12/23: God is

12/23: God is

Click HERE to watch Julie's new video lecture "Living in the heart of Bethlehem."

Julie quotes in her Daily Lift today from a poem by Mary Baker Eddy titled "The New Century." The verse can be found in "Poems" on page 22, line 12.

"'Tis writ on earth, on leaf and flower: Love hath one race, one realm, one power."

  1. Thank you Julie for this beautiful, heart-warning Lift. Simply two words,"God is", encompasses the Allness of the one Mind and His eternal, harmonious creation; it is all-inclusive. It is not a partial sentence that is waiting to be completed, it is in and of itself its own expression of the completeness of our Father-Mother God - the only life and intelligence governing the universe. Such a powerful and loving thought. Thank you again.

  2. Thank-you Julie for this true, clear thought at this special time of the year.

  3. Thank you for your inspiration I do love to think in what God is, what God does, and what God knows.

  4. Julie, Thank you for this beautiful lift expressing "God is." Earlier this morning, my wife and I were shopping in our central market. We live in a Buddhist country and were surprised to hear religious Christmas songs being played from the loud speakers in this central,open market place. In our 12 years living in this city we have never experienced this before. God's light, truth, and love cannot be hidden and the light which shone so bringt on that first Christmas--announcing the Christ idea--continues to peremate the world today by touching hearts and minds. The sounds of religious songs being played in the market of a non-Christian country proves that "God is" and that hearts throughout the world can be touched by the Christ at this time of the year and throughout the comming years.

  5. So nicely put. Thank you and Merry Christmas :-)

  6. God is, God exists, and that by itself should be enough for the whole world to be at peace.

    Just one, no division, no separation; infinite Love. The pure essence of Love.

    We should rejoice that the earth is not a drifting planet in an unknown universe, but God’s chosen niche for His beloved children, all taken care of.

    “Love hath one race, one realm, one power” MBE Poems: The New Century

    All of us have one Father,
    each one of us is an individual treasure
    in a myriad of colors and spiritual ideas.

    Dios es, Dios existe, y eso solo debiera ser suficiente para que todo el mundo esté en paz.

    Solo uno, sin división, sin separación; amor infinito. La esencia pura del Amor.

    Debemos regocijarnos de que la tierra no es un planeta a la deriva en un universe desconocido, sino el nicho elegido por Dios para Sus amados hijos, todos cuidados.

    “El amor tiene una raza, un reino, un poder” Poemas de MBE: El Nuevo Siglo

    Todos nosotros tenemos un Padre,
    cada uno de nosotros es un tesoro individual
    en una miríada de colores e ideas esprituales.

  7. I felt the spirit of Christmas in your lift, Julie, thank you so much. A situation yesterday had need of me to put into practice a phrase from Science and Health (pg. 366), "The tender word and Christian encouragement ... pitiful patience with his fears [and her angers] and the removal of them...."
    Will my tender words do any good to remove fears and angers? Yes, "God is" and his word "shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." (Isaiah 55:11). We have confidence that this is so, and that "...the word of God is quick, and powerful, ....."(Hebrews 4:12)

  8. Julie, Thank you

  9. Thank you Julie, for the sweet Lift - to precious words that cover all needs 'God Is'. Such simplicity, yet it cover all our needs. This transported me back to the branch church I attended in the early 60's. Our soloist sang a rendition of a song, the end of each verse stated 'God is, this is enough to know'. This has often come to thought in the succeeding years, though I have never heard it since.

  10. Thank you VERY much..How clear your lift is. If I may, decades ago, somewhat shortly after being approved for membership in THE MOTHER CHURCH, I wrote:






    Thank you! I offer, with love.

  11. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  12. Yes, Julie... the ONE GREAT heart of Divinity, ruling GREATLY,DIVINELY,MASTERFULLY! energizing
    all in one ACCORD, INFINITE Brotherhood, ruling the Nations of Earth in Heavenly ACCORD,Infinite
    CARING........ever so gently,softly,benignly............ amen! Thank-you for GOD IS !!

  13. Beautiful message, Julie, thank you!

  14. Beautiful - I asked God yesterday what do I need to know. The reply... That I am All. How I asked? This mornings lift unfolds this answer. Perfect timing Thank you!

