12/25: The beauty of quiet on Christmas

12/25: The beauty of quiet on Christmas

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  1. Thank you Shirley for this beautiful Christmas "Lift". It is in the quietness and stillness that we find God and feel and experience the power of His Christ in our lives today, and ever day. It is important that we listen and obey the angel thoughts that God is sending to us. As these thoughts "abide with us" the path is made clear that reveals the allness and presence of God and the nothingness of error. This truth then becomes a practical and demonstrable Science, meeting all of our needs. Christian Science is the Christ, Truth, being brought to bear on the human experience. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you, Shirley.
    One of the loveliest Christmases for me was being all alone and then realizing that I could never be alone with God and all His gifts at hand. Life, Truth, Love, Principle and the sound Mind were all present!
    So sitting in a rocking chair I sang and sang Christmas carols and hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal. And as gratitude grew, I basked in the Spirit, the presence of the Holy One. It was a Christmas to remember for that best sense of closeness with God.

  3. Thank you for your well spoken well appointed pointer. How easy it is to be distracted from our internal attraction to the Divine!

  4. Wonderful, Thank you Shirley .

  5. It is still Christmas Eve here, and I am cherishing the stillness and the day that will dawn.
    Thank you for this gift and for all that you are doing to share and further Christian Science in the world.

  6. Thank you Shirley, for this beautiful Christmas message, to hear the angels sing in our hearts is a precious gift. Thank you too, Rosalinda, I already am singing "quietly", a perfect start to Christmas Day. Peaceful blessings to all.

  7. What a Wonder full daily lift ! Preparing to go and celebrate Christmas in a specially
    Noisy suraoudings , this message will help me to hear the still small voice of the Christ
    Thank you ! have a good day !

  8. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  9. Thank you, Shirley, for “The beauty of quiet on Christmas … Christ is here … God loves us … Merry Christmas from God!” Amen!!! ;-)

  10. I think quietness is the least of thought at Christmas time, but a quiet moment to listen for angel-thoughts is the most powerful rest and recharge during the busiest time of the year.

    Christmas is, at the deepest level, a quiet reminder that Christ is here, Christ comes to us every moment and can only be heard in quietude.

    Self pity, spiritual apathy, fear, false appetites, are the noises that will drown the tender voice of Christ and ruin our Christmas chorus of angels singing deep in our heart.

    Hallelujah! This is: Merry Christmas… from God!

    Creo que el silencio es lo más distante en la lista de pensamientos en época de Navidad, pero un momento tranquilo para escuchar los pensamientos de ángeles es el descanso más potente de recarga durante la época más ocupada del año.

    La Navidad es, en lo más profundo, un recordatorio silencioso que Cristo está aquí, Cristo viene a nosotros en cada momento, y sólo se puede oír en la quietud.

    La autocompasión, la apatía espiritual, el temor, los falsos apetitos, son los ruidos que ahogarían la tierna voz de Cristo y arruinarían nuestro coro de ángeles de Navidad que cantan lo profundo de nuestro corazón.

    ¡Aleluya! Esto es: Feliz Navidad ... de Dios!

  11. Dear Shirley, thanks for this reminder that it is in stillness and quietness that we can best hear the "still, small voice" and feels God's all-encompassing love. Merry Christmas!l

  12. I love that you pointed out the "noise" is self-pity, spiritual apathy, fear, false appetites. These can never drown out real identity, talent, spiritual thought and purpose. I'm grateful we can feel quiet in God's world whether at work, in a busy city, skiing, teaching in a classroom, at a rock concert, sitting on the beach. Anywhere. Life's message of goodness speaks to us sometimes loudly, urgently, creatively and sometimes softly and gently. But, always with the inner stillness of the Christ. Thank you for this Daily Lift. Merry Christmas to all.

  13. Thank you, Shirley, for this loving reminder to quiet mortal thoughts and to usher Christ into our hearts with stillness so that we can feel God's love. Lots of love and peace to all, Merry Christmas!

  14. "Happiness is spiritual born of Truth and Love" Mary Baker Eddy wrote. With such joy and gladness we are celebrating today because we know the Christ, Truth, is with us always. It is very quiet where I am at 1:58 this Christmas morning, the moon and stars still shining. Thank you for this beautiful expression of the wonder of God's marvelous Gift to the world. We receive, accept, and will share it joyfully! Much gratitude to all who send the Daily Lift.

