2/10: Punch delete

2/10: Punch delete

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  1. Thank you Evan for this great reminder that we don't have to simply accept what mortal mind is trying to tell us. In fact, we have a God-given right to not accept these erroneous suggestions and to replace them with spiritual facts. The counter-point of these material thoughts are spiritual realities. They have there origin in God, good. Our "delete button" is a mental denial of any thoughts that do not bless, and is replaced with the mental affirmation of what God knows, and is telling us at that very moment. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you, Evan, for “Punch delete …” This is just what I needed to hear this morning because my consciousness seemed as if it had been “spammed” late yesterday and that “spam” has been “floating around” like flotsam and jetsam ever since. In fact, I've been having a hard time sleeping! It all caught me by surprise and, quite frankly, I've been feeling rather powerless about it all. How empowering to be reminded that I can press the “delete” button whenever I'm ready, as I affirm and accept God's total control over God's entire creation. Thanks again, Evan. I'm going to get some rest now ... ;-)

  3. Thank you Evan, for the timely pop up to remind us not to let erroneous, or files from an unknown source to load in our thoughts.
    Updates from God are, as you said, loving and with a harmonious outcome as the option.
    Deleting unwanted thoughts also protects us from Trojan malware! Thoughts which seem harmless, but once accepted bring a whole bunch of unexpected false ideas to cope with.
    Sticking with the one source for our happiness, wellbeing and continued good, saves ♥

  4. Perfect analogy....love it! Mental delete button.....thank you, Evan.

  5. Thanks Evan, that was a great lift! I enjoyed the video too, With thinking like that, it is no wonder you have such a tidy desk! I must really delete thoughts of disorderliness and maybe my desk top will improve too!

  6. These thoughts are like a ray of sunshine on a dark and stormy day. Thank you, Evan!

  7. Thanks so much, Even. This is one Lift that I will definitely not delete.

  8. Terrific!! After a sleepless night I was repeating to myself that today was going to be a tough day to get through..Thank you Evan for waking and shaking me up to God's reality. This is a keeper.

  9. Thank you for this very lucid Lift!

    It really is so vital to watch, to be our own thought-guards and sentinels within our own thinking, so that the goodness of Love can flow uninterrupted, clearly and purely within our thought.

  10. Thank you for reminding us that we all have a delete button. I will delete all those negative thoughts the moment they pop up from now on. Its so good to realize that we don't have to hang on to them at all and that the only place they belong is, - nowhere..

  11. Right on the button. Thanks Evan. It brought a smile to my face in preparation for speaking at a Torbay planning meeting later today.

  12. A wonderful thought for the start of a new week. Thank you Evan

  13. Thank you for this nice uplift!

  14. Thanks Evan for reminding me to be alert about what I'm accepting in day to day life. BUT it does take diligence doesn't it?

  15. A great reminder to reject depressing thoughts, especially with computer problems. Instead of saying"oh not again" I can welocome in harmony. Thanks for all the daily lifts.

  16. Evan, Thank you.

  17. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  18. What a wonderful reminder and one very gratefully received today. Just delete. My emails sometimes come into a junk box and although some of them are good most are not. I can 'sweep' them then 'block ' them so I don't receive any more from that source again. So simple and great to be reminded that we can do he same to suggestions that want to enter our thought but are far from good.
    Thank you to all our daily lifters who help us to get back on track in such a lovely way.

  19. We seem to miss opportunities day in, day out, by not realizing that we have the control of our own thoughts. Just as in computing, we must learn to punch “Delete” before the thought affix itself in our experience.


    MBE teach us, “You must control evil thoughts in the first instance, or they will control you in the second.” S&H 234:26

    Somewhere else she says:
    “You embrace your body in your thought, and you should delineate upon it thoughts of health, not of sickness. You should banish all thoughts of disease and sin and of other beliefs.” S&H 208:29

    Parecemos perder oportunidades día a día, al no darnos cuenta que tenemos el control de nuestro propio pensamiento. Tal como en computación, debemos aprender a apretar el botón de “Borrar” antes que tal pensamiento quede fijada en nuestra experiencia. ,


    La Sra. Eddy nos enseña, “Tenéis que dominar los pensamientos malos en la primera ocasión, o ellos os dominarán en la segunda. “ CyS 234:27

    En otra parte ella dice:
    “Abrazáis vuestro cuerpo en vuestro pensamiento y debierais delinear en él pensamientos de salud, no de enfermedad. Debierais eliminar todos los pensamientos de enfermedad y de pecado y de otras creencias incluidas en la materia. CyS 208:30

  20. I had fun playing with the idea of first deleting mental spam and then inserting the Truth about the spam in order to build a protective firewall against further junk suggestions. I love the idea of consigning spam thoughts to our mental trash bin. Three simple steps: delete, insert, protect! Thank you, Evan.

