12/4: Happy holiday!

12/4: Happy holiday!

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  1. Wow, these thoughts are so precious and helpful. Thank you so much. How important it is to pray and listen to God, then we are sure we give others just what they need. With love and blessings.

  2. Such a beautiful thought to know that every day is a Holy day, so what are we waiting for, a very happy holy day to everyone where ever we are!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Fujiko, given with such softness, calmness, and assurance for the "ho-li-day:-) Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  4. Many thanks Fujiko for this great reminder from a favorite hymn of mine. Yes. "Every day is God's [Love's] holy day." And the last verse also adds: "Uplift your thought, with courage go,/ Give of your heart's rich overflow,/ And peace shall crown your joy-filled day./ Come, walk with Love along the way." (Christian Science Hymnal #139).

  5. Thanks so much for the spiritual meaning of Holiday is Holy Day! Thats very useful.

    Happy Holidays! Mario Vicencio from Sao Paulo, Brazil

  6. Fujiko Thank you,in my African language of "isiZulu" Ngiyabonga=I Praise. I certainly am praising God for this most inspired "Lift". This morning I found myself "dreading" the idea of the holidays and all the hustle bustle they seem to include. After this "Lift" I have been mentally jolted awake to the understanding of holiday as "Holy Day" with all of the blessings included. The blessings of peace,joy, beauty, love,kindness,generosity, family,friends,etc,etc."-----O,it is a holy day:"Hymnal.

  7. So good to hear the calming voice of Fujiko again . Thank you for reminding us what holiday means .Very uplifting and comforting .

  8. Thank you.

  9. To me, like to many people, the holidays used to be a sad season. Loneliness, regrets, just feeling sorry for myself.
    Christian Science help me to see these days in a different way, the holy days are not about me, they are a reason to praise the Lord, to be grateful for the great gift of life, for God to have chosen us to be His children, for giving us the great power to reason.

    And so, I reason that as I have so much to be grateful for, I better leave the melancholy behind and begin to say, Thank you Father for your gift.

    Para mi, como para mucha gente, los días festivos solían ser la temporada de tristeza. La soledad, los arrepentimientos, solo sentía pena por mí misma.
    La Ciencia Cristiana me ayudo a ver estos días de una manera diferente, no se trata de mí, son la razón para alabar al Señor, para estar agradecidos por el gran don de la vida, porque Dios nos ha escogido para ser Sus hijos, para darnos el gran poder de razonar.
    Y entonces, yo razono que tengo tanto de que estar agradecida, mejor dejo la melancolía atrás y comienzo a decir, Gracias Padre por este regalo.

  10. Grateful thanks, Fujiko. A lovely thought to cherish daily not just during November and December!

  11. Beautiful sweet message

  12. Thank you for this "present" of the real meaning of 'the present" and the fact that every day is an holy day.

  13. Thank you for this wonderful Lift and thoughts we can take and give to those we meet.

  14. Thank you Fujiko, I will surely bear it in mind and remember that each day is God´s holy day! As Hymn 139 says: "No more I suffer cruel fear, I feel God´s presence with me here.. and oh it is a holy day!... I walk with Love along the way" Love to everyone but specially to those who feel depressed and lonely this time of the year. May they feel the tender touch of the Christ and awake to a new Life filled with spiritual joy.

  15. Día de acción de gracias, Navidad, un broche de oro para cerrar el año con gozo en un reconocimiento de la bondad infinita de Dios, días para reflexionar en oración a Un despertar cierto y posible de demostrar para que estamos acá, la Biblia dice: "Vosotros sois mis testigos dice Jehová" siento que esas palabras encierran un compromiso muy grande con Él, que va más allá del gozo terrenal, porque es el gozo que viene del entendimiento y servicio para con ÉL por eso le debemos agradecimiento pertectuo.

    El toque de un pensamiento tierno, o una palabra bondadosa, dicha en el momento oprtuno, nunca se pierden" MBE

    Muchas gracias Fujiko, tus palabras así lo expresan.

  16. Thanks so much for the reminder of the spiritual sense of holiday "holy day" and nothing can express it better than the wonderful hymn you quoted.

  17. So lovely, thank you!

  18. Very good! Thanks for raising the idea behind of "Thanksgiving" over cultural patterns, and for including the whole world in this celebration!

