12/26: Embraced by light

12/26: Embraced by light

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  1. Thank you Enrique for this comforting and reassuring Lift. How wonderful to think of light as revelation; as truth; and as a symbol of Life. Light dispels, it chases, embraces, leads the way and lifts our burdens from us. It does all of these things from a single source-the one God, that is all-in-All. Thank you again.

  2. Embraced by light. I get it. Ours to see it and give it. Thank you Enrique for sharing your view of the Milky Way from the southern hemisphere.

  3. Applying this to South Sudan, Syria and its neighbors, Egypt, Iraq, etc. The light of Christ with no boundaries or estoppels.
    Thank you!
    And ditto #2

  4. The light of Christ, Truth, is shining - that daystar of Science - for all to accept and reflect. Thank you, Enrique, for reminding us that we are already and always upheld together within this harmonious embrace.

  5. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  6. This such an excellent, beautiful and Love embracing Daily Lift. Thank you Enrique for sharing your thoughts on the Milky Way from your view in Argentina. How lovely. Thank you so very much.

  7. Arriving back in Buenos Aires after a long absence, I marveled by the glow of the city lights; from the plane it seemed like a huge holiday.
    I have forgotten how bright its lights were!

    I live in California where the lights in general are kept low not to upset the astronomical observatory. Before this trip I hadn’t notice the big difference between 110 volts and 220 volts.

    This year, when we camped in the desert I re-lived my childhood experience, when I visited the mountains and noticing for first time —looking straight up— the Milky Way, so bright and so full of stars...
    How close I felt to God!

    The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.
    Deut. 33:27

    De vuelta en Buenos Aires luego de una larga ausencia, me maravillé por el resplandor de las luces de la ciudad; desde el avión parecía una enorme fiesta.
    ¡Me he olvidado de lo brillante que eran sus luces!

    Yo vivo en California, donde las luces en general se mantienen bajas para no alterar al observatorio astronómico.
    Antes de este viaje no había notado la gran diferencia entre 110 voltios y 220 voltios.

    Este año, cuando acampamos en el desierto volví a vivir mi experiencia de niña, cuando visité las montañas y por primera vez me di cuenta al mirar —derecho hacia arriva— la Vía Láctea, tan llena de estrellas...
    ¡Qué cerca de Dios me sentí!

    El eterno Dios es tu refugio, y acá abajo los brazos eternos.
    Deut. 33:27

  8. Lovely Enrique

  9. Oh thank you for this really uplifting thought! This morning I struggled with not feeling God's presence but you reminded me that the light of God reaches even the darkest corner! Thank you.

  10. An all embracing scientific lift full of hope and encouragement . THank you Enrique .

  11. Thank you Enrique! I have been traveling in the Southern Hemisphere and sometimes have felt alone...but your message about being embraced in light is so comforting! Thank you!

  12. Gracias Enrique por el el bello y dulce mensaje de unidad eterna en el amoroso abrazo de Dios.

  13. The analogies on these daily lifts really point to how God quietly communicates with us His creation that He is present and loves us, we only have to look for Him.

  14. Thank you for this very uplifting Lift. I can only see the moon and a few stars were I live now. I use to see the milky way. Thanks again.

  15. Thank you so much, Enrique, for this wonderful message!

  16. Embraced by the love and grace of God . . . What a wonderful way to begin the day and such a beautiful visualization of the galaxy of stars, ever present to remind us . . . Thank you Enrique.

  17. Thank you Enrique

    Thank you also Martin, Gary and JP, also to the other Lifters for the reinforcing comments. I love light. As a photographer that is the one thing that you must look for and more and more photographers are discovering the advantages of using natural light and not using flashes. The pictures are much more natural. They refer to his as using God's Light and that it is the best light and it is.

    This, to me, indicates that people are slowly migrating back to understanding God's Light as the divine Source and that artificial light, or man-made theories - no matter how well progressed, are not able to make humanity glow in the same manner that the true understanding of man and his relationship with God will allow us to glow.

