12/7: Establish your spiritual identity first

12/7: Establish your spiritual identity first

  1. Thank you, John, thank you DL community..

    Establish "the dear Father's lovingkindness" within our own thought and this lays the groundwork for understanding the “one Father with His universal family, held in the gospel of Love.” (Both quotes from S&H)..

    Mrs Eddy also writes, "What blesses one, blesses all.."

  2. Who IS first, anyway?.......Putting GOD first always ensures an orderly progression of thought, whether
    in an aircraft seat or wherever...... we love because GOD is literally OUR nature..i/l of Almighty MIND,
    Divine Mind's man.
    What a supportive thought as we cruise through Life's moments/events/challenges/victories!

    Enjoy the cruise of TODAY... take everyone along with YOU/GOD demands It !!

  3. Thank you John Tyler for giving us this important Lift. When we establish our spiritual identity we naturally express the loving and compassionate qualities that are inherent to the one infinite divine Mind. When this happens we also begin to see more clearly the spiritual identity of those around us. Relationships begin to improve, situations become more harmonious, and we can stop waiting for others to change! We witness Love being reflected in love.

  4. Going going, going to God is the best example of practical living. Climbing into the gutter to help a man get out is only an illusion, at best. Mrs. Eddy says, "Man is tributary to God, Spirit, and to nothing else." Science and Health wit Key to the Scriptures, page 481

  5. Thank you, John, right what I am dealing with at the moment! A very timely reminder of God's Love of man, of man being loved by Love and therefore man loving him/herself.

  6. And, dear John, your lovely Lift is the start of a beautiful spiritual day for me. Thank you so much.

  7. Yikes! What a beautiful and "right on point" lift you've offered us. Thanks so much, John. It woke me up to Truth! "Let it begin with me."

  8. Great lift. Thank you John

  9. Thank you for your very important msg!

  10. What a lovely message and so pertinent. Thank you John. Indeed, how can we pray for others' oneness with God if potentially such is lacking in us. True, we have to be very clear about our own unity with God.

  11. I need to admit my identity as God's own child to recognize everyone else also, what's true about me, is truly equal to everybody.
    Isn’t it easier to see perfection and purity in our own little angel than in somebody else's spoil, rotten kid?
    But, does God see him differently, or will God despise a child that He created because his parents chose a different religion than mine? Do I believe God is the only Creator?
    Seeing creation this way will help all of us coexist.
    Maybe that was God's intention when he created such a diverse world!
    Tengo que admitir mi identidad como hija de Dios para reconocer que todo el mundo lo es también, lo que es cierto acerca de mí, es verdaderamente cierto para todos los demás.
    ¿No es mucho más fácil ver la perfección y pureza en nuestro angelito que en el hijo malcriado de otra?
    Pero, ¿lo ve Dios diferente, o despreciará Dios al niño que él creó debido a que sus padres eligieron una religión diferente a la mía? ¿Creo yo que Dios es el único Creador?
    Al ver la creación de esta forma nos ayudará a todos a coexistir.
    ¡Tal vez esa fue la intención de Dios cuando creó un mundo tan diverso!

  12. ...and we should not forget to fasten the "spiritual seatbelts"!

  13. Virtually, John, this is exactly what Mrs Mary Baker Paterson did with her first students: she acknowledged them as perfect spiritual ideas, and when they were healed she told them to go and heal others. Those great, pure gulps of inspiration and revelation awakened all to the reality of God and His reflection, man. And all soared in the new realms of an infinite spiritual universe!
    Thank you Nate for an inspired week of wonderful Lifts, and the production team; the Board of Lectureship and the lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  14. Thank you.

  15. John, thanks for a life-giving lift. I have had to study a lot lately in order to better see (1) my 100% spiritual identity, (2) my closeness to God, and (3) that the same applies to others. I like that you describe this understanding as "life-giving oxygen". My work and life-style requires me to travel across continents, with sometimes opposite climates. I have been exposed a few times to cities known for their extreme pollution, or either their humid or extremely dry air. A few times, I have been tempted to see the effect of these external conditions on my skin and my heath. I have been praying a lot with a practitioner on the points I mention above, and I am no longer affected by them now, realizing that they don't belong to be because they don't belong to God's creation. But further realizing that my life giving oxygen is to understand my spiritual (100%) identity is new to me and I will certainly cherish it, to be ready to use it when needed.

  16. Many thanks John for this great early morning advice. Yes. "Establish our own unity with God [divine Love] before beginning to help others." "Arise, arise and shine,/ Uplift thee from the sod,/ And let thy living light show forth/ Man's unity with God." (Christian Science Hymnal #14).

