12/11: A blanket of Love

12/11: A blanket of Love

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  1. Thank you, Ulrike, for “A blanket of Love …” I’m feeling very cozy with that idea. It's comforting to know that God's got me and mine and all covered!!! That's the Truth of our being. ( I, too, love first snow fall!!! ;-)

  2. Thank you Ulrike for this great Lift. What a wonderful way to think of God's thoughts toward us; it can be as a soft blanket providing us with a sense of warmth and protection, or as you stated a gentle snowfall bringing with it a sense of peace, freshness, and purity of thought. To the human mind this may seem to be something that occurs only occasionally, but through our spiritual understanding, and our love for God and man, we find that we can in fact feel this love blessing us 24/7.

  3. amen,thank you

  4. A beautiful Lift Ulrike; thank you so much

  5. Many thanks Ulrike for this very loving lift. Yes. "We can feel the gentle love of God surrounding us, like a warm blanket." "Give me, O Lord, a gentle, loving heart,/ That I may learn to be more tender, kind,/ And with Thy healing touch, each wound and smart/ With Christly bands of Love and Truth to bind." (Christian Science Hymnal # 69).

  6. thank you Ulrike, I may not need the blanket today, as the temperature in Cape town is 31 C but the calm, cool thought of God's everpresent Love is a great comfort to me. I love to imagine the gentle falling of those snow flakes drifting noiselessly around you as you walk your dog. No matter what seems to be going on around us, it is good to know that "His arm encircles me, and mine, and all" Hymn 207 Mary Baker Eddy

  7. Thank you.

  8. Ulrike, Thank you

  9. Thank you.

  10. I was in England once when it snowed on Christmas Eve and tiny snowflakes floated down. It was like fairyland and wondrous to behold. Here, at home, we are experiencing sun, rain and a little humidity like a late spring. However the rain refreshes everything and makes the garden flowers glow and the leaves take life. The sun also breathes life and warmth into the air.
    Savouring nature at this time, wherever we are on the globe, brings peace and a fulfilling happiness. It enables us to take stock of the true meaning of Christmas away from the rush of present-buying, partying and disgruntled relatives! We soar to a higher plane. We know we have eternal life! Our worries evaporate.

  11. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  12. To me, the delicate snowflakes covering the city like a white blanket this time of year, seem to symbolize the calm presence of God that the desperate Elijah perceived as "a still small voice." 1 Kings 19:12

    We too can mentally turn off the busy to and fro of the hurried crowd making its last-moment holiday shopping, and tune in to God, we can feel His care as a shower of quiet thoughts saying, ”Fear not; I will help thee” Is. 41:13

    Para mí, los delicados copos de nieve que cubren la ciudad como una blanca manta en esta época del año, parecieran simbolizar la calma presencia de Dios que el desesperado profeta Elías percibió como “una voz callada y suave”. 1 Reyes 19:12

    Nosotros también podemos apagar mentalmente el bullicioso vaivén de la apresurada multitud que hace sus compras navideñas de último momento y, al sintonizarnos con Dios, podemos sentir Su cuidado como una ducha de pensamientos tranquilos, diciendo, “No temas, yo te ayudo.” Isaias 41:13.

  13. Thank you. I just feel delicate and soft like a snowflake, put I know too, this feeling is very powerful and love is all around.

  14. I could feel the expansion of grace as you spoke softly about the falling snow. How lovely for us all.

  15. Thank you! This is such a comforting Lift!!

  16. Thanks Uli, do I know your dog? I remember, wonderful

  17. Beautiful

  18. Thank you for this very inspiring and comforting Lift.

  19. What a great description, Ulrike! During my first visit to USA, I visited The Mother Church and stayed in a hotel somewhere in all that Boston city. I woke during the night with the sound like sand being thrown on the window, and when I looked out, the city was indeed "covered in the thick blanket of snow." It was the first time in my life that I had seen snow like that. Really something for someone from Central Queensland! One yellow cab drove slowly through the snow from the lower left corner across and exited in the top right hand corner. I had never seen anything so beautifully transformed from the day just hours previously. A "situation" in one of my brother's families has been transformed over the past few weeks, with blessings showering on all, and kindness and tenderness replacing hostility and aggression. "The gentle love of God has preserved and comforted all."
    Thank you Nate and the production crew; The Mother Church and the lecturers; and our Daily Lift family warm in some parts, and under the covers in other lands.

