2/12: Washed clean

2/12: Washed clean

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  1. What a wonderful Lift. Thank you Brian. I worked in a profession where it required of me to make quick judgements about people, to "size them up if you will". I always kept in thought that mans true nature, as a child of God, is good and unblemished. Holding to this view of man helped me to deal with people in a more helpful and loving manner. We must see and deal with ourselves in the same way. It may require forgiveness and renewal, several times over as you pointed out, until we come to see ourselves as God sees and knows us. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you Brian.
    The weather so often seems to be state which must be endured.
    A change certainly stirs the thought, our BBritish news is filled with the awful destruction wrought by the rain. Good to hear of blessings wrought by the same temporal idea ♥

  3. Cleanliness is next to godliness. “Around here it's next to impossible”, my mom used to joke.

    But being washed clean is the basis of Christianity, baptism, redemption, reformation. Instead of the Jewish concept that some things were unclean and therefore forbidden, Jesus demonstrated the basic underlying purity of all God's creation, including man, when he cleansed the lepers and told those who were healed and forgiven to "Go and sin no more." Don't get dirty again.

    In Kings II we read the story of Elisha and Naaman who was reluctant to wash in the River Jordan because of his ego. Yet his servants reminded him, "if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it? how much rather then, when he saith to thee, Wash, and be clean?"

    While washing and being clean is an intermediate step, we eventually must put off the old man and his deeds as Paul tells the Colossians. Often it is personal sense and self-aggrandizement that needs to be washed away, yet we hold these tattered rags close to us preventing the needed cleansing.

    Eventually these garments must be cast away as in case of mortal thinking for mortal thoughts do not become spiritual thoughts any more than mortal man becomes spiritual man.

    Perhaps it is no coincidence that Jesus is called the way “shower”, the same word used to take a “shower”.

  4. Thank-you for a new way to look at rain.
    It makes baptism and renewal more understandable.

  5. Thank you, Brian. A beautiful explanation for those who are not students of Christian Science. We are washed clean each time a healing takes place. We will send you more rain if you would like as we have a lot to spare in the UK.

  6. Beautiful Lift. Thank you.

  7. The waters of divine Mind, the spiritual concept of water rains upon us to make us clean with pure holy thoughts to purify us. It is the gentle rain from heaven upon us making everything grow spiritually to glorify God. He does not send excessive amounts of it to drown us and cause havoc - as seems to be the case here at present. If we let that gentle rain from heaven purify our thoughts, we will be able to witness that everything is under the control of One Mind, God, and everything is in its right place,cannot overflow us, and cannot destroy anything, but brings showers of blessings to us all.

    Thank you for this helpful lift, and to Michael for his contribution. I olive the idea that Jesus is called the "way shower". I think I will take that "shower" right now, it will be so refreshing.

  8. Many thanks Brian for this inspiring lift. Yes. "The Holy [divine] Spirit always abides with us and is available every day to 'wash us clean'." "Feed the hungry, heal the heart,/ Till the morning's beam;/ White as wool, ere they depart,/ Shepherd, wash them clean." (MBE Christian Science Hymnal #304).

  9. Brian, Thank you.

  10. Thank you very much Brian, the same as Wendy # 5) offered, can I do too, to send a lot of purifying rain from Hamburgto California. Am so grateful for these for me today freeing Truths you gave us , which help me getting along today with strength and joy and the conviction that God will pour out Blessings on all of us - thank you again!

  11. What's happening in the South of England and many parts of Britain right now is just awful with land and homes flooded. We are heartened however by the way people have "come together" to help one another,surely this is LOVE bringing the best out in communities..so it must be true that The Lord on high (LOVE) is mightier than the noise of many waters! LOVE to ALL

  12. Thank you Brian,
    Baptism of our body, of our lands washes away the debris of mortal minds with God's Love. Mrs Eddy includes six more words for God, Life, Truth, Spirit, Soul, Mind, Principle which all guide us through spiritual baptism.
    The Devon and Cornwall main rail line washed away by stormy seas is now being repaired. The Prime Minister visited the South West of England. Baptismal floods in Surrey and London are also proving our emergency services. I pray that the CS Monitor will include pictures of progress showing local solutions to these events. I'll copy and paste this Daily Lift response to yemma@csmonitor.com

  13. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  14. Brian thanks for the super message
    What an encouragement to realise we start each day new and are re-born as we spiritualise our thought by listening to God. Paul envisioned this Baptism when he recommended to us to" Let this Mind be in us that is also in Christ Jesus" Phil 2:5 YLT

  15. I sometimes like to read different versions of the Bible to learn what the translator grasped of it, here is an excerpt from The Message translation:

    Generous in love—God, give grace!
    Huge in mercy—wipe out my bad record. PS 51:1

    It always happens, God wipes out our past in proportion as we fill its space with good, integrity, generosity, wholeness and more.

