12/4: You are not alone

12/4: You are not alone

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  1. Thank you Laura, what a great Lift. There is comfort and assurance in knowing that God never abandons us, in fact there can never be any separation between Divine Principle (God) and its idea, man-not even for a moment. Any sense of being alone that mortal mind may try to impose on us is already filled with Divine Love's ever-presence. We are not solitude beings left to a hit-and-miss search for companionship and fulfillment, but rather an idea of God, fulfilling a unique purpose and niche that brings with it joy and blessings all year long.

  2. You have a beautiful voice and an inspiring message. We can never be alone because we are always in His presence. I like this hymn No 139;
    I walk with Love along the way,
    And O, it is a holy day;
    No more I suffer cruel fear,
    I feel God's presence with me here;
    The joy that none can take away
    Is mine; I walk with Love today.

  3. You are a good singer, too. Great idea!! Thanks for this "simplicity" in your message.



  5. Thank you, Laura Lapointe.

    Such an important message especially for our youth.

    I also found this from our beloved leader,Mary Baker Eddy, which is appropriate for this Daily Lift:

    You are not alone.
    Mary Baker Eddy

    "You are not alone.
    Love is with you
    watching tenderly over you
    by day and night,
    And this Love will not leave you
    but will sustain you
    and remember all thy tears,
    and will answer your prayers."

    from the Mary Baker Eddy Collection

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

    p.s. cool music

  6. Thank you Laura for your message. It has come at a very opportune time for me. It is so important that in times of crisis we can cling tightly to this thought that God's presence will be there always, holding us up when we feel we will not be able to cope or get through the night without worrying about the fate of a loved one. We may feel helpless not knowing how we can help or even whether our help will be accepted? We must trust God!

  7. What a lovely and deeply loving lift. Thank you, dearest Laura from the bottom of my heart.

  8. What are you afraid of, that God couldn’t or wouldn’t help you? Are you afraid that your problems could be above God’s head?

    Or wouldn't it be afraid that, although God is willing, might not make it on time?

    You are never alone, God promised you, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Heb. 13:5

    You are God’s chosen.

    Your Father, the only Creator, had chosen you to be part of Him, to be his own image and likeness. Genesis 1: 26, 27

    In remembering this lays your strength!

    ¿A qué le temes, a que Dios no pueda o no quiera ayudarte? ¿Temes que tus problemas puedan ser muy grandes para Dios?

    O posiblemente temas que, ¿aunque Dios quiera, tal vez no llegue a tiempo?

    Nunca estás solo, Dios te lo prometió, “No te desampararé, ni te dejaré;” Hebreos 13:5

    Tú has sido escogido.

    Tu Padre, el único Creador, te eligió para que seas parte de Él, para que seas Su propia imagen y semejanza. Génesis 1: 26, 27

    ¡En recordar esto está tu fortaleza!

  9. Thank you Laura for this warm and enfolding thought we can tuck in a corner of our heart and pull
    out when faced with the erroneous message of aloneness.

  10. I appreciate the simplicity of your loving message Laura. The simplicity of the Christ. Yes.
    You are not alone, I am not alone. Nobody is separate from Good, God ... and as Eddy says "Good is not helpless." Thank you.

  11. Oh,ah, I am being sung to...how joyful, I am getting ready for teaching a music session today and a perfect voice on the Daily Lift is singing to me, BRILLIANT, and lovely, and now I am singing too.

  12. Thanks for the lovely lift 'tell Laura I love her' !

  13. So, so appropriate, and so appreciated ! Thank you dear Laura for those comforting thoughts. Much love and once again gratitude to The Mother Church for providing us with these daily gems of comfort, Rosemary.

  14. Many thanks Laura for sharing with us the comfort of a tender loving singing voice with the inspired word of the Bible." "Mine to comfort in distress,/ With a Saviour's tenderness;/ Mine to show, by living faith,/ Man can triumph over death." (Christian Science Hymnal #114).

  15. Thank you Laura for this lift.
    I you devide the word alone in two you will get
    al-one or all is one.
    Because God is All in all, there can't be anything
    or anyone standing on his one.

    Teun Schotte The Hague Holland

  16. Thank you Laura, What a beautiful Lift you shared today. Your sweet voice and singing is a great addition too!! We appreciate your comforting words. I am sure that it will be very helpful to so many people especially at this Holiday time.

