2/11: Omnipresence not intervention

2/11: Omnipresence not intervention

  1. Such a comforting Lift. Thank you Lindsey. All that we need is already present because God is omnipresence. This truth encapsulates the essence of Christian Science-the presence of all-good (God) in our lives, ever-active and for us to recognize and know. It is so important for us to acknowledge this. Mary Baker Eddy often uses the phrase, in her writings, "a knowledge of this", or "knowing that..." followed by what the result of knowing that will be. Knowing that God is omnipresence allows us to forever feel and demonstrate "God with us".

  2. Omnipresence not intervention, interference etc. Thank you.

  3. A very powerful lift. Mary Baker Eddy writes in her book No and Yes (p.17), "If mortals could grasp these two words all and nothing, the mystery of a God who had no knowledge of sin would disappear, and the eternal, infinite harmony would be fathomed." The presence of eternal, infinite harmony, and not the intervention of it, is such an important concept. Thank you for this lift.

  4. Thank you for this gentle and powerful Lift!

    Moreover, this is such a necessary reminder to acknowledge the one-ness and all-ness of omnipresence which is so thought-expanding and refreshing to contemplate and apply in our daily life.

  5. Thank you.

  6. Thank you so much!

  7. This was great, thank you!

  8. What a radical thought. God who is divine Principle, is not a God of intervention...and yet we often fall into the trap of praying for just that! Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  9. Wonderful lift --- calm and peace in the eternal now! So near!

  10. wonderful dear Lindsey !
    Really powerful !!!

    Why in the catholic religion they always told us that is a question of intervention instead?
    Thanks a lot I understood very weel waht you mean.
    Thanks Pieranna

  11. Lindsey,

    Thank you for this.

    It is very healing.

    Just what the practitioner ordered.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  12. Lindsey, yes, being in the presence of God is the only place we ever can be. There is no waiting, struggling or the temptation to need to change a situation...

  13. This is a real helpful lift for the day!
    Thank you!

  14. Thank you Lindsey for today´s DL! God is omnipotent, all presence, all power, all science. Everything good that we could ever want or need is present in omnipresence so we cannot lack the 3 H´s: Health, Happiness and Harmony right where we are. We never have to wait for God, we just have to yield to omnipresence and realise that God and all the good that He includes is everywhere, every moment. I was not feeling very well this morning and this Lift came at the right moment. Before doing anything else today, I will take time to recognize that the spiritual and practical ideas that I need are present and are presenting to me and to really feel that I am living within the omnipresence of God, Good. MK in Bern CH.

  15. Thank you so much Lindsey.

  16. A powerful and ,for me ,timely uplifting message .Thank you Lindsey .

  17. What a blessing before my working day!
    I have a lot to do in this time of the year but this Lindsey thought coming from God and tell me "Peace, be still...where you must go or you most do, I'm where you go and I know what you have to do"!
    Thank you so much Lindsey.
    A full day of blessings for you all!
    From Portugal,

  18. That is a really helpful way to begin our prayers - to be still and feel that omnipresence of Life, Truth and Love. It enables us to know that whatever is not in the omnipresence of God, good, has no reality and therefore no power to manifest itself - we can turn to out omnipresent God, who is Love, and know that nothing is impossible to our omnipresent God - and let Him destroy the false material pictures, whatever they seem to be. In God's ALL PRESENCE, all is good, and there can be nothing unlike good.What can there be more than ALL.

    I am going to find this very helpful today to deal with false pictures which are trying to present themselves. Thank you very much, Lindsey, and to all the lifters.

  19. Thank you, dear Lindsey. So helpful.

    Yielding to God, letting go human will,
    is a natural task
    for the peaceful and still.

  20. Lindsey, Thank you. God doesn't have any need to intervene, but is always there....is omnipresent and always blessing.

  21. To see, hear,feel,know, and experience LOVE in its omnipresence is a great starting point to the day, thank you so much, and to all the Lifters and BoL who contribute to this Lift.x

  22. A dear friend from church shared this wisdom from her little granddaughter:

    "God is the Allest thing in the whole world!"

