2/14: A torrent of love

2/14: A torrent of love

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  1. How wonderful! Thank you Mark.
    Probably one of my favourite lines, is, "And Love is reflected in love" it's application to our daily walk is as infinite as reflection. Every new angle or stance taken while looking at a reflection brings more into view. Every aspect of life is covered by Love ♥

  2. Thank you Mark for such an important Lift. There used to be a popular song that had the words "looking for love in all the wrong places". It describes, in fact, the direction that most of the worlds quest for love, and to be loved, is going. We need to stop and turn our thought to God, the source of eternal love. It doesn't matter where we are when we do this because wherever it may be is precisely where it will be found. Although it may appear that mans quest for love is unending, divine Love fulfills and meets our every need. In fact, the need is already met. Thank you again.

  3. Thank you for this lovely Lift. Such an enriching, all-embracing, refeshing reminder of where we always live and the abundance of Love we inherently have at all times and in all ways.

  4. Thank you Mark for your picture perfect image of infinite love pouring blessings upon every one of us.
    I'm picturing the image of a football coach getting a tub of cool aid poured over him from his winning team. May this day be "...big with blessings" for every one. (S&H. pg. vii "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings."

  5. Thank you, Mark.

  6. What a great message for valentines day, thank you.

  7. This lift is like a healing treatment, very inspiring,reassuring,joyful ,and above all, loving.Did I forget to say beautiful also? Thank you Mark for this heartfelt lift,truly a keeper. Love the music too!!

  8. Great and inspirational first thing in the morning.

  9. Thank you Mark! What a lovely DL you have brought us today.It´s like when "angels visit you" as MBE says in Miscelaneous Writings. Oh, may we all feel this touch... Blessings to everyone who is in need of comfort and peace and love today around the world.

  10. I realized yesterday the first two lines of the Responsive Readings(from Isaiah 43) from the Christian Science weekly Bible lesson are Valentine's Day message!!

    1 . . . I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.
    4 Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee:

    How could Love neglect and not know our need - every human need. . . especially to feel loved!!
    Amen! Thank you Mark!!

  11. A lovely Valentine message - true love from God and always available and with us.Thank you.

  12. The perfect message I needed to hear tonight. "Torrents of Love" enveloping us at all times. I love that idea that we don't have to DO anything to feel that Love. It's is ours (and everyone's) without condition or circumstance. Thank you, Mark.

  13. All you need is love , love is all you need...today spread that love around. Smile at someone who needs it, look for love all day today I'll bet you see it everywhere

  14. Thank you, Mark for the reminder: God is Love and we express that love when we love others in all circunstancies.
    And He is ever present right hear, right now -in you, in me, in all of us speaking in our consciousness.
    Daniel , Portugal

  15. Mark, Thank you. Always enriched and supported by real Love.

  16. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  17. A powerful ,healing thought for the day.Thank you Mark .

  18. Really lovely for Valentines Day here in the UK.

  19. Oh, how we need to know and accept this in the UK at this moment. Thank you Mark. A clergyman last week said on the radio that God could do nothing about the weather. These spiritual gems we have daily from you and the others, prove that God can, will and always has been the only "authority". Christ Jesus put that into practice. Mary Baker Eddy did as well. And, we are too.Thanks again

  20. Absolutely well put Mark . So many people believe you need to study more , give more , preach more , door knock more , pray more , worship more etc etc etc . But NO !, YOU, already have God's TOTAL UNCONDITIONAL ETERNAL LOVE . Lets just relax and accept that . Thank you Mark for that wonderful explanation of Gods LOVE for ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE now and always ..

  21. Thank you for this wonderful flow of Love which reached me this morning when hearing your Lift! It will surround and fill me all day long (and further more). This is exactly what always I sensed has to be true about live, even if conditions seem difficult. Thank you again, dear Mark!