  17. Thank you Laura, this one is the message, that I needed today

  18. Dear Laura,

    Thank you for that LOVELY singing and LIFT. Very healing. Martin, Rob, Scott and the other Lifters..thank you for your contributions. DL Team..you know we are always grateful for your work and the tender shepherding you do of the Lifts.

    So, I am going to upset the proverbial apple cart. I enjoy being alone. Simple. I love people (family friends, Lifters, strangers all differently yet not so), There is so much love around that often I can just feel it elevating me to higher heights; many years ago, when I felt deserted (which really was more self-pity than anything else) I appreciated being alone because I understood what it meant.

    During my "alone time" I would dig for Individuality to come to the surface. Use of "talents" is a wonderful expression of Individuality. Science (Truth) helps us explore our relationship with God and His tender love for us, leading us to where we ought to be as we understand where we are and who we are, helping us demonstrate love & wisdom in all we do.


    Years ago I was on a beach with a lot of other photographers when this sense of being alone, but with God filled consciousness. The photo above is a distant self-portrait I call "Alone, with God". Looking into the sun represents looking into the Light to see & understand Presence, God's ever-presence.

    That morning I felt the "unspeakable peace which comes from an all-absorbing spiritual love" (S&H p264:27). Thx

  19. Thank you.

  20. Thank you for this lovely Lift and comforting message.

  21. good message, great singing!

  22. Thank you Laura for this wonderful lift.We can be lonely,but,we are never alone,thanks to Gods great love for us.

  23. Laura, I meant to also say that this Lift felt like a sunrise. I shall carry it with me all day.

    Thank you.

  24. A helpful lift as I found myself (a widow living alone) awakened at 2:30 by dogs barking. Since I have sheep, I went out to check them and while outside discovered a water leak under the house. How glad I was to discover the leak before it got too bad. I turned off the water to the house and while up decided to check the Daily Lift, which confirmed that I am not alone. For now I can go back to bed, knowing that all is well, and I will follow God's leading in the daylight hours.

  25. Thank you for this very comforting LIFT.

  26. Thank you Laura for such an inspiring Lift and for sharing with us your sweet and beautiful voice. Special thanks to all the contributors family. Hymns have always been a great comfort to me bringing healing when I felt alone. But God was always there, he did not forsake me and I was able to elevate above the pain and the grief. As Psalm 23 says:
    "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for YOU are with me". Yes, we are not alone!

  27. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  28. Yes, truly beautiful - as are the contributions from the lifters. This message of not feeling solitary is precious. I recently attended an inspiring Association meeting and loved a similar message I took away with me and have been able to share: We can never be separated from God nor can we be separated from our fellow man, And we can trust divine Mind with the details of the relating. (not a verbatim quote, but the message is there) A perfect time to consider this reality of a non- solitary existence, and expect to see the results in who knows what wonderful practical way? Thanks so much Laura.

  29. Thank you, Laura!

    Thank you, Troy!

    Bless you, Claudia! (And all!)

  30. Thank you Laura for this so approporate message when I came out in the morning early and turned the computer on. I have been feeling alone quite a lot, but with prayer and studying the Bible verses about not being alone, and now your wonderful thought for today, I shall listen to it over and over again today.
    Thank you again. This beautiful lift came to me just when I needed it.

  31. Thank you Laura for this Lift.

  32. Naturalmente que nunca estamos solos. Somos porción de Dios, aunque infima, quizás como un granito de arena, esa parte que es de Su totalidad, ser de Dios es suficiente para sentirlo, oirlo, y sobre todo para despertar y amar, reflejándolo, porque siendo inconmensurable por Ser de quien Es esa pequeña porción hace posible poder desechar todo lo demás, materialismo, creencias humanas, que están arraigados en una supuesta vida en la materia, oscureciendo la Verdad con un sentido erroneo de dependencia de lo humanamente material.

