12/24: God's gift—Christ love

12/24: God's gift—Christ love

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Christine will be giving a lecture today, December 24, at 7:30pm Eastern time titled "God's Unspeakable Gift — the Christ Love." Listen to the audio live at thirdchurchnyc.com.

  1. Thank you Christine for this so-important Lift. The "Christ love" is what saves and heals. It brings man out of the depths of despair- the beliefs of sickness, sin, and death. It redeems man, it makes him whole. It is the light that shines in the heart of every man, woman, and child. It is God's ever-present gift to his beloved creation-man. Thank you again.

  2. Infinite Gratitude!.... We all have a great deal to thank God and in acknowledging all his wonderful spiritual ways..
    Love to you Christine and my mate Margie.. !!
    May we all have a truly blessed christmas..I know I will .....
    Sal x

  3. Thank you for that lovely Christmas message.

  4. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  5. Thank you, Christine, a peaceful Christmas to all with deep gratitude and love.

  6. Christmas celebrates the advent and the human experience of the healing Christ-love, the promised Messiah.

    He was the Prince of Peace, the son of the King, the Savior of mankind.

    Didn't come displaying power and riches like many of today’s mandataries, no fancy words, he came without superiority to show us that humility, forgiveness and compassion saves people and makes us his equal before God.

    “After this manner therefore pray ye: OUR FATHER which art in heaven” Matt. 6:9

    Can you imagine how much could today’s leaders accomplish if they would try this Chistly approach?

    La Navidad celebra el advenimiento y la experiencia humana de la sanación por medio del amor de Cristo, el Mesías prometido.

    Él era el Príncipe de Paz, el hijo del Rey, el Salvador de la humanidad.

    No vino a exhibir poder y riqueza, como hacen muchos mandatarios de la actualidad, vino sin palabras fantásticas y sin superioridad, para mostrarnos que la humildad, el perdón y la compasión, salva a la gente y nos hace su igual ante Dios.

    “Vosotros, pues, oraréis así: PADRE NUESTRO que estás en los cielos” Mateo 6:9

    ¿Se imaginan cuánto lograrían los líderes de hoy en día si probaran este enfoque del Cristo?

  7. Thank you very much for this wonderful lift!
    Merry Christmas to you all

  8. Many thanks Christine for this inspiring Christmas lift. Yes."Christ Jesus life demonstrated how humility, forgiveness, and compassion saved people from injustice, conflict, disease and death." "His power, increasing, still shall spread;/ His reign shall never cease;/ For justice ever guards his throne,/ And all his paths are peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #362).

  9. Thank you for lucidly clarifying this "true meaning" of Christmas.

    I love your idea of an all-ebracing multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Love that blesses "all mankind" - what a wonderful idea to think about and reflect into the activity of our daily life!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Christine, Thank you

  11. I love learning that Christmas comes each day as we welcome the Christ into our lives.
    Merry Christmas to the world

  12. Yes, the Christ love is a wonderful gift of God to all mankind! Christ love outshines the foundations of hatred.

  13. Thank you, Christine

  14. How beautifully honest and sincere <3

    Thank you for brightening my day and the world with your gorgeous light... You're a true beacon of love and light...

    God loves ALL people!!!

  15. El regalo está presente!!

    No está adornado con cintas, ni cuelga de un árbol, esta en cada uno de nosotros, está en las obras de cristo jesús, en su accionar bondadoso, dando pautas de como proceder, para beneficiar un desarrollo sustancial que erradique, el ego humano, que conlleva en si mismo, egoismo, vanidad, soberbia, menosprecio, intolerancia etc.etc., causa de de todos los males, porque y si a todo esto le agregamos el producto principal el temor, nos damos de cara con el error.

    Parece sombrío verdad, sin sembargo, esa es la contrahechura, porque tenemos, la sustancia verdadera que no es egoista, sino humilde, tolerante, generoso, bondadoso, lleno de amor... Cristojesús que nos señala el camino, el opuesto,, el real en Un presente-regalo inmarcesible, que se adornan sí con sustancias que no fenecen, porque ha bastado Un solo regalo para llenar el árbol de luces, de constante y perpectuo brillo.

