12/2: Yes!

12/2: Yes!

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The music sample at the end of this podcast is from Alex Cook. His songs can be found on spirituality.com and alexcookmusic.com.
  1. Thanks alot! Its interesting, me, for myself, explain God, Love, often as "The big YES in the world". So, YES! The ideas come to us, inspire us, lead us, under all circumstances, everywhere, at anytime !

  2. Wow. Empowering thought!

  3. YES! I love it; merci beaucoup Marie :-)

    I can hear the smile in Nate's voice too at the beginning and end of the Lift.
    This is what we all need to hear, the harmonious source of all things providing all good for us all, we need to acknowledge it and be grateful, sometimes in advance of the good being apparent to our human vision.

    As Hymn 240 says:
    Now to our eyes display
    The truth Thy words reveal;
    Cause us to run the heavenly way,
    Delighting in Thy will.



  4. Many thanks Marie for that inspiring lift. Yes. "See in abundance the presence and manifestation of God [Love, Life, Truth] for love, life and truth are all around us." "Yes, God is Love: a thought like this/ Can every gloomy thought remove,/ And turn all tears, all woes, to bliss,/ For God is Love, for God is Love." (Christian Science Hymnal #133).

  5. This is the kind of Lift one can play again and again and never tire of its illuminating message. Thank you so much for sharing, Marie.

    Of late, I am developing, with a group of like-minded friends, an international website for a world project of almost staggering dimensions. The people needed to craft such an enterprise of love are ready, willing and able.

    The only fly in the ointment is a tinge of self doubt which on occasion haunts me, whispering seductively in one ear, "This is far too difficult for someone of your limited skills. Best to leave it for others who are more capable and deserving."

    Yet, like Moses, leading the children of Israel through the wilderness to the promise land, I doggedly persist. And he too suffered no end of strife along the way, yet Moses won the battle both with himself and for those he was heroically leading, thanks to God's constant care and love.

    Where will my humble efforts lead? Well, its not for me to say, and I, in fact, have let go of even wondering where I am being led these days. Rather yours truly is trusting in God good to lead the way, knowing my salvation lies not in material circumstance but rather with the Lord who made heaven and earth, the fields and flowers and the fruits of the vine.

    Dedicating my life to Christian Scientist has both emboldened and helped me swim against the current in times of testing. Like Mary Baker Eddy, I am developing a publishing project of world dimensions. And I have already been warned by friends and associates that I will be demonized in the media for my altruistic efforts. And I remain steadfast and unflinching, never giving up on the Christian Science principals which inspired me to take a stance for truth and see this project through to its safe conclusion. Will I be cast into the proverbial flames? It has already happened and, trust me, I have yet to have my robe singed.

    For years I have been learning of the glorious successes of Mrs.Eddy but it is no secret that she too suffered endless travails throughout her long and eventful journey, emerging from each battle unscathed, as well as all the wiser. And of course I can do the exact same, as can we all.

    Thank you again to Marie for a memorable as well as useful Daily Lift.

  6. The Ja in Jaweh is YES! It's part of God's name! No casual wordplay here, but scriptural and etymological consistency.

  7. Such a joy-filllled idea! Yes! Willingness to acknowledge the power and presence of God and His government. Yes! Another powerful but fun Lift!! Yes!!

  8. Thanks so very much dear Marie, just what I really needed for things I have to work out. It is so freeing to say "Yes" to Gods new day and all His healing work, so as you explain it lovingly.
    And thank you a lot for the very encouraging music with Y e s, dear DL-Team!

  9. Thank you Marie, Nate, Alex and Pam.

  10. This is such an inspiring Lift! I also listened to the French version and it is so clear I could understand quite easily. Thank you Marie, and thank you too Pam, for the uplifting English version. I love where you say :"This "Yes!" is a form of gratitude and opens me up to the good right in front of me!" This good right in front of me is revealing itself throughout the day, and when I look back each middle of the night I'm amazed at the wonderful feast of love, peace, goodness and truth. What a joyous explosion to wrap around us, Nate! Is this a Nate Fredericks' composition? If it is, it should be out in time for Christmas! I think there should be a copy of this Lift in all the countries that are coming to negotiating tables right now. And I guess it is! Yes! Many thanks to the BoL, the lecturers and our Daily Lifters. Yes!

