2/13: Invincible summer

2/13: Invincible summer

  1. Thank you Marie for this great Lift. We are never without hope because we are never without God. "Invincible summer", endless, and undimmed, in addition to being descriptions are expressions of the nature of God, the completeness and wholeness. Man, God's image and likeness, is forever held in this state of perfection, regardless of what material conditions seem to be telling us. In S&H page 300, Mary Baker Eddy says,"The temporal and unreal never touch the eternal and real. The mutable and imperfect never touch the immutable and perfect. The inharmonious and self-destructive never touch the harmonious and self-existent." Thank you again.

  2. This is a keeper! Thank you!

  3. What a wonderful message, and for me, so timely. I will re-listen, as the beautiful simple truths are like enveloping arms and so re-assuring.

  4. Thanks, Marie, for this view of the endless summer of God's creation.

  5. Thank you! Beautiful message and beautiful music.

  6. Our weather was very mild this morning, and the ice and snow mostly melted, the sidewalks dry
    in the sunshine. Walking in it made me feel alive and joyful. Thank you Marie for revealing that a promise of summer has an invincible existence within us, as does life and joy. The harmonies of heaven must come to earth.

  7. Thank you, Marie. A beautiful and full take off from a simple common beginning. Yes, the symbol of light and warmth from the sun fully elucidates God's loving presence with us all, every where, always.

  8. Thank you for this revitalizing, resilient, refreshing and sunlit Lift!

  9. Many thanks Marie for this inspiring lift. Right. "We can never ever be separated from God, from His love, care and unerring guidance." "They truly rest upon His word/ In fullest light of love;/ In this their trust, they ask no more/ Than guidance from above." (Christian Science Hymnal #121).

  10. what a lovely start to our day ! gillian

  11. What a sunny, cloudless lift. "O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph (Psalms 47:1, 7). I appreciate your words of warmth, Marie.

  12. "The radiant sun of virtue and truth coexists with being. Manhood (and womanhood) is its eternal noon, undimmed by a declining sun." MBE.
    Thank you Marie for this upflifting message.It reminded me what Mrs Eddy teaches us, that we should never consult almanachs to know what our possibilities are, never record birthday dates, etc. As God´s reflection we can´t be separated from God, from His love, care and unerring guidance. His presence shining in our hearts and bringing us joy, peace, health and freedom. Lovely! Thanks again and blessings to all the spiritual family around the world.

  13. Thank you. Every word, every idea expressed rang a chord with me. Bright days are before us.

  14. Marie, Thank you

  15. So beautiful. Thank you.

  16. I was awake praying and as the painful imposition began to yield to the Truths about God's Allness and immortality and my inseparability from my Father-Mother God, Spirit were being claimed, the thought came to listen to the Daily Lift this morning. Marie, your message of the Invincible Summer was just right to finalize the healing and the discomfort drained away into its native nothingness. The radiant sun of God's presence brought the healing to completion. Thank you so much for this healing message .
    I am so grateful for every one that works to bring this international community of listeners such inspiring ideas to start our day. Thanks also for the comments that support the Lifts. Especially the Hymns that are shared that add a melody to each heart felt Lift. I am so grateful for you all.

  17. Thank you, Marie, for these inspiring words. This lift reminds me of God being constantly with me. I keep that in mind even before I set foot on the floor to start a new day, God's day, an invencible summer inside of me!

  18. “The radiant sun of virtue and truth coexists with being. Manhood is its eternal noon, undimmed
    by a declining sun.” S&H 246:11

    The warmth and light of God’s love and care never declines and His reflection can’t be separated from His unerring guidance.

    As contradictory character to many, the writer, Albert Camus, realized an invinsible strength within us and he called it ‘the invincible summer’ seeing this helped him endure the cruelest of winters.
    The invincible summer within us never stops bringing us joy, peace and freedom.

    “El sol radiante de la virtud y la verdad coexiste con el ser. El hombre es su eterno mediodía, jamás oscurecido por un sol declinante.” CyS 246:11

    El calor y luz del amor y cuidado de Dios nunca disminuye y Su reflejo no puede separarse de Su guía infalible.

    El escritor Albert Camus, un personage contradictorio para muchos, descubrió que hay una fuerza invencible dentro nuestro a lo que llamó 'el verano invencible "esto lo ayudó a sobrellevar el más cruel de los inviernos.
    El verano invisible dentro nuestro jamás deja de traernos alegría, paz y libertad.

  19. A wonderful ,inspiring and encouraging reminder of the ever presence and permanence of God ,Good ,Omnipotence .

  20. This great lift connects with Hymn 64. "From sense to soul,...from mist and shadow into Truth's clear day . The dawn of all things new is breaking o'er me. My heart is singing: I have found the way...the loveliness of Love is all around...." No storms interfere with this "vision infinite".

