12/27: "The dear Christ enters in"

12/27: "The dear Christ enters in"

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The hymn Maryl mentions in today's Daily Lift is "O Little Town of Bethlehem" written by Phillips Brooks. Hymn 222 and 223 are two versions of this song in the Christian Science Hymnal.

  1. Thank you Maryl for this great Lift, and so lovingly presented. Meekness- such an important quality for us to cultivate and express in our lives. It is what ushers in the light of the Christ. It is the "welcome mat" for our dear Fathers presence and power to be experienced. It is what links the human experience to the divine. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you Maryl..that was just the reminder that I needed to hear today! It really struck a chord. Many thanks.

  3. Thank you for your lovely Lift, Maryl, and your prayer for us and the New Year.
    A good way to begin fresh and new, knowing our natural receptivity to the coming of the Christ in consciousness.

  4. Thank you so very much! The same wish for you too.

  5. What a radical concept of meekness -- strength disciplined by Spirit. That kind of meekness would enable us to be unresponsive to pressure or suggestions that are not inspired.
    Thanks for this message!

  6. Thank you. The activity of God gentling me is a wonderful image. The Idea of developing my strengths, is also a shining light brightening and beautifying my path from sense to Soul.

  7. Thank you, Maryl, for this thought provoking Lift, so grateful to hear the lovely words "the dear Christ enters in" immediately I wake this morning.

    Thank you too to the dear friends, Nate and the DL team for these precious messages this week. With love to all.

  8. Thank you for reminding us of the hidden, secret, strength of God, behind maintaining a meek attitude the way Jesus did. Here in Africa as in ancient Rome, power, aggression and greed seem to prevail, so this timely reminder is a comforting thought to cling to and during the coming year, I shall aim to remain meek in the face of it.

  9. I love this - what stood out for me was the thought that we are not created to dominate, but to inherit.
    We are given dominion only over that which is false, not over each other. When we are meek, we are allowing God's power of good to come into our experience for the benefit of all. If we love each other enough we are able to exercise our God-give dominion to cast out any impositions trying to creep into our own thoughts either about ourselves or about our fellow man.

    Meekness is a very precious gift that Christ Jesus gave to us, and it is something that I will work more with in this coming year. Thank you very much, Maryl, and all who contribute, and I look forward to
    reading more.

  10. I'm so happy to hear you talk about meekness, and how it can be viewed as weakness, but that like taming a wild horse, it is more of a yielding to a higher power - the Christ, an "exercise of God's strength", that makes us useful and brings healing. I recall two vivid instances where this kind of meekness - exercising strong moral courage - resulted in healing and having "The dear Christ enters in."

    The first was a struggle with pain as a result of my legs being burned by fire. For more than an hour the pain increased as I attempted to heal myself metaphysically without any relief. Then I heard a mental suggestion as if spoken, "Why should Christian Scientists suffer more than others? There must be some lotion that will give you some relief." I think I may have answered aloud and vehemently, "That's not my way! I follow the Way of The Christ!" In that instant the pain completely vanished. Although a large blister later appeared on each leg, there was absolutely no more pain.

    The second was many years later after struggling for a long time to get a grip over anger and losing my temper. I had made good progress. But one morning while repairing some vandal damage, a wave of anger overwhelmed me. This time I stopped in surprise and challenged it. Where had it come from? An answer came as a thought so strong like it was spoken to me, "It's not yours." Instantly and completely a great calm came over me. The dear Christ had entered in.

  11. Thank you Maryl for a beautiful and timely lesson .AS we face seeming longstanding and unyeilding problems ,the prayer for meekness ,HUmility is requisite .Mrs Eddy eloquently advises " In patient obedience to a patient God ,let us labor to dissolve with the universal solvent of LOVE the adamant of error - self will ,self justification ,and self-love ......."

  12. I very much appreciate this clarification and elucidation of the word "meekness".

    It is so vital to dig deeper sometimes, into the Middle English, Latin or Greek origin of a word to comprehend it's original intent and potency, rather than the more diluted versions we sometimes encounter in the modern vernacular.

