12/7: Being delivered

12/7: Being delivered

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  1. Outstanding! Simple, yet profound!

  2. Thank you, thank you for this very helpful, uplifting thought..most encouraging

  3. Simply expressed, clearly profound, very healing! This is one of those Lifts you want to shout to the world, See, no matter what, He is walking the rounds with you!! "Don't give up"!!

  4. That was well put and very helpful! Thanks!

  5. Very comforting and strong.

    Sometimes, when we are putting all our faith in God and are really feeling that God is with us, we are delivered immediately. At other times, although we are praying and reaching out to God, we have not got rid of all our fears and there is something we still have to learn. It is vital that we learn to put all our trust in God in every situation, so that we can go forward with more understanding and spiritual strength.

    As Rob so beautifully puts it, He has nor forsaken us, and we will be delivered.

  6. I don’t ask God anymore to fix my problems, but to help me understand His will. Once I get the point it never fails. I used to wonder why my prayers weren’t answered right away, sometimes we are delivered from problems others through problems. But don’t outline, compare or doubt, the point is: Yes, we are being delivered by God —even if we don’t see the salvation quite yet.
    Trust God.
    “The disciples apprehended their Master better than did others; but they did not comprehend all that he said and did, or they would not have questioned him so often” S&H 136:29
    Yo no le pido más a Dios que arregle mis problemas, sino que me ayude a comprender Su voluntad. Una vez que lo comprendí el punto nunca me falla. Yo solía preguntarme por qué mis oraciones no eran contestadas de inmediato, unas veces nos libramos de problemas otras por medio de problemas. Pero no delinees, compares ni dudes, el punto es: Sí, Dios te está librando —aun cuando todavía no estés viendo la solución.
    Confia en Dios.
    " Los discípulos comprendieron a su Maestro mejor que otros; pero no comprendieron todo lo que dijo e hizo, o no le hubieran interrogado tantas veces" CyS 136:32

  7. Many thanks Rob for that outstanding lift. Yes. "Sometimes we are delivered from problems, and sometimes we are delivered through problems. But don't outline, compare or doubt. The point is we are being delivered by God [divine Love]." "All good for you His wisdom planned;/ O trust in God and understand." (Christian Science Hymnal #216).

  8. Thank you!!!

  9. Enormously encouraging. Thank you Rob.

  10. Thank you for the simple truth of it.

  11. Amen to that! There are times when I have told my dear Father-Mother-God, "I wouldn't have done it that way." But no complaints. We learn, progress, grow, move on, advance always, on to the next victory. Thanks for telling it like it is, as we are, all of us in God's hands. No better place to be.

  12. Yes, so inspiring thought! Thanks!

    No outlining, no comparing, or fighting - just trusting in Him and His plans for us. He is always there.

  13. Thank you so much. Sometimes the lift is right on what is uppermost in my thought. This one is certainly an angel message clarifying what I have been considering. One Mind is always operating to heal and save.

  14. What a wonderful message, exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  15. You are so right! When in the midst of a challenge, we all have a tendancy to think 'what will they
    think of me as a C.S.'? But we're certainly in very fine company ie Daniel, S, M, and A, and Jesus

    Thanks for the comfort(er) message!

  16. Thank you. This ties in so well with the week's Lesson on "God the Preserver of man".

  17. Thanks a lot Rob. Your lift arrived at the right moment for me, as I'm going through problems. Thank you for letting me know that all I need is to trust God, in every situation. God bless!

  18. Thank you.

  19. so inspiring

  20. Generalmente abrumamos a Dios con peticiones; hasta dando la solución del problema o sea como nosotros pretendemos o queremos que se solucione, y esa era mi manera de orar hasta que comprendí la simple y realmente efectiva oración, creo que ya lo he contado y es la siguiente: no dando prerrogativas a Dios sino aceptando humildemente su sabiduría, solicitando que me impregne de Su Ser, dandome paciencia, humildad, tolerancia, bondad, integridad, benignidad, Amor y he comprovado que los problemas se solucionan de la mejor manera, contaré un ejemplo: tenía mi casa alquilada por dos años la pareja inquilina se separó y ya no iban a vivir juntos y a los dos meses me pidieron rescisión del contracto y se la di, en el entendimiento que era lo correcto independientemente del derecho que me otorgaba la ley, y asi fue que a los pocos días la estaba alquilando de nuevo en mejores condiciones. Yo lo único que hice fue según mi entender lo correcto más allá de un convenio legal humano.