    La batalla es permanente, por un lado para erradicar toda creencia en lo opuesto a Dios y por otro sustentar la convicción absoluta que emerge desde nuestra propia consciencia, que Su total Amor nos acompaña siempre, y hace posible, oirlo, y sobre todo sentir Su presencia permanentemente. Es tal cual el reflejo. si nos miramos en las cristalinas aguas, nos veremos reflejados, y hasta nos sentiremos acompañados, ¡Qué decir, cuando nos damos cuenta de quien somos reflejo! Ya nunca nos sentiremos solos, ¡Por qué Él... está con nosotros, siempre! Para que ese pequeño granito de arena se convierta en arenal. La soledad no tiene espacio en el reino divino, si entendemos que ese es nuestro reino. Y sí lo Es.

    Muchas gracias Laura, por recordarnos que no estamos solos, sino muy bien acompañados por Dios.

  33. Thank you Laura! Not only beautiful music - with Troy's link in comment 18 we have spectacular art to carry the idea with us today.

  34. Simple and profound. How good to remember during the rush and push of the holiday season that wherever we are, God is there, cherishing, sustaining, helping.

    This idea, that God is always with us no matter what is going on, reminded me of a favorite article of mine for holiday (or any) time: "Reality check in aisle 14" by Jan Libengood, from the Dec 15, 2003 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel.

  35. Great voice and message, Laura. thanks so much, and have a good day, everyone

  36. Beautiful and so powerful, dear Laura. Huge thanks for your gift.

  37. what a beautiful, powerful message and resultant sharings! Thank you....And I usually work before going to the computer, but today was different. I'm glad - it's a wonderful preface for my study.

  38. Thank you Laura for your important lift reminding us that God is always with us. God needs us just as much as we need him. We are inseparable already and perfect in the Father-Mother care.

    No matter how much, as mortals, we might like to think we are 'alone', we are not. God never leaves His/Her immortal reflection. God is always with us.

    I remember a lovely few words I learned in Sunday School. "There's not a spot, where God is not."
    That covers it all.

    Thank you again lifters and the Daily Lift Team for such necessary work.

  39. Thank you, Laura, and also #6 name, hit the nail on the head describing a crisis in my life. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  40. Thank you for asking yourself "why" we are not alone -- and then sharing with us those verses from the Bible (God's Word) explaining the reason. So powerful, Laura!

  41. thank-you laura for this most wonderful daily lift! brings to mind 1 of my favorite hymns from the hymnal #317......still, still with thee......again thank-you most kindly!

  42. I find it interesting that I can be in a room full of people---even loved ones, and still feel alone. The final answer to loneliness or feeling alone is always our oneness with God. As Hymn # 224 puts it,"My best, my ever Friend."
    A very helpful Lift---

  43. Wow, I found your lift of great comfort Laura.
    I love starting my mornings with a Daily Lift.
    My day starts with such gratitude for
    Everyone who lifts and shares.

  44. Lovely lift and singing--thank you, Laura. And to you, Troy #16 ...
    No upsetting the apple cart for me, with your comments! ...I think people often confuse the word 'alone' for 'lonely'. They have two very different meanings. I, too, enjoy being alone ... and am never lonely when I am! When alone, I feel God's presence even more powerfully. And I feel a stillness that is deeply comforting. Being alone with God is one of my favorite past times. And thank you, Troy, for sharing your photo image ... In that quiet reflection, I heard your gentle singing in my head, Laura, from today's Lift. "You are not alone ..." "You are NOT alone ..." "YOU are not alone ..."
    Thank you for all this goodness today!

  45. Soooooooooooo beautiful Laura. Thank you so much for inspiring and uplifting message.

  46. Thank you!

  47. This is such a beautiful Lift, Laura. One I can send on to many others. And I thought it was a good idea to confirm the Truth that we cannot be separated from one another. Laura the last time you introduced me to Whither? I met some lovely people: Diane Bish and Willa Densey. So that was a morning of glorious music, both from mega organs, and from Willa and her amazing repetoir of gospel.
    thank you again for this Lift - no doubt it will introduce me to many others courtesy UTube.
    Thank you Nate and the team; The Mother Church and Your Daily Lifters.

  48. Laura,
    Your message was so refreshing and your beautiful voice made it all the more inspiring. Thank you for being so creative.

  49. This is compassion—why we "feel" the power of the Word. Thank you, Laura!

  50. Please don't forget that wonderful song from Carousel by Rogers and Hammerstein: "You'll Never Walk Alone".

  51. Your beautiful voice and message are truly a joyful start to the day. Thanks so much, Laura. There is a little poem, "Unfailing grace" by Eleanor Buser (Sentinel, October 21, 1996) that ends with:
    "No matter where I am or what I face
    I'll stay within Love's warm embrace."
    I just love the idea of God's embrace being warm and comforting and always encircling me and everyone!