    Muchas gracias Christine,, muy inspirado tu Daily lift. tomemos nuestro regalo sólo del Árbol donde florece la Verdad.

  16. Dear Christine,

    Thank you for this loving Lift, I loved the all-inclusive nature of the Christ. Thank you to the other Lifters as well and a special thanks to Ryan with that really apt reference of this Lift and Christine being a beacon of light.

    I have been praying a lot about the subject of the Wednesday Lesson and I have been working with Love, that Christ love that is with us all. I have so worked to see love in all that is being done even as I listen to Christmas Carols I have not been taking any at face value.

    I rediscovered the perfect beauty of "He shall Feed His Flock (like a shepherd) by Handel. That hymn is completely balanced. Not only does it draw from both the Old and New Testaments, but it speaks to constant loving supply, nearness, rest, Soul, leadership, obedience, guidance, inclusiveness & above all...LOVE.

    "Those that are with young" not only means those with children (regardless of age) but those with ideas, creativity, a congregation who want to learn, a Sunday School, a desire for good, plants, dogs, cats, new neighbours and so on. The Christ guides us all.

    Every morning it has been raining and it clears up during the day. I awoke to the understanding that this represents that even though our darkness may appear extended, the rays of Love are ever present and with the moon shining through the clouds at night further proof that NoThing can stop the Light. We just need to seek it.

    Christine, again..thank you! Much Love to ALL

  17. Thank you for this very peaceful and inspiring Lift.

  18. In my work email this morning was a Christmas Card. It came from a young lady we work with in China at one of the factories. Her simple message “happy merry christmas” was accompanied by a photo of a huge home covered in lights with a three car garage. Two things come to mind. I wonder if she thinks we all have three car garages and oh boy, an opportunity to speak softly.

    I will complement the amazing house of lights which is, for me, a fantastic and fun symbol of the light of Christly peace, harmony, healing which shines on us and through us every day.

    Thank you Christine, for you part of light-shining! And, happy merry Christmas to a world of special friends here at the daily lift table.

  19. Sincerest gratitude, Christine, for this Christmas gift and to the Daily Lift Team and Lifters, too! Christmas blessings all!

  20. Loved it! Thanks for this timely reminder at this busy time of year!

  21. Thank you for this precious insight. Merry Christmas to all!

  22. Thanks for beautiful message of Christ -love which is ever present from the ages & all inclusive. Embraced in that Love, we are able to come out of any kind of conflict, sickness & negative thoughts. Thanks again.

  23. Thanks Christine, very precise, powerful and inspiring reminder of what Christmas means. I love it!
    Bless your heart :)

  24. Thanks so much, Christine, for helping me lift my thoughts above the seeming void of family this season to the true meaning of Christmas and God's beautiful gift to all mankind - the love of Christ. I also was inspired by your testimony in the January 2014 Journal which I just read yesterday. I probably won't be able to listen this afternoon to your live lecture - maybe it will be recorded for later listening. Thanks so much for your dedication and willingness to share the truths taught in Christian Science with the world. We certainly have a universal family here and blessings to all!

  25. Thank you, Christine, for “God’s gift – Christ love … God’s unchanging, all-embracing love lifts each one of us … humility, forgiveness, and compassion save people … the Christ love embraces Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Sikh … even people, who have no religion at all … ‘the Prince of Peace has come to all mankind!’”

    … and we, in that image and likeness …

    This is a great “last-minute Christmas shopping” reminder to, whatever else, give (and receive!) the gift of Christ love - humility, forgiveness, and compassion.

    Sharing God’s gift ensures the merriest Christmas and happiest New Year – ever!!!

  26. Thank you Christine.

  27. Thank you so much, Christine, for this light-giving message of Christ-Love! I would love to be at your Lecture tonight in NYC! Ohhh how our World needs this understanding of the Christ-Love for All! Thank you to You, Christine, to The Mother Church, the Daily Lift Team and to All of You, my Daily Lifter Friends for all the Love we've shared this past year as a Family on these LIfts every morning! A Merry Christmas of Love to All! Much Love, Bevi xoxo!!