    "La distinción entre lo que es ley y lo que no lo es, tiene que ser hecha por la Mente y como Mente. La ley es o bien una fuerza moral o una inmoral. La ley de Dios es la ley del espíritu, una fuerza moral y espiritual de la Mente inmortal y divina" Esc. Micelaneos. MBE
    Que más puedo agregar ante tan bellas e inspiradas palabras de la Sra. Eddy que definen correctamente lo antes expresado.
    Muchas gracias por la inspiración diaria, Thak you so much, Rob

  21. Very helpful---a great addition to this week's Lesson-Sermon.

  22. So good, thanks. Here are some ideas I wrote down from the article "Truly practical safety" in the Christian Science Sentinel of Feb 2, 2007. This article can be found in that back issue of the Sentinel, and back issues can often be found in Christian Science Reading Rooms.

    "Quit fixating on the disturbing appearances as if they are the reality. Focus instead on the immediate power and presence of God. Refuse to be distracted by what's going on around you. Above all, be meek. Stop thinking 'I have to figure this out.' Trust the entire situation to God."

  23. Nice one !!

  24. Thank you for yor wise words, so helpful. LOVE to ALL JUNE

  25. I loved this lift, just amazing !
    Thank you very much, Rob !!

  26. This is so pertinent for all of us. Each of us perceives problems in an individual way. And so, of course the solutions are also individual, according to our understanding of God. But most importantly, the end result is always the same: harmony, healing, peace. One might say that God tailors each solution to the individual's own needs! And the marvelous thing is that we are never tempted beyond our ability to meet those temptations. God gives us what we need when we need it, and our progress continues! Wonderful Lift----thanks Rob!

  27. Thank you!

  28. Food for thought ! Thanks Rob

  29. This message is so powerful and so much needed in the world today! Thank you Rob!

  30. Thank you for the excellent reminder...particularly not to compare or think that a problem can only be solved one way. Listening to God's direction is key. Everyone....have an inspiring day!

  31. thank you - uk

  32. Thank you,that was very interesting and inspiring.

  33. Wonderful lift Rob! Most helpful for what seems to be an endless list of challenges. I think I'll start with the 91st Psalm. Thanks!

  34. I've been waiting to hear from you. Your Lifts never fail! Just what I needed to hear.

  35. Thank you so much, Rob, and welcome Andrew Brewis. Can we expect some more beautiful music to well loved and new hymns any time soon? The rain that had been falling for most of the day, really picked up strength right after we left church to come home tonight. Traffic was reduced to a very calm pace, and I was thanking God for protecting each one of us, and wrapping us in His panoply of love which is the best kind of weather seal. There was minimal traffic on the rural road, but when we came onto the motorway there were of course more cars, and some were not so sure God was directing their way and left their lights on high. Before I could raise a grumble I realized "What about some gratitude for all the wonderful protection we all had enjoyed to even get to where we were! I was almost back home, and they were continuing on a good road to their dwelling places. As I came off the motorway and up the drive to the Village I added "I might need some extra help here, Father, with the security gate." I always have to get out and punch in the code manually for it to open sesame. But you know, He never just gives us half, and when I drove up to the gate, it was open! Someone must have arrived just before me! As Di-Vanc says TY TY TY!
    Thank you Nate and the most reliable and steadfast group of helpers; the BoL, and the lecturers; and our own bunch of Lifters including Andrew Brewis.

  36. Excellent lift Rob thank you and loving the Indian music this week thank you Nat and team


  38. Presented with such memorable simplicity, these distinctions might be like two of five smooth well chosen stones, only one of which, well aimed, is enough to bring an imposing and aggressive lie to the ground.

  39. Thank you for this message!

  40. Wow! What an important message. It is such a fresh and very helpful idea. Thank you!

  41. Great analogy!...thanks Rob. I'm familiar with the story of the two men on the Titanic. One got drenched, came close to drowning, was actually held under water from the suction of the ship going down...the other man never touched water. They were standing in different locations as the ship was going down and both were delivered. This story has been an inspiration to me many, many times over the years when I have felt that there was no way out. "He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him. with long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation" (Ps 91:15,16) Very powerful!

  42. What a powerful Lift! I never thought about God directing us to a problem but then never leaving us there. I love what it says in Proverbs 3: 5,6 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." We have to trust with ALL of our heart, not just part of it. And acknowledge him in ALL of our ways, not just a select few. Thanks so much, Rob!

