12/1: In the house of the Lord

12/1: In the house of the Lord

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  1. Thankyou Franz A perfect message for this perfect day!!

  2. "We are the perfect thought of the perfect Mind"...safe in the consciousness of Love. Thank you, Frank Prinz-Wondollek. Gosh, these Lifts are all so healing!

  3. "We know they are not ...by chance...".always we reflect spirtually: perfect thought and perfect mind..

    thankyou for making this so easy to understand..

  4. Happy new month everyone. Thank you Frank.

  5. Thank you, Franz! I really loved your inspiring message!

  6. How lovely Franz, you have pointed me in the right direction today; my safety is assured as I am ...'safe in the consciousness of Love...'

  7. What a perfect way to begin another wonderful day! Thank you Franz,

  8. Thank you for this wonderful Lift, Frank. I love that word "dwell". The consciousness we dwell in isn't just a rush in, rush out short stop, as Nathan calls our Daily Lift. To dwell means to be happy, to be content. To be comfortable with one's surroundings and daily activities:elevating, rousing, demonstrating and healing, Also greeting and welcoming, sharing and loving. God's thoughts were never meant to just stay inside, but to be given freely, to nourish and to bless.
    Thank you Nathan and the back-up bunch, the BoL and lecturers; and the blest community of Lifters.

  9. Many thanks Frank for that inspiring lift. Yes. "We are [all] the perfect [reflection] of perfect Mind." "'Twas thus the loving Master/ Saw man's perfection shine,/ Beheld God's child forever pure/ In radiance all divine." (Christian Science Hymnal #15).

  10. A powerful reminder . Thank you Frank .

  11. Thank you for reminding us that we dwell in the consciousness of Love. Love is all around us all the time and we can express love in every thing we do.

  12. Love that thought. Grateful to you, Frank, and all.

  13. Gracias por recordarme mi eterna morado en el Amor!

  14. At-one-ment with perfection. Thanks for the reminder. Mrs. Eddy said if that we did not see ourselves as perfect that we could not demonstrate. See Miscellanny 242:8......very powerful and direct statement.

  15. 'safe in the consciousness of Love' what a lovely Lift for the day that my youngest sets off to see the world. A clear reminder that all must be well for all of us wherever we are - within this house of the Lord.
    Thank you

  16. Thank you Frank for this reminder!

  17. Wonderful so comforting. Thank you ! :-)

  18. I appreciate the Lift you offer today, Frank. It gets me to thinking that I need to keep my "House of the Lord" in good order, by decluttering my consciousness from any thoughts that are unGodlike and then polishing my Godlike thoughts, so they sparkle through everything I think and say and do. This is an ongoing and cheerful task. I want to be ready to welcome anyone at any time, so that we can enjoy dwelling in the House of the Lord together.

  19. Very uplifting. Thank you.

  20. This is perfect for today, as we go to see a little cabin we own in the mountains, and possibly encounter our neighbor there, who has been so angry with us over a border dispute. To know that she and we dwell together in the house of the Lord brings sweet peace to me.
    Thank you, Frank, for this comforting message to carry with me today.

  21. Thank you, Frank, for the truly uplifting thoughts. Inspires me to give up all my seemingly habitual vices, such as resentment, vanity, gossip, guilt, fear, living in the past, living in the future, and the like and devote all my energy exclusively to dwelling in the house of the Lord.

    And I had to chuckle at commenter number 8, Margaret referring to Nate and the back-up bunch. Sounds like the name of a new rock group, with a Christian Science twist, of course!

  22. Thanks Franz. That is so comforting. Hymn 144 says "...in atmosphere of Love divine we live, and move and breathe; though mortal eyes would see it not, 'tis sense that would deceive..." and "safe in Thy love we live and sing alway.." (66) "like brother birds that soar and sing.." (hymn 30 by Mary Baker Eddy)

  23. Thank you for this reminder of dwelling in the consciousness of Love. Last night our Bible Lesson was on shepherding. The First Reader used this wonderful Psalm from both the Bible and Science and Health. We closed with that wonderfully comforting hymn Shepherd. We all felt wrapped up in God's love and protection. Now you are reminding us again of this safe dwelling. There is a theme going here. Thanks again.