  23. Thank you for this reassuring lift. It has so wonderfully complemented my prayers this morning. We so often wait for God to intervene with the right thought or truth for the day when it is already there for us if we just yield and listen. I am also so grateful for these opportunities to comment as it so often helps us to reaffirm our oneness with God, his omnipresence - to take a moment to be grateful and share that gratitude.

  24. Thank you for this wonderful and helpful lift today!

  25. Thanks Lidsay

  26. Thank you so much Lindsey for your lift so helpful to me this day

  27. Thank you, Lindsay. What an important fact for us to recognise every moment.

  28. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. It is undescribable to think that we are always in the presence of our dear Father-Mother God.

  29. Waiting on God means growing patience, having obedience to God....so how can she say we don't have to wait on God....

    From Lindsey Taylor:
    Because God is omnipresence, all that His nature includes is always present and is presented to us as spiritual ideas which in turn meet our daily needs as practical ideas – ideas that are consistent with the nature of God as divine Life and Truth and Love. They are all we can ever want or need as His children. We don’t have to wait for God to give us the unselfishness, grace and wisdom that are His gifts to us, and that keep our lives on track, because they are included within His omnipresence. But we do need to open up or yield to His good will for us and that may require us to be patient and obedient to God’s commandments as we learn to fully grasp the significance of His omnipresence. This is keeping God at the centre of our lives and you could certainly call it ‘waiting on God’ but I think it is different from waiting for God.

    Maybe the words of the Psalmist help here:
    Psalm 84:2,
    My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the Lord: my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God.
    For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.
    O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.

  30. “Intervention”, in its common usage these days, means when somebody comes into your life in your worse moment and helps you see what you are doing wrong with the purpose of helping you —like it or not.

    God, divine Love, needs not intervene.
    “In divine Science, where prayers are mental, all may avail themselves of God as a very present help in trouble. Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals. " S&H 12:31

    The spiritual and practical ideas we need are present and are presenting themselves to us, we only need to really feel we are living in the omnipresence of good.

    “Intervención” en su uso común de hoy en día, significa cuando alguien aparece en tu vida en tu peor momento y te ayuda a ver lo que estás haciendo mal —te guste o nó.

    “Dios, el Amor divino, no necesita intervenir.
    “En la Ciencia divina, donde las oraciones son mentales, todos pueden contar con Dios como "pronto auxilio en las tribulaciones". El Amor es imparcial y universal en su adaptación y en sus dádivas.” CyS 12:36

    Las ideas prácticas y espirituales que necesitamos ya están aquí presentándose ante nosotros, solo necesitamos sentir que en realidad estamos viviendo en la omnipresencia del bien.

  31. Thank you Lindsey for the wonderful treatment which you lift gave me this morning. Like Marita 13# I was not feeling too good first thing,then your message together with Evan,s reminder of yesterday to press the delete button, the so called problem vanished. How blessed we are to be able to know that because God is ever present and omnipotent, there can be no room for anything else. Thanks to all the other lifter,s helpful comments as well.

  32. Thank you for this wonderful lift and important reminder.

  33. Thank you. Yes God is always with us where ever we are God is. We need to Let Him take charge.

  34. I can't tell you how important this message is to me. Thank you for sharing God's gentle message to us all.

  35. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  36. Thank you for this very helpful Lift. As I listened to it the second time I caught a fresh sense of the present as being God's thoughts - right ideas - presenting themselves to our thought and they are already complete - all we need to do is to be willing to be 'as a little child' full of trust and without fear or doubt and we will see the perfect provision our Father has made for all of us. Thank you too for all the inspired comments especially Alison #22 for linking yielding and listening. I suddenly saw that yielding is listening - and seeing - and walking - with God

  37. Omnipresencia, no intervención, perfecto, Dios no interviene, porque en su excelsa magnitud del Bien, solo conoce el Bien y en él se realiza. Entonces, ¿cómo propiciar esa magnitud que trasciende? Como lo hizo Cristojesús, obrando, sintiendo esa bondad, compartiendo cuando los sucesos nos dan la ocación de vivirlos encontrándonos en la misma situación que el resto, pero sabiendo que no hay realidad en eso que presenta el error, porque eso No es de Dios, no entra en Su realidad benigna, bondadosa, donde todo es bello, porque Es Su reino, y nosotros todos los que así lo anhelamos podemos entrar en él, y estar tan libres como Él. "Os es necesario nacer de nuevo" Tener consciencia solo del Bien, renegando de todo lo demás.

