12/10: Expect good results

12/10: Expect good results

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  1. Thank you, Josh, for this rousing start to the day and the strong reminder that because God IS all good, we can expect good only.

  2. Thank you Josh for this wonderful Lift. When we turn on a light switch we have a realistic expectation that the room we are in will become filled with light. When we turn our thoughts to God we equally expect the light of the Christ to become present in our thoughts. Our expectations point our thoughts in the direction we want to go. Our expectancy of good, in whatever situation we may be dealing with, helps to readjust the balance to God and makes that good possible. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 426, "When the destination is desirable, expectation speeds our progress." Note: Each day as I read all of the comments posted I am reminded of the clear evidence that when a practical demonstrable Christianity knocks at the door of receptive thought, it is greeted with a hearty welcome and ushered in with open arms. Clearly, these Lifts light the path to spiritual understanding and growth in grace in all who open their hearts and minds to them.

  3. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science says, “When the destination is desirable, expectation speeds our progress” S&H 426:8
    Why don’t we progress at our desirable speed, wouldn’t it be that our goals are way too limited?
    Mrs. Eddy says, “…progress is the law of God, whose law demands of us only what we can certainly fulfill” S&H 233:6
    Maybe we need to trust more on our Father, after all, God’s got our back!
    (Daily lift 11/21/2012)

    Mary Baker Eddy, la Descubridora y Fundadora de la Ciencia Cristiana dice, “ Cuando el objetivo es deseable, la expectativa acelera nuestro progreso” CyS 426:9
    ¿Por qué no progresamos a nuestra velocidad deseada, no será que nuestra meta es demasiado limitada?
    La Sra. Eddy dice, “…el progreso es la ley de Dios, cuya ley nos exige sólo lo que podemos cumplir con seguridad” CyS 233:6
    Puede ser que necesitamos confiar más en nuestro Padre, después de todo, !Dios nos cuida la espalda!
    (La Liberación Diaria 12/21/2012)

  4. Great lesson. Thanks Josh

  5. Thanks for the reminder, it is our Divine right!

  6. Thanks Josh. Perfect timing!

  7. Good to have a lift from a younger speaker well done

  8. Thank you Josh, your healing words were "just the ticket" for the monky's in my head today. Much appreciated.

    Thank you Josh, a valuable lift from you today.

  9. Thanks Josh, for the reminder that we all need to hear and for the positive comments leading into a week filled with goodness. How easy to listen to those seemingly innocuous suggestions that things will probably not go well, when in fact truth dictates otherwise. How important to choose good. Thanks for the clear, calm voice of truth. Loved it.

  10. Thank you Josh for the Lift. It instantly centred me in the truth of my being while busyness was swirling around me at the time.

  11. Thank you so much, Josh, for this fresh and clear lift. It is true, our expectations are determining what we experience. I am glad to be reminded to have great expectations for this day!

  12. Many thanks Josh for this inspiring lift to start our day. Yes. "No matter what kind of challenges we are facing during the day, an understanding that God [divine Love] is all good has the authority within our consciousness... to see [all] good today... It's our divine right!" "You are God’s purpose, His great design./ Beautiful, blameless, His child divine./ Holding your thought to the good and the true,/ Spirit will form you anew." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #453).

  13. Thanks, Josh! Just the right thought to lift me up from the quagmire of erroneous mortal picture! Thanks soo much for the daily lift :-). I quite agree with you and with what Linda has said about how it is easy to get swayed. The road to destruction is wide but the road to the truth is straight and narrow

  14. Thank you.

  15. Thank you for bring to us this topic so necessary for our jorney!

  16. Thank you! The content of this lift is helping me overcome a long term challenge. Commitment to the first commandment to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind keeps our thoughts pure, keeps us free to serve only God - Good- so that we don't enslave ourselves in the service of anything opposed to God - Good. There is no authority opposed to God. Serving God gives us Liberty! Serve God, and expect Good; expect Harmony! I love it. Thank you!

  17. I'm going to be looking for the expected unexpected good...or the unexpected expected good...from around what corner is it coming? Who will be included in it? How many times will I recognize it? What an adventure each day is!

