12/15: Regifting love

12/15: Regifting love

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  1. Thank you, Ginny - this Lift is a gift in itself! And you know, I was just thinking - the wonderful thing about "regifting love" is that even once we've given love to someone, we still have just as much (and more) of it to keep on giving!

  2. Muito obrigado pelo Daily Lift.

  3. Wonderful! Many thanks for this uplifting timely gift!

  4. Thank you for the joy and substance of a real Christmas spirit, like lighting a candle and passing it to the next, and the next and the next one we meet.

  5. WOW... that was beautiful. I am inspired to generously regift kindness to someone I've had some difficulty with, in hopes of healing the rift between us. So grateful.

  6. Thank you so much for your loving gift to us with this Lift. And that is real Christmas to give Love to oneanother in which kind ever. Giving is mor blissful than taking!

  7. Thank you, Ginny, for the reminder of what real gifts are which can be given to all. There is no $ amount involved, and yet, they are priceless.

  8. Thank you, Ginny. “Freely ye have received, - freely give" comes to mind with new light!

  9. Thank you for this lovely lift. It reminded me of what Christ Jesus said to his disciples, Matthew 10:7,8:
    "The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give."

  10. I come from the time of regifting, Ginny! My mother had no money - at all - so each Christmas I would get the same doll, but in a new dress. Cut out of scraps of nothing, but trimmed with an overflowing heart, and presented with all the mother love she had to give. When I could afford them I used to give her expensive gadgets for the kitchen, but she never used them and regifted them back to me. It became a regular and looked forward to fun part of Christmas Day. We called it a reshuffle, but I do think regift has a sweeter ring to it. These Daily Lifts are made for regifting as grateful reminders of how easy it is to keep sharing the love.
    Can we ever say enough Thank you, Nathan, for this wonderful podcast? Thank you to the quietly hard-working moderator, the BoL, and lecturers and our own gift of Lifters.

  11. Thank you for the gift . We can share with others.

  12. Many thanks Ginny for that loving reminder. Yes. " Re-gift that 'gift of love' wherever it comes to our thought to do so. And in that 'gift of giving' we find [the] blessed [Christmas] holiday." "Grace to go forward, wherever He guide thee,/ Gladly obeying the call of His [Love's] word." (Christian Science Hymnal #278).

  13. Hoy que se habla tanto de regalar y lo comprometido que se suele estar con ello, en un sentido humano de la acción, es hermoso recordar cuan bello regalo nos ha dado el Padre-Madre a todos nosostros.

    Que bello es poder gozar de ese presente, ese niño, que trajo bajo su manto cautivo para todos nosotros el Amor de Dios.
    Muchas gracias, Ginny, thank you, so much

  14. It is like. We love God because He first loved us. We comfort others with the same comfort we have received from God.

  15. Thank you.

  16. Every gift is from God. When we take the gifts he has given us -- indeed they are being given to us each moment -- and give them to others in the form of loving, healing thoughts, we are re-gifting in the best way possible. Thank you, Ginny!

    "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning." (James 1:17)

  17. Thank you Ginny, for is gift of love....I just regifted it on Facebook and twitter!

  18. I like this thought of giving a new kind of gift - a spiritual gift. I will try to do this.
    Thanks so much for the idea.

  19. The life of Jesus is a gift from God. From his conception through his ascension Jesus' life unwrapped the nature of God as wonderful love. Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures on page 273: "His acts were the demonstration of Science, overcoming the false claims of material sense or law."
    Jesus life revealed great possibilities for us all.
    Some of the gifts I've received from studying his life are:
    We're never alone
    Good things can happen at weddings
    There is free food here
    Productive farming
    Angels speak to us
    In dark times good is still going on
    Love each other
    Timeless travel
    Death isn't power
    New family tree
    Serve each other
    Undisturbed sleep is possible
    Give gratitude
    We are transparent
    Children are blessings
    No incurability
    Stand by people who are going through hard times
    Use what you have
    Share freely
    Forgive ourselves and move on
    Instant meal preparation
    God is good

    I've had fun thinking about Jesus' life and the gifts they reveal...now on to re-gifting!