    Muchas gracias, Lindsey, por el mensaje y al resto de los que como yo procuran entender más para servir mejor a Dios.

  38. Thank you Lindsey. It is so good to know that God, good, is ever present. I've listened to it again and found it even more helpful to deal with today's tasks. Must include inviting you to give a talk/lecture in Torbay.

  39. Many thanks Lindsey for your inspiring lift. Yes. "To really feel we are living within the omnipresence of [divine Love] good." "O perfect Life, in Thy completeness held,/ None can beyond Thy omnipresence stray;/ Safe in Thy Love, we live and sing alway / Alleluia! Alleluia!" (Christian Science Hymnal #66).

  40. Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord - Omnipresence - with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, but acknowledge Him - Omnipresence - in all thy ways, so He - Omnipresence - will lead you aright.

    Let us praise the Lord for being omnipresent!

  41. This means a great deal to me today. Thank you very much.

  42. thank you so much, Lindsey for this clear lift - right to the point. Beautiful !
    And I love the way you say the message: so full of warmth, love and striking simplicity. So that it sounds so logic and easy.
    Wonderful! What a great bunch of angels for this day.

  43. Dear Lindsey, Just before opening this Lift I had been pondering how to help my son through some difficulties. Today's message from you provides the answer and I'm jotting down a couple of notes to keep in my pocket for reference and reminders throughout the day. Thank you. And thank you to responders 1-38, whose comments are very dear and helpful.

  44. Thank you!

  45. Thank you, Lindsay, for this very clear and helpful message!

  46. Just what i need - i will take this message with me today .... thank you so much.

  47. Thank you.

  48. JUst to the point, just in the right moment, your up lift is so welcome, thank you Lindey for reminding us this great statement of .God´s Omnipresence.

  49. Just what I really needed to hear this morning - thanks so much, Lindsey! God doesn't intervene since he is already present. As a poem by Kardyne Flad Steacy, "Here and now" (Sentinel, July 21, 1997) so beautifully puts it in the last verse:

    Since God is all,
    Fear has no place;
    Right here and now
    Love fills all space.

    Sometimes it can be difficult feel God's presence, but that doesn't mean it's lacking. He is always right here wherever we are under all circumstances.

  50. Thank you Lindsey for this very thoughtful lift we will all be filled with the understanding of the omnipresence...thanks .. what a filled this is going to be

  51. Thank you, Lindsey, for this inspiring, healing, and helpful Lift - stated with such clarity and comfort! Thanks, too, all contributors!

  52. Thank you.

  53. Thank you, Lindsey, for “Omnipresence not intervention … you never have to wait for God, you just have to yield to omnipresence … you are living in the omnipresence of Good.”

    Wow!!! What a “wake up call!” So, when I “wait for God,” I’m really "waiting" for myself to “just yield.”

    Whither shall I go? (Ps 139:7)

    What wilt thou have me to do? (Acts 9:6)

    To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings. (S&H vii:1)

    Thanks again, Lindsey and have a blessed day, everyone!!!

  54. You have given me another way of affirming that there is no separation between God and man. Thank you ever so much.

  55. What a perfect Christian Science Treatment for today! Love and Blessings and Gratitude to you, Lindsey! As a child, I thought the C.S. Hymn "O Gentle Presence" meant "Presents" - as in Christmas! Having matured spiritually, somewhat, I am now seeing that God is Presence itself and that we live, move and have our very being within this Divine, Ever-Presence of Good! I've been reading in Miscellaneous Writings of Mrs. Eddy's awakening to this Ever-Presence and how she discovered that thought must be spiritualized in order to recognize and utilize the Power of this Presence. So grateful for this Discovery and for Mrs. Eddy's devotion to sharing it with the world through her writings, her healings and her establishing the Christian Science Church!