  43. Thank you, Rob! Beautifully said and so true!

  44. Thank you for the reminder that "Trial are proofs of God's care." And he cares for us without fail.

  45. Love this, thanks Ron!

  46. What a great lift and important words. While we all prefer to get the call to get into the lifeboat, even if not, we are still being lifted out of the water! The water may be threatening to us, even shocking, but divine Mind has no such interpretation.

    Mrs. Eddy addresses this issue in a letter to a student: “Yes, my student, my Father is your Father; and He helps us most when help is most needed, for He is the ever-present help.” And a little later, “Error has no power but to destroy itself. It cannot harm you; it cannot stop the eternal currents of Truth.” Mis. 157:15 Don’t you love that? … “currents of Truth.”

    Not to limit God in our experience, but swimming lessons (or boat building) can be fun too! That’s why I love the DLs and the shared inspiration here. Thank you all!

  47. Thank you for your gift today. We ARE blest.

  48. I, too, thought of Mrs. Eddy's statement, "Trials are proofs of God's care." [Science and Health, p. 66, line 10] In dealing with a recent "trial' I realized that it was an opportunity to practice the truths I've learned. Today's lift has added still another perspective. Thank you, Ron.

  49. Thank you for a wonderful and needed message today. We are always delivered, but why should we expect every deliverance to be the same as the others. Our God is infinite and showers us with infinite mercy and grace, each gift of inspiration perfect for our own situation and understanding.

  50. Thank you, Rob, for the reminder that "We are being delivered by God." You inspired my thought with the recognition that whether we're being delivered from or through, the way we're delivered is designed to best promote our own particular spiritual growth and development. It's good to realize "out loud!" that God doesn't want anyone of us to go down with any sinking ship. The ever-present life perserver of God's love for us will keep us from drowning today and every day. Thanks, again.

  51. GREAT encouragement! Thank You so much ! :-)

  52. Thank you, Ron. That is VERY encouraging and another reminder not to outline nor to be cowered by false material evidence. . .and to be grateful! Thank you so much!

  53. Wow! This was profoundly simple and helpful and very sincere. This is just what I needed today. Thanks for the reminder not to give up. We need to keep knowing that no matter what God is there. I will refer to this one again.

  54. Thank you for this lift!

  55. This is a powerful insight I will use all day for some current large challenges.
    Certainly we can see this for the world, the environment and wildlife.
    Very much appreciated.

  56. Thank you for that!!!!!

  57. Thank you so much for this lift! It is so helpful.

  58. It took a long time to have the lift download today, but it was well worth the wait. Thank you.

  59. Yes in deed! Never stop trusting.

  60. This was very helpful and informative. Thank you Rob.

  61. Oh, Rob, that was just Excellent! Looking at your face this morning in the picture accompanying your Lift - I saw, NOT a perfect unlined face, but one with deep expression that signified to me that, "This man has weathered a lot in his life and has grown so much!" Everything we "go through" is an opportunity to "grow through". What did we think - this would be an "easy journey" all the way? I think I recall Mrs. Eddy saying something about, ".....All the rugged way....." Some favorite sayings of mine include: "You don't have to LIKE it, you just have to DO it"! "Thank you for this Opportunity, God - I wonder what you want me to learn from this?" "Ask God to walk you through it!" Doesn't Mrs. Eddy say somewhere (paraphrasing) that if we don't receive help from our fellow CSers, God will still lead us in the way that is right for us....?? Acceptance and Gratitude are two keys to Letting Go and Moving Forward. Resistance causes Persistance! Love it, Rob! Thank you and Thanks to all my fellow Lifters who God has put in my Life for me to learn and grow from! XOXOXO!!

  62. Thank you for the insightful Lift, Rob and for the wonderful quote from the Sentinel, #22 Marilyn; reminds me to appreciate all the forms healings take. I too thought of the line "Trials are proofs of God's care" with the understanding that a trial is really just an opportunity to present evidence...and when that evidence is the Truth, we always win the case!

  63. Wow thankyou! Even if I get to go through it, I'm still being delivered. I'm stronger for it. My friend's CA teacher told her something very helpful that I have really appreciated remembering... (I'm paraphrasing I'm sure)

    "You can't be in danger and you can't be out of danger... (what?!?!) .... because in God's kingdom, where we constantly dwell, there is NO DANGER!"


