12/5: Beyond canoe mentality

12/5: Beyond canoe mentality

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  1. Dear Ron,

    Lovely, practical and operative message. Thank you. We must put into practice what we already know and just keeping learning!

  2. Thank you,, yes we can always learn some thing new and learn how to use what we learn.

  3. I was not able to open the page earlier but this DL was worth while waiting! Thank you for this eye-opening morning thought.

  4. Your very helpful message reminds me of the story of some people paddling along in a canoe in the mist, and not being able to see where they were going. Then one of them stood up and his head came above the mist where everything was clearly visible. That clear shining day had been there all the time, but they remained stuck in the mist, when all they had to do was to lift themselves above it. That was the gist of the story. The message being that we must not believe what the material senses are saying, they are enshrouded in a mental mist, and when we lift our head above the mist into the sunlight of Truth and Love we are able to see things as they really are - as God has created them.

    I have been thinking a lot about how important it is for our thoughts to be in line with what God is telling us, and what the Christ is revealing to each one of us. This week's lesson about the man who was made to believe he was in a bed a cholera patient had been in, and then died because of the result of this belief is another strong support for the power of thought, and how important it is for us to keep our thoughts uplifted, and never to believe the dire predictions of the false material mentality.

  5. Many thanks Rob for reminding us to 'watch our thinking'. "The power of [our thinking] affects [our human concept] of health." "God's angels ever come and go,/ All winged with light and love;/ They bring us blessings from on high,/ They lift our thoughts above,/ They whisper God is Love." (Christian Science Hymnal #9).

  6. I am so very grateful for this, and all of the daily lifts. They help me, and lift me up! I look forward to them each day. They are an expression of Divine intelligence. The world is better, and blessed, because of them. Many thanks.

  7. Thank you for this wondeful reminder to watch our thinkng. In essence Jesus told us as we think we are. Mrs Eddy reminds us in Science and Health that we must guard our thinking constantly. When we realize and accept that the only thoughts we can have are good our experiences will reflect good only!

  8. thank you rob

  9. Entiendo que es mas bien como usar los pensamientos que nos llegan, y como dicernirlos ya que no siempre estamos receptivos a ellos, atrapados por otros pensamientos se nos dificulta comprender el verdadero sentido que trasmiten.
    Tenemos muchos relatos y ejemplos de ello, pero entiendo que cada uno debe dicernirlos por sí mismo ya que esa es la manera en que adelantamos a una mayor comprensión, naturalmente que es sustancial e invalorable dejarse guíar por Cristo y a la Ciencia Cristiana y por aquellos que bondadosamente nos ayudan a comprender la forma segura de seguir el camino de comprender a Dios en toda Su total magnitud, entiendo que los mensajes del Daily Lift son una buena manera de ayuda para obtener un sustancioso e inspirado desayuno cada mañana y por ello estoy muy agradecida, por la misma razón respondo cada mañana aunque no entienda la totalidad de las palabras del mensaje para dicernir su contenido, pero si entiendo el sentir que nos trae diariamente.

    Muchas gracias Rob.

  10. Thank you! I've been trying to track this account down and began to wonder if I had heard it correctly. Such a great example of the limitation of human perception. And Christian Science presents such a wonderful antidote to this limitation!

  11. I'm going to share today's "Lift" far and wide! Thanks Rob for this universal gem.

  12. Thanks for this vivid and clear illustration.

  13. Once we see the great ship of healing, we grab a canoe and start paddling. Our paddling moves us, but the line thrown to us by the order of the Captain welcomes and lifts us aboard.

    Ship ahoy! - Ahoy there, Captain!

  14. That is good. Love it. Thank you.
    Peter - Yorkshire UK

  15. Thank you Rob. This is not only a wonderful early morning lift, but also a great reminder of the daily practice we need to do to keep our thought open, expanded, and uplifted.

  16. This is a very important 'Lift', because it illustrates how the power of Truth, the power of the Christ, CAN heal, CAN prove God's presence!....even though people may not have a frame of reference and don't grasp that it is thought that might be limiting them! Truly, there is no power apart from God! And you explained this so beautifully Rob!

  17. A beautiful lift. Thank you! We can all expand our terms of reference regarding what is possible. Jumping out of our "canoes" (what we are used to, and what has worked thus far) is a good place to begin.

