12/6: The frame makes a difference

12/6: The frame makes a difference

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  1. Thank you Mary, what a fun and informative video. When we put a frame around, say a picture, we create a principal point of focus. When we "see as God sees" we understand the universe as God has created it, or framed it, and intends it to be viewed. A mortal, material view of things is a distortion of the true picture. I correlate the idea of framing to Mrs. Eddy's statement in S&H page124, that "The universe, like man is to be interpreted by Science from its divine Principle, God, and then it can be understood; but when explained on the basis of physical sense and represented as subject to growth, maturity, and decay, the universe, like man, is, and must continue to be, an enigma." Thank you again.

  2. Oh, this is just the best! To see through the "frame" God, divine Love, embraces us and our loved ones, and the world in a secure, safe, happy, holy framework. Fresh, new views of the sustaining infinite!

  3. Dear Mary,
    with your lovely lift, I marvelled again at how a person's position determines their perspective of the bible; how they read it and what catches their eye. I guess it takes a painter to even think of looking for the use of 'frames' in the bible and so to discover it's spiritual meaning. Thank you for making that effort, and enlightening us with what you found! And thank God for that individuality, yet unity!

  4. Mary, this is absolutely brilliant! And I've had more than a few experiences of this myself, lately. I was speaking with a niece who had a host of "If only I..." and "I just wish..." frames. Fortunately the spiritual understanding that she is the perfect expression of God; that her substance is infinite; that God is embracing her right there, right where life seems to be sparse and uncaring. The next time I spoke with her she sounded so happy and much more aware of the goodness and joy of life. And that same joy and gratitude spread right through her family when I spoke with her brother this morning.
    Thank you Nate and the team for the music this week; The Mother Church; and the ever-widening frame around our family of Your Daily Lifters.

  5. Many thanks Mary for pointing out that as we "Look at the world through the frame of God's presence, [like the 'lens of Spirit'] we see and feel fresh proof of divine Love caring for all." "Why search the future and the past?/ Why do ye look with tearful eyes/ And seek far off for paradise?/ Before your feet Life's pearl is cast." (Christian Science Hymnal #391).

  6. What a delightful lift - we must allow God to put us in the right place in His picture. We have to be careful not to be "framed' by false material suggestions, but recognise them as not our thoughts, and chuck them out - keeping ourselves in Love's framework.

  7. Mary,
    Thank you

  8. Thanks for this insightful lift - one's viewpoint can make all the difference in what is seen or believed.

  9. Thank you Mary, - what a wonderful idea you put forward today regarding framing what we see correctly with the Word of God.

  10. It is so important and comforting to frame our picture as God frames it. Thank you, Mary.
    One sometimes hears the question: "What page are you on?" which is a similar concept.
    My questions are :"How do you know that this is the right way of seeing things? Is it because the other frames are not working or making you ill or unhappy?"

  11. "The world was framed by the word of God" Heb. 11:3
    How we look at things makes a big difference, if we look at an unframed photo it may not have the same impact in our memory than a nicely framed one.
    Let's look at the world from the point of view of a son or daughter of The Most High and we will be seeing and living the promises God made to His children:

    If you persist and do My will, you will received what I have promised - Heb.10:3
    Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go - Genesis 28:15
    Every word of every promise that I have made will come to pass - I Kings 8:56
    Not one of My promises will ever fail you - Josh. 23:14


    "El universo fue enteramente organizado por la palabra de Dios" Heb. 11:3
    La gran diferencia está en como vemos las cosas, si miramos una foto sin marco puede que no tenga el mismo impacto en nuestra memoria que una enmarcada.

    Mira al mundo desde el punto de vista del hijo o hija del Altísimo y veremos y viviremos las promesas que
    Dios hizo a Sus hijos.:

    Os es necesaria la paciencia, para que habiendo hecho la voluntad de Dios, obtengáis la promesa - Heb. 10:36
    He aquí, yo estoy contigo, y te guardaré por dondequiera que fueres: - Génesis 28:15
    Ninguna palabra de todas sus promesas que expresó por Moisés su siervo, ha faltado - I Reyes 8:56
    Ninguna adversidad acontecerá al justo - Prov. 12:21

  12. Domo Arigato Gozaimaso

  13. I love it

  14. Thank you Mary, as an artist I can relate to this subject. I often find that the right frame can enhance a painting, where a wrong one has an opposite effect. I will be careful to "frame" my thoughts better with this lovely message to help me.