    This is why I find it so helpful that Christian Science Reading Rooms are always equipped with a robust dictionary that allows one to reach deeply into alternative variations of word interpretation. One of many examples of the thoughtfulness and care that is invested in Christian Science Reading Rooms.

  13. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  14. These days meekness and humbleness are confused with weakness, but yielding self-will is not weakness and requires extra internal strength.

    Jesus proved this over and over, and left us the most valuable lesson when he promised: “The meek shall inherit the hearth” Matt. 5:5

    He said, “inherit” not conquer it!

    My resolution for the new year: to work real hard at letting go of all human will and let God guide me in every step I take.

    En estos días la mansedumbre y la humildad se confunden con la debilidad, pero ceder la voluntad propia no es debilidad y requiere fuerza interna adicional.

    Jesús demostró esto una y otra vez y nos dejó la lección más valiosa cuando prometió: "Los mansos heredarán la tierra" Matt. 05:05

    Él dijo, "heredar" no conquistar!

    Mi resolución para el año nuevo: trabajar muy duro para soltar toda voluntad humana y que Dios me guíe en cada paso que doy.

  15. As a child in my mother's Junior Choir at church, we sang that verse of "O Little Town of Bethlehem" as the benediction at every Christmas Eve service. Meekness is the door through which the dear Christ enters. Thank you, Maryl. Beautifully done!

  16. Thank you.

  17. Impressive; wonderful insight, as usual with you dear Maryl.. Modern society seems in many ways like the Roman Empire, only the competition isn't so much on the battle field as in the work place, or in relationships. Thank you for reminding us of what really matters.
    And all best wishes for 2014 to you (and the Lift team).

  18. Jesus averred, Not my will, but Thine be done! Mrs Eddy illumines it this way, Let not the flesh, but the Spirit be represented in me. So let meekness, not materialism, lead the way, as we follow our Master..

    ..thank you Maryl

  19. Dicho de otra manera, ceder ante Cristo, dejando que el ego humano vaya perdiendose en el olvido, para tener siempre presente a Aquel que amó de tal manera que el ego humano se evaporó y solo quedó la convicción absoluta de Un solo elemento a tener en cuenta...Dios-Amor y Sus derivaciones, que hacen posible sí; la total entrega a una senda que nos conduce no sin esfuerzo, no sin entrega total pero sí tiernamente,a descansar en su Regazo, no para esperar sino para obrar de la misma manera que Él, humilde, paciente, bondadoso, generoso, en la total consciencia de que existe Un solo camino que conduce mansamente, Cristo, inspirador a obrar, como Él lo hizo por los caminos, en plazas, barcas, etc. etc. en contacto con la gente para que el sentir espiritual se haga más patente, y se deslice suavemente entre la multitud generando reciprocidad.

    Muchas gracias Maryl, en este ceder con amor compartiendo juntos inspirados mensajes.

  20. Such wonderful insights from all the comments. I love to read them. Happy New Year to all.

  21. Many thanks Maryl for this gentle reminder that: " In this world of sin,/ Where meekness will receive him, still/ The dear Christ enters in." (Hymn #222). "Hid with Christ in God, O gladness:/ O the meekness and the might,/ When the risen Christ has lifted/ All our thoughts into the light," (Christian Science Hymnal #370).

  22. Great "Lift". Thank you Maryl.

  23. Thank you, Maryl. I have seen a lovely gentle solution to a long-standing relationship challenge today, Evidence of the meekness of the "dear Christ entering in", and I can't say how grateful I am for the resultant warmth and harmony in evidence. Bless you for the lovely inspiration.

  24. Thank you, Maryl, for this lovely Lift and its healing insights. Grateful and loving thoughts to all Lifters!

  25. Well, Maryl, you gave me an “in” for a horse story!

    I was blessed to have a remarkable horse mentor. He told me how he had tamed a “wild horse” years before. The horse was so angry, willful, afraid and dangerous that he was untouchable. He was delivered in a horse trailed which was backed directly up to a stall where he was unloaded and captured.