  11. Uncle John, if you want to copy out some of the Comments, look under the audio bar, and you'll see a little BOX with PRINT. Click on that and all of the Comments will be on your screen. Just highlight the ones you want, and then move to a new document where you can Save or Save As. One of our Lifters gave wonderful details a couple of weeks ago.

  12. Ah, such a wonderful and inspiring lift. Many thanks, and good day to all!

  13. Yes!

  14. I LOVE this delivery - I will be thinking YES all day. How important to acknowledge God's goodness at hand and the expectation of goodness throughout every moment. Thanks so much Marie!!

  15. YES! YES! YES! OUI! MAIS OUI!!!!!!

  16. Indeed, YES!! And thank you #5 Joel Roher. A group of us here are working to develop a museum-cultural observatory dedicated to the contributions by immigrants. Its acronym is MOI in French. Each time the thought of letting the effort quietly end, an angel thought of Yes! opens another avenue.

    Marie, this Lift is a keeper! Thank you for sharing such a clear inspiration. I am so lifted.

  17. Thank you Marie and everyone for sharing their inspiration, it is truly a "Daily Lift. Blessings to all!

  18. What a wonderful thought to say YES!---sorry tht a lot of those we trust with our "daily bread" haven't learned to say yes

  19. There is that say "What part of NO don't you understand?". I love the idea of "What part of YES do I understand?" I will say YES to God all day. As I read Erik's (#6) comment, the thought came that God is the YES WAY. Thanks for the lift.

  20. Very Sweet. Thank you.

  21. "Yes" is the final word, isn't it? The argument is over. Thank you Marie for prompting us to start the day with "Yes".

    And, I must say "Yes" to Alex Cook's music which I am currently playing from his website while reading the comments. Love the music... gotta buy it.

    As I finished reading Joel's (#5) comments Alex Cooks song "Press On" was playing. Can't top that!

  22. Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times Yes!

  23. Amen to that!

  24. Isn't it wonderful how one word can bring such joy and hope!
    Great music addition....oui, oui, oui!

  25. "This yes helps me live the present moment". What a wonderful statement to carry with me into my day of yes, yes, yes!

  26. Ja! Yes! Qui!

  27. YES , wonderul, thank you ! :-)

  28. I say yes! and thank you to everything about this lift and I really liked Alex Cook's music at the end. Thank you Marie.

  29. I love the message, and our 12 year old daughter loves the "Yes" music at the end! What a great thing to put that heartfelt, affirmative "yes" in music to a message that says yes to God's great goodness, uninterrupted, and fresh every morning!!!! God wants us to say "yes" to Him and His perfect spiritual creation. When we fill our thought with His goodness, we are as Eddy writes keeping "...your minds so filled with Truth and Love, that sin, disease, and death cannot enter them. It is plain that nothing can be added to the mind already full. There is no door through which evil can enter, and no space for evil to fill in a mind filled with goodness." (Miscellany p. 210)

  30. Thank you Marie. I have put on my lap top a big Yes to remind me of this wonderful lift.

  31. Thank you! YES YES YES!!

  32. What a fun, joyous Lift! It reminded me of one of God's little fun things that came to me yesterday when I was doing some study on the concept of "witness" in the Bible & MBE's writings. There are so many references (even apart from the "court case" in S&H) to courtroom terminology throughout these books. I'd just read p. 412:4 in S&H: "Mentally and silently plead the case scientifically for Truth. You may vary the arguments to meet the peculiar or general symptoms of the case you treat, but be thoroughly persuaded in your own mind concerning the truth which you think or speak, and you will be the victor." As I'd been working with the idea of witnessing, the thought came that this is telling me to be an eye witness to Truth, seeing with my spiritual eyes. And as I was pondering this, the twinkling thought came: Be an AYE witness! And that's exactly what Marie's Lift is all about! A YES witness!

