12/27: Your daily list

12/27: Your daily list

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  1. Thank you Norm for this very helpful Lift. When we start our day by putting God first on our list, by declaring our oneness with the Father, we see the tasks of our day becoming free from stress, time restraints, exhaustion, and all the et ceteras of mortal mind.Thought governs our actions. Taking the time to establish our "spiritual footsteps" will help to guide us throughout the day.

  2. The perfect list for every day. Thank you so much for this reminder..

  3. New year is coming, I need to make a list to appreciate Love...
    1.-To care for another's wellbeing
    2. To spread my prayers
    2. To yield caringly―even if it means losing someone
    3. Not to measure give or take
    4. To put other's best interest ahead of my own
    5. To appreciate everyone because God loves them
    6. Not to underestimate anyone
    7. To remember to search in me for the humility Jesus taught
    8. To listen quietly

    God loved us so much that He gave us His beloved son, to love us, to guide us and ultimate to suffer for us.
    Now to practice it!

    Llega el año nuevo, necesito hacer una lista para apreciar el Amor...
    1.- Esmerarme por el bien de otros
    2. Desparramar mis oraciones
    3. Ceder con cariño ― aunque al ceder signifique dejar ir al ser amado
    4. No medir el dar o recibir
    4. Poner el mejor interés de otro antes que el mío
    5. Apreciar a todo el mundo por que Dios los ama
    6. No menospreciar nadie
    7. Recordar el buscar en mí misma la humildad enseñada por Jesús
    8. Escuchar en silencio

    Dios nos amó tanto que nos dio a Su amado hijo, para que nos ame, nos guíe y finalmente para que sufra por nosotros.
    ¡Ahora a practicarlo!

  4. Thank you Norm for a perfect list for every day-- to love God, our Father/Mother, to love ourselves being the image and likeness of our Creator and loving everyone else-- all of God's creation--all of His/Her ideas expressing goodness, kindness and love to one another. This is my list for each day, for 2013 and beyond! Thanks for the focus on keeping our thoughts on track to bless one and all! The; world needs this type of good thinking and action!
    Thanks for all of the wonderful Lifts this year from all the different lecturers! They have been such a wonderful support each day! Bravo!

  5. Thank you Norm A short yet complete list to carry forward into 2013

  6. Thank very much for your great message.
    "Reality is being what one understands. It is realistic Being. In Christian Science it means understanding God."

  7. A GREAT list! God, self and humanity. Thanks for the thoughts.

  8. That truly IS -- a g-o-o-d d-a-y! Thank you, Norm, for this simple, yet so important, reminder.

  9. daily commandment-following as Norm points out is nothing negative.. but all positive,Heaven enforcing.
    following Godly commands leads only upwards and outwards, embracing all humanity in Divine and
    Perfect Wonderment! Seeing the neighbor and all others in the same Perfection we seek for ourselves.
    So get on with it... stretch forth the mental hand that believes,trusts and gives.. include everyone in
    The Godly Model which Jesus taught.. blessings will just mount to the skies.... and joyfulness abound!
    Arn ~ UK

  10. Thank you Norm, I am looking foward to a really GOOD day.!

  11. Thank you! Thank you!!

  12. A beautiful and poerfully encourging Lift . Thank you Norm for emphasising the rays of vitality reflected in my own bwing .Yes indeed , " God and man Father and son ,one in being , ".-S&H

  13. Norm, Thank you, daily priorities of love for God, ourselves and others is a great way to live.

  14. Thank you Norm, yes, If we do that honestly and thoroughly, as you said, everything else we have to do flows out of us effortless. Will pray and work today in this way.

  15. Thank you for this new take on the familiar 'To Do' list. What a refreshing approach and yet so universally applicable. I am sure it harmoniously includes all that we might otherwise have humanly chosen to write down as 'things that need doing' but with a greater sense of harmony and achievement at the 'end of the day',

  16. Hi Norm Thanks for that wonderful summary of what we need to do each day in following Christ Jesus' teaching. I shall try to make them my to do list today too! Greetings from London, Ann K

  17. Take this list, dear Norm:
    1. Thanks to Mary Baker Eddy for the revelation of the Christ Science. And for founding the CSPS.
    2. Thanks to the daily lift team for a year of inspiration, a wealth of insights, consecration.
    3. Thanks to Norm for his wonderful lift! How timely and timeless! You have the ultimate list !