  52. Just lovely for me today. Thank you so much Laura. I have recently moved and just told my husband last night how alone I feel, that I don't know anyone in my new location, and a very dear friend just passed on. It all seems very overwhelming at times. But your lift was there for me this morning, and very comforting. I am so grateful for all that these lifts provide, and for the comments posted - helps me feel connected, and NOT alone.

  53. Loved this Lift. Very fresh and inspired! Thank you.

  54. What a lovely treat, Laura's singing and uplifting message. Troy's wonderful photo, "Alone with God," says it all. God's love is everywhere!
    Thank you,

  55. There is the good “alone”, when we pray and think. And there is the bad “alone” when we miss someone/s. But they both point to the same awakening. We are shifting from alone to al-one.

    Remember when you were little, playing with your friends, and someone called you to dinner? It was difficult to leave your friends. But how much fun would it have been if no one ever called you to dinner? Really.

    Spiritual is the great term for God which expresses the nature of His non-material presence everywhere. Perhaps it is rude to ignore this and complain about being alone when we and all others are already included in the All One. It is sort of like a call to dinner – being satisfied with God’s ever-presence, which includes all.

    I so appreciate the call to breakfast in these morning Lift conversations. Thanks all for the comments, quotes and links!

  56. Thank you Laura for this important reminder and thanks for the helpful, thoughtful and loving responses from everyone who shares. A special thanks for those who have listed article and poems. What a lovely treasure trove.

  57. Thank you Laura for singing to us this morning, sharing your beautiful voice and comforting message.

  58. What a refreshing message with such delightful singing. I loved every moment and will be listening to it again. Thank you!

  59. Thanks Laura for this helpful reminder and thanks to everyone who has shared your helpful, loving, thoughtful responses. A special thanks to those who have listed additional articles and poems.

  60. Thank you, Laura for your beautiful voice and message " I know no life divided, O Lord of life from Thee;/ In Thee is life provided for all mankind and me: / I know no death , because I live in Thee; / Thy life that frees us from death eternally./ I fear no tribulation, since whatsoever it be, / it makes no separation between my Lord and me: / Since Thou, my God and Father, dost claim me for Thine own, / I richly shall inherit all good from Thee alone." Hymn 135

  61. It took about an hour to read this lift and the comments, view Troy's beautiful pictures, read the article from the Sentinel, go back to read #4's comment again, and reread the "new to me" poem by Mary Baker Eddy - You Are Not Alone. Wow! It doesn't get any better than this or does it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  62. Beautiful!! Thank you.

  63. Lovely Laura! Delightful that you feel so free to sing to us! And whoever is playing that guitar is doing a Fantastic Job! A Lifter posted once: "Lonliness is a distraction that pulls our thought away from the Joy and Warmth that is ever ours from our Father-Mother God. Don't be Fooled! The Christ is right with you, filling you with Purpose and Joy!" Christian Science is all about watching what is occupying our thought and constantly pulling it back to Knowing the Truth of God's Presence and our Oneness with this Presence - Always. What Joy to Know this! It truly makes my Heart Sing - it makes Everything... Groovey! O Gentle Presence - how I Love You!

  64. Thank you Laura!! A very good and lovely message.

  65. Thank you, Laura! You are so right! I have realized that feeling alone does not always mean that we want to be with another person. And I have been helped so often by what Mrs. Eddy says in Misc. Wr. "God gives you His spiritual ideas and they in turn give you what you daily need". Plus her interpretation of the 23rd Psalm "Divine Love is my Shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT!" Both messages are so clear and have always helped me because it became clearer and clearer to me that what we need is really ideas. No things and no persons. Sometimes ideas may take the form of people or of a thought direct from God or of a song in the radio or a sentence in the daily newspaper, -- or what. "Soul has infinite resources..." This is so comforting and strengthening to know.

    Much love to all !

    Daily Lift Team:
    From "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, page 60:29 --
    Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind,
    and happiness would be more readily attained and would
    be more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul.