  15. Here in Australia, we are just about to start our Testimony Meeting. What a blessing to have this precious opportunity for quietness and contemplation on Christmas Day, to welcome the Christ-child into our hearts. Thank you Shirley.

  16. Thank you Shirley for this sharing! What I discovered this year was that stillness and quiet is a state of my heart that can be so alive in the midst of many happy, different, loud voices ... staying open to His Love and Her messages reaching out and meeting lonely, yearning or coverted hearts, warming and uniting them in the one all embracing Christmas message ... witnessing this made Christmas very special to me this year ...

  17. I didn't expect to have a daily lift to day, what a marvelours Christmas present ! Thank you Shirley

  18. Many thanks Shirley for this gentle Christmas Day message. Yes." 'Be still'...and hear the chorus of angels." "God's angels ever come and go,/ All winged with light and love;/ They bring us blessings from on high,/ They lift our thoughts above,/ They whisper God is Love." (Christian Science Hymnal #9).

  19. Thank you for this very lovely and inspiring Lift. So quiet and peaceful..

  20. Just a humble grateful thanks for being on hand with such a pertinent daily lift, Shirley.
    Good to think we are "one" with each other wherever we are across the globe - in fact the universe with the astronauts doing their thing so courageously from beyond at present!

  21. Thanks for the beautiful message of peace. It is good to be reminded on the true meaning of Christmas in today's busy world. Have a blessed Christmas day. Sandra and David, Durban SA

  22. Thank you Shirley and thank you all for your Christmas gifts of spirituality you share faithfully today and everyday.

  23. Thank you, Shirley, for this lovely message of Love's gift of the Christ, here, there, everywhere, forever. Christmas blessings all!

  24. What a lovely and loving uplift to hear on Christmas morning as I quietly sit by myself since weather interrupted travel plans. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas

  25. Merry Christmas from New Hampshire to everyone who contributes all year long to this Daily Lift Community. May the peace and love of God in those sacred moments of stillness and communion be celebrated and felt around the world today and always.

  26. Podríamos decir también, la tierna quietud de la Navidad,donde el Verbo se conjuga de forma perfecta,
    los quietos y mansos pastores así lo percibieron,no se detubieron cegados por la luz, sino que siguiron hasta encontrar el alumbramiento, la raíz de todo evento real, allí estaba la paz anhelada, y esa pequeñita Raíz, se extendió, por las cumbres heladas derritiendo el hielo, que a los corazones congelaba, dulcemente, acarició los gélidos pensamientos,con Ideas nuevas que a las nieves inquietaron, porque gota a gota la ternura se deslizaba entre frios desdenes, y escarpadas necesidades. Nada la detubo ni la detendrá, porque ha conjugado el verbo-amar en perfecta realidad, derritiendo el hielo, que impide a los corazones acariciar.

    Muchas gracias Shirley, por el mensaje. ¡¡Gocemosno en la Navidad!!

  27. Mrs Eddy wrote on page 402 of Science and Health, line 11, "....material beliefs will not interfere with spiritual facts." As I think of all the human activity going on today, preparing the food, cleaning, greeting family, opening gifts I will cherish the fact that each one of us will have our moments of quiet where we hear 'Christ... come to me, and tenderly, Divinely talk." Let us each open God's gift first, a happy, merry, Christ filled day! "o hear the angel voices!'

  28. Wonderful ,,, thank you and Merry Christmas !!!! :-)

  29. "In quietness you can hear the chorus of angels singing deep in your heart"

    I LOVE this, thank you so much Shirley. The whole Lift was just perfect. Line by line and here a little and there a little the Lift unfolded building precept upon precept ( the original wording is in Isa 28:10).

    DL Team, thank you for working today. You have given us all a beautiful Christmas gift that will keep on giving. Thank you Lifters!

    I share an image with you which one day I will talk more about but for now...it is a reminder we are not alone, we reflect God and as Shirley pointed out, error (self-pity, fear etc.) would try to stop us from realizing the blessings we already have.