  18. So true, Norm if we just follow your simple to do list it will be a good day, as we know from Love only reflections of good can come. Thank you for your Lift. Be richly blessed.

  19. Thank you, Norm, for sharing your priority list. I was a little surprised, as your priorities are our Be-attitudes - innately 'in us'. Our knee-jerk response is receptiveness to God's thoughts, to gratitude to Him, wherever we look and whatever we do. And so, He is, truly, our very Life. Thank you for bringing these truths to light in sharp focus, in me today!

  20. Lovely way to love, Norm! Daily! Thank you, Robyn

  21. The composition of the universe is God and His thoughts, and Mrs Eddy says, "the highest ideas are the sons and daughters of God." God has thought of every possible good thought and had thought them through every possible good situation, and He has animated them and brought each one through to fruition, for God is eternal Life; and each one of us represent an eternally animated line of good thought brought through to fruition, through every possible good situation! Don't you just love our God?! He has made it so that we are His compounded good thoughts, forever expressing, experiencing, discovering, and witnessing good! Don't you just love yourself ?! Don't you just everyone who crosses your path in the course of a day?! This is the one Mind continuously moving all the pieces of good in His grand scheme of good thoughts that He thinks about, and cherishes; we are the outcome, the offspring of this wonderful activity..
    ..so, YES, Norm, I love God, I love myself, I love my fellow-man, I love discovering all that He has made..
    I love all the ways He gathers His good thoughts, this loving DL community being one such form of good..
    Thank you, Norm!

  22. I appreciate all you said very much. it is pure and practical. i shall endeavour to work with it.Thank you.

  23. ,--
    Thank you for this great reminder. Hymn # 179 in our hymnal "Love one another,---word of revelation'
    Love frees from error's thrall--Love is liberation;" came to me while you were speaking. Thank you again.

  24. Thanks, Norm, for a really great “to do” list all the time. It isn’t always easy to remember this list in the distractions of the day when mortal mind might be sending us unpleasant images of people who cross our path. But, if we stop and listen…and Love God, ourselves and others as ourselves, the picture can and will change. It’s my list for today!

  25. It's also mine! Thanks for this simple but so powerful truth.

  26. Quiero detenerme un instante en un concepto que siento está arraigado en el mundo desde siempre y es que Cristojesús sufrió para que nosotros seamos libres de progresar y en realidad Cristo pasó por lo que pasó para señalar el camino que estará lleno de asperesas como lo estuvo para El, y como también lo estuvo para Eddy y lo estará para todo aquel que siga Su abierta senda, pero que maravilloso es ese camino cuan inspirado Es que nos permite mitigar el dolor y el descreimiento de los demás como hizo El y como nos enseña la Ciencia Cristiana a desprendernos de lo humano que yerra aun de aquello que nos hace feliz para que no nos atrape un sentido humano de satisfación que engaña sutilmente pareciendo legítimo, y conformarnos con un derecho supuestamente adquirido por el sacrificio de otro tan lejano indudablente de la justicia divina, sin duda el Daily Lift es una constante ayuda a comprender porque nos recuerda a traves de sus distintos mensajeros cual es el camino resaltando en muchos casos que no estamos lejos de lograr un renunciamiento a lo humanamente material como lo hicieron Cristo y Eddy por Amor al Bien.

    Muchas gracias Norm.

  27. Thank you, Norm!

  28. This is a keeper! Not just to start the day but the whole new year. Much love to you all.

  29. That's a great list, Norm, and one really worth praying to keep.
    These Daily Lifts have made such a difference to the lives of so many over the past three and a half years, and will continue to pour out comfort and consolation on many more through the coming year.
    So many thanks to the production team still working on; and the Board of Lectureship.