  18. Excellent analogy. When one is taught their whole life that the only hope of maintaining health is through medical means, it seems that prayer alone could never work in spite of the over 125 years of evidence shown to the contrary documented in Christian Science. This helps explain that phenomena. Thanks for a great lift!

  19. Wow! Couldn't get much clearer than that, Rob! Thank You! And a "reverse story" could be that Christian Scientists are taught to "don't see what you're looking at" when confronted with pictures of disease and poor health. Isn't it really all about waking up to the scientific fact that the physical senses are the result of false seeing (mortal mind) and that healing results from right knowing (divine Mind)...??

  20. Rob, thank for this daily lift...literally! I love all of your contributions....they ring true for me.

  21. What a powerful Lift. Thank you so much!

  22. Keeping it "REAL"! Thanks Rob!

  23. Thank you.

  24. i loved this! Thank you so much!

  25. Thank you.

  26. A great lift for me today!!! I love how you gave examples of thought to healing. As we study the textbook, we learn our thinking is God, Mind. It's not a thinking human brain that heals, but the divine knowing of how God created and is see each one of us. It applies to all ideas of creation since God is the ALL in all. That is reality. Thank you.

  27. Wonderful, Rob! Norman Cousins was a regular participant in the World Affairs Conference held each spring at the Univ. of Colorado and I enjoyed attending his sessions. His joy was so evident! What I remember from his message was that he was at first stunned by a diagnosis of "uncurable disease." Then he decided to surround himself with humor and literally laughed himself to good health. His doctors were amazed.
    Thanks, Rob, for this reminder that "canoe mentality" would rob us of our freedom & joy. Thanks, Nancy (#13) for your joyful "Ahoy!" Hooray for another uplifting start to our day ~ Yeah DL team & family!!
    A joyous December to all!

  28. Thank you, Rob, for “Beyond canoe mentality … ‘structures of cultural belief govern what we comprehend’ … Norman Cousins … discovered the power of thought to affect health … Science and Health … (makes) the unrecognized power of God to heal … very tangible and real …” Wow! I’m very inspired by the crew’s response to the islanders not being able to see (understand) the tall-masted ships. Let’s say, “the crew” represents Christian Scientists, who, through prayer as guided by the Bible and Science and Health, have been blessed with many healings, according to Christ’s Christianity. Let’s say, “the islanders” represent those, who don’t know of or understand Christian Science – “the tall-masted ships.” As “the crew” Do I have the patience, love, and respect for ‘the islanders’ to share with them the magnificence of the tall-masted ships? Do I thoughtfully consider how I might best help them understand – to see and so be blessed as I have been? Do, I, myself, realize the value of the "tall-masted ships" – what I have in Christian Science? Or, do I choose a canoe mentality, even though I know there’s something beyond?

  29. Wonderful Lift ~Thank you, Rob!

    I haven't thought of Norman Cousins' experience (with laughing away the hard thoughts that he seemed to have to deal with) in more than twenty years. Interestingly, I thought of him a LOT just yesterday! Don't you just love how Mind works! Tying it all together like a present, so we can understand what we need to. I also like to think how God (divine Mind) is paddling our canoes!! We reflect Mind, we are not Mind Itself, huh! Sure is important to be scientific in our reasoning. Thanks again, Rob. :<)))

  30. Thanks for the great Lift, Rob!
    Planning to share this one for sure.

  31. Oh..How I loved todays message. I picked myself up by the bootstraps and can keep going...Many thanks...

  32. Not only did Mary Baker Eddy realized the power of right or wrong thinking had on the body in realization to the healing of diseases, but also a famous lecturer, Norman Cousins, had the same realization, which proves that man has and always will have the capacity of spiritual understanding, as long as he keeps his THOUGHTS attuned to God.

  33. I am going to paddle in right thought today-Thank You

  34. Thank you Rob for your description of the canoe mentality. I'd heard of it before, but this time Jesus story of the mustard seed came clearly to mind. One of his descriptions of the kingdom of heaven was:
    "It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth:

    But when it is sown, it groweth up, and becometh greater than all herbs, and shooteth out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the shadow of it." (Mark 4)

    Let's row our canoe out to the land of Christian Science, which might at first appear only as a speck on the horizon.

  35. Thank you, Rob. Também agradeço a Nelly, Uruguay que sempre,,em espanhol, nos coloca mais a par, sobre o conteúdo, das mensagens que contém o Daily Lift. Muito obrigada.