    Stan, my mentor, began a patient program. Each day he hung a little handful of straw from a string above the horse and lowered it to a height where the horse would brush it as he moved around the stall. At first, the horse attempted to dodge the straw tufts. Each day, more tufts of straw appeared. Stan spoke gently to the horse, fed him, but never attempted to reach out and touch him. More straw appeared. Then crumpled newspaper arrived on the stall floor under the horse’s feet. Finally, noisy tin cans arrived on the floor under foot. As the horse figured out none of this mess was really harming him, his demeanor changed. Stan knew he was ready for training, tame. He could step into the stall and touch him without problems. Stan always knew this horse did not want to be afraid, but needed to discover how to approach things calmly. Stan was right there helping him. Horses always trusted Stan.

    So, if we are knocking our head against something that frightens us, we might think of Stan and this horse… Or God and man! … Think calmly, be tame and ready for instructions.

    Great Lift. I feel tamer.

  26. Thank you Maryl for your loving reflective lift today. As you say, "meekness [is] a precondition for receiving Christ" and Mrs. Eddy adds to this idea with "That which material sense calls intangible, is found to be substance" (p312 "Science and Health"). So our strength lies in submitting to God to find our meekness, and the beatitude "The meek shall inherit the earth" then becomes the "intangible... substance" from which we all can "exercise God's strength" where "the dear Christ enters in". How lovely!

    I am so grateful for lifters' comments and the Daily Lift presentations for us all.

  27. Maryl, Thank you.

  28. Thank you for this insight in to true 'meekness', which isn't weakness at all! The world around us begs for this 'correct view of man', which is so opposite what we see in movies and on TV, and in the 'one upsmanship' of much of social media. Happy New Year to all!

  29. Thank you for you Daily Lift on meekness. A.view of spiritual refinement. Thank you to all lifters.

  30. Thank you for that lovely lift

  31. Thank you, Maryl, for sharing this beautiful inspiration (about meekness) which touches our hearts and gives each one of us a new resolution for the new year.

  32. What a perfect entrance for the New Year!

  33. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.
    "Meekness", I always thought it to be giving in, taking a back seat, but this uplift today really opened my eyes to the fact it was/is all human will wanting to be right or get my way. Seeing in this gentle, sweet, patient, understanding way of Gods gift & not this power I believed I had to express is quite an eye opener. I am so very happy to have been introduced to Christian Science & for all the patience that has been shown to me by its members. Much Love & Gratitude Juanell

  34. Nancy, I just love your horse story - thanks for sharing. And thanks, Maryl, for your blessing to all of us for the New Year and for so clearly defining the true meaning of meekness. I am so profoundly grateful for these Daily Lifts - thanks to all involved in producing them and each and every one who contributes a comment.

  35. Thank you for this gentle, firm idea of meekness as strength and a good choice now and in the coming year. Why is it a goal? Because submitting human will to God's design and desiring of us, go against human nature and human will. The wild horse must be tamed in order to gain the kind of strength that Christ embodied. The wild horse in me is being tamed and yet how it wants to lift up it's head, rear up on hind legs and show it's power. I can submit further and seek the gentle guidance of God's will for purity in strength, gentleness in strength, meekness in strength. This is a clear directive and helpful to me today and in the setting of my spiritual goals right now.

  36. Thank you Maryl for enlightening me about the biblical understanding of meekness; mild, gentle, exercising God's strength , God's grace, yielding self will, welcoming the Christ. What a good reminder for daily practice.
    A blessed new year to you :)

  37. I feel so blessed to have your lift today with a very clear explanation on meekness.

  38. Beautiful....Thank You

  39. Thank you, Maryl, for this Lift on what allows the Christ to enter into our Hearts and to Heal! I think it was Paul in the Bible who said, ".....for when I am weak, then am I strong." I feel the translation really means, "...for when I am meek, then am I strong." Oh, the Journey of learning to bend low and let Christ, God's Love and Power, take over our words and actions! Thank you #10 Gary! I am so grateful that one of the biggest gifts of Christian Science is knowing that thoughts of hatred, anger, fear, sickness, etc. aren't ours. We have the Mind of Christ! We have the right to say, "No!" and put them all out and let the dear Christ enter in. What a wonderful week of Christ Lifts - Thank You to All! Much Love and Joy for the coming New Year!

