2/1: Fellow travelers

2/1: Fellow travelers

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  1. This is so true. That has happened to me many times too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Many thanks Robin for that inspiring reminder. Yes. "What a joyful gathering of fellow travelers each Wednesday [testimony] meeting can be." "A grateful heart a garden is,/ Where there is always room/ For every lovely, Godlike grace/ To come to perfect bloom." (Christian Science Hymnal #3).

  3. A world of healers that have stepped out and travel with us along the way! A beautiful Lift. I read last night before sleep the January Journal article " No impassable situation" by Gail Humphreys which in turn shares the support of another article. All the wonderful testimony meetings worldwide gathering evidence of healing.I love the internet Mother Church Wednesday service when I can. Many thanks for this Robin, and the BoL.Happy Wednesday!

  4. The Christian Science Wednesday meetings are to me an oasis in the middle of the week. When the everyday grind becomes too much of a challenge -and it doesn't seem to be light at the end of the tunnel, Wednesday is here again, the wonderful readings and testimonies at church recharge me.
    But it wasn't always like this, it was so boring going to church as a teen, however, my mom would say, “We are going to church!” (no questions asked) and I didn't have a chance!
    You see, I went to work 30 minutes after the service ended, I had no excuses.
    Today, after so many wonderful demonstrations of God's love, I am glad she did.
    La reunión de los miércoles de la Ciencia Cristiana es para mí un oasis en medio de la semana. Cuando la rutina diaria se convierte en de un desafío–y pareciera no haber luz al final del túnel, el miércoles aparece una vez más, las lecturas maravillosas y los testimonios en la iglesia recargan my batería.
    Pero no siempre fue así, de adolescente era muy aburrido ir a la iglesia, pero mi mamá solía decir, “¡Vamos a la iglesia!“ (sin pregunta alguna) ¡y no me daba ni una oportunidad de reusar!
    Lo que pasaba era que yo entraba a trabajar 30 minutos después que terminaba la reunión, no tenia escusa alguna.
    Hoy, luego de tantas maravillosas manifestaciones del amor de Dios, me alegra que lo hizo.

  5. Thanks for your daily lifts and support for my families as we are really blessed with all the lifts for do sent to me.

  6. Many years ago, when I was fairly new in Christian Science, I had to go on a very long journey by air.
    I hadn't flown before, and I was very nervous and fearful. I contacted a CS Practitioner, and she recommended that I take with me a little booklet entitled "All the Way" by Milton Simon. I still have that little booklet, but I think it may have been reprinted in one of the collections.

    I immersed my self in this article as we were going along, and at one point we meant a really bad turbulence, and it seemed very frightening. I clung even more to this article, and kept focussed on it, until eventually we became steady again. Some people round about me asked me how it was that I had remained so calm during this experience, and I told them that I was praying to know we were safe in God's care. In fact, I was not feeling as calm as I looked!! - but I just kept trusting that what I was taking in from this article would keep us all safe. So even if we are fearful, as long as we hold to the inspiration we have from God, we will be safe, because fear has no real power. God loves us.

    As Hymn 376 says in the last verse: "Toward Thee, while pressing onward, The way will brighter grow, For Thou throughout the journey Thy loving care will show."

    So whatever the journey, it is really a spiritual journey, and God provides us all with spiritual companions or thoughts to travel with us, for we are all on the same spiritual journey.

    I am grateful to be reminded of this.

  7. Always Robin .. There is always someone who benefits from all these gorgeous lifts... so many down the line..sharing wonderful experiences .. such a spark ignities inspiration and gains companionship...

  8. This helped me a lot. one of my children is travelling alone back from India on Friday and it means changing planes and getting an internal flight and then an international flight in the early hours. Knowing Love is there at all times and travelling along all the way is a great comfort.

  9. I walk with love along the way .......(Hymn139)

  10. How lovely to hear your Lift today Robyn, many thanks. Last week, I invited 2 young travellers to my home;same day my brother rang saying he had given my phone number to 2 young French hitch-hikers...that night, my house was like a UN meeting, such a delight! Upon leaving,some days later, after touring the Coromandel, one of them said, they felt "more at home than since they had gone away." I felt, and still feel a glowing "camp mother " residue....I was a traveller too, and remember kindness and trust from "strangers" who affirmed my intrinsic belief of the good in folk I meet. Thank You for the daily lifts...I look forward to them!