  64. Thank you.

  65. Anna-12/7/2011

    This lift is a rurninng point for me. I have been seemingly beset with difficulties, and this lift really did
    lift me out of the slough of despond. the most wonderful effect was the sudden ability to ove a
    person who had robbed me of a great deal of money. I never cared about the loss of the money, which
    was to have been an inheritance, because I know that God is the source of everything, but for years
    I have not been able to forgive him and move on. This lift brought everything into focus, and now I
    truly understand that "loss is gain."

  66. Wonderful! Thank you so much for your clear, Inspired message and lesson!

  67. Thanks, Rob, for this most comforting and helpful Lift.

  68. Thank you so much for your encouraging lift, Gilbert. No matter what we are going through God is present with us to deliver us. Thank you all.

  69. Thanks Rob. Great Lift. Sometimes FROM. Sometimes THROUGH. But ALWAYS God is with us.

  70. Thank you for this lift Rob. and for all the comments as well I am inspired!

  71. Rob, this is such a useful point and so simply and practically put. I work in a prison ministry, and I will use this to encourage the men not to assume that God is going to answer their individual prayers the same way He-She answered another man's prayer. Many thanks.

  72. Wonderful Rob, let's not limit our thought about God's goodness and power.

  73. Thanks Rob.

  74. So greatful for these thoughts on this day. Thanks to Rob and all the "Lift" commentors.

  75. How profound!

  76. Thanks. We go through problems in different ways and come out victorious because we are always being delivered by God..

  77. This meets a "live" need in our family this morning as siblings and step siblings who are not close in any respect come together over Internet and soon in person to address a very difficult situation involving a parent and spouse.

    I praise God for His voice in meeting this direct need. This is a Lift I can share with my oldest step sister without reserve. She will love it, I have no doubt.

    Ours is a difficult task and God is good and All.

    Thank you, thank you, Daily Lift and lifters.

  78. This message answers something I've been thinking about for a couple weeks. I was inspired to change lanes at a stop light. A truck behind me hit the vehicle (Suburban) that I had been behind prior to obeying the thought and changing lanes. No one was injured. My son and I had been praying for God to protect the truck driver and all those around him minutes earlier as he appeared to be driving drunk. I had been thinking, the God that I love, protects all of Her ideas. Was there a lack of protection just because the trucks did collide? This message reassures me that each of God's ideas are in Her perfect care. I had gotten to the point in my thinking that I knew not to let the material picture of what had happened determine how I viewed God's presence, power and protection. And I knew that God would confirm my understanding that Her love is for all. This Lift is my confirmation! Thank you all!

  79. Outstanding.
    What a reminder:
    No outlining, doubting, or comparing
    because nothing's impossible to God.
    So many many thanks.
    Vayas con Dios.

  80. As I was reading today's comments I could see how the lifter tosses the stone in the water of human conscousness, but the commenters are the waves that magnify what that means in so many ways. I have taken some very helpful notes this morning thank you all. Also, one of the commenters brought to mind that the fellow who went into the water experienced the same thing a few years later in WW I in the North Atlantic when his ship was sunk. Later in WW II he, along with many many other civilians took a small boat and crossed the English Channel at night to save British troops who were stranded (I think at Dunkirk) and brought them back to England. His initial experience with the Titanic may well have prepare him for his future service.

  81. Oh my gosh! This is great! Thank you.

  82. Thank you, Rob. I'd never thought of deliverance in that way before, it's a really helpful model.

  83. Thank you for this very reassuring message today!

  84. Wonderful! Thanks!!!

  85. Wow. A wonderful reminder to cherish the times we have been "delivered through our problems". I have had a few of those lately, and the blessings continue to come. Thank you, Rob, for the way you expressed these ideas.

  86. I must add my thanks. This Lift is very clear and tender; very reassuring. I, too appreciate how it fits with this week's Bible Lesson on "God the Preserver of Man." Thanks #22 for that great Sentinel quote. It powerfully addresses the temptation to examine the problem; trying to figure out why it hasn't been resolved yet or why it occurred to begin with, when our focus needs to be on what's real: God's goodness, God's allness. #20 Nelly, I always love your comments...I'm excited, hoping Carlos will have time to translate...#54 Bev "all the rugged way " is from Mrs. Eddy's poem Feed My Sheep set to music in the Christian Science Hymnal #304 -309.