  30. Loved waking up and listening to the DL ..... what a fantastic way to think of "Revelations"....what is our commitment today and all year? How simple.....Love God, Love Myself, Love Everyone Else. Great topic for Sunday School....thank you Norm for sharing the Love....

  31. A healing Daily List on another inspiring Daily Lift! Gratitude to Norm, Daily Lift Team, all!

  32. thanks norm for this great reminder of how we should be thinking moment by moment and thanks to # 21, steve for a super synopsis of God's creaton!

  33. Norm, I thank your suggestion of a top priorities list for the coming year.
    Your list will be also mine!
    God bless you and happy new year!!!

  34. There is a little poem I just love and pray with throughout the day, "Unfailing grace" by Eleanor Buser (Sentinel, October 21, 1996) which ends with, "No matter where I am or what I face I'll stay within Love's warm embrace." As I pray with this I include anyone I know needing a little extra support, and then with the whole world. Knowing we are all within Love's (God's) warm embrace is such a comforting thought. Thanks, Norm, for your 1-2-3 list: Love God, Love myself and Love my neighbor, which is very similar to mine.

  35. Lists help us organize what we should remember. Here are a few suggestions from reputable sources.

    “And Moses said unto the people, Remember this day, in which ye came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage; for by strength of hand the Lord brought you out from this place:” Ex 13:3
    Jesus said “Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord.” John 15:20
    Mary Baker Eddy reflected: “We should remember that Life is God, and that God is omnipotent.” S&H 394:28 and “Remember that man's perfection is real and unimpeachable…” S&H 414:28

    Acknowledge God as source of freedom by Moses
    Acknowledge God in real humility from Jesus
    Acknowledge God as man’s source of perfection by Mary Baker Eddy

    Love and acknowledge God, humbly accept the service of my being and include my neighbor in unimpeachable perfection.

    Then, our “to do” list boils down to a “being done” list. Thanks so much Norm.

  36. Thank you, Norm! So on target. And I love the simplicity of your message. I have been thinking about the two great commandments, and how they really point to the fact that God and man are one, inseparable. The apostle John puts it succinctly, If a man love not his neighbor whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? To me this is like saying, There is no way you can truly love God if you don't love your self and your fellow man who is God's image and likeness. My best wishes to you and to everyone for a New Year filled with the infinite possibilities of good.

  37. Thank you Norm. Early this morning I was sitting on the side of the bed in some distress and the thought came to me you must pray for yourself, it's okay, not selfish, but necessary and I felt a sense of peace. A practitioner and teacher once said "Love God Most," "Man More." I often thought loving Man was referring to others....then this early morning the still small voice said "that means you too." So, your priority list of God first, yourself second and then others opened new windows of thought for me. Thanks again!

  38. Thank you, Norm, for "Your daily list ... priorities ... 1. Love God. 2. Love yourself. 3. Love everyone else ..." This daily priorities list is as "Our Daily Bread" that is given to us by Our Father "this day" and which keeps us spiritually nourished and growing spiritually stronger into our Child-of-Godlikeness. As you say, "following in Jeus' footsteps!"

  39. Thank you for your lift Norm. They say to find Love you have to Love your self. Well to Love your self you have to Love God and we know God Loves all of us good or bad. Have a wonderful day

  40. What a list! And what a gentle reminder of the important things. Thank you.

  41. Thanks, Norm So good to spend time loving ourselves in the right way and then it naturally leads to loving our neighbour also in the right way, as God's children !

  42. Perfect... I'll be making a list today! Thanks for the reminder to put God at the top of it!

  43. Simple and powerful! Thank you Sir.

  44. Great List, Norm! I had just gotten a message from another spiritual source by email, before I opened this Daily Lift. In it was the same basic message, ending with: "Always Let Your Heart-Center Be Your Guide!" It seems to me the message we are all getting and sending, as the Heart of our Planet is opening up more and more, is: Love, Love, Love!!! And thanks, to Steve, #21 for: "Don't you just Love yourself?" Sadly, a lot of people don't really love themselves because they don't know Who They Really Are! Christian Scientists have been taught that we are God's reflection or image and likeness. Beause of this we are assured that we are Loved, Loving and Loveable. Still, it's not always easy to rise above the cobwebs of a mortal past with its hurts and sorrows and to REALLY come to Love and Cherish and Honor Ourselves. We need to be willing to Let the Love that is God really penetrate deep into our Hearts and erase, wipe out, all the old, stale pictures of our mortal identity. It is Time! We can do it! Let Go and Let's Go!!!!!