  66. Thank you Laura!!! What a good and lovely message. Yes, we are never alone.

  67. Thank you Laura!! What a good and uplifting message. Yes , we are never alone.

  68. P.S. Thanks #5 Rob Scott for those precious words by Mary Baker Eddy. She truly demonstrated those words of comfort in her own Life!

  69. Dearest Laura
    Sweet singing, embracing me this moment as in a lullaby, cradled, wrapped in His arms ever so close and listening to your message.

    You can sing to us ANY TIME

    Singing with a "song in my heart" to all the lifters and the backstage crew. Love you all

  70. Thank you Laura. For many years loneliness was one of my biggest challenges. Christian Science has helped me so many times feel a closeness to God, even when I don't always feel very close to another human.

  71. Thank you, Laura, for “You are not alone … there is One, who has promised never to leave you and from whose love simply nothing can separate you …”

    I have felt “alone” at times when there was no one around. Not a good feeling. I've also felt “alone” sometimes even when I’ve been with others. Even seems worse than when no one’s around. Feeling “alone” carries with it the baggage of feeling betrayed, forsaken, ignored – and many other unhappy “feel-sorry-for-myself” feelings.

    Whenever I catch myself feeling sorry for myself – even a little bit, I know I’m taking a step away from my God-defined wholeness / completeness / perfection. And so as soon as I can, I consciously begin to turn my thinking right around and move toward gratitude for God / all-Good / Love-itself!!! / ever-presence (uninterrupted!) / the “only powers that be” – and, we, in that image and likeness.

    Knowing that I’m always in good company with God and the right ideas God imparts and that I’m also, in fact, one of those right ideas! - is like being lifted up by a bazillion brightly-colored balloons out of even a hint of loneliness into an ongoing and full recognition that neither I nor anyone else can ever be “alone.”

    I loved your morning song and that you shared the Bible references from Romans and Hebrews. It’s inspired me to go on a “treasure hunt” specifically for God's promises of being with us always. Wow!!! How about God's kingdom within us! How much closer can God get??? ;-)

  72. Loved your voice & this message- thanks to Rob Scott for sharing the poem! A keeper!
    We are not alone, we are All One!

  73. Thank you for your message, Laura.

  74. Thank you so much for your lovely caring thought just wwat I needed. Elizabeth

  75. All I can add is a huge WOW and thank you Lifter and Lifters. No better way to start the day than with the daily lift.

  76. Thank you for this very comforting message.

  77. I find that loneliness has a misdirected meaning. I never thought of myself ever being alone even way before I found C/S, when I was about 25 years of age. I wasn't alone because I had the best company ever, MYSELF! Even at such a young age, I felt completely surrounded. I must of had an instinct feeling of God's presence for I remember at such a young age, God was the only best friend I could ever have. Even now at 77 years and bedridden, I am surrounded by Love. I am never alone.

  78. And we have the third commandment which tells us that we may NOT use God's name in vain--without receiving the communication and love we ask and yearn for. God is nearer than the breeze that kisses your cheeks!

  79. Oh Laura, beautiful voice and beautiful message. We are never alone, but the problem is feeling or believing that we are.

    This lift touches me deeply because it reminds me of one of my most cherished moments with my son. He was in an ICU (intensive care unit) at the hospital but for him the "I" in "ICU" meant "isolated". There were only four 20 minute intervals we could visit him daily. The morning after his admission, I went to see him. He was afraid, overwhelmed and broke down in tears. I turned to God and the words came to me, "You are not alone. God is with you every instant. He is always present and loves you with a love that is so immense, it is almost unimaginable." Instantly his grief and fear disappeared and he told me he'd forgotten all about God. This was a powerful turning point in his spiritual healing. After that, several nurses prayed with him. He was more positive minded again -- very grateful. He told me God was his best friend. On our way home, he marveled at the beauty of the sky and terrain. We stopped at a little park by the Tennessee River and admired the beauty, quietly sitting in God's presence. So true -- we are never alone.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder Laura and to all the lifters who shared your thoughts.

  80. Thank you for this beautiful message. It immediately reminded me of that glorious song sung by the Reverend Mother in the movie, The Sound of Music, "You'll Never Walk Alone." The words are almost Psalm-like:

    When you walk through a storm hold your head up high
    And don't be afraid of the dark.
    At the end of the storm is a golden sky
    and the sweet silver song of a lark"

    At the end we are encouraged to
    "walk on" "walk on" with hope in your heart
    and you'll NEVER WALK ALONE

    Yes, all of the spiritual ideas from these songs are the ways in which God speaks to us and shows us his love. I've always loved the Christian Science Hymnal because each hymn is a prayer we can use to fight fear. In the night and times of fear, we can feel God's everpresence.through these hymns.

