12/10: The Ten Commandments in action

12/10: The Ten Commandments in action

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  1. Thank you,Mary Alice. I use the Ninth Commandment, "not to bear false witness of my neighbor", to refuse to see any one as less than God's child. I have been troubled recently over what if felt a relative of mine thought of my religion. I realized this individual came into my experience for me to see him as blessed. I will not react to what I perceived to be his thought. I will know he is loved by God. Thanks, dear friend, for reminding me of this Commandment.

  2. Many thanks Mary Alice for causing us to recognize the error to be destroyed. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor is my tribulation. "Behold, they stand in robes of white/ Who out of tribulation came,/ With songs of joy upon their heads,/ They praise His holy name." (Christian Science Hymnal #19).

  3. Dear Mary Alice I am very grateful for all the Ten Commandments but have been particularly grateful through the years for "Thou shalt not covet ......." This has taught me many times to listen and understand God directs and supplies our whole individual experience, we cannot be depleted in any way. We do not have the ability to covet "we shall be satisfied to awake in Thy likeness".

  4. The 'Thou shalt not(s)' of the Ten Commandments are all the beliefs that are not possible for God's creation.

  5. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  6. Mary, Thank you.

  7. I think, that although not consciously linking the thought of being jealous of what others have, that I may seem to be lacking,( as in a home of my own, an expensive car, plenty of money, the ability to travel etc.) to the tenth commandment, that I have experienced God's Love for me in so many ways , that I have never felt the need to wish I had what others had. I have so much for which to be grateful, three wonderful children, nine special grandkids, many ,many caring friends, a sense of true home, supply always at hand when needed,membership in the Mother Church and a branch church for years, that the tenth commandment has really been experienced my whole life and I have felt genuinely happy for those who have the things mentioned above. So thank you dear Mary Alice for drawing our attention to ways that we can demonstrate the Ten Commandments every day of our lives.

  8. Another great lesson for today's adult "Sunday school" on the Daily Lift! Thank you Mary Alice you are really making us think. Are the ten commandments just a set of rules to regulate and judge human behaviour? Well yes, but aren't they much more? I think they are spiritual standards from which we grow daily in a better understanding of the nature of God, and better growth daily in our ability to be "delivered from evil", or temptation.
    For example a great change has taken place in regard to retail store hours and Sunday shopping world wide over the past few decades. But does the commandment about the Sabbath refer to the regulation of retail store hours, or does it refer to spending a suitable portion of your personal time praising God, and learning more of his purity and power? There is no end to the new lessons we can learn from every one of the ten commandments as we learn to put them into improved action and they become a natural part of our lives.

  9. Wonderful, thanks so much!

  10. Very inspiring DLift! Thank you, Mary Alice!

  11. Thank you, this gives us so much to think about . "Thou shalt have no other gods before me". There is but one God and He truly does guide and protects us.

  12. Thank you Mary Rose for your in inspiring Daily Lift.

    How true that when we are immersed in spirituality it is impossible to break the 10 Commandments.

    May one humbly explain.

    Friends that one has helped in Christian Science, invited me to a nice restaurant for a Christmas meal, of which I accepted graciously.They agreed that I would buy a bottle of wine for them to toast the Christmas.

    When we had finished our meal and they had drank the wine, my friends called the waiter for the bill, on checking it was revealed that the wine had not been put on the bill. every one looked at each other. I then quietly gestered to the waiter to our table and queitly informed her the wine had not been put on the bill and duly paid her.

    One is so greatfull for our Beloved Leader Mary Baker Eddy who is instructing one every nanosecond with this Science.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ


  13. Thank you Mary Alice.

    I am glad you looked at the 10 Commandments; they, like the Lord's Prayer, demonstrate such completeness in their simple yet profound statement. Thank you also to to the other lifters especially Scott, Malcom and Marje.

    As a child I came to the understanding that "Thou shalt not steal" went broader than taking things. I understood it to include not to steal someone's identity by saying they were sick or I was sick or to make any other negative comment about someone. It is interesting that today "identity theft' has helped prove that matter does attempt to steal our identity as God's perfect child.

    As I grew up I realized why we are not to steal. God is our divine Source and if we were to steal (either a thing or try to take someone's identity) we are holding to the thought that God cannot meet our need or that there is a power other than God that can take what is rightfully ours. Saying I am sick or he is sick is denouncing God as the divine Source of all health and that there is another power hence breaking at least two other Commandments.

    Remembering the Sabbath in its literal sense kept me focused on being in my rightful place on Sunday and Wednesday. Our services are only one hour and when the temptation came not to go I always remembered Christ Jesus asking his disciples at Gethsemane (Matt 26:40) "What could ye not watch with me one hour?"

    Daily reading & applying the Bible Lessons helps to keep the Sabbath Holy. Thanks!

  14. ¡Qué maravilla, ver los diez mandamientos en plena acción! Libres de todas las plagas contaminantes que es heredera la carne por su erroneo accionar.

    Permítaseme, este pensamiento, sobre los diez mandamientos.

    Tendrás siempre a Dios como guia de tu andar,
    Reflejando su imagen como cristal de Verdad.
    Para que nunca otra imagen te haga caer.
    Para que mi misericordia llegue a millares y sean bendecidos con mi bondad.
    No prenteras usar mi nombre para tu propia vida falsear.
    Acuerdate de santificar mi reposo, que es con amor obrar.
    Porque no bastan seis dias para Dios alabar,sino que es eternal.
    Para entrar en mi reposo, al Amor tendras que abrazarte y nunca abandonar.

    Para cumplir tal compromiso, a Padre-Madre honrraras, para recibir con honra la tierra que pisaras.
    No matarás opacando el amor que en ti hay, con odio, envidia, egoismo, etc, etc, sino dejando al Amor obrar.
    No adulteras las obras buenas con tu mal accionar.
    No Robarás la inocencia, de el que quiere progresar, porque es Don celestial
    No Falsearás el derecho de tu prójimo ocultando la Verdad que tu Padre te ha dado... obrando mal.
    No codiciarás los bienes ajenos, sino con amor a ellos te unirás para compartir con ellos lo que tú Padre-Madre te da, aunque lo tuyo sea un grano de arena, Dios con Su Amor lo multiplicará.

