12/20: Because He first...

12/20: Because He first...

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  1. Thank you Christiane for this so-important Lift. When we learn of God we also learn of his eternal love for us, his beloved sons and daughters. With this comes the realization that we can never feel unloved, unwanted, or neglected. The most natural thing in the world is for us to love God -with all of our being. This is the purist love there is. Its transforming power delivers us from all discord. Gods love for man is not only at the very heart of spiritual healing but is its very soul.

  2. Thank you with all my heart, Christiane, for those healing words "GOD REJOICES IN US" so comforting and embracing. Thank you too to the team for the little one's concluding message, lovely to hear her voice again, she makes one smile even more.

  3. "Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice!" Philippians 4:4

    Ah, if we all would realize that God just loves us, with no conditions, no regrets, no 'buts'!

    God doesn't stop loving us when we sin; but is always awaiting for us to turn back to Him.

    He made us His very own children; we must be important to Him!
    That by itself is a very good incentive to rejoice, isn't it?

    We all have the capacity to love God because He first loved us...and rejoiced in everyone of us!

    Regocijaos en el Señor siempre. Otra vez digo: ! Regocijaos! Filipenses 4:4

    Ah, si todos nos diéramos cuenta que Dios simplemente nos ama ¡sin condiciones, sin escusas, sin ‘peros’!

    Dios no deja de amarnos cuando pecamos; ¡sino que siempre está esperando que volvamos a Él!

    Él nos hizo Sus propios hijos; ¡debemos de ser imporantes para Él!

    Eso de por sí es un muy buen incentivo para alegrarse, ¿no es así?

    Todos tenemos la capacidad de amar a Dios porque Él nos amó primero…¡ y regocijó en cada uno de nosotros!

  4. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  5. Thank you, Chris. Your tender, healing message of God's love removed a heavy burden and lifted my spirits. I am rejoicing with the hymn, "I drop my burden at His feet, and bear a song away." (Hymn 124 from the Christian Science Hymnal) How precious to know that God rejoices in us!

  6. This is a wonderful message for Christmas and for every day! thank you Christiane.

  7. Thank you Christiane.

    "Love of course includes joy" really stood out to me and "we can rejoice in the Lord always..and that joy can never be taken away from us.."

    Martin, thank you as well, I especially enjoyed "God's love for man is not only at the very heart of spiritual healing but is its very soul.' For many a year there have been constant, pressing situations that have been very hurtful that would try to rob me of my joy, I will admit that for years, they did.

    What bothered me most was that I would go out of my way to be kind, spending money I do not have, taking time that could be used otherwise and in return these individuals would just be very hurtful; they would not stop until they saw that they caused pain, like someone cutting you up with a knife and not stopping until you yell out in pain.

    I realized that my true heritage is spiritual, where neither tongue nor knife can interfere with my individuality. Our individuality is in God and as we love, we reflect God.

    The solar panels absorb the sun's rays and use those rays to do useful things with them, while at the same time warming the panels; when we reflect God's love and do useful things with it, we are 'warmed' or fed by the very process which helps to amplify man's usefulness and individuality.

    Those situations are now seen as opportunities to demonstrate patience, every-flowing-love, wisdom and individuality - the Christ Child in each of us.

    Love is a demonstration of joy & supply! Thx.

  8. Thank you for this very timely Lift. We know that God truly does love each and every one of us.

  9. Thank you for voicing the spirit of God and for your reminder to us that the spirit within us all is love. Wishing you Joy and Peace this day as your presence demonstrates the true meaning of this sacred season.

  10. Thank you. Merry Christmas to us all.

  11. THank you Christine for this seasonally and ,for me personally,timely uplifting presentation .

  12. Christiane, Thank you.

  13. Thank you Christiane for this powerful and much needed message for us individually and to support our prayers for the world community.
    As Hymn #139 tells us "No more I suffer cruel fear, I feel God's presence with me here; The joy that none can take away is mine; I walk with Love today." I pray that divine Love will walk with me and all today in His/Her way of peace and joy.
    I have always remembered a Lecture that you gave when you told us that it "is our response" to God's love for us "that determines our individual experience". It has been a very helpful guide line for me these many years.
    Thank you again Christiane for bringing us this joyous message this morning. My gratitude to all responsible for these "Daily Lifts" is heartfelt but hard to put into words. Love to all.