    At end one is encouraged to "walk on" through the rain,

  81. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.
    A passage on page 266 in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Would existence without personal friends be to you a blank? Then the time will come when you will be solitary, left without sympathy, but this seeming vacuum is already filled with divine Love. When this hour of development comes, even if you cling to a sense of personal joys, spiritual Love will force you to accept what best promotes your growth." There is more to the paragraph. She later on talks about gaining a more universal sense of love.
    I'm so grateful to be reminded of this passage this morning. Divine Love's ever-presence is with everyone. I pray with the idea of Love's omnipresence for myself and the whole world. This has been helpful for me and others. How can we be alone while wrapped in divine Love's arms, hearing Love's quiet guidance to love more widely? If we should feel unloved, this feeling is just a signal that we can love more and find more of God's love for ourselves and others.

  82. Troy, Mrs. Eddy knew what you meant. She says "The Christian Scientist is alone with his own being and with the realty of things." Jesus spent time in the wilderness. Knowing God is not a social event, its definitely a one on one experience, at least for me.

  83. Your "so uplifting" lift reminded me of just a few most precious testimonies given in our branch church on a Wednesday evening - one where a young woman stood and said she did not easily speak to praise God, but would use her voice in song to praise him and I don't remember a word she sang, just the love that was felt in the church. Another time the readings were on The Lord's Prayer and the first testimony was The Lord's Prayer - in song (yet another light from heaven). So thank you and praise Him for sharing with us all this day.


  84. Nice to hear said and sung. Very powerful, thank you!!

  85. Lovely lift. Brings to mind the beautiful hymn 317. Alone with Thee. God is always with us.

  86. We are/have NEVER been alone, but "All-One" with our Father-Mother God.
    What a glorious feeling to experience and hold on to, our ever-present oneness with God, good.
    Thank you for this Daily Lift.

  87. John Denver's song "Lady, are you crying? Do the tears belong to me? Did you think our time together was all gone?" meant much to me (a real eye-and-heart-soul-opener when I heard them. Realizing that my (and everyone's) at-one-ment with God, divine Love was, and remains to be, my daily Love, friend, relative and companion through Christ and Its divine heavenly and harmonious Science keeps me fully aware of gratitude, satisfaction, happy and meaningful activity, health and relationships.

  88. Thanks for inspiring & beautiful message.God is always with us. No idea can be separated from Principle. This lift reminded me of Hymn 148 "In heavenly Love abiding, No change my heart shall fear."This Hymn has always comforted me whenever I felt lonely. We are always wrapped in divine Love.So we can never be alone. Thanks again


  90. Thanks for this infinite wisdom, Laura, and for taking the words deeper and to the foundation of the Rock! <3

  91. Laura, this message is JUST what I needed to hear. Our 19 year old daughter just passed away. 2 years ago she was a beautiful Cinderella in Into the Woods and sang You Are Not Alone. We have held onto to that message--that we are always with Divine Love and His ideas during her illness and since her passing, as well as the many Bible and S&H passages that promise the same thing. Although we may feel her absence, we know that her beautiful journey continues, as must ours.

  92. This beautiful Lift was so inspiring and comforting to me. So blessed are we for this large family of lifters. I cherish and love the time we spend together. Thanks to all of you whether you post or not, YOU are included and greatly benefited. This is such a great gift presented to us by our beloved Mother Church, THANK you. We are never alone, we are Al-One, feel the power! Jane

  93. I really liked how you tied together and united the themes from different songs -- different people -- to underscore Jesus' practical understanding that we are forever one with God.

    The unity which comes from embracing all-inclusive divine Love is to me, what this season is all about!

  94. This reminds me of a song I haven't heard since singing it in a boy's summer Bible camp, "The more we get together, the happier we'll be."
    I didn't always agree with it, and like some others often preferred to be alone, and I still cherish my "alone time" for prayer and study.
    Another camp song included the words, "What a friend we have in Jesus", which I now understand means the Christ ("...a divine influence ever present in human conscience...." S & H. pg. xi).
    Another recent song sung by Julia Wade appropriate for this topic is "Looking for the Christ in you, and finding the Christ in me." Words. by Peter Link from the CD Every Day produced by Watchfire Music.

