12/12: Never alone at Christmas

12/12: Never alone at Christmas

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  1. Thank you Brian for this Lift filled with hope and assurance of Divine Loves ever-active expression in our lives. Mortal mind presents us with a limited deceptive picture of who and what we are and tries to identify us with circumstance. Our identity is in God, and just as God is not subject to or defined by material conditions, neither are we. Lets start today to see ourselves and others as complete, and whole, expressions of the One Mind, always satisfied, never alone but in the company of Love's ever-presence.

  2. Thank you Brian !
    A beautiful message to share,

  3. Thank you Brian for reminding us that we can never be alone in the kingdom of heaven.

    Mortal thought would suggest that we can feel isolated on a hostile material planet but I have found that this can be overcome by realizing that the true holy family were not two humans and a baby. To me the holy family is the family of God's qualities, the seven synonyms as listed by Mrs Eddy in Science and Health: infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love.

    The man that God created is the expression by Him of that family of divine qualities. If man himself is the compound idea of a family of eternal qualities, then man can never be without a true family.

  4. Thank you,thank you for this wonderful Lift !

  5. Thanks, Brian. I loved your thought that we are each a part of the Christmas story. And not just at Christmas, but always.

  6. Brian, Thank you.

  7. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  8. Thank you Brian, like every day, the Daily Lift, was made to day for me!!!!!
    And of course for every body!!!!

  9. Thank you for this lovely, helpful Lift and for all the inspired comments Mortal thought would claim as present, that which is impossible - loneliness, or separation from God, Love; and that which is present reality, God, Love, as at best a 'fond memory', no longer present. We can never be without an opportunity to express the spiritual fact of the presence of Love and prayer as taught in Christian Science will show us how, whenever we truly want to be shown the way.

  10. Such a gentle Lift. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for this inspiring message Brian and Daily Lift team

  12. Thank you for this wonderful Lift.

  13. Thank you Brian. Thank you also Martin and Tony. I agree with Rahla in that I love how you brought out that we are part of the Christmas Story. When you think of it the Christmas Story is part of Creation and we are part of Creation where Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health (p 507:28) Creation is ever appearing, and must ever continue to appear form the nature of its inexhaustible source".

    The truth is, that at some point we all have to deal with and understand being alone as it unfolds an aloneness with God. Just as our experiences are not limited to one country (there is the Internet and Television and the Print Media) our individuality cannot be limited to one person or a set of people we call family or friends.

    We all have to tap into that higher consciousness that is God's which unravels and abundance of riches. In so doing our path will cross that of another or of others but that same path will also take us away from others as theirs will take them away from us. As we know, a beam of light is never separated from its source, neither are we. If we are all part of that same Source, we never really are separated from each other.

    Those who turn to the social media (e.g Facebook) to unite with Friends and Family must understand that such media is metaphoric for connecting with God's Universal Family. As Creation unfolds, we realize we are never separated from Love's love...never.

    I have and possibly will spend many a Christmas alone, but with God.

  14. Dear Brian

    Thank you for your inspiring Daily Lift.

    My Christian Science Teacher said to me once, " Peter, you may be lonely, but you are never alone, the rest is his-story.

    How blessed we all are to be able to demonstrate this Science on a day to day basis and prove it heals every nanosecond, and that we can help are fellow man.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ


  15. Christmas stories, lessons, memories; some good some bad; joyful presents, family and longings.

    A scared pregnant girl between 8 and 14, about to have her baby, away from her family; probably traveling with, a much older, strange man she had recently marry, riding an uncomfortable donkey with the uncertainty of not finding lodging for the night.

    As it turned out, the man was a gently soul and the girl was blessed with a special baby to give hope to the world… God had sent angels to protect their whole trip.

    Is Christmas let us welcome angels!

    Cuentos de Navidad, lecciones, memorias, algunas buenas, otras malas, regalos alegres, familiares y anhelos.

    Una asustada niña, entre 8 y 14 años, embarazada y a punto de parir, lejos de su familia, recién casada; probablemente viajando con un hombre extraño y mucho mayor que ella, montando un incómodo burro y con la incertidumbre de no hallar alojamiento donde pasar la noche.

