12/19: The true meaning of Christmas

12/19: The true meaning of Christmas

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  1. Thank you John for this reminder of how to truly celebrate Christmas. How important it is to take a step back from the hustle and bustle that often comes with the holidays, and to reflect on the life and mission of Christ Jesus. As we do this not only is there a sense of peace that comes over us, but a sense of purpose, a sense of glorifying God to the fullest in all that we say and do, from what may appear as a small inconsequential act to praying from peace in the world today. From the smallest of tasks to the biggest the Christ-idea is present and felt.

  2. Beautiful, Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  3. Thank you, John, for that complete and uplifting Christmas message !

  4. Absolutely beautiful. So soothing and peaceful. Just what I needed tonight. Thank you so much John for all the kindness and goodness you have given to all the many individuals who are seeking to grow in their understanding of Christian Science. All of your efforts are very much appreciated. Thanks, Jan Van Hook

  5. Thank you for this lift today, its a wonderful, thought provoking reminder to keep our thoughts focused on what Christmas is really all about, - the Christ.

  6. John, Thank you.

  7. What a beautiful sharing for Christmas and what it truly represents. Thank you, John. We must never lose sight or thought from what Christmas is all about.

  8. So very good John, Thank you

  9. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  10. Sehr schön, danke

  11. A Merry Christmas to all. Thanks for this clear statement of Christmas which we celebrate and live all year long. Thanks DL team and thanks to those who have commented.

  12. Joyous Christmas, John. The best gifts --- ours without limits --- wholeness and healing, blessings and grace.

  13. A Spanish TV add for Walmart says clearly: It's about the presents!
    Today a store owner said kidding to me, “It's the thought that counts, as long as everybody buys something.”

    The media seem to be trying hard to make people forget that Christmas begins with CHRIST, It’s his birth date!

    Mrs. Eddy has it clear: “I love to observe Christmas in quietude, humility, benevolence, charity, letting good will towards man, eloquent silence, prayer, and praise express my conception of Truth's appearing.” MY 262:27

    Un commercial de TV de Walmart dice claramente: ¡Se trata de los regalos!
    Hoy el dueño de una tienda me dijo en chiste, “Es el pensamiento lo que cuenta, mientras cada uno compre algo.”

    Los medios de comunicación parecen esforzarse en hacer que la gente olvide que Navidad comienza con Cristo, ¡es su fecha de nacimiento!

    La Sra. Eddy lo tiene claro: “Me gusta celebrar la Navidad en quietud, humildad, benevolencia, amor, dejando que la buena voluntad para con los hombres, el silencio elocuente, la oración y la alabanza expresen mi concepto del surgimiento de la Verdad.” Miscelánea 262:28

  14. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. A great way to start my day.

  15. Thank you John for your inspiring Daily Lift.

    What a beautiful way of explaining silence, "eloquent silence."

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ


  16. Wonderful. Beautiful. Healing. Thank you very much to Mr Adams, and thanks also to others who help prepare the Daily Lifts, and to all who listen or comment.

  17. Dear John,

    Thank you for this Lift. Thank you as well Martin and Elena especially for writing out the quotation. John you alluded to the fact that we can observe and celebrate Christmas, as Mrs. Eddy pointed out and that it "does not require another's presence".

    This does not mean that we ought to go out of our way to be alone (yes Mr. Loner himself writes this). Over the years I have come to realize that we can see through all of the business of being busy and whether alone or with family & friends still observe Christmas "in quietude, humility, benevolence, charity.."

    Mrs. Eddy also wrote in Miscellany (Mrs. Eddy's Christmas Message):-

    "A word to the wise is sufficient. Mother wishes you all a happy Christmas, a feast of Soul and a famine of sense".

    I could not find a better way to describe a "happy Christmas" as it gives us that sense of everyday understanding of Soul and a capacity to embrace love, however demonstrated, knowing that God, Soul, is ever with us.