  11. So true, Robin. Always good to hear how some idea shared has blessed another on their way, often for years. And what an opportunity we all have, later today, to join with fellow travelers around the world in sharing our love for God through the testimony meetings at The Mother Church online. A mighty army!

  12. Fellow travelers - yepp, they are so important!

    Thanks #6 - "All the way" - our thought pooling center is always open and at hand- ..and our spiritual companions!

  13. La reunión de los miercoles es para mi lo máximo quizás porque es la más inspirada ya que el o la lectora debe elegir apoyándose en su inspiración el desarrollo de la misma, eso permite una comunicación mayor, según entiendo con los escuchas haciendo aflorar en ellos una mayor expresión de agradecimiento, haciendo muy grato ese viaje inspirado que es toda lectura en la iglesia, y como también lo son los Daily Lift cada mañana, por eso me parece maravilloso el esfuerzo cada día a pesar de que muchas veces no entiendo y me guío por el título y por las traduciones al español de *4 y lo que entiendo del inglés para mi es un gran gozo compartir con todos, estas mañanas y me provoca un profundo agradecimiento el esfuerzo que cada día realizo para poder comprender y lograr estar comunicados ya que la comunicación es espiritual coronada por el esfuerzo de todos, en esa hermandad que debería primar siempre para hacernos más generosos y agradecidos por el esfuerzo ajeno de todos los que de alguna manera o de mil maneras trabajan para que haya comunicación y progreso, que es el resultado de ese esfuerzo mancomunado con el Amor divino que hace placentero el viaje, que de otra manera es un arduo y sufrido viaje.
    Muchas gracias, thank so much. Robin, every day.

  14. So glad to be a fellow traveller with you, dear Robin, and all the others too.

  15. Thank you, Robin, under Spirit's sweet control no one can be lost.

  16. Thank you ... :-)

  17. Step one: Picking oneself up out of a comfortable setting to drive alone to Wed night service on cold, snowy, rainy, or dark evening after a long day at work.

    Step two: Listening to inspired readings, hearing and sharing growth experiences with fellow travelers.

    Step three: Drive home inspired, happy, grateful and rested.

    Happens every time. Just have to remember step three when you are starting step one.

  18. Thank you, I know how it feels to be in a new city and to have someone there to help you. There times now when I have to stop and ask "Father show me where to go" I always get the right answer

  19. Spiritual companions, however manifested, travel with us and bring comfort and guidance.

    I had a demonstration years ago that ties in to this lift and this week's Bible Lesson...and is similar to
    js (above). Anticipating my very first flight I too was nervous. That week's Bible Lesson also
    included the story of Goliath and David's smooth stones. Looking up smooth in the dictionary I found
    that one definition was: unobstructed in flight. That was my comforting companion throughout the trip
    and was (according to MBE: Angels Misc 306) more strengthening than if I had "a loved one present". I've shared this before - but if it helps someone new - it's not redundant.

    Thank you, Robin, for giving me the opportunity to give thanks, again.

  20. Thank you so much for this supportive uplift on Wednesday night meetings - at times so necessary for little bands of "wednesday night travellers"!

  21. Lois Lange 2/1/12
    Always good to know that whenever we hear the testimonies we can take them
    in our mental basket and travel with them wherever we go. Sorry will not be with
    you in Naples,FL for the lecture but will be traveling and doing my prayerful work
    about the receptivity of your lecture you will be sharing with our community Feb. 11.
    Thank for the thoughts in our preparatory meeting last night.

  22. I will always remember a Wednesday testimony meeting I attended many years ago at a small church in Florida. It was the 50th. anniversary of the end of WWII. The speaker said that in God's world, in Mind, there had never been a world war, there had never been any atrocities, there had never been a Holocaust.

    This made such an impression on me. All these years later, I still tell myself, "In God's world, in Mind, there has never been sickness, sin or death. There has never been economic failure, unemployment, unrest. There has never been anything unlike God". I am grateful to this small church and that one person who gave me a truth to take with me and use, whatever the challenge.

  23. Thanks to all of the fellow travelers who have commented above and to Robin for an inspiring message to start a new month. I love what Hymn 148 says, "He (God) knows the way He taketh, And I will walk with Him." And ends with, "My Father has my treasure, And He will walk with me." What a comforting companion I have!