    Muchas gracias Mary Alice, muy inspirado, por lo tanto inspira.

  15. Thank you so much for your inspiring words. Although I try very hard to obey all 10 commandments on a daily basis, the ones that stand out most are Thou Shalt Not Steal; Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness to Any Other God; Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Wife/Husband. Its not really difficult to follow these simple commandments, you simply look inward and ask yourself is this what God has planned for me and the answer will be a very simple NO!!!

  16. Hi,

    I forgot to adjust my comments to include one point that I learnt over the years which at the end of the day is nothing more than a personal perspective.

    Commandments 2-10 are there to help us visualize how to demonstrate, live and understand the First Commandment. Once you break any of the Commandments, you break the very First Commandment; logic would therefore suggest that if you break one Commandment, you break them all.

    If you feel sorry for yourself, fearful, lonely, angry or that you lack something look at how many Commandments you are breaking...you may well be surprised; I know I was and am always surprised.

    Thank you for your patience.

  17. Thank you- just what I needed today- "How can I honor God today?", comes with limitless opportunities to see and know only the spiritual reality of all creation in exact likeness to God, good.

  18. I'm using the 10th commandment as the basis of the Wednesday service tomorrow. At this time of year especially, it's important not to be coveting - wanting what others have. Instead, know that God supplies all we need right now, every day, every moment. So overspending, over lavishing, worry and stress can be removed from our thought and experience allowing the harmony, joy and peace of the Christmas Season to fill our hearts and lives. Thanks for your inspiring lift.

  19. The first commandment outlines the difference between truly honoring the nature of God and recognizing the error or appearances of false gods which can tempt us. If we feel fear, which unlies all false direction than we have gone off the path, however when we yield to Gods will, we will feel the all embracing trust and sense of well being and our steps will be directed back to the path of One God and Heaven on earth.

  20. My thanks, Mary Alice. My example of the 5th commandment is when I signed up to join a non-profit organization designed to promote non-profit organizations, and I am absolutely not in the non-profit business. My business is definitely in the profit business for me and my clients, and Webster simply says, "the advantage or benefit that is gained from doing something". But ! Cor 12:7 says "the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal", so we see that God is not an either/or God but a God of Love which provides profit for all. I resigned from the non-profit and am now in the spiritual God-profiting business of seeing the manifestation of profit for everyone.

  21. Thank you!

  22. Thank you very much, Mary Alice. Following Kari Mashos' choice of 'Honour thy Father and thy Mother" last year I have been diligently praying about this Commandment with regard to my own parents. But I still nurtured some resentment against my mother, for a variety of reasons. But it suddenly came to me during this year that my mother had in fact left me a rich legacy of blessings because of her choice to accept Christian Science. And even more, she had bequeathed me a wealth of loving lessons to understand God, and my relationship with Him. And thirdly she had bestowed on me a heritage of purity and holiness which were mine for the accepting simply because they are God's normal divine standard.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; The Mother Church and the Board of Lectureship; and the ever-awake and very resourceful Daily Lift Family.

  23. I am quite sure that “Thou shalt not steal” and “no other gods” saved my home. My mother came to live with us and being a great builder of homes, she built an independent living wing on our farm house. It is beautiful, clean, and modern, yet fit into the old farm landscape. She was thrilled to find that she could get a bank loan for the project and her income would cover this perfectly. When she passed, we were left with a debt which seemed beyond us. Both social security and the bank were notified of her passing. The social security people kept sending money to her account. No one contacted us. In the meantime, my husband and I worked to scrape together funds to cover the additional mortgage, which was in her name. Our business was struggling and we were already living on reduced income. We would not qualify for any loan. Still no one contacted us. Month after month funds rolled into her account. Month after month, I worked to realize that her demonstration of home was already complete. And, now it was my turn to know that right supply is a divine provision. One God… and money is not Him. With a spiritual patience, we continued to meet the mortgage. A quarter I had in my desk drawer was not supply. God’s supply is far better. Trust in God.
    A couple years later, we contacted the bank and asked for a new loan. They were absolutely amazed that they had “missed” calling in my mother’s loan. (to be continued)

  24. (Long winded today.)

    The loan officer I had initially contacted no longer worked there and without the social security office pulling her payments from her account, they would have no clue that there was a need for change. We got the loan without difficulty.
    I called Social Security and suggested that they collect the thousands of dollars they had been depositing in my mother’s account as I would be closing it. They too were amazed that they missed this as the courts had clearly notified them. They pulled the complete funds within days.
    OK, I think it is pretty funny that God’s supply was the time I needed to improve my understanding of God’s supply! We’ve got that clear now. Just stick to the commandments.

  25. Muito obrigada Mary Alice pelo pensamento inspirado e amoroso.

  26. Thou shalt not bare false witness against thy neighbor is very powerfull when I am tempted to see something unlike God in my fellow beings. At one time it helped me to become best friends with a woman I had thought I didn't like. She is a beloved friend today.

  27. Thank you, Mary. I have had healings by taking a stand not to bow down to a false god, but to see the claim as only a temptation to get me to disobey the First and Second Commandments. And once when concerned about a teenager's behavior, the prayerful answer came that I must know this precious child was governed by God's Commandment to honor thy father and thy mother. The entire situation at that time completely dissolved, and great peace and love were expressed.

  28. Alice,

    Enjoyed the lift today, and it reminded me of an instance where I was only charged for 100 stamps at an office supply store, and received 200.

    I didn't realize it, until I was out in the car, but went back in and discretely asked the cashier to ring up the 2nd batch of stamps, that I was only charged for the first.(so not to embarrass him)

    Even though he looked at me as though I was stupid, I wasn't surprised when there was no thank you from him for me helping him to "balance his drawer", so to speak.

    As I reflected on this, I realized that I really was not doing this for him, I was doing it for Principle.

    That is the same Principle that guards ideas in business as well. It has to be proven in ALL aspects of our lives, not just when it seems convenient, or when we might think we are "lucky".

    Thanks again!!

