12/9: Up, like an eagle

12/9: Up, like an eagle

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  1. Thank you, Michelle, for “Up like an eagle … the serpent will ultimately drop away and fall by its own weight … remember the eagle and fly!”

    Inspired by your upLifting message, I will declare with Mrs. Eddy:

    “To-day my soul can only sing and soar. An increasing sense of God's love, omnipresence, and omnipotence enfolds me. Each day I know Him nearer, love Him more, and humbly pray to serve Him better” (My 174:25).

  2. Thank you Michelle for this wonderful Lift. I always like the idea of "elevating" our thought above what mortal mind is trying to claim is true about us. It is a great place to start, because as our thought soars, error is eventually left in the dust. Mary Baker Eddy says, in Miscellaneous Writings page 113, "He who refuses to be influenced by any but the divine Mind, commits his way to God, and rises superior to suggestions from an evil source." As we raise our thought above the error, our position becomes one of superiority over its claim. Thank you again.

  3. MIchelle, thank you for this GREAT lift. The idea that whatever would seem to hold us to matter/error is not real and cannot last. As we raise our thought to God/Spirit we can find freedom, harmony, and man's true existence.

  4. Most inspiring, Michelle. Thank you.

  5. Thank you so much for mental wing which enables me to fly! Have a wonderful flight, all!

  6. Thank you!

  7. Thank you Michelle for reminding me that my own daily lift should include the shaking off of the suggestions of the serpent that we are bound to matter and that we can go no higher. A Biblical character who also proved that he could go higher was Noah. Noah did not stand in the desert of human hopes and let himself be overwhelmed by the flood of material theories. He went into his ark of safety and when the floods came the only effect that the storm had on him was to lift his ark higher above the waters. Eventually Noah was to see the destruction of all matter.

    It is interesting to note that most illustrations of the ark are wrong. The Biblical ark had only one window and that was in the roof so that Noah could not see the tempest beneath him. He could only look upwards.

  8. Michelle, Thank you.

  9. What an amazing analogy, Michelle. that we have merely to lift ourselves above all erroneous thoughts to soar like the eagle until the serpent of false belief justs drops away to destroy itself and leave us free.to go even higher. Thanks for the various comments which followed your inspiring lift. Thank you so much. I shall pass that story on to my grandkids, for its lesson is so clear they will grasp it easily !

  10. Thanks so much. It seems to me that either fear or being mesmerized by evil is what would try and keep us from flying, from remembering/knowing/realizing that we can fly above evil and from trusting that we can.

  11. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  12. Beautiful and powerful reminder, Michelle. There is a poem by May Alena Sorensen that begins, "Remember you have wings, Love's strong pinions . . .". Divine Love lifts us up and away from any and all claims to frighten, impair, or hold us down or back. Time for lift off!

  13. What an inspiring message, thank you, Michelle. Ws shake off the serpent as did Paul. We do not put up with allowing error of any source to attach itself which can interfere with our spiritual growth.

  14. Thanks for your "daily lift" Michelle. God always reveals to His spiritual idea man (including woman) what we need to do. The 91st Psalms (KJV) of protection begins with, "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." To all mankind soaring upward and outward like an eagle means staying alert, awake, and in sync of what God is.

  15. Many thanks Michelle for this very inspiring lift. Yes. "We too can take mental and spiritual wing and go high in prayer. Perfect spiritual government encompasses us, and we feel the lift, we rise above." "From earth's fears and vain alarms/ Safe in His encircling arms,/ He will keep us all the way,/ God, our refuge, strength and stay." (Christian Science Hymnal #53).

  16. With God on our side we already have all the defense we need.

    As the majestic eagle, we too have the option of rising above the limited material thinking by taking mental and spiritual wing and go high in prayer.

    When in doubt or fear, or entangled by a problem, it help to think of the eagle raising herself out of danger; she even protects her young by building the nest as high as possible.

    The serpent, evil, won’t fly, it doesn’t soar and it will not hold on forever.

    Evil cannot reach the above pure air of Love. Exodus 19:4

    Con Dios de nuestro lado ya tenemos toda la defensa que necesitamos.