  19. loving southing voice compliments the prayerful words and thoughts that were shared

  20. thank you for your contribution

  21. Thx for reminder of cruel & paralyzing fear being wiped out by the ever presence of Gods Joy that cant be lost or stolen any time of year, esp around holy days, that are everyday! Dog comforting in challenging times!

  22. The present is a present from God. I like that idea! Since we are always in the present, each moment, day and year are a present from God. Isn't life wonderful!

  23. Thank you for this gentle, loving message!

  24. Thank you so much Fujiko, for this wonderful Lift. Since we are the perfect expression of God, we can't possibly be separated from God, good, and lonely or afraid. Each one is unique and 'as God is'. Therefore man is never left alone even for one moment. Man is the perfect child of the always loving Father-Mother, Good.
    Thank you Nate and the production group; the Board of lectureship, and the lecturers; and the joyously awaiting their holidays team of Daily Lifters.

  25. I will never think of the word holiday the same ever again. Every day will be and is a holy day with blessings from God. Thank you for this inspiring lift.

  26. Lovely and thank you.

  27. Thank you, Fujiko, for this healing reminder! I pray to glorify more fully each day as a "holy day" and to welcome God's grace and present of peace to "me, mine, all."

  28. Thanks for your gentle, loving and timely lift!
    Happy holydays for you too!

  29. Beautiful, Fugi! As we move deeper and deeper into the quiet of Winter, here in the U.S., I can actually feel the softness of the whisper of the words, "Winter Solstice"! This is the holiest, quietest time of the year, when all of Nature is still and so in the moment! We are about to be reborn! Rejoice!

  30. Your reference to Hymn 139 reminded me of a time when I sustained an infected leg wound. Very afraid and in pain, I found courage from the words to this hymn to go to my job. The fear left, and freedom of movement was restored. No special calender holiday at that time, but "...O, it was (is) a holy day" indeed.

  31. Yes! Every Day is God's Day, full of light, love, beauty, and unfolding spiritual understanding. Holy to God and therefore to us. Thank you, Fujiko.

  32. Wonderful inspiration, Fujiko!!
    Grateful for your precious insights from God!!
    Love Hymn 139 & a new meaning to enjoy now!!
    Thank you!!
    Much Love from WI.

  33. Thanks so much for lifting my thought above the thought of holiday to holy day. I sometimes would feel offended when instead of saying "Merry Christmas" someone would say "Happy Holiday" leaving the Christ out. Christ is certainly present in every holy day. And, I will no longer take offense but think of being wished a holy day.

    I also was inspired by your lecture in the link above and will always remember that "life is but a dream" whenever I think of "Row, row, row your boat" - what an original thought. Thanks so much!

  34. I certainly remember a train set from a father who must have been slightly frustrated in having only girls! Happy times. But today's gifts are completely appropriate to the day. When our holiday becomes a holy day, we wake up to the greatest gifts. Sometimes we unwrap them through study. Other times, they are sitting right in front of us, batteries installed! These are the gifts of spiritual supply which we always have.

    One of the greatest gifts for me has been to realize that we manage the past with today's consciousness, making today's clear light of Truth the imperative over anything else.

    Thank you, Fujiko for helping us prepare for more and more holydays.

  35. Thank you.

  36. Thanks for helping me fingure out what to put on my Christmas cards, which I make each year.! Happy Holy Day! Some people (including me) have been upset with a perceived intent to shut Christ out of Christmas, by using the saying Happy holidays, instead of Merry Christmas. Now I see the saying in a different way--and I love it. Thanks Fujiko!!

  37. I love the word holy, as it is related to the word whole, which also means healthy. So every holy-day is a healthy day! Blessings to Fujiko and the BoL for these beautiful lifts.

    "For ye shall be holy unto me, for I the Lord am holy".
    Lev. 20.

  38. Thanks Fujiko for beautiful lift. Everyday is God's Holy day & we can never be alone because God is always with us. We can never be separated from God's Love even for a single moment. Hymn No. 139 helped me a lot to learn car driving.Thanks again.

  39. I too am looking forward to sharing this lovely idea of "holy days" instead of holidays that seem increasingly sad, lonely and stressful for others. Thank you.

  40. I love your clear reference to Hymn 139; I, too, will enjoy this Holy day. Thank you.

  41. Thank you i never thought of that, a holy-day. Well for me every day will be a Holy day. Thank you again

  42. Thanks sooooooo much Fujiko! I love it and enjoy my holy day!

  43. Thanks sooooooo much Fujiko! I love it and enjoy my holy day!

  44. A simple thought about thanksgiving. Ask yourself why it is so healing. . . Gratitude is the present perception of good. The good can be an awakened memory of past good, a good in the now, or even anticipatory faith in good, as Jesus' thanks to his father before raising Lazarus from the death. And consciousness of good is a spiritual consciousness, therefore it radiates its own light--and it heals without effort.