  36. Wow, thanks Rob!
    Thanks for telling us the canoe story , and about Norman Cousins. It really helps me realize the "vision" (view) that is already here, and the power of thought!...
    Just need to realize the reality and presence of the power called God, Good! And our connection!

  37. Great lift today, Rob, and how true, that we are only limited by our own self-imposed restraints and "canoe" thoughts. Open up to God's plan and see the unlimited! Thank you also to js, Nancy (so cute), Julie and everyone else!!!!!
    RDI, I agree totally.

  38. Thanks Rob...love the ship metaphor. I think more and more we all realize that thought controls our health, that the body doesn't dictate it, Mind does. I've shared the lifts on facebook. I'm sure many of my secular friends dismiss them as religious prothesizing, but if just one person reads it and it helps them then it's worth it.

  39. Yeah, Baby!

    Let's get on our tall ships and raise the sails. Not to conquer others, but to bring everyone along on the refreshing (healing) journey.

  40. Oh thank you, Rob and all my lifter friends and their inspiring comments!! I'm paddling towards the power of Truth,always!!
    Love to all

  41. Thanks for all the good information.

  42. That was very helpful...Thank you so much...

  43. Arn ~ flat-earth thinking vs. our very SPHERICAL world !! how do we see it?? canoe-thinking vs.GPS
    thinking........are we progressing into our future or are we just sitting in our canoe and wondering about
    things?? Magellan, Columbus, Capt. Cook were all men of action and strong FAITH!! are we as faith-
    ful about our Futures?? Active faith can move mountains/mustard seeds become trees

    LET's be more accepting of GOD's great GOODNESS and move FORWARD !! Modernize our
    thinking patterns..accept, move ahead, seek healing and enjoy the results !!!

  44. Thanks Rob. The canoe analogy helps us understand that things are not always what they seem. It encourages me to lift thought higher and deeper.

  45. Oh my gosh Rob...this is a perfect illustration of opening thought to more than we think we know. I have posted it on my f/b page. Thank you for your wonderful, clear insight--or should I say ability to see and communicate what might seem imperceptible. Interesting, those that had ships were explorers!

  46. I am so pleased to see this reference of Norman Cousins article, Anatomy of an Illness. I was so interested in it being in tune with Christian Science that I copied it on our (now out of date) Zerox machine to keep and share. Thanks for the tie in with Magellan's experience in a book I just finished reading.

  47. Thank you Rob and everyone who has shared this morning. I love this lift. Very useful in sharing with some people I recently had a conversation with about prayer and healing.

  48. Excellent metaphor!! Definitely a lift to share with all!
    Thanks Rob!

  49. Thank you Rob for this resourceful Lift. Many people can see the correlation between ones thinking determining their environment, but not necessarily that our bodies are our mental environment and that what is in our thoughts determines our health. If matter has no life and sensation then health is found in our conscious union with God. When we gain control of our thoughts it becomes the first step to better health and to prove our God given dominion and control over our bodies. It serves us well to remember Mrs. Eddy's words,"Mortal mind is the worst foe of the body, while divine Mind is its best friend." (S&H page 176)

  50. Right to the point. Thank you Rob

  51. What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for your helpful insights. I was recently trying to remember the name of the author/lecturer you mentioned who had discovered the power of thought by his healing, and there was my answer this morning. Many thanks!!

  52. Thank you Rob.

  53. I buy Science and Health by the case and am always ready to place one in a seekers hand with the message that "this gift is the greatest gift that I can give ans has the solution to any situation. All one needs to do is add The Bible and "Trust the Eternal" hymn 359. Your DL is a big WOW. Thank you for all you do.

  54. Fascinating Rob! Thank you.

  55. Thank you so much! What a beautiful and powerful LIFT.

  56. How clear, simple and powerful is your message, Rob, which thoughtfully points to the "Science" or unseen but felt Principle behind all progress, be it a trip around the world or a physical healing of any sort! And thanks to all the Lifters, production folks and commentators.

  57. I enjoyed the information and the relevance between what the natives were able to comprehend and our own ability to see more clearly what is already around us and is available to us. Thank you very much!

  58. Great, Rob. Thanks much.

  59. Oh WOW. Rob, thank you for this Lift. It brings to mind to mind two passages by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health, and makes me think that our experience in studying and understanding Christian Science will ultimately be much like that of those islanders. The passages are "As mortals gain more correct views of God and man, multitudinous objects of creation, which before were invisible, will become visible." SH 264:13 - 19; and the second, too lengthy to quote here, is SH 572:19 - 574:2. Thank you so much for this lift, and the reminder to see with spiritual sense.