  18. Josh, thank you very much for this example - very timely! Expecting good turnes the direction of my thoughts to the only good there is - GOD. And everything else is getting out of view in a natural way! Thanks again!

  19. Thank you for this very helpful reminder.

  20. Josh, what a great lift. And what a WONDERFUL comment made by your friend. How we need to watch what we say to others. It can change a life. I will be praying to be a better responder in future.

  21. Thanks Josh for a wonderful message of Hope and a reminder that God is good , therefore all must be well .

  22. What an exceptional lift: perfect to hear first thing in the morning!

  23. Excactly what i needed today. Thank You!

  24. Cuando Moisés sacó al pueblo israelí de Egipto Dios iba delante alumbrando la senda, como va delante nuestro para guiar despejando así el camino para evitarnos los tropiezos, parece imposible que Dios fuera detrás, en una corrección innecesaria por Su totalidad que se manifiesta en realizaciones perfectas que hace imposible otra forma de expresión divina, el cuidado para que no haya tropiezos y si un total entendimiento para progreso.

    "¿Qué más se podía hacer por mi viña, que yo no haya hecho en ella?" Isaías

    " Las campanadas que debieran despertar el pensamiento adormecido de su sueño erroneo son parcialmente desoídas" MBE

    Pero aleluya si las oímos y progresamos para caminar juntos de la mano de Cristo y de la Ciencia Cristiana siguiendo las señales en todo momento y lugar por una señal inequívoca que viene a nosotros para despertarnos con campanadas verdaderas.

    Muchas gracias Josh.

  25. Thank you, Josh, I'll carry this idea in my consciousness and into my day

  26. Thank you for this LIFT is a great help and reminder of what to expect at all times.

  27. What a wonderful lesson to start the day. Thank you.

  28. Thank you, Josh, for the way you gave your example and for sharing this idea. I am so very grateful for this today.

  29. Thank you for a more enlightenment of good vs e_ _ _ .

  30. Whoa! Made my day better!

  31. Awesome! Great way to start each day. I'm smiling already!

  32. Thank yoi

  33. "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." This is how the Preface to Science and Health opens and it is the first thought I have when I awake in the morning. And when I click on the Daily Lift I expect good results and am never disappointed. The Lift and comments are always full of fresh inspiration. Thanks to all of you and to God for all of these blessings!

  34. thank you for this lovely lift Josh.God the ONLY power in anything,the only directer,the only maintainer,giving us all good and only good.GOOD day to all

  35. Excellent point! A very timely message for the world. Thank you so much!

  36. Thank you, Josh, for this vital reminder! Will journey with these thoughts today, expecting good for "me, and mine, and all!"

  37. Oh, thanks, Josh! One thing I have learned and am still learning on this oh so human journey is to watch out for my "human expectations" or "human outlining" of how I think things should turn out. But when I can simply pray to turn my life and actions over to the care of my loving God, Good, the perfect outcome for me is manifested. It may not be anything I have ever thought of and it may not even be what I would humanly judge as "good", but it will be what is best for me and I can trust the Power that watches over me to know better than I do what I need for growth on my spiritual journey.

  38. Thank you Josh you made me think. I will change my thinking before i go to work. That everyday will be a good day with Gods help.

  39. Beautiful, Josh, and beautifully delivered. Thank you so very much!

  40. So wonderfully strengthening after being up all night. Many thanks...

  41. Thanks for the reminder. I truly KNOW this but I have had the most difficult challenge of my entire lifetime recently keeping this in mind during the current political scene in our great country. Your reference to linking my thoughts & expectations to the First Comandment will be most helpful in my healing.