  29. Not too long ago I raced into Michael's to buy yarn. I needed yarn for "my" senior citizens knitting group who needed many skeins. Michael's was busy b/c there was a huge sale. The check out line was long. I was in a hurry. As I drove to my next knitting group I mentally calculated what I had just been charged for a dozen skeins of yarn and the total seemed low, very low. Later in the evening, once home I sat down to carefully read the bill. It was a bargain b/c somehow the cashier had not charged me for one skein of yarn. Now, that skein was "only" a few dollars and Michael's was WAY across town. How easy it would have been to just let the situation go. The following week I was patting myself on the back after doing the right thing, returning to Michael's and paying for that one skein of yarn. I shared my story, feeling good about myself until I realized that God's way was the only right way and I had after all only done the right thing. If I truly love God, then in every little thing I must live God's way -- in the the small things of life as well as the big things. Praise God!

  30. First Commandment. To try to be constantly on watch for false gods. It is so easy for these little guys to squeeze into life and find a very comfortable spot to sun themselves and to just have a great time. It is so necessary to be awake and alert 24/7.

  31. Hi there. I was experiencing some pain last night. I think now about how pain has no power and is not a God because there is no power apart from God. Really love this lift.

  32. Thou shalt not covet is a commandment I truly appreciate being able to follow. A very dear friend of mine is currently having a wonderful adventure traveling through Viet Nam, Cambodia and Mekong with a group of Christian Scientists planned through Principia. She has taken many trips abroad and had wonderful experiences which she details for us to share, both in narratives and photos. My sister-in-law has also taken several trips planned through Principia - the most recent to Israel. One I especially enjoyed following was a Rhine River Cruise - something I have always wanted to do. It is such a privilege to sincerely delight in their experiences and be so grateful that they are having these opportunities - especially being able to travel with other Christian Scientists. What a blessing this is and I can truly rejoice with them freely.

  33. Thank you, Mary Alice, for “The Ten Commandments in action …”

    1) God/Spirit is Love. Love is the only power and we are here guided to be in that image and likeness.

    2) Nothing unGodlike no matter how chronic or acute, can impress me.

    3) Only reverence and respect is appropriate, when referring to God and God’s creation.

    4) Persistently aligning thought more closely with God, I make time for deep spiritual refreshment and regular fellowship with all God’s children.

    5) I honor God as Father and Mother of all. Even if I don’t agree with those in authority over me, I must be respectful, according to Love’s leadings. Obedience is the only protection from and power over “every ill that flesh is heir to.”

    6) There is no death in Life. Our weapons are non-carnal/peace-building tools that prove God as the only real power. (Please refer to "God" in the Bible and S&H.)

    7) I do nothing to shake my own or another’s trust in me as God’s child. No cheating. No lies. Just honestly living the Golden Rule. We are in a covenant with God and also with each other.

    8) We are all stewards/caretakers. I honor my own and other’s stewardship over whatever/whoever has been committed to our trust, individually and collectively.

    9) God/Spirit is all-Good and Love-itself!!! and we in that image and likeness. That’s all there is to witness.

    10) “Divine love always has met and always will meet every human need” (S&H). Minding my own covenant with gratitude, I live as God's child.

  34. I like to look at the commandments as promises, that as we see the completeness of God's love and provision, all those indicators of unmet needs (stealing, believing in other gods,etc.) are obsolete because of Soul's infinite resources.

  35. Great One, Mary Alice! I know for myself, sometimes in my devotion to C.S., I get so caught up in seeing "Only Good" that I am tricked into not being willing to see my own faults and into not being willing to take a Daily Personal Inventory. The 10th Step of the 12 Step Progam always leads me right back to the 10 Commandments: "Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it." It's not always easy to be willing to look inside myself and to recognize what needs correcting, but God has given us the 10 Commandments to guide us and to ensure us of his Love in keeping us on the Path! Praise God!

  36. Thank you, Mary Alice, so helpful, thank you!

  37. Thank you, Mary Alice. My husband and I had a chance to demonstrate "Thou shalt not steal" a few years back. We had traveled to one of our favorite vacation places and had bought an expensive painting to remind us of the beauty and power of God reflected there, to be shipped home at a later date. A couple of months went by and two paintings showed up at our front door. The temptation to keep the one and sell the other was never even entertained. As the shipping cost was very high to send the second painting back, my husband asked his employer if he would be interested in buying the painting. He said he would. We informed the gallery and payment was sent immediately. The gallery hadn't even known of the duplicated shipment so they were very grateful to have the payment for the second painting. Living our lives in the way of the Commandments blesses us all.

  38. I remember a lecturer asking how we are seeing the 10 commandments. Picture a
    big box and we are in it "boxed in" with the "thou shall nots". Just remember all you have
    to do is turn the box over and step on it and you see that it is the 10 commandments
    that support you wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

  39. I must say that I never quite understood the commandment about honoring one's father and mother. My father, an alcoholic, abandoned me when I was a child.My mother stayed around, but was an abusive drug addict. With a human history like mine, I never knew how I could honour either of my birth parents who made my life so difficult.

    The perspective taken in today's Daily Lift helps elevate the commandment in a way which provides me with a true sense of Divine parenthood rather than being repeatedly confronted with a past which needs to be let go of and forgiven rather than embraced and elevated. Thank you Mary Alice for confirming what I was vaguely hoping for...the green light saying it is perfectly OK to honor Mother/Father God as our true parents.

  40. Thanks Mary for inspiring lift. It reminded me of an instance three months back. I bought six hand towels.when I reached home & took out the towels from the packing, there were twelve towels. I had paid for six towels only. Immediately commandment 'Thou shall not steal' came to my mind. As it was too late to go back to market that day, I returned the towels next day . The lady owner did not knew her mistake but she was too much thankful to me.So we must try to put all the Commandments in action in our daily life.Thanks again for reminding this.

  41. I I find that the first and last commamdments are what I use most. The acknowledgement of one all-powerful God, good wipes out the false suggestion of any other power that could control my life or my thinking. Coveting, as prohibited in the tenth commandment, is predicated on the false notion that there is not enough good to go around and that someone else's good can take away from my relationship to my source, God. This is so blatantly untrue that I can honestly say, "Thank you, Father. That's mine too." when I see some good manifested in the experience of another. As a refection, I can have all that I understand God to be - and that's a lot! I am not deprived and so I cannot want what anyone else has!