  15. how lovely Julie,thank you.GOD IS....."let us feel the DIVINE ENERGY of SPIRIT.....".Yes, GOD IS ..my all.
    love and peace to all

  16. OJulie
    I'm in Chile & how nice to hear you speaking & such a good msg
    Yesterday I found myself -
    @a handicraft market, sitting w/a lady whose grands were selling empanadas both of us ennoyed the love those kids expressed
    @ one point the lady showed me her hands which were badly distorted (I speak almost no Spanish so we mimed)
    Immediately I mimed that I would pray for her
    What a oneness of Love filled the little marketplace!!!

  17. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift.

  18. Thank you so much for this wonderful lift, Julie. "God is" - such a simple yet powerful statement.

  19. ¡¡Sí qué maravilla, Dios Es!!

    Dios Es, nosotros somos, no hay otra cosa que considerar en Una relación Unica, donde solo existe Un tiempo, Un espacio, donde todo se conjuga en Una sola realidad, que absorbe el resto, que no puede batallar porque es impotente y cae hecho añicos frente a tal magnitud, que genera Dios con Su Amor.

    Naturalmente, esa amorosa Magnitud-Amor se ha expandido de tal manera dando de Sí misma, que se hace necesario, en ese tiempo y espacio donde germinan, crecen y florecen los bellos capullos de las ideas, que sea buena la semilla, regar regularmente para que abran los capullos y perfumar con aromas sustanciales, los espacios, para que el tiempo, sin tiempo siga germinando las flores del pensamiento alado, que trae ideas, que hacen crecer y desarrollar la semilla, para que la bella flor, se convierta en obras que perfuman, con realizaciones que demuestran la "Unidad del Bien" en Un solo Ser, y nosotros de Él y para Él, eternamente.

    Muchas gracias Julie, La idea Mayor, Cristo, hace germinar las flores de nuestro jardín, perfumando el sendero por donde debemos andar.

  20. Thank you Julie, for this lovely DL "God is". Yesterday we had a meeting at our weekend home. My daughter came from Europe with her husband and they decided to invite family and friends from Argentina who had not been able to attend their wedding in Europe. It was a lovely party and they both decided to speak some words to the guests. It was all about love. Different cultures, different ages, different languages but the unity of Love permeating every heart. Yes, God is, He is all in all. His arms encircle me and mine and all. Merry Xmas to all my family around the world and once more special thanks to the team that makes this Daily Lifts available to us.

  21. Thank you.

  22. Dear Julie,

    Thank you for this Lift especially as it showed how you walk with uplifted thought which helps you view the world, and its events, from an enlightened perspective filled with love and unity.

    Thank you Gary and Rosie. Gary I especially loved how you expanded on "fears" to include "anger". I have been working with a situation similar to yours and that 'expanded' version will be very helpful. When people express anger it really is fear they are expressing and since fear is not part of the divine Source, fear cannot exist....fear, isn't.

    So strange, but last night I kept pondering how I would explain to someone what or who is God. I know the many ways to describe Him, but I sought an answer that would keep the person engaged and thinking about God even when we are finished talking.

    I then realized that God isn't an explanation He is an understanding (hence God, is.) as demonstrated by His works. We do not see God, per se, we see His works; that hit home to me as a positive message at Christmas or what I like to call a Christly Mass where Love is Priest, Truth is the word, time has no place and the congregants sit wisdom and healing.

    Our works must bear testimony to the Truth. I find it interesting that when I am questioned about my religion the first thing people ask is do I believe in hell. Why start with the negative? I reply that we start with the understanding that God created all and ALL is VERY good. He is ALL.. He, is! :-). Thx.

  23. Many thanks Julie Anne for this beautiful thought. Yes. "This is the heart of Christmas." "Love hath one race, one realm, one power." (MBE Po. 22:12). "One holy church of God appears/ Through every age and race,/ Unwasted by the lapse of years,/ Unchanged by changing place." (Christian Science Hymnal #261).

  24. Thanks, Julie. A powerful message anytime, but especially for right now. Best to you & your lovely family.

  25. Thank you Julie

    Yes, God is... in the DETAILS.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure

    Love in Christ


  26. "God is" - the One All-in-all! Sincerest thanks, Julie, for this beautiful, healing message and to the faithful DL staff and Lifters!

  27. Thank you for this early morning message. In the early hours I've been praying to see the solution to religious strife, to understand better the universal love of our Father-Mother God and to realize more that everyone has loving brothers and sisters, but never enemies -- never anyone to be over run nor anyone wanting to diminish others. We all belong to God. And God loves all of us.

