de las Escrituras dice sobre la belleza: "La belleza es una cosa de la vida,
    que mora por siempre en la Mente eterna y refleja los encantos de Su bondad en expresión, forma, contorno y color" CyS 247:2

  12. Ginny,
    Thank you

  13. This is an actual license plate!

    UR B2FUL

  14. Thank you, Ginny.

    We counld never hear this message enough.

    I felt so much comfort as you read from Mrs. Eddy's writings.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  15. Many thanks Ginny for pointing out that in reality, "Everyone is beautiful today, in the expression of our Godlike nature." "For this Thy gift unspeakable,/ The beauty of Love's holiness,/ We lift our hearts in grateful song/ And would be always praising Thee." (Christian Science Hymnal #45).

  16. What a lovely lift. Ginny, you expressed such love in this lift that I imagine every one that hears it will respond with love and also feel that they truely are beautiful. And yes, you too are beautiful.

  17. Thank you Ginny,

    On this beautiful sunny morning, with the snowdrops blooming in the garden and the birds rejoicing at the light, your Lift has cut through my own personal Eyore cloud with a shaft of pure Love light.

    I Am is beautiful, therefore I am beautiful and like you I need to reprogramme my thoughts to accept this. Mortal mind can be so mesmeric it seems tough break away at times.

    Last night I shared a hurt with my 17 year old and he laughed, seeing the funny side of the incident. He said, "mum, you just don't realise what a great person you are" wow! that shook me.

    I am so grateful,


  18. After that lift I feel like I could fly!! Thank you so much Ginny - I shall smile my way through my day.

  19. In the section with marginal heading "Truth's volume." Mrs. Eddy writes, "The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind, 'as when a lion roareth.' It is heard in the desert and in dark places of fear." ("The Apocalypse," Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 559.)

  20. Thank you for this great reminder that we are all beautiful in God's likeness. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  21. we should banish mirrors which keep us judging mortality and remember God renewest the face (that which turns) of the earth, from glory to glory, God sees Himself in us and He is reported as saying, very good.

  22. Thank you for this lovely Lift. It is notable how the erroneous interpretation of good qualities, such as beauty, prosperity and peacefulness, as somehow to be found in matter, tends to exclude more and more people, often starting with oneself and then taking in almost every one else and finally most of the world, with a few apparent exceptions - models, very rich people, saints etc -;Whereas the true idea of these lovely qualities as being of God, spiritual, ever present, and reflected by man as his image and likeness, as Science and Health explains, includes all, including ourselves, our neighbour and the world. No-one is left out. We are all beautiful.

  23. Somos bellos porque reflejamos la belleza del alma, y es permanente, sin embargo cuando contemplamos la belleza de las cosas materiales y pretendemos retenerlas, por ejemplo un bello paisaje de amanecer en nuestra retina o tomando una foto para fijarla rara vez podemos captarlo porque esas imagenes son tan fugases como la ilusión que las representa y cambian en un instante y ya no existen más así es la mayoría de las bellezas terrenales inconsistentes en si mismas y todo esfuerzo por retenerlas y hacerlas perdurables termina en rotundo fracaso, en cambio tenemos la certeza que la belleza del alma es permanente porque se representa a si misma el espíritu lo bello e indestructible, principalmente cuando la adornamos con adornos sustanciales de bondad y afecto agregando pacientemente, perlas cultivadas en el vivero del Padre-Madre eterno, esa belleza Ünica se hace evidente y más perdurable, cuando es engalana con la sustancia divina.

    Muchas gracias Ginny, la belleza de estos mensajes diarios también es perdurable porque sale del alma de los mensajeros y se arraiga en el alma de todos nosotros.

  24. Thank you Ginny for this beautiful DL! Yes indeed, we are beautiful. I will keep it in mind when I feel sorry for myself or when I think I am not in the right place, or when I feel burdened... YES, beaut shines throughout all of God´s creation so how could we be less than beautiful.. the beauty of holiness!

  25. What a great way to acknowledge everyone and everything we encounter today. To see our fellows true beauty as well as our own. How simple and uplifting is that? Thank you beautiful Ginny

  26. Thank you Ginny for being willing to share YOUR GOD LIKE NATURE, and when we remember to take care and acknowledge ourselves first , everyone benefits. Have a joy filled and blessed day.

  27. Thank You, And the real beauty is the spiritual qualities I express.

  28. Yes, I agree to Alice (#25) and also like to say : Thank you, beautiful Ginny.

  29. Thank you Ginny

  30. The reflected kind qualities we express is what benefits others and is what they see. The more we are able to let Truth and Love shine through, the more we have blest and the more we are blest. You are doing that so much, Ginny! Thank you!