    "Having eyes, ye see not...." (Mark 8:18) has been in thought a lot recently; allowing me to see simple demonstrations of love even if it appears to be material. A friend of mine makes a big deal of Christmas with lots of gifts, lots of people around; it was throwing me off until I saw, in quietude and humility, the love that was being poured forth from this. We must seek to uncover the love in what people do.

    Whether with many or alone, God (Love) is ever with us. Much Love to All!

  18. Many thanks John for this gentle reminder that the true meaning of Christmas also includes: "Breaking the dream of mortality and delivering mankind into the splendor and bliss of eternal Life." "Eternal Life and Truth and Love,/ They who obey Thine every call,/ Thy freemen are, and freely have/ Dominion over all." (Christian Science Hymnal #48).

  19. Wonderful, soothing message! When I hear your voice I feel "all is well".

    I remember with gratitude and joy the lecture you gave at our public library in St Petersburg, FL a few years ago!

  20. Thank you, John, for this lovely message of the forever healing Christ-here and everywhere. Gratitude for these healing Lifts and a Blessed Christmas all!

  21. Thank you, for the calm thought that Christmas is more than rushing around!

  22. Thank you.

  23. Thank you, John, for this much needed reminder of what Christmas is truly about. Appreciate the wonderful comments from others. too..

  24. La Navidad es Un hecho trascendente, que no puede perderse en la vanalidad, del concepto que se tiene hoy en día, porque el verdadero significado, es el Amor, como lo demostró Cristojesús.

    Su nacimiento trasciende por sus obras, ya que sus palabras han sido traducidas e interpretadas tantas veces, que es posible que se haya ido entrometiendo el error. En cambio sus obras son imposibles de borrar, tergiversar, confundir, porque fueron realizadas por amor al prójimo, sin otra motivación, demostrar el Amor divino, que se hace constante con claridad y sustancialmente con obras de bondad, no importa en que ámbito, lugar, situación, lo demostró, andando por el mundo, sin un lugar fijo, obrando donde era necesario, cubriendo cada necesidad, obrando en justicia, demostrando que el Amor no tiene límite no puede estar encerrado, porque Su magnitud así lo requiere, es para dar, no está confiscado en paquetes, ni lo iluminan guirnaldas. Sino Dios-Amor.

    .Mary Baker Eddy, también lo demostró con obras, es posible que nos inspire mejor ver su sacrificio, que leer sus escritos que son sí... muy sustanciales, pero su denodado esfuerzo nos da la pauta de que para llegar a la altura de ellos se necesita la renuncia a todo materialismo, una entrega total, para que aflore libremente el Amor, y se expanda incontenible Su Verdadero Significado.

    Sí es en silencio, en comunión con Dios, apartados del mundanal ruido, es donde mejor se siente.

    Muchas gracias John, sin duda es así.

  25. Thank you, John, for characterizing the experience of Christmas as peace and joy and blessings based on Spirit, not on material objects. I am making this my daily prayer for every day.

  26. Thank you so much John for reminding us of "The True Meaning of Christmas". Mrs. Eddy was clear in her directives in Chapter 13 titled "Christmas" in "Miscellany" that "In Christian Science, Christmas stands for the real, the absolute and eternal,--for things of Spirit, not of matter"(260).
    I love your words to help us understand better, as #18 points out, that Christmas is: "Spirit and the commemoration of the birth of Christ/Truth breaking the dream of mortality and delivering mankind into the splendor and belief of eternal life."

    Thank you so much lifters and the Daily Lift Team!

  27. It is not about the presents, but the presence.

  28. Thanks, John, for reminding us of the quote by Mary Baker Eddy from Miscellany, “I love to observe Christmas in quietude, humility, benevolence, charity, letting good will towards man, eloquent silence, prayer, and praise express my conception of Truth's appearing.” I especially like the idea of "eloquent silence." Although I thoroughly enjoy the Christmas music which can be so uplifting and joyful, I also enjoy the quietude of just being with God - no distractions. God's presence is truly the best gift at Christmas or any time.