  21. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  22. Thank you for this wonderful Lift a great way to start our day..

  23. As we await for yet another Nor'easter here in New Hampshire, my heart can already feel the warm rays of light that spring will soon bring . So grateful for this reminder today , to appreciate both , no judgement and ever aware of the eternal, omnipresent experience of God Consciousness.

  24. Thank you!

  25. Invencible, verano? invencible invierno? las palabras, uno "congela y el otro da calor" con cual nos quedamos? sin duda que con ninguno,sino en el centro donde no hay frio ni calor, donde dice tu mensaje, Marie, que la temperatura Es Ideal, y que tampoco hay centro, ya que el clima es el perfecto dando, sí abrigo cuando se necesita o refrigerio, clima Ideal que aflora con el bien-hacer donde se funden todos los extremos para hacer Uno solo e inmarcesible, para cualquier creencia extrema.

    "Por cuanto me has alegrado, oh Jehová, con tus obras. En las obras de tus manos me gozo" Salmos

    Y Sus obras son Buenas, hacedoras de Bienes, no de extremos, el Único extremo es en Si mismo, la plenitud del Bien.

    "La Verdad jamás hizo necesario el error, ni ideó una ley para perpetuar el error" MBE, CyS

    No hay necesidad de frio o calor, hay necesidad de comprender que ambos no existen en realidad, y que Dios-perfecto, no los hizo, ni siquiera los conoce, ni siquiera rozan Su magnitud, por lo tanto si estamos en Él, tampoco nos puede siquiera rozar., entonces expulcémoslo, con lo Único que lo hace posible, el amor, hasta que la palabra...amor, en nuestro corazón sea escrita con mayúscula, todas las letras, AMOR-DIOS

    Muchas gracias Marie, ´por el mensaje de hoy, para que podamos erradicar tantos extremos.

  26. woke to this wonderful lift and it is appreciated, especially as we get ready to face another snow storm. thank you and also to the lifters. Indeed, I feel blessed.

  27. Thank you.

  28. Marie, what a wonderful and inspiring idea! We can never forget our oneness with God. That is the
    fundamental truth. Thank you, very, much!

  29. I am so appreciative of the daily lifts and all those who contribute to them. As another snowstorm moves in today, this lift was just what I needed. As I look at my grocery store primroses, daffodils, and tulips my face is smiling at the love these flowers show me.

  30. What a beautiful message, so inspiring.

  31. Mamie-2/13/14
    Thank you.

  32. I love the possibilities of an invincible summer, especially while we are still deep in winter. Will carry this idea with me today. Thank you, Marie!

  33. Just what I needed to hear today! When the cold and the snow seem relentless I sometimes feel trapped inside. This message really lifts that gloom, and restores the joy that is rightfully mine.

  34. I just love the idea of an invincible summer always being within us even during the darkest days of winter. Thanks so much Marie. Hymn 49 is one of my favorites and especially the last verse, "Drop Thy still dews of quietness, Till all our strivings cease; Take from us now the strain and stress, And let our ordered lives confess The beauty of Thy peace." We don't create peace as it is the presence of God always with us.

  35. Thank you for this lovely lift. I will carry the message with me all day.

  36. This is so inspiring on all fronts, as was your vibrant Chat on Tuesday. Deepest gratitude for all the experience and thoughts shared... And I don't speak Russian, but it is beautiful and such a joy to listen to.

  37. Dear Marie,

    What a wonderfully hopeful Lift. Invincible Summer is a lovely idea indeed.
    Specially, when one finds so much floods and so much snow to combat with
    but there is always the eternal hope and love for all mankind everywhere and to just know that the cycle of God's order and love prevails and He is the master of the heaven and the earth from one generation to another.\
    Thank you so much my dear Marie.

  38. Another quote from Camus that I like - pardon the translation - "The moment in which Light comes/Is God"

  39. Camus's quote about "invincible summer" has long held deep meaning for me, a reminder that unseen Truth always triumphs over the evidence of the physical senses. The warmth and tender everpresence of God is, indeed, an invincible summer for my heart, and truly, for all humankind. Thank you for this lift, which definitely lives up to its name, and LIFTS me. :)

  40. Thank you Marie - what a great thought to carry with me today.

  41. This is the perfect lift since we have 10" of new snow in SE PA already this morning. The talk from the media is of depression on this historic winter season. It is great to feel the sunshine of God's love and protection coming right through.

  42. Thank you for your words today as I work through my winter and the winter I have brought to the lives of those most dear to me.