  22. Thank you, Marc,
    Wonderful message! Right what we all need to think of and understand!

    Margretha Sweden

  23. Let us cherish and celebrate the Love that is God, not only today, but always. Thank you.

  24. A great big hug of Love to one and all from the BoL to the daily Lifters, and especially Mark for this joyful reminder that we are all, entirely held in the arms of divine Love at all times and in every moment. The Daily Lift transports and supports my joy each day, and reminds me endlessly of the beauty of being part of the family of Christ. x

  25. Many thanks Mark for this inspiring lift. Yes. "We're never separated from real love. We are always in Love - at one with - that divine source." Sadly today, watching television, one would be led to believe that the world was a torrent of; ice, snow, floods, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes and terrorism. So should this be our basis of true consciousness? Or should we replace it with divine Love, our God given pathway to healing, and so rise above the illusion of false beliefs. "And prove to all with following sign/ The Word of God is power divine./ In love and healing ministry/ Show forth the Truth that makes men free." (Christian Science Hymnal #12).

  26. Thank you Mark, it is so wonderful to feel God's love enveloping one, its such a warm happy feeling, the same as having loving arms around one.

  27. Thank you, yes Love is always with us and around each and every one no matter where they are.

  28. Like this a lot, thanks

  29. Thank you Mark for your inspiring Daily Lift

    " God is love "

    So we all must be expressing His Love.
    Oh, what a Blessing.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ


  30. Thank you, Mark. Truly a Valentine's Day message - to be 'in love' with God.

  31. Podemos perfectamente encontrar el amor en los lugares inhóspitos, como los torrentes de agua o las frías nieves. y digo podemos porque lo he experimentado, estando en situación extrema, dejando de ver lo que a mis ojos se presentaba y ver el rostro de Dios o sea el Amor en todas sus manifestaciones, recordando, "Que un mismo suceso nos ocurre a todos" y que la diferencia, está en como lo manejemos, si nos dejamos atrapar o no, y entonces cuando olvidando lo propio dejamos que la consciencia se llene de torrentes de amor por el prójimo estamos dando el paso adecuado para que ese suceso no sea de nadie y desaparezca, viendo la sonrisa divina aparecer entre nubes benébolas brisas acariciadoras, no de flagelos inhóspitos y crueles, sino cariñosos, plenos de Amor. Esa Es la realidad perenne, no la que se presenta ante nuestra vista y de la humanidad. Habrá que trabajar mucho para que los mismos Buenos sucesos nos ocurran a todos, imaginemos en esa simplicidad que da el Amor... si cada uno de los millones que somos en el mundo, pusiera en su corazón un granito de arena de amor, para ser dado sin duda, que tanto las aguas como la nieve se tornarían en bendición y no en desastrosas contingencias.

    Muchas gracias Mark, por granito de arena diario.

  32. This benevolent message is met with reassurance and a smile. "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and good works" (Hebrews 10:24). Thank you for this bountiful tributary.

  33. How beautiful. What an important way to understand what it really means to "be in love", God's love. Thank you for this loving and strong Lift!

  34. This is a perfect lift for Valentine's Day! No matter what our human situation is, or who we are with or not with today... we all can think and know and feel the closeness of our true Love, God!
    Love to everyone!


  36. Thank you for your Lift full of Love!

  37. Thank you, Mark, for this love filled message for the world. I am knowing that all God's little ones are loved and worthy and have the right to know it and act like it. This Daily Lift, on what is celebrated as Valentine's Day in the US, really gets the message out Big Time. Love it! Love overflowing. Yea, GOD!

  38. Thank you!

  39. A Love-filled Lift - thank you, Mark! And thanks to the B of L, DL Team, and Lifters for the love expressed each day.

  40. Totally BEAUTIFUL, Mark, on such a special day which encompasses Love to all. Thank you for this healing message.

  41. Thanks so much, Mark, for your beautiful expression of love this Valentine's Day. One of my favorite hymns is #269, which begins with:

    Our God is Love, unchanging Love,
    And can we ask for more?
    Our prayer for Love's increase is vain;
    'Twas infinite before.
    Ask not the Lord with breath of praise
    For more than we accept;
    The open fount is free to all,
    God's promises are kept.