  24. Thank you so much Robin! During moments of quiet at our Wednesday church meeting, I know that all dear members are traveling together in the sweet sense of God's ever presence. Testimonies are special, but those times of togetherness in prayer are as well!

  25. Thanks a lot!

  26. We were visiting The Mother Church from New York City, and had to get back to our Youth Hostel. The usher gave such clear instructions for us to go down down down to the subway, it was as though he had taken us! The driver of my little tuk tuk in Jakarta had followed the address on a piece of paper but was curious about the destination, so he accompanied me inside the church. He would have had something to share when he arrived home after work! Our testimony meeting tonight was on wisdom with Solomon's judgement of the two mothers. How that testimony has travelled around the world for many centuries and is still as revelant today as it was in those days. Christian Scientists are never at a loss for something to talk about! Out come the testimonies, healings and experiences until we are called away on the next stage of our journey. Thank you Robin for a wonderful Lift; and thank you Nate and the crew; the BoL and lecturers; and the warm and loving Lift family.

  27. I could hear such humility in your message, thank you! By our attendance at these Wed. Mtg.'s we're not only blessed but we are blessing ourselves, those who are seated inside the church, the community and God's world. It's a privilege to attend these encouraging, healing meetings and thanks for the reminder that we can bring a companion/neighbor/friend to reap the benefits of uniting with fellow travelers.

  28. I so agree with what you said, Robin. Thank you. We are here to Love one Another, as a favorite hymn indicates.

  29. 19 bd: Good testimonies don't have a Use By date. . . Keep sharing.

  30. I know what you mean. I, too, have shared something and someone comes up afterward and says, "That's just what I needed." That same person had given a testimony that helped me along my spiritual journey. I never walk out of a Wednesday testimony meeting without having gained a more spiritual insight about something that helps me travel higher in my spiritual journey.

  31. Some years ago I was traveling from northern Michigan to lower Michigan in a blizzard with white-outs. I had to get home from my parent's house with my 3 children for work the next day. It was pretty overwhelming. I prayed on the way and very soon met up with a lone trucker. It seemed we were the only 2 on the road that day. I tagged along with him all the way to my exit which took 3 times the regular travel time. He knew I was following him and he would slow down to make sure he saw my headlights in his rearview mirror. A line from the CS Hymnal came to thought, [God] "knows the angels that you need and sends them to your side to comfort, guard, and guide" (hymn 9) . The trucker waved to me as I exited. What a sign of pure brother love that day and what wonderful protection for the kids and I from our Father God!

  32. Thank you, Robin! This Lift ties in so well with a previous Lift on Life being a Spiritual Journey! I agree, it's always wonderful to have fellow travelers on this Journey! So grateful that we have the InterNet to help keep us all connected with the Daily Lift, the Online C.S. Sunday Service, the Online C.S. Weds. Testimony Meeting and even Online Lectures and Chats! Thank you to all the Daily Lift Commenters for being my "fellow travelers"!! XOXO!!

  33. So nicely stated...afterall, we are, all, just that, travelers......passing through....nice to have some traveling companions along the way.

  34. Thank you very much for the inspirational lift and yes, fellow travelers are we all in some way to help and guide us to the destination we would/ should like to go. It is our Father within which sends us always his visible or invisible angels. Trust in God and blessings in every way which are especially mend for you will be there. Testimony given is shared and acknowledged value for our fellow travelers in daily life. Thanks again it lifted me up and made me aware about our individual journey on our planet earth.

  35. Thank you.

  36. Thank you, Robin! And Fellow Travelers!
    Wednesday testimony meetings have always been a highlight of my week. And now I get to enjoy and participate in two of them -- one here at home and the online testimony meeting from The Mother Church, too! What a joy and an inspiration!

  37. Thank you Robin.

  38. Sounds like the daily lift community as well! I love the sharing. It is the proofs that are necessary and if others can prove than we know we can too!

    Thank you Robin!

  39. Oh yes....it is so important to go and participate in the Wednesday night services. If we are not giving testimonials and proofs of the goodness and utility of C.S. then we are offering only words.

  40. Sounds like the daily lift community as well! I love the sharing. It is the proofs that are necessary and if others can prove than we know we can too!

    Thank you Robin!