  45. I look forward to your lifts as they are always said is such a sweet clear voice. Thank you for bringing up the thought that some folks are sad at this time of year. What a good answer!!

  46. From Hymn 117
    Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee.
    Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty, Which wert, and art, and evermore shall be.

    Thank you, dear Fujiko, for this lovely reminder that our "holy day" is something to sing about the whole day - everyday.

  47. Lovely and thank you Fujiko. Muito obrigada.

  48. Thank you Fujiko! This touched my heart. Thanks also to all the authors of the comments today.

  49. What a gentle and healing touch you have expressed here today, purifying the atmosphere of those who feel unhappy and separated from good. Thank you so much Fujiko, for another early gift.
    "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings."(from Preface in S&H)
    "Happy Holidays!" can also mean
    "Help yourself to one of the infinite blessings that perfectly meets your need."

  50. Always love to hear from you, Fujiko. Thank you, I'm inspired to embrace and respect these holy days. Must thank #34 Nancy, too.

  51. Thanks so much, Fujiko. There is so much love expressed in your comments that it cannot help but make this day a holy one for me--and everyone.

  52. Thank you so much for lifting the veil from "Holy Days" and revealing how precious they are to God and to Her children. When we receive the "perfect" gift it delights us and brings joy and blesses us. So we can know that every gift is from above, whether we receive one or give one and we can listen for ways of blessing others with our thoughts and actions.

  53. Thanks so much, God is always supplying our needs, and every day is a "holiday" , that is a wonderful thought,

  54. What a perfect response to her friend's feelings of loneliness. Thank you Fujiko.

  55. Fantastic! Love always gives us just what we need to say or do when we listen. Thank you for sharing your reply and I love what you said.

  56. Thank you Fujiko for this timely, universal message that each day is a Holy Day! Thanks everyone for sharing.

  57. I am grateful for your lovely sharing,Fujiko.
    This morning a thought came to me:"Love (God) has no calendars." No marking of events,but all times holy and blessed.

  58. Holy Day... love that, so beautiful and peaceful... thank you so much for sharing this thought with us!

  59. Thank you so much dearest Fujiko for this AMAZING message. Also thank you so much for explaining the meaning of "Holiday". It is a "Holi-Day". Beautiful. I wish you all a Holly-Day. Much love

  60. What a beautiful thought Fujiko, and one to follow every day. I try to remember each morning that "This is the day the Lord has made" and now I will add, "And it's a holy day" no matter what time of the calendar year it is. No matter what the world looks like around us we are loved and blessed by God and walk with Him.

    Thank you Nate and Lifter team for your work and inspirations each day.

  61. Thanksgiving is giving thanks for what we already have. We have it All. God is All in All. Be grateful and rejoice in it, and oh ita holy day. Thank you Ms. Signs

  62. Thanksgiving is giving thanks for what we already have. We have it All. God is All in All. Be grateful and rejoice in it, and oh ita holy day. Thank you Ms. Signs

  63. Fujiko... wonderfully and beautifully shared ! HOLY DAY... every DAY !! Thank you!!

  64. Love that Holy Day... which is everyday!

  65. Dear Fujiko~~ What a beautiful insight to use during this Season. It certainly brings warmth & peace

    to thought. Always, loving regard,

  66. Thank you Fujiko! I'll walk with Love today!

  67. Fujiko you are a treasure! Thank you for sharing your God inspired "Lift" about every day being a Holiday/Holyday. I too have had difficulties for years feeling blue about Holidays. No More! This is God
    's day and every day is a Holiday/Holyday. Much love to you and your family.

  68. What a blessing to know that we walk with Love everyday! Healings abound when gratitude is found!!!!!Thankyou Fujiko for your loving thoughts and prayerful approach to everyday being a "Holi" "day"! Blessings to you and yours.

  69. Thank you Fujiko- how important it is to remember everyone in our prayers especially this time of year. As we celebrate the birth of the Master Christian, Jesus, may we acknowledge more and more of the Christ in all of us. My prayer is that every man, woman and childs hope be turned into faith, and faith into understanding -as a flicker of a candle is replaced by a radiant beam of light; bringing God's grace to shine upon and improve the human condition.