  15. Thank you for this clear message and wonderful Lift. It is so interesting that Elisha did nothing about the hostile army which appeared to surround then but prayed that his servant might clearly see what was really there, what was really 'in the frame', instead.

  16. Thankyou Mary for you insight. Interesting how the frame helps you to see the beauty and colors of each painting. It changes your perspective.

  17. Thank you for this wonderful Lift !

  18. What a wonderful perspective, Mary! We should let the Word of God frame our view of everything around us. If we do that, we shall see abundance, harmony, safety, goodness, tenderness and the all embracing Love that absorbs us completely. We are God´s creation, His work of art, therefore perfect, beautiful and complete.Thanks to all the DL team, have a nice weekend!

  19. A beautifully framed presentation . SPIRIT is all . Matter is unreal . Thank you Mary .

  20. A beautiful message charmingly delivered, thank you Mary.

  21. Perfect frame of reference to go by today . . . To view life and all around us as it is . . .the masterpiece God created. Thank you Mary

  22. thank you for this very inspiring Lift.

  23. Thankyou Mary for your wonderful insight, framing every situation by the word of God enables us to see ourselves more clearly as Gods perfect image. We are able to view ourselves as God sees us! Situations turn from danger to safety etc.

  24. thank you, Mary, for a lovely lift to start my day and thank you, Martin for the reminder to see as God sees!

  25. Thanks so much for this spiritual idea. Mario Vicencio ,Sao Paulo , Brazil

  26. Es nuy importante el marco en un cuadro, porque mejora el contenido,. Pinto al oléo, y enmarco también y cuando rodeo la pintura con el marco adecuado, ésta se destaca más. Así podemos decir de Dios, la imagen el reflejo, que somos nosotros, se destacará más si lo armamos con un entorno que destaque la imagen reflejada allí.

    Podriamos decir que la fe es un marco adecuado, la confianza, es una armadura que nos mantiene firmes en la seguridad de que Dios, enmarca, arma y sostiene con sabiduría nuestra imagen para que sobresalga del marco reflejando luz, destacándose, inspirando con un accionar bondadoso.

    Estaba en una reuníon y las personas usaban un bocabulario soéz, desagradable, me conocen y saben que no lo uso, al final de la reunión me pidieron disculpas, pasados unos días, volvieron a hacerlo muy compunjidos, entiendo que la imagen que feflejo de respeto, usual mío en el trato, despertó en ellos un rechazo a su propio accionar, entiendo que el no manifestar de mi parte desagrado por su aptitud,sino al estar el reflejo en un marco de tolerancia, hizo su efecto sobre ellos, pienso que ha sido una manifestación de que cuando nos mantenmos firmes en la bondad divina, enmarcamos nuestra imagen con una fortaleza que no decae nunca, ni aún en circunstancias desagradables.

    Muchas gracias Mary, por el mensaje, es muy sustancial estar enmarcados por el Amor divino.

  27. Thanks Mary, Loved the simplicity of this. We are framed by God's word. The only thing visible is the good of God's creation.

  28. A lovely simple message

  29. Thank you indeed!

  30. Wow Mary just great. Love it. Take self out of the picture and see that God fills the picture. I used to work in a picture framing shop. Realised that you can take everything in your experience, home, church, marriage, work, people, communities, countries etc. and put them in a thought frame and then see that God fills the picture and runs the show.
    Also, I once designed a stage set which had an all round proscenium arch picture frame. Stepping onto the stage you stepped into a framed picture. God was centre stage in that one.
    I would love to send you some photos of it and a testimony to go with it.
    Thank you so much for reminding me and thanks be to God.

  31. What a wonderful perspective! And what a perfect guide for seeing everything as it truly is - seeing it through the divine Mind's harmony and loving control. Thanks Mary! I will be using this inspiration to guide my view of how things really are.

