12/6: Spiritual center

12/6: Spiritual center

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  1. thank you

  2. YES !!!
    "God is ALWAYS right here with us. He is permanently established for our well-being..."
    just love knowing that. Excellent analogy. Thank you, Suzanne. The peace of the Christ comes to us by humbly asking/receiving in an instant or the power --- whatever is needed, the Kingdom readily provides.

  3. In computers we have the “escape” key, in TV they have been using the “easy” key to show how simple it could be a chore if you just think certain way.
    It might not be as easy as pressing a button but in CS we learned that no matter how big or how immediate a problem might seem, the answer is always within our reach.
    Our Leader says, “Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, — neither in nor of matter, — and the body will then utter no complaints” S&H 14:12
    In my experience this single moment of communion with God can be applied not only to bodily ills but to any discordant situation.
    En computación tenemos la tecla de "escape", en la TV han estado usando el botón de "fácil" para mostrar lo fácil que puede ser una tarea, si uno piensa de cierta manera.
    Tal vez no sea tan fácil como pulsar un botón, pero en la CC hemos aprendido que no importa cuán grande o inmediato parezca un problema, la respuesta está siempre a nuestro alcance.
    Nuestra Guía dice, " Estad conscientes por un solo momento de que la Vida y la inteligencia son puramente espirituales —que no están en la materia ni proceden de ella— y el cuerpo no proferirá entonces ninguna queja" CyS 14:12
    En mi experiencia, esto solo momento de comunión con Dios se aplica no sólo a los males corporales, sino a cualquier situación discordante.

  4. Thank you, Suzanne. I will remember to return home many times today -- and not take a single step.

  5. this message is exactly what i needed this night...i was feeling overwhelmed but now i am relieved.

  6. Many thanks Suzanne for that comforting lift. Yes. "Our spiritual home will always be immediately accessible [to each and everyone of us]." "Home is the Father’s sweet “Well done,”/ God’s daily, hourly gift of grace./ We go to meet our brother’s need,/ And find our home in every place." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #443).

  7. Thank you Suzanne for this powerful afirmation today.YES indeed ,God is the Center ,The HEART of our being right here , right now ,and forever.

  8. Thank you.

  9. One for my pocket of goodies to return to again and again, so many thanks.

  10. Thank you Suzanne - you have made your point very easy to understand.

  11. Thank you, Suzanne!! Thank you, God, that we do not need a smart phone to reach you. Yes, I sometimes do feel the strong desire just to go back to my real me, spiritual, unaffected of foreign influences, to the communion with God.
    You put it into such a good picture. Thank you.

  12. Don't anyone ever think for even one moment that any hi tec device could possibly equal our most wonderful all-knowing, everpresent Father-Mother God. If I want a word I just hit "God is Mind. . " and start from there, and names, places, memories that are as fresh and bright now as they were a million years ago (well - it sometimes seems like a million years. . . ) are right there even as I'm speaking with another. God has written poems for me, and articles for our local newspaper and letters. Whatever I need He has the words. And you know, sometimes I actually question Him. "Do You really think so?" But that word gets used and everyone tells ME how apt it is. Give God the praise and due recognition. A Smart Phone can't tell you the word to use, now can it! No way.
    Thank you, Nate. I think I'm becoming seriously addicted (or do I mean attracted by or accustomed to?) to the sitar. Thanks to the BoL, the lecturers, and our Daily Lift family of commenters.

  13. Thank you so much Suzanne! This Lift reminder me the Eddy's cotation on Science and Health p.203 : "God is at once the centre and circumference of being." Thanks for all comments!

  14. Thank you, I'm going to remember this and go with God as I have many books to be put away.

  15. My phone is a simple Tracfone, a dumb phone for sending and receiving calls only. So I'm not on top of all of this fancy technology. But thanks so much, Suzanne, for reminding me that I can stay on top of everything that comes up by going to God the source of all intelligence. "All substance, intelligence, wisdom, being, immortality, cause and effect belong to God." (S&H)

  16. It interesting that technology always need to be adjust, improve, change, while we can instantly have a perfect connection with God,
    That connection is eternal, infinite, full of blessings for everyone, available anytime and ahead of the times
    because we can not measure or correct. It is perfect, untouchable, therefore it is a guide for all generations.
    Wonderful lift!!!!!

  17. Great inspiration , thank you! :-)

  18. Thanks Suzanne, helpful, useful lift! In this incredibly busy time of year, just push the "One Mind" button--"all is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation" ---and listen. Perfect.

  19. Si fuera tan simple como apretar un boton, escape por ejemplo, podriamos soltarnos de los pensamientos erroneos que nos azotan permanentemente y escapar de ellos, pero no es tan simple.