    Como el águila majestuosa, nosotros también tenemos la opción de elevarnos por encima del limitado pensamiento material y tomando alas mentales y espirituales subimos alto en oración.

    En caso de duda o temor, o enredados por un problema, es útil pensar en el águila alzándose fuera de peligro, ella incluso protege a sus crías con la construcción del nido tan alto como sea posible.

    La serpiente, el mal, no vuela, no se remonta, ni aguantará para siempre.

    El mal no puede alcanzar el aire puro del amor en lo alto. Éxodo 19:04

  17. Thanks for this uplifting message!

  18. This is so appropriate thank you.What a brilliant lift. Thank you too last week to all the lifters and friends who prayed during the big storms in the UK. Our home was entirely secure, the wind dropped, and the local boats took shelter in our local harbour.This defied the weather reports. I just knew the Christ would come and save us. What I learned was theChrist was already there and no destruction could manifest. All are safe. Many thanks to the BoL and all the Lifter who shared their inspiring ideas and thought. x

  19. Wonderful Lift, wonderful comments - and a wonderful bird. Shaking off the serpent and soaring away... When I think about 'The Passing of the Seagull' article and pamphlet [relating to death as being not an end, but as a passing out of the sight of those who are left behind], I often substitute the idea of an eagle for the seagull. The eagle soars up and away on a thermal, without the need even to flap its wings. It leaves our sight, but gains ‘the wide horizon’s grander view’ (S. Longfellow; Hymn 218).

  20. A great way to start the week. Thanks, Michelle!

  21. Greta Uplift! Thank you much.

  22. Soaring, singing, rising, riding on the wings of all sustaining Divine Love....above with a new view, joyful and safe...Thank you for the Eagle analogy....also I noted the sweet perfection sweeping way the music of the intro led into the message.

  23. powerful imagery. Thank you Michelle

  24. A powerful lift for the start of a new week . Yes , Spirit soars , is omnipotent and eternal . Thank you Michelle .

  25. Wonderful lift, Michelle, thank you!!

  26. What an uplift !!! Both physically and metaphysically....THankyou so much....lovely to soar untrapped by error...
    .." conception unconfined is winged to reach the divine glory" S&H

  27. Gracias Michelle por el tema elegido y gracias Elena por tu comentario tan inspirado y oportuno para mi hoy.

  28. On page 354 of Miscellaneous Writings, Mrs. Eddy writes:

    "Go gaze on the eagle, his eye on the sun,
    Fast gathering strength for a flight well begun,
    As rising he rests in a liberty higher
    Than genius inflated with worldly desire.

    No tear dims his eye, nor his pinions lose power
    To gaze on the lark in her emerald bower--
    Wherever he soareth to fashion his nest,
    No vision more bright than the dream in his breast. "

    And Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto me."

    A God of Spirit cannot be brought down to a material concept of life. We have to lift ourselves above the material concept of life into God.

    Your lift, using the eagle as an example, is an inspiring way to think of this. Thank you.

  29. Pienso en el águila, volando en las alturas, planeando entre nubes, por desfiladeros de majestuosa hermosura, Y me viene a la memoria el dicho Bíblico, ¿Qué es el hombre para que tengas de él memoria? Viendo al águila, que además cuando sus garras y pico se deteriora por el uso, sola ella lo recupera, ¡Cómo, sola? subiéndose a la parte más alta y allí en soledad, me atrevo a decir, cómo en oración, lo hace.

    Si el águila "por sí misma" lo hace ¿Qué no puede hacer el ser de Dios? Entiendo que mucho más. Ahora, ¿Estamos dispuestos a asumirlo con total confianza e irrestricta voluntad? Parafraseando a Eddy,, siendo una ley para nosotros mismos, cómo el águila lo hace.

    "Es la filiación espiritual del hombre un don personal que se le ha otorgado o es la realidad de su ser en la Ciencia divina" MBE. E.M.p:181

    Sin duda es la realidad que se manifiesta desde lo más pequeño hasta lo infinitamente mayor, en una sola realidad que abarca todo en un solo Ser, Dios en perfecta armonía. Solamente cuando no estamos conscientes de ella, fuera de foco con la realidad divina, solo en esa ocasión, la imagen no se ve reflejada, perdiéndo contacto con la realidad imperecedera, que no necesita más que elevarse hacia Él, para obrar.