  42. Perfect Josh. Expect only God/good. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.

  43. Thank you.

  44. Thank you, Josh, for “Expect good results … an understanding that God is all good … it’s your divine right.” Yes! I’ve learned that level of expectation shapes our experience in that we look for what we believe we’ll see. In Christian Science, there is only one God/Good/Love, itself! Years ago, I was in deep prayer about how to be more consistent in expecting only Good as the “powers that be.” My level of consciousness at any given moment, determines my choice and subsequently, my experience. It occurred to me that from the human perspective, I have only one of five choices in any situation. The choices are: 1. Good is the only power. 2. Good and Evil are both powers; but Good is more powerful than Evil. 3. Good and Evil are equal in power. 4. Evil and Good are both powers; but Evil is more powerful than Good. 5. Evil is the only power. Ah-ha! Prayer answered! As a Christian Scientist, I’m not in a “multiple choice” test! Not really! I stop at and start with “Good is the only power.” I then apply that spiritual fact, in a Christianly scientific way to whatever needs healing! Evil is not really a power. Evil is only a suggestion of power. We overturn the suggestion with the Truth - overcome evil with Good! “Jesus urged the commandment, ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me,’ which may be rendered: Thou shalt have no belief of Life as mortal; thou shalt not know evil, for there is one Life, — even God, good” (S&H 19). We are called to prove all Good unfolding, uninterrupted!

  45. Thanks!! Well delivered, well received!! I am expecting the best today and thank you for the wonderful reminder.

  46. Wonderful reminder. Thank you Josh. Brez in Roseburg.

  47. Thank you very much!

  48. Hi Josh! Hi Norm! After driving down to here from where I lived back then, God said :"This is all for the glory of God." And since things hadn't been going at all well at home, I responded "There You go: always giving me the hard jobs. Why am I always the one who has to do the hard things?" And in the following days and weeks, so many wonderful things happened, so many better thoughts and gentle reminders came and replaced the fears and anger and it became such a joy to express gratitude and forgiveness and to feel comforted with the sweet assurance of God's presence.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lift family.

  49. Thank you Josh for sharing a wonderful reminder this morning. As I start this day and this new week I always remind myself that only good comes my way and it never fails. Although in adversity, we may at times be blinded, truth is that all that comes from God, good, is just that and cannot be any different. You, your friend who spoke words of wisdom be richly blessed.

  50. Very timely message!

  51. thank you for reminding me to expect good today.

  52. Expecting Good is so much easier to do than worry, doubt and fear!

  53. This is such a great start for the week ahead... thank you so much for this wonderful lift!

  54. Your countenance in the Daily Lift photo today, Josh, suggests a certain clear-eyed freshness along with an expectation of divine goodness and, low and behold, a similar, congruent message is being expressed in your words, today, as well.

    This past Saturday, for most of the afternoon and all of the evening I was in touch with a deepening sense of core goodness unfolding in my life while adventuring with God every step of the way. This robust knowing has been ebbing ever since and requires extra vigilance on my part, in combating a false, mortal picture of futility, lost years and waning good fortune on every level.

    Your simple, elemental yet profound understanding of how God lovingly works through us is helping keep me on track and smiling today, despite a certain undercurrent of doubt which is trying ever so subtly to overtake more Christ-like thoughts.

    And with hand on heart, I thank your for that, Josh.

    I believe Mary Baker Eddy mentions in her writings on several occasions that there are spiritual battles to be won and the battle at times will be mighty, with victory attainable to those who trust in and surrender to the Lord and lean not on their own understanding.

  55. Thank You Josh,
    Your message reminds me that no matter what suggestion of seeming inharmony that
    pops up , trying to distract us from a happy, productive day, we have that beautiful eraser, God's ever presence and our amazing daily Bible Lessons to give us that powerfull kick off as we begin our
    journey out into the World or from one little room we may spend the day in.

  56. When an experienced rider who has succeeded many times and has proved it many times, is unable to get her horse to perform, the horse is said to be "hot" in the riding ring. That is to say the horse is uncooperative. It is no reflection on the rider who has done the same event on another horse with agility and speed. The horse may or may not turn out to be the one for that type of event. We all find that some things demonstrate our abilities better than others, but Mrs. Eddy says, "The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible." (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 199.)

  57. Hey Josh...Great Lift today!! I woke up this morning thinking about getting up to the slopes as we have had our first snowfall of the season and I started dwelling in how sore I'm going to be and exhausted etc. Your message "IMMEADIATELY LIFTED" me out of that false sense of dread and changed my thought about my entire day. Thanks so much Josh!

  58. When the first man made rocket ship successfully landed on the moon, it was seen as a new threshold of discovery. It was successful only because it was expected. Good, success was expected. Likewise, when we pray aright, expecting good results, our prayers are successful. God only knows success, God is too pure in thought to see any thing else but success. And that is what has to be kept in thought as we pray, that nothing unsuccessful can come out of it.