  60. As I remember Norman Cousins story. He loved to watch the Three Stodges movies and would laugh and laugh. Soon everyone within distance in the ward would come to his room and laugh with him.. I think they laughed themselves and Norman right out of the hospital. Nothing better than joy and laughter and singing too. with love to all

  61. What a great analogy!

  62. Thank you Rob for making your message so clear and helpful. The linking of your interesting illustration of not believing what is outside of our current experience, with the radical ideas Mrs Eddy put forward in her textbook - also outside of many folks' experience - was very helpful and powerful. Thank you.

  63. Thank-you Rob, for this very unique Lift! As the water(s) rise up, so does the canoe to higher/more spiritual & practical views/horizons ....... As a friend said to me, "Perfection is the new normal!" Loved reading the comments.

  64. AMEN.Science and Health changed my life and I will be forever thankful.Thank you for the spiritual point of view.A powerful lift....

  65. It is evening now, here on the Pacific Coast. I came to these sharings weary from all day assisting a dear relative who is deeply immersed in a range of complicated medical procedures at present. I've visited numerous medical facilities. The kindness is everywhere, for which I am grateful. But everything begins and ends with the unquestioned belief in man as a purely material mortal, whose material components must be manipulated by other material substances. How uplifting to read everyone's responses to today's Lift, which are helping me restore my mental and spiritual energy, and uplift my perception of my relative's needs, so I can continue to offer real support.

  66. Wonderful lift, Rob. Thanks so much for this inspiring analogy.

  67. Thank you Rob ... another "falling apple"

  68. Until not long ago, we all thought like natives who couldn’t go further than their own canoes took them.
    We need more open inded, free thinkers, people like Norman Cousins, Albert Einstein, Mary Baker Eddy and many more who defied tradition and main stream thinking, so proving themselves real leaders and helping the rest of us go forward into the Millenium.

    Hasta no hace mucho tiempo atrás, todos pensábamos como nativos que no podían ir más allá de donde sus canoas los llevaran.
    Necesitamos más libres pensadores, gente de mente abierta como Norman Cousins, Albert Einstein, Mary Baker Eddy y muchos más que desafiaron la tradición y el pensamiento corriente, y así demostraron ser verdaderos líderes y ayudaron al resto de nosotros a avanzar en el Millenium.

  69. Thank you Rob. I like that. Simple invitation to discover the offerings of higher Truth. Donna

  70. Thank you so much, a timely reminder to wake up to the truth.

  71. Rob: This is a great "lift!" It reminds me of a dear Sunday School Teacher who would reply to my question, "how are you" with the loving retort---my dear, do not ask me how I am, but how is my thinking?
    It was always the quickest Sunday School lesson. And this "lift" reminds me to look beyond my canoe, I will do my best. I am so grateful for SCIENCE AND HEALTH with KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES by Mary Baker Eddy and for your reminder of how important "THOUGHTS" are! Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  72. Rob, what a great Lift! Recognizing that which beyond our present cognition to our spiritual status as the child of God is such a great gift. Thanks for this Lift!!!!

  73. Thank you so much Rob.

  74. Thank you. And to all the commenters, who added their ideas.

  75. Thanks Rob, that is very inspiring. Some of the comments make reference to Norman Cousins and his experiences, which is very informative, but let's not forget that Cousins relied on the power of the human mind among other things while Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science, rely entirely on divine Mind. God, as the only healing power. And for this I am very grateful to God.

    En español

    Gracias Rob, eso es muy inspirado. Algunos de los comentarios hacen referencia a Norman Cousins y sus experiencias, lo cual es muy informativo, pero no nos olvidemos que Cousins confiaba en el poder de la mente humana entre otras cosas, mientras que Mary Baker Eddy, la descubridora y fundadora de la Ciencia Cristiana, confía totalmente en la Mente divina, Dios, como el único poder sanador. Y por esto estoy muy agradecido a Dios.

  76. Thanks for insights. A rising thought lifts all boats...

  77. What an interesting Lift!
    Thank you very much.

  78. Thanks Rob that is a wonderful lift and thank you too for the lecture - I followed the link. I can recommend to everyone to listen to it. I found it really helpful in seeing beyond what the senses are telling us.

  79. Thank you, Rob -- that story about the tall ships was new for me -- a good one!

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