    El resultado fue que el hombre era apacible y la niña fue bendecida con un bebé especial nacido para dar esperanza al mundo… Dios había enviado ángeles para proteger a la totalidad de su viaje.

    ¡Es Navidad, recibamos a los ángeles!

  16. Thanks Brian for this lovely lift.

  17. Evidentemente, esos atributos, sentirse acompañados y amparados, no cuelgan de un árbol, por muy adornado, lleno de regalos y luces que esté, eso es solo la mente mortal, con sus engaños, como si todos esos elementos materiales pudieran transformarse en hechos reales de felicidad. cuando son solo inventos humanos para confundir.

    En cambio, que maravilla, el genuino Arbol donde cada rama es una extensión de El, , porque allí germinan las más bellas realizaciones, compañía, amparo, infinitos regalos, que al abrirlos todo se llena de Luz, cual capullos que el Amor impulsa, se abren en inmarcesibles flores con sus pétalos cargados de paciencia, tolerancia, bondad, generosidad,etc. etc. llenando todo con el regalo más preciado, que llega a todos por igual... sin adornos, pero sí lleno de luces que iluminan todo con Amor. El Lucero, la Luz que en un humilde pesebre, germinó la más sublime rama, cargada de sustanciales regalos, únicos, que al mundo por Su contenido despertó a un nuevo festejo cargado de bondad, lleno de Su amor .

    Muchas gracias Brian, tomemos del Arbol el regalo, que el Daily Lift, con sus mensajes cada mañana nos da.

  18. Such a lovely, healing message - going forth to bless all! Thank you, Brian, DL Team, and dear Lifters everywhere!

  19. Many thanks Brian for this great Christmas lift. Yes. "God's angels are with each of us. .. Let us welcome again the Christ into our world." "God's angels ever come and go,/ All winged with light and love;/ They bring us blessings from on high,/ They lift our thoughts above,/ They whisper God is Love." (Christian Science Hymnal #9).

  20. Thank you Brian! Just lovel. I never thought of myself as being part of the Christmas story the way you put it. Mary is about to give birth in a strange town, with no family to help. Joseph is trying to find a place where to stay... Were they alone, troubled, angry, feeling sad, forsaken? Maybe.. but angels transformed their experience and they were filled with hope. They knew they were chosen to welcome the child Christ into the world, to nurture this special baby that would change history. I will surely bear it in mind and keep it in my heart this Christmas and always. I will welcome again the Christ into my conscience, I will listen for the angels of God´s thoughts passing to me and realize that God as my Father-Mother is with me and ALL of us today to bring the promised peace. We are never alone. Special thanks to the DL team, all the contributors and blessings to this spiritual family that leaves nobody out.

  21. This is a Christmas story to tell the world, Brian. And now it can be heard in every home and in every heart. Such an unlikely cast of stars, and the story, itself, would raise eyebrows in the best of regulated homes. Yet it has taken its place with the birth of Moses and the prophets, and stands as inspiration for all who would draw nearer to our own relationship with our Father-Mother, Good. In our own family this baby has come "with healing on its wings" to mend separations and divisions, to let us start again.
    Thank you Nate and the production crew; the Board of Lectureship; and the angels coming from everywhere to share in the fruitage of Christian Science healing, "the babe we are to cherish."

  22. Beautiful, Brian. The message today as before is of joy, peace, satisfaction. How wonderful that Christmas this year is on Wednesday, when Christian Science churches will be holding their regular evening meetings! Ours will have two, at noon and 7:30 P.M. Now that is a gift to our community to join with us. Thank you, DL.

  23. What a blessing today to hear this DL and to read all that has been communicated by the DL family. Very, very helpful.

  24. Amen! to this good and promising message of the Messiah - God with us. I will be listening to it again to remind me of the true spirit and meaning of Christmas. Thank you very much.

  25. Thank you Brian for this timely and inspiring Lift.

  26. Such a thoughtful Lift, Brian. I also love Tony's statement: "To me the holy family is the family of God's qualities, the seven synonyms as listed by Mrs Eddy in Science and Health: infinite Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love." I love when I can spend a peaceful Christmas Day absorbed in the realness of the day.