  31. I like to think of each one of us as a poem of God, a holy epistle written on our heart and expressed in the resplendent glory that shines for all to see. As St Paul tells us we are the epistles of the Christ. We are the smile of the Great Spirit (S&H p 477). I love the Amplified Bible's translation of II Cor 3:18. It puts a smile of inspired joy in my heart and upon my face every time I read it

  32. I appreciate your honesty in telling us how you felt in a down moment. I think sometimes, to use the old phrase, we "put people on pedestals" -- think certain ones don't have some of the same struggles many of us do. I have come to feel that most of us are not sailing through life problem-free. Sharing what we have learned in humility helps our whole human family.

  33. Thank you

  34. Thanks Ginny. Man is the beauty of His holiness. Thanks everyone and thanks to the Lift team.

  35. Beautiful thoughts, beautifully expressed, beautifully lived! Thank you, Ginny, DL staff, all! So grateful for the countless daily gifts in CS, which lift us into the beauty of our true Godlike nature.

  36. Thank you, Ginny, for “You’re beautiful …”

    I had been praying about the concept of Beauty. I’ve had reports from the world about myself ranging from “not beautiful at all” to “absolutely gorgeous.” Many, maybe even most, times I’ve allowed myself to be defined, accordingly, for better or worse. Then there’s the aging issue in a world that not only worships youth but also weighs and measures people according to symptoms and impending, possible, future symptoms of aging, more than by Godlike qualities of character expressed. Once the demographics are entered into The Database, it’s hard not to believe them for better or worse. As I prayed, I realized that even though I know that God defines me, I have not regularly defended myself against the world's claims for or against my Beauty.

    Then I began to notice the countenance of my aunt, when I would visit her in the nursing home. There was something that I could only describe as the beauty of holiness shining through. She had been a career woman with no children and yet she was a loving, thoughtful, and caring nurturer to all her many nieces and nephews, as well as the “grands” and the “great grands.” Loving was her way of being God’s child. And here she was, at her age!, and with no make-up on, looking more beautiful than I had ever seen her, even in her stylish youth. Her beauty of holiness overflowed as she greeted her guests graciously and gratefully, with intelligence and good humor.

    She proved Beauty as LOVE expressed.

  37. Thank you Ginny for the wonderful Lift. I always look forward to your Daily Lifts. I see your beautiful face and warm smile, I would never have guessed that you do the same thing as I do: have less than perfect moments before you realize that you (and all of us) are beautiful. So glad you did this particular Lift. Beauty is of God. I love knowing this.

  38. Thanks, Ginny. Your message brought a smile instantly .... and, as you remind us ... the smile is an expression of God's beauty. :-)

  39. thank you for this lift that we are can be beautiful in every thought, word, and deed eternally. You are truly beautiful.

  40. Ginny - you make me feel beautiful. That Love-ly "art" of catching the essence of Soul in a Lift is you being beautiful. "Magnify the Lord" - beauty indeed.

  41. Today's Daily Thought ties in with this beautifully:

    ". . . we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord."

    King James Bible
    II Corinthians 3:18

    When reading this verse, I realized that the phrase, "as in a glass" was merely a simile, but not the actual process of our being. In other words, we don't look into a mirror to see what we are. We ARE that perfect likeness of God now. There is no separation between us and God, not even the illusion of a mirror. We ARE God's glory, His beauty. How wonderful!

    Thank you, Ginny. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  42. Thank you so very much Ginny for the "upLIFT" today. Each quality of God being true of Him is also being revealed true for each imaged reflection of His creation, including you and me. Then might we say: "I do not know any other way to be," but beautiful? but good? but loving? but giving? but honest? but happy? but satisfied? Yes, how very beautiful it is upon the mountain. The view is clear today. Thanks to #17, BYGBaB, 17 year old son. All is "great."

  43. Dear Ginny,
    You are beautiful - your voice and all of the messages you share. I have shared your poem "Self-forgiveness" so many times with friends and portions in these Daily Lifts. I just love the ending verses:

    I forgive all my yesterday's
    visions, unclear.
    And hear my God telling me,
    "Child, you are dear."
    (Sentinel, July 18, 2005)

    This message also reminds me of something a dear practitioner shared with me. Its from Psalms 139:14
    "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." She was reassuring me that I was beautiful and not what the material senses were trying to tell me.

    We are all God's beautiful children!

  44. Thank you so much Ginny and commenters and all our Daily Lift friends. This was such a blessing to me. I have also found this lovely beauty treatment in S&H p 516
    "Love, redolent with unselfishness, bathes all with beauty and light."
    (redolent= sweet scented,like a perfume). And also this "light therapy". see S&H 503:18-25
    "Genesis I.3. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. Immortal and divine Mind presents the idea of God: first, in light; second, in reflection; third, in spiritual and immortal forms of beauty and goodness. But this Mind creates no element nor symbol of discord and decay. God creates neither erring thought, mortal life, mutable truth, nor variable love."
    Much love to each and every one of you! You are beautiful! And so am I.