    God's torrent of love is pouring out to every hungry heart and we need only accept the blessings it brings.

  42. How perfect! Thank you Mark for your love-filled message to all of us today. I think we need this reminder of how omnipresent God's love is, and how active it always is.Thank you also DL team, and to all those commenting.

  43. Thank you mark for this lift! I love the idea of God's love as flowing, which is an effortless and natural movement.

  44. It's the best! Here all along. What I've always been looking for.

  45. Xoxoxoxo

  46. The expression “Love of our Life” seems a little short sighted if we attach it to one individual.

    One of the most amazing things that Mrs. Eddy has brought to my attention is the importance of minimizing “personality”. But here is the cool thing. Even as we figure this out, we are already included in fulfilled Life and Love. God is the real Love in Life and Life in Love.

    The divine Love connection lasts a lot longer than a box of chocolate.

    Thanks Mark.

  47. Thanks, Mark! If there ever was a walking "Love Bug" - it's You!! If we could all wash each other's feet, as Jesus did for his Disciples, we would all feel washed clean from any of the "dreams" or "dramas" of our Human Past, which is all that seems to block our feeling Divine Love's Love and Embrace. Happy Hearts and Hugs Day to All!

  48. Thank you, Mark, for the reminder that we are always - in Love.

  49. Thank you for this exquisite lift, Mark. It filled me with joy
    Ready to accept the torrent of Love!

  50. 1 Corinthians13:13 'And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.'

    We must show faith when it appears there is nothing to believe in; provide hope when there is nothing to cling to; and give love to those who seem unlovable and in situations where the last remnants of warmth have drained away!
    Matthew 25:40
    “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
    Thanks be to God!

  51. Thank you. This is wonderful!

  52. Beautiful. Thank you Mark.

  53. 1 Corinthians 13:5 'Love ....thinks no evil.' If our mind is full of love, we are unable to hurt ourselves or others in anyway.It's a complete impossibility! This love which comes down in torrents is God's gift. All we have to do is to accept it and to believe. Our 'cup runneth over' Psalm 23:5 What joy! What healing!

  54. To be always "in Love" stood out to me like a bright light. I often go to bed hugging my pillow and telling God "I love you". And I know it's returned, unconditionally, therefore, like you stated, we don't have to marry or adopt or keep looking for that "elusive" relationship... God's infinite Love is ours eternally. Thank you for this wonderful Valentine's Day message.

  55. On this Valentine's morning, this beautiful reminder of the love of God really comes in and meets my need ! And I didn't think I was going to get any valentines. Thanks ! Good one.

  56. Thank you Mark, I walked into school this morning and saw on every locker a colored heart with the simple yet powerful message: You Are Loved. Three words that carry so much meaning. I thought about all the kids and adults who are so in need to hear, read, say and believe those three words. Your message made the image of 1,500 kids seeing that personal, spiritual touch all the more powerful.
    Thank you.

  57. And the torrent of Love is not w destructive flood! No one can be flooded out of or by Love, the complete and perfect environment. But Love will thaw even the iciest or coldest environment. The more we expres this love (of Love), the more the whole world will feel it. "In atmosphere of Love divine, We live and move and breathe" (CS Hymnal)
    No challenge on the human scene too great!
    Many thanks, Mark.

  58. Great lift! Happy St. Valentine's Day, all!

  59. Thank you Mark. This just lifts me up today - to think I don't have to try so hard to find love, since Love already has me in His/Her arms.

