12/16: Always in the presence of God

12/16: Always in the presence of God

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  1. Thank you Ginny for this beautiful Lift, and prayer. As we turn our thought to God, He not only lifts our heart above mortal strife, or what mortal mind is trying to tell us may be our "lot" in life, but forms us anew. Our eyes (thinking) become open to being in the presence of God, in fact surrounded by His love, learning of a higher joy that has its permanence in our unity with our Father-Mother God; the source of all good. This isn't fiction, it is fact and each one of us can begin to demonstrate this in our lives today. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you for the comforting thought. As we grow spiritually we cease to look to material conditions for our happiness and well-being. The more we look to God for our joy and stability, the human situation follows, aligns and harmonises in accord with His everpresent and omnipotent Love. We see that all is well, has always been well and will forever remain so. Thank you once again for bringing to our thought God 's sweet ever presence.

  3. Thank you Ginny - you and me both - yes, I will search for those places of the heart. AND oh the blessed little voice that followed that brought tears and laughter.

  4. This is WONDERFUL. Thank you, Ginny. Love to you.

  5. Oh how beautiful. How wonderful. Thank you Ginny, and thank you to the posters above for your comments.

  6. Thank you for that lovely Lift Ginny. My heart overflows with gratitude for the abundance of God's Love, which is being poured out to me in so many ways. I hope you too, have a joyous and blest Christmas. As #3 says that little voice which followed your Lift brings a special feeling of love and joy.Thanks to all Lifters and to Nate and TMC for this ongoing daily inspiration. Happy Christmas one and all !!

  7. Ginny, Thank you.

  8. Thank you Ginny,
    A wonderful, timely and loving Lift speaking directly to my heart.
    I feel so uplifted by your words and less lonely with your openness.
    Martin, thank you for your insightful comments always and today's especially. "Our eyes, (thinking)" wow!
    Onward to this new day with new eyes ♥

  9. Oh , my, dear Ginny, are you reading my mind? Thank you for this Lift which hits my personal nail right on the head, to steady me and get me back on the right track in this particularly difficult Christmas season.
    Deep thanks to you and best wishes for a grate(ful) Christmas.

  10. What a comforting reminder: we are always in the presence of the Christ love, always in the presence of God. Thank you for this precious idea to carry throughout the day....and beyond!

  11. Thank you.

  12. The love and cherishing, the inspired exhilaration, that is generally manifested at Christmas time, is latent in our hearts throughout the year, but is more noticeable with the general hurly-burly of Christmas.

    In the proportion that we realize this our Christmas will come each day. This special joyful feeling comes from the deep spiritual reality that we are always in the presence of the Christ Love.

    God is communicating with us constantly, but we are so involved in our cares and so busy with our materialistic life, that we don’t realize that all we really need is to put God first and all the other things will be added and taken care of. Matt. 6:33

    El amor y cuidado, la exitación inspirada, que generalmente se manifiesta en época de Navidad, está latente el año entero, pero la notamos más con el alboroto general de la Navidad.

    A medida que nos damos cuenta de esto cada día sera nuestra Navidad. Este sentimiento gozoso especial viene de la profunda realidad de que estamos siempre en la presencia del Amor del Cristo.

    Dios se comunica con nosotros constantemente, pero estamos tan envueltos en nuestras preocupaciones y en nuestra vida materialista, que no nos damos cuenta que lo único que realmente necesitamos es poner a Dios primero y todas las otras cosas nos serán agregadas. Mateo 6:33

  13. So true! So practical!

  14. Thank you, Ginny, for “Always in the presence of God … the joy of this earth …” Yes!!!

    “God is love” (I John 4) and always with me/us and I am/we are never separated from the “always present” Love–itself!!! There have been times when that seemed more like wishful thinking rather than the Truth of being. But, wouldn’t it be great if it really were true? Yes!!!