  28. So beautifully and helpfully put, Chris. Many thanks and love,

  29. Thank you for this inspiring, healing message that cuts through all the mistaken, ignorant beliefs regarding Christmas celebrating. Those of us in the NYC area are on tiptoes to hear more of this infinite theme of Christ love in your talk tonight!
    Merry Christmas to all.

  30. I just love this Christmas gift of Christ love, Christine. It's a real revelation! How clearly it came to me, after a joyous afternoon with friends. Tomorrow we'll sit on the deck at my daughter's home with loving family and friends, overlooking the Pacific Ocean all the way to Puerto Rico! Giving gratitude for healings in recent months I would never have thought possible, and so effortlessly. To all our Daily Lifters, a harmonious and holy Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow night!
    Nancy, are you telling me you DO NOT have a garage big enough for a Hummer and a gooseneck, and a house with lights all over it?
    Well, you do have snow and jingle bells, while we surf our way through the big breakers of the king tides over Christmas!
    And it's all for the glory of God!
    Thank you Nate and the production team; The Mother Church working hard over your Holiday Season; and our family spread out around the world, but together, as one, with Your Daily Lift.

  31. The perfect Christmas message! Thank you!

  32. Thank you so much, Christine. Dressing in the dark this a.m., my first thoughts were "Bless Christmas morn tho murky clouds,,,,,". What a joyous day!

  33. Dear Christine, Merry Christmas to you, your family, to the lift team and all these precious commenters! Much gratitude for all!

  34. Beautiful!
    Thank you Christine..

  35. Happy Christmas of Love to the Daily Lift staff, all Lecturers, and all contributors of the DL.

  36. Loved the message and looking forward to watching the lecture tonight, Christmas Eve. Thank you so much.

  37. So, very, very, beautiful. Thank you.

  38. Thank you, Christine. Let us help to welcome the universal Christ consciousness into our often troubled world.


  39. Thank you, Christine, for the wonderful reminders!

  40. Thanks Christine. Joy to the World -- to All humanity -- as your message says. This is the Christ, here, now, for all!
    Happy Christmas Eve's day to all. A day of hope and peace .

  41. One year when Nancy (18) was about seven years old we were traveling on Christmas eve, stopped at a motel in central Florida. Nan began to prepare for Santa's arrival. She set up a suitcase as a fireplace, hung four stockings from the top and dangled a single orange from a stick of sugar cane for the Christmas tree and confidently went to sleep.

    I went to give our parents a 'heads up' about her plan. Somehow our father found an open gas station, for the next morning our stockings were filled with candy and small travel necessities.

    This favorite Christmas taught me that the promise of the Christ included expectation of good and gratefulness for good received. Also about how much fun it was to be in on the 'giving'. It tickles me to think that God gets delight from the gifts he gives to His children.

    Thank you Christine and Merry Christmas to Lifters and Production Team and all.

  42. Excellent, timely message. Thanks, Christine.

  43. Thank you Christine for this Christmas message to all, all over the world.
    The Christ divine Love is ever unfolding, ever protecting, ever guiding.
    Blessings to all lifters this Christmas!

  44. God blesses us all! Thank you so very much!

  45. God blesses us all! Thank you so very much!

  46. Christmas is not for you. It's not about your loneliness or limitations or discords. It's about the star, the light of the Christ, the spiritual understanding that gives glory to God. It's about giving. It's about giving peace and encouragement. It's about expressing joy and generosity. It's about giving thanks and being mindful of the star, the light of the Christ. Thanks to Christine, all the lifters, and all those who work at reflecting this light.

  47. Thank you for this gift message to the all mankind. God truly is blessing each and every one of us.

  48. Thank you for this beautiful message on Christmas Eve. Much love to all..
    Merry Christmas!

  49. Divine Love is the greatest gift mankind will ever receive.

    I frequently contemplate changes in my life and have already been thinking about my New Year's resolutions. Your lift made me think about the difference between the words "resolve" and "dissolve".