  24. Thank you for that timely message which corresponds to today's CS Monitor spiritual article on supporting the people of Thailand with prayer on the recent devastating floods. They too, dwell in the house of the Lord.
    I have recently had a flood from a malfunctioning appliance and water that covered most of my home. While not to be compared with the destruction in Thailand, the damage was extensive, and I am grateful for the restoration that has and is taking place. It did not dampen (no pun intended) our Thanksgiving which brought us all together for the first time in a while, sharing space on cement floors with damaged walls, etc., but in gratitude. This gratitude, this "love currency (Watson)" will yield the supply to meet this restoration need.
    "When the enemy shall come in like a flood," says the Bible, "...the Lord shall lift up a standard against them." The truth is that we all are sheltered, sustained and loved by God. This home, this consciousness of Love, is the house of the Lord where we dwell forever.

  25. Thank you, Frank! What an all-inclusive feeling of Love I felt in your voice and in your Message! One of my favorite prayers that could relate to this Lift is: "The Light of God surrounds us; the Love of God enfolds us; the Power of God protects us; the Presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are, God IS, and All is Well!" Also, the C.S. Hymn: "In Heavely Love Abiding, No Change my Heart shall fear......" To dwell in Love is to live consciously in the ever-present moment of Now! Much Love and Thanks to All!

  26. Love, perfection and at one with God is so helpful as we go about our day. Just this morning I am chairing a committee meeting and this daily lift was a great reminder that there are no doubts or happenings that are not directed by God. Only perfect Mind is present always. Thank you Franz

  27. Snuggled in universal, eternal, divine Love, together...

  28. Beautiful!!!!!

  29. "Beneath the shadow, of His almighty wing, in that sweet secret, of the narrow way..." to me this is one in the same as "dwelling in His house..." Knowing this...I find each day....I am His reflection, able to take His house with me EVERYWHERE I may be on a day-to-day basis...lettinh His Divine light shine, to bless all those whom I come in contact with...daily...Thanks for the inspireing lift, Frank...!

  30. Dear Frank, that was one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Daily Lifts I have ever heard! I will listen to it over and over today, as I go about my activities, and I will keep my thinking in the House of The Lord (the consciousness of Love). Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

  31. Thank you, Frank, for this wonderful reminder of our preexistence and coexistence with Love.

  32. Oh, thank you Frank. Right on.

    “Our surety is in our confidence that we are indeed dwellers in Truth and Love, man's eternal mansion.” – Pulpit and Press, pg 3:11 A really huge house!

    Lately I was thinking that I wanted to downsize, you know have less WORK, smaller house. Just thinking of the work of downsizing was too much work. Perhaps downsizing, contracting, is not the right idea. Look what Jesus announced - “the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21. That is not a downsizing statement!

    “Know, then, that you possess sovereign power to think and act rightly, and that nothing can dispossess you of this heritage and trespass on Love.” Pulpit p3:7

    Interesting isn’t it… in spiritual awareness (consciousness), even what we thought was a dusty (or watery, #24) problem abates. Now that's a cleaning staff!

  33. Thank you Frank for today's affirmation of where man resides, his permanent address. Just last night my testimony was that I have one tattoo: that in Science my individual God-given identity is found in His divine and spiritual consciousness. The sun shines today. My wife started this morning by exclaiming it is a beautiful day. Indeed, it is!

  34. Good reminder when working for/with the homeless. Thank you.

    24 Barbara -- for years I thought "love currency" was coined by R G Watson, but discovered that M B Eddy uses the term in My. 14:5.

  35. Danke!

  36. Hello Frank,
    What a super reminder. We are already in the house = the consciousness of God, Love for ever!
    Thank you!!!!