    And so …

    I decided that I was out of the debates about whether or not there even is a God; or if so, what kind; and is God always with me/us; and, so on. I decided that I want the God and to be the child of the God described in the teachings of Christian Science and then to go about exploring my relationship with God, as God’s image and likeness. Since making that decision, I’ve been steadily gaining a deeper appreciation for “earth's preparatory school,” as well as a greater understanding of “man’s extremity [as] God’s opportunity” (S&H 486:9; 266:14).

    “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps 118:24) has been a sturdy staff upon which to lean and to shepherd my thoughts to align more consistently with God’s laws and promises. I declare and set about to prove that “This day (this moment!!!) – is not the day (the moment!!!) of sadness or frustration or pain or whatever else is unGodlike. This is God’s day (God’s moment)!!! This is my/our day (our moment!!!) to prove Love as the only “powers that be.” What joy!!!

  15. So inspired , so perfect, for me , for all; for ever A blessed Christmas to you Ginny, and to everyone

  16. Thank you so much! And together with the sweet small voice ending the lift, it is a real uplift for the whole week. To Elena (#12) also many thanks for her comment. Much love to you all!

  17. Great Lift.. never alone.

    I was led this morning to recognize something helpful from Acts 12:11 when Peter is remarkably freed from prison. ”And when Peter was come to himself, he said, Now I know of a surety, that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people...”

    Meaning, to me, that inspiration from angel visitants not only free us from imprisoning situations, but SPECIFICALLY free us from any unpleasant expectations of the people. We can know, of a surety, that this includes freedom from the popular and somewhat expected “holiday blues”. As you say, Ginny, finding in our heart a joy which comes from a deep spiritual reality that we are always in the presence of God. Of a surety. Love that expression.

  18. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift.

  19. What a holy and wholly practical Lift. Thank you so much. It has been dawning on me this Christmas that I put so much effort into the human preparations and wishfully hope that they will somehow guarantee peace and harmony. How can they? Turning to God moment by moment and preparing the heart through prayer is the only way of seeing the peace and harmony already present. God has guaranteed the presence of peace and harmony at Christmas and throughout the year by giving us the true idea of Himself, and therefore of ourselves and our neighbours, through the Christ as demonstrated in the life of Jesus and fully explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy

  20. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  21. Thank you so comforting it brought tears to my eyes.
    Jill from Kettering.

  22. Siempre estamos ante la presencia divina, es más Su presencia esta latente en cada corazón, en cada acción de amor que es justamente lo que nos mueve y nos inspira, como inspiró a Cristojesús, a realizar sus maravillosas acciones, y que según dichos de Él mismo, hasta podemos emular.

    El igual que nosotros estaba atrapado en un cuerpo material, sin ambargo, no le impidió renegar de esa condición, y elevarse para sentir y trasmitir la presencia divina, porque estaba indisolublemente ligada a Dios, como así nosotros también, si tomamos las arras del espíritu para combatir el humano materialismo, que conlleva en sí mismo todo error, pienso que si nos guiamos por los festejos navideños de esta época nos alejamos cada vez más de la verdadera navidad, del alumbramiento que marcó un item en la historia, y que sigue alumbrando, a pesar de los esfuerzo en su contra que pretenden opacar Su luz, se hace necesario renegar de esa forma de festejo, que oculta el real alumbramiento.

    "Esta es la equivocación que causa mucho de lo que uno tiene que arrepentirse y vencer" MBE
    "Este es el reposo; dad reposo al cansado; y este es el refrigerio, mas no quisieron oir" Isaías

    Pienso que no es que no se quiera oir, es que el estruendo mundano no deja oir, a la voz callada y suave, que emerge alejando del alboroto, entonces, subir al Monte, y allí reunidos en silencio con Cristo, comulgar con Dios.

    Muchas gracias Ginny, por reforzar la convicción de que Dios, Sí está siempre presente.