    Yes, God is. This is the reason that Christ Jesus appeared and carried out his God-appointed mission. This is the reason that Mary Baker Eddy discovered and shared the divine Science which is God's law of love for everyone. This is the reason that everyone is here, to glorify God. Thank You, God for being and doing.

    Merry Christmas

  28. And Julie, the oneness of our own Daily Lift family, with love unceasing and overflowing. Just 'gushing with love" as Mrs Eddy described her heart during a similar incident. This family has been through some amazing valleys, and one admitted she had feelings to end her life right then."
    But the love from all that simply poured out, washed away all dark feelings. Before long we received the message that such was the love experienced, all thoughts of self-harm had simply been dispelled! We really are a united, strong, supportive family of "one realm, one race, and one power."
    Thank you Nate and Shannon and the team; The Mother Church, what a feast of superlative articles this Christmas! And our family of Daily Lifters, infinitely loving, eternally as one.

  29. A beautiful and gentle presentation to begin this Christmas week. Thank you.

  30. Thank you, Julie, for that message today. And Merry Christmas.

  31. beautiful lift thank you!

  32. Wonderful, Thank you Julie

  33. It is a fact that we exist because God is. Doesn’t it seem just a tad science fiction-like that two people arranged molecules which divided themselves into conscious being? Well, never mind.

    Recognizing something of spiritual identity completely exposes the meaninglessness of division, either as our origin or as separation from what is eternally true.

    I love those international moments which punctuate this. Like your concert, Julie, every day this daily lift rolls around the globe sharing "God is" inspiration. A little concert every day.

    A gem, Bernard #10, Thank you.

  34. Thank you, Julie, for the uplifting thought! The interfaith gatherings in my area have always encouraged me when the oneness of Love is expressed. Thanks, too, Nate & DL team for the beautiful voices reminding us that "All, all is well." Perfect thoughts for the beginning of Christmas week.
    So grateful for the oneness in love expressed by this inspired DL family throughout the world. What a blessing!

  35. Thank you, Julie, for “God is … beautiful diversity …a spirit of unity … as children of God … ‘Love hath one race, one realm, one power’ … this is what Jesus came to teach us …”
    … and I, as a student of Jesus, continue to grow in proving that “God is.” Holding myself accountable to living under the Golden Rule more than ever before, I find my understanding of Love is being steadily refined. It’s not always easy; but, I’m appreciating more than ever before, that Love is not only the greatest, but the only power. I can’t help but smile when I consider the wisdom of founding a worldview, a country, a government, a society, a family, my own philosophy of Life developing a lifestyle and culture in the spirit and letter of “e pluribus unum,” under one, indivisible God!!! What an awesome everyday Christmas message and gift we have to share with each other and the entire world to guide and protect all of God’s children “as in heaven, so on earth.”

  36. Thank you, Julie for a beautiful lift. Merry Christmas to all.

  37. Simply beautiful. Thank you all.

  38. Beautiful, Julie Anne Ward! As is the spirit of tenderness and love in your voice. "Love hath one realm, one race, one power" (MBE).God is, that is enough to know!

  39. Dear Julie,
    Thanks so much for this lift which reminded me of the holidays when I was a child in elementary school where the majority of the students were Jewish. At Christmas we had programs illustrating the story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus and the story of Chanukkah. This was a public school and certainly wasn't preaching religion. We all enjoyed learning about each other's beliefs. I think this false idea of separation of state and religion is the U.S. is depriving our children of a rich heritage.

    And thanks Jack from Chiang Mai, Thailand, for sharing your experience in a Buddhist country hearing religious Christmas songs being played from the loud speakers in a central, open market place. What a joyous experience.

    Also thanks for the link to Julie's lecture, "Living in the heart of Bethlehem" which was so enjoyable with the singing of "O Little Town of Bethlehem" entwined with an inspiring message. I have an angel tree - a Christmas tree trimmed with only angels and white lights which I really enjoy creatively decorating each year. And with the placement of each angel I think of an angel message I've received with gratitude.

    Regarding "God is" I'd like to share the last verse from a poem, "Here and now" by Kardyne Flad Steacy (Sentinel, July 21, 1997):

    Since God is All,
    Fear has no place,
    Right here and now
    Love fills all space.

    God is with us all wherever we may be - what a blessing!

  40. Thank you for this beautiful Lift, beautifully presented. What a gentle, yet powerful and healing statement is made: God is. ....Good is, Good reigns. We are at one with God and His/Her beloved creation.