  56. Lindsey, you will never know how much your message this morning, at this very moment, was exactly the message I needed to hear. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  57. These lifts are helping me find my way these days, they just seem to be made for the times I am experiencing. Thank you. I also had a smile for K in CA's (21) comment, a good one to remember. 'God is the Allest thing in the whole world!'

  58. Thank you Linsey. This is just what I needed to hear today and helped me to get out of bed today. If God is omnipresent and all there is is omnipresence, does that mean people that have passed on are right here with us?

    Lindsey Taylor's reply:
    We live eternally within the omnipresence of immortal, divine Life and that includes those who have passed on from human sight.

    To spiritually understand this is to realise that we can never be separated from any expression of Life or Love.

    People who have passed on do not communicate with our human experience but the qualities of God that they express are forever present in the omnipresence of good and continue to be presented in both our human experience and their on-going experience in satisfying and progressive ways.

    God, divine Life itself, unfolds the understanding of eternal life to each one of us. You might find it helpful to look at Christ Jesus’ words in the Bible in John chapter 17, especially verse 3, and at an article written by Mary Baker Eddy in her book ‘Unity of Good’ on pager 37 called ‘Is there no death?’

  59. What an important concept and reminder that what is necessary in getting closer to God is to learn to yield to Him/Her, rather than waiting, or even pleading. Yielding certainly includes shutting out the clamoring material senses and KNOWING that God is All in All...and always LISTENING. Thank you so much, Lindsey.

  60. "The Concordance to Science and Health" has many pages listing references to the word "all". How important to "grasp" this word and fathom and yield to the omnipresence of God. Thanks Lindsey for these thoughts. And thanks Scott#3 for the quote from "No and Yes".

  61. Lovely Lift, thank you! Reading all the helpful comments, it occurred to me that "the ball is in our court" and it's what we do with it that affects our experiences. I am so grateful for all the good which pours into my life through my study and application of Christian Science!

  62. And what a way to start (and continue) when thinking of the "hot spots" in the world situation - fire, flood, famine and war! We can do our bit by confidently claiming these 3 wonderful God truths for all.
    Grateful for your inspiration and gracious presentation, thank you, Lindsey.

  63. Of course! It should be obvious, but needed this nudge to open my eyes to this simple fact!


  64. Yes indeed, -- the presence of the power and the power of the presence. Thank you, Lindsey, for that clear distinction from God having to come and do something for us. ; - )

  65. Meant to say, to Malcolm (38) Violet Hay and Hymn 66 are my constant references. So clear and joyous and relevant to all our daily experience. These dear ones from early days in CS have given us such a firm foundation with the beautiful hymns and other thoughts for inspiration. Such a rich legacy! I was glad to see your reference to hymn 66.

  66. Fantastic lift, Lindsey!! Thank You! and fellow lifters!!
    God is All and nothing else no thing can be added to it or taken away from All!!....May God's presence be with you all today and every day! .. These messages are soooo inspiring!! : ) ; )

  67. Ms. Taylor ~~ What a great insight and message of reassurance. It will be helping me dissolve the
    weather "intimidation" that seems to be prevailing in our area. With loving regards/jim.

  68. I'm so grateful for this scientific thinking.

  69. Joan P. N.J.

    Thank you, Lindsey for your LIFT, it fits in with my reading today on M.B.E. Chapter 1 on PRAYER.

  70. What an important reminder, and so beautifully expressed. Just what I needed today.

  71. Thank you so much Lindsey, a truly helpful and enlightening Lift. Also thank you so much #30 Rose, I also thought how well this lift complements Evan's Lift from yesterday! And I appreciate your comments #30 Bevis, about presence and "presents"! We do indeed have that present, or gift, of God's ever- present love!
    Judith from Reno NV

  72. Most pray to God to intervine in matters which could lead to danger.
    But what they don't understand is that God isn't a God of intervention but a God of omni-presence, all presence, before danger, before a disease manifests on the body, before crime happens, before a war might occur. If they just knew the omni of God, none of the above would occur.