    Mrs. Eddy writes, "Self-love is more opaque than a solid body. In patient obedience to a patient God, let us labor to dissolve with the universal solvent of Love the adamant of error, — self-will, self-justification, and self-love, — which wars against spirituality and is the law of sin and death." (242:15).

    Is it human will to resolve to be a stronger man when perhaps the real need is to dissolve the Adam (a-dam) man to become more pliable, flexible, receptive, forgiving, patient, meek and expressive of Divine Love?

    In competitive sports it is commonly said, "The best defense is a good offense."

    In Christ we must know, "Our only defense is to remove all offense."

    Merry Christmas to all with Love


  50. Thank you Christine for this true message of Christmas. Putting Christ first brings all the other joys of the season into their rightful place and we can appreciate and love our families, friends and even those we don't personally know but who enrich our lives in many ways.
    Merry Christmas to all the BOL, our Daily LIft team, and all my family of Lifters.
    God's blessings on you all.

  51. Yes, the Prince of Peace has come to AlL Mankind! Thank You Christine.

  52. God's way of plugging into human consciousness is by his Christ, much like a lamp has a wire with a plug that plugs into an electric socket so that the bulb glows in light. The Christ is that wire which allows God's thoughts to pass to mortal man to tell the truth of his immortality, thus destroying the lie of his mortality.

  53. Nancy No. 18, thank you for sharing your idea--the daily lift table. Usually when one sits down at a table to eat, one usually has a very peaceful, satisfied feeling. One's need is being met. Well, when I sit down at the computer to listen to the daily lift, I have that wonderful uplifting feeling and ready to be fed with the Christ truth expressed in every lift and the response by all your lifters. What a daily Christmas present I receive all year long. Thank you lifter and lifters. Merry Christmas one and all.

  54. thank you for the reminder of the Christ light and how it blesses all of us. So glad you were called to shine that light at Third Church today.

  55. My hope for today: to be neither defensive nor offensive.

  56. Yes, of course, the one God bestows His blessing on ALL His children. She loves all her babes! We are indeed, in Paul's words, "heirs of God and joint-heairs with Christ." (Romans 8:17) Thanks be to God every day for this unspeakable Gift we celebrate at Christmas.

  57. Thanks to all the Lifters and Lecturers. These comments everyday have been a godsend to me. God bless you all

  58. Thank you Christine, as usual your message was spot on! I too an hoping we can listen to your lecture after today.

  59. AMEN

  60. Thank you...all.

  61. Much love to all at this precious healing time. Thanks, Christine, and joyous Christmas.

  62. Thank you, Christine, for your beautiful and important message for welcoming the "babe" into our lives again.
    Grateful thanks to all the Staff who put together the Daily Lift for all of us around the world to enjoy.
    A bless Christmas to all of you who contribute.

  63. Thank you, Christine!

  64. Thank you Christine - God's Love is here for us all - world wide, and it is such a celebration to reacknowledge the coming of Christ consciousness to us all. I also am so grateful for the daily sharing of lifters from around the globe that nourishes me with love, and the unfoldment of daily glorifying God. Hugs and gratitude to the Lift team for their tireless contribution to Love's unfoldment.


  66. What a gift to find and hear your message Christine. So clear, so inclusive, so loving! I am looking forward to listening to your lecture this evening: another GIFT!! Deeply grateful, Maria

  67. Thanks Christine for the wonderful Lift.
    Also thanks to all for their comments.
    Love to all. Wishing all a joyous Christmas.

  68. Thank you so much, Christine.
    And how wonderful that you are giving a lecture this eve in NYC at 7:30!
    I look forward to seeing/hearing you online.

  69. Thank you, Christine,
    I was listening to your yesterday lecture in 3rd Church NY city. (via Internet). Thank you for it. It was great and uplifting. I listened to two of the questions but since it was getting too late turned the computer off at about 3:45am. I had a very good sleep with your words in my mind and they carried me on today.
    Thanks again and happy new year to you. (Here we are about 6 hours later than in NY)

  70. Thank you, Christine -- your message is right with it! Thanks.

  71. A rich and generous message, thank you.

  72. Beautiful, in English and listened en francais aussi. Merci.

  73. Thank you very much

  74. Powerful message! Thank YOU!

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