  17. Thanks for this beautiful message sir .

  18. Excellent reminder! Thank you! :)

  19. Yes, loving as Jesus loved, always knowing who he was. That light radiates through uplifted thought, blessing the world. And we can fly with you on uplifted pinions, with or without an airplane! Thanks to John and all.

  20. Thank you for this reminder to keep our thoughts on the right track so we can help others .

  21. Once we know ourselves devine it naturally follows that we know all to be devine.

  22. Thank you John! It reminded me when I was very young there was this teacher in the Religion Class who taught us we should love our neighbour AS ourselves, not less, not more. But Christian Science brought a new light to this teaching for me. If I am going to help others see their spiritual identity, pure and perfect, I must first establish my own perfect, beautiful, pure, spiritual identity. Good start for this day!

  23. So John, you(His reflection) reached out your hand and like Flight Leader John Gillespie McGee (see his poem, Hight Flight, 1941), "..Oh I have slipped the surley bonds of Earth,....and while with silent, lifting mind I've trod, ... put out my hand, and touched the face of God". He was American, 19 years I believe, an early on peace keeper for the Brits, and God's child as well. Thanks John, Margaret, Nate, all of you.

  24. John, thanks so much. Your message is exactly what I needed to receive this morning; a great reminder for our daily duty.

  25. Dear John

    Thank you so much for your inspiring "Daily Lift".

    How true, that one cannot CLAIM for someone else, what one cannot CLAIM for ourselves. It all begines with YOU.

    May you all have a wonderful spiritual adventure. It all starts with YOU.

    Love in Christ

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham CS.

  26. Cuando aceptamos que el único ser real es Dios, por lo tanto nosotros indisolublemente eso es lo que reflejamos, y eso puede darse en cada uno que así lo sienta y lo exprese porque nada hay que pueda separar al ser verdadero de Dios, esa confianza nos lleva a comprender que no hay escluidos pero para ello deberemos tener esa absoluta certeza que nos trasmitió Cristo y practicarla como Él lo hizo y como Eddy así lo reactivó para darnos la claridad en un camino que si no estamos preparados puede hacerse oscuro por lo desafíos a que nos enfrenta, pero realmente estamos muy bien preparados para erradicar de nosotros cualquier pretención de desviarnos de esa senda que iguala con bondad y sabiduría.
    Muchas gracias John, buen broche de cierre semanal para que perdure hasta la proxima inspiración y que no está separada de cada día en Dios.


  28. Thanks so much, John, for this inspiring advice to end our first week of December. A little poem I just love is "Unfailing grace" by Eleanor Buser (Sentinel, October 21, 1996) and it ends with:

    "No matter where I am or what I face
    I'll stay within Love's warm embrace."

    I include anyone in need that my thought rests upon with this thought that they are "within Love's warm embrace." Doesn't that sound like a very comfortable and protected place to be?

  29. Wonderful LIFT! Thanks John. Comments are always helpful, too.

  30. Thanks, John and all, for sharing the spiritual truths that truly lift us and others!

  31. We are retired military and every couple weeks we go grocery shopping at a base. We often look pretty scrappy and my husband lets his hair grow shaggy long. When we arrive at the entry gate, we pull our ID's, the guard looks at them, then straight at us. Then amazingly, standing there in his neat uniform with a pristine haircut, he snaps a salute at my husband and says "good morning, sir".

    We all have a spiritual ID card. There is no denying who we are (even if shaggy). Everyone we know has one. When I have my ID in hand, I am free to help another hold theirs up too.

    Have a great weekend all. And, let's not forget our ID.

  32. Thank you for the simplicity and reminder of self nurturance in your message .When we take care of ourselves first. . . .everyone benefits. To begin each day in quiet reflection gives my busy mind a landing pad and my spirit wings to fly. Peace be with all Daily Lifters today.

  33. Practical, helpful, inspiring comments, John. Thank you. They remind me that my real, and only, identity is unity -- or at-oneness -- with God, Spirit.

  34. John, this is awesome! Thank you for this practical message...praying for ourselves first, then others! I love your prayer of acknowledging your unity with God, and your 100% spiritual identity...and THEN extending that to everyone in the universe. Beautiful!

  35. Thank you.

  36. Thanks so much! A wonderful standard for all of us is to ask ourselves if we are instantly ready to assist someone in need from a spiritual perspective. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness..." helps us to get everything right througout the day.

  37. This is very helpful--I also agree with number 12 about fastening our "spriritual seatbelts" as well. Thank you. Just what I needed today.