  42. Thanks so much Mary Rose for the "call to action" today. What wonderful responses and examples of how people have used the commandments. Soooo many good ideas and interpretations to ponder and absorb.

  43. A tough assignment Mary Alice, to bear witness against myself. I supposed in one way or another I broken all of the ten commandments. No I haven't killed anyone exactly nor committed adultery exactly but mentally at times in either anger or desire wanting to do so. As a young man who was striving to make good I had at time a fit of anger not at anyone else, but rather myself for not doing as well as I had hoped. I would talk to myself as if I were the master and my personal performance was below standard. Sometimes these fits took the Lords name in vain. It so easy to do when loosing sight of Principle that should guide us. The prophets, Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy has shown us these Principles and how they can heal and take away our sins against not only our fellow man but ourselves. The Ten Commandments are a foundation rock that guides us from what would make us brutish in nature to that which gives us hope to fulfill God's promise for each of us - to live together in community as HIs/Her child of creation. These Principles guide us from ignorance to wisdom and health. Thank you for this so inspired daily lift.

  44. Thank you Mary Alice for this thought.

    The sooner I turn to listen to God when confronted with issues, the sooner the right answer comes. The Commandments are the guide to spiritual reality, harmony and peace.

  45. The second commandment is my most clear teacher. It reminds me that there is only one image of God, one true man reflecting one good God. If I see and react to a mortal, fallible man, I am " making" a graven image real to myself. Then I begin to be tempted into seeing a god who is jealous and visits iniquities on innocent children, instead of the one God who shows mercy to all His children. One good God and one good image and likeness of God. This is the only true foundation for my life.

  46. Thank you Mary Alice for your insights for today!
    Yes, since Sunday School, the Ten Commandments have been guiding stars in my life.

    Since this is the Christmas Season, I would like to share a memory of mine as a young child in Christian Science. My grandmother taught us that material possessions were not to have prominence in our thoughts, or in our lives because matter held no sway over us. Our Christmases were filled with family gathering, prayer, kindness, compassion, empathy and love. My grandmother placed particular emphasis on the first three commandments and most particularly:
    "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." and "Thou shat not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of any thing..." were daily practice and demonstration for her and us grandchildren. Therefore, Christmas never became a commercialized holiday. This was many years ago, during World War II.

    Mrs. Eddy in "What Christmas Means to Me" states: " In Christian Science, Christmas stands for the real, the absolute and eternal,-- for the things of Spirit, not of matter." And a few lines later she says,
    " The basis of Christmas is the rock, Christ Jesus; its fruits are inspiration and spiritual understanding of joy and rejoicing..." So it was "spiritual understanding" and "the things of Spirit, not of matter" that we grandchildren came to cherish as Christmas, Her words are the precious gift.

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team, as usual.

  47. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain. In daily life i see this means not to pray, affirm God's power, and yet not expect healing. In my prayers I try not to make "vain repetitions," meaning just saying words I've memorized. But really dig deep with trust and expectation of effectiveness.

  48. To Nela - special thanks - I'm going to print that one out.

  49. "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor" is becoming one of my favorite commandments to practice because it calls me to constantly be mentally alert to be able to see God's creation as spiritual and perfect. I had recently read a wonderful article that was in the 1944 Christian Science Sentinel based on this Ninth Commandment. Before I had applied this mainly to gossip and slander. Recently while watching a playoff football game with my son we saw a player suffer what was feared to be a head injury. He was helped off the field and it was thought he would not return as it was near the end of the game. Thoughts from that article, just read, came to thought - about applying the rule of perfection (perfect God and perfect man) not only to oneself but to apply it to one's neighbor whenever one is tempted to believe otherwise. With no hesitation I was able to apply this law to the situation and did it out loud just as simply as one would correct an error in arithmetic when detected, and realize the correct sum. We thought no more about it but was happy to know the player was in actuality well and unharmed. The game continued close and hard fought by both teams, when at the end, the so called injured player returned to the game, was able to make the winning play that ended it. My son and I were both joyous to see him well and functioning as God had made him! Now I would hasten to add that had this been a player on the other team, the same rule would and must apply!

  50. The 10th commandment from the Bible translation The Message was a sharp reminder and a rock to stand on a few years ago. "No lusting after your neighbor's house -- or wife or servant or maid or ox or donkey. Don't set your heart on anything that is your neighbor's." Admiration had turned to what I thought was love for someone married, but that marriage appeared to be on the rocks. Through Christian Science I was protected from doing or saying wrong things, and the whole situation dissolved naturally.

  51. I've been doing a lot of reading/studying/praying the last few weeks and can't remember where this idea came from (maybe even from a Daily Lift???) but it has really opened up my eyes regarding the Commandments. have pondered them all my life, but from the perspective of "here are some things that I COULD do, but should not." I gained a great deal from many different ways of considering why it was important that I do NOT do these various things.

    The big aha moment came when someone proposed a different (deeper) way of viewing these "you shall not" statements. They said that, based on Who God was as our Creator, and our pure eternal identity as His image and likeness, we "shall not" because we CANNOT. We "shall not" because, metaphysically understood, it is impossible for us to. I can't adequately describe what opened up in thought for me. It was like a door appeared where there was previously a wall, and I walked through that door into a whole new world of possibility. A Bible verse in a recent weekly Bible Lesson had the thought that we are born of God, and we CANNOT sin because our seed remaineth in us. Reading the Commandments from this perspective changed them from sounding like a stern (albeit loving) Parent, with a long finger pointing at me, saying, in effect, you are capable of these sins, but you better not. Now, I hear the voice of tender, all-inclusive Love, setting me free from even the possibility of sin by telling me, "Oh dear child of Mine, you canNOT sin."

  52. In Sunday School on Sunday my class was discussing "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain." We talked about how 'name' was associated with identity and how we wanted to be identifying God correctly (not in vain) in our thought. We saw that a focus on giving Him/Her the glory for the good we see and seeing clearly when something wasn't God-like was needed.

  53. The Ten Commandments give us the freedom to live a happy life, and all ten of them are written on our hearts whether or not the words hang on some wall somewhere. A wise man I knew once said 'It's not how others treat us that is important, how we treat others is the important thing,' and those Ten Commandments ensure we follow that Golden Rule Christ Jesus and my friend proclaimed and lived.