  27. Dear Brian, this is just the message I needed this morning. While enjoying the Christmas decorations I've put up and being so grateful for my home, I was thinking longingly for my family so far away - my daughter and son-in-law, granddaughter and 5 great grandchildren all in Southern California (900 miles away) and grandson with his family in Texas. One of the statements I've saved from an article, "THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON" by Mark McCurties (Journal, July 2012) has brought me comfort. It reads, "...God did not make us in His image and likeness just to watch us struggle through a discordant and unpredictable material life. In reality, God's children must dwell in the Holy City, because God could not put us where He is not." We are all the children of God dwelling in the Holy City rejoicing and singing hymns of praise to God this blessed Christmas season.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  28. Thank you. What a wonderful idea during this time

  29. A most beautiful association of Angels with Christmas, for us all!

  30. Thank You Brian,
    For the past 7 years our community has had a Christmas Walk, the community comes together to walk from church to church, in each church a part of the Christmas story is told. I loved this take on the story and was inspired to forward it to my team consisting of 7 from other churches in the community. Thank you again for this timely message.

  31. Timeless! Thank you!

  32. This is timely. I was prepared to spend the Christmas alone this year. However, last night an invitation came from a niece in another city to spend Christmas with her and her three lovely children. However, that leaves behind another woman in our block with whom I was going to spend some time so we could be, as we laughingly agreed, "alone together." I now have a message for her. Thank you, Brian.

    13, thanks for the statement that a light can never be separated from its source.

  33. Brian's message reminds me of a new, original song that was just released by TMC YOUTH. You can listen here:

  34. "God with us" -- the most precious Christmas gift anyone could ever receive. Thank you, Brian, for your tender,powerful healing message.

  35. Such a peaceful and spectacular message. Thank you Brian

  36. Thank you Brian for this gentle lift. The Daily Lifts have been a blessing in my life and one I look forward to every morning. Reading them and all the following comments really continue to teach me. Much gratitude goes out to the team that puts this together and the folks that take time to comment from around the world. It's making a difference!

  37. Nelly,
    Su mensaje es tan hermoso e inspirativo como el Daily Lift que nos esta acompanando el dia de hoy.
    To the Daily Lift Staff and Lecturers
    Thank you, for the inspiration I receive Daily. Your dedication expresses God's qualities.

  38. Thank you for the blessing, Brian

  39. Thank you for this inspired and beautiful message which brings comfort to all. I wish the whole world would hear this today.

  40. What a sweet and holy message, Brian.....Thank You! Always at this time of year, I can feel a palpable sweetness in the air. Perhaps it IS the angels bending low to bring us the true Gift of Christmas - the knowing and feeling that God is indeed with us, shepherding, guarding and guiding us "up to Thee"! Truly, Christmas is the coming of the Christ! Hallalujah! Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men.

  41. Thank you for helping me not feel alone. Loneliness has been probably the most difficult thing for me to see beyond. This lift tells me that God is my best friend and company.

  42. I inherited a very old little handwritten recipe book. The tattered binding is in pieces, but in it are pages of recipes received from neighbors and family members. They are challenging to duplicate since they say things like “tea cup” of this or that or "5 cents" worth of something else. There are wonders like Maple Mousse, Mrs. Mark’s Rhubarb Conserve, Sweet Muffins and Pork Cake (?). I was struck by the simplicity of the ingredients and also by the effort made by cooks of the past. Who would make their own marshmallows today?

    Well, if Father Mother God is coming for Christmas, I should prepare. I think we can whip up something good for spiritual visitants. – A meal fit for a King, so to speak. I know that some ingredients need to be prepared in advance, so I should get started.

    I need some menu/ingredients ideas. Anyone? I'll check back. I am pretty sure I want to wrap it up with unlimited Perfection Pie.

    Thank you, Brian, for the heads up. Now we can prepare to enjoy Christmas day!

    Right Margaret #21 - Brian's is the Christmas story for the world today!