  45. What about adding to #2 by Judith H, "Beauty is skin deep?" It is a poor comment on the media to sell the idea of how skin or matter makes for beauty, that is portrayed in Advertisements and drama, sucking the innocence upon children to look for beauty on the outside instead of the inside. It's much like false advertising for a beautiful car on the outside, but a lousy piece of mechanical workmanship on the inside.

  46. That's beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I agree with your friend, you ARE beautiful! :)

  47. Soul is the stillness in the midst of the storm. Thank you so much Ginny, for your quietness and calm in being so generous in steering us all to the recognition of our spiritual sense of beauty. Once you discovered your own beauty you immediately brought all of us to our own awareness of ourselves as the beautiful children of our infinite Father-Mother, Good. So many beautiful comments tonight, thank you every one.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and the lecturers; and the beautiful Daily Lifters.

  48. Thank you Ginny for this Universal message, to offset the apparent universal message that we are aging, gaining weight and feeling less than beautiful or perfectly wonderful. Thank you for THIS picture to hang onto!

  49. Thank you Ginny, it is a reminder to me, to hold onto God thoughts about myself and my true nature. I also appreciated input of other lifters, especially Nela no.36 yes beauty as love expressed. what a wonderful way to begin my day.

  50. Thank you, these lifts often make me smile and want to go forth to make everyone smile.

  51. Expressing those beautiful thoughts! That is TRUE BEAUTY! THANK YOU!

  52. Expressing those beautiful thoughts! That is TRUE BEAUTY! THANK YOU!

  53. Up and over the trees, across the many miles that would claim to separate us, I find the true beauty of Soul so eloquently expressed in this lift that places us in the same place--divine Love's infinite embrace. I have already forwarded it on to someone I know will find healing in it. Hugs to you!

  54. Always helpful to remember that beauty doesn't come from the shape of your face, the texture of your hair, the size of your body. It's those qualities you express on a daily basis: grace, unconditional love, kindness, generosity, humility and so on. What a lovely reminder for this gorgeous (and chilly) Friday morning!

  55. Yes, you are, we are God's beauties. I am remembering a scene from a tv show titled "Third Rock' in which John Lithgow's character, really impressed with himself one day, looked in the mirror and said "God, you are GORGEOUS!" It was meant to be and was very humorous...but the words that he used - looking at himself he said 'God' Yes, as God's reflection, we are GORGEOUS! Right here, right now. How can we improve on perfection?

    thanks Ginny!!

  56. Thank you for the truths in this marvelous Lift. It is very helpful to me to be reminded that God is the source- the infinite source--of beauty, for all His/Her beloved creation. Thank you!!!

  57. Thank you Ginny. We are God's masterpiece!

  58. I love the comment that was made here a while ago--Don't say "Have a good day." Say "Give a good day."
    Today we can "Give a beautiful day." While I'm out doing errands I pledge I will tell at least 5 people or more that they are beautiful.

  59. Thanks Ginny ~

    I've been going through a lot of emotional pain recently. I'm one who's always seen the beauty in people, even people who have "wronged" me and have forgiven easily. Similarly, have always seen the amazing beauty in the world, in nature and in general. But I cannot see the beauty in myself.

    I'm trying to fight the clouds of darkness, self condemnation, and anxiety. Your lifts always inspire.

  60. We all have those moments of not feeling beautiful. Matter by nature is finite and mortal mind's mesmerism tries to make us finite too. It tries to make us believe there could be a limitation or an end to good. Beautiful roses seem to wither but the wonderful spiritual idea remains intact, forever beautiful. And since we are spiritual ideas, God's works of genius, joy and light, we too are forever beautiful. Thanks so much for reminding us of that Ginny. When I hear your voice or see you online giving a lecture, you are radiant and always leave me with an impression of beauty and love. By being who God meant us to be, we really have no choice but to let his beauty shine through us.

  61. Ginny I am hurting with some of the same feelings. Thank you God for hearing my prayers and knowing exactly what I need during this time of heartache.

  62. Thanks for this important reminder... We all are beautiful because we express a beautiful, perfect creator, God! Don't let the mirror fool you into believing an imperfect image!
    Thanks Ginny!

  63. Thank you! Thank you, Ginny! Just the perfect thoughts to take me through my day. "In all our ways reflecting Thee, And know reality." Hymn 206

  64. A perfect healing idea. Thank you for your loving work Claire london

  65. Ginny you have clearly touched many beautiful people today with God's view. Now we all can do likewise today. At a time when I was very conscious of my hair turning gray, an inspired photographer always called me "Blondie". Where I saw gray, he saw platinum! Light indeed blesses opened eyes.