  20. Thank you Ulrike. I simply loved the way you said it. I was thinking yesterday that all apparent problems around us and the world are resolved with Love, the great solvent of Love as Mrs. Eddy puts it in Science and Health: "In patient obedience to a patient God, let us labor to dissolve with the universal solvent of Love the adamant of error, - self-will, self-justification, and self-love - which wars against spirituality and is the law of sin and death." And nothing can prevent us from loving and feeling this gentleness and warmth as a blanket. Thanks to ALL the contributors and thank you Rose Mary # 6 for reminding us Mrs Eddy´s Hymn Nr 207 "His arm encircles me and mine and all".Love and peace to my spiritual family of Daily Lifters all over the world.

  21. Thank you!

  22. Such a beautiful picture of God's love love gently falling on us all. Thank you.

  23. El manto real que nos cubre es el Amor. Veamos Su poder, en estos momentos están con mucha nieve por esos lares, y aquí en esta América con calor, todos sujetos a los vaivenos del clima. Y sin embargo, el manto divino da abrigo y refrigerio, al mismo tiempo tan amplio es, en Su magnitud, que nos cubre a todos dandonos a cada uno en su necesidad lo que en el momento necesitemos.

    ¡Qué bello y sustancial Es... cubrirnos con Él!

    Dejemos entonces, de lado todos los demas abrigos y refrigerios que el mundo pueda ofrecer, ya que son para un momento, y a veces no alcanzan y otras sobran, nunca dan la medida justa. E cambio, el manto indiviso que cubrio a Cristo y que nos cubre a nosotros siempre está a la temperatura adecuada. De igual manera sucede con nuestras otras necesidades, Ni ricos ni pobres, ni sanos ni enfermos, sino cada uno en la medida adecuada de abundacia. Abundancia que en su perfección da en la medida de la necesidad, ni un poco más ni un poco menos, sino en la plenitud de lo necesario, pedir más, entiendo, es desconfiar de Su justicia y sabiduría, comprenderlo nos coloca debajo del indiviso manto, de saber que no hay ni frio ni calor, ni otros contrastes, sino una suave y calidad brisa que acaricia a todos con AMOR.

    Muchas gracias Ulrike, las palabras son bellas, cuando son el medio de comunicación entre los seres para despertar a un sentir verdadero para que cubra a todos con Su indiviso manto.

  24. Thank you so much Ulrike for your analogy of snow as "the still small voice" of God! What a beautiful way to think of snow. I have always loved snow for its quieting, hushing effect on the earth--God comforting joy in a blanket for us all--a lovely thought to take into the day.

  25. I love those special moments when we just cannot miss the fact that we are being blanketed in Love. The hush of a fresh snow combined with the munching of content horses in a cozy barn has always felt like heaven on earth to me. You cannot help but notice and be wrapped up in the special peace.

    It is not the circumstances (snow, mustard seeds, leaven, or fishing nets), but that we lift our thought to the grandness and inclusiveness of good, our spiritual home – wrapped in a blanket of assurance. The blanket God gives us.

    If Jesus had lived in Ohio, I wonder if he would have used this northern touchstone. The kingdom of heaven is like unto a girl who fed 20 horses on a snowy night….

  26. Lovely and comforting. Thanks.

  27. The blanket of Love. The Comforter always with us. Very thankful in this Christmas season and all seasons.

  28. Thanks so much, Ulrike, I can picture the blanket of snow so vividly. When my daughter was young we lived in Connecticut and cherished walking in the evening of the first snowfall - everything was so peaceful and pure. It reminds me of the last verse in Hymn 49: "Drop Thy still dews of quietness, Till all our strivings cease; Take from us now the strain and stress, And let our ordered lives confess The beautiy of Thy peace." May all the earth be comforted under the blanket of God's Love!

  29. Beautiful, Ulrike, just feel all swaddled up in gentle Love after listening. I love your comment about the snowflakes symbolizing God's gentle showering love coming down on us. What a lovely picture. I have taken a year off from the usual hustle bustle of the season (no decorating, minimal gifting, no bustling around) and it is truly a lovely way to accent the Christ in Christmas. No snow here, but certainly God's dear Christ enveloping us in Her gentle quiet and peace. Peace to all.