  40. Thank you for opening my eyes to a solution for a healing.
    Give it to God. Wait on God. Let the Christ take control.
    He has a plan for me and mine. Meekness instead of anger is a new word for me to express myself and understand my loved one who is
    struggling for an answer to his problem. I feel the Christ's peaceful

  41. Perfect! What a clear explanation of strength in meekness.

    Thank you.

  42. I can't let this year end without finally expressing my deep gratitude for the Daily Lifts, for all involved in presenting them, and for all those who have responded to them. I feel like you are all my dear family, all over the world, and it is so wonderful that we are all sharing and proving the presence of the Christ, Truth among us, here and now, and lovingly supporting one another along the way!
    Looking forward to continuing the relationships!
    Happy New Year to all!

  43. Thank you Maryl for helping me to see that meekness is might.

  44. Thank you Maryl!
    This is a perfect message- gentle power & meekness inherit all good from our patient and settled 'Father Mother (Good) all harmonious' SH 17
    Here's to LETTING the dear Christ in!

  45. Thanks, Maryl, for your gentle reminder.

  46. What a great happy New Year message. Mary Baker Eddy in her writings says self control is among our first lessons in Christian Science and isn't it true that is something that is wanted even today.

  47. Sherry , Kalamazoo,Mi.
    Thank you to all who participate daily in bringing us joy and inspiration with daily lifts.

  48. Thank you, Maryl, for “The dear Christ enters in … where meekness will receive Him still … meekness as the pre-condition for receiving the dear Christ … Jesus taught that the meek don’t aggressively conquer the earth, they inherit the earth … Biblical meekness is clearly … about exercising God’s strength under God’s gentle control … being disciplined and gentled … yielding up all self-will …”

    If God is Love and the only “powers that be” and we in that image and likeness; then, our only real power is in living Love – yielding a mortal sense with its attendant belief systems, to the spiritual understanding of the Truth of our being. To consciously live according to “Thy will, not my will,” is quite natural as we claim our status as God’s own children.

    Jesus proved how to take down the strong holds of “every ill that flesh is heir to” with Love's non-carnal weapons. I have been learning and practicing how to wield these non-carnal weapons / peace-building tools through yielding to Love’s leadings with increasing immediacy and frequency. It makes a real difference in my daily experiences, as healing / revealing happens commensurate with my yielding.

    Love is expected, witnessed, and expressed through respect, gratitude, helpfulness, forgiveness, and so on. Love is how we exercise God's strength!!! Love only.

    Such meekness is a worthy Christian resolution. Thanks again, Maryl, for the reminder that, in Truth, we are “joint-heirs with Christ.”

  49. Thank you Meryl for helping me to set my own resolution. I had already taken some human steps to express "meekness" in my decisions but now I have the spiritual steps to bravely go forward in the new year. I feel so blessed and impowered to act with the help of the Dear Christ. Blessings to you, too.

  50. ...exercising God's strength . . . under God's gentle control . . . strength disciplined by Spirit . . . Lovely lift . . .thank you!

  51. Thank you! I wish the same for you, Meryl!

  52. This is so good!! Thanks so much Maryl and all the responders. Got so much out of this short DL!!

  53. The dear Christ that enters into human conscience gives us the supreme power that all of us need. That is the meekness verses the false idea that we need war like attitudes to overcome obstacles. All we have to do is to look at human history and see the strength that meekness gave us instead of human will as was expressed in Nazism, Fasishism and Communism. Look what Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, and Malala Yousefzai accomplished in their own time where the aforementioned didn't, by just being meek.

  54. Wonderful lift Maryl! Thank you so much for explaining the Greek context of meekness as in taming animals. That made it so clear. Thank you Nancy in Colorado for the horse mentor story and Gary in Van Couver for relating how meekness opened the door to healing.

