11/9: Holy gifts and holy days

11/9: Holy gifts and holy days

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  1. LOVED this lift! Thank you, Suzanne. Reminds me of another letter MBE wrote to her students regarding holidays, wishing them a feast of Soul and a famine of sense.

  2. What a divinely inspired, spiritual view of the holidays - holy days! I will surely keep thought in line with this uplifting perspective, and with Mrs. Eddy's admonition to us, her students, as well. Much gratitude and love to you, Suzanne.

  3. Thank you Suzanne for this great reminder that our thoughts should always be God centered. The holidays are a great time to remember that its the spiritual thought that leads us in the right direction. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 261," Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts." This is a much better place for our thoughts to be rather than getting caught up in the material part of the holidays, such as decorations and excessive gift giving, etc.

  4. Thank you, Suzanne - a really good Lift to prompt our forward planning of Christmas as holy days, filled wih "love and uninterrupted care". Thank you for reminding us of Mrs Eddy's request for gifts to be for the church, and to give evidence of spiritual growth. This can only bless all.

  5. I Love the idea of "holy thinking". This is a very uplifting message . Thank you so much!

  6. What wonderful, inspired ideas about our holy day, which is everyday! Thank you so much Suzanne.

  7. Many religions and cultures have big celebrations near the end of the year, some celebrate happily and others very sad (German “Kristallnach”)
    Christians too had some events they celebrate with sadness, but not Christmas. Christmas is a joyful celebration, a new beginning, a window to the future.
    “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace” Isaiah 9:6

    Muchas religiones y culturas celebran grandemente cerca del fin de año, algunos celebran con felicidad y otros con tristeza (“Kirstallnach” en Alemania)
    Los Cristianos también tenemos eventos que celebramos con tristeza, pero no la Navidad. La Navidad es una celebración de gozo, un nuevo comienzo, una ventana al futuro.
    “Porque un niño nos es nacido, hijo nos es dado; y el principado sobre su hombro: y sera llamado su nombre Admirable, Consejero, Dios fuerte, Padre eterno, Príncipe de paz” Isaías 9:6

  8. Tha. Thank you for this very timely Lift. It gives us much to think about. Thanks again.

  9. Thank you.

  10. Many thanks Suzanne for this very inspiring lift. Yes. "God, divine Love, inspires every iota of beauty and joy, and gives access to holier thinking, kinder affection and present, practical answers for our lives." "Light of Truth wherein no sadness/ Dims the radiant peace we find,/ As we set our whole affection/ On the beauteous things of Mind." (Christian Science Hymnal #370).

  11. Thank you very much for this lovely message. I will keep it in mind every Holy Day! What a glorious inheritance is given to us to share with all humanity.

  12. Mrs. Eddy writes, "Those who look for me in person, or elsewhere than in my writings, lose me instead of find me. I hope and trust that you and I may meet in truth and know each other there, and know as we are known of God."
    Thank you for the reminder, and thank you for the music.

  13. Thank you for this Lift Suzanne and to the BoL and Lift Team behind this daily contribution.

    I am feeling very challenged by the physically organised idea of Church and yet phrases keep popping into my thought from years of study, inc. "Divine Love has infinite resources with which to bless mankind"

    Thanks to Martin #3 for : "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts." S&H page 261
    One of my grandma's favourites . . . . . . .

    I am so grateful for the very opening idea of "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings"

    What an amazing woman MBE was, she has left us a wonderfully practical scientific method for living our lives.

  14. Podriamos preguntarnos, Que hay para festejar:? humanamente no parece que haya mucho para hacerlo,, pero veamos lo espiritual desde la antiguedad los relatos se suceden del triunfo de la Verdad sobre el error de como siempre la presencia divina estuvo y esta a mano para corregir para gloriarnos en ella y si para festejar la venida del Cisto la interpretacion de esa venida por la Ciencia Cristiana las ideas que surgen por pensamientos alados que vienen a nosotros en medio de un mundo que lo rechaza y que nos obliga al igual que nuestros precesores a bregar por la Verdad y a festejar cada evento donde Dios es reflejado,

    Muchas gracias Suzanne

  15. What a juicy morsel for today that can enrich our thoughts, my thought, from now until the end of the year. The holiday season is a time for reflection on the year; to make mental note of how I have stretched and grown, what has been established and what I am working on that will guide my actions in the New Year. These are the holy days. What a lovely invitation to higher, more expansive, kinder thinking and action. How much I need this encouragement-to grow in spiritual goodness.I love how you have put it: Think out divine concepts rather than human beliefs to bring spiritual goodness into our experience. I am learning to be quiet and patient, hopefully to listen for that higher direction, to set aside human will for something better. Not easy but wonderful for sure. I want to share something that comes from a Mother Theresa quote, "Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in his love than in your weakness." Love, kindness, reaching out and quiet reflection often take courage and stamina and we can find that in the Holy Days. Love to all and thank you for this lift so succinctly put. You have packed a lot in. I also resonate with the thought of approaching the holidays by celebrating God, goodness and therein expecting and giving uninterrupted care. Thanks again.

