12/30: Spirituality is the only option

12/30: Spirituality is the only option

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  1. Thank you Mark for this beautiful and healing Lift. Understanding our true spirituality is the key to our freedom from what mortal sense is trying to tell us. This understanding carries with it the joy and dominion and power that no one person nor material circumstance can take away. It is permanent and intact. It is in our oneness with Our Father that we come to know ourselves spiritually.

  2. Love it. One of my fave SH passages. Thank you, Mark.

  3. The idea that came to thought after listening to this Daily Lift was, "as in heaven, so on earth". It's part of the phrase that Mary Baker Eddy (the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science) uses when giving the spiritual interpretation to the Lord's Prayer found in Science and Health (pages 16,17). In the Bible in the book of Matthew, chapter 6, verse 10, Christ Jesus gives the following truth as part of the Lord's prayer: Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Eddy's interpretation is: Enable as to know, -as in heaven, so on earth, - God is omnipotent, supreme." I appreciate Mr. Swinney's affirmation that Spirit is all there is. There is no matter. In thinking about this a bit further, we can begin to see that what we think is matter is really only limited thinking. And as we learn and clearly see more of our spiritual selfhood through knowing more of what God is, we expand and experience more of heaven, harmony, and become witnesses to the fact that Spirit really is the only option because it really is the only reality. Not my will (my story), but Thy will (Thy Truth) be done today.

  4. Good morning from Marie, here in SA, have just listened to the the new daily lift fm Mark Swinney, and tku, to all connected to these precious DL.I get so much insight fm the comments as well, and will go through the day thinking on Spirituality, and will re read tku!

  5. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  6. You got that right, Mark, completely and succinctly. Thanks for getting out the Good Word!

  7. Many thanks Mark for widening our thought to this inspiring revelation that: "The more consecrated we are with expressing God [Spirit], the more of reality, of spirituality. we enjoy." "We are all God’s children, expressions of One Mind,/ living in the radiance of Spirit all divine./ Ev’ry heart and nation is answering the call/ to a true salvation knowing God is All in all." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #460).

  8. Thanks for this wonderful Lift.

  9. Thank you

  10. As a kid I used to say that (if God wanted) He could become a mortal and get in and out of things.
    Today I don’t think so.

    If God, Spirit, could materialize it would consume itself, because matter’s nature is mortal, finite.
    So man, God’s image, must be spiritual, immortal.

    No, I am not talking about the physical you and me, but about the spiritual likeness of God, the man and woman who fully reflects God’s beatific presence and embody His spiritual qualities, like intelligence, individuality, dominion, activity, integrity, innocence, etc.

    “Man is the idea of Spirit; he reflects the beatific presence, illuming the universe with light.” S&H 266:27

    De pequeña solía pensar que (si Dios quisiera) podría volverse un mortal y entrar y salir de las cosas.
    Hoy ya no lo creo.

    Si Dios, Espíritu, pudiera materializarse se consumiría a Sí mismo, porque la naturaleza de la materia es mortal, finita.
    Así que, el hombre, la imagen de Dios, debe ser espiritual, inmortal.

    No, no estoy hablando de el mortal tú y yo, sino de la semejanza espiritual de Dios, el hombre y mujer que reflejan completamente la presencia beatifica de Dios y encarnan Sus cualidades esprituales como la inteligencia, individualidad, dominio, actividad, integridad, inocencia, etc.

    “ El hombre es la idea del Espíritu; refleja la presencia beatífica, llenando de luz el universo.” CyS 266:31

  11. Thank you for the profound and clear reminding message today, spirit is all there is.

  12. Totalmente de acuerdo... La Única opcción es la espiritualidad.

    Para atraerla a la tierra y que bendiga a la humanidad, habrá que hacer como Cristojesús. obrar, obrar, permanenremente en cada instante, en cada lugar que estemos, dando amor a raudales, la humanidad está muy confundida busca, pero no siempre encuentra, naturalmente deberá buscar con un sincero anhelo de logros superiores, no solo en busca de beneficios sino en procura de comprender a Dios para servirlo, y amarlo, lo demás, como sabemos viene a consecuencia de obrar bien. Pero cómo atraer a quien está oscurecido por todo lo que lo rodea, en una falsa creencia de felicidad, logros humanos, adelantos tecnológicos, que parece la panacea para toda actividad con un única objecto, logros, logros, que solo van oscureciendo más el panorama espiritual, donde la claridad sin necesidad de esos logros, brilla por sí misma y nos eleva a logros sí los más trascendentes... los espirituales, que sí traen felicidad a donde estemos, aunque ésta parezca sombria, como el mundo nos parece hoy, y sin embargo, aún brilla e ilumina consecuentemente la estela de luz que dejó Cristo con su amoroso obrar.