  60. Great Valentine, Mark! Thanks so much, and thanks to Fujiko #10 for pointing out the Valentine in the Bible Lesson.

  61. Your lift fits perfectly with your article, Enveloped in Love (Oct. 21, 2013) and the hymn you quote, "Immortal Love, forever full/ forever flowing free/ forever shared, forever whole/ a never ebbing sea." Thanks. AND thanks for the lovely ideas shared by other lifters from all over the world.

  62. Thank you Mark and also to all of the commentators. How wonderful to know the infinite, all-inclusiveness of being "in Love". There is nothing else.

  63. This is really meeting lots of needs today. Thank you Mark, and for all the commenters - particularly Arvid and Malcolm, which I found very helpful. One of Mary Baker Eddy's hymns sums it up for me:- "It matters not what be thy lot, so love doth guide".......and further on:- "Love alone is Life".

  64. A "torrent of love" -- there's no concept of lack in the word "torrent" -- just boundless love. Also explaining that we are always "in love" was so comforting Mark. Thank you so much for this truly beautiful Valentine Day's message that brings home the truth of how much we are loved!

  65. Precious and uplifting. The Truth is like that! Thank you so very much, Mark.

  66. Thank you for such a great Lift, Mark. Lorenzo came back today after the Christmas holidays, sweeping up the little road on his skateboard with the big bucket and all his gear:sponge, rags and bottles of mysterious Super Shine. He had his new Christmas red shoes with the white laces on, so they had to come off while he washed my car. I'm not just a lady whose car he cleans. I'm a client, and I'm not his only client, I think there's another one somewhere. Maybe his mother. In addition to being in charge of cleaning my car, we have some good conversations. He's the evidence of that Love pouring out in a torrent that Mark was telling us about.
    He stood on his skateboard like a true Olympian and looked back with a smile as he shot around the corner in the best Sochi slopestyle,
    This is certainly a great Lift, Mark, and an outpouring of gratitude for our family of Daily Lifters.

  67. Thanks, Mark, for the Lift! I greatly appreciate the distinction you make between human relatedness and the most reliable...and knowable, feelable...Love there is...the Love of God, the Love that God IS, the Love that's always active on our behalf.

    We can never crush another or be crushed...divine Love is our (and everyone's) forever armor that keeps us safe. Each one in her/his own lane of right endeavour...rightly related by the only Mind, omnipotence.

  68. Thank you for the Loving Lift. Loral

  69. Thank you Mark. This is a beautiful way to start Valentines day and every way.

  70. Thank you Mark for the Loving lift and everyone for the inspiring comments! Love is All!

  71. And Love is reflected in Love, you can't get any better than that!!! Thank you.

  72. Because of all this Love, we can more easily recognize the "imposters" in thought- hate, anger,
    hurt, fear, jealousy, etc....that would claim to have presense and power, and hide God's love for us.
    Love is forgiving, pure, merciful, tender, and faithful. May everyone in the DL community feel
    the blessings of this Love today!

    Thank you Mark, for the message(:

  73. Thank you for this love filled message! In torrents!

  74. How lovely to start my spiritual day filled-up with this message of Love's presence. Thank you. This is a powerful treatment for all.

  75. Thank you so much, Mark! This lift is a wonderful reminder of the fabulous lecture you gave last Sunday. When you did an exercise involving the whole congregation about the torrent of love flowing through us and through everyone in the room, it was so powerful! And healing! Now I have this lift to remind me of that feeling, and I thank you.

  76. What a terrific reminder! Thank you Mark. To remember and acknowledge that we are "in Love" independent of our seeming current experience. What a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day, and everyday, appreciating that we are all "in Love"

  77. Great thought! We are all "in" Love with God, so we are all in Love with each other.

  78. Divine Love certainly met our needs today.

  79. I just looked up the word Secular never having done so except just before writing this comment. The definition says "Not spiritual sense of love but a material." A material sense of love has a connotation of possessiveness, while the spiritual sense has all-inclusiveness. I just finished reading today's issue of the CSM which told of the strife between the religious factions in Africa. There wouldn't be that strife if the understanding of the worship of one God as Love itself was understood and demonstrated, regardless of the countree's name or the continent in which it derives.