  16. Cristojesús dijo: Qué nosotros podemos ser limpios, ya que dijo, que podíamos hacer lo mismo que Él, y sólo si estamos limpios podemos hacerlo, o debemos hacerlo, del mismo modo como Él lo hizo, entre la gente viviendo sus mismos desafíos y experiencias, compartiendo para desde la certeza de que Dios no envía las calamidades poder erradicar lo desemejante a Dios, Porque si predicamos, pero no ponemos en práctica su enseñanza, vana es nuestra prédica,

    "El espíritu y sus formaciones son las ínicas realidades del ser. La materia desaparece bajo el microscopio del Espíritu. MBE. Limpiando claramente, todo lo que no pertenence A Dios.

    Muchas gracias Brian, por el mensaje tan inspirado.

    A veces me gusta leer diferentes versiones de la Biblia para aprender lo que el traductor sacó de ella, aquí va un extracto de la traducción del mensaje:

    Generoso en el amor —Dios, demos gracia!
    Enorme en misericordia—limpia mis malos antecedentes. Salmo 51:1

    ¡Siempre sucede!
    Dios borra nuestro pasado a medida que llenamos su espacio con el bien, la rectitud, la generosidad, la integridad y más.

  18. Thank you. for a new way of thinking of rain. We are being ' washed' now it has been raining for some time 5:00 AM.

  19. Lovely Lift! Wonderful metaphor with the recent refreshing rains. Thank you.

  20. Such a beautiful and comforting message. Thank you

  21. Thx Brian

  22. Thank you Brian--refreshing thoughts.

  23. Thank you.

  24. Wonderful start to this new day. Also LOVE the joyful music, but I don't [see] any credits for it.
    Am I missing it?

    Daily Lift Team:
    For more information about the Daily Lift, click here.
    Click here to learn about the Daily Lift music.

  25. Yes, we are washed clean every time we go into our mental closet, get ourselves still, pray, and quietly listen for the voice of God. He is speaking to us every moment.

  26. Dear Brian

    Thank you for your inspiring Daily Lift.

    These Daily Lifts that are given with love, does not allow one to, be buried above ground.

    How blessed we all are to have this Science that our Beloved Leader Mary Baker Eddy left us, to uplift the worlds consciousness.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ


  27. Thank you, Brian for such a heart touching message. To be frequently submerged in Holy Spirit and washed clean.

  28. Thank you, Brian!!

  29. Thank you, Brian! I feel refreshed and ready for a new day.

  30. "Cai do céu a chuva branda, dá o sol o seu calor." Tudo isso é bençãos que Deus nos manda. Agradecido Mc

  31. Thank you, Brian. Wonderful lift!

  32. Yes!

  33. Thanks, Brian, for the clear, concise and inspiring explanation of baptism - of being washed clean and that it is continuous. Michael said, "cleanliness is next to Godliness" which I have reasoned "next to" not in place of or before. No matter how much cleaning needs to be done, starting my day with God and taking time to pray, always results in more being accomplished.

  34. Such a lovely metaphor -- being washed clean. I'll take this thought with me today and take lots of mental showers whenever I notice a little layer of dirt trying to assert its false reality. Being new and pure is only truth about us -- existing eternally without beginning or end. Thanks Brian! What a refreshing lift!

  35. Yes, Brian, I do understand how you feel about your garden. We had some good rain further north, and our daughter is spending long hours on the tractor planting this year's abundant of forage to bale for local cattle owners. It was out of the ground inside a week! And I love the thought of baptism, washing us clean from the inside. Those little gobs of self this, and self that. We don't need them, and we don't need to attach them to others. The Holy Spirit can feel free to remove every trace, and I do agree it can take some perseverance.
    Thank you Nate and the team - just love that violin, or is it a fiddle? - The Mother Church; and the cleansed and refreshed Daily Lift family.