  33. Thanks, what a Love-inspired idea this and each lift is.
    Matthew 5:37 says, .."let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil." The Good News translation is "Just say
    Yes or
    No—anything else you say comes from the Evil One."
    J. B. Phillips says, "Whatever you have to say let your ‘yes’ be a plain ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ a plain ‘no’—anything more than this has a taint of evil."
    The Wycliffe Bible says, "..but be your word, Yea, yea; Nay, nay [but your word be Yea, yea; Nay, nay]; and that that is more than these, is of evil."
    Mrs. Eddy wrote "The teachings of Jesus were simple; ... Christian Science is simple, and readily understood by the children;..." (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 53:23)
    Happy weekend!

  34. Thanks so much, Marie and Pam, Alex and Nate and everyone! I ove the emphasis on saying Yes to God's goodness and power. The musical ending was awesome, too!

  35. Wonderful uplifting, thanks and Yes, Oui, Ja, Da and in all languages of the world the most positive affirmation we can express. We are blessed to dwell each day in the house of our father/mother GOD. Merci beaucoup, madam Marie.

  36. and I say Oui Oui...

  37. Thank you, Marie and Pam! I am working on cultivating the ability to say "Yes" to having good Personal Boundaries and not just letting anyone or anything willy nilly into my life and my experience. I am working on saying "Yes" to my ability to say "No!" when that is appropriate. Self-knowledge in Christian Science gives us the ability to be clear on who we are, what we believe and what we want and need. Not being clear, not having the ability to say "Yes" when appropriate and "No" when appropriate, leads us to being open to being influenced by others' opinions, world opinions and breeds indecisiveness, confusion and being two-faced with others, being a people-pleaser. Knowing myself gives me the ability to say "Yes!" and "No!". Know Thyself! Not an easy task! Happy Weekend to All!

  38. P.S. When I can learn to say "No!", I stop lying. My "Yes!" can't really mean "Yes!" until my "No!" really means "No!". When I can say "No!", I can say "Yes!" to the Good! All sorts of Good things happen when I start saying what I mean. I am learning to say "Yes!" to the best Life and Love have to offer!

  39. Thank you, Marie!
    Just wonderful!

  40. WOW!! YES to Life and Good !!!

  41. OUI!!!!

  42. I agree with that--yes! And no to sin and error which seem to beckon us daily. Thank you for this positive affirmation. Just what I needed today.

  43. Merci, Marie and Pam! I love the inspiration that one word brought. Does anyone know why that word "surely" at the beginning of Psalm 23:6 is not listed in any of the three Bible Concordances I have checked at the local Reading Room? If the word is in the KJV why isn't it in the Concordance as are other times when "surely" is used?

  44. Wow! This lift puts a smile on one's face! I'm trying to be more alert to say "yes" to God and eliminate human will. Yes, I can do that, or yes, I will do that. I also appreciate #37, Bev N. Idaho. I've had those challenges, too. Thank you to Nate, Pam, and Marie. And such appropriate music!

  45. Merci, Marie . . . . OUI!

  46. Bev. Number 38. makes a very strong point! We need to say "No" as well.

  47. Yes! This lift brought a huge smile to my face and tears of joys to my eyes. I feel more sure and happy
    about going forward with this day. Merci!

  48. Yes! :-)

  49. There is so much POSITIVE meat in this lift! The temptation to feel negative, depressed, and unable to complete tasks with joy during the Christmas season seems very real to many. How marvelous to be fed with this assurance of "surely" - "OUI!" - God, and His abundant goodness is all around us - "all the days of our lives." We just have to say, "Yes, God's good law of omnipresent harmony is what is true, and that is what I am expecting and the only thing we all can experience, right now." Thank you, Marie (and Pam) - and thanks for the enthusiastic YES music at the end that sends us all off singing "YES! - "I am able to impart truth, health, and happiness...(My 165:20)."

  50. Thank you, thank you for this timely and motivating lift, Marie and most appreciativee your reading, Pam.

    When we can say Yes! to Love, Life, Truth, intelligence -- it logically follows that we are saying NO to self-doubt, worry, fear, illness and other negatives that creep into our thought. When our minds are filled with affirming God's Allness, there is no room for anything else!

    Thank you Joel (No. 5) for a most inspiring testimony to the efficacy of Christian Science...

    Yes! I am most grateful for the Daily Lifts, Nate and the music.