    Muchas gracias, Michelle, por la elevación que ha diario nos traen, para que como el águila seamos capaces de planear gosozos por los acantilados del infinito Dios, en plena consciencia de ser uno con Él. Como así, Cristo lo fue.

  30. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift, something to remember to keep our thoughts always in an upper register that God good guides and governs and protects all .

  31. Thank you Michelle. Lovely start to the week.

    Thank you Nela, Martin and Elena as well as the other Lifters.

    Yesterday at Church a young wood dove flew in and we had to get her out. In summary I eventually caught her (yes I took a pic but I have not processed it yet) and the one thing she kept trying to do all of the time was to fly. When I released her, she flew with such strength. My grasp did not mesmerize her. It is so cool to awake to this Lift.

    This Lift (especially the snake's grasp) and catching the bird to release it, inspired me to write a short poem this morning. Here it is, unedited.

    Thanks again Michelle, and to all of the Lifters, thank you for your supportive comments and messages; very much appreciated. This poem is for all of you and for everyone working like pioneers to embrace love, helping us to rise beyond the seeming grasp of error and fear:-

    The Talent of Love

    If there is only
    One talent I have
    Let it be to love.

    Wherever I go
    Whomever I see
    Let me love

    Love helps me
    To see through
    The haze of fear and hate

    Love enables me
    To feel secure
    For God loves, governs and protects

    Love empowers me
    To soar in the morning skies
    No matter what may grasp at my heels

    Love brings joy
    That inner peace
    Flowing from my divine Father-Mother-God

    Love is supply
    Meeting life’s demand
    For God is the divine Source

    Love embraces Life
    Life is God
    Our divine Creator

    When I love
    I live.
    for Love is All


  32. Thanks so mich for inspired lift " up and fly like an eagle" That's terrific! Mario Vicencio, Sao Paulo- Brazil

  33. Thank you.

  34. Great Lift, Michelle!

  35. Wonderful Lift.Not striking back at error but lifting thought higher- the eagle flying upward was so visible.

  36. Parfait, Michelle -- thank you so much! And thanks, Troy, for your heartfelt poem.

  37. Thank you, Michelle, for this inspiring lift. It was good speaking to you before your recent lecture in Glasgow.

  38. Oh what a wonderful lift!! I listened 4 times to get it all and look forward to many more time during the day! Loved the analogy and in particular the last part "the pure air of Mind's spiritual altitude and Love's divine attitude cut off evil's breath until it sufficates and lets go". Thanks so much, Michelle!! And Troy, i love your poem!

  39. Great image!... The serpent can't fly!!!
    "Under His wings shalt though trust." Those wings are the Almighty's protection and strength. They will lift us up! Thanks Michelle.

  40. Truly a soaring Lift - will listen again and again, and share with the grandchildren! Thank you, Michelle, the DL Team, and Lifters all!

  41. thank-you most kindly for today's daily lift "up like an eagle".....perfect to start the day!

  42. Thank you. Wonderful!!!

  43. What a precious lift to start our week. IT came to me just when I needed it. Sometimes we are entangled by error and we are scared about symptoms that seem to appear in our body. But instead of looking down and fighting it, we can fly! Just great! Thanks to all the contributors. These DL and the comments are such a blessing every morning.

  44. Thanks for this great lift.

  45. My husband told my daughter once, "attitude determines altitude"! I think this lift of an eagle flying into the clouds away from the fetters of human bounds and error is a wonderful example of this saying! Thank you Michelle for starting the week in a positive upwardly positive direction!