  21. Thank you.

  22. Thanks Evan for such a practical Lift to start the week. It has certainly helped me to clear my thinking from all kind of undesired thoughs that were were in my incoming tray. I will more alert and make a better use of the delete button to keep my consciousness clean and uncluttered. Blessing to all the spiritual family around the world. Marita now in Bern CH.

  23. Thanks Evan. I source through hundreds of emails a day in my job, looking for the good ones, so will enter that practice into my thought keyboard from now on :)

  24. Many thanks Evan, for this inspired Lift! I jotted down some notes from it and then went on to read the comments - and my goodness, there are enough ideas flowing there to construct a whole article/lecture. Thanks to everyone who shared them. I had to laugh when i reached Rosemary's, #5, as exactly the same thought had crossed my mind!
    love to all Lifters and 'liftees'.

  25. Many thanks Evan for this great reminder. Yes. "We all have the God given right to live healthy and free." "Thy [Love's] radiance is so pure, so free,/ So beautiful and swift to bless,/ That by reflection constantly/ We manifest Thy tenderness:" (Christian Science Hymnal #233).

  26. Thank you Evan for a very practical approach and simple way of living the Truth!

  27. Even thank you, my mental delete button is working for me yes, Frank from Australia,

  28. Awesome Evan. Thank you so much

  29. I enjoyed that. Thanks Evan

  30. What a timely treat to tip the porter at the garden gate of the keyboard's keeper of thought. Thank you Evan!

  31. Thank you for this reminder to use our delete button more often so we can save all the good.

  32. Podemos decir, porque así lo hemos comprobado, que podemos borrar los erroneos pensamientos de igual manera que lo hacemos en la compu, es más lo podemos y debemos hacerlo antes, ya que en la compu lo borramos cuando vemos el error y en nuestra experiencia, consciencia, lo podemos hacer antes de que se manifieste evitando tener que borrar o sea corregir en vez de anticipar, comprendiendo que el mantenerse en el pensamiento correcto evita tener que borrar.

    El saber que Dios no envía nada que no sea bueno facilita la convicción de que los sucesos, son parte de hechos a corregir, pueden ser individuales o generales,, pero todos tienen el mismo motivo la corrección,

    En Ururguay han habido lluvias muy intensas que han provocado, muchos inconvenientes, me tocó individualmente su mal trato, y mientras estaba en el problema pensaba, cuanta gente la está pasando muy mal y si no lo sufrimos en carne propia no nos damos cuenta del sufrimiento ajeno, y fue un bálsamo para mi, porque me olvidé del mío y lo sobrellevé, diría, hasta con gozo, porque sabía que Dios no estaba en la lluvia, y que la solución llegaría a todos en extricta justicia como tiene que ser, como en la compu apretando la tecla de borrar, lo que no está bien. Obviamente no creo que por mi experiencia las lluvias hayan cesado, lo único que se es que de a poco han ido cediendo.

    Muchas gracias Evan, es bueno comprender que si mantenemos firme el pensamiento, no tendremos nada que borrar.

  33. Thank you Evan
    Practical, effective, spiritual

  34. I had some news this morning to which I acted very badly. I too, felt I was plummetting down into the dephs! I opened fhe Daily lift praying for help - and there it was Thanks Evan

  35. Aaah, you've given us such a helpful and instructive metaphor! Thank you for your wonderful Lift. It's a special treat to have a video, too. Many thanks to you Evan, and to all other Lifters as well.

  36. Thank you, Evan. Today I shall remember to "Punch that DELETE Button." And for that matter…all days forthcoming. Yes, it's our Divine Right to live healthy and free. You're a joy!