  54. One life-lesson I have been learning is that it's right to take a stand for Principle even when it benefits ME!...I'm slowly accepting that I must include myself in Principle's allness and oneness. Just as so many commenters above have mentioned returning things they had not paid for, it's also right to bring over-charges and false advertising to the attention of cashiers and sales people. They and their businesses are blessed by clarity, honesty, and accuracy.

    I've also been reflecting on the Matthew Code (Matthew 18), and how it requires courage, trust, humility, and rock-solid honesty. It's so easy to slant a story just a little when telling a third person, but much harder to omit or shade any details when going straight to the person with whom we have an issue. I believe this practice has everything to do with building a true economy, because it tends to cut out wasteful conversations (triangulation, gossip), and to build more trust, equality, and understanding. The Matthew Code supports our obedience to the commandment that says "Thou shalt not bear false witness."

  55. Thank you, Mary Alice. It occurs to me that Jesus' 2 great commandments - to love God with everything in you, and your neighbor as yourself - really cover the original 10 Commandments. I'm very grateful for this.

  56. I love that you invited the lifters to share their insights and demonstrations involving the 10 commandments. Your experience and that of others reminds us not to make a god out of a physical problems or negative situations. God is love and all things are possible to God! Thank you.


  57. Thank you Mary Alice.

    IIt can be very sneaky how without knowing it we can make people place and especially things into god. Your lift is a helpful reminder not to do this. Knowing that there is no other god but the one and only God, Our Father-Mother. Getting up earlier reading my lesson and listening to the daily lift are just a few ways to keep my thought in line.

  58. I once attended a Protestant Church service at which the preacher gave a sermon that began with the question: "What is the most expensive thing in the world?" After we had been given a few moments to ponder that question, with various material suggestions, he replied, "The most expensive thing in the world is SIN!" Why? Because it tends to create the illusion of our separation from God. To this I would add, as a Christian Scientist, since God is ALL, how can we ever be separated from ALL? We can't, but sin can be a way of trying to make this separation anyway. Since it can't succeed, it can never be effective. It can only lead us in the wrong direction, causing us unnecessary difficulty. It can never accomplish any good; it can only delay our perception of good. The commandments are wonderful guidelines, teaching us how to avoid the slippery slope of temptation to attempt to leave God's goodness and allness and go off on some fantasy trip of our own that cannot bring us any goodness.

  59. Thank you Mary Alice for the invitation and incentive to share. I haven't written in a while so this is a good opportunity to share a "thought". The first thing that came to my thinking was the term "second thought". For example, I'm beginning have second thoughts about that decision. This implies that I have rethought the situation and come to a different conclusion. Does that mean that my first answer was wrong, indecisive, made without the benefits of all the facts or didn't rely on Principle to make a decision?

    There's an old joke about a first grade student trying to learn math. He wanted to show his math teacher that he understood how to add. The class was given a math problem to add a column of figures. The student work very hard and took more time than anyone else to add up the numbers. When he was finished he went up to the teacher proudly said, "I took extra time because I added the numbers of three times. Here are my "three" answers."

    We cannot have second thoughts, or different answers, when we understand there is no second Mind. The lesson to be learned is not to rely on our own mind, but on Divine Mind for the first and final answer.

  60. what rich blessings these responses are. Thanks Mary Alice. I have loved realizing the connection between the 3rd commandment and all the others; since it affirms the truth and the power of trusting God first and foremost and assures that all our prayers are affirmed and solid and true, never in vain. WOW. All these responses are so helpful. Thanks DL team and thanks again Mary Alice.

  61. Thank you Mary Alice for your great lift and the outpouring of experiences from the Lift family. What wonderful experiences have been brought forth today. Great lessons.
    I found great freedom when I learned I didn't have to have to covet others experiences/things/talents, for God supplied my every need. Obeying all the commandments gives us a pathway to true happiness.

  62. Thank you for your message today and 49 D. Whitfield for showing how the Ten Commandments lead to the ability to relieve others' suffering and heal them.

  63. This is wonderful today to hear your Daily Lift on the Commandments Mary Alice.
    And thanks to the Lift Family for sharing how you are working and obeying God's Commandments!
    My Dad once said that the 10 Commandments can be seen more than one way!
    They are His COMMANDS, plain and clear, and like #38 said we stand on them!
    They are ASSURANCES of the dependability of His Law -- Principle's Laws.
    They are also PROMISES from God,Our Father. He is protecting each one in His care. He will not allow us to fall victim to error suggestions, and we shall not be overcome by any temptation to steal, kill, be impure, bear false witness, covet, or forget that there is one God, one Parent of us all.

  64. I love the comments so far. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughtful contributions. I would like to second what "In Progress" said about standing up for Principle even when the benefit is for oneself. Such a good point. In the Daily Lift, I talked about sending back a package. When I called to talk to a sales rep for the company that sent me the package, she told me that I would have to pay for the shipping to send it back. This was not in keeping with my sense of the Ten Commandments since I had not asked for this duplicate package and I was simply trying to help the company correct their mistake. I politely refused to do that and suggested that perhaps her manager would be able to find a way for me to send the package back at no cost to me. Indeed the manager know a way, and the return was quickly arranged. God's solutions embrace everyone.

  65. Hearing the practical use is so very helpful. Thanks to all who produce these gems of inspiration and all who are sharing so deeply with heartfelt gratitude.

    When I was a drug user (mostly marijuana) I shoplifted a number of articles, but was soon healed of this temptation when the 10 commandments, especially the pointed "Thou shalt not steal." kept dogging me.

    I have found a wallet and a cell phone in recent years in carts in the parking lot of grocery stores and returned them to the store with no hint of temptation. Someone found my cell phone in a cart and did the same for me. Hence, the admonition that "Thou shalt not steal and thou shalt not be storen from!"

  66. P.S. I am really getting a lot out of all the discussion re. Sin and Obedience to the Ten Commandments. I have always loved what Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health on p.461: "If you commit a crime, should you acknowledge to yourself that you are a ciminal? Yes." And a little further on: "To prove scientifically the error or unreality of sin, you must first see the claim of sin, and then destroy it."