    Meekness allows us to quell mortal mind's fear and chatter and listen for the Christ. Last fall, I woke up about 1:30 am, consumed with utter panic -- a gripping fear of death . My son had started taking a new medication that listed horrific side effects and a 12 year old relative was spending the night with him. My son's wife was leaving for work at 2:30 a.m. I restrained myself from jumping in the car and driving to my son's house in the middle of the night. Instead I turned to God in complete submission, petitioning that His will be mine. Fear subsided as the firm thought came to me to go to sleep. I had no idea how I could do that, but I obeyed and lay down. A peace fell over me like I've never experienced before or since. It occurred to me it was the peace that passes all understanding. I wished I could've experienced it forever. I awoke around 5:00 a.m. and drove over. I found my son and the little boy peacefully sleeping side by side. They looked like two precious angels.

    Meekness was my source of strength. It's a receptivity to God. Through it, I allowed Truth and Love to guide me and protect my son. I wish I had the presence of mind to be meek all the time. I keep working on it.

  55. A powerfully beautifully expressed message. Thank you.

  56. thank you dear Maryl, What a lovely New Year's resolution, as in meekness we receive the Christ entering into our consciousness. Bless you too, as you enter the New Year!

  57. After a lovely calm, joyous daytime yesterday, that evening a family relationship just exploded terribly and tried to absolutely ruin the previous harmony. After much praying, I finally felt calm enough to get self-will out of the way as to how things should turn out. The evening ended on a peaceful note but some more praying is needed to find a harmonious way to completely end these kind of outbursts. The dear Christ has the answer. All I have to do is listen and obey. The lifts keep me going and growing with all the beautiful sharing ideas from the lifters to the comments from all over the world. Thank you one and all,

  58. Beautiful Lift.. Thank you

  59. Love the reminder.. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherent the earth! Meekness is necessary to welcome the Christ into our consciousness. Discipline... great characteristic to work on for 2014! Thank you for the beautiful uplift!

  60. Thank you to one and all for inspirational LIFTS and comments that follow. As Sandy (42) says we are family of friends, so much love is being expressed and that's so precious to all of us. I awoke on "boxing day" coughing and wheezing and error had me believing that I'd be unfit to do anything in the home "until I'd recovered!" and was able to breathe freely once more. As usual I tried to get my thoughts right hoping that I wouldn't go any worse ( I suffered with Asthma many years ago!) quite suddenly the thought came to me "Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils" and I have to say I wanted to laugh...the idea seemed ludicrous..with nostrils I could hardly breathe through, but it suddenly dawned on me that my life depended on GOD, SPIRIT not air in the lungs, and suddenly I was free! Forbid it Lord that I should boast, but I have to share with someone, I did somewashing and
    cleaned the house through today,and all I can add is Thank God for Mary Baker Eddy's gift to the world, in her discovery of Christian Science and sharing it with the rest of us!

  61. I am struck by your "being gentled" in the overall context of meekness/humility vs. 'humiliation' of the
    human/mortal sense of life and goals. Nancy's "Stan + wild horse" says it all. The very good horse simply
    needed his space and Stan's calmness and sense of true purpose. Then he was ready for a new life
    and calm purpose, "gentled and obedient". Stan could then do his miracle with the horse and "train" him.
    Humility is not native to the human/mortal mind but is thought of as weakness and purposelessness.
    Divine Science reveals otherwise and we advance only as we "get gentled" and wipe away our human
    sense of humiliation. Our prize is progress! ... true healing and contentment! amen.

  62. Thank you so much for that beautiful reminder about meekness and the necessity to yield to the divine. This reminds me of the poem, "Pure Shining," in the January 6 sentinel. The final stanza - "Father, purify my thought, my outlook, create in me a clean heart, wash me thoroughly, for the clearer the prism, the truer the hues.-is a daily reminder to me to not get absorbed in the story of the material senses, but just to reflect the divine in meekness, kindness, compassion, and humility. All these ideas presented by you and the poem as well touch me deeply, as I have yet to climb to greater heights. Thank you again, Linda from Sacramento.