  73. Such a feeling of peace that this message leaves with me. Thank you so much.

  74. Lindsey, this message is marvelous! It makes me smiling. I have to yield to this Truth at all time. Thank you Lindsey!

  75. Thanks for this wonderful lift! I like what #29 said too, that "We only need to really feel we are living in omnipresence of God." I take that as -when we acknowledge all good already existing, feeling it happening now and expressing gratitude for the goodness that is ever present, then we'll clearly see the perfection that is always here in our life. For instance, I've been struggling with clarity, so I've been affirming that I know the answer because I am one with God who knows everything. Then take another step and feel the sense of clarity and express gratitude for clarity as it's already present.
    "Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eye can see."

    Daily Lift Team:
    The quote is by William Newton Clark.

  76. Lindsey, I am so grateful for the point that God is not "intervention"; He's "omnipresence." In general, Christianity speaks of God "intervening in history" in events such as the Hebrews deliverance from Egypt, the advent of Jesus Christ, etc. I work in prison ministry where this phraseology is regularly used along with "omnipresence" by other Christian workers. This is an excellent point, along with "yielding to omnipresence" to direct thought to the truth without directly countering other workers contributions. Many thanks!

  77. Such a wonderful lift Lindsey -- we're surrounded by unlimited goodness --omnipresence. What a concept! We just have to receive and accept all the goodness God is providing in any given instant. Love will do the work, as Mrs. Eddy says.

    Like others have mentioned, I too needed to hear your message this morning. It was so gentle, loving and reassuring. You made a great point Nela #51, there's no waiting. We're the ones waiting and that just ensares us in a false concept -- called time. God isn't waiting. God is here NOW, ever at work. Today is indeed already big with blessings!

  78. What a wonderful distinction! A wonderful separation between mortal mind's distorted viewpoint (intervention), and immortal Mind's clarity & correctness of thought (omnipresence). God is here --- now and always. Thank you, Lindsay, for this reminder.

  79. It is appropriate to recognize that the source, of any change we deem necessary in our lives or our experience, does not come from "over there", but from "in here". Not from where divine Mind is, but where mortal man believes he is (in his own thinking).

    Understanding that our material experience (matter and the apparent presence of discord) is nothing more a belief in a separate mind in matter, Mrs. Eddy wrote, "the opposite of Truth, — called error, sin, sickness, disease, death, — is the false testimony of false material sense, of mind in matter; that this false sense evolves, in belief, a subjective state of mortal mind which this same so-called mind names matter, thereby shutting out the true sense of Spirit." (108:24)

    Our focus should be to lift our gaze away from the human sense of our own creation, which is merely an expression of our own material thinking, and refresh ourselves by understanding we are now in the presence of omnipresent of harmony, divine Life, Truth, and Love. “…the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:21)

    When you find yourself "out on a limb" remember it’s because you're too close to the erroneous snapshot in which error has framed you. So if you can't see the forest for the trees, it's time to step back and see the big "omnipresent" picture. Everybody, get out your axes. Cut away the scrub brush of mortal thought, prune the barren unfruitful branches, rake away the dead leaves and let the SON, your true image and likeness of God, shine in.

  80. Thank you so much, Lindsey, for that wonderful, inspiring lift!! Especially loved this statement, "Everything good that you could ever want or need is present in omnipresence." Many years ago, I was instantly healed of tooth pain as I pondered this definition of omnipresence: "Presence in every place at the same time" (Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary). Truly God is All-in-all, and man is indissolubly linked to God's goodness!!