    Muchas gracias Mark!! Muy oportuno y necesario el mensaje de hoy, anhelo que la humanidad oiga el clamor del Bien, para su propia bendición.

  13. Thank you this was beautiful..S&H is the only book one should follow.

  14. So clear and logical, thank you. It's always about getting back to the qualities of God that we express, isn't it? Wonderful to be reminded of this starting point. Thank you.

  15. Thank you for this great wake up Lift. There is healing when we listen and follow God's word.

  16. Thank you, Mark. I needed to hear "beatific presence," because yesterday I was not being very beatific during part of the day.

    Today I'll pray to see that I can more consistently win the fruits of the Spirit. I see more clearly than ever the "win" that results from consistent meekness, so "beatific" is the road I want to be on.

    Love to all!

  17. Mark, Thank you.

  18. Thank you, Mark. There is just no way forward from the material sense of anything. As a well-known joke tells us, "You can't get there from here!" Just leave that illusion, that false claim, that denial of everything good, and start every morning absolutely "annihilating, obliterating, and eliminating everything that is unlike God." And then move to God and maintain a strong stand to assert our identity as His beloved children, eternally pure and perfect.
    Thank you Nate and the team for another year of outstanding Daily Lifts; and thanks to the lecturers for the healings resulting from your Daily Lifts. To our ever-growing Lift family, far and wide, you'll probably never know just how much good you've brought to the ones who need you most of all. Looking forward to another year of enlightenment and sharing.

  19. Thank you Mark, for this clear and comforting celebration of our exclusively spiritual identity.

  20. Thank you Mark for the great "Lift".

  21. That was a great one!

  22. To simply WATCH OUR EXPRESSION.......let this expression conform to God's ways. Thanks to all for this reminder.

  23. Thank you! A clear, reasoned and healing insight.

  24. Thanks, Mark, for pointing out so clearly that "Spirituality is the ONLY option!" There is no materiality. Even physical scientists have come to the conclusion that matter is actually nothing - they can reduce it to nothing. My physical being can be reduced to nothing, but nothing can reduce my spiritual identity or harm it.

  25. Great - and an explanation of Jesus' command, "Let your light shine"!

  26. I sometimes think that limiting existence as material is really hanging on to a tiger by the tail.
    Just hoping that the tiger believes he is a good kitty, doesn’t seem very smart. But imagining disaster certainly freezes our grip. As calmly as possible we must step back and let the tiger go back to his native habitat.

    Where does such stepping back calmness come from? First we have a simple trust in God. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Ps 46:1 And finally what we think of as some measure of effective spiritual understanding is surprisingly found to be God’s expression of himself!

    We think we have an option? Well, maybe an “only option”. Thanks Mark for warmly stating the point!

  27. Thank you, Mark, for reminding us what's real! "Matter" ,or the suggeston of it, can seem like such a problem, but to realize that it isn't, as you said, an option is like dropping a heavy burden. These lifts are a gift to open each morning and get a beautiful start to the day!

  28. What a gift! Enjoying spirituality! Thank you mark

  29. Thank you, Mark! Having attended one of your live Lectures, I have seen your expression of Spirit flowing, first hand! Love the music this week - sounds like Spirit flowing! And I always appreciate Nate's greeting - I could just feel his smile this morning! What a great question! How do we experience ourselves as spiritual? I remember on a past Lift that someone commented: "We feel close to God by expressing His Nature." That helped me see what it means to be spiritual. I think one of the hardest things to get rid of is the thought that we've lived all of this life so far, materially, with a mortal history. But have we really.........??? Being willing to move our thought just a fraction to another realm, might just reveal that we've Always been Spiritual! Happy flowing into the New Year to All!

  30. My thesaurus tells me that beatific is synonymous with blissful and blessed. My dictionary tells me that beatific in ancient languages is related to goodness and bounty. So I reflect the presence of blissful and blessed and bountiful goodness, what an enlightenment!

  31. The title of this lift is what I needed as well as its content. I went over it several times. I have been looking at my options on several fronts recently and asking God, what should I do. When I saw the words, "Spirituality is the only option," I felt a sense of relief. I knew it was the answer. Thank you!

  32. Thank you Mark for this important message. I am deeply grateful to all the team, to all the lifters, to all the staff of DL, making this lovely connection possible. Loving thoughts and best wishes to all.