  63. Really nice.

  64. Thank you Maryl for your inspiring lift - today and into the upcoming year. I feel such gratitude for your message and for all the following lifter comments that so embody Truth and Love. Joy and thanks to all.

  65. Just to say the carol is a universal carol - known all over the world as 'O little Town of Bethlehem!', which happens to be in but not exclusive to the CS hymnal but in every Christian hymnal or carol book.

    Thank you for this lift, lovely Meryl.

    Just noticed play out music is the Welsh song, 'All Through the Night!' the tune for which has been used more recently for religious words.

  66. Thank you so much Maryl for the great lift.

  67. I enjoyed this message, it will go with me through the coming year, thank you very much dear Maryl.

  68. Thank you Maryl for this ever needed reminder to relinquish self-will for the meekness and humbleness of listening to God's ever present guidance. Thank you Gary for your very helpful healing thoughts and Nancy for your horse healing, and so many others I've lost track! I love these daily lifts; they're like daily "treatments" for me. They always seem to coincide with something I need; they are angel thoughts from God. Thanks again to the entire daily lift family!

  69. Thank you Maryl, I love the way you gently present your Daily Lift not only in its message but in the spirit in which you give it. This message is truly what I needed this morning.

  70. Such precious message Maryl! Thanks so much! With love and gratitude, Maria

  71. A very special lift that unites the Christ spirit with strength/meekness. Thanks.

  72. Thank you.Meekness and humility are keys to"the kingdom".

  73. Thank you for reminding us of the Biblical version of "meek".

  74. Thank you Maryl! Thank you daily lift family! Between the lift and the comments there is much food for thought. I decided to do a search online of the definition of meekness. Some results were: "teachable", "getting oneself out the the way", "inwardly strong, outwardly patient". It is so inspiring when looking up one word opens up Bible passages to brand new insights. I need to remember to do this more often!

  75. Maryl, Awfully good to bring us into the strength of Truth. A few weeks ago in the Bible Lesson we had the story of Jesus healing the Centurion's servant. The Centurion was hardly an example of a weak figure! Yet his meekness to say, "but say in a word, and my servant shall be healed."(Luke7:7) showed the power that he recognized in the Christ. There is a lot of meekness (strength) in the expression of Love.

  76. Thank you so much, Maryl -- a beautiful Lift. I've been aware of the Biblical definition of meekness as being like a tamed horse, but the way you elaborated on it was especially helpful and inspiring. As First Reader in my church, I thought a lot about what would be the right Wednesday readings for Christmas, and was led to base my readings on the very line of Hymn 222 that you spoke of:
    "Where meekness will receive him, still
    The dear Christ enters in."

    Love to everyone,

  77. So much gentle depth, strength, power & clarity in this Lift. Maryl, your individual example and explanations of Christly meekness is very much appreciated and needed.

  78. I truly liked the new view of 'meekness.' Thank you.

  79. This example of taming animals helps just now having seen some horrendous information on the slaughtering of wolves. God is Love and God is Life. Mankind can learn that, be taught, disciplined to love all God's creation, and so serve God is protecting nature instead of destroying it.

  80. Thank you Maryl for this inspiring lift.

  81. thank you maryl

  82. Thank you Maryl. And thanks to all the comments above. I speciall liked the horse story from Nancy #25. Training in meekness!

  83. Thank you for another Gem. Another reminder of a Gentle Giant. Meekness is strength backed by love and trust in God.

  84. I love this lift and that the true spiritual meaning of meekness is the "welcome mat" for the dear Christ to enter our thought and not a door mat of weakness. Meekness and humility give us the strength to trust and better understand our oneness with God.
    Thanks to all who produce these truly inspired lifts.
    Marilyn. Colorado

  85. Thank you....Peace.....

  86. Very nice, I also liked the new view of meekness, and being strong and gentle.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  87. Thank you Maryl

  88. Thank you Maryl and DL team. Loved the lift and the music.

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