  66. Thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts, dear Ginny! I love the idea you shared that man is "the compound idea of God, including all right ideas" The quote goes on to say "the generic term for all that reflects God’s image and likeness; the conscious identity of being as found in Science, in which man is the reflection of God, or Mind, and therefore is eternal; that which has no separate mind from God; that which has not a single quality underived from Deity; that which possesses no life, intelligence, nor creative power of his own, but reflects spiritually all that belongs to his Maker." S&H 475: 14-22.

    I study this often in relation to my place at work--understanding the source of all creativity, ideas, purpose--but your lift has given me a new perspective on it. "Not a single quality underived from deity...but reflects spiritually all that belongs to his Maker"--what could be more beautiful than being the reflection of God, which we all eternally are? Soul is beauty, Love is beauty, Truth is beauty, Life is beauty, Mind is beauty, Principle is beauty, Spirit is beauty--we ARE the compound ideas of God, right here right now, and we are ALL beautiful because God is All in all.

    Hugs to you and all the DL foks! Thank you!

  67. Hooray for this beautiful family of Lifters!! Thanks so much, beautiful Ginny, for starting this inspiring conversation! Love the thought that because we are immortal, we're all the same age ~ eternal NOW!
    What a blessing this community is to the world!

  68. Dear Ginny
    Thanks for stating it so clearly and lovingly! We ARE beautiful -- God's image and likeness.

  69. Wow, Ginny, of course! What a great reminder to see the beauty that is always right there in ourselves and others. Thanks so much!

  70. Thanks Ginny! That's was wonderful and well timed for me. You(we) are Beautiful!

  71. Ginny - You are not only Beautiful, but Amazing! Right on for Valentine's Day. This month my wife and I acknowledge our 54th wedding anniversary and Faith (my wife) grows more beautiful each year; her material self and surely her Spiritual self. I am so blessed to have her and you to keep me on a clear and Spiritual path always trying to express Truth,Life & Love.
    Your Daily Lift reinforces that the popular saying "Beauty is only skin deep" is Untrue - God shines light on the true meaning of Beauty, reenforced in your message today.

  72. Dear Ginny, Thank you for your beautiful lift, as always. No make over's here!! God's creation is finished.

  73. Many years ago a woman commented to me on a person that she had met who was physically beautiful, until she opened her mouth and not so pretty words came out. I have met people who were not physically attractive until they spoke, and you could see the beauty in their words and being. It was a wonderful lesson for me and I always try to watch that I express love to others through words and actions. Let God shine through you each day and every day.
    Thanks Ginny for a wonderful Lift, and much appreciation to the whole Daily Lift team.

  74. Thank you Ginny. You always know exactly what I need each morning and to keep with me all day. I am beautiful!!! You are beautiful!!!! Much love to all.

  75. oh my, the comments from all of you today are are simply wonderful. I always look forward to reading them but today there is a deep love shining through each of you that really touches the heart. You are all amazingly beautiful!:-) thank you for being you and for sharing so freely.. God is so good...

  76. Every good thought expressed is beauty in itself with such a healing effect even though not apparent to the human eye. Thanks lifters and Ginny. El Paso Patt

  77. Thank you.

  78. HI Ginny: You always "hit the nail on the head." I need to enter that closet of prayer and see the beauty that God created. I will go back to the mirror later and see what is being reflected of God's creation. Ann Botts

  79. Thank you, dear Ginny, for your beautiful post.
    You continue to touch my heart with your messages.

  80. Thank you Ginny

  81. Ginny, Your lift for today was a modern-day psalm. What is so great about the psalms in the Bible is that they meet us right where we feel we are (angry, upset, defeated, prideful, happy, ugly . . .) and lift us from there. Also, I learned in a Bible class that some of the rabbis, after studying Genesis 1 deeply, felt that the origin of man is expressed in the third verse: And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.":

  82. Thank you, Ginny, for being God's precious daughter. I appreciate your insistence that we all claim our inherited beauties from the divine maker. Go for it!

  83. I had 2 different situations of friends saying that to me recently- and on days when I was feeling jjust as you described . . .this Lift brings me a new understanding. Thank you, Ginny -

  84. Ah, Ginny, you nailed it! A friend I knew for 50+ years until she was 104 and might have been called "a senior" when I met her wasn't cute or pretty, but she was beautiful through and through.

  85. Everyone is beautiful in reflecting uniquely their maker God. Thanks so much-you are a blessing to the CS movement and to us all. A world of love to you!

  86. Thanks Ginny, I am sure many of us need to keep those ideas in thought--as time goes on! powerful reminder of who we really are--God's reflection.