  33. That's right. Spirit is everything and focusing on reality is the way out of illusion.

  34. C/S Prayer is completely logical. Let's think about this. God is completely invisible to the material senses. Man, then, is also invisible to the material senses since man is in the image and likeness of God. Mortals are the structural symbols only, not representing the true spiritual idea of God. The attributes expressed in this symbol are the true image and likeness for they are not structural. Spirituality and not materiality is then the only option leaving matter completely out of the equation of what true Life is.

  35. Thanks so much, Mark!

  36. Hallelujah, the daystar rises. Thank you Mark and thanks to everyone who puts these on daily and to those who comment. Watching the reflection, what a lovely way to put it.

  37. Mark, this is just what I needed today. Thank you.

  38. There is only one option. Spirit. Thank you!

  39. I've been trying to grasp the idea of spirituality, that I'm not material but spiritual and wondering what that was supposed to look like. Now I see that it's not looking for what spirituality should look like, but being spiritual. Being more loving, more truthful (as to oneself), more lawful unto God (by following the commandments) and so on with all the attributes of God. I like the idea of letting go of looking and instead, being. Thanks to all the DL team, and to all the commentators...I look forward every day to the Lifts and the comments, each compliments the other. Have a wonderful day in the present.

  40. "...matter leaves the forefront of thought." What a kind way to rebuke error. Thank you Mark.
    Talking with a new friend this morning she said, "Yes, many people bolt at the mention of God ... but some come back ... willing to do whatever it takes, one day at a time ... they start to realize a power is helping them now - God - Holy Spirit - Love - Grace - Higher Power. Whatever it is, it's real."

    Thanks also to all those working to put matter out of the "forefront of thought" with the reality of Spirit.
    A really good resolution to make for the new year.

  41. Thank you, Mark, for “Spirituality is the only option … Christian Science teaches that Spirit is God and God is not and cannot be materialized … matter is really out of the equation …” Wow!!! To discipline thought, accordingly. ( You just gave me my New Year’s resolution!!! ;-)

    In the Christian Science textbook, one of the synonyms for God is Mind. The unceasing prayer of holding / molding my thoughts to align with that Mind, which is also synonymous with Principle, Love, Life, Truth, Soul, and Spirit has brought many blessings / healings / revealing of “all is well.”

    “… expanding consciousness of Truth, to abide with [me] and enable [me] better to work out the purposes of divine Love” (My 63:13).

    World belief supports “mortal mind expansion.” But, drugs can never take the place of our natural gravitation towards God and how to live in God’s image and likeness. Even reading offered through formal education or pursued as self-study can be a maze-like excursion into trivial pursuits that only and at times, aggressively, distract us from the Truth of our being. And video games take us from one level to the next, as we overcome each level of increasing complexities of imaginary “enemy forces” … and then on to the next game!!!

    “Spirituality is the only option … matter is really out of the equation …” And we in that image and likeness!!!

  42. Clear as crystal, or better yet, a beam of light! I will keep my eye on the light. Thank you, Mark, and thanks to all the Lifters.

  43. Many,many thanks Mark for this much needed LIFT today. Spirituality is my only option, and the only option for all of my loved ones.
    New Year's Greetings to all of our daily lifters. Dee

  44. Nancy # 26 of Yellow Springs reminded me of an incident that occurred in New Mexico one May when the hungry critters come down from the mesa searching for food before the baby bunnies are born. I'd heard a coyote was in the neighborhood and little dogs were at risk, so at 10 PM as I walked my pups, I stayed close to home on our loop with a prayer on my lips. Suddenly, we saw the coyote dodging trees in front of our wall. My little male shish-szu let our a cry like a wild cat (as shish-tzus can do) and bravely lunged toward the coyote.
    "God help us!" was on my lips as my little girl clawed her way up the back of my jacket with her tail between her legs and I held on to my little boy's leather leash with both hands, feet braced. By the grace of God, a full moon was behind us, creating an enormous shadow of big teeth to go with my little guy's piercing sound. That coyote put his tail between his legs and sped into the mesa as fast as he could go. Saved!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. That moment of grace will stay with me forever. The coyote never turned around. Goodness and mercy was certainly pursuing us that evening as I had prayed it would. And it showed itself as a full moon behind us. God is so good.

  45. Thank you!

  46. Thank you Mark, that is just perfect!

  47. Thanks, Mark for your inspired word.

  48. This is really wonderful. Helena #10 or any other Spanish speakers...Any possibility of translating this to Spanish? With thanks and many blessings to all in the new year.