  46. Thanks you. It reminded me of the song on Eagles Wings written by Michael Joncas which has as one chorus
    And He will raise you up on eagle's wings,
    Bear you on the breath of dawn,
    Make you to shine like the sun,
    And hold you in the palm of His Hand.
    Father of every age,

  47. This is a wonderful Daily Lift, Michele, and just exactly what I needed this early morning.
    One day I was looking out the window toward the bay just in time to see two eagles going after what appeared to be a fish in the water. All at once, one eagle went too far into the water and could not escape. The bird appeared to be bobbing in the water. I lifted my thought in prayer above the presentation in front of me. All at once the bird lifted his mighty wings and started to swim in a butterfly-type of swimming stroke. After a short while, he began to tire out and just as the strokes began to diminish, he found something to stand on (the tide going out). Within moments he lifted his huge wings upward and was free to soar. And we can too!

  48. You (Divine Love) are 'the wind beneath my wings' as the popular song goes. Love gives us the power to mentally soar above earthbound weights. Thank you.

  49. Thank you Michelle is so inspired lift!

  50. Oh Michelle, this is such a good image to think on. It is so much what I need to hear right now. Thank you all.

  51. “And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.” Rev 12:14 Gotta love the secret stuff in Revelations.

    It seems that the preferred treatment for the Biblical lying serpent is abandonment. Abandonment means both leaving something, but also to NEVER return to it. The serpent suggests that we might just fly by and take another look. If we hear a little hiss – start flapping. Just do not stop to talk.

    “… Love supports the struggling heart until it ceases to sigh over the world and begins to unfold its wings for heaven.” Science and Health p56:28 Just as Troy brings out in the Talent of Love poem.

    So many thanks Michelle for helping us take off today!

  52. Thanks to this Lift and the comments, I am flying today, soaring over anything unlike God...a BIG Thank You!!

  53. What an inspiring message that "the serpent will ultimately drop away and fall by its own weight … remember the eagle and fly!” We have wings as eagles - the Truth of Divine Science, Christian Science - which gives us the ability to fly over sin, disease and death - all error. And thanks #7 Tony Martin for enlightening us to the fact that the ark had only one window on top so Noah could only look up. Also, Troy, for your poem of love.

    I have a precious book, "Ideas on Wings" - "A collection of Poems from the Christian Science Periodicals that was released by the Christian Science Publishing Society in 1978. It has 72 poems and one of my favorites is "But where are the nine?" by Rushworth M. Kidder (#71). I'm sure anyone can find a poem here that will touch their heart.

  54. That's wonderful, Michelle! I love the thought that "The serpent cannot fly!" Always appreciate your Lifts! Thank you!

  55. Thank you Michelle for elevating our thoughts in such a beautiful and powerful way.Thank you so much!!!!

  56. Wonderful lift; thank you Michelle!!

  57. SO HAPPY to hear you again Michelle !!! hope to see you again as well, in Paris or elsewhere in the world... Mil gracias también por las referencias biblicas de Elena

  58. Thanks so much for that wonderful analogy. It was encouraging and inspiring.

  59. Such a happy and contented sign off, too. Complete all around.. Thanks to all!

  60. Thank you for a great message this morning and all the comments afterward...it has lifted me once again on this beautiful day.

  61. Thank you for a truly spiritual daily lift.

  62. UpLifting! Thank you Michelle and all! I am soaring and singing!

    I just found the song, On Eagles' Wings on YouTube. It has beautiful singing, eagles, lyrics!

    Our Mother-God is such...omnipresent Good, giving us all exactly what is needed, every moment, lifting us, lifting us...above any illusive beliefs that there could possibly be something, anything, besides infinite Life, Truth, Love! We are so blessed! Enjoy the flight, everyone!


  63. Comment #7 by Tony Martin brought out that Noah could only look upwards & not beneath. Evil is really a coward, never coming forward where it could be spotted, but from beneath or behind. Realizing it's cowardes one can shake it off immediately so it falls to it's doom, never to rise again. WHAT A TERRIFIC REALIZATION.

  64. Remembering the eagle and flying with gratitude for this lift today, I give thanks to God for His messengers as well as thanks to the messengers: Thank you, Michelle, commenters, and those behind the scene making sure this message is made available here online.
    Love and blessings to everyone everywhere now and always!
    Peace and joy to the world!