  43. And it's so reassuring to know and feel this Presence of the Christ NOT just on December 25 but every day. Those angels are our companions....just think, they are actually "God's thoughts passing to" us.
    Wow, what a gift of love.

    Thank you for this message....you must be one of God's angels!

  44. Thank you for the comforting, gentle message.
    Mrs. Eddy writes, "Gabriel has the more quiet task of imparting a sense of the ever-presence of ministering Love. These angels deliver us from the depths." (S&H, p.567)

  45. Thank you, Brian, for “Never alone at Christmas … God’s angels are with each of us … all of us …”

    “ANGELS. God's thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity ...” (S&H 581:4).

    When my children were very young, I took them to a children’s theater to see a play about a little girl, who searches for the meaning of Christmas. By the end of her quest, she learns that Christmas is about what you give, not about what you get.

    Christmas traditions can never be exactly the same as they used to be year after year. There are just too many variables. Whether feeling alone in the midst of many others or without any others, the one constant in our lives, is everyone’s Christmas presence of Love. God’s thoughts/angel messages are always with us to guide, guard, and meet our moment-by-moment need to love and be loved.

    A friend shared, "We’re always in the right place at the right time to do the greatest good.” So, this “little-girl’s-meaning-of-Christmas” quest leads me to ask, “What wilt Thou/God/all-Good /Love-itself!!! have me to do?” and then to continue listening for, “What am I going to give?”

    Following the example of the “Birthday Boy,” Jesus, I/we, too, can celebrate Christmas by sharing the light of the Christ that, I understand, the angels heralded as peace lived through goodwill expressed. The greatest gift!!!

    (Long ago, these angels healed me thoroughly and permanently from feeling "alone at Christmas.")

  46. Thanks #32 for the link to http://time4thinkers.com/this-is-the-christ/
    It's poignant and beautiful.

  47. Such a tender healing message. Thank you. And special thanks to Chet for the link to the Christmas gift waiting over at time4thinkers.com.

  48. Such a beautiful message Brian, and such heartfelt words from the commenters! Many years ago, I was divorced when my children-2 boys- were very young and the visitation compromise included the boys spending Christmas Eve and some of Christmas morning with their father. It was a very difficult time for me but alas God took me under his wing and close friends invited me to a beautiful Catholic mass in a large cathedral..With deep graditude I followed this tradition for quite a long time until a few years ago when God brought me together with a wonderful man, we married and I moved several hours away. God answers all prayers. Thanks for your sweet message!

  49. What a new look at the family at the center of the Christmas story. Loved this daily lift. We are never, ever alone.
    Thank you Brian.

  50. Thank you ! this is so beautiful, I am going to share it on my Facebook page !

  51. How could we ever be alone at Christmas or any other day when God is with us 24/7. Did you ever think of aloneness when you have yourself to talk to, reason out difficulties, finding answers to problems. Yes! Whether you know it or not, thoughts that come to you are never, ever, yours, but God, telling you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You'll hear it as you block out mortal mind's screaming and be still for that still small voice. That's the great mistake that Adam & Eve made when they listened to error and ate off the tree of the knowledge of good & evil.

  52. Thank you, Brian, for this very blessed and healing angel message.

  53. What a beautiful Lift, wonderfully expressed!! Thank you so much!!!

  54. Listen for the angels . . . . thank you!

  55. "We're never alone... Everyone has a place in the Christmas story... God's angels are with each of us... The message of Christ, Emmanuel - God with us... Bringing the promise of truth and peace to all." Wonderful and comforting thoughts Brian. Thank you so much. Chet #33, loved the song at http://time4thinkers.com/this-is-the-christ/ Thanks for sharing that too. What we imagein is never as magnificent as what God has in store for us. We're so very blessed.

  56. Stunning, joyful and comforting! I'm so glad I listened today!

  57. "Listen for the angels" and the cry of the Christ bringing great joy and the promise of strength and help, especially to those in need. Thank you Brian for this comfort for the lonely. We can all hear and share "the message of the angels".

  58. Thank you Brian for today's lift!
    Never alone at Christmas, or at any time, with God/ divine Mind, Life, Truth Love. God is all...oh joy!

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team too for bringing us this forum.