  16. Last night I shared my thoughts of affection for my wife as to her daily gift to me, and all others, of loving life, that very Life which is synonymous with God. She paints her canvass with beautiful simplicity. "I walk with Love along the way,/ and O, it is a holy day;/ ...../ The joy that none can take away/ Is mine; I walk with Love today. (Christian Science Hymnal #139). Thank you Suzanne for this lift, for everyday.

  17. I like thinking about God's "uninterrupted care" - Wonderful! Thanks

  18. Thank you, your message was a gift of holy thoughts that will last through out this day.

  19. Thank you Suzanne!

  20. Thank you, Suzanne, for “Holy gifts and holy days … ‘Holiday gifts … give evidences of spiritual growth’ … approach the holidays as holy days …” Circumstances of low funds/no funds forced me to do just that one Christmas, decades ago. I went to God in prayer and tears, feeling helpless. My little children and other loved ones deserved “the best!” My prayer was more a lament, as I sadly repeated, “I have nothing to give.” Then, a calm, gentle voice came to thought with, “You have your love.” I continued to lament. Then, again, “You have your love. You always have your love to give.” And isn’t that what Christmas is all about??? I began to remove from my mind’s shopping list, all the “stuff” I had wanted to buy. No more lamenting. No more tears. Little-to-no buying power could never really diminish my giving power! In fact, I couldn’t even “throw money” at a problem relationship with a new scarf or such! (Name checked off the list. Obligation met! Yuk!) I had to actually love my way through each relationship (problem or not!). I could only afford to share in a real “holy day” spirit of Love shining through me. I embraced each child and in turn, everyone else lovingly in thought, guided by, “How can I best love…” and followed by each person’s name. That richer-than-ever-poverty-stricken Christmas, Love became my personal shopper - forever! No one needs cash-in-hand to be a Christmas angel. Store-bought, even homemade is never a holy day substitute for Love shared.

  21. Thank you for the lovely Thanksgiving Daily Lift, Suzanne, I'm going to a Thanksgiving Service tomorrow morning with loving friends, members of our church family. We just have so much to be thankful for: God's own outpouring of love, tenderness and provision. Thank you Elena for your many wonderful comments; and thank you Malcolm for your hymns. Much gratitude to all our family in both the north and southern hemispheres, and in churches of every description. Thanks to Christ Jesus who came to demonstrate perfect man, our Wayshower; and thanks to Mary Baker Eddy who listened and was unfailingly obedient, and willing to teach others. Thanks to our practitioners and teachers, to all the members of the Boards, the committee members and the ushers.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the loved, loving and lovable Daily Lifters.

  22. I love the idea of Holy day, the original meaning--the word holiday has been so commercialized. I see I really need to change my thought here. This is a very healing message. I enjoy reading the other comments as well. Thank you. I will look forward to the warmth of Christmas. This is also a good time of year to read Mrs. Eddy's collected articles "What Christmas Means to Me". How wonderful to have Thanksgiving (in the USA) ahead of Christmas to help set the tone of the true meaning of Christmas.

  23. Thanks Suzanne for this lovely message. I will try to approach holidays as Holy days full of love, care & kind affection, as in India we are having holidays due to festival season these days.Thanks again.

  24. Suzanne, this is a great moment to get a handle on what a holiday means to us.

    Moses reported an important divine directive regarding one celebration which might easily be used as a guide to others. “Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy” (Ex 20:8). And, with the follow up – “thou shalt not do any work” (Ex 20:10) – I have really tried to be obedient on this part.

    Looking back on family gatherings with a smile is wonderful, but when thought turns to loss or lack, it is a nasty attack on wholeness (holiness) – and a pretty obvious one. We are all included in the Holy Day, then, now, and forever. Why materialize it any longer? My holidays are celebrations of progress.

    So with a little preparation work now, I anticipate obedience to the second part of God’s command.

    Thanks Suzanne, for getting us moving on this.

  25. Suzanne~~ What a great concept When one walks through the stores & seems to tire of all the Christmas fanfare he will be able to see a "holier" meaning. Real joy can be experienced & shared.
    Much gratitude for this Lift - with continued great love.

  26. Thank you.

  27. AWESOME LIFT...!

    EVERY DAY really is a holy-day, as we "walk with Love along the way"...

  28. Beautiful lift, and not too soon! The stores are already barraging us with Christmas decorations and music. As though Thanksgiving (in the USA) isn't even celebrated. I love your HOLY DAY rather than holiday, that shines the light of divinity on these days we as Christians hold dear. We can embrace the world with thanksgiving, praise, and love throughout the next two months. Thank you, Suzanne for this lovely lift...thought provoking for sure.