    "Bajo Sus alas de poder estoy
    y en lo secreto de Su senda voy;
    busco y encuentro; y ésta es mi canción:
    "Contigo estoy" en guardia y oración"

    Mary Baker Eddy

    No necesitamos escapar sino ajustar los pensamientos porque en Él somos.

    "Encomienda a Jehová tus obras,
    Y tus pensamientos serán afirmados"
    Proverbios, 16:3

    Muchas gracias, thank you so much, Suzanne

  20. Wonderful!

  21. Beautiful, Suzanne! Thank you for reminding us WHO really is the "smart phone" - it's our Loving Presence, Divine Mind! And Thank you, DL Muscians! I feel like I am once again dancing in the streets of India! "Namaste" - is a popular greeting in India and translated means: "The Light within Me honors the Light within You"!! Stay Tuned In!

  22. Right on the button, Suzanne! Thanks so much. Your "lifts" are always so clear and beautiful. Keep them coming!

  23. As so many before me have said, this is the perfect answer to my need this morning. Mind IS. GO TO IT, yes!,
    GO FOR IT, (obey it) REJOICE IN IT.....SUCCEED WITH IT! If God is everpresent, and He/She is, how can we lose our way? This "Home" button is at our mental fingertips. Super LIFT today. THANK YOU, one and all.

  24. Great! Thank you!

  25. I loved the idea that, like the Smartphone, “getting back to our center” doesn’t mean we “move” anyplace. It is simply a shift in awareness or consciousness. And the “key” we use only fits the Kingdom of Heaven.

    But maybe the earlier models of Smartphones were smarter after all and we should pattern ourselves after them? When we get lost, encumbered or overwhelmed in our daily excursions, then, seeking our spiritual center, do we really want to retain all that mental baggage or our fruitless wanderings?

    I feel if matter isn’t serving us well or has taken us down the wrong path, the delete key is the best option.

    There nothing worth retaining that leads us away from our center, for our center is God.

  26. Simple. Smart. Powerful. Thank you Suzanne!

  27. Yep, we already have something smarter than a smart phone “… all true thoughts revolve in God's orbits: they come from God and return to Him, — and untruths belong not to His creation, therefore these are null and void.” Mis. 22:10 – a smart phone with spam blocker!

    Mrs. Eddy used the unusual combination of terms, center AND circumference together. The word circumference originates from circum "around" + ferre "to carry". That’s interesting.

    Central and carried around (God's orbits) i.e not out there somewhere, as you said “God’s everywhere presence with us”.

    Hey Bev, #21, now I will think of the unusual music to my western ear as cymbals of dancing in the Light! thanks!

  28. thank you little "smartie".... thank you Suzanne.

  29. A comforting realization of fact as I head off into today's activities. Thank you Suzanne.

    Thanks Suzanne, ...this is one of those Divine tid-bit's, I canreturn to over and over again, seaking that "escape"...that spiritual thought to re-set my day....!!
    Thanks again, Suzanne...!

  31. Thank you Suzanne.

  32. This Lift was needed - i have a challenging project today & will utilize this realization!

    Much gratitude, Suzanne.

  33. Signals flashing up to satellites and across to towers and back to hand held are things that we have come to expect. And as "immediate" and helpful as they are ... they hardly compare to: "The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man." (S&H 284:31-32) ....This quote may be a little out of context but it serves well as a reminder.

  34. Love it, thank you Suzanne!

  35. I do not have a smart phone, but I can relate to the "go back" function on my computer. When a problem arises I can go back to before the problem arose. I often use this thinking when a problem shows it's head. I just go back to God, Truth and work from there. Thank you for your beautiful lift.

  36. Thank you.

  37. Great presentation. This lift reminds me of an expression that a dear friend recently shared with me. He said to me, "when the way seems unclear always go back to your first Love ... the Love of God".

  38. Un solo minuto de comunión con EL permite vislumbrar lo que será una eternidad, estaba pensando en ésto sentada debajo de los árboles, viendo a los pájaros felices bañarse, sin cuidado de lo habrán de comer, paseandose bajo la brisa primaveral, satisfechos con cantar y gorjear alabando al creador! cuando me siento a la computadora y encuentro con alegría las tan queridas y sabias palabras de mis compañeros en la Ciencia Cristiana, gracias a todos por este maná diario que nos ofrecen son migajas de consuelo de la mano mano del Cristo!