    When I think of time to quietly reflect I now see it to be more time to embrace reflection - the understanding of my true identity. I can do this alone, with many people around or even when feeling sad or anxious. Sometimes all I need are my books (thankfully now all on a tablet), my camera and an understanding of my true identity - a reflection of God's allness, and I am good to go.

    Today, I will be looking for the love in what people are doing, the blessings that are already there, the peace that comforts us and the love that embraces us all - thus we are already filled with all we need.

    Again, thanks Shirley & Many Blessings to All. God IS Love and is ever with us. We can never be alone or lack anything. God is our divine and ONLY Source!

  30. Thanks Shirley for your sharing this peace-full message. I love all the helpful and healing ideas that each daily lift brings to us and the world. Often in the quiet of the night and early morning these lifts are so helpful. Often find it most helpful to simply declare " In the name of Christ Jesus get out of here" A profound and powerful truth that stills all the claims that something other than Gods omnipotent goodness and love are always here and now with us. Also love the line from hymn 202 in the Christian Science Hymnal, "The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking, Unloosing bonds of all captivity."

  31. OH so beautiful, Shirley. Thank you for the spiritual joy of your message.
    Merry Christmas with love to all.

    P.S. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the soothing, calming, gentle music this week! Very apropos.

  32. Such a wonderful lift, thank you so much

  33. The best Christmas gift ever. Thank you

  34. Thank you Shirley for your thoughts on this Christmas day. How wonderful to start the day with the inspired contributions of lifters from all over the world.

  35. Thanks for the reminder that it is only in quietness that we can hear the still small voice of God. Also, I love that you pointed out the "noise" is self-pity, spiritual apathy, fear, false appetite I was anticipating a very quiet Christmas with just my husband and myself, but with the noise of self-pity that my family was so far away. I need to quiet the self-pity to hear the angel voices sing. This ties in beautiully with yesterday's lift "God's gift - Christ love." With joy I can celebrate the birth of the Christ child and what a blessing it was for the whold world.

  36. We had a lavish, very festive Christmas Eve dinner with lots of evidences of God's man at his best, but both this Daily Lift and its responses from around the world have turned out to be just as delightful. My prayer is to let the celebration continue and expand even further joyfully following in the steps of Christ Jesus --whatever the cost!

  37. Thank you, Shirley, for a very inspiring Daily Lift. It's one thing to be able to sit quietly, it's quite another thing to be still, as you listen to the Daily Lift, with all the other enticements and distractions going on in the back of one's mind. But to be quiet in thought, and lean on God, divine Mind, mostly brings us straight to the place where we are not only prepared to listen, but most importantly: where we are prepared to hear!
    I listened to The Messiah this morning, from King's College in Cambridge,UK, for only the second time in my entire life. That was something to listen closely to, and appreciate the Books of the Bible,

  38. Thank you for this beautiful lift. Happy Christmas to all. I'm alone this Christmas morning (though actually part of this world-wide communion of hearts through the Daily Lift) but will have a nice time with others this afternoon before enjoying the one-hour service tonight at my branch church. I was thinking this morning about Mary Baker Eddy wrote about the appearing of Jesus in human life. This quote below, which I love, is from the collection of her writings called The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, page 22. While it expresses the joy of Christmas, I think it also shows materiality of thought that would drag me down. It isn't really where we are or what we are doing that brings happiness, but where the emphasis is in thought.

    I love to observe Christmas in quietude, humility,
    benevolence, charity, letting good will towards man, elo-
    quent silence, prayer, and praise express my conception
    of Truth's appearing.
    The splendor of this nativity of Christ reveals infinite
    meanings and gives manifold blessings. Material gifts
    and pastimes tend to obliterate the spiritual idea in con-
    sciousness, leaving one alone and without His glory.

  39. Thank you, dear Shirl, my friend! Of all Christmas Seasons, this one has probably been the most Special for me! I have been so Blessed with seeing the Christ in so many different venues and celebrations with friends of all different backgrounds and religions. Also, as you have so tenderly shared, I have been able to realize, in many moments, the true meaning of Christmas by entertaining the Christ Peace and Stillness in my Heart! Thank you for All you do for Christianity and Christian Science, Shirley! And so much Gratitude for this Daily Lift and all my Lifter Family! A Joyful, Peaceful Christmas to ALL!! xoxo!

