2/13:  Change your viewpoint

2/13: Change your viewpoint

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  1. Standpoint changing.

  2. Thank you for such uplifting thoughts, Frank! We who are students of Christian Science are so blessed to have this precious Science — and these Daily Lifts — these little daily spiritual gems — are so important as they share the spiritual truths of Christian Science with others throughout the world so they, too, may be inspired and blessed by what they hear. Thanks again, Frank, and the DL team for your unselfish love and devotion to Christian Science and to mankind.

  3. Our forever Leader writes, "A single drop of water may help to hide the stars, or crown the tree with blossoms.". . . "In 1893 the World's Parliament of Religions, held in Chicago, used, in all its public sessions, my form of prayer since 1866; and one of the very clergymen who had publicly proclaimed me "the prayerless Mrs. Eddy,' offered his audible adoration in the words I use, besides listening to an address on Christian Science from my pen, read by Judge S. J. Hanna, in that unique assembly." (Dedicatory Sermon, in Pulpit and Press, pages 4 and 5.)

  4. Thank you, danke, for the thoughtful lift to look through the eyes of spirit, have a different viewpoint of the physical. It helps to see with loving thoughts our daily world. Will try to remind myself when frustration of the not so pleasant sight like to make me sad. For all I wish a great day and keep trying to see and feel the love hidden within what comes in your view.

  5. Just the truth message I needed. Thanks Frank!

  6. Thanks Frank - for the prompt to see as God sees. Love it.
    From a painter.

    The picture the painter painted
    He put it on a wall
    He put it there to be looked at
    To be seen by one and all
    The picture the painter painted
    Was not seen on the wall
    The people saw their own thoughts
    And not what was painted at all.

    Magnify God and the picture He paints is altogether lovely - from Soul's standpoint.

  7. The first time I heard I was valuable to God was a shock to me.
    "Me?" I asked in disbelief. "Yes" I was told. "You are God's image, God thought you."
    I heard before that man was God's image and likeness, but those were just words...
    My friend explained, "What happens is that God sees the real you, without any of the earthly faults that aren't really part of you, ―because He didn't make them."
    Now, it makes sense to think FROM God, doesn't it?
    If God made us in His image, what doesn't reflect Him is not part of us.
    Yes, I am valuable to God, and so are you!

    La primera vez que oí decir que yo era valiosa para Dios fue un shock para mí.
    "¿Yo?" Pregunté con incredulidad. "Sí", me dijeron. "Tú eres la imagen de Dios, Dios te pensó". Yo ha había oído que el hombre es imagen y semejanza de Dios, pero eso eran sólo palabras ... Mi amiga me explicó: "Lo que pasa es que Dios ve tu verdadero ser, sin ninguna de las fallas terrenales que no son realmente parte de ti, ―porque Él no las ha creado."
    Ahora tiene sentido pensar DESDE Dios, ¿Verdad?
    Si Dios nos hizo a Su imagen, lo que no lo refleja a Él no es parte de nosotros.
    Sí, soy valiosa para Dios, y tú también!

  8. Thank you Frank for reminding me that whatever mortal thought would would value my worth at, the truth is that I am precious in the sight of God.

    How precious?

    I like to think that each of us completes God's universe and without any one of us,God's universe would be incomplete.
    It would be like a jig-saw puzzle with a piece missing. There would not be a whole picture.

    That is how precious God is to me and that I like to think is what I am worth to God.

  9. Frank,
    Thank you

  10. I am ready too! Thanks :-)

  11. Dear Frank,

    This Lift lifts us to a new vista point whereby there is infinite potential for what you cite as "Reality".

    Growing up in the Indian culture, I used to think that much of the Hindu "Mythology" I learned as a child was an "unrealistic" aspiration. I now see that much of it aspired toward true "Reality".

    In Sanskrit mythology, there's a David and Goliath story of the gentle dwarf Vishnu and the giant, tyrannical Baali.