  95. So many Lifters are sharing their Always present songs, I thought I might add to them. Go to youtube and type in -With You Always- Pastor Leofric Thomas. This Gospel song by Troy Sneed. It has been very helpful. Thank you Laura for your sweet expression of Gods song.

  96. So beautiful and true. Laura. Thank you, friend.

  97. Lovely lift - especially at this holiday season when it's so easy for so many to feel "alone" . . .

  98. This Lift is sooo welcome!! Thank you!!

  99. You cannot feel lonely if you reach out to others. Sometimes praying for the world and what the T.V. and newspaper presents. I have often thought of this phrase, "May the Christ in me meet the Christ in you and together we glorify God." A dear friend feels alone and abandoned and I asked her if I might send a Lift to her. so today is the day to send this one. Thanks every one for your love and caring.

  100. POWERFUL! The message you send is pure healing LOVE! Thank You!

  101. A precious message...a wonderful gift! I needed this. The world needs it. Now they have it. Thank you!

  102. Thank you Laura,

    I’ve just remembered that ‘alone’ pronounced al-lone-ay means ‘halo’ in Italian. Interesting no?

    Allan Caister

  103. Great stuff as usual. The Michael Jackson song sang in my head many times when I lost my husband. I would wake up with hymns singing in my head to give me just what I needed as I struggled with the lie of that harsh enemy, death. I am so grateful to be through that storm with a rainbow waiting. Sometimes I still wake up with our lovely hymns of praise singing themselves in my mind.

    Thank you also to commenter 8 for the simplicity of dealing with every issue of doubt and fear and what I really needed to ponder quickly for today's tasks: "What are you afraid of, that God couldn't or wouldn't help you? Are you afraid that your problems could be above God's head?" WOW- Now that gives perspective, doesn't it? I am so grateful to get my needed message here today!

  104. Wonderful Lift, interesting/unique approach and lovely speaking/singing voice! Your message sure rang spiritually & practically true! Thanks, Laura for sharing "the promise of the Bible" by quoting from Romans8:39 and Hebrews13:5. Enjoyed going to the Holy Bible later to ponder/strengthen my understanding of the message --- "God's voice speaking to us". As always, terrific Lifter comments. Tres bien, DL team for all your fantastic work. So grateful for the Daily Lifts, worldwide community of Lifters and the production team --- loved the music!

  105. We are all blessed by your healing message today! I am grateful for the comments, and articles mentioned, and the beautiful photos by Troy. "My cup runneth over" Ps. 23:5

  106. Thank you Laura! Love the singing, Your message so connects us to Oneness.

  107. Thank you Laura for this wonderful lift and thanks to everyone for taking the time to share their thoughts also. Such immense, overflowing of love - impossible to be alone!!!!!

  108. Good job Laura. Powerful message. Thanks.

  109. Thank you Laura for this beautiful lift and for beginning it in song. Singing has always been a spiritual connection for me, felt like a "higher power" was singing through me as I sang in choirs, but I felt like singing alone in public seemed arrogant with no training. I sing alone at home and feel that same deep connection, and today read that one "did not easily speak to praise God", but knew that singing his praise was real for her and she did so at a Wed. night testimonial. I agree with Jane(92) that the daily sharing that we have with world wide lifters is such a joy, a blessing and a learning arena - such appreciation to the Mother Church and Nate for this growing daily unfoldment.

  110. Thank you for this needed message. It is so important.

  111. Dear Laura, hearing you sing such an inspiring message was a gift. In so many Bible verses, King David asks us to sing, as it inspires us to carry a song in our hearts. His promise in Psalm 23 tell us that even in the valley of the shadow of death(like thinking) God is with us all. Never ever alone.

    For Tobias, #47, dear friend, walk, even mentally with your dear Father. In the recent CS Sentinel, 12/16/13, the writer shares an inspiring exercise, asking who,what,when, where, why and how. Stay with that and you'll be out of that bed SOON. Also, you mentioned that you are 77 yrs old. Well, my mother came into Christian Science after having been healed of the belief of Cancer when she had been given only two months to live. She read Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. And I was nine at the time and I had a healing. My mother said, "Subtract nine years from your age, because that is when you were reborn spiritually." So, Tobias you are hardly 77 yrs. old. I, too, feel blessed for this large family of lifters and I cherish and love the time spent together.