  20. Thank you for THIS gift, Ginny! You remind us all of the unbounded Source of "every good and perfect gift" -- infinite Love, which is never out of fashion, never gets old, is never inadequate for its purpose. What more do we need? :)

  21. Thank you, sweet Ginny! So glad it's You, today! Sometimes we aren't always able to spend the Holidays with our "Family of Origin".... for various reasons. I know in my family of origin there are still some hard resentments and rifts between family members that haven't been healed yet. I have found that God, my Divine Father and Mother, still provides a sense of family for me through close loving friends and co-workers. Truly "family" really means a shared Heart of Loving between people! I also know that we can't "make" people want to forgive and open up and forget and move on. All we can do is keep our hearts open to Love and then let people do what they need to do in their own way and in their own time. I just want to say to anyone out there who doesn't have a close feeling with their family of origin: "Your Father/Mother God is right now showering you with Love and drawing to you those people who can transmit this Love to you! Watch for all the ways that God is playing "Secret Santa" with you today and all through this lovely Holiday Season!" God Bless Us Every One! XOXO

  22. Thank you Ginny and all Senders and Lifters. I've been thinking of this poem by Max Dunaway:

    Christmas Gift

    Here is my Christmas gift, O God,
    For You and Your dear Son.
    It is my life: may it show forth
    What Your great gift has done.

  23. Thank you for expanding my thought regarding gifts and for helping me acknowledge the limitless spiritual gifts to appreciate and share. Earlier this holiday season there was an unhappy discussion with my family members about gift-giving and our usually extremely loving family was a bit at odds and I felt angry and disappointed with the final decision. Coming home from church last night I realized how much healing had unfolded. One family member (who I had actually yelled at over the phone during those "discussions") not only forgave me, but we've been having phone calls just to share spiritual inspiration! There's the true gift-giving, as you said, Ginny! I am very grateful for Christian Science and our Lessons and for the Lift - so often it alerts me to truths I was missing or wakes me up to behold something fresh. Thank you, #10 Margaret, for another delightful entry. Thanks Nate & Lift team.

  24. Thank you Ginny. When all you have to give is Love - then you are giving all there is to give - you are giving all.

  25. Thank you Ginny for this Daily Lift gift.

  26. Ginny, thank you so much for your comment in ( #19 ) naming some of the good gifts Jesus´life revealed to everybody who accepts Him freely as the beloved son of God!

  27. I love re-gifting! Re-gift all year long, not just during the holidays.... I love the idea that Jesus gave everything to us so we can now re-gift his lovingkindness, support, forgiveness, understanding, courage and strength to others in our lives! Perfect gift, perfect "size" to fit everyone! Thank you Ginny!!:-)

  28. Thank you.

  29. What a wonderful thought...re-gifting love...the topic at the Wednesday evening testimony meeting in my branch church last night was..."The most wonderful thing in the world"...it was all about Love...Gods' gift to US. It truly is a wonedrful this to "re-gift"...His Divine Love. It heals and bless all those that we re-gift it to...thanks for the wonderful thought Ginny...! That is a re-giting we can give 24/7/365...!

  30. What a wonderful gift to give to all ... thank you... and for all the wonderful music for listening and singing.".Joy to the world the lord has come"

  31. What a wonderful gift to give to all ... thank you... and for all the wonderful music for listening and singing.".Joy to the world the lord has come"

  32. What a wonderful idea regifting presents you have recieved.

  33. Ginny, I love the list of gifts you shared. Thank you!

  34. Very cool, Ginny.
    The gift of love that keeps on giving because it's source is God, Love itself.
    Thank you so much.