  23. Thank you so very much.

  24. Many thanks Ginny for reminding me of my favorite Christmas hymn when we were under attack at night in the UK during World War II. It was a great comfort to me. "O little town of Bethlehem,/ How still we see thee lie..." (Christian Science Hymnal #222) "Prayer with our waking thought ascends,/ Great God of light, to Thee;/ Darkness is banished in the glow/ Of Thy reality." (Christian Science Hymnal #287).

  25. Beautiful!
    Thank you!

  26. What a lovely and much needed message. Thank you. May we all feel the true message of Christmas and live it all year.

  27. Thank you for this all encompassing Lift - and to Nancy (17) for the specific note.
    I too feel the beautiful impact of these Lifts which give so much to the world, grateful thanks to all who contribute to make it happen.I like to think of it as a daily global gathering of joy and inspiration, Blessings and love x

  28. yes, thank you so much Ginny for this comforting lift ,also concerning Christmas.I too have an anxious time being on my own at Christmas ,longing to be with others.,in joy,but really the joy is of the birth of Christ,and surely that should be enough,knowing that we ARE always together with Him......not always easy eating Christmas dinner alone,...but I really do try, have tried,and will try even harder this time!! To enter into REAL BEING,of total harmony ,love and joy,entering in the LIGHT of the baby Jesus Christ,.What better company than that!
    love and peace to all

  29. Thank you!! How comforting to know that, in truth, we are in the presence of God!! Our "hopes and fears", as the song says, are met as we turn our thought toward God and feel God's infinite love for us, and our status as his children, which we celebrate each Christmas, and always. Thank you again for this great Lift.

  30. Beautiful, Ginny….just beautiful ... what I needed to hear and the reminder in your lift of truth and God's ever presence.
    Merry Christmas to all….

  31. thank you !

  32. Merry Xmas to you too!

  33. The "Grinch" (error) really can't ever steal away our Christmas, our sense of the holiness of this day and what it truly means. Ginny, thank you so much for this beautiful, loving message of God's love for us and the peace this brings.

  34. Thank you Ginny! I love this message!

  35. "To those, leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." (Science and Health p. vii) And what a blessing this Daily Lift is - your inspiring message, just what I needed, Ginny - and the precious little voice at the closing. And not to be overlooked are the many thoughtful comments. Thanks so much to all!

  36. Thank you soo very much Ginny. I think every mortal has experienced a moment like yours. You so beautifully state the Truth that sets us free.Mary Christmas to all world wide.

  37. Such practical ideas and perfect message at this time of year. Thank you

  38. Thank you for this life line this am.

  39. Music with lift is so refreshing. It calls us to alertness - the need to listen.

  40. Yes, Ginny, there certainly can be changes and excitement. But this year for us more good has followed than at any other time. How wonderful to have barriers simply not there. Beautiful children not voted to be always our Number one child, but certainly in earnest to be seen to be calm and quiet, and good to lead their brothers and sisters. But they, too, will have their turn.
    Thank you Nate and the team; The Mother Church; and the practitioners and teachers; and our Daily Lift family.

  41. Thank you for this life line this am.

  42. Thank you Ginny.

  43. I love the feeling of digging deeper to understand true joy, the place where joy is untouchable. "The storm may roar without me, my heart may low be laid" (Christian Science Hymnal, 148). This is a perfect message for Christmas time, thank you.

  44. Dear Alex (28) please know when you sit down to Christmas dinner, you are not alone. Besides God's loving arms around you, we all at DL are with you smiling and listening to the everpresent peace and joy that God and all his creation are sharing. Merry Christmas to all.