  87. Thank you for you lovely Lift, Ginny. Of course you are beautiful, as you are His compound idea. Having been made by His hands, how else can we be but beautiful and perfect. It is our divine inheritance. Love to all.

  88. A few years ago, after a morning of spiritual study, I walked to a grocery store nearby. A mother with a baby stroller and accompanying little boy, maybe 5 or 6 years old, passed me; as they did, the boy said, very clearly, to me, "You're beautiful!" I was startled and looked to see if he meant someone else. I was well into my senior years, and didn't think about myself that way at all. I said to the mom, "What did he say?" And she replied with the same words! I thanked them both, and went on, quite puzzled as well as touched. Now, I am not "ugly," just quite ordinary, and wasn't especially dressed, was wearing no makeup, etc. I just decided the sweet child thought had been touched by my own thinking at that time. I marveled at how that had shined through. It was an interesting and touching lesson.

  89. Thank you so deeply for your sincerity and vulnerability...you reach us in a special way. Each of us has human challenges and "less than perfect feelings of self-worth." Your precious message reminds us of our innate beauty as God's perfect child. Would She create anything less than beautiful? Of course not!! The model She used is boundlessly beautiful and infinitely expressed in each one of us.

  90. that put the sunshine in my day! thanks Ginny

  91. Ginny, what I found truly beautiful in this Lift was your unselfed honesty and humility . . . your transparency in sharing with us all.

    59 CT in Minneapolis, and #61 Robin--I hear you. And I stand with you, under the weight of similar struggles. May we each feel the light of God's Love shining in every corner of our thought, illuminating every shadow, until all we can see and feel and know is God's beauty, in us, through us, as us.

    Much love to all the Lift family, and thank you, Ginny, for the Lift and for your follow-up comment at #75.

  92. Ginny, What an incredible , spiritual "Beauty Treatment" you have shared with us today!!! And I love the inspiration this has inspired in others who graciously share, enriching the whole treatment ! This is the Beauty treatment everyone has at hand!
    Today's treatment has been the perfect antidote to the cultural norms of beauty bombarding us with material beliefs. Everyone's loving thoughts, and acts shine and show beauty.
    In a grocery store line yesterday, the senior woman in front of me and I were marveling at a very senior man standing in another line to purchase roses for someone special. She commented that, he only had love left in a sad voice. I replied ,marveling ," Yes and that is all there really is at any age!" She looked at me, and I added," Love is ageless, isn't that beautiful! Love is always beautiful !
    Much gratitude to you Ginny for seeing and sharing the light, for being Love's beautiful expression for us all!

  93. Thank you Ginny. What a great counter to all those reality shows and media messages. No competition in being God's individual beautiful reflection. Much gratitude for the faithful lifters whose comments are so helpful.

  94. Thanks Ginny for the uplift. We are the all-good expressing, radiantly beautiful creation of the most radiantly beautiful all-good God, or Soul. Plain and simple, the universe is purest light, the perfect thoughts of God manifested. Things are so beautiful right now I have to put on my sunglasses!! With love to all...

  95. Beautiful! Thank you. (=

    I'm sorry I don't have time to read all the posts, so I hope I'm not repeating someone else. Here are a few definitions I've found for "Beauty" in various dictionaries and articles: kindness; that which is agreeable; pleasant or dear; goodness; sweetness; loveliness; graciousness; our continual spiritual insights make us radiant. They have been so helpful when the human sense of beauty has bogged me down.

  96. Oh man. Powerful message. Thank you Ginny.

    I was just thinking about this 'cause someone showed me a picture of myself and my thighs looked huge. The thought hit me, "boom! you are not beautiful!"

    Then I remembered that sometimes when I have the thought that I am any less beautiful because of the way my face looks, or the size of my thighs, I imagine how a 3 year old would look at me. A 3 year old hasn't been taught our cultural stories yet, the story that one shape of body looks better than another. This habit of hating our looks is a learned thing! Not a natural part of who we are.

    So when I saw that picture of myself, it felt soooo relieving and refreshing to imagine myself through the eyes of a young child. Pure loving eyes - like the eyes of God. Impossible not to be beautiful.

    One other thing I've thought about is how there was this older woman at my church whom I deeply, deeply admired as a child. I thought she was gorgeous in every way. I was obsessed with her white hair. I noticed she had a ton of lines on her face and I thought they were the coolest thing, like rocks on a majestic mountain. I really saw her as perfectly beautiful. Lines are only ugly if we make that story about them. If you forget how God sees and designs every detail of your form & outline, go ask a child - or imagine asking one.