  14. Thank you Christianne. I need this today and it brought healing!

  15. With deep gratitude for this rejoicing message at this time of the year, Christina!

    Our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy tells us in My 201:10: " Rich hope have I in him who says in his heart: —
    I will listen for Thy voice,
    Lest my footsteps stray;
    I will follow and rejoice
    All the rugged way."

    Love, Nelly

  16. So wonderful, to know that the source of our joy is only God, not human circumstances which may change from day to day. God is our constant, our Rock. And therefore our joy cannot be taken from us, any more than our integrity can be taken from us!

    Thank you, Christiane and all Lifters. Have a blessed and joy-filled Christmas season!

  17. Thank you so much, Mrs Little, for this overflowing heartfelt Lift. There is one other Bible verse I love and was given to me on waking one morning, but of all the sentences in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures I think this must be my favourite. I remember in 1958 the first time I read it, and realized what it said to me, my heart leaped in me! Thank you again for this truly great Lift to make everyone who hears it rejoice!
    Thank you Nathan and the production team; the Board of Lectureship; and our wise Lift family coming together from afar for this celebration of the Christ in each one of us.

  18. A joy filled thank you.

  19. Dearest Christiane,
    what a joy to hear this daily lift by you ! And what a message! So clear and strong. "Because He first loved us." This is such a beautiful Christmas message. Yes, we have to realize more often, that God first loved us. Not because we love Him, but because we are His beloved creation, His image and likeness, the children of Light. Always.
    thank you so much, liebe Christiane. Gesegnete Weihnachten wünsche ich Dir mit Deinen großen Familie und ich wünsche mir auch, dass wir uns vielleicht im nächsten Jahr wiedersehen.
    Alles Liebe und Gute!

  20. Joy - pleased, gratified, happy, blessed, contented, blissful, jubilant, exultant, gleeful, exhilarated, heart warmed, jolly, mirthful, laughing, smiling, peace, quiet, contentment. There is a huge range of what constitutes joy, isn’t there? From simple contentment to jubilant, there is one common thread, a sense of satisfaction that things are very good, even great!

    Where we get in a little trouble is when confuse Santa Claus with God. Santa may not know what we need, but God always provides. Santa may think we are naughty or nice, but God knows we are good. Santa gives gifts only once a year but God provides freely always. Joy from Santa is seasonal but joy from God is ever appearing.

    Great Lift, Christiane. Thank you!

  21. Thanks, #7 Troy from Barbados, for your example of being a "gentle beam of living love." I'm walking into a difficult situation today, and I will hold your example close.

    Our one real relationship is with God. Thanks, Christiane, for teaching us about where our love for others comes from. I knew I'd be blessed by listening to the DL before traveling today, and indeed I have been.

  22. Thank you This is a clear thought of our oneness with God.

  23. Many thanks Christiane for this timeless reminder during the joyous Christmas season, that Love's "Joy can never be taken from us." "God is Love." More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go." (S&H 6:17). "O joy that ever will remain,/ Midst seeming sorrow, hate, and pain,/ Our hearts to fill with this glad song/ That soars above the mists of wrong:/ Man is the loved of Love." (Christian Science Hymnal #232).

  24. Thank you so much for your message. Wonderful sense of One with God

  25. Just so pleased to be back on line and listen to Christianne's uplifting message. The lovely child voice for the copy right was inspiring too. Thank you all, Melvyn Torbay UK

  26. Thanks for sharing such a powerful and beautifully simple message with us today, Christiane. I'm glad to be reminded how natural it is to love and be joyful - because the source of it all is God. I'll keep this in mind today as I travel home and have the opportunity to love my fellow travelers.