  38. So timely!! last night i woke up burdened. My mother passed last march; her passing was very peaceful and i am very grateful for that lesson. But through her life and especially during her late 80's, my mother's anger and darkness were a struggle for me, and i still carry the burden of "not having done enough". No matter what others might tell me, that burden "holds" me. And it presents itself most powerfully during night time, followed often by an insistence to accept my own being as ungracious and unfit.
    I am so grateful to John for this lesson reminding me that first and foremost i MUST uphold my connection and identity with Grace, Beauty, Love, and THEN see those qualities as well in others.
    I do not offer my comments to these DL often enough! But I listen to them every day, sometimes more than once. I am filled with gratitude for these messages that offer guidance through Light, and are so affirming and upliftng.

  39. Thank you for the wonderful Lift!!! To treat Ourselves as well as we do others. Have a blessed day.

  40. What a lesson! In a few words you have clarified for me """to love others as I love myself" means to see myself spiritually so that I can see others that way. Thank you John.

  41. Thank you John! I also like the poem by Eleanor Buser (thank you Lori in California). I am going to read the rest of it! All great comments as well!!
    Beautiful day to all!

  42. In Luke 6-42 Jesus telling us to cast the beam out of one's own eye, before casting the beams of false beliefs out of other eyes. In retrospect, Jesus is telling us not to be so high minded when we try to help others. We should realize first our pure relationship to God, before we help others to also see their pure relationship to God. It's not coming from us, it's coming from God. He does the works.

  43. Thank-you John! Very clear, helpful and spiritually practical. Enjoyed reading & contemplating all the comments.

  44. Thank you, John! Seems that so often we have been indoctrinated to believe that we should sacrifice ourselves in the name of helping others. Instead, it's really the opposite. Only by loving ourselves and taking good care of ourselves first, can we have the spiritual energy to share with and help and heal others. And to #38, Maria - We are not responsible for another's Life Lessons. We must know that they have their own relationship with a Higher Power. We can tenderly and gently put them in God's hands and move graciously forward in our own lives. God Bless!

  45. Thank you, John!

  46. That is a great "parable" John! THANK YOU.
    Yes, got to put on my own oxygen mask first,
    then can help someone else!
    It is a very strong, practical spiritual message, even when we see a flight attendant demonstrate it!
    Thanks for the whole production team for Daily Lifts and all the lecturers.
    It is important to be part of this worldwide family of spiritual-minded folks, all adding our voices to "lift " each other!

  47. The perfect start to the day! Many thanks for the valuable reminder.

  48. Thank you.

  49. Thank you, John, for “Establish your spiritual identity first … ‘before helping others’ … recognize my own Godlike nature …” In the Christian Science Church Manual, under “Article VIII Guidance for Members,” we are specifically directed to establish our spiritual identity. For example, “A Rule for Motives and Acts. SECTION 1. Neither animosity nor mere personal attachment should impel the motives or acts of the members of The Mother Church. In Science, divine Love alone governs man…” and “Christ Jesus … SECT. 3: … is the Ensample in Christian Science …” and “Alertness to Duty. SECT. 6. It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion…” and “No Malpractice. SECT. 8. … Christian Science can only be practised according to the Golden Rule …” There is also the “Daily Prayer. SECT. 4. … ‘Thy kingdom come;’ let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in me, and rule out of me all sin; and may Thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them!” Established!!! In ME!!! I have learned to really appreciate this “duty” of praying for myself, as I increasingly understand the importance of establishing my spiritual identity first. Through the Manual, Mrs. Eddy helps us to be scientific in our Christian healing efforts. "In Christian Science mere opinion is valueless. Proof is essential …” (S&H 341) Thank you, Mrs. Eddy! :-)

  50. Amazing synchronicity! I awoke this morning with that very message given me very clearly, with the very same analogy! Thank you for underscoring the importance of it- A very good message! One Mind supporting all!

  51. Many thanks for opening my spiritual eyes and to establish my unity with God before trying to help others. The first thing that came to mind is what the Sermon on The Mount says "why beholdest the mote that is in thy brother's eye and not considerest the beam that is in thine own eye?"

  52. Lovely metaphor! It's SO TRUE--we must know who we are in order to help anyone else. I really needed that this morning, thanks.

  53. Beautiful message,John!!! Thank you
    And to my lifter friends around the world,much love and appreciation for your comments!
    Blessing to everyone!!

  54. This is such a remarkable message for me in particular today. Oxygen is so key. I will save this DL.

    To #38: I have had a similar experience with someone close passing. "Peace, I give you my peace," is
    perhaps just what your mother/angel thought is trying to say to you since she experienced it so perfectly.

  55. Thanks...this is sooo powerful!

  56. Thank you John for this very important instruction for flying - in the atmosphere of earth or in the higher stratosphere of divine Mind. It reminds me to not be reluctant to ask for help when we need it.