    Vishnu overcomes Baali by changing his viewpoint. He accomplishes this by looking within.

    Baali has taken over the entire Earth in his despotic rule.

    Vishnu politely requests that if he might have 3 tiny steps of the Earth's territory from Baali.

    “My dear dwarf, you may have your 3 tiny steps of territory in my grand kingdom. I shall grant your wish,” says Baali proudly.

    Vishnu graciously thanks Baali. Then, before he takes his 3 steps he pauses. He looks first into the riches of his vast, infinite being.

    Vishnu the dwarf, looks deep within.

    To the Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience of the Universe.

    And the deeper he looks within, the larger he grows in size.

    He grows and he grows. He starts growing so large and so rapidly, that he now begins to tower far above tiny little Baali. By the time Vishnu takes his first step he is so large he steps over and conquers the entire Earth.

    And with his second step, he steps over and conquers all the countless Galaxies.

    And with his third and final step, he claims back the entire Universe.

  12. Many thanks Frank for this gentle reminder. Yes. "We can change our standpoint." "Holy Spirit, all divine,/ Dwell within this heart of mine;/ Bid my troubled thoughts be still;/ With Thy [Love's] peace my spirit fill." (Christian Science Hymnal #118).

  13. Dear Frank,

    Thank you for your Lift. I am so in agreement with what you said about changing our perspective and yes I am very much ready as well. I find I have to do it a lot.

    Photography has been one of those healing reminders that I have to change my perspective in order to get the best view of something or someone. Old rusty boats, a spider with his web even a rainy day takes on a completely different look and feel when you carry a camera. I have discovered the difference is expectation.

    One Sunday a physical problem arose that was preventing me from getting ready for Church. I was First Reader and my back-up was not available. Another problem arose that morning and I continued to do my work on both issues.

    There was a break in the issues, they were not resolved but I felt like there was a clearing in the woods, so to speak. As I started to get ready they both came back but I persisted. I was in a condition to drive so I got into the car; my right leg then began to cramp up so I had to pull over to the side of the road.

    I immediately changed my perspective on the issue and said "I am about MY FATHER's Business. He owns what I am doing, not me and certainly not this body. He never starts something and leaves it incomplete.'

    I already knew how to drive with my left foot so I started to do that and immediately the cramp in my right foot ceased and the other issues subsided until finally healed.

    Thanks Frank and Elena, Robert, Tony & everyone

  14. Cambiar nuestro punto de vista con relación al valor que nuestra tarea tiene para Dios, somos sus testigos, somos sus canales para que el propósito divino sea posible, "Si la luz que en tí hay son tinieblas aquellas tinieblas ¿cuántas no serán las mismas tinieblas?" así nos dijo Cristo Jesús, entiendo que sin la iluminación divina estaríamos en total tinieblas,y que esa iluminación es justamente para que trabajemos para Él somos Sus obreros las parábolas así lo confirman obreros de Su viña y es muy importante nuestra tarea para el propio desarrollo espiritual de la humanidad, siento que es nuestra responsablidad llevar a delante los preceptos divinos que tan bien explico el Cristo en su pasaje siendo ejemplo perdurable de entrega total a la causa divina mostrando lo que teníamos que hacer para lograr un progreso que edifica señalando el camino a recorrer, gocémosno somos parte del proceso divino, porción de Dios para gloria Suya haciendo honor al Cristo y a la Ciencia Cristiana, con la obra inspirada de Mary Baker Eddy.

    Muchas gracias Frank es un gusto compartir con todos tan inspirados mensajes.

  15. Thank you for this great Lift reminding us that we are all God.s precious ideas even our pets.

  16. I am deeply grateful for this lift. Thank you for this!!!!

  17. How grand, Frank. Thank you. We need not go to one of the world's museum to view this masterpiece. It truly is not there. We are the caretaker of it. We are welcome to touch the brush marks, to become well acquainted with the signatured Artist, in His dwelling place, where is our being. The work is finished. It includes you and me. Praise Him. Thank you also #6, Peter, for the poem.