  45. Much Love, Dear Ginny! And the Music.....Ohhhh it just seems to skip and leap with a lightness of Heart! One of the Best ways to not feel "Blue" or Alone at Christmas is to ask God who we can pray for, reach out to. I found in a past C.S. Monitor Article, entitled, "A Lasting Solution to Feeling Lonely" : "Being with people isn't the solution; and being strong and independent on your own doesn't solve the problem, either. The only solution is a deep settled sense of living in God's universe, cherished by divine Love and held in right relation to others." About a week ago, I was led to invite a new friend to join me at a Dance Concert that took place yesterday. It turned out we also met at Church and then went out to Lunch before the Concert. She confessed to me over Lunch that this was the Anniversary of her Husband's passing and that it was always a hard day for her and how grateful she was to have a friend to share activities with. I was amazed that I was led to invite her to join me on this specific date and that I was playing the role of "Angel" in her life. God is truly sooooooo Good and Right on the Spot! Christmas Love and Joy to All! It truly lives in our Hearts each Day of All the Years! xoxo!!

  46. You are loved - you are cherished - beautiful lift this morning. And the music is perfect….

  47. Thanks, Ginny. The lift was like a present I got to open today and found just what I needed -- hopes and fears of all the years, met in the Christ!

  48. Ginny, I love your total frankness about situations you have dealt with and the healing thoughts that brought about a solution. Having gone through a tumultuous human relationship year, and having God resolve it harmoniously, this lift really spoke to my heart. My gratitude is unbounded. Without the beautiful teachings of Christian Science and the Bible, the lifelines of existence, the outcome could have been a disaster for several individuals involved. I am truly experiencing the real meaning of Christmas. Thank you God. Thank you Boston, all you lifters and lifter composers. A blessed Christmas to one and all.

  49. Your message is very comforting and inspiring, Ginny. That is a beautiful hymn as well as a Christmas carol, "O Little Town of Bethlehem". Thank you so much! Peace and joy to you as well.

  50. Thank you, Ginny, for this lovely Lift and everyone for the wonderful comments it inspired. I have been blessed by that same phrase in the song with the word "met" and realizing all was being met - healed, satisfied - I really appreciate this reminder. Love to all! Tracy

  51. Such a helpful lift. Thanks so much. It reminded me of a time when a family member was very ill and ultimately passed on during the Christmas season. I needed to go to a modest Christmas party, but felt very sad. A long-time Christian Scientist was to lead the group in singing carols, which was the last thing I felt like doing at that moment. I was standing towards the back, so if I cried I wouldn't been seen, and I think my face was very sad. The song leader looked my way, and I feel what she said next was directed to me and to anyone else sad in that group. I don't remember her words after all these years, but I do remember the feeling I had. I felt that God was there and would be there, always. Then we got ready to sing the first carol, O come all ye faithful. The first verse spoke to me in a fresh way that has stayed with me since then: "O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant". I knew that I could expect to be joyful and triumphant, if not at that moment, but surely to come. And that did happen. I am very grateful for what Christian Science teaches about Christmas, and about Life itself. There are changes, tragedies and triumphs, but God is always with us, and Christ Jesus shows us the way forward through meekness, faith, understanding. This is the season of appreciation for his appearance on the earth.

  52. Ginny, I so love that you always seem able to touch the heart exactly where it needs touching, simply by sharing how experiences from your own life were able to bring you to the point of lifting up your consciousness to realize/remember that there really is no place where God is not -- no moment when God is inaccessible....no situation too hard for God to heal. And as parents, that understanding is beyond precious. It is altogether priceless, and helps to develop in us a humility that enables us simply to yield our cares and concerns to the all-loving Father-Mother on behalf of "our" children....and of ourselves. Surely there is no better abiding-place than in that divine Love -- the very wonder which gave us Christmas in the first place...... Thank you for the reminder, dear one.

  53. Thank you so much for this message. It was just what I needed to hear.

  54. Thank you Ginny for this lift..I look forward to these daily:)

  55. Thank you, Ginny, for such a comforting message at a busy time. A verse in this week's Responsive Reading also reminds me to take a step back and let God do Her thing: "...stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God." (Job 37:14) I'm so grateful for these inspiring Daily Lifts!

  56. Thank you Ginny for your loving lift that divine Love is always 'meeting' our needs. Even when we do not necessarily think so, God is with us answering every need. What better Christmas message than this?