  41. God is - and we can never be deprived of anything we need in order to keep our thoughts in the spiritual realm of the real. These lifts really help me to do this, and I am so grateful.
    I have been unable to download anything for a couple of weeks, and I really missed being able to listen to the lifts. However, I got such a lot out of the comments that I didn't feel the loss - all the spirit of the lift was repeated and expanded on by the lifters.

    I am so glad to be back on track, and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved - the DL team, and the Lecturers who give us such spiritual inspiration, and all of our DL family around the world. Wishing everyone a truly blessed, peaceful and joyful Christmas, and a wonderful unfoldment of good for the coming year.

  42. Just lovely, Julie! Thank you for sharing about the Universal Love at your Gospel Concert! I recently attended a gathering of people who were searching for a deeper meaning of the Bible, of Jesus and of Who we really are. I was thrilled to see someone from a Buddhist Meditation group, one from a 12-Step Group, some from Unity Church, some from New Age traditions, some from Christian Churches, and me from the Christian Science Church. This was a unifed group of Seekers, coming from different backgrounds! I was able to share a little about C.S. and to listen to other ideas. Love truly brought us together as "one race" in "one realm" and under "one power"! God is! Happy Merry to All!

  43. Deep and simple, like the Christ...Thank you for this and the glorious lecture...

  44. -Thank you Julie for this strong and beautiful message, God is, and ever will be. Much love to all.

  45. Thank you, Julie, for your beautiful and inspiring Lift.

  46. I love the beautiful singing in this lift. It is the music to hymn 350 in the Christian Science Hymnal. The words to the first verse are:

    "Through the love of God our Savior
    All will be will;
    Free and changeless is His favor;
    All must be well;
    Precious is the Love that healed us,
    Perfect is the grace that sealed us,
    Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us;
    All, all is well."

    The next 2 verses are wonderful as well.
    Holiday hugs to all!

  47. Thank you! This was such a lovely Lift and I appreciate all the comments, too - especially #4 Jack's experience, #6 Elena and #10 Bernard inspiration and I agree with all the folks who mention this forum as holy evidence of God's allness. So grateful for the Daily Lift - especially right now.

  48. The inspiration is felt! Thank you!

  49. Beautiful, heart felt lift Julie. Thank you so much for bringing us all together in the Christmas spirit. God is. Love is. Truth is. Life is. Principle is. Spirit is. Soul is. Mind is. Each of the synonyms for God make a statement about God's Allness.

    I loved the music too and thank the DL team and BOL for these daily lifts that are so inspiring for everyone. By adding comments we as lifters come together too as one family even though we are from all over the world. In these moments of sharing and loving one another we find our individuality and unity in the one God. What a tremendous blessing!

  50. Oh thank you Julie!
    This echoes so sweetly a thought shared in an earlier lift.
    A thought about grace

    We're all one family because God is
    Thanks again and Joyeux Noel!

  51. Thank you very much--I love this lift!
    I think this might be the gospel song Julie mentions ("God Is"--this version is by Rev. James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir):


  52. Funny, when I read the title I read it with the name..."God is with Julie Anne". I was thinking the message would be about how God is with someone which warmed my heart as I read a news article yesterday about a lost life....and been praying about this and seeking comfort. I occured to me that yes "God is" (any good true quality) always with us. And is our Life and being. As the song played at the beginning of the message "all is well" I agreed.

  53. I like your invitation "let us, together" -- perfect for the Christmas season. Thank you, Julie.

  54. God is, this isn't, and that's that! What to affirm when error tries to creep in. Thanks Julie for the reminder that "God is".

  55. IS IS IS!!!

  56. Oh what a feast for the soul is this Daily Lift, and all the wonderful comments from Daily Lifters! And what a joyous way to start the day! Thank you Julie, and special thanks to everyone for sharing your helpful and insightful thoughts. Loved your poem, Bernard (10). Merry Christmas, everyone.

  57. Thank you, Julie!

  58. Absolutely perfect. I appreciate the visual and the picture of perfect spiritual Truth. Merry Christmas, Julie!

  59. Thank you for that beautiful message. Vicky

  60. Thank you , Julie - and to #4 - thank you for sharing that wonderful story! God is . . . .

  61. God is the great I AM!

  62. What a beautiful universal sentiment quoted from Mary Baker Eddy's writings showing like Jesus we are brothers and sisters of one Father-Mother, God.

  63. Perfect!Thank you.

  64. What a precious thought today! Thank you Julie. I look forward to hearing your lecture next :) Now if you could just send some of that beautiful Gospel music from Atlanta to Los Angeles, that would put the icing on the cake!