  57. Thank You Robert--Comment #4. While I have made much progress in establishing a better understanding of my spiritual identity I realized that while knowing I am tributary to God, Spirit, and to
    nothing else, those with whom I associate are also tributary to God, Spirit and to nothing else. So
    whatever I am doing to help another I need to have the humility to know this is is as true for them as
    for myself and my efforts will be guided by God and not by a personal sense of things.

  58. Thank you for this expansive sense of prayer that see everyone correctly by first beginning with ourselves.. It is esential to keep ourselves metaphysically strong before we can lift others. A wonderful reminder of an important point. Again, many thanks.

  59. Thank you, John, for your important lesson today. I appreciate all of the comments as well. Yes, I need to recognize my spiritual identity, then see it for everyone. And if we "love our neighbors as ourselves" we must make sure we love ourselves as God loves us, and see ourselves and each other as the complete expressions of our Father-Mother God.

    Maria (#38), thanks so much for what you shared. I struggle sometimes, too, with feeling that I didn't do enough for loved ones who passed, then I have to remind myself that each one of us is in God's love and protection at all times and can only reflect His Love -- perfectly.

    Lori (#28), I love the poem you shared and wrote that one down to keep. I currently have my house on the market to downsize but don't yet know where to move as I also need to find employment. Right now my "job" is to clearly see that I will always be within Love's warm embrace no matter where I go or what I do. Such a comforting thought!

    And Steve (#1), as always I appreciate your comments. I often affirm, "What blesses one, blesses all" as I go about my daily activities and trust in God's Plan not only for me but for everyone.

    Thanks again to all! Have a blessed day!

  60. Beautiful!

  61. Thank you John....you and "He" hit that one over the fence..take care love to all

  62. Thx Jayne, #59, and I left you a response way back in the Doors Lift, too..0nly love to you and the DL community..

  63. Thank you.Establishing our oneness with God clears the way to helping others.Excellent reminder!!

  64. Maria #38, Bev #44, and Jayne #59, loved your, heartfelt story/messages, so healing and helpful to me.

    And, John, as always -- spot on! Love the DL and the wonderful healing thoughts and ideas every single day.

  65. Great lift; thank you John

  66. Hi Steve,
    I got it -- Thank you! You're a sweetheart. Love and hugs! :)

  67. Great advice! Thank you.

  68. WOW! Divine Love certainly met my need today with this powerful Daily Lift. Such a help, I am so grateful.. To #38. - The Christmas message of ""Peace on Earth"" does not just mean amongst our fellow man but also finding Peace within ourselves. This was the Christmas message that came to me so beautifully on a Christmas morning after my special Mummy passed away. It was an interpretation I am sure came straight from Our Father - Mother God.

  69. Thank you for the lovely reminder to establish first the own God given (spiritual) identity before we can help one other being and I had a little chuckle about the comment from Gaby # 12 about fasten also the spiritual seatbelt - yes, very true - that universal law is a kind essence from God which demand also - love yourself first than you can give never ending love to others! Thank you to all of the DL commenters and practitioner for giving your very private input. It is from great uplifting help to feel we are interconnected in spirituality but also within our mundane world struggle. MBE was a saintly, blessed women channel from Father/Mother God to help and understand our human condition here on earth as an never ending learning school to find our spiritual identity. Blessings to all with Aloha from Monika

  70. Dear John thank you for taking me a step further , I have always thougt healing begins when you identify yourself correctly. Each time Iam challenged I first go to the book of Genesis chapter 1:26&27"Let us make after our likeness....... That word" likeness" frees from all human strife like one of our hymns reads.Now I always counsel go back to that citation in the first chapter of Genesis. Lights on! I can now see clearly ; I IDENTIFY MYSELF FIRST correctly then apply that very same principle to others . Thank you!!

  71. Just what I needed to hear right now. Many thanks.

  72. thanks and to Lori from California, I will carry this with me, as these are trying times for me.

  73. I listened yesterday and read the 29 comments that were there and valued it greatly for my day, but I got even more out of this important Lift today and am moved by all of the tender comments. It's so wonderful to have this support. The poem #28 Lori shared made me think of #461 in the hymnal supplement that begins:
    We cannot turn away from God
    because, whichever way we face,
    Spirit is there. In every place,
    every direction, everywhere,
    Spirit is there.
    Thank you, John and everyone that make the Lifts happen and the commenting & listening community!
    Love, Tracy

  74. Wonderful... thank you for sharing this!

  75. Thank you.

  76. Thank you sooooooo much; even though this is belated. Your message is so timely and true and encouraging and supportive.

  77. Si es muy importante lo que has dicho.muy,muy bueno

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