  59. Thanks, Josh, and #2 martin vesely: I see the correspondence with this week's Bible Lesson.

  60. Josh, how right your message is today. Thank you! It is international Human Rights Day, and this message you shared is for ALL of humanity. It's our right to expect good, and live GOOD with freedom.

  61. Thanks Josh, --- a very thoughtful and important topic/reminder! A friend once said to me, "Conviction in good unfolding for ourselves or others is a healthy, God-given expectancy." With gratitude, the journey continues .......

  62. P.S. To #54 Joel of Toronto: It sounds like you're fighting the good fight, and being victorious. I, too, have been more awake recently to doubt and self-doubt as corrosive serpent-talk.

    I'm on the wall with you: weapon in one hand, building tools in the other. The wall we're building has nothing to do with mortal measures, such as wealth, fame, popularity. It's a lasting wall that defends spiritual thought of all mankind. It is worthy work.

  63. Oh Josh, this lift is such a blessing. Just what I needed to hear this morning. I've been battling with some very tough situations and being reminded of this truth turned me away from "licking my wounds" to realizing there are no wounds because God doesn't create wounds -- only infinite goodness. Sometimes we get lost, taken in by the the falsehoods this material world presents. But through a kind, wise and gentle lift like yours, the false thoughts fall away and once again we feel God's immense loving presence. Only expect good. Today is big with blessings. Thanks so much for this reminder!! And thanks to all who share their insights and love in this daily lift.

  64. wow. Exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

  65. Just want to add a little P.S. as I have dug deeper into this Lift: God always gives us what best promotes our Growth. It is we who judge it good or bad. As we look at everything in our Life, we can see that it really WAS All For Good, or All For God! Just as Mrs. Eddy mentions about her life of trials - it really WAS God graciously preparing her! Which Lens are we looking through?

  66. Thank you very much. This is truely an awsome refreshing way to start the day.

  67. Thank you Josh, a simple lesson with such a powerful impact... We must fill our consciousness with the perfection and protection that Is. Thank you also, Martin, Linda #9, Andrew #10 and all other daily lifters. These comments ALWAYS inspire! Love to all.

  68. Thanks, Josh, for this wonderful reminder. Many years ago during my years as a teacher, I would remind students who were required to perform in front of the class that their classmates were not expecting failure but a wonderful showing of confidence and accomplishment. When we approach with positive expectations, the "battle" is won.

  69. This is so-o-o good! Thank you!

  70. What a wonderful Lift. Thank you Josh.
    I have a small project to finish and I keep putting it off because I think I can't do it.
    Now I know with God's help and guidance it will be done and come out perfect. What a message to apply to our prayers also. We expect good and only good, and all will be well.

    Thanks Nate and your team. My morning always starts with your cheery voice to set my day.

  71. Thank you Josh for this wonderful lift. This is so true from a human standpoint as well as a divine standpoint. We achieve what we are looking at, so we need to be looking up! I had the most wonderful demonstration of this over the last several days.

    My start up company almost ran aground this past week. My investor decided on Thursday to pull the funding on it on the opening to be January. After the initial shock, I called my sister who helped pray with me. Shortly after, I got such a conviction that this was all wrong and started preparing details to support this feeling. On Friday, I continued this prayerful vigilence and a friend was able to help review my financials. He suggested a couple of things to add that I was missing that with those showed an overall profit to the parent company and positive cash flow. It turned out that this business will actually support the parent company! I was informed yesterday that this was what was missing and they agreed that the business must continue! I am so grateful for this demonstration and the conviction to expect good results! I also have to add that the lesson from last week, "God, the Preserver of Man" really helped with this conviction that the Christ was present at the table and God was barring the doors to error and fear of every sort. I was floating after church yesterday. I cannot express enough my gratitude to God. Thank you so much for this message today that continues this wonderful thought.

  72. Your lift is such an important reminder for us to keep constant vigil to be sure our thoughts are coming straight from God - at all times. And since Mind's thoughts are always and only good, allt good is ours by reflection. How wonderful is that! Thanks so much, Josh, for a wonderful reminder that "with God all things are possible."

  73. Yesterday was one of those days where NOTHING seemed to go right - this is the perfect message to begin the new day! Thanks for being out there, Daily Lift . . . .