  40. Hallelujah! Merry Christmas Lord GOD OMNIPOTENT reigns!Thank You!!

  41. Thank you Shirley and all the staff in the Daily Lift program for the dedicated love you all spread - to the universe - not only today but everyday. Today is special because we were given this assurance of the possibility to hear God's message when we give heed to the "still small voice of Truth" - when we discern that amongst the noise of many voices or personal sense, there is the one that is not about personal sense, but about universal love that includes and embraces and loves all - impartially! This is the voice we all are to be hearing!!!! Halleluiah and Amen!

  42. You nailed it with "preoccupation with all that self stuff." Thanks for the reminder to tune that out!

    Joy, love and peace to all!

  43. Thank you!!

  44. What a wonderful way to start Christmas Morning! Thank you so much for this peaceful, loving message!

  45. My deepest gratitude for this Christmas lift,to all who comment,and for the production team.You have blessed the world!

  46. Dear Shirley
    Thank you so VERY much for this invigorating combo of the Sword of Truth with the Beauty of Holiness !

  47. "Bless us every one,"the voice of a tiny child in Dicken's
    Christmas story of redemption, came to my thought this morning as I get ready to share an early morning Christian Science service with a group of young Marine recruits at Camp Pendleton Marine Base near San Diego, CA.
    It is wonderful blessing for me to share this love filled Christmas story with many who don't really know it yet! What a glorious way to celebrate the coming of the Truth to all mankind!
    Thank you all, those who lovingly provide these glorious beginnings to our day, and all those of our dear "family" through out the world, children of the One Father, Mother, God for your faithful lives.

  48. Thank you,Shirley for your gentle loving message.Merry Christmas to all Daily lift contributors, Angels we have heard on high,joyfully,Kathy

  49. Thank you Shirley for your sweet message. God is with us and loves us, what a great gift. Merry Christmas to you and to all.

  50. Absolutely beautiful Shirley. Thank you for the reminder to see and find the stillness even in the midst of all the activity. I will look for it all day.

  51. Thank you Shirley, and the whole DL staff - for these daily messages of Truth that uplift our thoughts to God's ever presence and love. When I first began receiving the Daily Lifts, I only listened to the audio message, but then later began to read the posts. And I must say I often get as much inspiration and joy from those as the spoken word. I feel a kinship with the whole global community; it's like an extended family, and I just want everyone to know that I love you all and feel your love too. Have a blessed Christmas.

  52. Thank you, Shirley, for this precious reminder of the Christ message to each one, in the quietness of thought, no matter what we may be doing today, whether alone, or with family and friends. Much love to all as we celebrate the ever-present Christ.

  53. To hear the message on this wonderful day of Christmas, all the material phenomenon goings on must be quieted. The hustle and bustling about buying X-MAS gifts, making X-MAS dinners for potential family visitors, must not take presidance over deep prayer between you and God. This is what Christmas is all about, being quiet with that still small voice.

  54. Perfect.
    Thank you.

  55. And a blessed Christmas to you for giving us this lovely message.

  56. Thank you Shirley for the loving reminder to seek quietness. It's easy to get caught up in the hectic Christmas bustle and miss out on the best part -- angel thoughts that protect and guide us. I also loved the chorus of angels singing in our hearts.

    I had some mortal thoughts of self-pity, etc. this morning that I needed to drown out. Your message to seek quietude and listen to the voice of Truth was just what I needed. I also appreciate all the lifters' contributions and yes, we're like a family extending throughout the world, all joined together through our loving thoughts, celebrating the sweet joy of the Christ, Emanuel -- God with us! Merry Christmas to All!!

  57. This lift is truly a present from the heart of Love. Thank you, Shirley, for your part in sharing the message. I wish the most satisfying of holy holidays to all in the Lift family.

  58. Thank you, Shirley.

    Our children grew up and left the nest years ago, and their children have done the same. This morning, their children's children are joyful opening Christmas presents.

    Now, the only noises at our house are the sweet chirping of birds and rustling leaves stirred by squirrels. But the fullness of our surroundings are evidences of "God with us"--expressed in the activities of Her creatures and the stillness of vibrant angel messages. They are rich, "I am with you" sounds of Christmas.