  81. With gratitude abounding to you Lindsey,I am overjoyed just thinking about this glorious lift. Uplifting,inspiring,joyful and irresistible and filled with grace . Love,love,love it,thanks so much Lindsey and to the entire daily lift team for serving your highest purpose

  82. Brilliant - another excellent Daily Lift from Lindsey, thank you.

  83. A lovely and powerful thought. Thank you.

  84. Great message...thank you!

  85. Thank you Lindsay , Grace for today, Uplifts.

  86. We're not trying to 'get' anything, just acquiesce to what's available every moment, acquiesce to what we already have.

    Thx Lindsey!

  87. What a wonderful treatment! I have presently put it to good work today! ;-)

    Thank you, Lindsey, for reminding us that our starting point is that we are already whole because wholeness is always present, and not that we are incomplete and require God to fix this incompleteness.

  88. "you never have to wait for God, you just have to yield to omnipresence." "Beholding the infinite tasks of Truth, we pause, -- wait on God," * -- wait ON God -- be His ever-responsive disciple, knowing that he already is providing us with everything we need, with all good in His at this moment omnipresence.
    (* Citation is from Science and Health, p.323, lines 9-12)

  89. I love the line from hymn #66 in the Christian Science Hymnal by Violet Hay, "None can beyond Thy omnipresence stray." It goes along with Mary Trammell's explanation of this week's Lesson in the Christian Science Sentinel of Feb. 10, p.14, when she explains that God's covenant with us is unconditional--it is There, it is permanent. That's why we don't need to intervene with a lot of human footsteps we try hard to think up. We listen, and God directs. Thank you, Lindsey and the whole DL team.

  90. This message is very reassuring. And your voice is full of gentle assurance, too! Thank you!

  91. Thank you for this expression of gentle presence...scientific and powerful. And, thanks to Scott at #3 for the quote from MBE.

  92. Thanks Lindsay, and everyone. You've raised the question, "What is intervention?" Jesus encouraged us to ask this question when he talked about faith, comparing it to a tiny mustard seed, but with the ability to move a mountain. Does God save a life by moving a solid material object?
    Or does he give us the spiritual understanding that recognizes Life as spiritual and omnipresent?

  93. Thank you.

  94. Just what I needed today thank you so much

  95. Thank-you, Lindsey, for this powerful, precise and expansive message! I'll know & use the idea(s) about yielding to the omnipresence of God's presence right now this moment and beyond.

  96. Wow - this ideas give me new insights. Thank you Lindsay for this great lift!

  97. Thx Lindsey... and STEVE the definition
    of ACQUIESCE. it's on TARGET!!!!!!!!

  98. Dear Lindsay,

    Thank you for today's Christian Science Treatment so lovingly delivered. The Daily Lifts are always perfect right now!

  99. Fantastic message ---- and the perfect ideas for each one of us to keep close every moment. Thank you, Lindsay !

  100. Thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring Daily Lift today, the words were so comforting and reassuring, just what I needed. I found myself going everywhere, just yielding to omnipresence.

  101. Thx Lindsay,one does not have to read too far into the comments to see the impact of your lift.The span of the lift locals(all around the globe) attests to your message of OMNIPRESENCE...

  102. This is a powerful treatment. Thank you for stating, with undeniable understanding and great love, the facts of Being. God is All, and there is nothing outside of God's Allness. What a gift! Thank you, Lindsey.

  103. Sincere gratitude for the confirmation that God, one Mind, is omnipresent, always. I searched for a precious object for two days and after listening to your Lift, I walked right to it, rejoicing. Peacefully, carol

  104. It's a delight to see how many people listen and/or comment on these exquisite sharings.

    This is an exact message for me today. I was slow to get to my email because I was afraid that I would have to deal with a business matter, Our Daily Lift was waiting!

    I wrote this down from a Lift when a loved one passed on: Be continually aware of God's (good's) presence and love. Feel the safety of Her Allness.

  105. Dear Lindsey, thank you very much. I love the warm assurance of this very meaningful lift.

  106. Thank you for so much Eleonora

  107. This was a wonderfully enlightening and comforting lift, today, Lindsay. You have such a loving and illuminating way of expressing Divine omnipresence. No need for His intervention as He is always present.. Christian Science is indeed the 'pearl of great price.' If we choose to embrace it and practice it, we will experience harmony, completeness and blessings in our daily lives. Bless you and our other Daily lifters!!