  32. Thank you Mary for this beautifully framed lift! I especially loved the last frame of it! It made me laugh out loud with joy! You and all of our Daily Lift gifters are so precious! You do you work so well and give us daily thoughts to ponder and expand on. Every commenter brings such lovely perspectives. How infinite is God! I am truly grateful!

  33. "Let the word of God frame our perceptions" - Mary Beattie

    Mary, such a beautiful Lift. I will spend the rest of my day reflecting on this;interestingly, I spent the night making picture frames and my focus was on creating frames to bring out the right view of the pictures.

    This morning I decided to photograph the sunrise. On my way there I encountered a very rough road that was under construction and then there was a diversion taking me places I knew nothing about. I wanted to go back home but this quiet thought kept saying..press on and I now know why.

    While there a man walked onto the beach, into the water, and got into his fishing boat.

    As he walked into the water, the waves got stronger and higher. They crashed into him, pushing on him but he never stopped. As he walked in he turned side-ways to minimize the impact, often jumping up as the waves hit him to stay above it all.

    As he progressed, he got deeper into the water until all you saw was his head and the water was calmer. He reached his boat and got in.

    To me, the water represented Science (Truth) as we leave the foundation of matter it appears difficult; we press on. As we turn aside and present less matter, there is less resistance. As we get immersed in Science we become buoyant; matter disappears but our individuality remains intact. Wisdom is our guide; we reach a new level of understanding and a new journey begins.

    Thanks for this Lift; it helped me a lot.

  34. Such a lovely and helpful Lift! I'm reminded of the words in Eph 2:21 about the one body in Christ ,"In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in The Lord." Thank you, Mary, DL Team, and Lifters here and everywhere!

  35. II loved this! There are times in our life when devastating things may seem to happen to us, but by reframing (with the Word of God) how often it seems that the very thing we deemed "terrible" brings along such blessings and new directions in our lives. Thank you for this wonderful lift!

  36. BRILLIANT. A great visual.

  37. what a lovely lift and so beautifully presented thank you Mary

  38. The frame is also called a mat. When we cut away at matter, we are simply left with a beautiful mat though which we behold a glorious picture. Love this Lift......as well as all the other Daily Lifts. They are "lifting" the world of all those seeking to see beauty in all that God creates! Thank you.

  39. Dear Mary, what an original thought (at least to me). I never connected the word frame to the Bible. My husband is an artist and I very carefully select the frames for his paintings as they make all the difference. Now I will take a more spiritual view of framing. The world was framed by the word of God and so were all of His children. Thanks so much!

  40. Hi,

    Here is the link a pic from this morning with the guy going to his boat; the sun had not yet risen. It is what I call 'first light' or before the dawn.


    Have a great weekend everyone. Much Love.

  41. I agree with Scotland # 37 and # 36. Thank you so much, dear Mary.

  42. So Beautiful! So Great! Thank you.

  43. And thanks to #40 for the link and picture.

  44. Thank you for this very thoughtful lift presented in such a charming way. I'd like to look a bit more into the way the word "frame" is used in the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's writings. A quick look showed me this from her "Rudimental Divine Science" on page 10

    You must learn to acknowledge God in all His ways. It is only a lack of understanding of the allness of God, which leads you to believe in the existence of matter, or that matter can frame its own conditions, contrary to the law of Spirit.

  45. Thank you dear Mary for this great, wonderful message.Very inspiring, very helpful.

  46. I LOVE this lift! With the video, It's as if you are sitting right beside me sharing these wonderful thoughts and inspiration!

    I usually read all the comments as they are always interesting and helpful. Troy, what an experience to watch the man persevere to reach his boat...inspiring and great photo.

    Wishing everyone a day framed with joy!

  47. Brilliant Mary… both in color and meaning.

    Martin #1, many thanks for pointing out framing as a means of principle focus, etc.

    Isaiah might add to today’s Lift comments with a humorous reminder: “…shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?” 29:16

  48. Love it! Thank you so much. Sounds like such an easy concept but lets see if I can put it into practice consistently. My motto: Today I will endeavor to create a more spiritual perspective by choosing to use a different lens, or by re-framing each of my thoughts to better see what God sees. Wow, here goes....................