  27. What a comforting message. Thank you Christiane.

  28. Yes, let Him be first!!

  29. What a comforting message on joy. Thank you Christiane.

  30. Thank you Chrisitane, a very beautiful message.

  31. Sometimes, yes, situations seem so cruel and one wonders, why me? It always helps me to realize these times are not sent by God, are total illusions, and wonderful opportunities to learn more about my relationship with God. It sometimes also takes some convincing before the situation is healed, but the healing does come. That love and joy from God can't be taken from us no matter what.

  32. Wonderful message Christiane and Nancy's colorful comparison to Santa helpful too. The Bible (I believe it was Jesus speaking to his disciples) says 'Many have desired to see the things that you see' and 'It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom' (of heaven). When Jesus physicality left earth, his being or thoughts apparently remained in us in the form of the Holy Ghost. That, to me, is what Mary Baker Eddy wrote about in Science and Health with key to the Scriptures and that understanding is maturing now throughout the world. What a beautiful gift of God's love to man!

  33. Beautiful! Thank you!

  34. Grazie, Buono Natale!

  35. Thank you for this encouraging and inspiring lift.

  36. Thank you so much Christiane. What a wonderful treatment in just one verse.

  37. I love how Mary Baker Eddy refers to the amplitude of God's Love. His first Love for us was, and is, boundless, and as His reflection our love should also be boundless - without any limitations, unconditional, and constant. I also gained some spiritual insight from your lecture using the link above. One thought was your translating your tears to the raindrops of divinity. Another very close to home was in your speaking of trying to translate the idea of a broken home into Spanish and there were no words ti express that concept. And in the process you discovered there couldn't be a broken home - you were raising your three children on your own, but your home wasn't broken. I raised my daughter on my own also and prayed to demonstrate that our home was not broken because her earthly father was no longer with us - our home was always complete with our Father/Mother God's constant pesence, guidance and protection, and my daughter could not lack love because God loved her. Thanks so much, Christiane, for both this Lift and the lecture.

  38. That little voice at the end of this weeks Lifts is just plain precious!

  39. Thank you so very much Christiane! Beautiful and so timely. I am recalling your lecture in Los Alamos, NM, probably in the 90's. The pure clarity, simplicity, and present power of God's Word. JOY indeed!

  40. Love, God is the liberator - Frees us from sin, disease and death.

  41. So beautiful - thank you!

  42. Love and to Love is innate in all of us because God 1st loved us. Therefore cruelty isn't man's true nature. I use this simple prayer whenever I hear of cruelty in the media. Then because of this prayer, I read that groups are being rounded up to expose the evil and are doing something to correct it. It doesn't happen over night because of many false beliefs that have to be wiped out of conscienceness. But look at it this way; before C/S was discovered and changes of thought was being realized, thousands of years went by without a single change of attitudes toward mankind. Also the rights of Animals are being respected by laws of protection being enacted.

  43. Wow! I always wonder how these lifts can get better? Each one is "best". Just goes to show that God's angel messages and love are always good and limitless....thanks, Christiane and to all the people who comment. So uplifting, every day.

  44. Thank you, Chris, for your comments - just right.

  45. Thank you Christiane for this wonderful lift. "Because he first loved us." And weren't we created by and in Love? We are the very image and likeness of Love and therefore reflecting love is simply natural. In love there is joy. We indeed have so much to be joyful for -- our very eternal existence! This Christmas we can celebrate in joy the coming of the Christ and the timeless message of Love.

  46. God loves what He creates, His own image and likeness! Thank you Christiane, that says it ALL! What a beautiful peaceful lift...with the bow tied on the package of that sweet child's voice. Thank you, all!

  47. Rejoice . . . Joyfully . .. thank you!

  48. This thought has it all in one simple, profound statement. What can we ask for more than this -- to know that He loved us first, now, and always. What is there to fear - with His powerful, dominating love all around? Happiness abounds in endless supply. Thank you, dear Chris, for your deep insight and listening and sharing with the world! Let's all go out and be happy at Christmas time!