  80. Oh, what a feast for the soul, a bountiful constant outpouring of love flowing out to bless the whole world, is this Daily Lift and the precious, thoughtful comments offered so lovingly, kindly, with the generosity of loving hearts! Thank you Mark, D L family and all who bring these DL messages to us all. What blessings they are. Happy day everyone!

  81. Thank Mark,

    Every day is Valentine's Day - everywhere. Because God, LOVE, is ever-present, infinite and eternal.

  82. When we are little, we get lots of hugs and hopefully, when we grow older, we still get some!

    God's hug, however, is constant, ceaseless, all-embracing. It never goes away.
    Let us feel the love which passes between Him and us.
    We must trust that we deserve it.
    We must not put ourselves down.
    We must truly believe that we will never be rejected by God, even if our loved ones or the world appears to reject us and we have been deeply altered by such rejection; even if it was a matter of circumstance. If we can do this, it will bring healing and transformation.
    It's a question of what page we are on. Is it one of fear and depression? Or is it one of confidence and optimism? Let us accept God's blessings and flourish!
    Say "no" to the negative, "yes" to the positive! Happy Valentine's Day!

  83. What a glorious Valentine! Thanks for this torrent of love today, where we find ourselves every moment... never lacking love or companionship or rain. It is such a healing delight each day to hear the Daily Lifts and also to see the line of familiar faces of friends who also hear the Lifts. love to all

  84. Thank you, Mark and to all the DL family. The love that flows through these comments is so palpable and gives me such strength, confidence and joyous freedom.
    Two thoughts have struck me tonight.
    1. I am deserving of God's love no matter what.
    2. God needs me! Without me, He is incomplete.
    Luke 15:3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?"

  85. Our daily gift of Love! Thank you!!

  86. I just have time to make 3 Valentines, 2 little boys and grampa. To see those faces light up is my my valentine. Thanks to all for such beautiful comments. God bless you all.

  87. Sitting with my laptop in front of me at the breakfast table, it was easy to switch to the Monitor's Daily News Briefing, telling us of so many spots in the world where love seems to be absent or opposed. But as the editor and the Perspective point out, universal Love is always present, filling all space, meeting all needs -- and can be felt and put into practice. At this moment, everywhere, "Love rules the universe . . " as Mary Baker Eddy puts it. (My. 278:7) May this Love fill our hearts and overflow to all today!

  88. Laughter and relaxation are gifts of Love. They bring health and restoration to body and soul.Happy Valentine's Day!

  89. Thank you, Mark, for a great Valentine audio-card. When I was in elementary school in Pasadena, CA, Valentine's day was always so much fun, and in those days we made or partially made our cards for our class mates. Christian Science came into my life my sophomore year in college, and the concept of "God is Love," was introduced elevating my then concept which was on the human level. What a precious gift Mrs. Eddy gave to us all. Have a blessed Valentine's day today. :)

  90. Loved this Mark! Thank you!

  91. Thank you Mark for this joyous stream of living love. I had the opportunity to read all the comments too and feel filled up full with perfect Love which casts out fear (which I was feeling about a business matter.)

    "No more I suffer cruel fear, I feel God's (Love's) presence with me here"

  92. Mark what a special treat today! :))

    Your lift just inspires and comforts! It makes me rejoice in the fact that
    "the loveliness of Love is all around" and so happy that I live in God and in God's precious Love as do we all. Also want to give a shout out to 47 Bevi , 50 Belle, 61 Margaret and 66 Margaret I really enjoyed your comments too as well as all of our great DL family comments. Let us all mentally wash each other's feet and let our light shine not just today but everyday! Thank you with gratitude and oceans of Love to all!!

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from Hymn 64.