    There is nothing I love more than to see the glow of the morning - I seldom sleep in late. I often go to the window or sit outside just to catch a glimpse (that is all I can get at home) of the sunrise.

    The sun's rays do represent that we are (as you said in your lift) "embraced by the light of God, today and forever". The range of colours one sees in a sunrise to me represent that revelation that dawns upon us in full hue when we realize just how close we really are to God - healings often result from that realization which immediately lifts the darkness from consciousness with the full "radiance of Soul" (S&H 247:14).

    Since darkness cannot block light, one ought always to travel light - with Light!. Thx.

  18. I love the analogy of this daily lift. I too have pondered the Milky Way but looking at it from the perception of the arms of God/Love and relating it to the hymn which begins, "Everlasting arms of Love, are beneath, around, above...", the Milky Way, whether in the night sky or hidden from view when the light of day embraces us, is a lovely message that we indeed are surrounded by Love at all times. I take comfort in this lovely thought. Thank you.

  19. Thank you Enrique, for describing our wonderful southern sky so beautifully. We used to teach our Guides to find south from the Southern Cross, which involved finding the Southern Cross, and the two 'pointers' and bisecting an imaginary line from the pointers to the Cross, and straight down to the earth. It was always precise, and the girls were thrilled once they learned to identify the stars. Facing the need to overcome fear and doubt for another over these days, this Lift gives me a wonderful sense of God's all-encompassing Love, with no one - at all - left out.
    Thank you Nate and the team of producers; the Board of Lectureship; and Daily Lifters scattered around the world like the stars in the sky!

  20. Many thanks Enrique for pointing out that in this wide universe of ours, no matter where we appear to be, we are always lovingly "Embraced by the light and love of God today and forever." "Home is the consciousness of good/ That holds us in its wide embrace;/ The steady light that comforts us/ In every path our footsteps trace." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #443).

  21. Thank you Enrique for such a lovely DL . It hit home here in the southern hemisphere where we live. Just beautiful to understand that we are always embraced by God´s light. Blessings to all.

  22. As I live in the Southern Hemisphere, I can see that bright arc of light together with the Evening Star, so t hank you for reminding me to think of it as God's love encircling the earth and keeping it safe from all harm. This is a very comforting thought to hold in mind.

  23. Thanks so much, Enrique, for the inspiring message that we are embraced by the light of God, and for your description of the stars from the Southern Hemisphere. The first time I went camping in Southern California at Joshua Tree National Monument in the desert we arrived at night. When I got out of our truck I was struck with awe at the number of stars shining so brightly filling the sky down to the earth. There were no artificial lights to dim their brightness. I felt so close to God standing there in the absolute quiet of boundless light. I'll never forget that feeling. The light of ever-present Love is here to comfort us all!

  24. Thank you so much Enrique for giving us your experience of "the arm of stars" in the Southern Hemisphere as an analogy to "God's everlasting arms" as you say. It does not matter where we are on the planet, the "everlasting arms", whether or not we can see them, or however we see them, are there, as God's divine Love surrounding, protecting, guiding. We are never without God's care.
    Psalms 33: 6
    "By the word of the Lord were the heavens made;"
    How reassuring your lift is to remind us of the eternal verities of time and space and God's constancy.

    Thank you lifters around the world for this joyous forum. And in this season: "Joy to the World"!

  25. Thank you Enrique for this very gentle yet powerful lift.

  26. What a beautiful and poetic lift! Thank you.

  27. I couldn't appreciate this more. Deepest thanks...

  28. Thank you for your most beautiful lift!!

  29. Beautiful! Thank you Enrique.

  30. Thank you so much for your besutiful lift!!

  31. Wonderful reminder of when I felt I could touch the light of the stars in the southwestern desert in the US. So close they were. So close the embrace of God's light -- no matter where we are.