  97. Boy, did I ever need THIS lift. What a wake-up call. I love JS's idea that you have given us all a perfect, spiritual "Beauty Treatment", and reminded us that, in God's eyes, and viewed through the divine prism of perfect Love, we can never be anything less than amazingly beautiful -- "perfect and entire, wanting nothing". I am grateful that your reminder takes personal vanity and pride -- and even fear -- out of the equation, and sets us back on the proper course of realizing that what God gives can never be taken away. In the very "beginning", Scripture tells us, "God saw every thing that he had made, and behold, it was very good". Each of us, as one of His ideas, is included in that special benediction from everlasting to everlasting, and nothing can change or undo that, regardless of the attempts of mortal mind to prove it wrong. As the unique and beloved expression of infinite Soul, God, we can never be anything less than what we were created to be......we just need to let the revelation unfold in our consciousness and own it, once and for all. And Ginny, to borrow the simple words of a well-known song....."You are so beautiful"..............in every way. Thank you.

  98. MERCI, chère et belle Ginny ! Pourquoi certains SEMBLENT ne pas être beaux ? Recevoir de l'Amour rend beau... Aimer quelqu'un fait que nous le trouvons paré de toutes les qualités.... Ils n'ont donc pas reçu assez d'Amour et ne sont pas conscients de l'Amour de Dieu pour eux. Donnons-leur de l'Amour encore et encore, ce qui nous amènera au point culminant de l'Amour qui est de LES VOIR PARFAITS EN TANT QU'ENFANTS DE DIEU. CHANGEONS NOTRE REGARD SUR EUX, car si nous ne les voyons pas beaux, (ou ne nous voyons pas beaux), c'est que NOTRE VISION EST ERRONEE. CHOISISSONS DE REGARDER AVEC LES YEUX DE DIEU, les yeux du coeur.... et nous verrons le résultat !! Chers frères et soeurs, TOUTE LA BEAUTE DU MONDE EST EN VOUS, il suffit d'en prendre conscience ! Le plein d'Amour pour tous.

  99. Ginny, thank you so much! What a wonderful and touching lift. Thank you for the reminder that our beauty really is made up of qualities that all come right from God. Those qualities can never lack, grow old, negatively change the way we look or feel, etc. How wonderful to remember that our infinite Beauty is ever-present. Thank you!

  100. Thank you, Ginny, for the needed reminder that we, as the compound idea of God, include all right ideas! We don't have to search out there for something to make us complete. It's already been done. Thank you for this beautiful lift!

  101. When I was a foster parent, a social worker shared practical advice about how she would immediately say to a child feeling critical about their appearance, "You're beautiful and you're fine." This, to me, resonates in many ways, including that it casts out fears that we might not be okay.

  102. Beautiful Ginny. Simply Beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that each and every one of us can be nothing but beautiful. This is such a prevalent topic in thought and prayer and I love the simple way you address it. Thank you for your inspiration, your love, and your beauty!

  103. Thank you, Ginny. You always say the right things at the right time. I do agree that we need to keep a beautiful thought in our minds always---especially as we grow old. We have so much to be thankful for and when we are thankful not only are we more beautiful but so is the world we live in and so are the people we love. Keeping these thoughts with us keeps the beauty with us!
    Again, thank youfor a beautiful lift! VW

  104. Thankyou for this BEAUTIFUL lift, Ginny. You are one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL people I listen to. When I see your lift come up, I have an immediate smile on my face and think what are we sharing today!

  105. This is a beautiful lift and so obviously appreciated by everyone. Well timed Ginny, as many of us are feeling a little "lack lustre" in our dreary climates, how good then to be reminded that "Beauty truly is only skin deep" and if we stay focused on who we truly are, that will indeed uplift and renew a right spirit within us,seeing that it never went away in the first place! Much love to ALL our beautiful brothers and sisters where ever you are!

  106. Hello, thank you for the beautiful lift and all commentors for the helpful insights and evidence.

    Years ago I noticed a neighbour, a young woman, who did not seem pretty outwardly. It felt so unjust. I reached out to God who is the source of all beauty and is just. The next time I saw her, her appearance was transformed beautifully in form and expression.

    And an insight: In German, the word for 'ugly' is 'hässlich'. Hately. So language has recognised that hate makes one ugly. Overcoming hate makes one beautiful.

  107. Ginny, Thank you. A Wonderful thought to carrying me through the day! Today I will look for Beauty in all God's creation, including myself.

  108. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful message, thank you, dear Ginny.

  109. Thank you.One of Webster's definition of beauty is"excellence of craftsmanship".Each one of us has been created in the image and likeness of God..therefore each one of us is beautiful.We are the product of His "excellent craftsmanship!!".