  18. Thank you to Frank and all who have contributed, I've really needed a change of perspective this past few days! I do so appreciate Elena's sharing what she learned about God's LOVE for us, it makes being His image and likeness so much clearer. Thanks once again to everyone and much love.

  19. What a comforting message Frank.


  20. Thank you so much for the helpful lift.

  21. What a lovely invitation, Frank. Yes, Accepted.

  22. Love this Lift today. Just what is needed each and every day to see all as God is seeing. I have been striving to put into my day the Allness of God and see it everywhere I look. The mortal senses try to get me on a different path many times, but the desire to be God's expression is winning out more and more.
    Thank you so much for your helpful thoughts.

  23. A beautiful message, Frank. Thank you.

  24. Oh Yes, I shall change my standpoint to that of Gods loving view of me, and everyone.

  25. Thank you so much Frank, a wonderful reminder of how to see ourselves. Thanks #10 Peter also, just loved that poem!
    Love to all our faithful lifters! You all lift world thought with your knowing the Truth!
    Judith from Reno

  26. Thank you, #1, for using the phrase, "student of Christian Science." As a newly classed-trained student, I feel I am still learning. I can call myself a student of Christian Science, but not yet a Christian Scientist. I have learned to put a twist on the adage, "You are what you eat." Now I know the truth to be, "You are what you think." What a difference changing one's way of thinking makes. Thank you, Mrs. Eddy, for all your hard work.

  27. Just the change if view I needed this morning after receiving news yesterday of a dear friend in trouble physically. Thanks so much, Frank. I can only see her as the perfect reflection of a perfect God, her Father and Mother, encircled in His loving arms.

  28. Thank you.

  29. Recently I heard that to "realize" is to use your "real eyes." I like that, and it relates to what you said.

  30. Thanks Frank and thanks to all the comments today that expand my thinking on this.

  31. What a wonderful, precious Lift of LOVE and FREEDOM, I listened to it twice and sent it on to my grandson, Ryan who is a college freshman and attached to his photography. Also, thanks to Elena, Troy, Malcolm, Robert & everyone. BLESSINGS.

  32. Yes, the lens of Christian Science, the eyes of Love, always give a lovely, correct, and perfect view of everyone and everything. Thanks to Frank and all who are sending this true message of God for the world today.

  33. Such a beautiful lift Frank. Yes, as you said we are indeed precious, unique and loved. We experience what we think and we need to start thinking out from God -- only thoughts of harmony, truth and love. I'm definitely ready to change my standpoint! And Elena #7, I loved your response. It makes so much sense to think from God. That is the only way we find truth and there is nothing more wonderful than discovering we are made in his image -- good, humble, pure, beautiful, strong, compassionate, kind and loving. Peter #5, your poem was like an artistic quantum physics exercise, which recognizes the fact that the observer's thoughts influence the experiment's outcome. Certainly some theories of material science are beginning to discover spiritual laws. And #16, What a wonderful metaphor about touching "the brush marks and becoming well acquainted with the signatured Artist, in His dwelling place, where is our being." So beautiful. Thanks to all for this absolutely awesome lift today!

  34. Thank you Frank, I will.

  35. Thank you, Frank!
    Wonderful for sharing!

  36. We always get a healing answer when we ask "What does God see here?"
    If we have only seen the counterfeit, how do we know what the original looks like?
    Then we have to learn the original through a change in our viewpoint.
    Thank you Frank for this glimpse of original mercy.
    I am impressed by the new views we are getting of earth from the space station,
    the northern lights above Canada, the mountains of "melting ice cream" in Africa, the melting snow
    in New Zealand, the night lights of a familiar city, the pure fun of imagining funny faces like we do with clouds.
    Every view of a counterfeit can be changed to reveal the original.