  93. Gentle tears of gratitude, comfort, peace, laughter and joyful knowing flowed after hearing this beautifully truthful Lift! Thanks so very much, Mark! Merci beaucoup, for the spiritually loving and intelligent 'Valentine' Lifter sharing! Sue #82, I found your comment especially helpful, thanks! Hugs to the DL team! Love to one-&-all!...

  94. I absolutely love this...Thank you so much.

  95. God's love, the best Valentine of all. Your's is next in line, Mark. You made the torrent of love come alive, washing over and cleansing all wrong thoughts. Love, love to all lifters and sharers.

  96. Thank you for sending the power of Love to all, everywhere, for each day and at all times, never ceasing or without a receiver. Peacefully, carol

  97. Many years ago in my country one room school we made Valentines to give to each other. What a joy it was to give and receive them. It was an expression of that divine Love even if not realized at that time. God's Love is forever present. Thanks Mark for your message today!

  98. Thank you, Mark, for “A torrent of love … always flowing from God ...”

    And on Valentine's Day, every February 14th in the United States of America (and in other places), we are one nation under Love!!! Seemingly “mere mortals” and otherwise “only humans” share their divine power, as each in his own way, voluntarily, turns his “weapons into plowshares” and celebrates Love!!!

    My mom taught that Love is the most powerful force in the universe and I’ve grown to understand that Love is the only force! Love. Not with a weak sigh or a tremble of wishful thinking; but according to God’s laws. “God is love.” Love made us in Love’s image and likeness. And from a Christian perspective of living under God’s laws, Jesus told us and showed us how to “Love one another.”

    This holiday affords a special time to pray about how to love any and everyone, who comes to thought or into close physical proximity. My “floodgates” open to let through “a torrent of love" - thoughts translated, guided, and protected by Love-itself!!! into encouraging words and caring actions. A torrent - not a trickle!!! ;-)

    … goodness, compassion, kindness, gratitude, courtesy, patience, forgiveness, mercy, cooperation, support, humor, chastity, generosity, courage, consecration, tenderness, devotion … and so much more and to overflowing into every day!!!

    "Jesus ... said ... whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give ... shall never thirst ..." (John 4:13,14).

    Happy Valentine's Day!!! ;-

  99. Thank you for this wonderful DL! Perfect for Valentine's Day--what more could we ask for! God's Love is here for one and all and covers eveything we will ever need. :)

  100. A beautiful Valentine today ! Our Daily Prayer affirms "Thy kingdom come. " Love's kingdom of omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Love reigns always and everywhere for everyone and we feel Love's tender care here, now, always. Thank you so much !

    Daily Lift Team
    The Daily Prayer mentioned above is from the "Church Manual" by Mary Baker Eddy.

  101. Hearing you give your explanation for the term of being "in Love" opens another illuminating light of Mrs. Eddy's "...Love reflected in love." Thank you Mark for your loving, joyful presentations. Happy Loving Day to you too.

  102. Thanks Mark and thanks for all the comments - most uplifting

  103. How true, now we can stop what seems banging our head against the wall frustratingly trying to be good, more metaphysical, more this and that. Only today the thought came to me: perhaps Jesus only awakened the spirituality already included in his disciples, but perhaps they worshipped him -- the reason for the seeming void he left and the reason for them hearing a sudden rush of wind that filled the room when the disciples received the Holy Ghost (Mind of Christ or divine Science). Jesus knew Intelligence, God, always existed, that his disciples fully reflected Soul, and he knew they would realize who they were in God when they stopped placing all-good in only one person. It likely wasn't an easy thing for Jesus as Messiah to keep his thought clear either when he was put up on a pedestal as he was/is. However, nothing can stop the Holy Ghost from filling all space. Thanks for the clear thought.


  105. Beautiful Lift !!! Thanks Mark for your message for today.
    And thanks for all the previous comments.
    Happy Loving Day for you and family.
    Blessings of Love ,
    Ma. Cristy

  106. Thank you, everyone! Only in our oneness with divine Love will we feel whole. There is not even the slightest separation between divine Love and its expression, and that's why, today and everyday, we each literally live, move, and have our joyous being in Love.