  30. This gentle sweet thought of love and care are most welcome at the beginning of a very full day, a tangible message of the presence and power that will facilitate and oversee it all. White snow brings the reminder of purity "covering the multitude of sins" with its grace and goodness. Thank you, Ulrike.

  31. Thank you very much. I have been struggling a bit since returning to Minnesota from a warmer climate, and the cold and the snow were already starting to get to me. Now I have another way that I can look at it and feel differently - better. Thank you - there's still the winter ahead!

  32. Thank you Ulrike. We have snow here too and sometimes it is a hassle shoveling so much. But, you remind me of the good that all nature teaches us. So nice to think on these things.

  33. So gentle and comforting, Ulrike! Thank you! We, too, up here in N. Idaho, have been waking up each day this week to find a beautiful powder sugar dusting of snow on our cars and walkways! It feels gentle and yet invigorating to go out and run in it in the early dawn. To me, this fresh snowfall represents what Mrs. Eddy says in our Lesson this week: "Christians rejoice in secret beauty and bounty, hidden from the world, but known to God." Science and Health, p. 15: 25-26.

  34. Thank you, Ulrike, for this gentle and beautiful reminder of Love's care.

  35. In Science and Health, from the Bible Lesson this week, Mary Baker Eddy writes, "All nature teaches God's love to man" Thank you Ulrike for expressing this so clearly. I will listen again to the lift and rejoice today seeing all wrapped in a blanket of Love! Yes, "Father-Mother" is the name for Deity which indicates His tender relationship to His spiritual creation."

  36. Snow, to me is a symbol of the quietness of God, where, instead of the hustle & bustle of mortal mind, the quietness & seareness of the Christ flows gently down to each individual consciousness capturing the goodness of God and appearing in each individual, demonstrating peace & good will to men.

  37. Thank you!

  38. Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  39. Thank you, Ulrike, for the refreshing and beautiful lift. "A blanket of Love" is a good analogy of the feeling I get while enjoying a snowy day in Texas.
    Many thanks to you and to all who comment on the Daily Lifts each day.
    Loving thanks to the Mother Church and
    Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy for the Spiritual understanding we get from the Weekly Lesson Sermons and the study of Christian Science. Everyone enjoy our Winter Wonderland.

  40. What a warm comforting Lift. Thank you Ulrike. To feel wrapped in God's goodness is a wonderful way to start out the day.
    And Thank You, Nancy, No. 25 for a beautiful description of the Kingdom of Heaven. When we are content with the world and all that's in it, we surely dwell in that kingdom.
    The Daily Lift is truly a bountiful blessing; thank you Nate and all involved in this production.

  41. Blankets and cold remind me of the time I woke up in the night and wished I had another blanket on me. The temperature that night had moved down to minus 40, with wind chill (as I found out in the morning). As I lay awake, thoughts of distruptive occurrences came to me. My thought moved over to: "all I need is a blanket of peace." I fell asleep, and woke up warm.

  42. Thank you for this lovely Lift and supportive comments. I greatly appreciate the peace and calm expressed. Especially enjoyed picturing the scene #25 Nancy's shared and am inspired to acknowledge my heavenly analogies. Thanks to all!

  43. danke Ulrike sehr schoen
    Pieranna aus Italien

  44. Gratitude for the warm comfort of the tiny individual snow flakes that surround us with beauty, just as the lovey words of this Daily Lift and love filled ideas share by Ulrike cover us, me with a sense of peace.

  45. I am reminded of David's words, "How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand:" (Ps 139:17,18).

    A blanket of snow, like a tropical beach, is formed of countless individual flakes or grains. Each one, taken separately, is unique, unlike any other, irreplaceable and a work of beauty in itself. Unless you are an ant, it may be easy to overlook or dismiss a single one, but as they accumulate they take on new beauty and grandeur for all mankind.

    Isn't this just like God's thoughts? The "still small voice" may be easily missed in the midst the jumble of daily material thinking, but each individual word of God, "is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword" (Heb 4). And when we allow God's thoughts to accumulate in our thinking they become a mighty Army, surrounding us with a blanket strength and of protection.

    While I appreciate the concept of the blanket and being enveloped in Divine Love, I am grateful still for every single spiritual thought, idea, snowflake and grain of sand that enters my thinking, knowing that each one represents the whole and I can be satisfied by single snowflake when I take the time to recognize the infinite source behind it.

    Christmas in Florida may be without the whiteness of snow, but we have many grains of sand to represent the fullness of God's ever presence even if we have to take our own blanket to the beach to enjoy it.