  67. believe it was billy graham who said the ten commandments were not a threat but a promise.....maybe they should be called "the ten promises"

  68. Thank you.I have found a heart full of"gratitude to God for our abudant supply of all good"is a protection from breaking any of the commandments!

  69. Over 600 , thou shall nots, of the Old Testament and the over 1000 abstinences of the New Testament, haven’t change in over 2000 years and medicine has advanced to the point that ‘splitting the atom’ became part of our daily conversation…

    …but, no advice has ever been as effective as the First Commandment: Only one God.
    My personal example:
    A strong affirmation and acknowledgement of this fact, turned my baby all the way around to the right position, and unwrapped the cord around her neck, 15 minutes before entering the birth canal.


    Más de 600, no deberás, del Antiguo Testamento y más de 1000 abstinencias del Nuevo Testamento, no ha cambiado en más de 2000 años y la medicina ha avanzado hasta el punto de que "la división del átomo" se convirtió en parte de nuestra conversación diaria...

    ... Pero, ningún consejo ha sido jamás tan efectivo como el Primer Mandamiento: Un solo Dios.

    Mi ejemplo personal:
    Una fuerte afirmación y reconocimiento de este hecho, cambió completamente la posición de mi bebé, y soltó el cordón que tenía alrededor de su cuello, 15 minutos antes de entrar en el cuello uterino.

  70. Many years ago my Sunday school teacher shared her take on the Ten Commandments: "Thou shalt not..." became "Thou canst not..." So she saw them not so much as admonishments or "threats" but as statements of fact. "Thou shalt have not have other gods before me." became "Thou canst not have any other gods before me", because there aren't any others. "Thou canst not steal." because "all I have is thine." and so on.

    One of my very favorite Bible stories is that of Jacob and Esau, when they finally meet after many years of separation. Both brothers struggled with the commandment, "Thou shalt not bear false witness..." When they finally meet, Jacob says to Esau, "...I pray thee, if now I have found grace in thy sight, then receive my present at my hand: for therefore I have seen thy face, as though I had seen the face of God, and thou wast pleased with me." Genesis 33:10. For me, this is the answer to bearing false witness. How often do we project onto others our own false concept of how we think they see us, bearing false witness, not only against our neighbor but against ourselves and God.

  71. Just last night I lay in bed contemplating the 10 Commandments for over 2 hours. I had been troubled over a physical situation. I'm so grateful to have learned the Commandments as a child in Sunday School... so very important as messages of Truth come back to mind when we need them the most. I mentally dissected the First Commandment until the "peace that passeth understanding" enveloped me and I fell asleep. Every Commandment has a message and the contemplation and obedience to them is a great reward.

  72. Thank you for the specifics. They are helpful and alerting to keep thought aligned with Principle.

  73. Someone once said, The 10 Commands are not suggestions,but rules to be obeyed. It was suggested to us that we didn't have to leave a tip for hotel chambermaid room service as we usually have,but we saw this as stealing something from someone who!d given work well done over the space of 8 days. So we left the tip in obedience to the Commandment as well as to be expressing appreciation.

  74. Comme l'enfant qui le matin de Noel se précipite pour découvrir ce que le Père Noel lui a apporté, ainsi chaque matin je me précipite pour déguster le pain spirituel que le Daily lift m'a livré .

    Merci pour tous ces messages .

  75. These comments are so helpful! I too love to pray with the metaphysical sense of the 10 C. and noticed reading through these no one has mentioned "Thou shalt not commit adultery" which to me isn't just simply about marriage or infidelity to a spouse, but is about my commitment to the 1st C, to claim one God, the One Mind as my Life, my origin, keeping me purely spiritual. God, can only be pure -- perfect God -- therefore man must be pure and perfect as well. We don't have to "mix" and we're not double minded. We don't have to live with or accept a combo platter of good and evil, truth and error, and so on, because it's impossible to adulterate what God created and maintains as the one, immortal, intact Christ-man.

  76. We forget that the Ten Commandments is the foundation of our existence as God's children. You have given us all the inspiration to read them and act them in our daily lives.

  77. GOOD! Very helpful! My idea:
    Few notice that the Commandments actually begin with:

    "I am the LORD your God who brought you out of Egypt, out of bondage."
    Only then does it add, "Have no other gods before me".

    So, have no other God than the one who delivers you from bondage!

    Jews celebrate the Passover, which is our reminder that this is what God does; God liberates us.
    This is the basis of the Christian communion. To be set free. To be restored to our birthright, from both internal and external forms of captivity. Bondage is not our native condition.

  78. Hi Mary Alice,

    I wasn't expecting on getting an assignment today, but I am grateful for your sharing and caring and will proceed. Last Sunday night, there was an immense cry of pain outside our home. Extremely troubling. So much so that I recalled Kittie Burris CSB's audio chat on resting from 12/3/13....where she said, "the Big 4 are her go to for healing...and they are God is power. God is all presence. God's Love is Law. And true substance is understanding spiritually."

    With my prayer, my husband decided he would investigate. I asked him to please go in the car. He did. He came back with the information that a coyote was behind our home howling. He confronted the coyote and said, "to go away" from his car window and the coyote obeyed.

    But also in that particular audio chat, it was mentioned to go to sleep praying and wake up to the comforter praying. Monday morning I awoke to huge sadness. I was convinced that coyote ate my beloved kitty many months ago. I wanted my husband to comfort me.

    I realized that personal sense would keep me in sadness. I thought I had understood my kitty was eternal and always with God. But now, I was trying hard to bear false witness against a coyote. That is commandment number 9. I was telling God and my husband, that the coyote killed Daisy. And I was getting deeper into personal sense, accepting feelings of hate, hurt and sadness.


  79. I realized that personal sense would keep me in sadness. I thought I had understood my kitty was eternal and always with God. But now, I was trying hard to bear false witness against a coyote. That is commandment number 9. I was telling God and my husband, that the coyote killed Daisy. And I was getting deeper into personal sense, accepting feelings of hate, hurt and sadness.

    By breaking this commandment, I wasn't free in my thinking. I wasn't thinking of Daisy happy and having fun. I had to go back to my prayer the night before with the big 4. I had to realize God was in control, the only Mind of me and the coyote and Daisy. Love can only be felt and seen.