  59. All of us part of the Christmas story...imagine yourself as one of the little figurines in a nativity scene...acres and acres of us around the stable.

  60. A blessing and a comfort
    and an assurance we are in the presence of Angels

  61. Thank you for this lovely lift. One morning, when all these wonderful spiritual truths seemed very absent and distant, and my aloneness seemed very real and present, I looked out my large bay window just in time to see a hummingbird fly into the glass window and drop to the ground. Before I could get outside to help, it managed to get up to a low lying branch. Almost immediately two other hummingbirds arrived and sat on either side of him. All three remained that way for about five minutes until the one who had been injured flew off. Immediately my sense of aloneness turned into a sense of wonder and then gratitude. What a great example of love and caring, demonstrated by two of the smallest creatures on the planet. Whether its Christmas or just an ordinary day, the universe abounds with examples of love and compassion, and just like that hummingbird, we are never really alone.

  62. Thank you Brian! Thank you all! Peter (#14), I love 'his-story'! I think you are saying that the practioner meant it as your story but I'm subbing it for Gods. Since there really is no 'history' as people often like to say I'm going to practice that. When a thought or comment comes my way, I'm going to try to do a mental check to see if it is 'his-story', mine or Gods. If mine then I'll make the correction and then I will have the true 'his-story' about me or the situation, from God! :) Thanks to all again!

  63. Thanks!
    Blessings with gratitude, love, and joy,

  64. Thank you for this wonderful reminder and lift. A new thought on the Story of Jesus' birth

  65. How lovely Brian and everyone, to realize we are all living the Christmas story every day, every hour. Amen. Thanks. AND blessings to the DL team who puts these on.

  66. Dear Brian: Thank you so much for this lovely and important lift. Each of us is here to help bring the Christ into this often discouraging world. There are a diversity of gifts, so to human sense we may do this in different ways. But there is only one Spirit, the Spirit of the Christ which tells humankind of our loving Father-Mother God.

    Thank you Lori, #27, for that great quote.

  67. Wow, thank you very much - independant of the material perspectives, Christ is present with practical solutions for everyone

  68. Thank you for this compassionate, reassuring, and very loving message today!

  69. That meant a lot to me! Thank you for sharing that with us! Merry Christmas.

  70. ........ A couple more things :) Thank you Chet for that link! That is wonderful! And who wouldn't want to be a part of the Christmas story?! I love that idea! Thank you again Brian and all!

  71. To # 42; This is a recipe you may not have.
    Scripture Cake
    1 cup Psalms 55:21 1 cup Genesis 24:17
    3 cups Jeremiah 6:20 1 teaspoon I Samuel 14:25
    6 each Isaiah 10:14 2 cups I Samuel 30:12
    3 1/2 cups I Kings 4:22 1 cup Numbers 17:8
    1 teaspoon I Corinthians 5:6 2 cups I Samuel 30:12
    1 little Leviticus 2:13 Season to taste with I Kings 10:10
    Mix and follow advice in Proverbs 23:14 for making a good boy (beat well). Put all in one pan, bake 3 hours n moderate oven.
    Have fun reading the Bible and making a tasty cake.

  72. Thanks 71. Can hardly wait to read all about Scripture Cake tonight. Actually in my old old recipe book inspired me. It had this one for Ginger Snaps. 3 Measures of the Flour of energy, 3/4 Measures of butter of self-confidence, 1 Measure of Molasses of politeness, Season with the ginger of Never-Give-Up. Spice to taste with sense of humor. Make light with desire mixed with hope. Stir all together, roll out with rolling pin of difficulties held well in hand. Cut into cookies of convenient size for daily use. If there is no fire of opportunity started, make one, and bake until the energy in them snaps. (Grace Sandison) .with a note saying "a joke". If I have done my math right, this book dates from late 1800's.

    Sorry, Brian - am I running off topic? Just like a real family gathering... :)

  73. This lift is so lovely, and so comforting. Thank you Brian, and the whole DL team, and everyone commenting. I am overflowing with gratitude! Merry Christmas to you all.