  29. Thank you for the lovely message, John.

    "Fast circling on, from zone to zone,-
    Bright, Blest, afar,-
    O'er the grim night of chaos shone
    One lone, brave, star."
    From Christ and Christmas by Mary Baker Eddy
    Rejoice in the light of that "One lone , brave star" which represents the light of the Christ and Christian Science.
    Joyeux Noel
    Feliz Navidad
    Merry Christmas to all.

  30. Thank you John. This a wonderful expression for the true meaning of Christmas. Beautiful.

  31. A blessing message. Thank you.
    Jesus left us the "peace" to which you referred. He told us "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." I find that also to be the comforting message giving us peace. Free from many false beliefs!

  32. John, had to read this a couple more times. “ I love to observe Christmas in quietude, humility, benevolence, charity, letting good will towards man, eloquent silence, prayer, and praise express my conception of Truth’s appearing. “

    And the next sentence is a goodie too: “The splendor of this nativity of Christ reveals infinite meanings and gives manifold blessings.” My 262:27

    So, how do we see ourselves expressing the nativity of Christ? Look Father, I am expressing my gratitude for grand spiritual messages made obvious to us by Jesus with Shaving Cream. Doesn’t seem quite enough, does it? Think Mrs. Eddy had a better action plan.

  33. Blessed CHRISTmas, to all, and to all, a Good day! Thank you for this beautiful message, John, and Daily Lifters, both staff and contributors for this precious light which goes out into the world all week. Like a beacon in the night....

  34. Thanks John, for this beautiful lift! Reducing our focus on the material and finding joy in Spirit is the real meaning of the Christmas season.

  35. Thank you, John Q.! I am just so loving how all the Lifts so far this week are focusing on the true meaning of Christ and Christmas. And on how we never need feel alone at Christmas because Love, God, is always with us, embracing us! I have found that often, experiencing "existence without personal friends" or family, can become, instead of a "blank", a time to feel the fullness of divine Love! As Mrs. Eddy says, "......spiritual Love will force you to accept what best promotes your growth." S&H p. 266. I just went outside and saw the still almost full moon, and one, lone star! Love this Christly time of year! Love, Peace and Joy to All!

  36. Thank yoz for all the wonderful Lifts, Merry Christmas !

  37. Can you imagine the fear of change that Herod must have experienced? His "solution" was to try to kill the baby Jesus.

    But the "change of base" from matter to spirit is not one we should resist or fear. The "Herod" in thought would try to kill the appearing of Spirit's aloneness...God as the only power there is. I, for one, have many ways of feeding that Herod: shopping, watching too much television, comparing myself with others, trying to bend others to my preconceived notions of how things should go...as if there were many separate minds.

    So I love John's list of what Christmas should not include: melancholy, indulging the senses, romance. The wise men wisely resisted Herod's wily inquiries about where the Babe was, and they wisely took a different route back home. Today, I'll try to be just as wise in resisting the many ways fear might hold me back from allowing God's orderly control of heaven and earth to include my every thought, aim, and action.

  38. Beautiful reminder for me that all Christmas times will never remain the same as the old family-filled busy memories I have, but as life progresses, we are never alone at Christmas. To spend it quietly, reflectively and in service to others is the true essence of Christmas. Thank you for this reminder that I don't have to reproduce the old days in order to welcome Christmas. I like Dennis (26)'s comment ! Good one.

  39. Thank you, John, for these peaceful thoughts about the true meaning of Christmas.

  40. Spot On. Many thanks.

  41. Merry Christmas John.

    May those qualities you mentioned be part of your Christmas Day and your
    everyday. I always derive a lot of good from the unique way you think
    and express Christian Science. It is truly a blessing. Thanks for all you
    do for The Movement.

  42. Thank you, John, for a very comforting message.

  43. Thank you!

  44. Thank you John for another beautiful and uplifting message , and I wish you, and all the dear lifters a "continuous Christmas".