  70. Thanks for this meaning of Holiday as No 33 said I used to not like hearing this instead of Merry christmas. As our Mother always said it meant Christ's Day shich is every day. So now I can enjoy also hearing Happy Holidays and even saying it. I love all the Lifters ideas and read them every day. Since my husband of 69 years passed a few months ago people have been saying this will be sad for you this year. But it won't be as I know where he is as we always are each moment with God. Thanks for the BOL and all Lifters thoughts and prayers. Lil

  71. Thank you, Fujiko, for “Happy holiday! … holy day … every day … we find just what we need … celebrate … every day … enjoy …!” There was a day when I was feeling down and the following came to thought, as I prayed, “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24) Then came the question, “Which day is NOT ‘this day?’” I had to smile!

  72. Fujiko, this is a beautiful reminder of truth. Thank you and your friend for
    sharing this conversation! I was studying the hymn "I walk with Love..."
    and included the word move...I move beautifully and freely with Love today, move
    with Mind and know it, rejoice with Love's comfort and Soul's steadiness
    today...and onward. It is a blessed day!

  73. Thank you. And happy holy days to all.

  74. Thank-you Fujiko,for this holy gift today!

  75. Sooo beautiful...thank you very much!

  76. Thank you Fujiko and thank you God for holy-days.

  77. Fujiko, when I hear your voice, I think of our Leader's Poem, "O gentle presence" and I love your "Lifts" especially this one, for I too, "Walk With Love," and am grateful for each "Holy Day" to be about my Father's business. Thank you for your "Gentle" presence and sharing and for all you do.
    June Nettles Clark, C.S.

  78. Dearly grateful to be reminded each day is a holy day and filllllled with the presence of our Father-Mother, God. Gifts of grace, mercy, guidance, illumination, preservation, supply in many many ways,...soooo much more. Fujiko, thank you for the inspired and inspiring Lift!

  79. Thank you Fujiko for reminding us that every day is a holy-day/holiday. Can't help but be grateful for that!

  80. Thank you all for your beautiful sharing - In Japanese a word for "holiday" is written with two characters meaning "Celebrate the day" - So even in Japanese we can say, "Rejoice and be glad!! Celebrate the day, God (Love) made you whole and holy!!" Hallowed be Thy name (Holy is Your name)!!
    much love!!

  81. Just Lovely Fujiko! Thankyou for this beautiful gift on this holy holiday!

  82. "The lovliness of Love is all around." I felt your message, dear Fujiko. Just what I needed on a day when there is seeming obstacles to health.

    The quote is from hymn 64 in the Christian Science Hymnal.
    Daily Lift Team

  83. Dear Fujiko -- thank you for this beautiful, peaceful, message. It is a shining light to know what we are saying when we say Happy Holidays. I appreciate what Claudia #36 said and will start greeting people with "Happy Holy Days" from now on - it will be interesting to see if a dialogue results! Lovingly

  84. Thank you so much! This lift has inspired me to share with my neighbor Hymn 269 - "I walk with Love along the way, And O, it is a holy day;...The joy that none can take away is mine;...". Yesterday she expressed the lack of a "Christmas spirit" this year, the first since her mother's passing. I did not feel satisfied with my response of holding to the true meaning of Christmas, and she has never expressed any interest in Christian Science in 20 years of being neighbors. I also included a note to her about the concept in Christian Science of God being Father and Mother, and the synonym Love for God.
    Thank you for lifting my thought! "O, it is a holy day"!

  85. What a wonderful and rightful thought that Fujiko brings out. I never thought of it that way, Holiday means a Holy Day. It doesn't mean to scramble from grocery store to grocery store buying food to cook for a whole group of people for Thanksgiving and getting all tuckered out. It doesn't mean to stand on line for hours to be first in the Department store to get the best buy on gifts for XMAS. It means to know God, to be like God, compassionate and loving, to do unto others. To come to think of it, the Holiday s/b a holy day, every day.

  86. ..."I prayed and listened." What a great reminder of how to be present and hear what the Christ is sharing with us, through as, as us. Thanks so much for a holy day, holiday celebration!

  87. Thank you so much Fujiko.

  88. I am grateful for this uplifting idea! It will be fun to carry this thought into each and every day. Thank you for sharing this precious lift.

  89. Muchas gracias from Costa Rica, my temporary home, I'm sometimes feeling a little lost but you remind me that with God I am always home and She will all ways provide for me! How beautiful and what a wonderful reminder of God's gift to us every day!

