12/26: Spirit's gift

12/26: Spirit's gift

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  1. Thank you Jon for this thought-provoking Lift. When we come to recognize God as the source of all good we not only begin to see it as inherent to God's spiritual creation, the realization that everything unlike God, good begins to lose whatever claim it seems to have over us. Good is not something we search for in the right set of circumstances coming together by chance but rather is fixed in Spirit. Mary Baker says in S&H page 232, "-all good is possible to Spirit:.."

  2. Thank you Jon

  3. This Holidays let's unwrap Spirit's gift, and let's be satisfied: " I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness" Psalm 17:15
    How filling is Love!
    Each one of us are children of God, our gift is our divine right!
    Joy to the world, the Lord is come!

    Estas Fiestas desembolvamos el regalo del Espíritu y estemos satisfechos: "Quedaré satisfecho cuando despierte a tu semejanza" Salmo 17:15
    ¡Cuánto satisface el Amor!
    Cada uno de nosotros somos hijos de Dios, nuestro regalo es nuestro derecho divino!
    Regocijad! Jesús nació!

  4. Thanks Jon, for your so clear thought that we should live as Good or God because we are God's likeness.

  5. I have found that God's goodness is manifested all the time in all sorts of little ways, eliminating what otherwise might be irritating experiences, as well as, of course, in greater ways, overcoming seeming difficulties tempting one to believe in a power apart from God, eternal good. Thank you Jon for putting today's Lift so clearly, love and blessings for 2013 from Rosemary

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  7. A lovely start to the day - thank you.

  8. Thank you Jon. I needed this healing message.

  9. Jon, Thank you

  10. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift.

  11. Elevación espiritual es la que el sentir del Cristo ha probocado con Su accionar y ejemplo sin igual a toda la humanidad, y es justamente ese sentir Verdadero y Único que hará posible seguir Su ejemplo para hacer lo mismo, en una entrega total de elevada espiritualidad.

    Muchas gracias Jon.

  12. I love this reminder that each one of us is a presence of good or even a present of good. A present that is only good, To me this is just such a fresh perspective on what we as individuals are. Thanks a lot - Jon!

  13. So helpful. How freeing to live as God's love expressed. Thanks.


  15. thank you jon.

  16. Thanks you, Jon, for reminding us of the source of all good. The second verse of a hymn I sing several times a day #225 begins with:

    All good, where'er it may be found,
    Its source doth find in Thee;
    I must have all things and abound,
    While God is God to me.

    And it ends with:
    Hence-forth my great concern shall be
    To love and praise Thee more

    Knowing that God is the source of all good, there is nothing to be concerned about. We can trust his Love to meet our every need.

  17. that is just lovely thank you Ben.

  18. Thank you, Jon, for this lovely message.

  19. Yes, good is always from the source, our dear God. We can acknowledge it: "Him again." Thanks Jon and to the Lift team for all this advanced recording for us to receive every day. There's just no end to good!

  20. Really beautiful, i loved the idea that we are a gift. Thank you.

  21. Thank-you and praise!

  22. Thank you Jon for this wonderful Lift. I will keep
    studying and learning this. So helpful.

  23. Many thanks Jon for pointing out "This higher sense of our own living." "Am I living the life that approaches the supreme good?" (S&H 496:10) "To point that living way, to speak
    The truth that makes men free,/ To bring that quick'ning life from heaven,/ Is highest ministry." (Christian Science Hymnal #131).

  24. Thank you, Jon. It's so easy to slip into self-condemnation instead of claiming goodness as part of our very being. Very inspiring and a great reminder of what our true substance is.

  25. Wow, John! There is so much God, Good, packed into that one little nugget! Especially love: I am the very evidence that God, Good, alone IS! Do you really mean that the "me" I think I am is just my incorrect perception of Who I Really Am.....i.e. evidence of God's Goodness? Wow! Sometimes so hard to peck open my shell of mortal mind and peek out to see this Truth! Thanks for creating an opening for me!

  26. Thank you, Jon, for this lovely reassurance of God's gift as Himself. At our testimony meeting this afternoon we shared some lovely gifts with others. For me this has been one of the very best with families reuniting together in the Spirit of love and peace. There have been some long years apart, but this year the separations have been healed with a willingness to come together with good and for good.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the Board of Lectureship and the Lecturers; and the always sparkling Daily Lifters.

  27. Thank you, Jon, for "Spirit's gift ... 'There is none good but one that is God' ... recognizing good as God ... live as the Good that temptation would have us believe is outside ourselves ... let's unwrap Spirit's gift ... in modeling Jesus ..." I appreciate being reminded that we already have all the Good we need or might ever want. It's a matter of unwrapping it by modeling Jesus, God's gift to each of us.Sacred Childlikeness. Going to Our Father in unceasing prayer and unwavering obedience. The best gift ever, just waiting to be unwrapped! Here Now. Why wouldn't I? :-)

  28. Thanks for the good thoughts, Jon, commenters, listeners, and readers. God is good and we are blessed.

  29. Omnipotent Good is expressed and expounded! Thank you. Love you great lectures too.

  30. Wonderful lift.

    Also I love the singing voices at the end - is there a cd available?