  45. So true, John, and thank you for drawing my attention that just trying to keep up with the cards and the colourful decorations is another way of distracting me from the true spirit of Christ. Keeping one's attention on God will protect me from spending time on unnecessary details instead of the main focus. God does direct our footsteps and takes us by the hand, leading me away from the bright lights and tinsel. Thank you Nate and the precious wee children; The Mother Church; and the Daily Lifters.

  46. Thank you all and John for this marvelous "lift of the season". I must ditto everything everyone else has said and wish you all a very wonderful and spiritually blessed Christmas.

  47. So very beautifully articulated and also so necessary at this frenzied time of year, to have this calm, collected, pure, lucid and perspicacious perspective on the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you!

  48. Thank you John for this beautiful Christmas gift. I have spent Christmas with family, friends, and alone as different times.. There is always the true feeling of Christmas when we feel the God's love wherever we are. I think the greatest of gifts to give would be the prayer Peace on Earth, goodwill to men, for our families, friends, and the world.
    This prayer of love goes to Nate and his team, the Mother Church who sponsor this, and all the lecturers who give their wisdom and time, and of course all the commentators who add so much to our understanding and joy..

  49. Thank you, John, for this wonderful reminder of what it's all about.

  50. So good and clear and strong! Thank you, John!!
    I'd like to share a poem that unfolded when
    a friend asked if I had finished my Christmas shopping: ( and I had no $ ) : )
    Christmas Presence
    "Did you finish your Christmas shopping?"
    he asked.
    "Yes", I replied. "I found Christmas right here. I found I can give every moment of the year." "For every good gift and every perfect gift is from above."
    I now see Christmas as the shining of our ever-present Light with Love,

  51. Thank you, John, for “The true meaning of Christmas … Christ Jesus … declared, ‘My peace I give unto you.’”

    Not only did Jesus tell us he was “leaving” us with his Peace, the angels heralded in his “coming” with, and as, a message of Peace.

    “… Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day … a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you … And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host ... saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (Luke 2:109-14).

    Jesus proved Peace as the Truth of our being that removes from us the belief in and so appearance of sin, sickness, disease, and death. I have also come to realize that there is no Peace without Forgiveness. Like Peace, Forgiveness is another quality of Love or Good Will that Jesus-himself!!! lived. Forgiveness is the gift that Jesus shared in the Lord’s Prayer and even from the cross.

    We can each and all enjoy the healing power of Peace and have a very “Merry Christmas!” as we give and receive the gift of Forgiveness.

    “Love makes all burdens light, it giveth a peace that passeth understanding, and with ‘signs following.’ As to the peace, it is unutterable; as to "signs," behold the sick who are healed, the sorrowful who are made hopeful, and the sinful and ignorant who have become ‘wise unto salvation!’" (Mis 133:29)

  52. "Yes." I replied. "I found Christmas IS right here..." : D

  53. Yes, the true Christmas message, every day, not just once a year. With Christmas on Wednesday, Christian Science churches around the world will be having their regular Wednesday meetings of gratitude. No one needs to be alone in any sense, nor can be. Happiness, joy, and gladness to all!

  54. And is the reason that sharing my daughter with others 2000 miles away this Christmas takes none of the joy from it.

  55. John
    Thank you for that wonderful message. I just sat quietly and reflected on all that you had said and felt such a peace within that was very much needed. I am so grateful I listened.

  56. Oh what a truly glorious Christmas message. Thank you so very very much.

  57. Thank you VERY MUCH, John. I am grateful, indeed, for your loving message, which prompted so many thoughtful and uplifting responses - like sowing seeds.

  58. A beautiful and meaningful message that lifts thought to the real meaning of Christmas. Thank you.

  59. Fantastic. Need to have in cards to sell in R.R. of some of Mrs. Eddy's words from Misc. Thanks

  60. Thank you to Troy for your comments.....I love the statement "we must seek to uncover the love in what people do"
    All the gift giving, friends getting together, family outings, are all expressions of Love....now I'll see all of this through spiritual eyes....Thank you for correcting my vision.....I'll be
    writing my Christmas cards today, but instead of seeing this as a chore, now I see it as an expression of Love to all my friends and family....an envelope filled with love and joy ....I wish you all a blessed Christmas....