  87. I loved this!! I have been wondering what to think, about an issue my family is going through, and have not been delivered FROM, even though sincere prayers are constantly being put forth. And yet, we are being sustained as we go THROUGH it. I read accounts from others who have dealt with the same issue, and seem to have been delivered FROM it (which is what I wanted to happen). I don't know what the outcome will be, but trusting God to see us THROUGH will bring excellent results. Thank You!

  88. When I heard what you said, Rob, it seemed so wonderfully and obviously true. So I wondered WHY I could get so discouraged about how a particular healing was progressing . . or seeming NOT to progress. What comes to me as explanation is that this must be a trick of the Adversary (devil/evil/Satan/error)--to get me to take my eyes off God and instead get all wrapped up in evaluating what appear as the mortal circumstances. But now, thankfully, due to the beautiful simplicity and strength of today's message, I can see that all I need to do is trust God . . . trust His constant presence and care of me (and mine, and all). Every single moment, God is maintaining me in my original purity as His child, and it doesn't matter whether my pant legs are wet or dry! Oh, thank you for this wonderful LIft.

  89. Just super! And what I need today. Much gratitude for the lift.

  90. Thank you so much, Rob. This message is very timely for us, as we're facing a possible foreclosure on our beautiful home. We know we are safe in the Ark of Divine Love, but it's still so good to receive such a clear affirmation of God's infinite goodness and love. I will share this with my husband. It will be so interesting to see what God has in Mind for us - and we're not afraid.....only expecting "new views of divine goodness and love," as Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health. Thanks again, with love and gratitude.

  91. Both the inspiration and the closing sitar music are refreshing. Thanks

  92. Thanks Rob. That would preach!
    Hymn 123 would be a good closer:

    When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,
    My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply.

  93. Uplifting message! The idea not to give up is what I concentrate on. God is there as Rob said. Thank you Rob.

  94. Thank you very much. Very helpful.

  95. Excellent message, Rob. I had not noticed that being delivered through problems, or from problems was being preserved by God in equal measure. Thank you so much.

  96. Thanks Rob. That is excellent and great to be reminded that God is on the case and the deliverance is assured and our job is to get out of the way and just let God do the delivering.

  97. If I might add a PS......the other important factor for me is hearing that the man who went THROUGH the experience of ending up in icy water until rescued HAD NO ILL EFFECTS FROM THE EXPERIENCE. That's important for me to keep in mind. NO ILL EFFECTS FROM HAVING BEEN THROUGH THE EXPERIENCE.

  98. Reminds me of friend's comment - We are not stuck in the problem but we "walk through the shadow of the valley of death" - Thank you Rob for this insight also not to compare the result but to keep our eyes on God!!!
    much love

  99. Perfect, simple and clear! Thank you for this lift.

  100. I have always treasured the account of the seaman who stayed with the ship until it was finally sinking and simply walked off the deck as it went down! Wow, what a trust in God's power to save and preserve all that He had made! I didn't know of the future events that he was able to support because of his trust in in good. Thank, Rob, for letting us in on the unending unfoldment of God's plan!
    The saving of the soldiers from the beach at Dunkirk is one of the most cherished images of my life. I had 3 Canadian uncles who had volunteered for service in the British forces in 1939. My family held prayer watches and support for those who got into the little boats and went across the channel to save their brothers. Gratefully, some of those men lived to go back and win the war at last! Who can ever tell what today's lessons will give us for tomorrow's needs? "Wonderful things are happening"!

    he had!

  101. Thanks for the clarity Rob. I love these DAILY reminders of God's protection and tender care for His children.

  102. Rob,
    Excellent perspective. Thank you

  103. I LOVE THAT. thank you so much for that inspired thought.

    Don from Toronto

  104. Thanks Rob, thanks Elena and Gloria and everyone. This messages has such far reaching implications. Thanks production team.

  105. Wonderful message!

  106. Many times I have given the article by Adam Dickey, called Gods Law of Adjustment, to non Scientests and have been thanked for the beautiful healing ideas in it. One dear friend came thro a frightening 2yr. court case with thanks to God. We must say "not my will, but thine be done." If we take this step with confidence and trust that God is capable taking care of every circumstance, then no power on earth can prevent the natural, legitimate adjustment of all discordant conditions. It is the universal law of Love. Gods blessing to all.