  74. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you, Josh.

  75. Thank you for reminding me of my Divine Right!


  77. Fran from Ca.
    When we start our day with asking ourself what do you want to experience today? The only answer can be GOOD! We are then connected with our source GOD and everything will be good. So simple but so POWERFULL !! Thanks Josh

  78. Thank you for this simple yet profound reminder to accept only good today. It is a helpful thought-jolt in the right direction to start the week with joyful expectations of good.

  79. Thank you Josh....so powerfull only expectations of "God's" good...love to all...

  80. Thank you so much for the helpful message.

  81. Thank you.Expecting good,and knowing the reason why,roots out all negatives in consciousness;brings peace and harmony.Wonderful lift.

  82. Thanks, Josh. That was perfect for today, the first slippery day for my morning walk. I admit I was tempted to think a fall was in store for me. Next time I'll be more alert not to break the 1st Commandment.

  83. Watch and pray. I will watch my thoughts to expect only good today and then do it again tomorrow! One time when I was lamenting how difficult this seemed, a thought came, "You have to think something. Why not the good?"

  84. Falling flat on my face on the beginners slope caught me by surprise, but I immediately thought, "This is not where I am supposed to be!" Then I remembered a statement from our Christian Science class instruction, "If ever you should fall, get up and glorify God!" Nothing can interrupt our purpose to glorify God, even if you should find your face temporarily in the snow!

  85. Josh, what a wonderful "lift" for me to hear today as my thoughts go out to my dear sister who has elected surgery for a hip to be replaced. I'm sure she and her doctor(s) are expecting good results. After hearing your lift, I can firmly join the "team prayer" in knowing that God -good- ALL POWER, ALL LOVING and ETERNAL is ALL-WAYS in control of every situation and we are ALL reflecting Him, complete, whole, NOW.

  86. Thank you, Josh! Lovely thought for today.
    I had a similar thought two nights ago when I discovered a special pendant that I was wearing was no longer on my necklace. It had somehow come loose and dropped to the ground without my knowledge. We were celebrating with thousands of other people the Christmas spirit, on Main Street that evening. When i discovered it missing, my immediate thought was "there is nothing lost in Divine Mind. Everything is in its rightful place NOW, and I can only expect Good from this". I truly believed that thought. We retraced our steps, hoping to find the pendant somewhere on the street, but to not avail. That evening at home, I did pray to know that God knows where everything at all times, just because i couldn't find it, didn't mean it was lost. Plus, a "good idea" can never lost! Next morning I drove to the place where we had parked our car. I looked down on the ground, and there nestled under some pine needles was the pendant! I didn't have to search all of Main Street, I was directed to go straight to the "so called lost" item! It is so joyous to discover that we are not separated from God, Divine Mind. i am grateful to see God in action, in our lives.
    Keep up the good thinking and look forward to more from you, Josh. Thank you.

  87. Boy Josh! I love this "Lift"!! A dear friend used to tell me each time I called for prayer "I want you not only to "accept" the goodness of God today, but to "expect" it, it is your divine right!". A very "firm foundation" to start from, not a "shaky reed" blown around in the wind of human opinion and fear. I always found the healing or help I needed by not only "accepting" that goodness would be expressed but "expecting" it! As Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health on page 227:24 "Citizens of the world, accept the "glorious liberty of the children of God" and be free! This is your Divine right." Mrs. Eddy goes onto say that all that's stopping us is the "illusion of material sense, not divine law" ! It's really great to be reminded of this today! Big THANKS!!

  88. Thanks for the clear, God-only-power mental image. We are not a reed shaken in the wind. I have been overwhelmed by a list of planning to do in the next few weeks and the loss of a detailed drawing of a new water pump house with all the filters and plumbing all worked out. I am not experienced in this and it took me a long time. I have been mentally beating myself up over miss filing it. It shook my confidence. Here I am back to the 'well, see you little muman creature, you can mess things up.' Your sharing helps so much. I will go forward listening for the precise opposite in Good-God to each suggestion of fear. Knowing we can use these to help us see the precise truth that washes each false evidence away. Thank you for this thought of the reed-it say Love to me Love that never leaves us.Einstien said in a letter that the image of ourselves as an individual separate mind is a mental verson of an optical illusion. Does not this compare to Mrs. Eddy's statement in S&H about the relation of Soul and body appearing reversed to the material senses just like the sun appears to move because we are standng on the actual moving object and can't percieve its motion because we are moving with it.