  65. Thank you so much, Michelle!
    So helpful.

  66. Thank you Michelle. This is inspiring.
    And thanks to all who shared their inspiration and stories to help us all "fly upward"
    And thanks to Troy #31 for the poem!
    Love to all

  67. Thank you. just what I needed today.
    I went to YouTube as Sue K mentioned, On Eagles' Wings, was very helpful.
    I also found and listen to, Soar on Eagles Wings, by Crystal Lake Elementary, just beautiful.
    I can not tell you how these daily lifts, all the comments here and Christian Science.com have helped lift me out of a pit of despair. This lift helps remind me I can stay out when the serpent trys to pull me down.
    Thank You all. What a blessing. :-)

  68. Merci, Michelle and all you Lifters.

    What an inspiring and educational visit for me this morning.

    These words from MIchelle stood out to me:
    "THE SERPENT CANNOT FLY!!!" The serpent is evil - error -- weighted down by mortal mind, limits, fear. But we can soar on "the wings of the eagle" -- Spirit, Love, Truth, divine Mind.

    PS: Troy, you express the beautiful talents of Soul with your photography, your poem and your inspiration.

    This Lift is a keeper!!!

  69. What a powerful message in today's Lift! "The serpent of evil will not hold on forever and it can't fly." It reminded me of where Mrs. Eddy says,"The power of Christian Science and divine Love is omnipotent. It is indeed adequate to unclasp the hold and to destroy disease, sin, and death." S&H 412:13

  70. Thanks!!!!!!! A great metaphor and lift to hear this morning. It was re-affirming to me of the very process, I have felt I have been in and am doing --- .

    Reminding myself, there are no surprises to God; and I cannot be cut off/separated from God's wisdom and love, thus the eagles power to lift up and out of whatever tries to snare.

    Thanks so much for this lift, the visual of divine Power is magnificent.
    With cheers of gratitude and joy,

  71. This lift is the stuff of miracles! Look up and soar into the spirit of God. It makes our hearts sing just thinking about it! Let go and rise up."I am the way and the truth and the life."John 14:6
    The purity of our thought can be tarnished so easily, whether it be by what some-one said, or did or what we read.It is so comforting to know that we can just turn ourselves to God and feel free and joyous again.
    Merci, Michelle!

  72. Thank you Michelle! Your lift was encouraging in many ways. Sometimes the seeming burden of error weighs me down to the point that I believe I cannot fly. Your lift erased that thought! I'm sure I'll use it often with much gratitude!

  73. Such a simple and powerful analogy and mental picture to keep in mind. Thank you

  74. Thank you so much Michelle and all Lifters so far this morning! These thoughts will be perfect to share with my Sunday School class as we talk about the "sneaky snake" and what to do with its suggestions.

  75. Right on Michelle!!!

  76. What a beautiful lift! Thank you Michelle. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments. I especially like the poem Troy.

  77. Merci, Michelle! Whew! I finally got On! It's so frigid up here that our Inter-Net connection must have frozen overnight, but now we are Soaring!! There is so much in the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings and C.S. Hymns re. Wings and Soaring and Lifting Up! Spiritual ideas are like Eagles' wings - they lift us up and the error thoughts not only drop off, but disappear.....and we are free to soar in the atmosphere of Love Divine!

  78. Thanks so much for this encouragement to soar. We won't
    lose anything of value when we let go of the serpent and take a higher outlook - an outlook of more thanks more respect and gentleness, more humility. Qualities we see all around us. I'm
    reminded of Chief Dan George's poem-essay "My Heart Soars"
    Published in 1979 by Hancock House in Saanichton, British Columbia. Thanks again Michelle, and the Lifters, this is truly a literal lift for the day.

  79. Thanks

  80. I really appreciate this Daily 'Lift' (like the Eagle!) and wanted to add my thanks along with so many others :-)
    These lifts and comments are very helpful, encouraging and important to have.

  81. Thank you.

  82. The Indians compared the liar with the 'forked' tongue of a snake. God and the eagle know the snake and his lie to be only illusion. Our wings are Truth and Love of God's present perfect creation.

  83. Just as long as we are covered with His feathers and under His wings we can soar and trust that He shall take us far and above any belief of serpent. Thank you Michelle for "Up like an eagle".