  32. Thank you Enrique, this is a beautifully said message.

  33. Thank you, Enrique, for bringing us this sense of the Everlasting Arms of Love! Light isn't physical, it's spiritual.......thought. Physical light is not a requirement for Joy! True light is spiritual understanding! I think I can see now why Jesus said not to search the material sky or the horizon, because the Light is here, in spiritual perception.....God's view. The Bible brings our thought into line with the Light of spiritual sense and this is what Mrs. Eddy discovered and presented to the world as Science and Health - a book that opens up our spiritual senses so we can do the Healing that Jesus did and help our world! Hallelujah! The Christ Light is here through Christian Science!

  34. This is enormously comforting, Enrique, thank you! Despite the vastness of space, to be embraced by the light of Christ, Truth and to know that Truth is demonstrable in our lives fills us with hope, joy and gratitude!

  35. It is still dark right now at 6 am PST, and I am embraced in the light and Love of which you spoke in this lift, Enrique. The stars are still twinkling in a dark sky, but the first light of day is beginning to lighten that sky. God is Love and Christ the light... ever-present, always embracing. I am so very thankful on this blest day after Christmas morn though some murky thought clouds are threatening. God's comforting presence is chasing them away, and this lift is an expression of that presence. Many thanks to all the expressions of Life, Truth, and Love gatherings here to uplift thought and with courage go forth and embrace all mankind with individual reflections of light and Love!
    Peace, joy and harmony to the world!

  36. 3...there are so many praying for peace in this area and especially the children. We hear of it frequently. Let peace preside!

  37. What a beautiful way to explain and express the divine embrace! Yes, just as light reaches all and is available to all, God's ever present and all powerful love is holding each of us near and dear. Thank you, Enrique, for your comforting and convincing message, and to all who deliver it world wide.

  38. Thank you, Enrique and fellow Lifters. I particularly appreciated the repeated truth that God's light reaches the darkest corner - even the darkest corner of consciousness. No one is ever truly "in the dark" for Mind is constantly enlightening. Thank you TMC and Lift team for your part in making the constant shining of Truth evident to the world.

  39. Thank you for painting this beautiful picture of the all-embracing light of Love as a starting point for my day.

  40. Thank you, dear Enrique! The Milky Way is a wonderful analogy and expression of God's love embracing us. I've only seen it a few times, and it was awesome (in the old fashioned sense of the word!) but hope to see it more. We know it is there, though, just like God's love, always embracing us. Your words bring into clear focus God's ever present care and love for all of his precious creation. This is a keeper! Thanks so much!

  41. Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you especially for the thought that the light of God's presence has no unreachable corners. God truly is All-in-All and has dominion and melts all error..

  42. The only true light is God, his Love embracing all of us in his Dome of Protection. From this light we get answers to how to solve the problems that keep us, in belief, earthly to break away from this falsehood, recognizing the complete freedom he has for us. There is where our hope and faith lies, never in the mental miasma of mortal mind but in the embrace of the Mind that was in Christ Jesus.

  43. When you described the beauty of the starlight view from the area close to Buenos Aires, you took us there with you Enrique. Boundaries of time and space do not exist in spiritual thought. It was so lovely to see from your perspective, the arm of stars embracing us in light and not darkness, the everlasting arms of God. I didn't realize your view in the Southern hemisphere was of the center of the Milky Way. Beautiful. God's light and love reaches us everywhere. Thank you so much for this comforting and assuring lift! Thanks so all the lifters too sharing your insights.

  44. Thanks for beautiful message conveying the ever-present Love embracing all of us all the time & removing darkness from our life. Thanks

  45. Thank you.

  46. Thank you so much Enrique for the important message.

  47. This brings to mind a magical moment in my life when I truly felt embraced by the light of God. I had just received some very bad news. I was walking in the fields in our home in France and stopped to look up to the open skies. As I stood there, just looking up I was suddenly in engulfed in a a strong light - very warm and very bright - just reaching down from above. All fears were calmed . . . my spirits were lifted . . .