  43. Wonderful encouraging Light, Marie! Even tho' sometimes this Winter has seemed like the "Winter of our
    Discontent", I'm so Grateful we know about our Spiritual Light, the "radiance of Soul"! True Light is reflected Light from our Source, God. And, physical light is not a requirement for Joy! "Green pastures are before me, Which yet I have not seen; Bright skies will soon be o'er me, Where darkest clouds have been. C.S. Hymn #148. Love and Gratitude for the Daily Lifts and All Lifters!

  44. BMJ in Georgia. - 2/13/14
    Thank you for sharing that inspiring quote and it's application to our life. A beautiful way to start the day!

  45. Thank you Marie for this wonderfully inspiring lift.
    "The joy that none can take away
    Is mine; I walk with Love today." CS hymnal 139.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  46. Thank you Marie.
    I am reminded of the hymn "conquering every storm of error with the sweet words 'peace be still' " to face winter storms, especially those where fear and dire predictions are made.
    Peace be to this world, this congregation of God's children, protected and enfolded in the warmth and sunshine of Love.(adapted from hymns 102, 276 Christian Science Hymnal)

  47. Thanks Marie for this lovely, powerful lift." Invincible summer," what a promise. Your lift took me to Mrs. Eddy's other passages on "invincible" and "midst" what a lovely journey. Thanks to those who have shared.

  48. Than you Marie for your lovely lovely thoughts this chilly February morning. Truth is always present to warm us and to provide us with all we need summer,winter,spring,or fall. The inspiration from your lift is truly God's inspiration.Thank you again and a big thanks for the wonderful music!!!

  49. I looked up the word "INVINCIBLE" in the Merriam Webster Dictionary free on-line. It means "Can not be conquered."
    God, Good who created the Universe, including the Earth cannot for one moment be separate from his creation, cannot for one moment be separated from good since he is all good. The correct use of the word, Invincible, can be used in describing the 4 seasons as, INVINCIBLE WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER and FALL. No destructive storms, no Hurricanes, no Tsunami's.

  50. Thank you, Marie! There could not be a more timely lift for many of us. I'm placing the "invincible summer" quote beside my computer screen where it will continue to inspire me through the winters without and within.
    Note to Jim #42: I do not know the details of your winter, but I do know that beneath its desolation the roots of summer are strengthening and preparing to erupt into joy
    as the ground softens. Bless you.

  51. I needed that reminder. The expression of "invincible summer" warmed my thought from the material picture of rain, snow and the frigid temperatures of the winter. Thank you.

  52. Thank you, Marie, for this this gift today... a new and fresh way to ponder infinite Love, Life, Truth. I am grateful for all who are a part of bringing this Lift to the world wide audience and for all who respond with their expressions of gratitude, insight, and inspiration.
    Love and blessings to everyone everywhere all the time!

  53. Thank you Marie. This Lift will brighten this winter day. Knowing that God's light is always shining on us, we can go forward with joy, even as we shovel the snow, or
    rid our thinking of dark wintery thoughts. The warmth of summer is always in our hearts regardless of the temperature outside.
    Thanks also to the Daily Lift team who always brings sunshine to us every day.

  54. What a refreshing message in the midst of this winter weather. So helpful on many levels. Thank you.

  55. Thank you so much Marie for the Albert Camu quote. It's comforting to realize we all have an invincible summer within us and in fact we bask continuously in the invincible summer that is God.

    The news media paints such a picture of gloom with winter forecasts and news of icy disasters. As Evan said, we should hit the delete button on depressing reports.

    As a child living in Ohio, for me winter was full of wonder and excitement. Overnight our surroundings transformed into a world of white. Sledding, building snow forts, making angel wings in the snow -- I was thrilled by all of it. It's no surprise that Christ said, "...unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." The child's perspective is pure and sees only goodness.

    Every season has its beauty and grace. As I woke up in northern Alabama today to six inches of snow, the world was magnificent wonderland. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the tree branches are encased in white and the snowy landscape glistens on the other side of our lake. Our invincible God is smiling and telling us that his light shines beauty at all times of the year.

  56. The invincible summer allows no penetration of any negative thought. Only the radiance of God's impenetrable truth guiding and protecting us every moment. Thanks for all the sharing everyone. My day is off to a great start.

  57. What a beautiful, strong, happy thought. Thank you Marie!
    warm appreciation from here]for all the Daily Lift team, including the Mother Church Board of Directors, the Lecturers who share these brilliant Daily Lifts with us. The production team, Nate, the musicians, the technicians, and You all -- the world wide family .

  58. Thank you, Marie, for “Invincible summer … within us … by turning to God …”

    I love it!!! Here’s what comes to thought …

    “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God …” (I John 4:1).