  51. YES to the fowls in the air, to the winter pansies blooming on my winter patio, to the fresh ideas coming every moment, to all of God's beautiful harmonious creation.

    Just wonderful -- the lift and the inspiration it brings. Yes to the freedom in God's uplifting law of Love.


  52. Oh just wonderful ( great music selection as well!)
    It reminded me of poet e. e. cummings' poem:

    i thank You God for most this amazing
    day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
    and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
    which is natural which is infinite which is yes

  53. Oui! Aye!Si!Ja! Da! Merci Marie and Pam and Nate and your team and everyone for sharing. The music is so "Yes!" Thanks Bev and Erik . I don't know the answer to your question Roy, but will check it out on Bluebible.com. Great question. Thanks again Marie for this powerful quick prayer of agreement with the One God-Good.

  54. My husband said YES to the music at the end!

  55. Great thought and loved the music/"Yes!" at the end, bringing the point home!! :>

  56. Oui, and yes to a swinginging joyous positive sunny wonderful affirmations of the glory of TODAY....Yes, I am enthused and thank you for todays' lift!

  57. I love this---YES!

  58. Chere Marie, oui et merci beaucoup. Yes to peace, Love, harmony and joy eternally. Be richly blessed this joyful season.

  59. A wonderful lift to inspire me a lot. We should say' yes ' to goodness of God & 'no' to negative thoughts which try to replace our good thoughts. Really inspiring.

  60. Everything in perfection is one word "YES" ! Thank you!

  61. Merci beaucoup Marie and translator Pam. I once saw a religious show where the hostess illustrated "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life", by walking around in a circle with people following her. I thought of this and your definition of Yes!, oui, and how infectious it can be sharing with others with only good following. Thank you daily lift team.

  62. Yes! This is a wonderful thought and attitude. Thank you.

  63. YES ! Many thanks for the lesson on Oui -- Yes.

    "Our" children are taught to 'just say No to drugs'

    Yes, now we are without excuse to teach them to say YES to God and all his goodness, surely.

    No mention of Deity or God in the Thanksgiving message this year, and printed on a card I found one of my favorite poems that had God removed from the last line, thank you very much.

    Tomorrow is a mystery
    Yesterday is history
    Today is the gift (of God)
    That's why we call it
    The present

    Thanks to #11 Margaret in Australia for the instruction in printing out 'comments'. They seem to be begging to be shared.

    Truth cannot be contained by error. pp.297:32 only S&H.

    Yes, I too 'see' Nate smiling during his clear and distinct announcement at the beginning. Yep! sure does Uh ha. Yes.


  64. Thanks Marie! And thank you to Alex Cook for that emphatic "Yes!" sung at the end :-)

  65. What a glorious lift - heard later today for me....and oh, what a glorious voice and guitar...!!!

  66. YES! ;- )

  67. Thanks for this positive affirmation YES! Mrs. Eddy seems to follow a pattern throughout her writings of first denying error and then affirming truth (e.g. the scientific statement of being which is restated in a variety of ways in her writings). I've always loved her analogy of not being able to fill bottles already full. No seems to empty thought of error so YES can fill it up to the top with all good. Also a special thanks to #52 for sharing the e.e. cummings poem. We sang that in the first choral perfomance I was ever a part of, and it has always stayed with me as a prayer I pray each day, but I couldn't remember the author.

  68. YES!! One of the best daily lifts yet!

  69. Merci mille fois, chère Marie! Vos mots sont vraiement très spéciaux!
    And thank you very much every one of you dear contributors. Each time I sit down at my computer - the best is doing this in the evening because then the list of enterings is already pretty long - I get mostly overwelmed by the joy, the clarity and the depth of all your comments. They are warming my heart !

    I was reminded of a small comment by my little 4-year-old grand-daughter with whom I went on a little weekendtrip just a week ago. I tried to draw her attention to everything beautiful and lovely, like looking out of the hotel window we saw several horses in the distance, some cows and she even saw som hensl And I admired the sunrise, the form of the clouds and the wind in the trees, etc. Well, at this time of the year the landscape is rather bare. However, I would often say: "sieh mal, wie schön das ist!" which means "just look, how beautiful this is!" Now my daughter-in law told me that when Lea was home again she said in the evening: "Das war ein schöner Tag!" - "This was a beautiful day!" Isn't this a lovely form of saying YES, YES, YES to God's creation.
    You can imagine how happy I was and am.
    So, thank you again, dear Marie.