  65. Thank you! You scored with that lift. How helpful to realize we all can unify in knowing "God is."

  66. Thank you! GOD IS!

  67. A Blind Person see's by attitudes a person demonstrates regardless of Religion, culture or color and judges by action. Therefore no matter what faith your in, country you come from or what color you are, a blind person see's, hears and feels what God has made. Why can't we all have that attitude, even with mortal sight? Just one judgement, that which God hath created, the world would be a better place, expressing the Love that's innate in all of us.

  68. Carol,Switzerland
    Thank you very much for this wonderful lift.

  69. Thank you Julie. I took the time to listen to that very short lecture called "Living in the heart of Bethlehem ". It was so inspiring. I love when explanations are given.

    So, now I am singing "Oh little town of Bethlehem" in my heart. What a gift, a song, and angel thought, a peace. The Dear Christ enters in.

    And a side note, what better place to be than at the Christian Science reading room. God's work is joy. And so I looked out the window and could not miss a huge bird. Wingspan of an eagle, as it cruised the sky, circling around. I knew it was a gift but I was surprised for me.

    And then the angel said, " your'e soaring all by yourself in the beauty of Divine Love. This is what it looks like. I tried to get that big bird to pose as I ran outside with my phone camera. But soarers just keep going on."

    Nice to soar with the Daily Lifters all this year. Their angel thoughts were much appreciated.

  70. A beautiful and inspiring Christmas message . Thank you Julie .

  71. Beautiful! Thank you,Julie! Merry Christmas!

  72. Thank you, Julie! I know and love that song, too. My choir sang it in college. Part of it says this: "God is the joy and the strength of my life. He moves all pain, misery, and strife. He promised to keep me, never to leave me, He'll never, never come short of His word." While parts of the original song may be slightly different from what all of us believe theologically, the overall message is clear; God is indeed our All! Beautiful and powerful message to keep in mind at Christmas and always. Here is the original recording of the song, which is by James Cleveland: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uf7jvDjz2Y

  73. Thanks so much, Kate (#51), for sharing this link to "God Is." That's the song. Let's all be singing it together. So much gratitude for all these wonderful comments. We're all having a "family Christmas" with our Daily Lift family.

  74. God is.

    I am.

    That's all there is to it.

  75. May tomorrow lift you and yours with wings of spiritual newness and the branch of love sustain you through the New Year.



  78. I love looking at the hometowns of all the previous commenters. God's word flies around the globe faster than Santa Claus! I always love the personal stories you include in your Daily Lifts, Julie!

    Wishing you and all your loved ones a perfect holiday season!

  79. Echo the sentiments expressed by others. What a peaceful place from which to begin the Christmas week. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.

  80. Beautifully clear. Thank you!

  81. Julie, thank you for this beautifully simple and powerful thought. Yes, indeed, God Is! That is the sum and total.
    To Rosie #9: I believe the solo you refer to is "Enough to Know," words by Frances T. Clark and music by Elizabeth Ogden. I think this song is POP (Permanently out of print). Here's the first verse from this song:

    I know not how nor when nor why,
    I can but this on God rely,
    His truth, His love eternal flow,
    God's Life! God's Life!
    This is enough to know.

    Thank you, Kate #10 and Laura #72, for sharing the links to "God Is." I had not heard that song before - it is a beautiful message, beautifully sung.

  82. God is.What a wonderful statement.

  83. Without God's allness I would not have found every single grocery item I needed today at one store. A couple of items are usually not carried at this store, but there they were for my picking. Before I went shopping I got my daily lesson and felt so full of gratitude for the ones in Boston who prepare these lessons probably months in advance. So very often the lesson has met my needed unfoldment to handle a present problem at the time. Proof positive that God's truth is ever present. Christmas blessings to all and to all a peaceful presence of divine love.

  84. What a beautiful Daily Lift, Julie. Thank you for this one and your many others that have inspired and healed !

  85. Thank you for this thoughtful message.

  86. What lovely simplicity! Thank you.

  87. Perfectly Beautiful, This is a keeper, Thank you and Merry Christmas to one and all

  88. One realm, one race, and one power plus let God be all in all. This is Christmas. Thanks so much, Linda

  89. Lovely to reinforce this at this time of year
    Than is so much Julie

  90. so, very grateful for your ,up lift,
    The truth that. GOD IS.
    That is enough !!
    Thank You.

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