  48. Thank you Enrique for this lovely message. Yes, the powerful embrace of light, of love is encircling us forever.

  49. A beautiful thought, beautifully expressed. That you for this touching message.

  50. Really beautiful! Thank you!

  51. Thought-expanding, thought-enriching, enlightening and beautiful. Thank you!

  52. I agree with descriptive words of #51, and feel this Lift is among the best yet! Mucho gracias!

  53. Reach out and touch the stars! This experience truly gives me a sense of oneness with God and God's marvelous creation. When in Cozumel I would spend nights on the unpopulated side of the island at a place called Punta Morena. It had no electricity. The candle lit nights there were so, so holy, harmonious, and comforting with the reality of the infinite. Awesome! In the morning the sunrise would wake me and I could see the sun rising from the horizon. That evening I could see it set on the other side of the island. God and His creation are truly at one. Thanks Enrique for sharing your experience.

  54. Thank you Enrique! We can learn those great lessons from nature, and you have shared an unforgettable one! Light reaching into every dark corner!
    Thanks to the Board of Lectureship, the Lecturers, the production team, Nate, the instrumental musicians who give us the bright prelude. It is always great to read the comments from this community of spiritual thinkers who write thoughts to share, from all over the world.
    Thanks to God for the Daily LIft and the good it does every week!

  55. I am so grateful to be ending this year with the light of God's truth that lifted my family out of a year's long legal situation that made situations seem very dark with no relief. No matter where we turned to do the right legal thing to help the situation, nothing would work, but holding steadfastly to knowing that God is the only judge and lawgiver and that any resolution would bless all, dissolved the situation into its native nothingness. Oh yes, God's light of love shines all the time.

  56. Like Cathy #47, I too had a "light" moment. Shortly after returning from a Christian Science Association Day meeting, I was standing alone in my elementary school classroom and a powerful, vivid shaft of spiritual light came down from above. My response to that experience: 1) it was a reminder of the spiritual gifts that I had received from my Association Day 2) where the truths came from 3) remember to lovingly study/pray/use them. Thank-you, Enrique for your wonderful & unique Daily Lift! Merci beaucoup, worldwide Lifters and DL team! May God's Christ message & light bless one-&-all/All.

  57. Thank you Enrique, for this excellent sharing of the arms of stars. My husband and I did not know of the Southern Hemisphere being in the center of the Milky Way. We are Northern Hemisphere people.

    What is good to understand is ignorance is dispelled. As God's children all one in Love...see His Star of Light (Christ). And that is exactly what you said, quote " No, matter, how far or near you are to
    The center of our galaxy- you are embraced by the light and love of God today and forever."

    Thank you for you beautiful sharing.

  58. "All nature teaches God's love for mankind "
    MBE (May be off in wording). This Lift was a beautiful reminder. Many thanks to this dear "community" of thinkers!

  59. Words cannot convey the feelings that well up inside me. As I read this beautiful message the sun is shining here in Florida . However, I cherish the still of the night, where all sence is silenced. Looking up at the night sky filled with stars and the huge moon that shone last week, I thought to myself and my kitty, certainly, no one can possibly doubt the omnipotence of god. Thank you for the uplift that is so perfectly timely.

  60. Thank you,thank you for your understanding of God's all embracing love.It is a very healing and inspiring message.

  61. "God, the Principle of all life, with his Light, with His love for each one of us, dispels the darkness of fears and doubts.
    .....to this Light, there are no unreachable corners."
    Thank you Enrique

  62. Thank you so much for this beautiful and meaningful lift. I look up to the night sky each night and always see a brightest star and sometimes a planet twinkling at me as a reminder to myself Divine Love is watching over me feeling so loved, comforting and blessed. So grateful to see Divine Love's beautiful artistry of lights blanketing our night sky smiling upon us, Her dear children.

  63. I have never forgotten the vivid experience I had with the stars like in Tunisia. A group of us faculty
    were staying in an underground Troglodyte cave hotel as part of learning about Tunisia and were
    stretched out on the ground under the midnight blue velvet sky. I had known of the colour midnight
    blue, but didn't know it could seem so tactile and the stars so white beaming down on us. Couldn't
    possibly feel so close to God as in those moments. The warm air was like his breath on our souls.

    Thank you for this lovely lift.