    My freedom came. I could see where Mrs Eddy writes all are in harmony together...Father Mother God all harmonious. I was thankful to understand how good those commandments are for all. And how they protected me and all animals in this world.

  80. Another great Daily Lift! Thank you! My contribution is not original; I believe this idea was in an article from one of the Christian Science periodicals. In thinking deeply about the Third Commandment, "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain," the author shared that when we pray to God, we should "mean it," and expect an answer to our prayers. Otherwise, we're taking God's name in vain. I've loved this explanation, and have striven to be "importunate" in my prayers...that is, expecting results. I had an experience recently where my daughter came off the soccer field feeling nauseous. She and her team had played such a beautiful game, I refused to accept that such good could be followed or overshadowed by disease. God answered our prayers instantly. The nausea dissolved into its native nothingness.

  81. Thank you, Mary Alice, for this warm invitation to share inspired thoughts of the Ten Commandments! It is beautiful to see how our one loving Creator lifts our thought higher and higher into realizing the blessings of Her infinite Love. I've loved the fresh take Susie Jostyn, I believe, shared somewhere online on "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image." She said a graven image is a fixed image, so we can see this as a fixed notion of how something should turn out, a fixed plan, or a fixed way of doing something. We can realize our freedom from this "fixed' concept, and open our heart to Soul's ever fresh, limitless ways and means of expression!
    I I also have appreciated a commentary I read on the 10th commandment, which brought out that there are 7 elements mentioned, and 7 is the biblical symbol of completeness. This would, again, bring to light our freedom -we are free to rejoice in one another's completeness, as others have shared, because our loving Creator created each idea complete.

  82. I use the First Commandment to affirm life's spiritual nature and our identity as God's children. This helps me avoid a sexual and gendered view of life as something real or good. A sensual, sexual and gendered view of man is antagonistic to the First Commandment.With this growing understanding I have felt truly safe, loved and satisfied.

  83. “The commandment, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery,’ is no less imperative than the one, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’” SH 56:18-20 When teaching 3 year olds in Sunday School I explained that to adulterate something was to make it impure, such as mixing dirt in a glass of water. It was important to keep our thoughts about others pure and loving – not to let naughty thoughts come in. With the older children I explained that our pure love for God would not allow us to be temped to cheat ourselves or the ones we love of God’s pure love.
    “’Thou shalt not commit adultery;’ in other words, thou shalt not adulterate Life, Truth, or Love, — mentally, morally, or physically.” Mis. 67:5-7

  84. This Lift reminded my husband and me of an incident that occurred some years ago. We had rented a storage unit to keep tools and supplies that we used maybe once a week. One day we went to unlock the unit and our key didn't fit the padlock. We went to the office only to find that during the weekend someone had cut locks on several units and replaced them with new ones. We made a police report and provided as complete a list of tools as we could. Having insurance we notified the company of our loss.
    We prayed with the idea that nothing could be lost or stolen in God's kingdom and that man does not steal for God provides all needs. Several days later we got a call from the police. They had found a garage full of stolen tools and would my husband please come over and claim his. When he got back he had all but one item on our list. The next day I called the insurance company and told them about the recovery of our tools except for the one item. The person was so amazed that we told them about it. They thanked us over and over again and sent us a check for the one item. Also a letter expressing gratitude. We never experienced another loss. We love the Lifts and comments and start each day with them, Thank you to all who made this precious gift available.

  85. The 10 Commandments were and are today a common sense set of rules set down to really think about how to harmonize our existence as human beings bringing us closer to that spiritual attitude that guides us to make right choices, harmonize our lives, bringing us closer to loving our neighbor as ourselves, and leading us not into temptation to love matter instead of Spirit.

  86. Mary Alice - thank you so much for this wonderful post. I remember the first time it hit me that the Commandments weren't just a bunch of "thou shalts" but were promises of how God causes us to behave. Your Lift made that very clear. I'm glad someone prompted you to expand your original Lift to give examples. Loved it!

  87. This is a great lesson on righteous living. Thanks all.

  88. Very grateful for the lift and all the comments that have been shared.

  89. Years ago, I had to fight at physical attraction to a married man I worked for. He was very hard on the staff but I often heard him talk to his young daughters with such love and kindness that it made him more desirable. As we were working together, I was constantly disturbed and felt very unhappy and guilty. My own marriage was far from perfect...
    As Christian Science was my new way of life and I was learning the Bible, Idid not want to break the Commandements.
    I decided to call a practitioner and ask for prayerful support.
    The practitioner asked me to call this man's wife and ask her to give up her husband for me...
    I started to laugh and I was immediately healed of this false attraction.
    I am so grateful for a life of blessings and spiritual growth and years of happiness with my family.

  90. Thanks for The Ten Commandments in action. They are such a good tool to use in daily life. I remember a time when our young son was in school and his teacher called to tell me she was having difficulty with him keeping quiet after getting his work done. He was usually one of the first finished and then he wanted to visit with those around him. I told her I would take care of it. As I prayed it came to me exactly what to say to him when he got home. I gave him some cookies and milk after school and as we sat at the table I asked him if he liked learning about the 10 Commandments in Sunday School. His answer was yes. I then asked him if it was right to ever break one of the commandments and his answer was no. I then asked him why he had broken one that day in school. His answer was he didn't nor would he ever do that in school. I then explained that he had broken the 8th Commandment when he talked to his neighbor after getting his work done because the neighbor still had work to do and he was stealing that time by talking to him. The look of surprise on his face told me he understood. He said he was sorry and didn't realize that was breaking a commandment. He promised he would try never to do that again. This was a good life lesson for him to learn. I love how the commandments teach all of us how to be more faithful, more loving, more considerate, more obedient, and more pure and honorable. Thanks again Mary Alice this was a wonderful reminder for us all.

  91. I am reminded of gods love and protection of all families as they come together to share and honour gods love for all his children.