    Thank you lifters and blessings to all!

  57. So, so precious! Thank you so much. Christmas blessing to you and yours.

  58. Thank you, Ginny, for your most beautiful and healing UP-Lift!

  59. Thank you Ginny, for your beautiful and thought-uplifting words. Just what I needed this morning!

  60. Thank you for this very helpful uplifting message today!

  61. Thank you so much Ginny for the inspiring message about nothingness of outward challenges and reality of Joy that is always ours as God is with us.

  62. Ginny, I so loved this lift! As a kid I always found joy in Christmas. As an adult it is too easy to get caught up in the stuff of our relationships, lifes challanges, etc... Thank you.

  63. This has been a lift for me. I have been worrying about "personalities" clashing and also about how to make everyone happy. I now know that nothing can take joy away--period. "Joy to the world the Lord is come." Good is here, Love is here, joy is here right now for us all.
    Thank you, Ginny, and Lift Team.

  64. "You are loved, you are cherished." Such a beautiful reminder at Christmas when it can seem like the words "you are busy, you are frazzled" are a better descriptor of my life. What a beautiful reminder to take the moment and be loved right now, instead of rushing through this moment and thinking "I'll have time to be loved later but right now I have to ____." Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and support of all of us.

  65. Thanks Ginny for a timely beautiful inspiring message! And thanks again and again to the DL team: how do you manage to ALWAYS condense in 2 minutes the perfect message and creative unusual musical experience. Even the "copyright message" is a gem of a gift! Filled with gratitude, Maria

  66. Oh thank you. What a beautiful & heartfelt lift & what a help it is. Thank you for being so real. Merry Christmas to you.

  67. Ginny, and all the rest of the Lift family: thank you. My heart can't find words right now other than thank you. I will trust that that tiny sentiment will reach you all, carrying the magnitude of my gratitude.

  68. Thanks Ginny, for this healing message; it reminds me of a song sung by our soloist many years ago, "Great peace have they that love thy law and nothing shall offend them." How grateful I am to God for all those angel messages shared from everyone's experiences and the healings that resulted!

  69. Gratitude to all, for you God, your eternal presence, for all the lifters, Nate, Margaret(of the Sunshine Coast) for every lifting day you write, and dear Ginny of course. Blessings to all for this and every season.

  70. What a precious thought. Thank you Ginny.

  71. Thank you Ginny. I know we all needed to hear that message. :)

  72. Good morning, Ginny. I truly felt like you have prepared today's LIFT just for me; of course without being too selfish. I was so ready to get up so early this morning and tackle the day with errands and what nots as tis the season to "hurry up and get things done..so overwhelming" as you say; and instead I was so led to be still and first listen, to the Daily Lift for my daily bread. Ginny, you so lovingly reminded the world just how precious it is that we are always in the presence of God...living in Him for this very idea of peace and love no matter what the situation is. That was timeless and a very nowness. Always acknowledging our Father-Mother God first for this deep sense of divine focus and direction.
    Again Genie, many thanks with all my heart. With Christmas love to all!!! Si Yu us Maasi (in Guamanian, it means, THANK YOU GOD!!!)

  73. Such a lovely Christmas message. Thank you.

  74. Thank you, Ginny for this exquisite lift and blessing. It meant so much to me.

  75. Thank you Ginny for this IMPORTANT sharing "from your heart" opening up our own thoughts. Yes, when ONLY listening to God, Love = GOOD marvels are brought out. The Christ thought is everpresent and opens our thought to marvels. So so grateful for that.

  76. "Always in the presence of the Christ," AMEN. Thanks Ginny and thanks everyone for these lovely sharing thoughts. Thanks DL team. Merry Christmas everyone.