  49. Thank you so much Christiane for your loving message reminding us to "...enjoy our oneness with God...", as you say.
    God would want his children all, to bless him with gratitude at least daily. In Mrs. Eddy's interpretation of the Lord's Prayer she says, "'Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.' Enable us to know---as in heaven, so on earth, --God is omnipotent, supreme" (17). God's love, divine Love, is with us now and always.
    Hymn #342
    "All perfect gifts are from above,
    And all our blessings show...
    The amplitude of God's dear love
    Which every heart may know."

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team for another week of uplifting lifts!

  50. Thanks for turning us to the source of love Christiane! You remind me "Love is reflected in love." (S&H pg 17). Does anyone need to feel this love? Look in the mirror. Still don't see it? Listen to this lift again and tell your face about it. :-)

    A well loved Canadian comedian, Red Green, always ends his comedy shows with "We're all in this together!"

  51. Thank you Christiane,
    I see the love in your face, hear the love in your voice, feel the love in your message.
    GOD'S LOVE and joy bring peace to our heats this Christmas season...and all through the year.
    God's Love for us is the greatest gift one could ever receive...and when we share/give/reflect that Love -- it is the greatest gift we can ever give.
    A blessed Holy-day season to you -- all around the world.

  52. Thank you so much Christiane for your heartfelt, heart-quenching Lift! How perfectly it goes with Mary Baker Eddy's writings collected in "What Christmas Means to Me" -- "The basis of Christmas is love loving its enemies, returning good for evil, love that 'suffereth long, and is kind,' and "The basis of Christmas is the rock, Christ Jesus; its fruits are inspiration and spiritual understanding of joy and rejoicing, . . . because of the heaven within us." (p.43) How blessed we are to know what true love and joy are -- and to be able to share freely with our neighbors!
    Much love to all, Carolyn

  53. Outstanding message, dear Christiane Thank you soooo much. It made me feel loved and secure under the shadow of his mighty wings. What a joy, to be part of his perfect creation. Yes, I am rejoicing and I am so grateful to know that his love encircles me and mine and all. To you specially and to all the lifters a joyful and peaceful Christmas..

  54. Outstanding message!!! Thank you so much dear Christiane. It made me feel loved and secure under the shadow of His mighty wings. I rejoice, yes I rejoice in God´s infinite Love ,with gratitude, being part of his wonderful , perfect creation and knowing that His love encircles me and mine and all. Specially to you and to all the lifters a joyful and peaceful Christmas. My gratitude goes to all the DL Team who make it possible to rejoice every day,in these inspired ideas.


  56. Thank you Christiane! Your message made me think how Spirit-based love, true love is always reciprocal. God, Spirit, the source of all, first loved us... so only being asleep to our true nature could we not love back! What a wonderful realization to see that it is in us, inherently, to love God--and just as God, Love, loves us--totally, completely, with all we are.

  57. Earlier this week quoted from hymn 310. Sing ye joyous children sing, yes we are God's children and we are joyous. No choice in the matter because we are God's beloved children.

  58. Thanks for the strong lift. And thanks, too, for giving us a Shared Reflections lecture!

    There's further inspiration to be gathered from the verse that inspired this Dailiy Lift. The original Greek text did not contain "him". This is reflected in modern Bible translations, such as the NIV, where 1 John 4:19 reads --- "We love because he first loved us." Isn't this expansive? It includes the point brought out in the KJV, but then directs us to love that love which shines on all.

  59. Thank you for the joyous lift! Joy IS
    our natural state of thought and being!!

    Also, Love the Kalimba music!
    Merry Christmas to all from the Pacific NW!!