  37. Thank you Evan! Your words remind me of Mrs Eddy's writings in Science and Health when she wrote: "Evil is a suppositional lie. As named in Christian Science, animal magnetism or hypnotism is the specific term for error, or mortal mind. It is the false belief that mind is in matter, and is both evil and good; that evil is as real as good and more powerful. This belief has not one quality of Truth. It is either ignorant or malicious. The malicious form of hypnotism ultimates in mortal idiocy. The truths of inmortal Mind sustain man, and they annihilate the fables of mortal mind, whose flimsy and gaudy pretensions, like silly moths, singe their own wings and fall into dust. In reality there is no mortal mind and consequently no transference of mortal thought and will-power. Life and being are of God. In Christian Science, man can do no harm, for scientific thoughts are true thoughts, passing from God to man." (103:17-2). If the Christians put these thoughts into practice -to annihilate the FABLES of mortal mind-, we will live in a different world.
    Lots of Love to the DLCommunity!

  38. Very good Evan! I'll never look at my Delete button the same again..what a great way to remember this idea because I also use my delete button ALOT!

  39. Thank you, Evan !
    I loved it :)

  40. Yay!
    Thank you, Evan!

  41. Wonderful ! thank u ... :-)

  42. Thank you!!!

  43. Negative thoughts about world events, such as the war in Syria or threats of terrorist attacks at Sochi, can be mentally deleted as well. Thanks for the reminder.

  44. Wunderbar! Danke.

  45. Thanks, Evan, for this Lift and for all your many, many helpful and healing contributions. Thanks, too, DL Team, and all Lifters!

  46. Wonderful Thank you!

  47. Thanks, Evan, for an excellent analogy. The first thing I do when I open my emails is to delete anything I don't want to read so they can't be opened by mistake. I need to be just as alert to any ungodlike thoughts. I'm also quite adept at using the mute button for what I don't want to hear on TV. Many great comments this morning - thanks to all!

  48. Evan, what a wonderful, succinct and practical Lift! Ditto to #37 Diane's comment, "I'll never look at my Delete button the same again.." Terrific expansive contributions from worldwide Lifters. So grateful for the DL team.

  49. Evan, I love your practical tips for the day, I am taking this one with me right now as I walk out of the door. I have had a couple of erroneous thoughts just shouting to be heard this morning and I refuse to listen. My source is God so my thoughts can only be good and I am perfectly aligned with God. End of story!

  50. Thank you.

  51. Thanks, Evan!
    So simple, and yet so important.

  52. Magnificent! !!
    Thank you for this simple analogy, to enlighten thought.
    It is just as snapping your fingers and it is gone.
    R.K 2/10/14

  53. Good One, Evan! "The way to extract error from mortal mind is to pour in Truth through floodtides of Love." Science and Health, p. ??? Diving deep into our Bible Lesson on Soul this week is the best way I know of to "pour in Truth"! From Section 2, S&H p. 85, l. 3: "This Soul-sense comes to the human mind when the latter yields to the divine Mind." So grateful we have the Truth and Love of Christian Science with which to dissolve or delete any erroneous mental suggestions trying to mess with us!

  54. Thank you, Evan. Wonderful choice....delete error.

  55. So simple, just delete.....thanks!

  56. I want to add my thanks for the uplift today! An ice storm has been predicted for the area I live in on Wed (we are not used to these storms here in the South), and I began to worry about what to do to prepare for it, forgetting the best preparation is to listen for God's advice before and during the storm. God the all knowing Mind will guide me and all of us to take the right precautions and keep us safe. - as always! So I will punch the delete button of "worried thoughts" and begin to acknowledge God's love and care and benevolent control, keeping my thought open to His.

  57. excellent way to start your day, deleting unwanted thoughts. thank you. ann

  58. Very good lift, thank you Evan.

  59. Thank you for this great Lift, Evan. I recently paid to have my computer "fixed" but when I started to use it, it was so slow. So I started to delete files no longer needed, and "junk" that attaches itself to most of the UTube and Google and IView files. I thought it would just take a while, but after the first hour, I realized I would have to keep going until they were all deleted. The whole exercise took over three hours, and there were 271 files in my recycle glass to be deleted! Naturally I will be more alert to hit the delete key, and instead of storing up not-so-good files, I will have a clutter-free environment to work in.