  107. A real turning point LIFT! Deliver - a new birth indeed. Whenever I take hands off the "situation" and truly give it all to God things work out better than you could imagine and your perfect delivery takes place. thank you so much for this renewed enlightment !

  108. These are great thoughts as we progress each day in our growth spiritward! Thanks so much.

  109. Truly excellent, Rob! Profound and simple! Thanks for the follow-up experience you gave of the fellow who went into the water, was rescued, and later was able to save others.

  110. Lenore from Lakewood, OH.....This message certainly gives me a new perspective on an issue my son and I are going through! Following his divorce he has not moved on.....he continues to blame his ex-wife and son instead of forgiving them. I can see that foregiveness has help me to heal and forge a good relatationship with both his ex-wife and our grandson, so I have moved on and have been delivered from the problems that our son is still being delivered through. That gives me great hope!! Thank you for this very helpful hint. I will share it with our Presbyterian minister.

  111. Spot on! If this is a "little nugget" I cannot fathom what a mountain would be. Thank you so much...so much food for thought.

  112. Oh I got home late to this and I so love it. Along with each gripping episode (section!) in the Lesson Sermon (I just read the whole thing through..) I am finding the support our Daily Lift gives us quite wonderful. I love Bev (61) ' go through...grow through'. Also Rob, the fact that the survivor was able to take that experience of peaceful promise and knowledge of the power of the 91st Psalm to Dunkirk, not only brought him back, but all those in the water, in the ripples of the prayers too.We do not always know how our prayers impact on the world, but we can know that it does.Isn't that the best? X everyone, BOL and Rob for this wonderful lift today.

  113. Thanks for this powerful reminder of God's goodness.
    I read in a Sentinel article of the day, about Titanic's first officer, Charles Lightioler (sp>), who was a new student of Christian Science.
    As he was swimming in the icy waters, praying for deliverance, he thought, 'either this Science works or it doesn't'.
    Thanks to #80 for giving us the rest of the story.
    Thank you to all the correlative comments from the liftees.
    Love the new 'bumper' music. Does the name Ravi Shankar mean any thing to you?


  114. Many years ago, just after I was elected as Second Reader of my church, I took a course in "Reading Aloud". The Bible is very often used as a tool for teaching how to phrase correctly and to emphasize the most important words. I remember that we were asked to read aloud the 23rd Psalm - in particular the verse, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." Most of us read it in a rather sing song way, as we commonly hear it read. But then the teacher read it and emphasized a totally unexpected word. She said the key word is THROUGH, a seemingly inconsequential preposition. It means TO GO IN - AND TO COME OUT. The Psalmist didn't skirt along the edge of the valley of the shadow of death or tiptoe around it, she said. He went directly in to a terrifying situation, walked all the way through it, and came out successfully, without harm, because he relied on God's presence and comfort all the way. THROUGH is the challenge and the demonstration which leads to spiritual growth. Thank you for this wonderful lift.

  115. Thank you for another great lift. I was reminded of what Adam Dickey says in God's Law of Adjustment, paraphrasing, If a man were drowning in the middle of the ocean with no human help, but appealing to God in a right way, he would be saved. Trusting in God's laws delivers from any problem we may encounter, problems that some would think unsolvable, but it is the law of God in operation. Thanks again Rob and daily lift team.

  116. Hi, Rob -- Wow, this is terrific! You and all your Daily Lift fans will be interested that Lawrence Beesley, one of the two men you cited, appears in my upcoming book, "A Rare Titanic Family," to be published by NewSouth Books in January. The book is about my great-uncle and his family, who all survived the Titanic. They shared a lifeboat with Lawrence Beesley. I use the theme of guardian angels and note that Beesley's guardian angel on the Titanic came in the form of "God's thoughts, passing to man."

  117. This was wonderful to hear and to contemplate. Thank you, Daily Lift group.
    It is becoming more and more clear that God is always delivering us, that the process doesn't matter, that there's a blessing to be discovered in every phase of a delivering, and that the what, where, and how of what God sees is not visible to the material senses. So the resolution is in just going with it (with God, Love) - turning to God and sticking with Him with indefatigable honesty, courage, and faith - not doubting for a second - - - then the delivery comes.