  39. Thanks, Suzanne, for the uplifting reminder of how simple it is to always return to our spiritual home base.
    "With hope and faith, like exiles yearning
    For homelands loved through patient years,
    The hearts of men are homeward turning
    To God Who giveth rest from fears." Hymn381

  40. Thank you!

  41. Delete materialism. Return home - the center and circumference of our being. Nice to know home is and was always there. We just had to make a quick adjustment to recognize it. Parables are great! Thank you.

  42. No matter how smart the phones get, it's always good to have God's telephone number in your phone book. Isaiah 65:24 --- "before they call, I will answer, and while they are yet speaking, I will hear." You don't need an area code . . . it's always a local call.

  43. Thank you! A great reminder of how close we are to God.

  44. Thank you Suzanne for this lovely reminder of our constant God centeredness.

  45. Another good one, Suzanne. Thank you. And Malcom, #6, thank you for each day connecting a hymn to the Daily Lift. And Bev, #21 from Idaho, what a wonderful East Indian greeting. I am going to use it to greet my AFS (foreign exchange) "grandson for a year" who is from India and is living with my son and his family.

    Love's blessings on us all.

  46. Thanks, Suzanne! I like the analogy with its very helpful spiritual point. It's one I'm going to remember.


  48. 21. I take that to mean, "The Christ in me meets the Christ in you and together we glorify God". Thank you so much for the powerful Lift.

  49. Reminds me of baseball. We start at home base, stand there while matter pitches its worst at us, run around furiously dodging the material tags, sliding and stealing where we can while our only objective is to get back to home base where we started.

  50. I'll be thinking about this every time I press the home button on my iPhone today.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  51. Love the analogy. So helpful! And thanks to all Llifters. Your references and ideas open up a wide range of possibilities.

    Once when I misplaced my cell phone, I simply asked God where it was, got very quiet and received a mental picture of its exact location. Relying on Love, no one is ever bereft.

  52. Suzanne this is so appropriate for me because I am having a problem with my speakers which disallowed me to listen to the daily lift. You see, I like to push the button on the system and go back several times to hear the lift to be certain I am getting the gist of the message. Its like a false belief that I need to hear something over several times to get an understanding. Also writing down is very helpful. This morning I worked it out using the telephone and listened only twice because they will charge you for each call. To make a long story short, I went to Ps. 91:1 the smart answer to all of our needs and the message was illumined and very clear. Thank you daily lift team for all you do.

  53. Many thanks for everyone's inspiring comments - I love them all. Bob's No. 42 particularly appeals to me, and is a helpful passage to understand. It requires us to listen to the voice which, as Hymn 229 tells us, is "oft sought without, but found within."

  54. Thank you, Suzanne, for today's great Lift - the reminder that God is always accessible is appreciated. Thanks to Bob #42 reminding us about Isaiah 65:24. I really appreciate all the comments from the Lifters - have a lovely day everyone.

  55. Thank you very much Suzanne, for the inspiring lift.

  56. A simple reminder of a profound truth and ready resource. Thanks!

  57. Stay with, return to, rejoice in our Spiritual Center, God! Thanks so much Suzanne. And Malcolm #6, thanks for the reminders of the hymns. thanks Nate and your team for carrying on the Indian music theme; it's so lovely and inclusive. Thanks others for sharing.

  58. Thank you Suzanne!!!

  59. And thanks Bob #42 for the reminder of God's telephone number!
    My dad used to tell us of it too!
    Call 24/7 to IS6524.
    God's promise!
    And no static or uncharged batteries !

  60. Oh, Suzanne, this lift is so apt: I love that our Leader tells us in Science & Health that "God is the
    center and circumference of being. What a place to begin, what a place to be, and what a blessed
    way to go! We all have it!
    Love and thanks...Judy

  61. What a great example, using the home button for the smart phone. Yes, God is THAT available.
    Thank you.

  62. Yes, and again, yes. We need to agree to return to that "command central" that God gives us to guarantee a connection with reality. In the days ahead, I resolve not to let anything keep me from checking in often and I know that everytime I feel frazzled I will be calmed and directed to the right answers and to Love's eternal Now.

  63. This is such a wonderful point about the immediate accessibility to God no matter where we think we are in our thought. Thank you so much Suzanne and the Daily Lift team!

  64. Thank you Suzanne and everyone involved in bringing these wonderful insights to each day, they really do lift us up! Fantastic!
    Thank you xxxxxx. :)

  65. Thank you so much!

  66. That's a very centering reminder, Suzanne. I'm loving the immediacy of our spiritual center: no rebooting; no false leads; no charging necessary -- ever! Thanks, too, dear fellow commenters, for your expansion of the core message.

  67. Getting back to home base in our thinking is an important reminder. Thank you for an insightful lift.

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