  60. Amen, Evan. We are forbidden the knowledge of good and evil. Stop it right there. God made everything very good. That's the way He sees and maintains it. Good. So I can see good very well!

  61. I have to attend memorial service for a tragic death today and realized that only good can come of

    this in spite of the grief of the family--------getting together is a wonderful way to commemorate a life

    and wiil only strengthen our family. I am grateful that we can all get together and share our love of this

    family member. His life has continued in God and we need not fear. Delete the FEAR button! And

    know the joy that remains uninterrupted in both his life and ours.

  62. Thank you Evan for the reminder and all for your good thoughts. They are helping me keep my thoughts above today.

  63. And as children of God, what a relief that we can use the Christ teaching as our "default".

  64. Thanks Evan for this inspiring Lift. We know to delete
    some E-mails at only a glance without opening them.

    I find it helpful to read or know what the 91st psalm
    says before I retire for the night and when I awake
    each morning. There is an inspiring Article in the
    November 2, 1906 Journal, entitled, Some Thoughts
    On The Ninety-First Psalm, by Willard S. Mattox

    Thanks also for all the comments.


  65. Thanks a lot Evan, for such a beautiful and possitive "Daily Lift", as from today I'm going to use my "delete button" and use more protection by inserting God's good truth! God bless you, all the DL equipmet, and all DL lectors.

  66. Gratitude Evan, I was not aware of that delete button on my computer. What a wonderful wake-up. I will be using in on my thinking as well as my computer. Peacefully, carol

  67. Thank You Evan! What a great lift.!
    Let's always start by "deleting" negative thinking but "adding" to our thinking GOD first and always!! Thanks to all for such excellent comments! : ) : )


  68. Thank you. What a great idea to use a delete button, rather than ruminating over whatever a problem seems to be. Wonderful!,

  69. Way to go Evan!
    Years ago, my CS Sunday school teacher in Wellesley used to tell us that when there were ads on the TV that featured medical products, she would mute the TV. That was in the fifties, before widespread use of computers.
    So, now when I'm at our "Y" and when friends start saying, "We can't do that at our age..." or they talk about detailed health issues, I know that I can mentally punch my delete button!
    Great strategy Evan,
    thank you!

  70. Gee, Evan, how did you know. Just last night I had to use my mental delete button to avoid a undesirable confrontation between my 2 Nurse Aides who take care of me. I was asked to cover for one, whom I disagreed with how she was about to go about with the other aide. Though I did agree with her motive, I didn't agree with the way she pursued it. Well, I thought to myself; "Here comes the Atom Bomb of mortal mind's explosions. "God, you take care of it, not I. Thy will be done." We'll! You know what happened. It all worked out harmoniously and I wasn't accused of taking sides with either Nurse Aide. Wow! No other system exists to save me from that embarrishing moment except C/S.

  71. Very Good! Thank you Evan!

  72. Thanks Evan. I'm finding that cleaning out my thinking of things that need deleting, both current and in the past, makes more room to enjoy the good that is coming in today. I'll keep the good and send the error to the trash bin.

  73. Thanks Evan, I love the way you present a great message in such a practical way. In applying Christian Science in our lives and guarding our thought from the bombardment of error that wants to be so prevalent, it is great having a mental "Delete Button". It sure brings the message MBE gave us to light!!

  74. Thank you, Evan!

  75. Great analogy. Just what I need to keep my thinking in order. Thank you.

  76. Evan, you make it sound so easy! But I notice you did something besides "delete" what you thought you saw--you replaced the picture you had been seeing with a perfect one of God's design. I like that, too, because when I just "delete", the picture would sometimes appear to repeat at a later date. Thank you, for your good lift!

  77. Great! Thank you Evan for this clear message - not to delete ;)

  78. Great lift Evan and what I love about it is that hitting delete with your thoughts is actually simple! You just do it. Zip zap bad thought gone. Replaced with good thought and consider it done!! If mortal mind tries to persist in presenting the same or more negative thoughts, you just persist with your delete button and spiritual thought replacements. Mind contains no effort. Effort is an aspect of the physical universe and it all begins with thought! We are in control because God made us in His image and likeness!