  110. Thanks Ginny - certainly a beautiful lift!

  111. The message was very uplifting, but what particularly struck me was the honest, selfless humility in which it was delivered. Thank you Ginny

  112. I would just like to ascertain for myself that we don't grow old, we just grow more beautiful and wise as we progress on our spiritual journey. God never grows old, He remains complete and beautiful for ever, and we are His reflection, and "reflect all the charms of His goodness" (MBE).
    Thank you Ginny for the lovely lift and to all the contributors mingling in all the beauty of God's creation.

  113. A special thanks to Sara #81 who tells us that some rabbis think that the origin of man is expressed in Genesis 1:3 "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." That matches perfectly with the words of Jesus (John 8:12): "I am the light of the world" and (Matt. 5:14): "Ye are the light of the world." Not "the lights". I feel richly blessed and well prepared for the coming weekend.

  114. When I was in grade school I found the following in the Christian Science Monitor and made it my own. Then when I went through class instruction the teacher opened with these words:

    "Some like to be art glass of rainbow hue,
    I choose to be a window pane for sun to shine through.
    A clear pane,
    A clean pane,
    So that I would be unconcerned with temperament and personality.
    I would have Love shine through me so that my friends would say,
    Not, what a lovely pane of glass, but what a lovely day!" Thank you Ginny and this lovely lift family.

  115. Thank you Ginny,

    One thing I learned to recognize aeons ago but have to relearn constantly, is that not seeing beauty in
    my visage in a photo at the time, will be looked at years later with the thought, "Well you looked pretty good there. "Harsh judgment certainly can soften over time.

  116. Thanks Ginny...Its pretty much been said,you,the lift and the comments are "beautiful"...

  117. Thank you for sharing deeply from your heart, Ginny... thank you for taking us all on the journey of feeling 'humanly' one way, and through right ideas realizing your inner (and outer) beauty is not separate from the allness of One, Beautiful Being. It's so helpful remembering how God sees us and knows us, which is beautiful, indeed. How can God be wrong??!!

  118. An American Indian saying, paraphrased, "I walk with beauty behind me, I walk with beauty beside me, I walk with beauty over me, I walk with beauty before me, My thoughts are beautiful."

  119. WHAT A CREATOR! He made all things beautiful - and we can see that beauty everywhere! Thank you!

  120. Beautiful upLift! Thanks, Ginny! Beautiful Lifter comments! Thank-you DL team for spreading God's beauty! (Much to think-ponder-pray about & Do.)

  121. What sticks with me is that beauty is like so many other qualities of God that more like verbs than nouns. As we work to express God-beauty in our thought, interactions, how we see others, how we view the world...we begin to feel it and know it about ourselves. Thank you Ginny for reminding us that beauty is an innate part of each and every one of us.

  122. Ginny, I agree with your friend. You're beautiful! And you let each one of us claim that beauty for ourselves today. Thank you!

  123. Thank you, Ginny for this wonderful reminder of where our beauty comes from and how it is unwavering.

  124. Thanks, Dear Beautiful Ginny! I was just listening to a CD by Shaina Noll entitled: Songs for the Inner Child. The first song says" "How could anyone ever tell you, You were anything less than Beautiful. How could anyone ever tell you, You were less than whole. How could anyone fail to notice, That your loving is a miracle, How deeply you're connected to my soul." I think that's what God is saying to us all the time!

  125. Yes, we are beautiful, dear Ginny, and thank you for reminding us - as an earlier Lifter said, we work from the inside-out, and so as we let this light within us shine, all darkness is eradicated, and man is revealed as he ever is: radiant, beautiful, with the transparency of Light! Thank you for this reminder, and also for the openness of your sharing - ie., that lecturers, too, have occasions for working to demonstrate this!

  126. Ginny, I heard your daily lift yesterday and I must say it touched deeply in my heart but unfortunatly I couldn´t post anything right away. Today I heard it again and now I want to express my gratitude for the love, kindness and humility you beautifully expressed through your words.
    No matter what, we always express the beauty, perfection and wholeness granted by our Father-Mother God! That is the real truth that brings us the inner peace we constantly pursue.
    Ginny, you´re beautiful and so are all God´s children!!!
    Thank you so much!

  127. Worship The Lord in the Beauty of holiness
    Thank you #36 for sharing your lovely aunt's overflowing beauty of holiness and reminding me of this lovely hymn.

  128. Beauty: God's promises being kept
    for all of us to witness. Precious

  129. Thank you Ginny for such unselfish sharing of your experience. And much gratitude to all
    who have shared their sincerely "beautiful" thoughts on the topic .

    As we go forward we can take such clear ideas
    of beauty...

    Thank you

  130. 96 Katherine S : Your comment is BEAUTIFUL, yes ! But, it is more than that : IT IS WONDERFUL !! It has brought tears of emotion in my eyes... THANK YOU, my dear, LOVE to you. (Excuse-me for my bad english ) Michèle who lives in France (Europe). Good week-end to all !