  37. Thank you for this beautiful lift. I have loved learning that God is living me. Knowing that I dwell in Divine Love's consciousness of me has brought much peace and joy,

  38. The 23rd psalm has always been an inspiration to me. I think of lying down in green pastures, beside the still waters where my cup runs over with Love; a place all my needs are met and my soul or spiritual sense is restored. In this place, the consciousness of Love I will dwell for ever. Thank you.

  39. We are perfect thoughts of Perfect Mind. Really Inspiring.Thanks

  40. Thanks Frank, so uplifting and with such enthusiasm!

  41. Danke Frank. The truth that we have ALWAYS dwelt in the house [the consciousness] of the Lord [Love] is so important to me today. We are not there only when we are thinking about it or when we are good or maybe we will be some time in the future, but ALWAYS and forever. Isn't that great?!

    I just love these Lifts and don't know what I did before they existed...O thank you Daily Lift Team!!

  42. Thanks Frank; what a beautiful reminder of where" we live and move and have our being" in the absolute
    Divine Mind!! Psalm 23 is such an inspiration for us. We are always protected!!

  43. This is an appropriate Lift for us today as we are having a raging snow storm. This Lift gives us comfort in spite of a storm either outside or in our thought.We dwell safely within Love's domain.
    Thank you, Frank, from Hamburg.

  44. Thank you Frank!

  45. So comforting to "dwell in the house of the Lord" like returning home...kind of like the prodigal son. Thank you for this really beautiful lift! Also, thanks to Nela, #18 for you beautiful comment.

  46. Thank you! a comforting thought.

  47. Thank you for the wonderful lift!

  48. Hymn 135 to me complements this lift perfectly; I know no life divided O Lord of life, from Thee. It supports the idea that we have always been in the consciousness of Love - we can never be separated from it. You say, we may think that our lives are guided by chance, but they are not. The next line of the hymn is, In thee is life provided for all mankind and me. The last verse, since thou my God and Father dost claim me as Thine own, I richly shall inherit all good from Thee alone. Thank you Franz.

  49. Maravilloso y reconfortante Daily Lift!!! Mi gratitud Frank por este recordatorio de vital importancia en nuestra vida. Saber que siempre estamos ' En la casa de Dios ' - es muy consolador . De esta Casa u Hogar verdadero y universal nadie nos puede mover ni por un instante ( ver salmo 23 y cys p 578 ) .
    Su infinito Amor nos rodea y protege aún en circunstancias apremiantes o adversas que nos toque vivir.
    Sus angeles iluminan y guían todo el Camino .

    Muy agradecida a los inspirados comentarios previos.
    Un abrazo grande y Bendiciones a todos, Ma. Cristy

  50. Thank you Frank. I went to Spirituality.com to look up the quote from Mrs. Eddy that says, " Spiritual Love makes man conscious that God is his Father, and the consciousness of God as Love gives man power with untold furtherance.

    But could not find it because it isn't in Science and Health but Message to the Mother church 1902...... Almost 112years old. The Truth never ages.

    And the next sentence was just hope for me and all..."Then God becomes to him the All-prescence~~ quenching sin.....( quenching over eating, anger, hatred, smoking, ...). That's a clean, pure house....consciousness!

    So, the other day, when I told my sister in law to please not smoke ( a habit she recently took up) and she told me to "butt out"... It's clearer that I need to tell her of God's great love for us as he is our Father. And being conscious of this Love will quench the sin, false lie. I am learning.

  51. Let me share my prayer . . . Jesus taught me that God is our Father and that we dwell in His house, not ours. This house is furnished with a divine design to exalts the Lord and protects. Within we breath the “atmosphere of Love divine” (CS hymn 144)
    Divine Love permeates the thought of everyone who enters His house, self-will cannot enter in.
    The walkway is straight and narrow and, when we shut the door to negative thoughts, the whole house becomes a closet of peace to commune with God.
    We can carry our house wherever we go.
    Permítanme compartir mi oración . . . Jesús me enseñó que Dios es nuestro Padre y que moramos en su casa, no la nuestra. Esta casa está amueblada con un diseño divino que exalta al Señor y protege.
    En ella respiramos un “ambiente de divino Amor” (Hymno CC 144)
    El Amor divino impregna el pensamiento de todo aquel quien entra en Su casa, la voluntad humana no puede entrar en ella.
    Los caminitos son rectos y estrechos, y cuando cerramos la puerta a pensamientos negativos, la casa entera se convierte en un aposento de paz pare estar en communión con Dios.
    Llevamos esta casa donde sea que vayamos.