  61. Thank you, John, for the lovely lifft. And thank you, Nela - #51 - for saying that there can be no peace without forgiveness. That's very, very helpful. I am learning that when it comes to forgiveness, the sooner the better.

    II would like to share a quote from Mary Baker Eddy, which has helped me a lot through many Christmas seasons: "In Christian Science, Christmas stands for the real, the absolute and eternal - for the things of Spirit, not of matter......The basis of Christmas is the rock, Christ Jesus; its fruits are inspiration and spiritual understanding of joy and rejoicing, - not because of tradition, usage, or corporeal pleasures, but because of fundamental and demonstrable truth, because of the heaven within us." (The First Church of Christ Scientist and Miscellany, page #260)

  62. "Christmas does not require another's presence (#17)" -- nor, if I could add -- another's presents. But from the great gift of the Christ, freely given to all, we somehow cannot help but extend that gift outward.

  63. Oh what a wonderful message going out to the universe to bless all! Thank you, John. And a multitude of thanks to my fellow Lifters for the thoughtful, spot-on comments. Nancy (#32) you have once again driven home your point and given me a huge chuckle at the same time! So many gems of truth I am taking away into today and always. Gratitude abounding to one and all, and especially to God for Her/His gifts infinite love and everpresence.

  64. "Breaking the dream of mortality...." Thank you John for this view of The Christmas celebration. One good thing the commercialism and fables of Christmas have done is to bring the word "Christmas" into the vocabulary of whole dark nations and societies like China and the secular without warfare or bloodshed, waking them up gently to the generosity and kindness of Christianity. By quietly cherishing the true meaning of Christmas the fears and angers of mortality can be seen for the dreams they are.

  65. Wow,what a perfect Christmas healing message.Thank you,John.As always,you "answered the need before the call".I appreciate the comment of #27,"it's not about the presents,but the presence".Blessed holdays to all!

  66. So interesting that Mrs Eddy chose Truth as the expression of God to be manifested on Christmas. the idea of Truth was genius. To me, that choice points us to Christ"s presence with less mental argument than for instance "Love", which can be tough for one suffering from absence or loneliness. Thank you.

  67. John, what I loved about today's Daily Lift is how you described what replaces the commercialism of the season, or the real gifts of Christmas: "merriment, joy, giving, blessings." Wishing you, your lovely wife, all my Daily Lifter "family," and our precious world, a Christmas filled with these gifts!

  68. Thank you John!! beautiful lift! and you always sound so strong and truthful!!

  69. Oh John how beautiful! Thank you so much. Abounding joy and love to you, to all the other lifters, to Nate and his team, to the Mother Church, and to all of the DL posters.

  70. One of the meanings, according to the free on-line Merriam Webster Dictionary is to Honor. That is what the Chrismas Holiday's mean to me, to get down to the nitty-gritty of honoring God, in truthfulness, in
    fairness, in compassion and true loving our neighbor in God's image and likeness and in carrying this attitude through out the year, not just for one day.

  71. 37 nailed it! Thanks so much for sharing your insights about the Herod thought. I can't wait to discuss this with my Sunday School class: how do we feed the Herod thought at Christmas time? how can we, like the Wise Men, take a different route? These daily lifts give me so much to think about. Thank you all.

  72. God needed us. When we think of the helpless babe we realize that God was entrusting this bundle of wondrous joy to us! Mary and Joseph could have abandoned Him, but embracing God's love fully ( a love that drives out all fear and condemnation)they chose to love, nurture and protect Him! Even the innkeeper gets some sort of a Guernsey! He could have sent them away completely, but instead gave them some type of shelter!
    Let us let people into our hearts this Christmas and prepare to love them completely and unconditionally! Let us give give them nurture, protection and shelter.