    We are never alone, and your message this morning is another loving reminder of this fact.



  59. Lovely! Thank you.

  60. Thank you Shirley, for this lovely and inspiring reminder of what the Christmas gift really is, and where it comes from. No one left out--it's there for everyone every day.

  61. How nice to have a Daily Lift on Christmas Day. I will not be alone today, but how important it is to take a few quiet moments alone with God to ponder the very special gift God gave to the world. Christ healing.

    God bless us all this Holy Day.

  62. Happy Christmas to all! Very grateful for these Daily Lifts. Love to all.

  63. How special to find this lovely Daily Lift in my inbox today! Thank you Shirley for these precious thoughts of Love's love for us all. Listening for those angel messages from God indeed meets every need and quiets and destroys any suggestions of lack, aloneness, fear that would try to take away our joy. I rejoice today and every day in God's great love for us, that He sent His Son into the world to give us the gift of peace and so much more. Merry Christmas to you all!

  64. Thank you, Shirley! A beautiful message! I've been pondering how the prophetic vision of Immanuel - God's tender, unfailing presence and power has been so beautifully portrayed in both the book of Isaiah, and the book of Revelation. In Rev Chapter 21 we are reminded that "the tabernacle of God is with men" - that is, God is always with us! And that He heals all sorrow, all pain, and wipes away death. And that only error, "the former things", passes away. What a wonderful message from the angelic host!

  65. Merry Christmas! All the lifts are such lovely gifts throughout the year! Thank you so much for this one and all that is shared with us.

  66. So good to be reminded of the need to take a moment to be quiet and know the gentle presence of the Christ in our busy day. Thanks, Shirley, for this peaceful oasis today!

  67. This wonderful message makes me fill God´s love for me and at the same time feeling loved for others, all brothers and sisters around the world.

    This awesome embrace of divine Love through Christ is reaching every heart in all parts of the world, due to his quiet-silent-loving still small voice.
    Not only is our due to share, is feeling ourselves loved and beloved . Thank you dear Shirley.

    Always very grateful.
    clarae. from Cuernavaca, Mexico

  68. Thank you, Shirley, for reiterating just what I've been praying to know ever more gratefully.

    My best present today has been an awareness of my thought turning out to others.

  69. Thank you, Shirley.

    Love these wonderful lifts throughout the year of the Christ message and the inspiring comments and heart felt gratitude from all the lifters.

    Merry Christmas!

    Divine love is all inclusive and unconditional today and everyday.

    Truth. Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  70. See! God's meets all our needs. This daily lift being provided today just proves it. I was not expecting a different lift today, but low and behold it is here and being mentally devoured. The best gift of the day. Gratitude to Shirley, commenters, and Boston. A truly blessed, merry Christmas to all.

  71. Thank you Shirley for this deep, gently quiet message of God's love to us in the Christ presence. I am joyful in forwarding this lift to a few family members who are still new to this possibility of sharing our understanding of divine unfoldment with other spiritual brothers and sistes world wide. This sharing has been a daily nourishment for me for a year now and I am infinitely grateful and excited to share when I can.

  72. Thank you so much, Shirley, for this very reinforcing message for me. I had decided not to accept  the thought I should travel to be with others nor to feel I must be somewhere in particular, thus the  idea of needing to have a quiet holiday period became stronger and stronger. With so much snow and the thought of limited parking I put off until yesterday the small errands I needed to undertake. I to just the right places and times that opened to allow my fulfilling the tasks in sunlight and even finding not one but two books I wanted to read in this period of quiet. It was such a positive day of accomplishments and your message today, when I too was not expecting a Lift, just capped the
    quieted senses. A number of weeks ago I accepted a dinner invitation and a couple of weeks ago it
    was verified so without realizing it, I made it impossible to attend tonight's church service. I know
    I will be in the right place to do God's work. Much love to my Lift Family around the world. It amazes
    me what a connected sense we have.

  73. God's love seals it!

  74. How lovely! A gift from heart to heart!
    Merry Christmas to you All!


  76. Thank you for your daily lift today, Shirley. The reminder to be still and feel the Christ presence is a precious gift this Christmas Day.