  41. Thank you Robin!

  42. Ha! what a great thing. All the lecturers who share their lifts are certainly our fellow travelers 5 days a week. Thanks. Also, Robin's idea is a wonderful way of reminding that we don't need to compare our situation with anyone else's -- that is think " Well, I wish I'd thought of that." And somehow deminish our experience in the light of that of our fellow travelers. God gives us the ideas to share and gives us the ability to listen and appreciate and to gain from everyone's inspired message.

    Happy Wednesday, everyone.

  43. Thanks Robin!!!

  44. Thank you --My sentiments expressed beautifully. Wednesday is always a joyous day- because I so look forward to the peaceful and spiritual break and joyous sharing of heart felt thoughts that go on at the Wednesday church service.

  45. This message was just perfect for me. I had considered letting my church know I needed to resign from our Wednesday evening testimony meeting's Usher Committee because I had a new job which kept me until too late to attend the service. But I awoke this morning with the understanding that I needed to stand up for my spiritual rights. The time at work can be made up on another day and I resolved to let my boss know of my decision. This Daily Lift as the icing on the cake! Thanks so much, Robin. Now I will not miss those wonderful testimonies that helped me to understand Christian Science better.

  46. What an interesting perspective and a very helpful one. Thank you.

  47. Thank you Robin for the lovely thoughts. Yes, we are journeying on this spiritual path together! And this Daily Lift vehicle is so helpful! Thank you Nancy #17, yes, I have been reluctant to leave a warm chair to make the cold dark drive to a Wed. testimony meeting, but ALWAYS came home inspired, encouraged, and uplifted!
    Thank you also Kathleen #22, for that beautiful thought about God knowing nothing of war, atrocities, etc., truly helpful when sad memories surface. God has never known it! Such a help.
    What a wonderful community!

  48. Lori,#23 mentioned hymn #148 which gave me such comfort during a turbulent flight. Every word seemed appropriate and powerful and I was so grateful to have it as a resource during those moments.
    "In heavenly Love abiding, No change my heart shall fear; And safe is such confiding, For nothing changes here. The storm may roar without me, My heart may low be laid; But God is round about me, And can I be dismayed?....Bright skies will soon be o'er me, Where darkest clouds have been, My hope I cannot measure,".
    I am so grateful for the many resources we have as CS that we can turn to as we travel on our journeys in life. Thank you Robin for the uplift and to all those who make it happen and to all who share with their comments and even the silent ones for participating too. Thank you.

  49. I am so grateful for this lift and all of the comments. The idea of making a journey together gives me great peace and hope for all.

  50. Yes that so rings true, I have never failed to be blessed by the healings and ideas shared at at a Wed Testimony meeting - I am so grateful to each one who speaks. We are indeed "brother birds"
    Thankyou Robin.

  51. Thank you. Robin. Just beautiful! I live in New York and I still don't know all of the train routes. :-)
    Sharing does does indeed bring personal joy. You are a blessing. Thanks again.

  52. Thanks Robin. This message is so relevant as witness these lovely comments from people all over traveling in so many different ways and places. thanks everyone. Doing quite a bit of traveling in unfamiliar places lately, all these stories ring so true. And thanks for the wonderful comments on Wednesday night testimony meetings. I love Wednesday meetings. Also Malcolm, I so enjoy the way you weave hymns into your comments. I too love the hymns as daily prayers. Thanks Nate and all your team from another grateful heart.

  53. Thanks so much Robin and fellow lifters! My new husband and I are traveling the selling-and-buying-homes seemingly nervewracking journey. Just this morning we changed the word to "adventure" and committed to enjoying each step of the way. So appreciate you reminding us of the healing and inspiration that comes from Wednesday night services. With much gratitude for the joy and comfort our fellow travelers give to us!

  54. Thank you so much Robin, yes I enjoy Testimonies of fellow travelers while in the States, but this is
    not a barrier when oen lives where there is no church or any kind of services except our Bible Lessons
    and on line Journal and Sentinel articles which I find so helpful. kIt gbieves one a real sense of companionship with fellow Christians round the world. I am truly grateful for all the blessings which
    Daily Lifts and other Church activities provided for folks who are one in Spirit of Love and Harmony.
    Blessings and many thanks.