  52. So helpful. Thank you.

  53. Dear #50, Anonymous
    Don't suffer for your sister's new habit, I smoked for 7 years and, believe me, I tried to quit many times. Your love for her will set her straight.
    You can't fight her -that's the way she sees your remarks- but if you see what she really is doing, reflecting God's perfection, God's wholeness, she'll feel that completeness and the need of smoking won't have a chance. She'll see the nothingness of inhaling smoke, after all, it's only a puff!

  54. Thank you very much Frank, for your useful message

  55. Wow. and WOW. Our Daily Lift just keeps getting better and better. Where does it stop?

    Nate and the backup bunch? What's next? Our Father and His children? (No disrespect intended).

    I love the idea (new to me) of being in our Father's house before. This is very helpful to me today and tomorrow too.

    It's all there, if only I would read more closely. Maybe I do.

    And I will dwell in the house (consciousness) of love forever. Science and Health

    I cherish this Daily Lift and alla youse guys, yaa. That's it!

    "The Lifters and Alla Youse Guys".


  56. Thank you.

  57. This is just perfect! Thanks!

  58. What a perfect lift. I woke up with the thought of perfection being the only presence, this morning, and
    did not arise until I had really contemplated many ramifications of present perfection.

    Thank you so much, and all the commenters for further expanding the idea.

  59. Wonderful thought for any day..... or night..... we're always in that house ..... and can't get out..... why would we want to??


  60. Thank you very much

  61. I enjoy your lifts, but my depression is getting deeper and deeper. I feel so weak in what I am going through. I am a Catholic and feel very close to the Lord and do many things to lift my spirit but it's still with me. I need prayers.

  62. Thanks Frank, a very clear and precise message. Allow me to mention parts of a poem I wrote:

    In the House of GOD
    by Carlos ©:

    When I was asked to move...
    After so long in that place
    I was shocked
    Where am I going to live?
    Little by little Psalm 23 filled my thoughts
    “I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever”
    The loneliness and fright became
    “A table before me in the presence of mine enemies”
    Soon enough I found a place somewhere else
    In fact, I moved nearby to
    “lie down... in green pastures”
    I was, I am and I shall be
    Always in the house of God.
    Thanks, dear Father!

    En español

    Gracias Frank, un muy preciso y claro mensaje. Permíteme mencionar partes de un poema que escribí

    En la casa de Dios
    por Carlos ©

    Cuando me pidieron que me mudara...
    despues de tanto tiempo en ese lugar
    me sorprendió
    ¿adónde voy a vivir?
    poco a poco el salmo 23 llenó mis pensamientos
    “en la casa de Jehová moraré por largos días”
    la soledad y el temor se convirtieron en
    “mesa delante de mí, en presencia de mis angustiadores”
    bastante pronto encontré un lugar en otra parte
    en realidad, me mudé cerca para
    “en lugares de delicados pastos...descansar”
    Yo estaba, estoy y siempre estaré en la casa de Dios.
    ¡Gracias, querido Padre!

  63. Thank you for this inspiring message.Your sincerity is reflected in your delivery.Your calm and peaceful
    tone assures us of God's love.

  64. Late in the day but never toooooooooo late to say thank you Frank. And thanks to everyone who takes time to respond with helpful ideas, healings, gratitude.