  84. Michelle, thank you for this inspiration-filled lift. A real treatment
    for today: Overflowing with lift upward and outward!

  85. Me – again!!! You will never guess!!! This morning after reading the Lift, I was with some friends. One wore a tee shirt that had printed on the back, "Why walk when you can fly?" ;-)

    Enough said .... or ... you can read on RE: what has come to my thought through prayerful consideration:

    Walking symbolizes human ways and means. Critical thinking, etc. is very valuable – to a point. We can start out from the same place and logic through to a desired goal, based on individual and/or collective observations and lived experiences; but, we can also “humanly reason” ourselves in very different directions, until the desired goal itself becomes unclear, even lost. What starts out as walking can turn into wandering in one wilderness after another.

    Flying, as it symbolizes praying that dispels, dismisses, and overrides even our best-effort human approaches. And divine guidance and protection blesses all involved. I've learned that "leaning not unto mine own understanding" and "trusting in God" (Prov 3:5) interrupts my own "if-then-matter-based" thinking and brings what human sense calls "miracles" to pass, which is rather the divine order, Universal Law being made manifest.

    Our God/Infinitude, only offers good, loving, and infinite possibilities. So, why walk??? ;-)

    Again, thanks to you, Michelle, and thanks to all my upLifting, worldwide DL Family!!! What a blessing you all are!!!

  86. I left this Lift feeling lifted; mentally airborne; ready to rise. Thank you for the inspiration.

  87. From C.S. Hymn #144/145: "In atmosphere of Love divine, We live, and move, and breathe;" --- and may I add, --- fly! Thank-you, Michelle for your crystal clear, powerful, soaring Lift --- vividly helpful! Thanks, Troy #31 for sharing your heartwarming and beautiful poem! Wonderful Lifter comments to read and ponder. Very grateful for the DL team's uplifting teamwork.......loved the music.

  88. Thank you so much Michelle for your beautiful reminder to uplift our thoughts as you say to "Mind's spiritual altitude..." where all mortal mind impositions drop away. In the God protection " Beneath the shadow of His mighty wing;" as Mrs. Eddy says, "In that sweet secret of the narrow way" there is no discord, pain, fear or strife. We are the true reflection of God.

    Thank you all lifters for comments today! And the Daily Lift Team too, of course.

  89. Hi Michelle~ thank you for your uplifting message!! I'm soaring!!
    Also thank you for all comments, so helpful!!! And Troy, appreciate your poem, just lovely!!
    Much love to all

  90. I love how these daily lifts always correlate exactly with what I have been pondering or going through on the day. Sometimes I am so touched I can't describe it, so I will just say a heartfelt 'thank you' to you all.

  91. This Lift is sooo welcome, inspiring! Thank you!!

  92. There is a solo "On Eagles' Wings" that goes hadn-in-glove with this wonderful illustration! Thank you !

  93. Love every Daily Lift; however this has got to be THE most helpfull one of all. So plain, simple, and easy to understand. I believe this will help someone I know who needs this kind of example to flap his wings and fly and soar above the "counterfeit"... For me, too - to get there much sooner from now on - "when need be". : D Thank you sooooo much, Michelle for being in tune. That goes for ALL the Daily Lifters! And thank you, too, Troy, for the precious poem you shared with us today.
    Bravo!!! Thanks to all the responders.
    I know which solo I'll be singing in church on Sunday - "On Eagle's Wings". Perfect with this week's Bible Lesson, God the Preserver of Man - Psalms 91. I do always think of that song when Ps 91:1 is in the Bible Lesson.
    Now I can think of it and soar to new heights!
    Appreciate all the inspiration, too. : )
    Gotta fly!!!

  94. There's a verse that I love to sing that's not in the original "On Eagle's Wings":

    Because you have made The Lord, the most High, your true habitation, there shall no evil befall you, nor shall any plague come nigh.

    Fits perfectly. I just love how God works, -- the
    divine Source of all good and right and pure ideas!! YES!