  49. Thank you to every one involved in producing this wonderful lift for all of us.

  50. How lovely! Thank you.

  51. Love this! As an artist, I have so much fun studying images and cropping them (ideally, BEFORE I paint them) to find the perfect composition. Once completed, more fun in choosing just the right frame to enhance the work, which can make a world of difference. Love the idea of framing our views of what we experience with God's perceptions. I'll remember this Lift....thanks, Mary!

  52. Oh, so cute and lively and fresh and childlike! Thank you, Mary! "Re-Framing" shows us new views of Divine Goodness and Love - to paraphrase Mrs. Eddy a bit there! Perhaps when Jesus told us that "The kingdom of heaven is within you", he was saying that we all have access to God's Word or the "Frame" within, which outpictures the world in it's true Light - the reflection of Truth and Love. Thank You, #6 Pearl - Lovely! Let's all Frame our Weekends in God's Love and Light! xoxo!

  53. Beautiful message, thank you

  54. I too enjoyed the simplicity, the fun and the joy in this message. Thank you, Mary!

  55. Fantastic! Thank you Mary for the analogy.

  56. So lovely, so true, so pure, so innocent... and I am so grateful for that!
    You are a child of God, and I cannot refrain from saying "I love you!"

  57. Thank -you for this most beautiful thought to work with-treasure today!

  58. Thank you Mary.

  59. I specially liked your Daily Lift. The use of the frame idea helps me to see just what I am looking at or taking in and I can change the view right away if it is not right and find a fresh one. Thanks so much.

  60. Love it, especially the little chuckle at the end which made this especially fun...as it should be.

  61. Thank you Mary for 'framing" this true perspective so beautifully!

  62. This is so beautiful thank you thank you!!!

  63. Thank you so much. This fresh way of looking at what the Word of God is doing is just great.

  64. I love all the comments to each DL. The lecturers get us all thinking. Troy, your picture is very thought provoking. The man is so small compared to the waves and his boat is so far away. But God is with him and nothing is impossible. Persistence and faith won the day and he got to his boat. Persistence, constant knowing that we are framed by God, gets us the prize.

  65. Thank you Mary for your clear visual, pictorial analogy. God's frame is always the best for us; relying on God's vision instead of the mortal vision: "...only with mine eyes, can I behold the snare, the pit, the fall..." (Hymn 211, "Mother's Evening Prayer" MBE) brings only sorrow. And later in her poem MBE states, "Seeking and finding, with the angels sing: 'Lo, I am with you alway,' -- watch and pray."
    God's frame gives surety, safety, clarity, and purpose.

    Thank you lifters all and the Daily Lift Team for bringing us another blessed weekly forum.

  66. Troy, your picture added the perfect ending to Mary's lift. Your love for photography framed that pic perfectly. Isn't it wonderful that we can't be framed by wrong thinking. But we can frame (destroy) it by turning to God's loving truth and receive the healing answers we need. My weekend is certainly framed by Life, Truth, and Love with this lift. Thanks to all lifters and Mary, the lifter.

  67. beautiful lift - beautiful presentation . . . . love the spiritual view of framing - especially in that I am an artist and fully understand how the frame changes everything . . . thank you, Mary and the DL team!

  68. PS and thank you Troy Barbados for your comments and the great photo!

  69. Excellent message, in a fun and colo(u)rful presentation. Thanks!

  70. Excellent- wonderful- thank you- with gratitude for a clear, expression of how to frame our thoughts.

  71. What a lovely lift. A bright and cheery thanks!

  72. To see everything through God's eyes (frame) will be my goal today! Your presentation was so "light", clear, and full of love. Thank you! Thank you to Troy also for sharing the beautiful picture...the man was so far away from his boat and he looks so small compared to the size of the waves. Persistence won the prize for both you and the man!

  73. This Lift makes me want to hug you, Mary, and all the Commenters! I love illustrations,
    (Jesus taught in parables!) and as an artist, I appreciate very well that how a piece of art is
    matted and framed makes all the difference. WE are God's ART! We have been given substance, outline, form, color...as God does for all spiritual ideas. Nothing aery-faery about this ART, huh! We are God's amazing creation, and by reflection have "dominion over all." Time to realize and use this...past time! WE CAN!

    Love your photography, too, Troy. Thanks.

    Life is Good!!