  36. Thank you, Brian, for “Washed clean … everything … opportunity for renewal again and again … baptism … ‘Behold, I make all things new’ … the Holy Spirit always abides with us and is available every day to wash us clean.”

    How wonderful to be in the state of an ongoing baptism!

    “O Life that maketh all things new,
    The blooming earth, the thoughts of men;
    Our pilgrim feet, wet with Thy dew,
    In gladness hither turn again.

    The freer step, the fuller breath,
    The wide horizon's grander view;
    The sense of Life that knows no death, —
    The Life that maketh all things new.”

    From the Christian Science Hymnal (218), first and last verse.

    Thanks again, Brian.

  37. Thank you, Brian! I had just been studying and thinking about Mrs. Eddy's poem and Hymn, "Feed My Sheep". She wrote that poem when she was pastor of the First Chuch of Christ, Scientist. "Feed My Sheep" was Jesus' response to Peter, after Peter affirmed that he loved Jesus. I think Mrs. Eddy was appealing to our Shepherd, Divine Love, to wash us all clean of our mortal tendencies so we could shine brightly with the Spirit and be the Reflections of God that we were created to be. I have often thought I was battling with a "mortal ego" that had to be overcome before I could truly be spiritual. But in listening to Ethel Baker's Online Chat on JSH-online yesterday, I heard: "Don't take ownership of a little ego or personal sense!" Wow! Start with God as the Source of Light and Love and Soar! Don't start with trying to get rid of ego. It is God who defines me. I am 100% spiritual Now! Perhaps knowing this is how we are Washed Clean!

  38. When we lived in Australia we also experienced severe drought and were so relieved when the rain finally came and washed the landscape, settled the dust, put out the bush fires and cleared the air again. Often the rain would not quit! Puts me in mind literally 'prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.' At least this is what I used to tell myself when I would begin to wonder if it would ever rain again. Thanks for a great lift today and also to Lori in California (33) your words hit the mark for me.

  39. Thanks Brian, very helpful lift. And another example of the fantastic music accompaniment we enjoy when logging in to these lifts. Just want you to know how much the music adds to my daily inspiration!

  40. Thanks Brian and all who have shared. A few lines from a new hymn, 445, came to mind. "...Love meets all need and bids want be still/ so no matter the need, no matter the threat/ I'm secure in your Love, no fear, no regret/ Can there be a sweeter comfort/ a grace more divine/ than the thought that Your Love is here and is mind." (AND all.) thanks.

  41. With tears in my eyes I give you heartfelt thanks for this timely and gentle lift Brian.

  42. Michael (an addendum)
    I did a little more research since last night and enjoyed Mrs. Eddy statement, "The way to extract error from mortal mind is to pour in truth through flood-tides of Love. (201:17-18)

    Certainly this goes hand in hand with taking a shower. After working three days in the yard this week I found it very relaxing to sit in a hot tub and soak for a while. It seemed to reach further inside than just a shower and more therapeutic to the complaint of seemingly tired muscles. At the same time I pictured my dirty gardening clothes, being agitated in the washing machine and I remembered it too had a "soak cycle" for heavily soiled garments.

    Then Mrs. Eddy statement came to mind, “Self-love is more opaque than a solid body. In patient obedience to a patient God, let us labor to dissolve with the universal solvent of Love the adamant of error, — self-will, self-justification, and self-love, — which wars against spirituality and is the law of sin and death. (242:15)

    Suddenly was clear that showering, washing, the act of baptism etc. must be a daily routine, like our daily prayers, but every once in a while we need a deep cleaning, to immerse ourselves deeply in the universal solvent of love and let the residual debris be dissolved away.

  43. Thanks, Brian. Just wonderful!

  44. How refreshing to have your daily lift. It is a lovely thought in this rainny weather to think we are being washed clean. The lift has given a sense of renewal giving inspiration to move forward in the panoply of God's love.
    Thank you

  45. And Spirit is daily providing a washing for its whole creation. We can surely demand to see our spiritual sense of home supplied with all it needs, can't we, if God is the only power?

  46. After a good nights sleep, upon waking, immediately we go into the Bathroom to wash ourselves, then have breakfast, then go about our daily work, whatever that might be. I think of the washing as a daily baptism, getting rid of unwanted material thoughts and putting on our clothes-"Right spiritual thoughts," that will make our day more harmonious. Studying the C/S Bible Lesson, then I really feel spotless clean.