  77. These are such Amazing comments and wonderful expressions of love! Thank you to each of you for caring.
    I was thinking about this lift this morning. When I do a lift it's my "baby" for the day and as a lecturer I cherish and nurture it with prayer. I wake up early and read the comments and pray. Through the day I read the new comments and pray that each is a blessing to those who need to feel the love..
    After years of doing lifts I was wondering a few days ago, if these lifts are still a blessing, still needed, wondering if the daily Bible Lesson might be enough of a "daily lift" for this hungry world.
    Then I again found the joy of these lifts this morning when thinking about the title.
    It occurred to me that we are not only in the presence of God but in the "presents" or the gifts of God.
    We are surrounded by the love of you and your loving care, by the expressions or gifts of God in our pets, in the qualities of God we see all around us. God's spiritual gifts are seen all over this world. They are to be opened (understood), cherished (expressed and loved) and blessed by.
    What a wonderful way to think about our days.. We are surrounded by God's gifts..
    I love these lifts and the things they bring to light..
    Wonderful sharing, wonderful gifts..
    Love to you all this Christmas!
    God is Good..You are His/Her gift to the world today..Thank you!

  78. Thank you, Ginny, for this beautiful thought. As I waited for your "lift" to come up on my computer, I noticed at the top in one of the little boxes it said, "waiting for Christian Science." I thought, "Isn't it wonderful that we don't have to wait for Christian Science--it's as immediate and available as a thought." Then your lift: "Always in the presence of God." ALWAYS--not sometime, not maybe, not later...
    I am so grateful for your lifts and those of all the contributors. A very merry Christmas to all!

  79. Thank you for reminding all of us that the comings and goings and changes to our Christmas celebrations- are not what matter! It is the ever present changeless Christ with us all that gives us real joy! May this ever present joy year round- be our true celebration. Merry Christmas and thank you Ginny for being so in tune with the Christ message.

  80. Dear Ginny and lifters, thank you so much for this beautiful message and comments!!!
    I feel so loved~ Merry Christmas dear friends!!

  81. It is so comforting to be reminded that we are always in the presence of the Christ, and that we naturally make room for the Christ in our lives and can seek out and share with those who are alone or in need of the Christ Comforter at this special time and throughout the year.

    A joyous season to everyone!

  82. As a mother of teenagers, I knowingly chuckled out loud as I listened to your comments about approaching your Christmas letter content. Thank you for simply and strongly reminding me where the true joy of the season comes from. I will certainly listen to this again during the days ahead.

  83. We may not always be aware of or mindful of the invisible thread that is always connecting every one of us to God, good, pulling us up, no matter how far we seem to have sunk into the sands of matter.
    Thank you Ginny for your always sweet revelations of God's presence.

  84. So glad to hear from you again, Ginny! "O, Little Town of Bethlehem" will never be the same for me!!!! Music staff: loved the style today!

  85. Wonderful !!! thank you ... with love.

  86. Thank you Ginny.These lifts inspire with love and understanding our "oneness"with God.To me they add to our growth which brings peace and health.My gratitude to all who contribute in any way to these healing messages.

  87. Thank you so Ginny and all the Lifters who were my family during the last 2 months of Jury Duty on a murder case. I was so grateful to read your comments every morning. I sat in the Jury Box every day with Hymns in my head and heart.....listening for the Truth.......in the last deliberations one juror became iirrational and it looked like a hung jury and the dear boy charged would be unjustly accused BUT when we returned the next day for deliberations that same juror opted to not return....an alternate juror replaced him and within an hour the verdict was reached....NOT GUILTY.....the boy charged was set free after 4 years of prison while awaiting trial and his record expunged. As one juror commented "Divine Intervention"......We faced huge manipulation from outside sources but we stayed with Truth and saw Truth and Truth was the victor. I will never be grateful enough for our Hymns of Courage and Praise for God. Merry Christmas to my dear friends, I so needed to hear your thoughts every day-----and you delivered!!!!

  88. Thank you, Ginny, and thank you fellow lifters for the inspiring thoughts. These Lifts mean so much to me, and are an important part of my day. Multitudes of thanks, too, to everyone involved in producing these precious Lifts that unite us in glorifying God's ever present care and goodness for all His/Her children. Merry Christmas and love to all!