  74. A whole new perspective for me. Thank you Mary and all the Lifters. I always knew that a frame can make a difference in a picture. Now I'll think about myself (and all God's children) as being the picture in God's frame, and expressing the beauty, grace and love so that others may get the right view.

    Thanks to Troy for that beautiful picture. Love does surround us.

  75. Mary, just great! Thank you and to Troy, wanted to mention it before while I viewed your previously posted photo sites, you are truly gifted with a divinely inspired eye for beauty... enjoy all!

  76. Elizabeth, Thank you for the visual lesson along with your verbal guidance. It brought a smile to my face to see you and the artwork.

  77. Clear, important and delightfully presented! Thank you!!

  78. Thank you.

  79. I loved your lift Mary. The right frame like the right perspective captures a focus that is beautiful and wholly good. Thanks so much!! Seeing your happy smile framing your face at the end was such a joy too.

    Troy, your story and photo of the man overcoming the waves to reach his boat touched the soul. It's so wonderful that you share the links to your beautiful photos and the tale behind them. I'm so appreciative of everyone's comments in these daily lifts -- Martin, Elena, Nela, Lori in California, Margaret Sunshine Coast in Australia and the list goes on.. I look forward to reading your insights every day. It's like meeting up with familiar friends as I scroll down the posts. Everyone brings something so special to the lift. These lifts are such a blessing.

  80. Thanks Troy #40 for including the link. I enjoyed viewing all of the spectacular photographs - and all worth framing and obviously God inspired. What a blessing it is to have God as the director of our lives.

  81. I LOVE this!!

  82. Thank you, Mary, for this very delightfully visual Lift!

  83. I had always read this verse as "the worlds were CREATED by the word of God." I really like using this alternate meaning of "framed" to imply "to focus attention on." This is what Christian Science treatment does: it focuses attention on, or "frames" specific aspects of Mind's everpresent allness and goodness. As the frame is moved, it highlights other aspects of the total picture of spiritual reality. Such treatment of thought is a joy -- a treat -- a treatment!

  84. Excellent point and the visuals were very helpful. This is a keeper. And Mary, I'd like to be in your class!

  85. A delightful way of expanding our horizons. Thank you.

  86. P.S. I just wanted to complete #44 Marilyn's quote from Rudimental Divine Science, it's such an apt one: "It is only a lack of understanding of the allness of God, which leads you to believe in the existence of matter, or that matter can frame its own conditions, contrary to the law of Spirit." Rud. p. 10, 1.27

  87. Gracious and powerful, - brilliant. Thanks, Mary.

  88. I love this lift! I have many pieces of "kid art" framed in my home……so fresh and beautiful. And now to think about the frames we choose…..this is wonderful! My world is framed by God's Word. What a great view!

  89. We been framed! Ah, but by God.
    Wonderful new approach to seeing what God sees in us -- and what we see through God's eyes.
    Always loved the story of what Elisha saw as compared to what his servant saw, and how seeing anew, brought the true picture.

    Thank you, Mary and all you commenters. Like another Lifter I feel like I'm meeting with dear friends each time I open the Daily Lift. And, I agree with Bevi from yesterday when she said it was like "going to adult Sunday school" as we get new inspiration from all round the world. (I think it was Bevi and it was yesterday) ( :

  90. awesome lift!!

  91. Thank you and thank you too Martin.

  92. Fantastic! I am blown away by how helpful LIFTS are. Powerful truths. He "opened his eyes". I had that happen once. I don't just mean that God opened my eyes of faith or knowing. God "opened my eyes" to see the kingdom of heaven all around me". I saw creation as God sees it. I will never be the same, having seen what He showed me. I might also mention that at that time I had fallen off a mountain and God healed many broken bones instantly and totally. More important I can never forget what I saw when God opened my eyes. I need to remember to open my eyes more often.

  93. Wonderful. Thanks.


    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy (476)

  95. Thanks for your bright fun video about changing our perspective. Fun for both children and adults.
    This "framing" reminds me of a poem my mother would quote from time to time:
    "He drew a circle that shut me out—
    Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
    But Love and I had the wit to win;
    We drew a circle that took him in!"
    I couldn't find the name of the author, but found the poem quoted in a Christian Science Journal article by Paul Stark Seeley in October 1947 "A More Expansive Love"
    I think this sentiment is also very appropriate for the legacy that Nelson Mandela has left for the world. Cheer to all.