  35. I love it! A gift I don't have to shop for and my recipient list can be unlimited!


  36. The perfect gift....Love. Thank you for reminding us.

  37. Thank you. This lift opens up all kinds of true gifting possibilities! Good catalyst thinking!

  38. Love is the perfect gift. Thank you for reminding us.

  39. Thank you Ginny!

  40. Ginny, this message was such a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing it. Also, I love the list of blessings that you gave us in #19.

    It is such a treat to hear your joyous and grateful Lifts. God really does love us all!

  41. The gift of forgiveness is an amazing gift to both give and receive:) Thanks for this great thought Ginny!

  42. What a wonderful and lovely idea! Thank you!

  43. Thank you! I love this thought. Thank you for the dear morning it is truely a gift. I will keep this in mind.

  44. It's so beautiful to think that we are actually giving the best present by giving love. Thank you for saying that Kate Johnson : "When all you have to give is Love - then you are giving all there is to give - you are giving all". When one thinks back on this christmas what they'll remember most is in fact the love they felt, rather than the "perfect present" on their list.

  45. What a lovely and practical thought!

  46. I love this - and it has given me pause for thought all day! I discovered how the many lessons from Jesus Christ translate as daily expression into my activities - here are a few:

    Reflecting and regifting ideas from working with children this year:
    children don’t know you think you can’t sing....(God doesn't either!)
    teaching and learning are mutual
    all stories have meaning
    inspiration,wonder and infinite life is on the nature table
    collaboration creates future possibilities
    little friends keep turning up, whatever!
    referring to spiritual well-being is acceptable in school reports
    hang spare ideas on the washing line for later
    If there’s a parallel universe there could definitely be God.....
    Music is like the (meta)physics of the universe, and threads the spheres together - we could build a model....
    a playground is for anything
    Most of all I learned that holding to the perfection of Man in my heart enabled physical and mental rehabilitation in those with special educational needs.
    Lovely, lovely, lovely Lift, thank you!

  47. Thanks Ginny, for the regift of Love: Example: My family comes over every other Friday evening, brings supper and cleans up afterwards, and leaves some left overs. (Some times as many as 20 attend).

    What very dear people.

  48. What a joy to unwrap your generous and unconditional gift to us all, Ginny. Thanks also for the translations into modern language of the list of Jesus' healing works in #19. Margaret #10, perfectly said and wrapped in a bow. Countney #1, thank you for this love reminder that in regifting this way, we give and still have the original and more. #21 Bev. keep the faith, I'm watching it happen myself. When you say, "all we can do is..." remember really, God is all, all in all, the biggest All of all. Karen #22, thanks for sharing this poem by Max Dunaway. And Tiffiny, #27, one size fits all! Thanks Nate and your DL team for this year round gift of daily lifts.

  49. The gift of love, the gift of giving that was given to us. Can't get much better than that! Thank you to all involved in providing these daily lifts. They are valuable to me. All the comments are wonderful as well.

  50. Thank you for this gentle reminder of where all the love and giving that we express is coming from. We are truly re-gifting.

  51. Thank you, very much!

  52. Well said, Ginny. That really cuts through all the materialism and guilt that tries to interfere with the celebration of the Christ birth, the coming of Truth and Love to mankind.

  53. What a great lift. Thank you Ginny.

  54. Thank you -- you've hit a home run. Could it be that this is the ultimate gift -- regifting? What about giving something that is precious to the giver? I brought tears to my bosses eyes, when I explained that the antique wood plane was my favorite shop tool and I wanted him to have it.
    As for the 'bumper' music, I say M O R E.