  55. Nice! Thanks!!!

  56. Yes! We are all connected in Spirit, and how better to experience this than in the Wednesday testimony meetings! Thanks, Robin for this thought.

  57. Thank you Robin. I used to travel almost 2 hours each day to work at a C.S. Nursing home and my closest companion mainly was a cd I would listen to by Adam H. Dickey "God's Law of Adjustment". I am so grateful for those times, because not only did it help me to endure on the job, but taught me a great deal about God's protection through His laws. I, too, am grateful for the testimony meetings that I mostly listen to via phone or online. I love the Mother Churches meetings because you can share by writing in your testimony. Thank you daily lift team, and fellow daily lifters for your comments.

  58. Thanks for the lift. Interesting comments by #22 and #29 Kathleen and Margaret, respectively.

    A student of Mrs. Eddy's asked her for help in a healing involving shrapnel wounds. Mrs. Eddy's response was,
    "You are laboring under the belief that there was a war". Laying the axe at the root of the situation.

    In the '70's movie, "Oh God", the John Denver character asks God, George Burns, "Why do you give us all this trouble"?, to which George answers, "I didn't give you anything but good, and if that isn't enough, I've given you each other". Certainly we don't study Christian Science through movies, but it is an interesting thought in line with Robin's Lift.

    Once again, the Daily Lift is bringing out the best in each one of us.

    With much love, and gratitude,


  59. What a beautiful way to look at Wed. Evening Testimonies. Thanks, Robin!

  60. What a wonderful message! And to realize, as one person commented, that the angel thought doesn't HAVE to come through a person, but can still appear in thought to guide us and to bless us. Nancy, #17, your comment was so well stated...thank you! These lifts each day are a little like testimony meetings in that they assure me that there are people from all over the world traveling this spiritual journey and healing many of the same challenges that sometimes present themselves to me. Thank you so much, Robin. I enjoy the manner in which you speak! Thanks also to all the crew working daily to make this available to all of us!

  61. Thank you Robin and all the Lifters(for your comments). This lift awakened me to the fact that today is "Wednesday". Now I knew it was Wednesday, but had "forgotten"about the Church part! How grateful I am to you all as I surely needed this uplifting, healing reminder!

  62. On world travel trips with Peck-Judah, we would always have a Wednesday meeting in a setting where other travelers and local citizens could participate. Other than those in our group no other attendee had ever been to a Christian Science Wednesday Meeting. During testimonies at a river boat meeting on the Yangtze River, a gentleman from Germany expressed gratitude and commented that when he was younger (WWII) we had been enemies. He was obviously inspired and pointed out that the music of one or our hymns was by Beethoven -- "Father, we thy loving children" No. 58). We can always anticipate brotherhood and harmony from the travelers to our Wednesday meetings.

  63. Thanks a lot Robin, for the interesting and helpful lift.

  64. Thanks, Robin and All...
    It is so helpful to hear this message and read the comments...I feel "back on track" .
    Warmest thoughts...

  65. Thank you Robin...I feel "back on track, thanks to ALL.

  66. Thank Robin for the expansive insight!

  67. Thank you Robin, for this beautiful expression of the Wednesday evening meeting! As we share our gratitude it blesses others, and others bless us by doing the same. We help each other. I love how you shared this. Many thanks, Carol

  68. Returning from the Wednesday meeting at our branch church, Frankfurt: Beautiful readings, hymns, testimonies about friendship, insights on how to prevent disease, relationships turned around from dislike to genuine joy, a mother supporting her teenage son to find a quick healing, and more.

    Whenever I didn't want to go to a Wednesday meeting but still went, it has always been a special one: A particularly beautiful testimony, a visitor from another city, a testimony I woudn't have missed, a particularly lively meeting, something I could contribute. With that experience, no argument can keep me from attending regularly - and the arguments have therefore ceased coming in the first place...

    Greetings to everyone

  69. Thank you for the lovely invitation to Wed evening service. I hope it will be accepted by many, since it's my turn to read. The sharing continues on and on. I just came across healing ideas written to my parents by a wonderful loving practitioner, on a yellowing piece of paper from about 65 years ago, and they were so applicable to today's issues, also.

  70. I love this about the Wed. eve. meetings - the sharing with each other, and lovely message from the desk! Thanks for the reminder.