  37. Thank you, Frank, for “Change your viewpoint … how different everything looks when viewed from another perspective … a mental switch to look at life from a more spiritual vantage point … we actually experience what we think and to experience real, authentic life, we need to start thinking out from God … God’s thoughts …”

    As a child, I loved going to the movies with my family! I began to develop an appreciation for entertainment that educates and inspires, as well as entertains. A favorite family movie is Disney’s “Pollyanna.” To me, it’s an example of the power of Christian principles, applied. Based on her understanding of practical applications of God’s love, a child leads an entire town out of complaining, quarreling, self-pity, and vanity with all the attending “ills,” into expecting, witnessing and expressing God’s love. Viewpoints change. Healing happens. By the end of the movie, the town is nicknamed, “Glad Town.” Sound spiritual reasoning, lived! - saved that town!

    Too saccharine? To be a “Pollyanna” has seemed like a joke that points to “cockeyed optimism.” I disagree. Applying the power of God’s laws to every human circumstance is following Jesus’ example/command. What did Jesus mean when He said, “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven?” Christ consciousness as our daily perspective? Too saccharine? It takes spiritual discipline to yield limited human views to infinite Divine possibilities.

    See ourselves and each other as God's own. Rejoice and be glad!

  38. What a beautiful and helpful lift. Just what I needed today. Thanks for all the good comments, too. They made me think of some of the interesting things Mary Baker Eddy has said using the word "lens". This is one of my favorites: "And how is man, seen through the lens of Spirit, enlarged, and how counterpoised his origin from dust, and how he presses to his original, never severed from Spirit!" That is on page 129 of the book of some her collected shorter writings, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany. Of course she is using man in the universal, generic, sense, meaning man and woman, just as Jesus did when he said:"If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me" (from the book of Matthew in the Bible, chapter 16, verse 24.

  39. Thank you, Frank. Your lift today reminds me of the 2nd verse from Christian Science hymn # 85:
    "Open now our eyes to see,
    As the clouds of sense are riven,
    We behold reality,
    Know the glory of Thy heaven;
    So we seek Thy perfect healing
    Through the Truth of Thy revealing."

  40. I fondly remember the many look out points that I visited in my younger days. In my teens I discovered a view point high above the small town of Liberty. All I could see was the beauty of it all. Another lookout point founded in much later times from New Jersey showed the spread of New York City and what beauty that unfolded. See the higher you go shows God's creative beauty, but the lower shows what Mortal Mind see's of it, full of negativeness and trouble. Why look at the unreal of it instead of the truth of it?

  41. Thank you Frank for your insights which triggered wonderful responses. I think the one that I will likely end up referring to like a reflex action is # 28 "realize" is "real eyes." As a painter and photographer I have found that my training in drafting led my eye to frame my photos so there was no cropping needed to improve the image. I also learned decades ago from an inveterate 'antiquer' how to quickly scan a site but I learned from practice to go over the site more than once because amazingly my "real eyes" discovered treasures missed the first and second viewings. I obviously changed my perspective.

  42. Thanks so much Frank. Very helpful lift. We do, indeed, experience what we think. I will change my standpoint today to that higher view. And thank you #6 for that enlightening poem. As an artist, that too, made me think! We aren't seeing paint on canvas, we are seeing our thoughts.

  43. Franz, what a sweet, wonderful and remarkable lift, a way to let us all rethink our pattern of thought (prayer) daily and to see with a much more precious viewpoint, that of God's love and God's reality...Thank you Monika, and Peter, LOVE that painter poem. Thank you #16, and to Susan #25, thank you for your heartfelt comment. I wanted to add (which relates also to yesterday's lift). WHATEVER we feed grows, so feed the Pure and Lovely and that will fill our experience! Love and thanks to all.....

  44. A powerful message in a small package. Thanks.

  45. A simple concept but oh, so important. Thank you

  46. A very encouraging messge to change our viewpointnd important. Thank you.

  47. Thank you ever so much Frank. To feel so precious loved and made in God's image an likeness! To see myself as the glorious daughter of God! What an amazing perspective...which only Science has been able to show me about myself and others. And this beautiful reminder from you is so precious. I am more and more grateful every moment for this grand discovery Mrs. Eddy made and For the Daily lifts everyday A BIG heartfelt Thank you for all who are responsible for this gift.