  49. Thank you so much Mark for your insightful lift this morning!
    A favorite passage of mine by Mary Baker Eddy in "Science and Health" that applies to your lift is:
    "Matter has no life to loose, and Spirit never dies. A partnership of mind with matter would ignore omnipresent and omnipresent Mind. This shows that matter did not originate in God, Spirit, and is not eternal. Therefore matter is neither substantial, living, nor intelligent" (275).
    Of course there is no matter because God is our substance, intelligence, life, that we naturally reflect; we only need to acknowledge God to feel God's presence in grateful praise.

    Thank you lifters and The Daily Lift team as always.

  50. Thank you .

  51. Love this message that we're new-born of Spirit and nothing else. What a great beginning to the new year.

  52. Thank you Mark for the simplicity and clarity of your message - so easy to understand and hold - as for others, such perfect truth for new years resolutions. I am filled with joy and inspiration in listening and reading on this beautiful sunfilled morning unfoldment. Many many thanks to you Nate, your team and the Mother Church for this inspiring ongoing Daily Lift unfoldment.

  53. I have a question:

    what does this knowledge "i am spirituell, not materiel= when you are sick? How does it help? Can you answer - I will learn more. Thank you.........it sounds so easy,, when you speak, dear mark or dear friends

  54. I am greatful and thankful for this healing Truth, thank you, Mark.

  55. A wonderful message, Mark! It is so much better to live our true nature by expressing the divine attributes of joy, love, peace, patience, meekness, temperance. Then we don't get embroiled in patterns of materialism from which we have to free ourselves. Many thanks to the Daily Lift team and to all who contribute each day!

  56. Wow! I have listened to this twice. What a refreshing message that went to the core of my consciousness. Thank you Mark for a beautiful healing message.

  57. Thank you, Mark.

    This is so important to know, to understand and to do. And thank you all for contributing to this Lift.

  58. thank you....just what I needed today....so grateful for this inspiring lift.

  59. Great Lift Mark! Thank you : )

  60. In the middle of listening to this inspired Lift I also could hear the cat throwing up beside me. Trivial and easily cleaned up, but it made me wonder if anyone has any practical way of putting spirituality to use for this kind of distraction. The cat throwing up was clearly material and the matter needed to be dealt with once the Lift was ended. How could I deny its existence? Any suggestions on how to handle the intrusions of the material?

  61. Thank you for this powerful lift with which to enter 2014, Thank you also to all the folk that have made the lifts possible during the past year. A lift is like a special gift from God that arrives promptly every morning to uplift our thought and remind us that God is really the center of our universe.

  62. Thanks Mark, love the way you put things in a fresh way....to jolt one's thinking and help see spiritual reality and reject what mortal mind's so called physical senses try to tell us. Even around well meaning friends we can challenge ourselves to stick to the truth of being and reflect our God given nature.

  63. Thank you, Mark.

    I was thinking about the Biblical truth that "the seed is in itself." The one and only spiritual identity of every individual idea already includes every right idea. Being innate, nothing is needed or can be added and being a unit, nothing can ever deplete it.

  64. Thanks to every Lifter and especially #30 for digging into "beatific." Very joyous!

  65. SPIRIT, GOD IS ALL-all. Mrs Eddy teaches this is the starting point of Christian Science. Thank you for this clear explanation of SPIRIT. E=MC2 is a theory that claims matter or energy is moved, vibrated, at the speed of light, squared. This is a speed and velocity beyond human/mortal comprehension, but not beyond "belief." Matter is a belief. Stop the C2 or speed of light belief, be still, and behold the spiritual idea, the image of Spirit, the All-in-all. Grace; coming into agreement with the Origin of all that is Love, all that is good, all that is perfect, all that is real and infinite/eternal. What seems to be nothing is Spirit, what seems to be nothing is Everything........

  66. Thank you, Mark, for another terrific Lift and helpful reminder!

  67. Mark,

    You can not imagine the effect of your clear explanation had on me!!!
    Just to begin with, a healing has just taken place in my consciousness!
    Thank you so much for this helpful and healing message !!!


  69. Wonderful .. thank you ! :-)

  70. Correction Mark, It's the lovely, loving, lovable, loved, lover, loverly, lovability, loveliness, kindness, goodness, unselfishness, forgiveness, patience, obedience, generosity, loyalty, mercy, humility, meekness, modesty, mildness, moderation, faithfulness, cooperation, politeness, respectfulness, responsiveness, consideration, affection, gentleness, omnipresence, tolerance, service, harmlessness, inoffensiveness, contentment, devotion friendliness, protection, liberation, provision, correction, bliss, charity, empathy, motherhood, fatherhood, compassion, courtesy, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, infinity, impartiality, unification, inexhaustibleness, tenderness, endurance, universality, might, etc. that are the attributes of God, LOVE IS GOD. Love is not a mere attribute. I just knew we are saying the same thing...