  79. What a wonderful way to pray for yourself and the world. Great message to use our God-given delete button 'dominion over all' material predictions or hypnotic beliefs by replacing them with real thoughts from Soul, God, whether they seem to originate as our own or another's belief. There is less confusion when we make a study of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's key to the Scriptures, Science and Health, because then we'll easily recognize the thought that originates with God and so bless all and be able to heal ourselves and others.

  80. Thank you so much Evan. Exactly what I need this morning when I reacted mentally in an unacceptable way last evening. Thanks also to many of the commenters who made me laugh or think. Love Malcolm's hymn idea of the tenderness we reflect from divine Love. and #37 Maria Fernanda who pointed out the wrong thought is not ours and where it seems to come from. You've put me on the right track this morning.

  81. Thank you, Evan. Loving ourselves and other people as Jesus loves us, is the answer here.

  82. A very practical, easy-to-remember and healing Daily Lift! Thank you.

  83. Boy is that a healing message in and of itself.
    Thank you.

  84. "The simplicity which is Christ" (Paul)
    DELETE the junk, the spam, the unwanted thoughts.
    Thank you, Evan. Right to the point.

  85. Thanks. A great reminder of how easy it really is to remove unwanted thoughts!

  86. Wow! I love this original idea. The delete button is following on from what I read this morning in S&H on page 275: "... must begin by reckoning God as the divine Principle of all that really is." Delete button's idea is a way to manifest understanding. Thank you Evan!

  87. Thank you Evan,for this very easy and most practical lift. I shall begin immediately putting it in practice. Thanks again and what a great way to begin the week !!!

  88. Thanks! For such a clear and effective metaphor for spiritual housekeeping. The Divine Right piece is something that I am anchoring into [I have woken in the middle of the night to a very clear it is your Divine Right].
    Cheers of thanksgiving!!!

  89. Great !! It would be good to use the " Delete All " button too. deleating all un healed thoughts that have been hanging around (not deleated) . And we can use the mental delete button much quicker than the one on our key board. Happy deleating every one. Thanks Evan

  90. si, acuerdo con la idea de no tener pre-conceptos negativos con las personas y las situaciones, y no dejar entrar esos pensamientos que no solucionan nada.
    Ahora bien, cuando existe en el presente una situación en la que "veo" palpable una inconducta o una realidad de hecho negativa, no la NIEGO,...la veo y digo ¿qué puedo hacer con ésto? tomar una actitud COMPASIVA me ayuda a disolver (muchas veces) el conflicto en cuestión; pues si me enfrento a ella queriendo ya negarla o ya destruírla...la potencio. Muchas gracias por este comentario que me ha llevado a reflexionar hoy 10 de febrero de 2014,. Bendiciones

  91. WOW! This is the very same issue I have been working on the past week. And trust me, what Evan is saying isn't just lofty works or yet another intriguing idea. He is opening a door for us all...creating a golden opportunity. And we actually have a choice. Either we sit in our comfy chairs, and take in Mrs. Eddy's wisdom like pablum or we can actually demonstrate it. And the two are very different things. One is passive and the other, the latter, is very active. And when one actively and wholeheartedly engages with God....THAT'S where the transformative power of Christian Science resides.

    I have left the creaky rocking chair approach to Christian Science way behind and instead am becoming a CS crusader and a fighter for doing and thinking good instead of just being a receiver of it. And this more assertive approach is changing my life totally. Imaging what it will do for yours!

    But don't just take my word for it, get out there and be a crusader for Christ, yourself!!!!! It never fails.

    Blessings to one and all, including Evan, of course!!! WE all need to be spiritual tigers for Christ, seizing every moment to thank God.

  92. What a perfect message for me and my family today! My dear husband passed on last year and today would have been his birthday, so we are all thinking of him more than usual, and missing him. That could have led us to feel that this would be a "down day", but now I'm knowing that it's "God's day", so it can only be filled with goodness and JOY! Thank you so much, Evan.

  93. Thank you for the uplift reminder. Tobias, good work!, and those mind pictures are cracking me up.

  94. Thank you ,Evan. This is just what I needed to hear this morning. Not always so
    easy to do when unwanted thoughts appear to be personal, coming from persons
    we care about. But if not of God, we must delete, and work to be more loving and
    more understanding and more forgiving...trusting that our heavenly parent will restore
    the harmony that seems to be lost. Thank you for the reminder to "begin rightly."