  107. Thank you dearly!!!

  108. Such a warming feeling thank you Mark

  109. Thank you for today's much needed truths.

  110. Lovely Valentine's Day message. Thank you.

  111. Winning words, elegant thoughts,warm wishes! We are in the Greatest of Loves! GOD'S INFINITE
    LOVING PRESENCE........... FEEL it BE it!

  112. Beautif

  113. Thank You, Mark. And if you want even more abundant love, get yourself a pet cat or dog because the love you get back from your pet is truly a "torrent" of love, and God created them. And I thank God for his wonderful creation of animals.

  114. That was a most appreciated Valentine.

  115. Thanks Mark! A great reminder always.

  116. “They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures.” PS. 36:8

    The river of his pleasure, an ever flowing source of true Love: God

    Do we deserve it?
    Are we His image?
    Need we say more?

    “Se sacianrán de la abundancia de Tu casa, Y les darás a beber del río de Tus delicias.” Salmo 36:8

    El río de Sus delicias, una fuente constante de verdadero Amor: Dios

    ¿Hace falta decir más?
    ¿Somos Su imagen?
    ¿Hace falta decir más?

  117. The torrents of love wash out all sadness, disappontment, fear. Many people in france believe that SAint Valenine's day is just for couples. How sad. I felt real love pouring over me after reading this lovely lift Blessings Mark!

  118. I`m agree with you, love is most important feeling Thank you!

  119. Thanks my Mister Mark!!!!! SOOOO wonderful. TORRENTS of love it is!!! Always.

  120. I am ALWAYS IN LOVE!
    Fantastic! Thank you Mark : )

  121. Perfect timing in my heart! Thank you. In Love!

  122. Thanks, Mark, for this wonderful lift - and thanks No 67 for comments that complement Mark's thought so well!

  123. thank you mark

  124. Good, reassuring words, Mark -- Thank you!

  125. Thank you Mark. What i needed right now, was that loving thought today.

  126. Flowers are often given on Valentines Day to express love to others. Let us give off love like a flower gives off fragrance, never be holding the object before it. It could be growing out of a barren crac in a hard rock, or stepped upon by a foot or have a dog lift it's leg...yet I it is still a beautiful reflection of Divine Mind in its right place giveing off its beautiful fragrance for all to enjoy!

  127. I am always in the flow of love and even a torrent is available to me at all times because His love for me is unvarying, constant, complete. I like this lift for the Valentines message. There is nothing to possess to experience Love. Love is to be shared whether we are "alone " or with others . What an unfathomable capacity is God. God is the mystery and by this I mean, we cannot fathom his greatness, it is so vast. Thank you for this lovely lift and happy hearts to all.

  128. norm kuhn-2-15-2014 Thank you Mark. Love is the infinite unfoldment of God's being, invinceability
    demonstrated beyond measure.

  129. Thank you Mark.
    Gods Love with out end healed me instantly as I heard this lift.
    I was hit in the chest such that for 15 minutes I battled to breath, the pain brought tears and I tried to control the thought of broken ribs. I asked for my phone and listened to this lift as I listened I relaxed into Gods love and after reading a few comments fell asleep. When I awoke I was without pain and perfectly healed. I did garden work that afternoon and two days later yoga at the gym with no knowledge of anything being out of place. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  130. Carol and Daniel , Switzerland
    Thank you very muuh for this beautiful message of LOVE.

  131. Inge, reading your your message just now has made me so happy. The power of Love to heal is the highest good. I so appreciate how you said that relaxed into God's love. That describes it all perfectly.

  132. Beautiful... thank you!

  133. Lovely, just completely lovely!! Thank you!!

  134. Thank you! So comforting!

  135. Thank you Mark -"Torrents of Love" - unconditional love - you have lifted me up today!!