  71. thank you mark

  72. Thank you Mark for this absolute Daily Lift. When I saw this in my email "Spirituality is the only option" I was overwhelmed with tears of joy in the realization of Spirituality in every aspect of my thinking.
    How perfect this is!

  73. Excellent presentation Mark.

    Thank you or sharing this important thought. Spirit is the only option.

  74. Dear #53, Thank you for your question. If someone feels sick and concentrates on that sickness, does it help? But when we declare we are spiritual, made in the image and likeness of God as The Bible tells us in the first Chapter, we have stated a truth. God never made sickness, therefore, it is an error to be overcome by the Truth of God. I hope this helps. You are so loved!

    Thank you Nate, your team, the lecturers, the Mother Church Board for supplying this program which blesses all!

  75. Thank you, everyone. From reading the comments, it's obvious that making a point to show forth the attributes of God is a real joy! I agree, it's fun to be intentional about it.

    "All substance, intelligence, wisdom, being, immortality, cause, and effect belong to God. These are His attributes, the eternal manifestations of the infinite divine Principle, Love. No wisdom is wise but His wisdom; no truth is true, no love is lovely, no life is Life but the divine; no good is, but the good God bestows" (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 275).

  76. Thanks, Mark

  77. Dear #53 from Germany,
    When we start with the Bible in Genesis, it states that we're made in God's image and that God created everything and that it is very good. So if God is spirit and we're made in His image, we're spiritual and good, there's no room for sickness or disease. The more we express God and Godlike qualities, the more goodness we realize in our lives.

    Yes, thank you all contributors to the lift, you bring joy and enlightenment into all of our lives. And most importantly thanks to all the wonderful Lecturers and to the DL team for your wonderful work throughout this year. What a joy! Much love, Martha

  78. This is so perfect for me to listen to today. One of my precious kittie friends has passed in my absence from home while on holiday, and coming home was fearful for me, as I was thinking of the empty space I would hadve to ajust to. It took a bit of time to realize that he was not gone! Not in Truth undergirded with LOVE. Those attributes of his which made him such a presence in my home such as sweetness, gratitude, humility and playfulness and pure joy, are all still availble to me in True Reality.Thank you for my continued progress in healing with these so clearly expressed Truths! Merri

  79. Great thought for leaving the old and moving into a New Year with ways of thinking. Thank you.

  80. Dear Mark, How wonderful that Christian Science teaches us that there is only One Mind, as I was listening to your beautiful Lift, my eyes fell on a statement by our Forever Leader, Mary Baker Eddy,
    "Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good. God has made man capable of this, and nothing can vitiate the ability and power divinely bestowed on man." and that will lift us out of the "old" and lead us into the "new" Thank you for all you do!

  81. Thank you so much for this daily lift, exactly what I needed today!

  82. Thank you Mark for this substantial THought for the New Year .

  83. Mark, Thank you for going to the heart of the matter. I love the simplicity of this message. so doable.


  84. Man is NOT material, he is spiritual! Yea! Thanks Mark...love your slant on this...it makes perfect sense! And takes us right out of the limitations of material existence, to be poised to accomplish awesome things as we reflect Spirit in all its grandeur, beauty, abundance, intelligence, love. Happy New Year all!

  85. Thank you, Mark, for this very helpful lift. I would also like to thank all the contributors for the inspiring lifts throughtout the year and I look forward to reading many more in 2014.

  86. Yes, when you come to LOVE the spirituality U R, mythic-matter ceases to be ..in your thought
    ..in your life!

  87. Thank you, Mark! You're giving us a great start for he New Year!

  88. Fantastic Lift in its intelligence, simplicity, joyful assurance and calm reflection of God's spiritual Christly light. Many thanks, Mark!

  89. Thank you so much for this so wonderful lift.

  90. For Vickie, Just a suggestion about unpleasant minor distractions: you could refuse angst over it, dismiss it (while cleaning it up) with the thought that "matter doesn't matter!". If it appears to be a more serious health problem you may want to handle it more thoroughly.Thanks Mark the Lift went straight to the point beautifully!

  91. Thank you for such a clear idea. Also, thank you for your Sentinel article "Enveloped in Love" that's been so inspiring for days now.

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