  73. Thank you, John, for this beautiful message

  74. thank you john


  76. This is a strong and perceptive Lift and gets to the heart of the meaning of Christmas: the Christ is with us and our thought cannot be clouded or mesmerized by material beliefs, fears, a false sense of self, etc.

  77. Oh how grateful I am for this, and all of the Lifts and for the comments. They all feed my soul and helps me to understand what true Christmas is. Thank you John and all.

  78. I love the "enveloping love of God." Thank you!

  79. What a great truth we hear with this Daily Lift it makes you think you are never alone when you are with Christ, he was our saviour and our comfort, thank you

  80. A beautiful reminder of what Christmas is (and what it isn't).

  81. I've always loved the Bible passage that tells us to 'seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.' Also 'God setteth the solitary in families (sometimes we need a greater appreciation of the family and friends we have). Turning to God, Spirit, loads us with blessings, happiness and contentment, God wouldn't separate us from family, friends or any other good, rather it reconciles us to all that is good and that good is manifested in our lives.

  82. Melissa,

    I am new to the daily lift, and loving them, thank you

  83. Thank you John for this inspiring Lift - expressing these precious qualities is the most satisfying and uplifting activity which fills ones thought with joy, peace and love. Wishing you, your wife and all a wonderful joy-filled Christmas, Much love - Indu

  84. What a beautiful Lift for all!! "The Christ is here. All dreams of error breaking, unloosing bonds of all captivity". (from the Christian Science Hymnal). Actually, we can celebrate Christmas all year !!
    Thanks, John, for that inspiration.

  85. Thank you for the good, timely message!

  86. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  87. Dear John, Thank you for the reminder of all Christmas means to us. It Is a wonderful time of sharing but the Christ is ever with us.

  88. Just perfect. The Christ expressed through you, John, Mrs. Eddy's wisdom, and all the lovely comments give my heart rest. So very grateful. Happy Christ within all.

  89. Thanks for the reminder of merriment, instead of over-indulgence, as a way to celebrate.

  90. Thank you John; thank you all commenters. Thanks to all who bring us the truth through Daily Lift.

  91. I love comments 61 and 62 especially. After being inspired by the Daily Lift itself, one receives still more inspiration by reading the comments, or fruitage of gratitude and expansion of ideas. Thank you all.

  92. Thank you, John, for after commenting on what Christmas is not, including what it is.

  93. Lovely.

  94. Carol, Switzerland
    Dear John, many thanks for this beautiful Christmas message.
    JOYEUX NOEL for you and all your family de la Suisse-française.

  95. I wasn't able to hear this exquisite lift due to traveling until this evening, John. Wow, it was not to be missed. It reached me so deeply. Thank you so much.

  96. I only heard this lift today.Thank you so much John,it will be such a help and guide for me this Christmas time.
    love and peace

  97. Oh John, first listening to this lift today, wish I would have heard this last week, been quite caught up in the human business of the season! This message will stick with me in the next week in my alone time and with others. "Count it all joy" James 1:2 Thanks for the blessing!!

  98. During this days of prayer I have ben inspired to wish peace to all those I contact. That has been my message and now I find your message of peace as a holding hand brough to me from God. Receive blessings and a happy holiday season.
    Margarita Torres from San Juan Pujerto Rico First Church of Christ Scientist.

  99. Thank you- I played this again on Christmas morning for my non CS husband to hear, and he said "that's a good one!"
    He enjoyed it too.
    Thank you again and Merry Christmas.

  100. I love the thought of "Peace I leave with you," and "Peace I give to you," and the true meaning of Christmas experienced in a peaceful thought void of any material accompaniments. Thanks so much for the beautiful lift. I look at all the faces on these daily lifts and realize the Christ is still here because I am seeing his expression on all these smiling faces.

  101. Thanks for this reminder to keep our thought close to God.

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