  109. thank you lindsey

  110. There is only the Here and Now of his infinite Presence....the Creator of all this creation that I am part of

    in this unique spiritual reality....that is wonderful!

  111. Thanks so much :)

  112. Perhaps God's intervention is His simple way of redirecting us to his omnipresence? Most of us need a wake-up call from time to time! God has intervened in my life many time and I eternally praise Him for it!

  113. Lindsey, your words were a special gift to me today. I kept those thoughts with me this morning as I went through my routine and continued to while driving home from an appointment.
    Without warning, a huge pine tree fell across the road, smashing in the front of the car. The authorities and bystanders were amazed that I and my passenger weren't hurt, and how, if the timing had been only a few seconds different, we could have been killed.
    But you reminded me of the Truth this morning in your 'Lift', and it had never entered my mind, because I knew God, Love, Truth, was right there with me, the only reality. Thank you and bless you - and all of you Lifters who light my mornings with your insights.

  114. Thank you, Lindsay, and thank you Lifters for superb comments. I particularly loved Michael #78 as clearly defining the need to yield and just how to do it! A practitioner told me once that I don't need to feel as though I am in a box trying to get out. That is human, mortal, confining thought. Instead, refresh thought to envision freedom from any confining element that we are in no way bound by (the box). Yielding to Omnipresence puts us in His Now - free and with all our needs met. Empowering stuff!

  115. Rather late in the day but grateful for this lovely, powerful lift. thank you so much.

  116. Lindsey, thank you so much, and thanks to all the Lifters for your comments. I listened to this early this morning and felt such a gentle calm, and as I listen to it again tonight a sweet influx of light and joy. I love your sentence, "You never have to wait for God, you just have to yield to his omnipresence." As so many other posters have also said, it is all about yielding to that which already is, isn't it?

  117. Thank you, Lindsey, for this precious gift. I have listened several times and come away "..........encompassed by His grace, enfolded in His love." (Hymn 199)
    With gratitude to all that produce this valuable "forum" and to all that share their comments.

  118. Thank you Lindsey for the wonderful lift you shared.. Really no one can be outside His omnipresence..

  119. Thank you, Lindsey. #10, Pieranna, others are confusing the mortal sense of things which to them "appears" to be the reality of God's creation with that which is Scientific fact and is the spiritual and only truth
    of all good that is ever created by the one God of all. Thus, there never is a need for intervention of any sort. Just our adherence to the omnipresence of God, perpetually and eternally. "A spiritual idea (thought) has not a single element of error." This is fact in Science, and "this truth removes properly whatever is offensive" in human consciousness. Truth prevails.

  120. Beautiful treatment! Thanks, Lindsey

  121. This Lift is such a comfort, thank you Lindsey.
    I kept the ideas tucked up my sleeve all day at work.
    Shelagh ♥

  122. This lift is so relevant and comforting. I'm praying to really FEEL this truth, and not just say it with conviction. Any supporting prayers are much appreciated. Thank you!

  123. This Lift was helpful to me and was mentioned in 3 testimonies at church tonight. Thank you so much.

  124. Thank you Lindsey,
    how supportive you warm words of remembering the truth,...

  125. Thank you Lindsey Taylor so much for your eloquent delivery of such wonderfully comforting Christian Science.

  126. Thank you Lindsey Taylor. Your Daily Lift is a wonderful present for which I am deeply grateful.

  127. Thank you, Lindsay! God is so much beyond intervention!

  128. I appreciate this distinction and will think about it today --about being in the omnipresence and not having to wait for good. Thank you!

  129. Thank you for the perfect lift and reminder.

  130. To realize that God is constantly in our lives deepens our spiritual understanding of Him and his great love for us. This Lift, given with warmth and beauty, contains so much to think about. It truly does Lift us.

  131. God is not intervention, but omnipresent good --Thank you so much!

  132. Wonderful lift!
    Thank you!

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