  64. Enrique, what an outstanding idea you have described; of the allness of God! Spell check doesn't think "allness" is a word, but it is. The word can only describe what you see in the sky's of Buenos Ares. I am reminded of one of my favorite Psalms: Psalm 8. It starts, "O Lord, our Lord, How excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hath set thy glory above the heavens." Yes, God is above and beyond the heavens and caring for each and everyone of us, and unconditionally loving His individual expression of Himself. I have no doubt that that thought heals.

  65. Thank you, Enrique, for “Embraced by light … not darkness …”

    This reminds me of a conversation I had many years ago with a dear Christian Science friend. As we talked, she noted that it was as though I felt rather overwhelmed with what seemed to be the darkness in the world. She was right. No matter how bravely I let my Christ light shine forth at that time, it seemed like a mere flickering candle ready to give way to the darkness.

    She reminded me that it was not all my responsibility to overcome the darkness with light. Instead, each of us shine our light and that we all shine our light in the Light, where is no darkness. This broke the mesmerism of false responsibility for me, and with it the fear that had gripped me with disappointment and worry. My faltering conviction was renewed. God / all-Good / Love-itself is the only “powers that be,”

    I felt free to go about “my Father’s business” again, as Mrs. Eddy encourages in Science and Health, with a “clear sense and calm trust.” We are not bound by the claims of matter. We are free by the spiritual fact / the Truth of our being. And we can prove it!!!

  66. Light is mental energy..spiritual,from GOD alone and always; consequently we have intuition,memory
    and other instances of "connection" with the Daily Source,Almighty F-M God. How powerful! How Kind!
    We cannot be disconnected from our eternal energy SOURCE, MIND divine..giving us daily strength
    and abilitity to communicate with our brothers and sisters, our patients and followers.Light emits "light"
    without effort and it cannot be dimmed or destroyed. We bathe in it mentally moment by moment, on
    a forever basis.......GOD eternally glorified and man forever blessed with unshakable UNDERSTANDING!

  67. Thank you for this lovely, light-filled lift, and for comments from around the globe. As a child, I lived on the open prairie, where stars filled the night sky from horizon to horizon. My brother built a telescope, which opened out our view of the heavens even further. In the province where I now live, dark sky initiatives help to make the stars visible again- even in cities- and help bring back to human sight the wonders of what lies beyond the bounds of earth. The awe of being surrounded by a sky full of stars hints at the luminous joy and peace that comes through the light of spiritual understanding, opening out our sense of oneness with the Creator and the universe. As the hymn says "in beauty, grandeur, order, His handiwork is shown."

  68. Thank you.

  69. Another nice analogy! Thanks Enrique.

  70. Enrique, Thank you

  71. Dear Enrique, thank you so much for this beautiful and loving daily lift. All the best to you an your family for each day of the coming year - embraced by this love. :-)

  72. Thanks so much. I love the idea that no matter where we are, what condition we may be facing materially, we can never be outside of the light of the Christ.

  73. Marvelous, marvelous!! I feel embraced right now!! Thank you.

  74. Thank you! I can just imagine being under all those beautiful stars and feeling God!

  75. I love the comparison with the Milky Way. I work at Goddard Space Flight Center and give presentations about the universe which includes a view of the Milky Way. During my presentations I have to stick to the physical scientific facts, but I will now also think about the spiritual meaning of those billions of stars and God's loving, comforting embrace.

  76. Thank you my dear for your good inspiration

  77. Thank you and God bless everyone :)

  78. How wonderful that technology helps God reach where we are in time and space. I've just listened to Frank's 'lift' on being anchored to God [09 Jan]. Both 'lifts' fitted together so well. Thank you Christian Science lecturers and 'Daily Lift' team. : - )

  79. Bless you and humbly, thank You!
    Very comforting!!

  80. I missed this Lift in December. I have had a reflecting telescope all my life, but unused for some years. Wherever our daughter goes, up the high mountains, across Europe and Asia [and some day surely in America], she tells us of the stars in the Milky Way and wishes that we could see them. Well, I CAN see them. Thanks, Enrique - this feels like a postcard from South America, lifting our eyes beyond the material, to Truth itself.

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