    I truly believe that it was this father mother LOVE that enabled my sister to put her own life in danger and prevent an accident. We were hiking in an area of unprotected cliff face. God life truth love principle mind were surely in action

  92. Thank you Mary Alice Rose for this wonderfully challenging Lift and then requesting Lifters to share their experiences. It has been a full morning of adult "Sunday School" for me as I read, re-read and think deeply about what people have shared. So many different and new ways to understand the fullness of the 10 Commandments, which I was to memorize but not speak about, just memorize and obey. I am so grateful for the daily unfoldment of Christian Science understanding of Divine Principle - God. It is such an alive, true, real way of being that draws me just as Jesus promised. Thank you Nate and your team that makes this loving sharing available to us five days every week, and thank you to all the International Lifters who are coming forward to share our siblingship as joyful children of our Glorious Father-Mother God

  93. Thank you Mary Alice. Reading through all of the comments helps remind me that individually and collectively humanity needs guidance. I am tempted many times to think or do things not according to the commandments. How grateful that we have these protecting guidelines and that we can support each other through putting them into practice.

  94. When deeply touched while experiencing healing,
    tears of gratitude flow forth momentarily amidst
    smiles of confirmation. What beautiful testimonies of
    healings have touched so many in this offering
    of respectful, appreciative obedience to practicing
    God's guidance of His own ideas, as children of God!
    Oh, the beauty of experiencing the rewarding closeness
    we know to our heavenly Father/Mother.
    Eternal gratitude is mine!

  95. PS Very good, Marian M. #75. You wrote: "Thou shalt not commit adultery" which to me isn't just simply about marriage or infidelity to a spouse, but is about my commitment to the 1st C, to claim one God, the One Mind."

    To use the adultery Commandment in guiding our worship of God, rather than just with a human partner, is a clever insight. To use the word "adultery" is very strong, but it is very right, and you support a critically important point.

    The Jewish statement of faith is that God is ONE. The singularity of God as the only CAUSE OF BEING and as only SPIRIT are the irrefutable foundations of Judaism and supposedly of Christianity. To compromise this is idolatry, taking God's Name in vain, and as you point out doing so would also be "adultery".

    God is neither two, nor three persons as Trinitarian Christianity teaches. No "double minded". God is not spirit and flesh. CS puts Christianity back on it's original foundation. Jesus would be delighted!

    Your words are worth reading again, as is the LIFT, and many other things that people shared.

  96. Comic Relief: I went to the Bank to cash a check for $2.99. The teller gave me $3.00. When I refused to take the extra penny She insisted I take the $3.00 That Bank is out of business today. However, Im still here

  97. "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife". I stick to that commendment very firmly and painfully as I thought I would never meet a freind in the comunity where I Lived. But God heard my wish and make me
    meet a person who was interested in Christian Science and became a very good friend !
    As long as you obbey God's laws, then you can wait for God's love that sent you much more than you expected.

  98. Gracias Mary Alice por tu precioso e inspirado Lift !!! Es muy importante, recordar que nuestras vidas deben vivirse de acuerdo a los 10 ( diez ) Mandamientos para lograr nuestra propia felicidad y la de los demás. Como dice mrs. Eddy : ' ...todo lo que bendice a uno , bendice a todos' ( cys p 206 ).

    Los 10 Mandamientos activos en nuestra experiencia , constituyen un marco regulatorio y moral para la vida en sociedad . El profeta Isaías resalta la idea de un solo Dios - al expresar: ' Mirad a mí, y sed salvos, todos los términos de la tierra, porque yo soy Dios, y no hay más ' ( 45:22) .

    Agradezco los bellos comentarios anteriores.
    Un abrazo y bendiciones del Amor para todos,

    Ma. Cristy

  99. What a great reminder to express obediance and to share. Thank you for this challenging and freeing lift.

  100. Thanks, Mary Alice -- I like the reinforcement of resisting dishonesty!

  101. I was so grateful for an experience last Sunday when driving a bus load of students to Sunday School. I had given them all a bag of gold coins (chocolate) as an early Christmas gift as they entered the bus after Sunday School. When we arrived at their drop-off point, three boys remeined behind, picking up wrappers from the floor and seats. Come to find out, they didn't want me to feel upset that some of their classmates were thoughtless in leaving trash on the floor and seats. Rather than focusing on the irresponsible behaviors of some, I thanked God for the love expressed by those who remained to clean up! Many commandments were in operation here - esp. #9 about bearing false witness, which I refused to do.

  102. Dear Mary Alice:
    I met you many years ago in a visit to Rockville Church in 100 Nelson Street. I am grateful for this message today. The importancw of The Commandments is making a better world. We apply it to children and adults and to ourselves. Having situations of desobedience and a need for a daily uplift, ir is a good breakfast this loving message for all of us. Thank you.
    Margarita Torres, First Church of Christ Science, San Juan, Puerrto Rico.

  103. Vivian Atherley - 12/11/2013
    Thank you for the insight to the 10 Commandments. When I was teaching Sunday School, Ibrought out the fact that when we break one Commandment, we break them all. If we steal, we have disonhoered our Father Mother, that breaks the First Commandment. Then we looked at how all the others were broken. It was a wonderful lesson for the children as well as myself. The Daily Lifts are a great source of inspiration and guidance for the day.
    Vivian Atherley, Firsr Church of Christ Science, Roanoke, VA. USA

  104. Thanks Mary Alice - the absolute importance of the 10 commandments is so often forgotten in these
    hectic times - it seems especially at Christmas time. The First Commandment being the well from which all blessings flow and should be at the top of our Christmas list.

  105. I like the previous comment, #103, and agree wholeheartedly. Of great practical value has often been the affirmation of not coveting. To covet what someone else has would be to forget that God has given us all we ever need, and what is best suited to our needs. To question this would certainly be breaking the First Commandment, and it seems to me, all the others as well. We can each feel the sufficiency of God's love and feel mutually blessed.

  106. The third commandment, thou shalt not use the name of the Lord thy God in vain, is rendered in Luther's translation: you shall not misuse the word of God.

    That commandment keeps me from using the name of God, when there is a discussion about a matter. Even if I feel that my view is a result of prayer, I don't push my view using the name of God or the word of God.

  107. What a supportive lift, Mary Alice. I shall always be grateful.

  108. Thanks Mary Alice for your healing lift, and thanks to all the "lifters" for there comments and experiences.

  109. No need to add but to be in awe in front of the decalogue (as quote MBE)
    thank you for such a reminder

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