  89. Thank you Ginny for this beautiful lift - I always enjoy your articles & lifts - you are so down to earth in talking about your experiences - they are much appreciated. Thanks also to all the comments from listeners. These Lifts are a wonderful idea - Thanks also to the DL team & especially Nate who always cheers me up in the morning. God Bless and a Very Happy Christmas to all.

  90. A beautiful lift this morning! Thank you Ginny and all of the "lifters" behind the scenes for these daily powerful messages.
    To find in our heart the Joy - which lifts our hearts above mortal strife. This is the Joy to the World, that is the gift of Christian Science, available to all.

  91. Once again you share the perfect healing message for all to feel and cherish. You are listening and sharing from the heart - as you have done for these past 45 years since the early days in Sommerville.
    A most joyous and blessed Christmas to all!!

  92. Christmas, to me is not a seasonal period, it's for all moments of our lives to know that a joyful God is fulling us with joyful moments, joyful expectations and just expressing that joy no matter what. It doesn't have to come on a certain day, week or month, it's forever.

  93. Thank you Ginny and the little voice at the end. To #28 Alex -- I had to Google Morlupo so I could
    have a geographic sense of where you would be eating alone on Christmas Day. I have moved a good number of times in my life and found a few ways of handling the day if I weren't invited. From student days I invited persons for a pot luck meal. There are always others who are happy to bring a dish to share. Or, professional friends do their annual thing by hosting a table full at a Chinese restaurant where they have chosen the menu. But a day of doing those put-off tasks like polishing silver to lovely music with even a grilled cheese sandwich gives a sense of quietude and accomplishment. You can tell cooking is not terribly high on my to do list. Thanking God for all I have experienced makes me never alone really.

  94. This is THE BEST music I've heard yet on Daily Lift! Great job! (And thanks for the nice reminding lift, Ginny!)

  95. What a wonderful lift to set our day! Thank you Ginny for your openness and timeliness. #28 I also thought about your comment of being alone at Christmas dinner and my immediate thought was that you can never be without the presence of The Christ at any meal. You are also included in the thoughts, prayers and love of all the lifters from every corner of the world. How great is that!? Just by reading the many comments every day I realize what a huge family I have acquired. I would recognize each of you by your searching, loving comprehension of divine Science and it's presence you so lovingly share. Thank you all...and Merry Christmas every day.

  96. Thank you dear Ginny, I have appreciated your Daily Lifts and Lectures over the years! This message came at the perfect time as I am missing parents whom have passed and sisters who are in CA while I am in Switzerland. I love being reminded I am loved and cherished! Merry Christmas to you too.

  97. Thank you Ginny. Very recently I have felt the need to attend Church services and to just let go of the disappointments and unresolved thoughts of family, job searching, and place. Attending Church gives me the uninhibited time to think about my true being as a loved child of God. The world needs this supply of spiritual Oneness. Church gives me the strength to move on and do good.

  98. Thank you Ginny, that was beautiful.

  99. It seems strange, but so often in this "joyous" time of year we can feel burdened, depressed, unhappy etc. Thanks for the "Lift" to a higher sense of the real things going on around us. We are loved every second and reflect God's goodness. What greater gift could we ask for...Love to you and your family!


  101. Great lift GInny, as always. Alex #28 - you won't be alone on Christmas - all of the Daily Lifters will be thinking about you ! I have an empty plate at the dinner table for an unknown soldier - and it always makes me feel so much more in touch spiritually - no saddness. Merry Christmas and blessing to all.

  102. From this week's Lesson: The waters will be pacified, and Christ will command the wave. (S&H)

    Thank you Ginny! Merry Christmas..


  104. Wonderful outwardly & up-reaching Lift, spoken in a beautiful & heartfelt tone of voice -- thanks so much, Ginny! Loved the music and the delightful little girl at the end of the cherished Daily Lift!