  70. Joyce - Arizona
    I bounded out of bed this morning saying "yes, yes, yes " but didn't know why -- until I opened the daily lift. Is this not proof that the word of God reaches over continent and ocean and touches the receptive thought? Thank you to all who provide this perpetual good to mankind through this media.

  71. Yes! I love this and I love you for bringing it out!

  72. Loved everything about this! Great job and thanks so much! As the sun streams through my rain streaked NW windows I'm now feeling motivated to wash them. Yessssss!

  73. As I counted my blessings tonight....your Daily Lift was high on my list. Many thanks.

  74. Yes! One word, & what a response from above comments! Merci, Marie, and to, Pam, for a lively reading in English. I'll add my yes to them! Alex's Yeses substitute for amen! Thanks to him, too. Christian Science prayers are affirmations, not petitions, nor informing God as if He didn't know all, or trying to convince Him His world is in trouble and He needs to do something for the one praying & everyone else. So, like our prayers, yes is a strong affirmation. It is the same as yea, an affirmative vote. Yeses are votes of affirmation to God's goodness, His allness, our relationship as sons & daughters of the Holy Father. Until this Lift, I never thought how much I should be thinking "yes!" The word "yea" not only is yes, but it's archaic meaning is, "more than this; not only so, but----marking the addition of something more emphatic." We may need to say a few "yeas" knowing there is more good than meets the eye, ever unfolding. A silent, strong yes, when facing negative, even harmful situations & people, is powerful truth protesting against error.This Lift is a whole homework kit full of interesting and promising outcomes. We'll get the reputation as "yes men"! #4 Malcolm, I thought of you as Pam read. You usually say, "yes". .#5 Joel, Go for it! Better to be able to say later, like 2Timothy:4, "I have fought a good fight." (regardless of the outcome) than to have to say,"I didn't even try." #6 Erik, Yes, that was enlightening. #69 Annie & #70 Joyce, Sweet testimonies!

  75. I'd like to add to my above comment, please. Exploring today's Lift, my dictionary defines "surely" as: In a sure manner; securely, infallibly." For "sure" it has "a now rare definition : "secure, esp.from being harmed or doing harm." These are affirmative "yeses" aren't they? Marie, you've given us a great educational and spiritual gift, a tool for prevention of trouble and treatment for any trouble that slipped by. A gift wrapped in so few tiny alphabetical letters.
    To # 43 Roy, Strong's Exhaustive Concordance lists "surely" for Psalm 23. I can't answer why not in the one's you have checked.

  76. YES!!! What a glorious lift indeed, # 65. And so well constructed in it's pure simplicity.
    "Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free. Tis a gift to come round where we ought to be"
    to quote a favorite Quaker song. I will be saying YES to Life now more than ever. So grateful to you, Marie and to Alex Cook for the zestful power point climax.

  77. YES!! Thanks for this lift!

  78. Merci Marie pour cette analyse qui vient à propos pour remplacer l'erreur (l'inquiétude, le doute ...)
    par le BIEN, la GRATITUDE;

  79. As the Bible says of Christ Jesus: He was not yes and no, but in him was yes. See 2. Cor. 1:19,20.

    Wie die Bibel über Christus Jesus sagt: der war nicht Ja und Nein, sondern es war Ja in ihm.
    Siehe 2. Kor. 1:19,20

  80. “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever” http://bible.cc/psalms/23-6.htm
    The word “surely” doesn’t allow place for doubt, does it?
    As I was growing up, when I had some troublesome thoughts, my mom would say, “Who told you? Then she affirmed: If it didn’t come from God is not true and only the positive will come from God”
    Just like the French translates, “Surely” with a firm “YES!”, we too can say “YES!” to God’s thoughts.
    “Ciertamente el bien y la misericordia me seguirán todos los días de mi vida, y en la casa del SEÑOR moraré por largos días” http://bibliaparalela.com/psalms/23-6.htm
    La palabra “Ciertamente” no deja lugar para dudas, ¿verdad?
    A medida que yo crecía, cuando mis pensamientos me preocupaban, mi mamá decía, “Quién te lo dijo? Y afirmaba: Si no viene de Dios no es cierto y solo lo positive viene de Dios”
    Así como los franceses traducen “ciertamente” como un “SÍ” rotundo, nosotros también podemos decirle “SÍ” a los pensamientos que vienen de Dios.