  71. Good on you #45. It is great to put church first. The largely secular world we live in may not appreciate your stance, but people will remember that your church was more important than anything else. Since I was a child, I have loved the Wednesday testimony meetings. You hear so many good stories with satisfying endings! Everyone enjoys hearing memorable stories and it is refreshing to hear the words given in individual ways, from the heart. In our church we also have gratitude meetings once a school term. These are testimony meetings entirely run by the Sunday School students, held in the Sunday School. It's wonderful to hear the student who is chosen to read and listen to their selections. This is one great way to groom new adult readers in the future! Even the smallest student now knows how to take the microphone and give a testimony. I find their simple words so very inspiring. To me, the Wednesay testimony meeting is one of the best expressions of Church Alive.

  72. How so true. Thank you so very much.

  73. Thanks Robin!

  74. Thank you, Robin, for sharing this powerful reminder of the blessings of the Wed. testimony meetings.
    So true!

    #71 Robin, I love the idea that your school is giving the students that opportunity to learn and grow. I feel I am still reaping the blessings of having participated in a CS college organization many years ago.

  75. Thank you Robin. I am a day late in getting my comments in but I just had to witness to the power of Wednesday night gifts of Love to each member and community as the church service is a wash of cleansing and joy.

    I found myself this week, cleaning out my cat litter box and used clorox. I poured the water and clorox out on the ground when I was finished. My cat started to lick it. I was so upset, and fearful. But just then, an "angel testimony" I had heard just freed me. A man had talked about his dog. And his dog had eaten ( I think anti freeze for cars or something poisonous). And he knew the Truth about the dog and his innocency. And the dog was free. And my cat never showed any signs of discomfort.

    That is why I love Wednesday nights...the sharing testimonies are gifts that we use over and over again during the week.

  76. thank you! I love this way of thinking of the Wednesday evening meetings.

  77. So true, Robin! When I came back to church one Wed. after many years out, there were 3 really amazing testimonies. I thought, "Wow, I'm home!"

  78. Thanks Robin for this elevating thought. Wednesday Testimony Meetings always have been very important to me since I was a teenager. I find that attending these meetings are part of the healing process of every Christian Science Branch Church. The sharing of testimonies of healing that follow the readings from our pastor, The Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,contribute to the healing power needed in all communities. As a Christian Scientist I feel it is my duty and a privilege to attend every week the Sunday Service and the Wednesday Testimony Meeting.

    En español

    Gracias Robin por este pensamiento elevador. Las Reuniones de Testimonios de los Miércoles siempre han sido muy importantes para mí desde que era adolescente. Encuentro que asistir a estas reuniones es parte del proceso sanador de cada Iglesia Filial de la Ciencia Cristiana. El compartir de testimonios de sanación que siguen a la lectura de nuestro pastor, la Biblia y Ciencia y Salud con La Llave de las Escrituras, contribuye al poder sanador necesario en todas las comunidades. Como Científico Cristiano siento que es mi deber y un privilegio asistir cada semana al Servicio Dominical y a la Reunión de Testimonios de los Miércoles.

  79. Wonderful, Robin!

    Whatever our differences might be, a Wed. testimony meeting unites and blesses. I have found lasting inspiration and healing at these meetings through listening and sharing. I can specifically recall such messages as far back as my first meetings as a child and over 30 years ago as an adult, when I made the commitment to attend. Mrs. Eddy's inspiration to establish these gatherings is truly a blessing. I'm a witness!

  80. Amen! One healing I've had during a Wednesday Testimony Meeting was when I wasn't even there! I had a splitting headache and wasn't well enough to attend the meeting. But a section of a by-law from the Manual of The Mother Church came to me about prayers in our services being given for the congregations collectively and exclusively. I immediately claimed my status as a member of the congregation. That meant I was the recipient of the prayers offered at that meeting. I was healed within the hour. The debilitating pain simply vanished. No doubt about it, these Wednesay meetings are healing meetings!

  81. Thanks, Robin.

  82. Going back to comment #17, I've found that it helps before step 1, and between steps 1, 2, and 3, then after step 3 to include humbly praying and loving, trying to better put into practice ideas from that and previous testimony meetings, etc. The more I put into practice, and the more I give, the more I get and grow, to have more to glorify and thank God and serve others.

  83. There is purpose in our journey through life! This lift was a nice reminder of that.

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