  60. Thank you Christiane for this uplifting and inspiring message. I love to take my walks in the morning and primarily to commune with God and primarily to put Him first in my daily prayers and just to simply say, "Thank you Father-Mother for everything that I am reflecting; pure, whole, perfect and complete". "Love is reflected in love." (Hymn #139) "I walk with along the way....The JOY that none can take away, is mine, I walk with Love to-day." Thanks again for that joy-filled lift.

    Daily Lift Team
    "Love is reflected in love." is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

  61. Just beautiful, Christiane. Your message and voice tell me how much you live by this truth and how many were saved by this truth. You remind me of what is most important thing in the world, Love, love and joy for being in this Love!! Thank you!!! with much love and Merry Christmas!!

  62. Truly uplifting and right on the money.

  63. That which is first has hierarchical primacy. It is the original. It is real.
    Obstructions can keep us from experiencing what is real. But absolutely nothing can keep what is real from being real.

  64. thank you christiane

  65. Thank you, Christiane, for “Because He first … loved us …”

    This brings to mind that not only does God love us, God is love and has defined us in the image and likeness of Love. To explore what that means in our everyday lives makes Life-itself, a study in loving. Helpful to me, is Mrs. Eddy’s own study and sharing of what Love is and what it is not. I’m grateful for her consecrated example.

  66. After listening to this daily lift, it leaves me wondering how much joy and love can come my way from all directions! Who or what would want to fight it?

  67. Thanks so much.

  68. Your voice has so much joy in it, it makes me want to rejoice and I love your message as well.Thanks so much, Christiane

  69. So wonderful to hear a daily lift by you dear Mrs. Little!! What a lovely message of God's Love for us, and it's true, your voice tells us more about that beautiful Love.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and to all!

  70. Beautifully spoken, I could feel the Love of God the entire time as I listened to your words. Thank you for such a wonderful uplifting message. Jan Van Hook

  71. Thank you Christiane for your beautiful lecture, and Eloise for your introduction and added comments as a perfect accompaniment . I loved the thought that came to you, when you had so often wept at the idea you were losing something dear to you, from Mrs Eddy's words assuring us that when the tumult dies away....."Then the raindrops of divinity refresh the earth" that lovely sense of the renewal of joy which never really left us, is there to comfort and uplift. That no experience , however trying at the time can interrupt our expectation of good or separate us from God's Love. Also I loved the idea that, in serving there can be no sense of burden or fatigue. The words of hymn 360 which starts " True, the heart grows rich in giving;" continues further on " Is thy burden hard and heavy? Do they steps drag wearily? Help to bear thy brother's burden, God will bear both it and thee" is particularly meaningful to me at this present moment. So in helping to lift another can only bring a sense of joy and the realization of God's everpresent Love.

  72. Thank you Christiane.

    This is very healing!

    Truth,Wisdom, Love and sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  73. Well, I made it.... a day late! Never mind......Love is eternal, Now, never late! I am up early on this Sat. a.m. Winter Solstice - Sacred Christmas Chants on the tape player, candles lit inside, sparkly lights on outside. Feeling the Stillness of Christmas Love and the Holiness of Christiane's Message of God's Love for All of us, Always! Happy Blessed Christmas, Holy Time of Year, to All! Much Love, Bevi

  74. Lovely message and so important to remember.

  75. Thank you!


  77. Thank you for those few truths, tenderly told. They are so gratefully received. God's love is so all embracing, that no one is left out, ever.

  78. Thank you for those few truths tenderly told. They are so gratefully received. No one is left out of His love, ever.

  79. Thank you, Christiane, and thank you, Troy from Barbados. This worldwide sharing is very special. And love to that dear little voice at the end! I have treasured it all week!

  80. Many, many thanks, dear Chris. And thanks, everyone, also for all the nice responses.

  81. Beautiful message...thank you!

  82. Carol, Switzerland
    Dear Christiane, this daily-lift is for me a healing message. " He first loved us and he rejoices in each one
    of us" This passage makes me feel happy and free from fear and worries, many many thanks.

  83. Beautiful thoughts -- thank you!

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