  118. Excellent Rob. We know this is so true!

  119. Hi Rob,

    Actually, the man that went down with the Titanic is 2nd Officer, Charles H. Lightoeller from England. He later worked for The Christian Science Monitor in London and survived five ship sinkings and delivered many people in his private boat from The Battle of Dunkirk. When he came to the surface of the water as The Titanic sank he eventually climbed on top of collapsible lifeboat D. His remarkable testimony is the lead testimony in the October, 1912 Christian Science Journal. He lived until Dec. 8, 1952. Thanks for sharing this great idea of being delivered. How often we see God's love delivering and protecting us every day!

  120. How wonderful, I feel delivered already!!!!

  121. Hey thanks so much for the awesome idea of the difference between being delivered from and being delivered through a problem. You're right, we should never compare, because God always delivers us to the same place!

  122. Thanks, Rob. This was very helpful, and a great thing to have on this Dec 7 -"anniversary of Pearl Harbor" too! Your comment about things often helping to prepare us is profound. If we could only remember that during the storms! Some storms (like gentle snowfalls) seem almost pretty in their appearance. I liken this to some challenges that just don't affect us. But others can seem more like the den of lions you spoke about. Nonetheless.. God is the great deliverer and our only defense. Thank you again!

  123. That's excellent Rob. How timely and helpful! Thank you for a clear message of deliverance. Yes, it realy doesn't matter how it comes, God is doing the work.

  124. Love the example, Rob. Thank you.

  125. Superb, Rob. Many thanks.

  126. Thank you Robert!

  127. I love this! I had often wondered why Daniel wasn't saved from the lion's den and the Hebrew's from the fiery furnace. Now, I think I understand. It was to prove God's care in spite of being subjected to what are humanly considered as dangerous circumstances. How else could it be proven? Excellent perspective. Thank you!

  128. Hello Rob, it was wonderful to hear from you this morning and with a very comforting and powerful lift.
    As I have been reading through the comments, I was thinking how glorious it is that this truth is
    traveling all over the world and is heard by people in many diverse areas. This Truth is encircling
    the globe and is helping to uplift thought at the very time when it is needed most.

  129. Thank you Rob and how so true that we sometimes get delivered through problems. Earlier this year, God led me to witness disfunctional mortal mind revelling in its full spectrum of animal magnetism, thus delivering me from a painful association. For #65, I would like to point out the Sept 26/11 Sentinel article by Aimee Hermanson, entitled "Breaking the Chains of Resentment". Anna, you too will never receive an apology for the wrong committed but by not forgiving, you are imprisoning yourself to reliving the event. Remember, when you forgive, you are taking a loving path for yourself and the pepetrator as Love is reflected back to you. The Lord's prayer with spiritual interpretation. Read this wonderful article. Blessings to you.

  130. A wonderful lift - I love this one and thank you so much!

  131. I liked this lift very much! It was so simple! So Thank you Rob!

  132. What a wonderful lift. It made me think-- not to outline or compare. We are still safe in God's care so don't give up we are not abandon. Thank you so much.

  133. I hope you have time to read 133 responses so you'll get mine! This is a superb Lift, Rob. You said so much in a short time! Very, very helpful to me, so thanks, along with the millions of others -

  134. Thanks...this lift was so helpful,including the additional detail that the Titanic survivor who was saved through a problem was thus fitted for future service by the very trials he had to undergo. Who knows what special service God is fitting us for, if we would only trust in His eternal presence!

  135. BRAVO! please take a bow.Usually,I listen to lifts,make a comment;and after a few days delete them.This "lift" will be kept,and played whenever the necessity arises (once a week).It resonates with encouragement and persistence amongst other things."WAY TO GO BRO". merci......God bless!

  136. Brings to mind Mrs. Eddy's statement that trials are proofs of God's care. Jesus was not spared from the crucifixion but he was delivered through it and attained great spiritual growth as a result. Thank you for the Lift.

  137. Jean Slater in Henderson, NV -
    This is so what I needed to hear! I have been working through a situation with somewhat the same approach. So, hearing it spoken aloud brought me to tears as it came to me as confirmation of God's ever present love and guidance.

  138. Rob,
    This is really great! I love the definition of Japhet in the GLossary of Science and Health-
    "a type of spiritual peace, flowing from the understanding that God is the divine Principle of all existence and man is the child of His care."
    No matter where our children are, (and we are ALL God's children), we can rest assured that the Father Mother God is completely surrounding them with firm and tender care. THANKS - delivered from and "through"!