  131. It is so great when we lift ourselves up out of the small limited viewpoint of ourselves and others as something less than beautiful. By staying with this loving thought you've expressed, only good can come. I find that I still have to lift my thinking higher to see through a false picture to a true picture that brings harmony where there might be disharmony. Love is reflected in love. What could be a better guide to human relations? Thank you for this lift. It applies well to my own desire to not react personally to things but see the beauty instead.

  132. Dearest Ginny, your lift about being beautiful - sounds so harmless, almost naive from the title - but what a wave of gratitude it aroused packaged in thought provoking sentences. - Imagine 125 comments so far and only about six with the two words Thank You. This is significant in itself. I'm so glad that you were told being beautiful and that you had to work on it - and now: your healing from a materialistic view is our healing as well. "We are all the children of light, and the children of the day." (1 Thes. 5:5) God loves and blesses all of us. And now for the last time: THANK YOU, dear Ginny!

  133. Thank you. Christian Science Is in bloom.

  134. Thanks, and you are beautiful

  135. Thank you so much Ginny, for the nice lift

  136. Thank you for the inspiration, Ginny!

  137. Material beauty vs. True, Soul-filled beauty. One fades and the other only intensifies and becomes more apparent as we grow in our understanding of God and our relationship with Him. Loved this lift! Thank you to all the beautiful litters. :)

  138. Beauty is that divine feeling of good dwelling on the inside but is seen on the outside. Thank you Ginny for this wonderful lift..

  139. Thank you Ginny.....have sent this off to many friends. I just love
    "In beauty, grandeur, order, His handiwork is shown". Hymn 329
    So we are right in there...within all the beauty, grandeur, order Og God's creation.
    Grateful thanks.

  140. thank you so much Ginny

  141. Thanks Ginny, You express this truth so Beautifully. I will remember that I also express the"charms" of his goodness. and they are mine to keep
    Love Heather

  142. Just beautiful!!! Thank you.

  143. Isn't it wonderful to know we are all beautiful because that's the way God made us in his his image and likeness- we look just like him. This reminder makes my day. I forget how beautiful I am. Love to you all.Linda

  144. Last summer when I reached out, with help from a Christian Science practitioner, to understand more of Life's unintrerrupted presence, goodness, and beauty, I became immersed in the consciousness of Love's everpresence. Every manifestation of Life became evidence of divine Love's expression. Wherever I looked I saw beauty expressed in endless variety - whether crossing paths with a fellow shopper in a grocery store and exchanging smiles, or seeing a dad leading his young family across a parking lot on the way to a community center in the inner city. I saw the beauty and nobility of God's perfect creation, man. Then I realized that I can never be without this beauty and goodness, that indeed "goodness and mercy [were] following me [each day] all the days of my life" (Psalm 23); that this is a divine law, a divine requirement, that each one of us should be always in God's presence which is bathed in beauty and light. And I saw that any opposite perception is no more than a supposition which can be overturned through God's grace. Thank you, Ginny, for your clear, wonderful message! Thanks to the Daily Lift community for all the rich comments, and to the Daily Lift team for producing this wonderful resource.

  145. Michele #130....thank you for you beautiful comment....touched and moved....LOVE Katherine

  146. Thank you for this beautiful, lovely lift. I went to one of your lectures and your reflection of God filled the room with Love. That was very beautiful! The unconditional, heartfelt love you expressed to everyone in the room filled my heart and it overflowed through healing tears.
    I have a dear friend who I met at a Children's Home where I volunteered. She was 6. I continued to visit her often at different placements. When she became of age she started using drugs and was homeless for 10 years. I still saw her occasionally for the first 2 years. Then one day she called me out of the blue - she is clean and sober and my phone number just came to her thought. I am so grateful to God. She is doing well. Now when she calls me, she often says, "Hello, beautiful!" It always surprises me. And it makes an impact.
    Thanks so much again, Ginny - and to all the other stories shared.

  147. What a wonderful, yes, beautiful lift! Blessings!

  148. Ginny, you are beautiful - truly beautiful in all those wonderful lifts you share with us - - God shines through you ....

  149. amen.but may we always be capable of acknowleging this beauty.it is all around us in every spiritual idea of God.peace and love to all

  150. Such a beautiful message... thank you for this amazing, heartfelt lift!

  151. Meenu-2/25/2013

    Thank You, Ginny for this lift. It almost instantly reminded me of the song by James Blunt. But, delving deeper into the lift made me realize the beautiful qualities that God bestows on each one of us.

    We are all deeply blessed by the One Infinite Mind who creates only beautiful creations.
    The magnificence of the entire range of beautiful qualities, skills and talents which each one of us has is simply awesome.

    Meenu:New Delhi-India