  96. 'We can let the word of God frame our perception'. Love it. Thank you Mary.

  97. What an absolutely beautiful and poignant message! Thank you so much!

  98. Oh how beautiful!!! I am a picture framer,and I often start my project with that thought,"The worlds were framed by the word of God", to remind me of the harmony that encompasses all that we do. And I am always grateful in advance for the fitting together of a right purpose. Loves work and love must fit!
    Thank you thank you.

  99. Mary a big thank you for the clear message of framing our consciousness. What we conceive is what we experience in our daily lives. This weekend I will adjust my frame to see what God sees..

  100. Super fresh perspective.

    Since Spirit could never create the opposite, matter (limitation, restriction and cramping views), we must always be able to see from the spiritual framework, all of God's beloved ideas, man including the universe. Nelson Mandela accomplished this even under the worst of circumstances. We can too!

    Gives me fresh fire!

  101. I thank you so much for the great lift.

  102. Loved reading that lift.
    Great thought...WE are God's ART
    Thank you so much!

  103. What a great view of Christian Science, Christ Jesus' teaching, and God's expansive view.

  104. Thank you, Mary, for “The frame makes a difference … there’s a verse in Hebrews … that says, ‘… the worlds were framed by the word of God’ …”

    I loved your video and your example of how differently the same thing can look, depending on how it’s framed. I also appreciate the simplicity and good humor with which you shared.

    It all brings this to mind:

    We used to play a childhood game, which could be called, “The Frame Game.” We’d look on the same scene, each holding up our hands to “frame” the scene from our own perspective. It was lots of fun, as we each shared what we saw, gaining new perspectives with each sharing.

    Like that childhood game, we can each see very different and yet still very pleasing and quite beautiful scenes. Christian Science offers guidance in “framing” all of our daily experiences “by the word of God.” If it’s not of God, it doesn’t earn a place in the picture. ;-) What about all the ugly scenes the world has to offer? We don’t have to accept them as our own (or anyone’s!). And we can pray for guidance.

    I appreciate the healing power of the “art,” as well as the “science” of Christ’s Christianity. Your Lift, Mary, explained what I didn’t have words for yet. As Jesus demonstrated, we can frame every scene in our world “by the word of God” and so prove the beauty of holiness – the Truth of our being.

    “… let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us …” (Ps 90:17).

  105. Our Oklahoma City paper for 12/2/13 showed a photo of a new, tall building with the top sticking out of the fog bank. I thought at the time that the persons looking out of the lower windows had a totally different picture than the persons working on the higher floors. This lift certainly shows that the picture seen by the viewer often depends upon the frame. And it can be a window frame as well. Thank you for your message.


  106. As a professional photographer, I can look at a huge scene from atop of a mountain and take a picture of it, whole as I see it. But when I frame a part of the scene which I took with my camera, the scene takes a different perspective. The beauty of a particular tree stands out more pronounced than the entire scene. Likewise when framing the idea of man in our thought with what we know of what God has created, all misguided thoughts just pass away leaving in it's place the true likeness.

  107. Lovely, Mary. Thanks too to Troy and Margaret.

  108. This gives a whole new perspective to "being framed"!! So often we are "framed" by mortal thinking, being set up or accused of something when we, as God's ideas, are innocent and pure. I love your idea of being framed, framed in God's word. Innocence proclained!!! THANK YOU!

  109. I'm thankful for your message. The video helps make it so clear to understand.

  110. Thank you for this inspiring video and the very uplifting view, to see Gods creation only through the frame of Love.

  111. What a thought provoking Lift, Mary, and I loved the video. Thank you.

  112. Momentous news has reached the world stage in the last 15 hours. And a lot of evidence to show Nelson Mandela saw (framed) the world calling on such Christly qualities as forgiveness, selfless insight, courage, distinguishing between what is right and good and what is unacceptable. There are powerful and continuing blessings when we let divine qualities - 'the Word of God' - frame our world.

    So heartening and humbling to read comments - such an expansive application of God's word!