  48. Dear Gordon (#29), when I realize my real eyes, I know what my full-time job is in reality: "Be an I-witness!" and never ever an eye-witness. Thank you for sharing, Gordon and thank you, Frank that you made us think on these things to-day. Am full of gratitude for all the lifters and lifted - mostly the same people.

  49. A gebtle, powerful truth, bringing comfort and joy! thank you Merri

  50. Thankyou Frank ...Observing our life situations from the correct vantage point puts everything in the correct prespective..............thanks to all lfter comments.........

  51. Thank you. Everyday it's important to align thought/viewpoint with God and I needed it today. This made me think of Mary Baker Eddy's statement in S&H p. 162:9 "The effect of this Science is to stir the human mind to a change of base, on which it may yield to the harmony of divine Mind".

    I also appreciated #6 Peter's poem and comment, as well as #29's sharing that " to realize" is to use our "real eyes".

  52. Thank you Frank. Yes, a simple concept, but this is changing me and the world!

  53. This very important lift pertaining to proper viewpoint blends right in with Hymn #154 from the Christian Science Hymnal that I've been leaning on for the last couple of days. It reads..."In Thee, O Spirit true and tender, I find my life as God's own child; Within Thy light of glorious splendor I lose the earth-clouds drear and wild." Thank you, Frank! .

  54. Thank you for the reminder to"think out from God".

  55. Many thanks Frank - for taking us on your train trip.
    Yes! change the viewpoint! That I must do!
    Fresh thoughts also from all who commented today.
    A great fresh new outlook today to all!

  56. Thank you Frank for this gentle reminder... that we experience what we think. When my life situations are stressfull or going in a wrong direction I only need to stop and change my thought! Boy do I do that a lot. How grateful I am for having the tools to do this. Susan #26 your words express how I feel with my new appreciation of going through Class instruction.

  57. Hey Frank I really liked this lift. It is nice and clear, a wonderful foundation on which to build a new point of view and a new experience! You have encouraged me a lot to look through the lens of Spirit today and every day.
    With thanks and best wishes,
    Caroline, Milan

  58. Thank you.

  59. 26, many individuals whom I am blessed to know, who are life long in Christian Science refer themselves as 'students of Christian Science'. As we study thought continues to open to the Wonderful Truths available to All. For me, I cannot imagining ever 'graduating'...to learn about GOD is a joy a priviledge that I know will be for always. Wherever I look, read, listen there is much to learn....each time I read a phrase, in S&H or the Bible or a Publication in CS I learn something more. I am grateful to have Christian Science and the Revelations Mrs. Eddy gave to the world be a constant in my life. How wonderful that you have taken Class...this made such a difference for me, as I too, am very new student of Christian Science.

    Thank you Franz for this soul nourishing Lift. God is my strength...I just need to change my viewpoint! no overwhelming feelings, no burdens, just knowing that God is In Charge..."In Thee, O Spirit true and tender..." hymn 154....thank you #53 and each and every one of the commenters.

  60. Realize = Real-eyes! I love it! I-Witness vs eye-witness! I love it!

    You are all very wise, friends! Thank you, Frank, for drawing out these in-sights!

    Perfect vision for all! I am very grateful for this community!

  61. Msg. 11 Karim: This mythological story really hit home today! Thank you for boosting my steps into the kingdom!

  62. Very insightful Lift. Many thanks!

  63. Change of state. That is the attraction, though not the essence, of all addictions. Psychic change comes from the Truth, the verities of Being, God. Why waste time exploring anything else. We have a built in mental switch to negate, annul, transfer the apparent reality to see & know & realize the spiritual supremacy of our thoughts, and they change the world with a change of viewpoint, if you learn how to flip the switch. I witness it, Eyewitness. Signs follow, though not always right away. Good spiritual formation in a lift!