  105. you rock ginny....thanx for being so honest!

  106. Wonderful GL ......we all are IN GOD, in among HIS PRESENTS/Presence/HIS/her gifts to us.What a
    shower of blessedness,peace,joy,power...worthy of our undying gratitude and spiritual appreciation.
    Many thanks for your true warmth and caring.......

  107. Think you Ginny for this marvelous lift. So wonderful.
    Also all the comments so inspiring. Hymn 350 from
    the Christian Science Hymnal reads in part, All will be
    well;..., All must be well;..., All,all is well....
    The complete hymn is such a comfort and so true.
    Love peace and joy to all.

  108. Thank you, Ginny, and a Happy, Joyous Christmas to all!

  109. Thank you! Sometimes it seems we have to be selective in sharing news - but the good news is that the Christ is new born every day in our hearts!

  110. Thank you Ginny. You have shared your thoughts over the years with all of us. Tribulations are many for those who still do not know Divine Love, but you do put things and ideas of this great achievement into alignment of what we can and should do, pronto. As one of our CS members said change your thoughts to God and again Divine Love. It was hard for me to adjust and learn. Finally I am now on the right path. Again, thank you for the lift. Have a wonderful Year. Carol

  111. Thank you, Ginny! God's Love fills us up! Charishes, nurtures, loves and guides us! We are never alone or separate from our source of all good. The atmosphere we live in is beautiful, harmonious, complete, safe and happy! Life, home and family are all expressions of God that we express! So it has to be good! It has to be wonderful! Just the way we need it :) that's how God loves us. Hooray for opportunities to learn that better and see that our joy doesn't depend on any external factor...Love is all-in-all, caring for each of us, our children, spouses, parents, coworkers, friends, etc. we are perfect, loved and complete! Thank you God! Lots of love to each of you! Merry Christmas! Xoxox

  112. Thank you so much for this comforting message.

  113. Yes! Thank you, Ginny! I love the one Mind that speaks to us. Your lift is so timely in that I was really getting caught up in "the demand to feel joy" put upon us from the material world perspective. Thank you for the reminder that I can effortlessly feel the Joy of Christmas as a real reflection of God: that we are all loved, cherished, and we are never separated from that divine Love. Thank you Daily Lift Team and The Mother Church for all the daily resources to help us all keep the meaning of Christmas in our hearts, mind and actions every day of the year.

  114. Thank you Ginny. You are loved and you are cherished. What a wonderful reminder of the true spirit of Christmas time.

  115. Beautiful, Ginny. Thank you so much.

  116. Thank you Ginny. We share many of the same thoughts--ones that help carry you through tough times. Reflect on all the good --- we have a multitude if we probe a little! Big loves!!---VW

  117. Thank you, Ginny, and thank you to all 116 "commentators". Reason tells me that having a family does not guarantee feeling satisfied and whole, any more than any other material answer to aloneness such as going away for Christmas. But reason doesn't go deep enough. I used to feel that there was enough to learn from without 2 minutes or less of a "Daily Lift", but wouldn't miss them now and am grateful for the inspiration that provided them and to all the "lifters". "The hopes and fears of all the years" - that reminds me that everyone the world over longs for peace of mind and the sense of being cared for, and I can reach out and pray for them and know that I'm being loved and prayed for too.

  118. Thank you so much Ginny.

  119. Deep gratitude Ginny, Knowing that my family and me, too, are in the presence of God although seeming to be far apart on the map. God's love and warm embrace is enfolding each one of us with great love and peace.

  120. Sorry to take so long to listen to this, but it was just wonderful!! I needed, this day, to know of the peace and presence of the Christ -- and there you were telling me just what I needed. Thank you, Ginny!!

  121. Dear Ginny, A timeless and beautiful Lift from when I feel separated sometimes.
    Lots of love and peace. Many thanks to the whole team.

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