  47. Thank you, Brian, for the wonderful lift. Anew and anew wased clean - submerged in the Holy Spirit of divine love. It makes my day and the rain is the blessings from heaven anew and anew and all is clean and can grow.

  48. Loved this gentle "lift". Thank you Brian and also all the lovely comments supporting this idea of being washed clean, renewed, and refreshed. I especially liked the thought that came to me to "go and sin no more" as a wake up call to keep our thoughts clean and clear. MBE tells us to watch and pray. "Watching and praying along with self-immolation".....recognizing our spiritual identity always pure.

  49. A beautiful message. Thank you.

  50. Thanks Brian. Being washed clean of "faulty dependencies" hit home with me today. I appreciate this and all the Daily Lifts!

  51. Thank you.

  52. P.S. Sending Prayers of Peace, Safety, and Dry Land to England! Knowing that Spirit, Love, is with All of You! Much Love!!! xoxoxo

  53. Thank you, this was truly a wonderful Lift. We are also grateful for the rain here in California. Love the idea of being washing clean and refreshed, renewed.

  54. Thank you, Brian! And thanks to each of the commenters. I feel refreshed and ready for the day!

  55. So glad to hear you have got some much needed rain, Brian! The whole west coast has been affected by the Omega Block. (Meteorology was one of my studies; an Omega Block is a type of weather pattern that remains stationary and will stop or divert a system with moisture). The study of Christian Science reveals the superior law of harmony which breaks down any blockage to meet human needs, including the daily need to be washed clean. And California's need for full reservoirs!

  56. Today there is an ice storm in the southern areas of the US, by which Memphis is being granted a little taste. I am staying home and had time to read all the wonderful comments as well as Brian's lift. Thank you to everyone, especially those who reminded me of things to pray about. I had no idea England and Great Britain were suffering.

  57. Thanks for inspiring lift.I liked the idea of baptism meaning submerged mentally in Holy Spirit We should regularly wash ourselves from the thoughts of resentment, jealous. competition, covetousness etc.Definitely we will experience kingdom of heaven- harmony.Thanks again.

  58. Thanks, Brian. Loved how you related the ideas of baptism and Holy Ghost relative to the rain. You're right, we could almost hear the earth being renewed with each raindrop! Truly appreciate these daily lifts.

  59. Refreshment in Truth, Love and Spirit....available always. Thank you.

  60. Very true! I have had several transformational encounters with God that re-started my life. If I had stuck tightly to the one time "born again" doctrine of many denominations, it might have left me back at stage #1. But I have been amazed at what God had yet to liberate me from and to reveal to me . I now see that when I thought I was reborn, I was just in kindergarten!

    Huge awakenings usually come several years or decades apart for me, but they might increase until they become one steady solid stream. I think the secret is to never stop seeking. I guess if God is infinite, the journey never stops!

  61. What a helpful lift!! Thank you! What a blessing are these "lifts" and the subsequent pouring out of angel thoughts that are coming to each listener.

    As an aside....I read a weather reporter's blog (google Cliff Maas) about the rain in Northern California (and north) and he said the rain was being produced by 'atmospheric rivers--currents of large amounts of moisture...that should continue the precipitation for some time." Isn't that wonderful?! What an answer to prayer about a picture of severe drought. In the Bible the Word of God is often symbolized by water (including the 4 rivers in Genesis that are explained in the Glossary of S&H)...the Word that meets our deep need for it in ways we can understand....baptizing everything...including our concepts of ourselves and of a "too dry" earth.

  62. I love the thought that this spiritual baptism isn't a one-time event. It is the daily (maybe even hourly) refreshing of Love's washing and purifying anything that would suggest that God isn't All-in-all. As Mrs. Eddy's Daily Prayer states, "Thy kingdom come!...and rule out of me all sin." What a wonderful acceptance of Spirit. I love the analogy of a sponge in that we, as God's ideas, don't only reflect, we absorb. Then when our day feels squeezed, only the goodness of God can be expressed.
    Thank you Brian for the universal language of Love delivered in this Daily Lift.

  63. Agree with comment # 46! Sometimes it's as simple as asking ourselves "Is this what God
    is thinking/knowing about me, him, her, them, a situation, etc.?" If the answer is "no", we
    can let that Love that is really there wash away the false thoughts, and discover the innate
    purity of God's always good creation...again and again and again.

    Thank you Brian.