  113. Such a wonderfully refreshing message - thank you, Mary!

  114. Mary, this one's "a bonza"!

    Hadn't thought of the concept of framing like this before. Thankyou!

    I've had a few folk remark on how helpful it's been to them already.

    Cheers from Melbourne

  115. Despite, or rather because of the frame it's an eye-opening lift, a truly wonderful thought!

  116. What a great inspiration! It changed my thought on something I had seen as a threat but it was never seeing it from God's frame. Thank you so much!

  117. THankyou dear Mary,
    You have shared a great truth to live by and as usual in a very gentle way that leaves a lasting impression.
    With love
    Pam from Wynnum

  118. Thank you so much for this lovely lift Mary. I love that we can let God (Love and Principle) frame our view and also provide a frame of reference for all our actions.
    I love all the colours in the paintings!

  119. Such a very helpful message...thank you, Mary!

  120. thank you Mary, such a simple and powerful message I love it!
    and thank you Troy, I loved your analogy of getting deeper in the water with our growth in Christian Science Your photos are beautiful Thank you for sharing them

  121. Thanks, Mary for your very interesting, fun, clear and helpful Lift! It certainly expanded for me the spiritual & practical meaning of the words: framed --- framing --- frame --- frame(s) --- framework --- frame of reference! Loved the childrens' creative & colourful artwork!

  122. I can ask myself moment by moment, 'What frame of mind am I in?' Great idea to apply!

  123. Beautiful. Thank you so much for helping me frame through the lens of Spirit :)

  124. Such a clever way to explain an important concept. Thank you.

  125. This perspective is one that will stay with me, thanks Mary. The message is both delightfully presented and very instructive.

  126. just a blessing this morning,, what a joyous lift. Thank you so much

  127. II just finished reading all the wonderful comments and I agree that this is a delightful and inspiring Lift and I, too, greatly appreciate feeling connected to one another here. Tuning in each day and reading more comments on the weekends is so encouraging and does indeed “frame” my view spiritually which blesses each day! Many ,many thanks to all.

  128. ...and just in case anyone thinks the minutiae of picture framing is out of God's frame:

    I had a print that I wanted to frame, and I had a coupon for a store that I wouldn't ordinarily go to for framing. In this case, I felt led to go to that store. A young man waited on me and I learned that he had an MFA in visual art. We tried lots of different frame samples, but he seemed very confident about only one of them. It didn't match my vision for the piece, so I kept trying other samples. Still, I wanted to respect his expertise, so I kept looking at the one he had chosen. Finally, it just clicked. I saw what he was seeing and why his choice really did work with the piece I was framing. So I ordered the frame. While we were going through this process, the young man shared some of his struggles in getting launched in a career, and I shared a little about my career and how prayer had helped. He gave me his web address so I could see his artwork, and I sent him a link to a Christian Science site.

    A few months later, after I had hung the attractively-framed print near a sliding glass door, my deck was stained a new color by the apartment management. You guessed it: exactly the color of the picture frame. There's a fabulous sense of harmony between inside and outside that no one but God could have planned.

  129. Great reminder to frame and focus only on the peaceful good that will then be evident in our daily, hourly, experience. peacefully, carol

  130. Perfect Images - and Precious last moment in that Message - BRAVO !!

  131. This Lift is awesome --- and so beautifully presented. Moving the matts around over the paintings shows clearly how the observer's perspective can be changed. Mary, your love and delight shine through so beautifully. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for your little playful peek through the matt hole --- at the end. Joyous, and spontaneous, and healing!

  132. Perfect! It's all in the right frames, isn't it!

  133. Love this! Thank you Mary, and also to Nate & his team for editing it together so beautifully. As a keen photographer, a favourite passage in "Science and Health" comes simultaneously to mind, on how important is this change of perspective:
    "The crude creations of mortal thought must finally give place to the glorious forms which we sometimes behold in the camera of divine Mind, where the mental picture is spiritual and eternal." p.264, (Mary B. Eddy)

    And for anyone wishing to study further along this lovely 'line of light', two other excellent articles I've found are: "The Right Perspective" April 2, 1949 Sentinel, and 'The Importance of a Right Standpoint", Aug 5, 1916 Sentinel.