  95. Love your videos, Evan, really gives the message a "punch"! Love all the other videos as well!

  96. The delete button works great if one should forget, even for a moment, to "Stand porter at the door of thought..." (part of a quote from Science and Health). Oh, how much we all have to be grateful for and whenever I find myself with an erroneous thought, I attempt to delete it with a grateful one - and I'm never at a loss for grateful thoughts!
    With love to everyone who contributes regularly and to everyone involved with this wonderful Daily Lift program.


  98. Thanks, Evan. Great simple concept -- and excellent examples of being clear on what IS true after you "delete" the suggestion.

  99. Thx Evan, you have aced another one..............As Mary Baker Eddy says in her letter to Adam Dicky"all that you need to do is see that your conciousness is fully prepared,enlarged,uplifted,joyous,expected of infinite good"........In order to be fully prepared,we have to use that "delete" button....love to all

  100. You are welcome. Thank you! I can see that a multitude of DELETE buttons are being put to productive use today. LOL

  101. Thanks so much Evan! It is certainly what we all needed to hear ! A dear family member passed on last week but we are knowing that "Man,born of the great Forever,lives on,God-crowned and blest." MBEddy from Prose Works. thanks to all who shared.

  102. Thanks Evan fotr this wonderful reminder

  103. It really IS that easy. Thanks for all your memorable lifts which I always enjoy and learn from. You have a real gift for using memorable metaphors which really help me remember and use.

  104. Thank you for helping us see only the good!

  105. Just punched the button! That message came in very timely .
    The Christ is always here!
    Thank you for the helpful reminder Evan!

    God Bless.

  106. Ideas upright whole and free moving on common ground for good. Sometimes I find myself in a slump during Valentines Day week if I get wrapped into the cards chocolate or flowers or lack of it all. I need to keep the delete button down on some of that thinking, thanks!

  107. Dear Evan, thanks again for this great idea to use for myself and to tell the young ones at Wynnum SS.
    Last Sunday I played your "sparkle" Lift and also the " two bottle"Lift....one full and one not so full of good thoughts.
    They loved it...especially shaking the bottle to see the storm tornado. It gave the message to them.
    Lots of love to you Evan from us all at Wynnum QLD. Australia.
    Pam Gasteen

  108. Now I know what I've been doing wrong all these years -- pushing the wrong button? The delete button is much more effective than the "That was easy!" button. I suppose it was easy if one prohibits a look back begrudgingly or starts to count the steps in reforming what we found out was the one in our own mirror. And strangely enough,I actually liked that guy just fine, so delete begrudging and counting steps. Here we are now!

  109. Memorable illustration, Evan. Thanks!

  110. What a practical example of turning things into thoughts. There is always a spiritual side to everything, even a delete button. I, too, will never use that button without it reminding me to check my thinking right then and there before continuing on with whatever I am inputting. Thanks everyone for all the inspiration shared.

  111. Great way to start my day, Evan! Thank you.

  112. Negative things and persons CAN be deleted and as Mary Baker Eddy says, their negative thoughts need not pass the door to our minds, and we can lovingly block their passage where they are not welcome in us and be directed, as a deserving child of God, to a place that is more perfect for them, where they also deserve a home that will forgive them, even as we try to forgive them and send them to amore appropriate place. To be the porter at one's door implies that NOT all will pass in--yet that does not mean they should be rejected by any and all of course!

  113. Great analogy. Thanks for the lift!

  114. Evan, I don't think I will ever again use the delete button on my computer without thinking of this Daily Lift. Your ideas are terrific and I thank you so much.

  115. I really relate to this idea. I thought I was doing this, but I see that diligence wins the prize.

    Thanks Evan and all LIfters. You help me stay firm!

    I would also like to thank our church for the many ways it provides a focus on good. I LOVE the daily lessons, periodicals and new materials always arriving in our Reading Rooms, not to mention all the exquisite content on the computer.

  116. PS Thanks #64 for the wonderful article you suggested. Being able to print these treasures directly is SUCH A BLESSING.

  117. Thank you very much for sharing this great idea!!

  118. so direct. So simple. Thanks so much. Wendy (Western Australia)