    “Invincible summer” from a human sense of seasons? Summer, like every season, has its negative as well as positive claims to fame. ;-) We need to prayerfully consider each claim and discern whether or not it’s coming from a matter-based or Spirit-based paradigm and then accept or reject the claim, accordingly. It’s as easy to get lulled into a false sense of comfort and safety as to feel held hostage to fear of the elements. When a weather, climate, or seasonal claim represents a Godlike quality, let’s claim it!!! I have to smile when a weather forecaster sometimes apologizes for predicting rain. ;-) And yet how many Californians are ready to give up a human sense of “invincible summer?”

    As we “try the spirits,” we seek and find our ever-present blessings. I was actually once healed from suffering the self-imposed discomfort and hardships of winters in the Midwest!!! Here in the South, it’s the self-imposed discomfort and hardships of long hot summers that I’m prayerfully considering, with an understanding that, “‘man's extremity is God's opportunity.’" (S&H 266:14).

    “In atmosphere of Love divine, We live, and move, and breathe; Though mortal eyes may see it not, 'Tis sense that would deceive.” - Christian Science Hymnal (144:1)

    Thanks, again, Marie

  59. Such a lovely lift to my day! Thank you!

  60. WOW!! Invincible summer man is! Expression of unconquerable Spirit, Soul!! Thank you for this Lift!!

  61. Wow! Really great!!!
    Thank you!

  62. "Invincible Summer" -- which of us who have had snow, freezing temperatures, and more snow cannot take heart in the promise of God's blessing and Love's warmth right at this moment.

  63. How timely, Marie, thank you--"invincible summer" and "eternal noon" what an infinite combo!


  65. Lovely, thank you Marie! Keep 'em coming............................

  66. Definitely needed this one today

  67. What a ray of sunshine today! Thank you for letting your light shine.

  68. Lovely Lift, Marie, thank you - and all contributors, too! Isn't it glorious to learn through Christian Science that we dwell forever in the invincible atmosphere of Soul - radiant, pure, safe, and free!

  69. Thank you for that inspiring lift today. It is a thought to remember for those in areas where gloomy skys want to be the norm in winter. Many equate summer with light and winter with dark, but as you pointed out Mrs. Eddy gives us the true understanding of spiritual light, not dimmed by any clouds, darkness or seasons. As another said in their comment, this is a keeper! Albert Camu made a profound statement. Thanks again for sharing.

  70. Thank you!

  71. What a warming, stimulating thought. Thank you Marie.

  72. Thank you for todays lift. It is so comforting and it took me right to the words from Hymm #85
    "Where the floods of trouble flow
    Find Thy perfect, calm reflection;"
    Thanks again for this wonderful and most helpful messasge.

  73. Thank-you, Marie, for your uplifting and spiritual-light-filled Lift!

  74. I am from Midwest U.S., where winter seems so real! Yet, I like the idea of carrying the summer thought within us. Thank you!

  75. Thanks, Marie, Our church just had Wednesday readings on the weather. Your thoughts were much appreciated!

  76. Gratitude Marie for the true lifting of thought to see the sunshine of Truth and goodness everywhere even if mortal mind tries to fool us. Much love on this day of heartfelt love that is present everywhere. Peacefully.

  77. Thank you Marie! These are the perfect thoughts for me today as it snows yet again in CT. Thanks too to Lifter #1, I really needed that inspiration today!

  78. THANKS...and to Jim 42...

    I noted a touch of regret here...and while I can't imagine what it might have been...my heart goes to you with LOVE. You see "God requireth that which is past."..and "God is LOVE." God does not cause us to sin...be sick or to die. We are his beloved children. he made us spiritual, perfect and eternal. So we are not the cause of anything...we only REFLECT what is good and true. God is the cause of ONLY good. Anything else can be "let go" as just mortal stuff. If it seems there has been unhappiness and regret in our existance...CHALLENGE it.Challenge it with the TRUTH of what God knows you to be...of what you ARE!. MBE says The human record...the mortal record... must be expunged...wiped out...deleted...because NEVER true or real. Then replace it all with what you really ARE! Be quiet...feel it...let it wash you. Listen to that beautiful lecture on the CS website "Not guilty" Realise that to God...you have NEVER been responsible for unhappiness to yourself OR others. It's helping me...it will help you...

    Lots of LOVE

  79. Carol and Daniel,Switzerland
    Thank you very much for this helpful and strong message of LOVE.

  80. Just to let you know I appreciate your mentioning existentialism. I studied these writers, including Camus, Sartre, and Kirkegaard, for about a year before I found Christian Science. It rather prepared my thought for Science, especially the idea that it is what we do that defines our religious life, not what we profess.

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