  45. Right, Norm. Agreed. That is what I was striving to do yesterday, only "everyone else" was specifically our Congress. Loving, caring, supporting, upholding them with dear God and all His attributes, qualities, and goodness. Short list. Enough for the day. I loved it!

  46. Thank you for the lift. It is so simple. and that is where God is.

  47. Thanks Norm. This is the only list I need! Love to all!

  48. I needed this today. Thank you.

  49. Wonderful reminder! Thank you . :-)

  50. Thank you.

  51. thank you. I feel now after listening and reading others comments, that I can be in tune with right thinking. Thank you to all who contribute, but especially to Barbara no. 24 and also to Bevi and Asante. so much gratitude, have I, for your taking time to add your comments. Bless you

  52. Thank you, Norm. Love to you and your family.

  53. Geez, what a great lift!! Mr. B does such a great job of shining Truth's absolute facts on what needs to be corrected in our daily experience. His approach is not only practical, it is the only power that can be practical. My day is already off to a great start.

  54. Thanks so much Norm! To Steve 21, thank you, and to everyone else, your comments are all indicative of the oneness, love and perfection to be discovered by going within.

  55. Thanks, Norm, for the great short-list reminder!
    All that is required of us.

  56. Gratefully Norm. From our weekly lessons I make "to do" lists. Some from CHRIST JESUS, 12/23/12 include:
    Fear not the divine thought; conceive more of the spiritual ideal or Holy Ghost; know more of the way of the righteous; demonstrate control over matter; demonstrate spiritually the Principle of being; reach a better understanding of God as divine Principle, Love; have faith; receive and follow Jesus in the way. And more to do: Exercise, govern, rise, resist, be firm, reflect, see and hear spiritually, live soberly and righteously, reconcile the true man to God; know no evil; do God's will; keep the commandments in gratitude. Strive to enter in. And the list goes on. But to truly love Love we will succeed "in the way of God's appointing."

  57. Norm, what a wonderful reminder that the God-quality of the list, not the size is important. Your lift reminds me of goal setting as well. God's direction will become evident as we set our sights on living His love and seeking His wisdom. Thank you so much for this elegant, practical reminder.

  58. Aww....the "love list"....hits the spot!

  59. Good reminder how wonderful the simple thoughts are and full of His power. Thank you, Norm.

  60. Wonderful message to strive for!
    Thank you.
    Beautiful and loving day to all :-)

  61. That is a list worth keeping. Thank you.

  62. Thank you Norm and daily lift team, and all the commenters.

  63. Could #34 Lori please give the whole poem or tell where to find it.

    This poem can be found on JSHOnline. Unfailing Grace.
    Daily Lift Team

  64. Thank you Norm, what a lovely message came to me in a timely manner. Blessings to all the team and the commentators.

  65. WOW Norm what an all-embracing lift
    L O V E wraping the WORLD!
    thanks to ALL lifters!

  66. Thanks Norm, for the spiritual & practical example of "Your daily list". The message really helped to focus thought --- now, each day and in the upcoming/upLifting new year.

  67. Thanks for including yourself, too--sometimes neglected, but to love your neighbor as yourself, you HAVE to love yourself, too! There's a poem by Sandra Luersen Hoerner to that effect, too, in the third collection of Classic Articles. I have found that liberating as with these thoughts--thank you , Norm!

  68. Love: "What a word" by L. Ivimy Gwalter. See Anthology of Classic Articles II. Do we "plant our life on the Love that is Spirit?"

  69. What a glorious way to start a new beginning. There are only good ideas to express. We can find new ways to do that every day.
    Thank you Norm. I am going to bring this daily lift to a SS class I teach at Camp Pendleton, Marine Base. The young men that come are hungry to be and do the right thing, They are recruits in training to be Marines and will do our country and God proud!
    Blessings abound.