  65. Thank you Frank, for "pinpointing" where we are in the kingdom of heaven, even as being part of it like, Jon's Lift yesterday stressed. I'd never paid as close attention to the word "dwell". You brought out, "I will dwell" meant you had already been there. I looked "dwell" up and it's "To abide; remain; linger". So we're not just a dot way out somewhere in the vast kingdom, but are IN God's house, already. The words, "I will dwell" always sounded like it was future tense, but this Lift throws a truer light on that verse. It prompted me to look up "forever", which before seemed to me to imply only "from now on", but "forever" is "for a limitless time; eternally. At all times;incessantly." I should have looked these words up long ago. Now, I'll get so much more out of the beloved Psalm.
    Thanks to all who mentioned the hymns. Today was a beautiful collection, and very fitting. I enjoyed the warm humor shared among the commenters, too. Hope the many new names seen here lately know they've become Lift family. Thank all of you for sharing.

  66. Translation of

    49 María Cristina Vega Bórquez - Santa Fe-Argentina

     - 12/1/2011
    Maravilloso y reconfortante Daily Lift!!! Mi gratitud Frank por este recordatorio de vital importancia en nuestra vida. Saber que siempre estamos ' En la casa de Dios ' - es muy consolador . De esta Casa u Hogar verdadero y universal nadie nos puede mover ni por un instante ( ver salmo 23 y cys p 578 ) .
    Su infinito Amor nos rodea y protege aún en circunstancias apremiantes o adversas que nos toque vivir.
    Sus angeles iluminan y guían todo el Camino .

    Muy agradecida a los inspirados comentarios previos. 
    Un abrazo grande y Bendiciones a todos, Ma. Cristy 

    In English

    Wonderful and comforting Daily Lift!!! My gratitude Frank for this reminder of vital importance in our lives. To know that we are always 'in the house of God'- is very comforting. From this true and universal house or home nobody can move us even for an instant.(See Psalm 23 and C & H p.578)
    His infinite love surrounds and protects us even in urgent or adverse circumstances we live in.
    His angels illuminate and guide all the way.
    I am very grateful for the inspired previous comments.
    A big hug and blessings to all, Ma. Cristy

  67. Translation of # 13 MABEL RIO DE JANEIRO
     - 12/1/2011
    Gracias por recordarme mi eterna morada en el Amor!

    In English

    Thanks for reminding me of my eternal abode in Love!

  68. Thank you for todays blessing. I will carry it w/ me all the day.

  69. It was like heavy weight being lifted off my shoulders.... "No I hadn't left the consciousness of good, despite the errands to complete tasks! Now I can breathe a great sigh and know that I was being guided to the places I had to go...just other fresh rooms in my Father's house!! Thanks for reminding me Frank, at just the right moment too, at the end of the day!

  70. I had to play this over and over again because I did not understand why Mary Baker Eddy used "with" instead of "over" when she wrote: "Spiritual love makes man conscious that God is his Father and the consciousness of God as Love gives man power with (as in dealing with or over) untoward (unfortunate, improper, unfavorable, willfully contrary, not easily managed) furtherance (advancement)." I went to Dictionary.com and looked up these words. I found that by having to do this, I was spending time thinking about something that for me is essential that I grasp. And it all came about because I thought this didn't sound right. Of course, everything else was wonderful to hear and wonderfully clear. Thank you Frank Prinz-Wondollek. These "Daily Lifts" are spiritual treasures and words of wisdom.

  71. thanks for your daily lifts to me , am blessed, been in the house of the lord.

  72. Thank you for this helpful lift, Franz. Thank you, too, to #20 for applying this lift to the concern of conflicting relationships. These conflicts cannot exist, of course, when we are all in the "love of God" forever.

  73. Thanks so much Franz!! I liked your mentioning that we've been there before in kingdom of heaven. Yes! Never thought of that in quite that way before. #70 I had taken notes about the quote mentioned because it was so beautiful. Then I went to read it in Message for 1902. The end is not untoward but "with untold furtherance". "Spiritual love makes man conscious that God is his Father, and the con-sciousness of God as Love gives man power with untold furtherance." What blessings for us all!

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