    Click this link to find out more about the Daily Lift musicians.
    Daily Lift Team

  31. I'm enjoying this from Ohio while visiting family where there have been moments of tension and sadness and this Lift was so thorough in establishing what Good is and it's permanence. Thank you, Jon. Elena, thank you for "How filling is Love!" I will cherish these ideas to help handle excuses mortal sense wants to give for lack of satisfaction.Much love & gratitude to all! Love Tracy

  32. Dear Jon,
    How beautifully you have stated this. I feel God's presence when I see Spirit expressed in so many ways as Love, kindness, helpfulness, caring, consideration, and
    goodness. It's not from people but as God's love working through them, and all are blessed.
    We all honor God as we 'love one another' and that is expressing Spirit through him.
    What a inspiring way to start the New Year.

  33. Thank you very much for this wonderful lift!

  34. Thank you.

  35. Thank you Jon; it's a joy to join you and others in unwrapping God's satisfying presence, presents, of Love in our lives. We are all the presents, presence of God, good, as we model our lives on Jesus. Thanks Nate and your production team for keeping these lifts going. thanks everyone who has commented.

  36. ROM; 8-28 We read; "All things work together for good to them that love God." That's our gift from God. That no matter what we as human's have to go through will work together for good. So don't ever be depressed if things don't seem to work out as you wish. God's law of adjustment will reveal to you the wondrous truth that no harm, nor danger can envelope you, as God's gift is total joy.

  37. "all good is possible to Spirit:.." What a wonderful bite-sized answer to every question or doubt
    that we might be faced with as we move along this intricate life continuum. So much good has come
    into my life from so many sources, along so many avenues and through the good thoughts projected
    towards me from those close to me and from afar in the sense of individuals unknown or hardly known
    to me. They all had to have come because God bid them so. Thank you Martin for your comment in
    response to Jon's hefty Lifting today.

  38. "We see good can't arrive that wasn't there before." - wow! That statement made it so clear to me that no matter what the picture may seem to be, the reality is only good. So, when the picture seems to improve, it is only - and inevitably - coming into line with the Truth that already IS. Good is, right now. It is everywhere and everywhen, and "there is no spot where God [good] is not." I needed this. Thank you, Jon, for the fresh perspective.

    Thanks to the Daily Lift team for keeping us so well supplied while you take a well-deserved holiday.

  39. Good can't arrive that wasn't there before--so good is not an "event" but an unfoldment of what
    is already there. This takes patience, persistance and faith as well as not giving into the negative thoughts that would suggest it is better and easier to give up. Mary Baker Eddy says we must be for the good already received before we can expect to receive more (of what already is!)

  40. Modeling Jesus is a both a gift and a goal. Thank you for this precious reminder of true selfhood here and now and the opportunity to always be learning more about it.

  41. Ultimately all good has its source in Spirit or God, and cannot be lost. But this message is a good warning to beware of the idolatry of believing that good can be a personal possession, our own or somebody elses, and therefore susceptible to loss. Like music or language, good can be learned and expressed in harmony and in life, or as Science teaches, reflected. Thanks for all these reflections of good.

  42. Thank you!!

  43. Grácias......Feliz Navidad.....Que el Amor Infinito brille siempre .... ***

  44. Another blessed gift lift! Thank you, Jon, Daily Lift team, faithful listeners and witnesses!

  45. Excellent ! Thank you . :-)

  46. What a lovely gift you've given us, Jon, in this Daily Lift!
    My thanks to you and the Daily Lift team for the ongoing healing inspiration you provide.

    Bless you all!

    Mary Mona

  47. What a beautiful lesson. There is only one I and that is God, therefore, we need to see our reflection as Jesus taught us. Thank you for your clarity.

  48. Good as all, now. No past, present, or future. All good, now and forever. What a great gift to contemplate.
    Thanks, Jon

  49. Wonderful message... thank you so much!

  50. The whole time I listen to this message, I was thinking God. You have done your job well my friend, expressing God so that others see your praise of Him. Thanks for actually living your "lift".

  51. Thank you Jon ... God's gift of good ... Spirit's gift of itself to each ... evidence of the good that God alone is ... Thank you Jon for unwrapping this great gift of God - all-good for each and all.

  52. Thank you, Jon! I love the thought of 'unwrapping' myself as a gift, also!

  53. We ARE the good thoughts of God, animated by His good nature. Mrs Eddy says, we are "the compound idea of God, including all right ideas."

  54. LOVELY! Thank You!

  55. Awesome! Thank you, Jon..thanks for all the great comments from 1 to 52!

  56. Thank-you, Jon, for the very clear message/reminder of the 5W's of GOOD/GOD, the what-where-who-when-why of GOD/GOOD .......

  57. OHHHH what a marvelous gift that DL is!! Thanks so much Jon for your beautiful, thoughtful, loving message to us all. I have listened to it many times and wrote it down to share with others. Teary-eyes grateful!

  58. Thank you so much Jon for the great lift.

  59. Thank you Jon for this "good" gift. And thank you to Nate and all the lectureres for your love in keeping these Lifts going right through the Christmas season.

  60. Thank you.

  61. My thanks to you also, Jon! I love the idea of unwrapping ourselves and finding "that perfect selfhood which we all must prove." Then it is easy to love ourselves and all others as ourselves.

  62. So heartening, Jon and all upLifters. These messages of truth bring me sweet notes of joy.

  63. Thank you!