  139. Thank you, Rob. This insight is so very helpful!

  140. What a wonderful reminder! When I need to be brave, I am grateful that God is present---right where I am in my thought and right where I stand. Thanks, Rob. Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  141. Thank you from Truth or Consequences, NM.
    We have many friends who are now stocking up food, water etc.
    There is much concern re the situation of the World.
    What comes to thought is Moses journey with the Children of lsrael traveling through the Desert.
    All their needs were met for years (and no grocery stores).
    Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy gives us that precious promise from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures:
    Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.
    What delightful coverage we have and always instant in Season.

  142. I was once kayaking through white water with other members of my family, and felt I needed to always allow someone else to lead the way through the rapids so I could see which route was the "right" one to take. After a few hours of this, I grew tired of being a follower, and decided to take the front position. With prayer to my Shepherd to show me how to go, I found I was always directed safely through the rough parts, but, most importantly, there wasn't just one right way through at all. There was simply deliverance, in a diversity of ways. This was a landmark discovery for me: there is not just one "right way" through the rapids of life. This Lift and the comments from the family have mirrored the same truths. Thank you, Rob, and all.

  143. How wonderful to hear your Lift. How true and timely it is also so that the promise of God's loving care and
    protection and solution is always at our hand - delivered from our problems and sometimes through our problems - Never to quit is the key and God always preserves His image and likeness Man. Many thanks

  144. Just what I needed. Thank you.

  145. A grand "Lift" today, Rob. Thank you. In Science, "God's law of adjustment" always comes by special delivery, and to meet the especial need. That was true of those on the Titanic, and so it is for all others.

  146. I've been going "through" a physical difficulty for many months & often wondering when I'd be delivered "from" the problem. Ron, your perspective gave me a different prespective in dealing with my situation. I've never thought of Daniel or the Hebrew boys as having to go "through" something and yet they were certainly delivered "from" something. Being delivered by God is the core of what is really going on! I must not lose sight of this divine Truth. Thank you for helping me look at this challenge with fresh expectation. I already know God is ever-present, but this new insight is so helpful. I'm so very grateful for your inspiration.

  147. Wonderful lift; thank you so much! we will be delivered, God knows how!! let go and let God!!

  148. Rob, We at Seventh Church were so happy to see this and it continues the strong, profound message you gave us recently. This was wonderful. Thanks for all you do to lift us up! Susan

  149. Thanks for a great lift! I love the thought that we are all climbing the same 'mountain' - just taking diverging paths sometimes, but the top, the 'goal' you could say, is the same for us all - man's spiritual perfection! Thanks again!

  150. Thank you Rob it makes us envolved in a shine way.

  151. Thanks Rob, it sounds like a way full of lights every moment.

  152. Thank you for this encouraging lift..

  153. Thanks for your daily lifts, am blessed with it today and everyday. Yes God did delivered us from troubles at all times we call on him.

  154. Absolutely superb- most important not to compare one's deliverance with anyone else's.

  155. Great thought. Thanks Rob

  156. Thank you for this powerful simple message.

  157. Thanks so much, to # 119. Richard, I have wanted to find again the wonderful testimony by Charles Lightoeller. I will look it up in the Bound Vol. which anyone can find in most CS reading rooms all over the world. It has inspired me before. I want to give it to the Marine recruits that come to the CS chapel service each Sunday at Camp Pendleton, CA. Many thanks for sharing it. Sally Lind

  158. That is very helpful Rob. Thank you.

  159. Hey, All -- for everyone who wants to see Lawrence Beesley's testimony:

    Lawrence Beesley, testimony, “Testimonies of Healing,” Christian Science Sentinel, 20 December 1913, p. 314.

  160. That's a keeper. Thanks.

  161. Very helpful message to know whatever the circumstance appears to be that I AM being delivered by God right now, each step of the way...thanks so much!

  162. Delivered from problems and delvered through them. Very helpful. Thank you.

  163. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    just what I needed to hear Rob!!!!

  164. Thank you, Rob, for this great Lift! So, so helpful!

    Jackie Page

  165. What a terrific lift! Thank you, Rob and many thanks to all of the commenters who have added so much information and inspiration. How reassuring to know that no matter what is going on, God will ultimately deliver us because we are His/Her dear children.

  166. Thank you Rob!

  167. I'm very grateful. This lift answered a question I've been trying to resolve for years.

  168. Wow - here I am in March 2012 and this lift has been in my inbox for a very long time but today I chose to listen to it and it is just the message I need. How awesome is that!! Thank you .

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