  64. Thank you Brian for such a pure lift of inspiration. All the comments are so wonderful too. I love what Michael has to say in #3 and #45 too. One of my favorite things to do is to give thanks while I shower and sing the entire hymn "Feed my Sheep" by Mary Baker Eddy finishing with "white as wool ere they depart Shepard wash them clean" and it such a great baptism and rejoicing that is a great start to the day. Thank you Bev and for the link to listen to later. #45 you are so wonderful to illuminate..."we can surely demand to see our spiritual sense of home supplied with all its needs" YES BECAUSE GOD IS THE ONLY POWER! And finally I went back to the last lesson on Sacrament because I had a healing related to what Naaman had by removing the "Behold I thought" to "Behold now I know" it was a beautiful blessing and healing of listening to God for the answers which were beyond my knowing and which were humanly covered but spiritually revealed. My goodness I am so grateful for God's divine operation present in my life and all around me. Love and thanks to all!!!

  65. I like the idea, that we are washed clean through baptism. Thank you.

  66. Thank you Brian!

  67. Just a beautiful and perfect message; Thank you so very much !

  68. Psalm 51:2,7-12, and then 13. Some was in last week's lesson. David, in deep regret and contrition for having committed adultery and murder, prays "Wash me throughly from mine iniquity ... For I acknowledge my transgressions." Nathan the prophet had to bonk David on the head with a parable to show him his errors. Then he was able to ask God's forgiveness and deliverance. I always chuckle at "Purge me with hyssop..." But David quickly shows a more spiritual view: "Create in me a clean heart...renew a right spirit...restore my joy...uphold me." Verse 11 may sound rather negative, but it can be read as denying error and evil so that the positive affirmations sound more positive. Then, David sees beyond his own troubles: "Then will I teach transgressors thy ways...build thou the walls of Jerusalem."
    You get the feeling he is once more the sweet singer of Israel, as when he bound the power of Saul's pain (lesson 2wks ago)..

    In CS we have to work thru the mesmerism of the senses and be washed clean of guilt, sin (error, transgression, hubris, all the other manifest ions of the wrong(s) we lump together as "sin" and do what God wants us to do.

    Thank you, Brian Talcott, for this lovely lift. And to you in England and on the East Coast, hang in there: an olive branch is floating on the waters, and "the storm may roar without me...can I be dismayed?"

  69. Thank you Brian for this wonderful inspirationally cleansing Lift, and thank you to all responding lifters for your uniguely individual sharing. The daily lift is showing up to me as an unfolding rose with the Lift at the center and then each sharing as a new petal growing forth inspired by the original idea. What a gift of love this unfolding, international family is becoming. Daily I feel such gratitude for this unfoldment to Mary Baker Eddy, the Mother Church, Nate and your whole team and to our forever Father-Mother God.

  70. Wonderful Lift, thanks Brian! Wonderful comments, thanks Lifters! Deeply grateful for DL team!

  71. Thank you, Brian. And unlike the so-called flooding, we can never be "too clean" in our spiritual selves. God's abundance is always around us and we need to see it in its spiritual truths. I love immerging myself in Truth through the studies of Christian Science. The Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings can be my spiritual immersion into Love.


  73. Mortal thought believes man is nothing but a bag of water, so even materially it makes no sense we don't have enough water. Is it possible we need a bit more respect for God's creation, a bit more humility. Is it possible we have outsmarted ourselves? God has given us of His abundance and all we need is the humility to be conscious of Him, His perfect present creation and His present goodness.

  74. What a wonderful mental cleansing I have reading the lift and the comments. The spiritual shower is truly refreshing. Thanks one and all, especially Michael (you really spent some time showering and then sharing)..

  75. Let's be washed in that pure sense of the all-presence of God, good. And i agree with #46 comment about reading and studing the Bible Lesson - it's our daily food from a loving Father-Mother to his loved children. Thank you for this gentle lift. May we all be washed clean in the Holy Sprit which as you remind us is always available ...

  76. Thank you Brian for sharing the wonderful thought!!
    Baptized with holy Spirit, and we can be baptized any time. Really a great idea.
    Thank you once again.

  77. Thank you!!!

  78. How funny,
    I listen to the daily lift today in Cologne and after a long period it was raining today. What a lovley synchronism

  79. Good, timely thoughts! Thanks.

  80. Thank you so much Brian.

  81. To #69 Shiloh in Colorado--what an apt analogy for the Daily Lift and comments!

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