  89. Thanks Josh, this verse Matt 11:7, is so relevant, pertinent in all our new adventures and activities and also in the tried and true as well. Amen. Thanks. AND Thanks Nate and the DL team for the lovely music. Everyone' s comments are so helpful. Thanks.

  90. Oh yes! The expectation of good indeed. Many years ago I was introduced to EGFUS = expectation of good from unexpected sources. EGFUS and I are good friends and I hope he/she will be a friend to each one reading this note.

  91. Good on you, #71! Your message indicates a wonderful demonstration of listening and progress.

  92. To EXPECT GOOD you must SEE GOOD as the ONLY OPTION as #44 nela comments.... elaborates on. GOOD IS THE ONLY POWER. What is good?....LOVE. Non-judgemental LOVE EVERYONE is always receptive to. LOVE and help others UNCONDITIONALLY and FEEL FANTASTIC. Get caught up in right thoughts and actions to the best of your understanding.... LET GOD DO the rest. You will be guided into more understanding and love in your thought and experience.
    FORGET TO EAT! It is DIVINE MIND (LOVE) that has sustained you. LOVE is all powerful not matter. Matter is the illusion. As soon as the mind is filled with love all fear, hate, illness, any error has no place to dwell.
    Love is your job
    Love is your pay check. (in whatever way good appears).
    Love is infinitely abundant.
    Expect good results always.
    Love you all. Aloha.

  93. So clear, so to the point. We must remember to expect only good as God/Good is all there is and we express His goodness, His ability, His talent to glorify Him.

    Thanks, Josh.

  94. Wow Josh~~ so helpful. Thank you and to all comments!!! Outstanding!! My divine right~ the best.
    Love to all

  95. thanks for this inspiring lift today Josh,,such a wonderful and helpful to me..

  96. Thank you, Josh, for the great reminder to focus on the good and the true. Sometimes when I am frightened about something I have to do or have to complete, or the sense of inadequate resources needed, I have to REFOCUS on what is know is my heritage. As a child of God, only good, only abundance, and exactly everything I need is there for me. Stand porter at that door of thought, and one can be uplifted with the clear sense and calm trust that IS our birthright. Thank you for the gentle reminder to focus on the good - with absolute confidence of our every need supplied.

  97. Josh, Great Daily Lift! I have listened several times today. The reminder that God is all-in-all, and God is Good, I can only expect Good; there is nothing else! All is in harmony with God. All of the comments have been/are very helpful as well, so thank you all!!
    Beautiful day, expecting good to all :-)

  98. Thank you, Josh for helping me become totally aware of all the good on the field which is all there is...and reflect it by expecting it. Merri

  99. Thanks Josh, for your very thoughtful and meaningful message! A friend once wrote to me: ""Conviction in good" unfolding for ourselves and others is a healthy, God-given expectancy." Great comments today, as always!

  100. Josh, I need to hear that every day. Thank you.

  101. I love this "Daily Lift." Thanks Josh.

  102. Thank you Josh....and my husband thanks you too.

  103. Wow so inspiring! Thanks. I am living in the bubble of God's light and only good can come to me! Nothing like being in the right now Presence (equally and evenly) present everywhere. Blessings to all.

  104. Josh, that was wonderful........and a great way to start the day !! Thank you for such an uplifting, practical message for all of us to remember each day.

  105. It is now Tuesday afternoon. I have read yesterday's Lift many times. Thank you Josh. I can hear you telling me to expect good. It makes me happy and sure of good being all around me.

  106. Hi, Josh! Thank you for shaking up another listener in the right way!

  107. What a practical lift - for all of our everyday activities, and 'special' events. Thanks for this reminder!

  108. Simple but so well put. thanks!

  109. Thanks Josh, your messages always hit the mark - right when I need to hear them !

  110. Great great great! Thanks so much!

  111. Thank you, Josh for great reminder :)

  112. My expectation is from HIM who created the heavens and the earth!

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