  81. Marie, Very Many thanks for such a wonderful uplift thought. I shall keep thoughtk
    steadfastly on "YES" and just know that God is surely blessings us all with His mercy and goodness infinitely and as His reflection they are continuous and Psalm is our Power House. Mwerci mille fois Marie.

  82. So helpful the lift and all the comments, as I am facing a difficult challenge today that just HAS to be overcome. Particularly helpful is JS No. 74. I must just keep affirming Yes, yes, yes to God's absolute control of every facet of my being - and onward throughout this day and evening, goodness overflowing with love for absolutely everyone in my experience. All is from one source and blessing us all.

  83. Hi again! Just a little explanation on my firm comments on the importance of being able to say "No!". Mrs. Eddy says, many times, in many ways, throughout her written works, that Christian Science is not about "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." She empasizes over and over the danger of NOT seeing the evil and thus allowing ourselves to be controlled by it. Just like all the sexual abuse of children that is being brought to the surface now in the news, to be healed - it was wrongly denied at the time of its happening and thus was never truly faced and dealt with. Because we are all Human Beings, still growing in our understanding of Truth, Life and Love, we can't afford to just deny the evil that is still being perpetrated by Human Beings on one another. We need to keep our eyes, ears and mouths open to see and detect the evil, so we can bring it out and THEN we can Know the Truth About it - for the healing of all mankind. Because it takes a lot of courage and fortitude, and because Denial seems to be a part of the "Human Condition", many CSers skip this first step of seeing the evil and just go into what is called "Human Denial" - which basically means we put up a screen in our mind, because we just don't want to deal with it. It's too horrific and too awful, so it's easier to just say, "It's not really happening", or "It never really happened." I know Jesus didn't work this way and neither did Mrs. Eddy! They both had the courage to grapple, wrestle with evil, until they overcame it with Truth!

  84. yes God is good to us all.
    thanks for your daily lifts.

  85. Yes ,I am blessed. Yes you are blessed, Yes, we are all blessed by divine Love, here, now, always! Thanks Marie. I love the song also. Some people may think this is just 'positive thinking' but it is not based on human thinking, it is based on the scientific fact that God is the only Cause and Creator: it doesn’t fail!

    En español

    Sí, estoy bendecido. Sí, estás bendecido. Sí, todos estamos bendecidos por el Amor divino, ¡aquí ahora, siempre! Gracias Marie. Me encanta la canción también. Algunas petrsonas pueden pensar que esto es simplemente 'pensamiento positivo' pero no está basado en el pensamiento humano, está basado en la verdad científica de que Dios es la Causa y Creador único: ¡no falla!.

  86. YES!!!!!

    Thank you..... Merci...... beaucoup

  87. Yes to good. Love it.
    Thank you for the joy>

  88. Appreciated this Lift on Friday and today (Sunday) have enjoyed spending more time with it. Many thanks to all involved and to the comment community.

  89. Yes, beautifully simple and special thanks for the nice musical surprise!


  91. Yes....days later...I am still saying YES! YES to God's great Goodness!!! Thank you Marie.

  92. I came back to this superb lift to see the comments added after I first listened. Dear #69 - Anni - I want to thank you for reminding me that my darling CS Grandmother ALWAYS was pointing out beauty to me, and I realize now that she gave me a "say-YES-gift" that has remained with me all my life - the ability to magnify the good and a "...mind so filled with Truth and Love, that sin, disease, and
    death cannot enter them (My 210)." God bless Grandmothers. YES!

  93. Même plusieurs jours après, j'aime cette idée touchante m'aidant à mieux sentir la force, l'énergie divine et à travailler sans se sentir crevée - par un tout petit mot omnipuissant - OUI!

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