  112. Gracias querida Laura por tu Lift !!! Tu mensaje es muy bueno y sanador recordarlo en todo momento. Nunca estamos solos ni somos autónomos para actuar , siempre unidos a Dios - el Amor universal .
    El amado Maestro, Cristo Jesús dijo : ' Yo y el Padre uno somos ' ( juan 10:30) . Esta verdad es aplicable a la humanidad entera, en todo tiempo , lugar y circunstancia .

    Es consolador saber que la verdadera identidad de cada uno es: ' reflejo divino' - ' Imagen y semejanza de Dios ' . Lo que implica, una actuación refleja - no causativa .'La Mente es el único actor ' expresa mrs.Eddy , la Creación es Su efecto bello y completo.

    Agradezco los comentarios anteriores.
    Plenitud y bendiciones del Amor para todos ,
    Ma. Cristy

  113. Thanks,merci for the reminder.Sometimes,I am unsure,and then "something" presents itself..i.e(phone call etc)...and I am "always" re-assured....Praise God!!!!

  114. Whoever might have listened your inspired words along with your beautiful and loving voice experienced great peace and joy!
    So, I thank you very much for your blessed lift!

  115. Beautiful, Laura.
    Your message was of great comfort and your singing brought great peace.
    Thank you.

  116. thank you laura.

  117. Thank you, Laura, for the beautiful "Lift" and for your lovely voice! I declare "We are not alone" several times a day to gain the strength and calmness necessary to finish my day! I do it without thinking and always find God's peace!

  118. Appreciate this so very much.

  119. Thanks Laura for an excellent message.
    The bible references very helpful and greatly appreciated.

  120. I, too, am so grateful for today's lift and comments. This weekend brought a surprise that I didn't think I would be able to handle. Today I realize I do not have anything to handle - God is with me and I can leave all in His care.

  121. Laura, what an overwhelming response to your sweet message. Thank you for the joyful lift it brought. It was precious to hear the sweet clarity of your voice. The love expressed by all the contributors has certainly brought great healing. Thank you all.

  122. Thank you Lord. I was a bit dissapointed at first thinking it would be a "lonely" birthday for me. But, alas, I got 9134 brothers n sisters with me today. So true. I'm never alone. God and His creations are always with us. Thank you for the lift n all comments.

  123. Dear Laura and Lifter family - thank you to all for breaking the spell that we could ever, in any way, be separated from the Love of God. Even those of us that find ourselves "alone" in the singular sense of the word, are never alone from the allness of Love's embrace. Those that have passed before us or those that will pass after can never be outside of our circle of love that is intact ad can never be broken.

  124. Wonderful - Thank you . :-)

  125. I love the idea of being God alone - when the alone-ness if so profound and all worldliness sloughs off and it's just me and God.
    But me and God is really me and infinity - encompassing all delights.

  126. What an inspiring lift for the day with wonderful lyrics we can all relate to.

  127. This lift meant the world to me. Thank you so much.

  128. I have come to this Lift a little late, and what a wonderful response you have had for your message dear Laura. When my dear husband and best friend of over 40 years passed on I felt very alone. However leaning on God I have learned to be happy when alone and grateful every day for the help and companionship I have had from friends. I am still demonstrating my completeness which I know includes companionship. "Thy maker is thy husband" as the Bible says and also my Father and Mother.

  129. Ditto! Powerfully helpful to me.

    Thanks Rob #5 for the MBE poem.

  130. The Truth is clear and simple! Thank you Laura!

  131. What a fantastic teaching approach. Mrs Eddy said we should keep up with the times. I wanted to use current popular songs in my Sunday school class of 10-12 year olds to get them to think of some of the music they were hearing on the radio in spiritual terms much as you have done. My idea was rejected by our chair person some 23 years ago. What a joy to see it come to fruition. Thank you.

  132. Yes! Right On!

  133. Lovely reminder, and always powerful !

    I also love the background music!

    Thank you Laura

  134. Thank you, Laura, for your sweet message and
    for your singing! Lovely!