  90. I have always reasoned that "everyday" is a blessing,and we must give thanks to Almighty God.Kindness to others is perpetual.To comprehend the majesty of Divine Love;is beyond mortal intelligence.The refrain of hymn #137: "I need Thee,O,I need Thee;.........................illustrates our "everyday existence"


  91. ARN ~~ Middlewich /UK one of my personal daily goals is to be BORN AGAIN every single day of
    the month/year...to be rekindled with Christly love and MBE's inexpressible gift of Divine love DEMY-
    TISTIFIED/UNDERSTOOD!..and to be obeyed in healing thrusts and spiritual momentum......

    Each day is thus HOLY and needs special care and attention to all concerns......It is a mission of
    compassion to all and love unfettered.. it really does keep me focussed on the daily lift and where
    it leads. Thank-you lifters!! GOD bless you all.

  92. What a wonderful lift, thank you so much. This hymn helped me soldier on through some very tough times, especially the upbeat Calypso version recorded on the CD by The New Song group. Thanks also to JB no. 46 for sharing hymn 117, a grand old favourite in England which I remember singing with great enthusiasm at school. Blessings to all you lifters!

  93. This thought of holiday as "holy day" had come to me too. It really shifts the thought to a more sacred idea of the holidays. I have used this greeting telling friends and acquaintances I hope they "enjoy their holy days." I like using the (s) because it's not just one day, but everyday. I find it to be the perfect solution to my "Merry Christmas" greeting dilemma. <3

    "Happy Holy Days!" and "Merry Christmas!" to the Daily Lift Team and all who comment.

  94. Thank you so much for this new and Holy meaning to the word Holiday!

  95. Having a "holy day" every day is such an uplifting thought. Thank you for adding cheer and a sense of sacredness to this holiday season.

  96. Thank you Fujiko. Our Holy Days indeed everyday.

  97. Many,many thanks for this lovely lift that instantly brings joy,peace,contentment and healing.

  98. Thank you SO much for this wonderfull lift! Hugs from Brazil.

  99. ありがとうございました。
    Thank you very much. Each day a holy day with a gift to open and use!!!! Such a beautiful way to put it, Fujiko....many, many thanks.

  100. Dear Fujiko, Thank you for this Holy Day message -- the best "present."
    With Christmas season coming quickly, this message can lift and touch every heart,
    specially the ones who feel they are all alone.
    And I echo Bonnie's comment #63 and #85 Tobias.
    Thanks to Nate, the production team, the lecturers who share such healing ideas, and to all us in this "Lifter" family world wide!

  101. Thank you Fujkio for the peace & joy
    of knowing each moment is a holy day
    always in the presence of God''s love for ALL!
    The most precious Christmas Gift!

  102. Lovely Fujito, thank you so much for this very good message. Every day is a holy day.!!!!

  103. Thank you, Fujiko! Right on.

  104. Love it! How simple. How beautiful and practical. Fujiko expresses God's grace with this message and the Japanese people we have learned are especially excellent examples of expressing it.

  105. Lovely , kindly spoken words of Truth. Thank you.

  106. Thanks for this beautiful gift for the hol-i-days!

  107. Thank you for this present, Fujiko!

  108. Bonjour Fujiko

    WONDERFUL, PERFECT TIMING... Love this idea

    A Holy Day every day YESSSSS! For we live in the ETERNAL NOW
    A Holy gift every day!

    Thank you soooo muuuchhhh

  109. A Holy Day to dear Fujiko,,thanks a lot for this very convincing words that "everyday is a Holy Day". Happy Holy Day to all and God bless!!!

  110. Dear Fujiko is a gift to all! Her presence magnifies the holiness of Life. There is so much inspiration that comes from hearing or reading her messages. Thank you Fujiko.

  111. Lovely, thank you, what a powerful thing to remember

  112. Thank you Fujiko for those thoughts from above, not letting in thoughts from the right or left. #15 added an inspiration of a "gold pin" from an image I have of the added value of our celebration of the Christ at Christmas. A pin of gold worn, or given, goes with us bringing all who see it a sharing of the beauty, a window into the love from Christ. The inspiration is to share each day as Holy.

  113. Thank you Fujiko, I love to hear you speak and your thoughts are very encouraging.
    Every day is priceless.

  114. Thanks Fujiko for a woderful daily lift....I love to hear more daily from you.