  55. These days, when finances are so tight, those of us who wish to re-gift may find ourselves in trouble. It’s not always necessary to give expensive or material gifts, the great giver, the great example, Jesus Christ, gave generous gifts to mankind that even more than two thousand years later we still continue to enjoy, gifts of love and action.
    He showed dominion by calming the storm, love by healing, honesty by paying Caesar, abundance by feeding the crowd, and so on.
    Friends, it's time to give of ourselves.
    En estos días, cuando las finanzas están tan apretadas, aquellos que querermos devolver un regalo con otro tal vez nos encontremos en apuros. No siempre es necesario dar regalos caros o materiales, el gran dador, el gran ejemplo, Cristo Jesús, dio regalos tan generosos a la humanidad que aún más de dos mil años más tarde seguimos disfrutando, regalos de amor y acción.
    Mostró dominio al callar la tormenta, amor al sanar, honestidad al pagar a Cesar, abundancia al alimentar la multitud, etc.
    Amigos, es hora de dar de nosotros mismos.

  56. thanks for your lift for the christmas, am blessed with it, it means to share loves and cares for all.
    thanks for Gideon

  57. Regifting Love. I love that thought.

  58. This is a beautiful idea, Ginny. Thank you so much ! I would have always said to pass a gift on to someone but the thought to re-give it. I love it!

  59. Thank you dear Ginny! This reminds me that everyday is really Christmas, as the power of the Christ comes to each of us and gives us inspiration, energy, and renewal, allowing us to "regift" the Love we are so freely given. I am so grateful for this thought today!

  60. Wow, I never thought of regifting like this and I love to regift! Thank you very much.

  61. Thank you.

  62. Thank you for the lift and all the spirited comments. This year it was requested that we not buy gifts. I heartily agreed because it is something I had thought about in past years. So far I have felt a great deal of freedom in staying with the focus of the spirit of Christmas. I have enjoyed giving to others like the bell ringers. I have cleaned out my library and donated many good books to the local libraries and to friends. I did not feel pressured to write cards but enjoyed spending time sending love in this way.
    I love that this is a time to reflect on all the blessings of the past year and look ahead to what the New Year might hold. I am thankful for many, many blessings. Without the spiritual counsel I received this year from a wonderful Christian Science practitioner that I have known for many years, I do not think I would have found dominion. Having dominion gives me peace and quiet joy. That is a great gift of love to those who know me well, because my focus is removed from my own worries and freer to reach out to others. I enjoy the challenge of responding to the Daily Lift...how to share something of my experience that will be helpful to others. Thank you for the inspiration and welcome of this unusual spiritual community.

  63. Thanks, Ginny; what a wonderful idea and we certainly can afford to re-gift this to everyone! Thanks for your
    wonderful lifts and everyone else who shares their inspiration; and also to Nate and the whole crew for producing it so nicely. With lots of love!

  64. Thanks Ginny, what a gift Christian Science is to me!
    It turns every occasion into one full of blessings, no matter how difficult it seems.

    En español

    Gracias Ginny, ¡ qué regalo es la Ciencia Cristiana para mí!
    Convierte toda ocasión en una llena de bendiciones no importa que tan difícil parezca.

  65. The outpouring of love, as Jesus showed us that God is Love, is indeed a divine gift that we are committed to regift! And thank you for your comments at (19) above, about the life of Jesus, who was sent from God with a new covenant. Your quick contemporary names for the work and teachings of Jesus make it easy to see how human lives are reformed, transformed.

  66. Thank you very much Ginny for a wonderful lift.

  67. Dear Ginny, I again thank you very very much for your HEALING GIFT to us under the # 19!

  68. Ginny, Thank you for being Ginny. You have such a loving thought. I heard your lecture about
    your husband and his snoring and the way you healed him of that thought....I love that....I want
    to help my Husband remember!! I am applying all his WONDERFUL SWEET ways to the seeming
    lack of short memory. NOTHING can be FRAGMENTED about God's Perfect REFLECTION!! Thank
    you for this IDEA of looking at ALL man's ways being perfect and INTACT...I hope to report soon that
    my husbands PERFECTION be completely manifested....Thank you again. I also attended your last
    lecture for 7th Church some time back....ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF YOUR SPEAKING TO US

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