  46. What a lovely and loving Lift, delivered with such compassion and grace! Thank you Ulrike. I remember one Christmas when I was young, visiting my grandparents in Michigan. Upon our arrival I was so hoping for snow but everywhere was the gray of winter, bare trees, brown grass. But on Christmas morning I looked out the window, and beheld a magic world of snow covering everything. My very first thought was to thank God for such a gift, and right on time, especially for a girl from California who got her wish! Loving appreciation for all the comments as well. Nancy's (25) comment about the kingdom of heaven as related to feeding 20 horses on a snowy night was just precious and made me smile. Thanks everyone! Happy day!

  47. Thank you, Ulrike.

  48. Lovely Thank you for this tender, peaceful and comforting message.

  49. peaceful thoughts . . . thank you!

  50. Danke Ulrike...comforting and peaceful under the blanket..knowing the power and love of He who layed it.

  51. Thank you Ulrike for the comforting thoughts and prayer.

  52. To paraphrase the tune; "the weather outside is ......but the warmth of LOVE, so delightful!
    Thanks, Ulrike and DL for peace, love and understanding...........

  53. Vielen dank fur diesen lift!

  54. Thank you Ulrike for this picture of the soft silent snow gently covering the earth. I feel the comfort. Bruised by "the jarring testimony of the material senses" and the hard stones of selfishness, I need this comforting word of the pure and eternal Life and Love.
    (The full statement by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health is: "Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle, is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal. Pg. 306).
    This kind of comfort does not lead to stoicism, but invigorates with the joy of being a better man.


  56. While so many of our neighbors are going south for winter we love the snow. I marvel how the snow blankets and protects the grasses and plants. My grandchildren can't wait to make snow angels all over the yard and golf course. Out come the snowshoes, skis, and sleds and snow machines. it is the busiest, most beautiful time of the year. Every snow flake is a wonder and denotes beauty and peace. Thanks for the lovely reminder. God bless all.

  57. Thank you so much for this beautiful lift! "A blanket of love" shall carry us through the day!

  58. Thank you, Ulrike, for this wonderful uplift.

  59. thank you for this quiet blessing

  60. Thank you. What lovely peaceful ideas of Divine Love!

  61. Thank you for this lovely and comforting lift.

  62. A really good and direct picture of love as a surrounding of Christ Love

  63. Thank-you, Ulrike, for your peaceful, comforting and visually symbolic Lift!

  64. Thank you Ulrike for this inspiring lift.

  65. Hank You, for this comforting Lift.Of
    Quite, warm! Holy Presence.

  66. I like the way you created and experience for me at the end. I could feel God's thoughts landing on me. I listened to it over and over. Thanks!

  67. As a child growing up in Ohio, I remember waking up in the morning after a heavy snow fell during the night. The beauty of the tree limbs encased in snow and the white carpet all around brought a wonderful feeling of comfort and a quiet just as you described. It truly seemed like God was nestling us in his glory. I remember being filled with excitement and joy about the winter wonderland outside. Thank you for this beautiful lift and the feeling of goodness and grace you brought to life for us, Ulrike. A blanket of love is a perfect description!

  68. Thank you Ulrike. I missed this yesterday and am so grateful to check in today and find your lovely blanketing message and all these helpful responses. Blessings to you and your dog as you walk in the snow and all of us as we move through our days and nights.

  69. I too missed this yesterday but am happy to have seen it today. For me as well as Nancy (#25) and you, Ulrike, a snowy day... or night...... is like the kingdom of God.

  70. i have just read your lift and it is really beautiful,and has sent me peace and reassurance.thank you so much,love and peace

  71. Precioso, tierno y sanador Lift !!! Muy agradecida Ulrike por tu mensaje , trae mucha paz y calma al pensamiento. Recordar que siempre estamos bajo Su cuidado es muy consolador, como se lee :
    ' No temas, yo te ayudo ' ( Isaías 41:13).

    Agradezco los comentarios previos.
    Un abrazo y bendiciones del Amor para todos,

    Ma. Cristy

  72. Ulrike, thank you for such a beautiful reminder that God's precious Love and presence is always available to provide comfort and strength at all times.

  73. Thank you for the comforting thoughts.

  74. Thank you Ulrike. The family of comforting ideas is like a blanket of God's love on our journey.

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