  64. Thank you for a truely great lift today. And I so liked Karim's comment (#11).

  65. Yes! I love living from the spiritual point of view, the only reality. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
    Spiritual seeing, or seeing/knowing out from God, is my daily choice as God's beloved witness. The view is always beautiful! With love and thanks to all.

  66. Lenore from Lakewood, OH.....All we have to do is CHANGE our viewpoint! We should be able to do that..... however, it takes hard work and discipline.. Just imagine.....if we didn't have CHANGE, we wouldn't have butterflies.

  67. In ANY language, that was Wunderbar!!! Such a good reminder to think out from God instead of believing what we see. Thank You Sir.

  68. Thank you Frank, I too am ready to change my viewpoint.

  69. In the movie Predator II it is discovered by Gary Busey's character that this alien he is trying to capture sees through infrared, it's sees images through their heat signatures. Busey's character devises a plan to capture this alien based on this info. So he traps the alien in a building where infrared sight does not work, so the alien is " blind." As soon as the alien realizes this it switches to other modes of "seeing," and finally after a few tries settles on ultra-violet as its new mode of seeing, and it is no longer running blind..

    I always thought this was a useful lesson; if there's something that you're just not "seeing," then look at it differently. I've used this reasoning when in art galleries, when watching movies, taking photographs and presenting them for display, hanging an art gallery show, etc., tackling problems; thinking outside the box.

    Thank you Frank and DL commenters!

    And to the new students of CS, we are all students of this Science; Mrs Eddy says, we are not Christian Scientists until we leave all for Christ. Welcome to this path that we are traveling!!

  70. Thank you Frank ... just what I needed today

  71. 2nd submission: Thanks to all commenters and again to you, Frank, as others have noted, for inspiring our thought. Also, #11 Karim, you tell a story I have never heard before. Besides reminding me of David and Goliath, it also describes our non-carnal weapons that are supposed to take down strong holds by overcoming evil with Good. I love it! Thank you soooo much for sharing the Truth of being from, for me, a different perspective. :-)

  72. Terrific, very clear & uplifting message/Lift! Much appreciated, Frank! A couple of months ago, a wonderful Christian Science practitioner/friend suggested I study/ponder "Emergence into Light" from Retrospection and Introspection in Prose Works by Mary Baker Eddy. Here is a quote from her writings which I found very helpful and on point to today's Lift: "Thus it was when the moment arrived of the heart's bridal to more spiritual existence. When the door opened, I was waiting and watching; and, lo, the bridegroom came! The character of the Christ was illuminated by the midnight torches of Spirit. My heart knew its Redeemer." pp.23:13-18. ('Bride' and 'Bridegroom' are both in the Glossary Chapter XVII pp.582 in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by MBE.) Super Lifter comments! Merci beaucoup DL team! Love/love to All/all.

  73. Thank you Frank for this very important lift, i love it and love everyone's comments, all of them, thank you :)

  74. I really like this, I love the way you think!

  75. Changing my standpoint and in doing so, changing my view point! Thank you for this Lift!!

  76. In the movie Predator II it is discovered by Gary Busey's character that this alien he is trying to capture sees through infrared, it's sees images through their heat signatures. Busey's character devises a plan to capture this alien for study based on this info. So he traps the alien in a building where infrared sight does not work, so the alien is " blind." As soon as the alien realizes this it switches to other modes of "seeing," and finally after a few tries settles on ultra-violet as its new mode of seeing, and it is no longer running blind..

    I always thought this was a useful lesson; if there's something that you're just not "seeing," then look at it differently. I've used this reasoning when in art galleries, when watching movies, taking photographs and presenting them for display, hanging an art gallery show, etc., tackling problems; thinking outside the box.

    Thank you Frank and DL commenters!

    And to the new students of CS, we are all students of this Science; Mrs Eddy says, we are not Christian Scientists until we leave all for Christ. Welcome to this path that we are traveling!!

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