  70. Thanks Norm for a great lift. Simple, profound, doable if we commit to it. Reminds me of Mrs. Eddy's adaptation of the familiar verse from Ecclesiates about the whole duty of man in S&H p 340: "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: love God and keep His commandments: for this is the whole of man in His image and likeness."

    And thanks Sunshine (# 56) for the idea of a "to do" list from the Lesson. I've often made lists of words, ideas, etc. from the Lesson, including reminders of what we should be doing or thinking, but I like the idea of a to do list -- makes it more immediate for today. I think I'll go make one up right now :-)

  71. My eyes attracted me on Daily List #3, Elena Schidela. Her list points out, as we do our prayerful work. Our work should cover all those 8 statements plus others as you study the weekly Lesson Serman. It's a new idea to me in the study of C/S.

  72. Thanks so much, Norm! Great list. Should keep us busy till eternity! Love. :)

  73. Wonderful, WONDERFUL comments from everyone. I started with three basic ideas, but thanks to you all, we now have a List of Lists! Blessings, everyone, for the new year...and beyond.

  74. Thank you Norm. A lovely reminder. Thanks everyone for your lovely suggestions, nuggests of Truth and words of joy and wisdom. thanks DL team for putting these one.

  75. Thanks for such a good lift, Norm. Yours are serious but always have a sparkle, too.

  76. Thank you so much Norm for the great reminder. So nice. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  77. Thanks, Norm!

  78. Thank you, Norm, for your "list", making up what Mrs. Eddy tells us is "practical Christianity". So helpful to think about and pray with when so much of what we have heard in the news these last weeks makes one feel helpless and hopeless. Loving God, ourselves, and others all over the world thereby following Christ's behest, gives us reason for expecting peace in the new year.

  79. Norm, thank you greatly! Your list is succinct and perfect. I wrote down every word.

  80. Thank you so much--as I am working through my list, your message came at just the right time! When Divine Love is at the helm of thought, everything else falls into place. Seek you first the kingdom of heaven, Love, and all these other things will be added in their time. Thank you!

  81. Thank you, Norm for the good reminders.

  82. Norm, thanks for the most practical and short spiritual list we could ever have. When Christ Jesus gave us the two most important commandments, as you mentioned them, he expected us to not just ponder their beauty and power but to put them into practice!.

    en español

    Norm, gracias por la lista espiritual más práctica y corta que jamás pudiéramos tener. Cuando Cristo Jesús nos dio los dos mandamientos más importantes, como los has mencionado, él esperaba que nosotros no solamente reflexionáramos sobre su belleza y poder sino ¡que los pusiéramos en práctica!

  83. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. Love hymn # 350 in the background. - All, all is well.

  84. Thanks, Norm. What a great reminder as to what our daily focus should be! As Mary Baker Eddy says in one of her poems, "...For Love alone is Life" (Hymn 30).

  85. Thanks, Norm, for reminding us of the best 'list'!

  86. Thanks Norm, for this great reminder of our daily duties. Sometimes I find it hardest to love myself when I am upset about something I have done that was not really the best thing at the time. Your suggestion of writing down a daily list of these things will help to keep me on track.

  87. Thank you.

  88. Thank you, Norm...a little late, but I gain so much from these lifts that I am going back and reading each one after being gone for awhile. I am inspired to make a list from each week's Bible Lesson now of ideas to put into practice.

  89. Thanks, Norm, so much for this simple list. You're so right -- if we followed this list to the "T" we would be walking in Jesus' footsteps.

  90. Thank you for the reminder. More about walking the walk and not just talking the talk is so important. Think 'practice' the commandments. Helpful to help me really follow in Jesus' footsteps.

  91. Flo WElls, Atlanta,Ga. SWhat a wonderful Lift. I am going to repeat it to all of the
    Sunday School children tomorrow. Thanks


  93. Norm, thank you kindly for reminding us that we are reflecting God's goodness, loveliness and so on from our Source - God and therefore we cannot fail loving ourselves.