  77. Lovely message! Thank you, Shirley.

  78. Thank you, Shirley!

  79. What a wonderful Christmas blessing to guide us every day. Thank you Shirley, DL staff, and all who responded.

  80. A lot can be gained by being out with the "wakeful shepherds", in cradled obscurity, waiting for that
    gift of gifts, the CHRIST MESSAGE directly from GOD and leading humanity into new and higher
    ground.. being quiet enough to perceive, ready enough to accept! Watch for the

  81. What a lovely and helpful Christmas message. Thank you.

  82. What a beautiful reminder of the 'real' Christmas! I so appreciate these Daily Lifts!

  83. What a delightful way to start the day with this Daily Lift and Shirley's joyful voice. There is not room here to express my thanks. Yesterday I read Mary Baker Eddy"s pictorial poem "Christ and Christmas" to two very young great grandsons. They "got it" the connection between the star, the light that heals, and the celebration of Christmas. I appreciate anew how important it is to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and the light of healing.

  84. Thanks Shirley for this lovely Christmas reminder. Have a lovely Christmas. Barb and Brian in the UK

  85. Thank you Shirley for giving us the real Christmas message and reminding us to be still and feel the presence of the Christ all around us, by taking just a few quiet moments to be alone with God.

  86. Although I am listening to this a day later the message is divinely inspiring "to be still". In the stillness I speak to God and receive the reply of the still small voice. Thank you for this precious gift on Christmas.

  87. Thank you

  88. Thank you, Shirley, for this beautiful Lift. While praying about a physical challenge I have been working with the idea of being gentle with myself by being "still" mentally throughout my day. Instead of doing a lot of Christmas shopping I spent the weeks after Thanksgiving reading and thinking about the events that happened in Nazareth and Bethlehem and what Christmas is meant to be...peace, joy, hope, love.
    It turned out that all of the errands were done so easily with just the right gifts for each family member.The day together with extended family was relaxing and fun...one of the best, as my daughter said.
    A blessed holiday season to you, your family, the Daily Lift staff, and responders. Peace and joy to all in the New Year.

  89. Thank you so much, Shirley, for this perfect Lift! I love thinking of it as "The beauty of quiet IS Christmas" every moment. And I loved reading #16 Ute's comment, as I am grateful to be making this same discovery. Thank you, Shirley, for reflecting this Hallelujah! of God's love for all in your beautiful work.

  90. Thank you.

  91. Shirley, Thank you

  92. Thank you for this lift, as I have tried yearly to avoid any thought of Christmas, when in actuality I cannot because man's true expression of God is the expression of the Christ, and this is what Christmas is all about. These are all terrific reminders!

  93. Thank you, Shirley. I don't catch too many of the Daily Lifts, but I knew a Lift on Quietness at Christmas was one I couldn't miss. I will carry its message into the New Year. Quietness is the essence of prayer.
    Thank you, dear friend.

  94. I just listened to this wonderful Lift three days after Christmas, but it's message is timeless. It reminds me that every day is Christmas, every day we hear Christ's message of rebirth. Thank you, Shirley. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  95. Nancy N. Evans Glenwood, IN 12/30/2013

    Thank you, Shirley. Just heard your message on "beauty of quiet of Christmas" What a wonderful expression of Soul to carry us all into a glorious New Year. How lovely. Thank you Mother Church and all the Daily Lifters.

  96. Just listened to this for the first time five days after Christmas, and I love it. Thank you.

  97. It's the first day of the New Year here on the Sunshine Coast, Shirley, and the production team, and this Lift really is so applicable and fresh and just what we need to take us forward. The television last night was so full of everyone speaking at the same time, and then were to come the fireworks: thousands and thousands of dollars in pretty explosions all around the harbours and rivers of our big cities. And even some quite close at Coolum Beach, and our own Peregian Beach. I turned it off and sought the quiet and stillness. It was here when I woke this morning, but already the cars are rushing along the motorway. But thankfully the birds are ready to celebrate the new day, and to rejoice in whatever lies ahead.
    Isn't it amazing that we can still express appreciation for our Daily Lift even a week after it was intended to guide us? Thank you, Shirley, and all who bring it wrapped and ready.

  98. This is a 'keeper'. Thank you all so much. I've just looked at some Christmas time photos too! God blesses us in so many ways.