  95. Muy agradecida Michelle por tu precioso Lift !!! Un mensaje muy bueno y ayudador , dándonos la idea de protección y elevación del pensamiento a través de la figura del ' águila '.

    En la Biblia, leemos : ' Como el águila que excita su nidada, revolotea sobre sus pollos, extiende sus alas, los toma, los lleva sobre sus plumas' ( deuteronomio 32:11). ' Porque la porción de Jehová es su pueblo; ...lo hizo subir sobre las alturas de la tierra ' .

    Agradezco los comentarios previos.
    Un abrazo y bendiciones del Amor para todos,

    Ma. Cristy &lt;3


  97. What a wonderful lift. A perfect thought for the day. I've come back a few to to listen again. Then to read the poem by Troy. Excellent

  98. It is the gentleness and humility of God's love that is so disarming and victorious. God sent a baby into the world and not a powerful king. Jesus washed the disciples' feet as a servant. Despite being ignorantly persecuted and crucified by mortal man, He retained that gentle and humble love for us unwaveringly and unceasingly. No illusory serpent has any power at all against such love!

  99. Wonderful Reminder - lifting away from evil - much needed and appreciated :)

  100. I love this analogy...wonderful!! merci.

  101. It is so uplifting to hear this Daily Lift and to absorb the comments, all framing the Lift with more vistas. Gratitude to you all. Troy, I'm now going to copy out that beautiful poem you've written and given to us all. Thank you.

  102. WOW! The serpent can't fly. The eagle can! Great analogy. I will use and I will share. Thanks, thanks thanks.

  103. I love that allegory. Thank you Michelle.

  104. Oh thank you Michelle, so helpful and poetic and vivid.

  105. Thank s so much, Michelle, for this liberating Lift. What an inspiring image you gave us!

  106. Such a direct upward route in thought with rich symbolism. I will never think of that Bible verse the same way. You have added a helpful dimension to a familiar verse. Thank you.

  107. II absolutely love this Daily Lift in every sense. Just lovely, beautiful, heavenly. Thank you very much Michelle for your elegance. Such an important message. Your voice delivers this so significantly, too! I really am enjoying reading these interesting and uplifting comments.

  108. Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful example of our God given dominion.

  109. Beautiful and uplifting and true! Thank you, Michelle!

  110. Outstanding! Very helpful. Thank you.

  111. Thank you Michelle for this wonderful lift! I needed this! As others have mentioned the beautiful
    solo "on Eagle's Wings"- will be our solo this Sunday.too. Very uplifting !!!!!
    Years ago I took flying lessons. Although I did not get my license I did make my 3 solo cross country
    trips. This was a very peaceful, inspiring and uplifting experience.

  112. Thank you, Michelle - a great analogy!

  113. Thank you for this wonderful lift. It reminded me of an experience I had when returning home after taking Class Instruction and feeling so uplifted spiritually. I had never experienced turbulence when flying before. On this occasion the plane shook badly. The pilot announced that he would take the plane up a few thousand feet where we would be above the turbulence. It just reminded me of how we are above the turbulence when our thought is uplifted. The Pilot was right very soon it was smooth flying.


  114. So beautiful! Thank you so much. So inspired. The visual of error suffocating and dropping away was very graphic in my mind and extremely powerful. Thank you so much!

  115. Thank you for this ispirational lift.. #28 Scott - thanks so much for sharing.

  116. I I just came back today, Dec. 15, to again play this several more times so I could write it out word for word using my Speedwriting and then type it up and keep it to remind me to not let evil or negativity get a hold of me. I think this is a Masterpiece! I love the way you ask the question: "What should the eagle do?" Thank you for this outstanding presentation and for being a true shinning star! I also liked the comments and the insightful one who repeated: " the serpent can't fly." I liked this: "but if he takes wing and flies up high above that nest, the serpent will ultimately drop away and fall by its own weight."

  117. WOW! What a helpful analogy!
    Thank you very much for this wonderful lift!
    With love from Austria!

  118. Thank you so much for giving such a beautiful example

  119. Really helpful. I think its a 'keeper' too!

  120. Yes, this is really wonderful. Thank you, Michelle. This is certainly one of the best Lifts.

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