  74. Last night I felt the love of mother/father God for the first time. It felt so right and I felt so happy. I was holding my baby granddaughter in my arms at the time and I am sure this love was passed onto her! If it hadn't been for the daily lifts and for my thinking about their messages, this might never have occurred!
    Thank you to everyone involved in this outreach!
    Some of the neighbouring churches are advertising Christmas Vigils.Let us all be vigilant at this time to bring the good word to those we meet! Thank you, Brian!

  75. Dear Brian,
    thank you for this beautiful lift !
    When as an aux Pair-girl living in other countrie I learnt this lesson that there is not one special day for Christma because everyone celebrates it differently. Here in Germany the most important time is Holy Night, December 24 in the evening. This is the time for music, singing and performing, time for presents and a little snack, and perhaps afterwards an organ concert in a church. And on Dec. 25 often the family (like grandparents, sisters, etc.) come for a nice dinner in the middle of the day.
    Now, when I was in Paris, there was nothing going on on Holy Night (may be in the churches. but I was not aware of that). So I remember at midnight I opened my window around the corner from the Val de Grace Church and listened to the bells ringing in Christmas, and many other churches joining with their different bells. I didn't have any lights on and was just listening to this wonderful heavenly concert. My French family had gone out for dinner and I was alone at home with the little daughter. I didn't feel lonely at all. Somehow through this "Bell-concert" I felt so uplifted and connected with everyone in the world, including my family back home. This happened also in a similar way when I was in England. Christmas ist really feeling the presence of the Christ. And, of course, this can happen anywhere and anytime. Isn't this so ?
    Thank you again, dear Brian.


  77. Thank you Brian for this gentle, loving and all inclusive lift. Last night I was missing my three grown sons who all have their own families far away from here, and now this morning I listen and read to remember that there is no separation, but reconfirmimg constant loving spiritual connection 24/7. I am so grateful for the unfolding divine truth contained in Christian Science, and the unfolding family coming forward to respond daily to the Daily Lift.

  78. Thank you for this perfect Christmas present of Love knowing no separation or lonliness.Thank you also to all responders.The comments are very helpful too!!The "lift" is a perfect gift to all.

  79. Thank you for this reminder that God is ever present, guiding and loving us.

  80. Thank you for reminding us that God is ever-present, loving us.

  81. What a lovely Christmas gift, Brian. Thank you very much. Now we can all get ready for a real Christmas!!!. Much gratitude and love , with best wishes to the entire dear family of lifters and the DL Team.

  82. Thanks to all of you for the warmth of
    Christmas scented divine Love expressed!

  83. Thank you, Brian, for this tender, loving lift. I love the idea that we are all part of the Christ-mas story.

  84. Wow Brian! I had never looked at the holy birth through that perspective, the eyes of that young couple. Oh what a wonderful, inspiring revelation.That couple really had a special Christmas celebration. Now all of us should "sing of Christmas gladness" and rejoice everyday, 365 of them. The Christ is ever present with us so yes we really are not alone. Much love!

  85. Truly, a Whole/Holy--Souled timely Lift about never being alone at Christmas or at anytime and forever. Thank-you, Brian for this message filled to overflowing with deep, heartfelt, spiritual perception and priceless richness!

  86. Thanks again Brian for the wonderful help you have given me and I know that Christmas is all about LOVE and sooo we are never alone. Lots of Peace, Joy, and Love Always. Will K.I.T. Will always "sing of Christmas joy everyday.

  87. No. 14! May I say that since we all have one Mind, one consciousness, we are forever at one with God, and therefore cannot be even lonely. We are all united in this one Mind, and loneliness just is not possible. Our family comprises all mankind in the true sense. So, I have never felt alone, or bereft.
    Thanks to Brian, and all for their comments!

  88. Dear Brian, many thanks for this marvellous Christmas-lift.
    I wish you and all your family a wonderful and peaceful Christmas-time.

  89. Thank you

  90. Thank you, Brian, for the good and timely message!

  91. Dear Brian, thanks for this lovely insight into the Christmas story - the story is glossed over by repetitions but to put in into today's context presents it in a fresh light - thanks for the reminder that we are never alone.

  92. Thank you so much Brian.