  29. Thank You Suzanne for this holy day to express Love. Today is the day the Lord has made,
    I will rejoice, be glad, give thanks.
    Much love for all your Holy gifts.

  30. thank you. Holidays are so hard to bear, with all the glitzy decorations and denial of ordinary life. In our time, more and more people have become depressed by them. This is a good reminder to think about God's enduring, constant care. thank you

  31. Love this Suzanne! Since uninterrupted care is possible for everyone, that means that the ability to go to the higher diviner sense of goodness is possible and I think inevitable, for everyone. And thank you for stating this with such assurance and love!

  32. This lift is the perfect send-off to the holiday season, and makes today a holy day as well, because it's God's Day. I'm going to return to these thoughts in January, too. They're perfect for the seeming suggestion of a post-holiday let down. Many thanks to all, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  33. Thanks Suzanne:

    I was just working on signs for the Reading Room window for Thanksgiving. Wow! Your Christmas holy-days would make great thought provoking sign for a Christmas window.

  34. Thank you so much, Suzanne, for lifting holi-day celebrations to diviner thoughts and spiritual growing.
    The human picture that seems to be without needed supply and comfort for so many can and will be lifted to that higher sense of joy and good. That is our gift to the church and the world!

  35. Thank you for preparing us early to give the best gifts of the hoiday;love and gratitude.

  36. What a lovely thought, thank you Suzanne. Because God is in it every day and constantly, as is His beloved reflection, should not every day a be Holy Day?

  37. Thank you Suzanne for original meaning of Holiday. I will think of this today and throughout the holy-day season.

  38. Thank you so much for this blessing for everyone! No one is left out.

  39. Thank you Suzanne.
    This fits for all holidays (holy days).n
    So reminds me of "Let us sing of Easter gladness, that rejoices every day!"

  40. Thank you- food for thought! Love and quality time is free and more valuable than all the gifts. Things without love feels very empty... that is why there are so many unhappy rich people. But the kingdom of heaven is at hand, according to Christ Jesus! Right now we have an abundance of joy and love to share and feel.

    Thank you for this gift of a lift :)

  41. Such a beautiful lift... thank you very much!

  42. Thank you, Suzanne.
    What a beautiful reminder to begin right now to view them as holy days.
    And to perhaps even read what Eddy has to say about Christmas - a wonderful preparation.

  43. I feel the Love in your voice, Suzanne! We really DO belong wholly
    to God, Love, don't we....our true and holy state.

    Wonder-ful to know.

    Thank you from:
    Santa Cruz Sue!

  44. Thank you for the original meaning of Holiday. Everyday really is a Holy day!

  45. Thank you for the uplifting thoughts! looking forward to your lecture December 9th!

  46. Way before my mother became interested and joined the C/S Mother Church in Boston Mass. she didn't believe in holiday giving or even Mothers or Father's Day. She believed that these holidays and other holidays were too commercialized. Diviner attitudes were more important to her than the rushing to stores for gifts for others.

  47. Thank you! Thanks for the original meaning of holiday! Very helpful lift!

  48. I've just been thinking about this, Suzanne. It occurred that deep, comprehensive prayer for those on my shopping list and for those newly elected of whatever party would be my top priorities. I love the idea of giving to the church, prayer, service and financial support as well as sharing its message. Staying so close to God in my consciousness that I "draw all men to me" has to be a holy state of thought, too, and I am renewedly working on that on these days leading up to the HOLY days. The fact that "holy", "whole", and "health" all come from the same linguistic root has been expanding my thought, too. Thanks for your very timely thoughts.

  49. Thank you for this peace-filled idea for the Holy, holidays. Much love, Carol

  50. The inclusiveness and spiritual focus of this lift are inspiring. Merci, Suzannne

  51. My 18 year old son has just recently passed away and this lift will help me see that he will still experience uninterrupted love and care this holiday season and so will all of us here who will miss him dearly. I am listening everyday to see what message God is sending me for today.

  52. What wonderful thoughts to enter this holiday season. Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  53. Thank you, Suzanne, And thanks to all you "Lifters" who will make this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the bright New Year, a time of giving the only real gift we can ever give, the gift of "unconditional love"! it comes all wrapped up in smiles, hugs, pats and simple joy! I treasure the amount I have to give and know the returns will be great! love to all, Sally

  54. I listened to the Lift first thing early this morning before driving 54 miles to do stable work.
    One of the girls usually decorates her horse for Christmas. Everyone has their own concept of how to celebrate, though. I listened to the Lift again at the local cafe there before coming back to work in the reading room where I am on duty today, Friday is my day for that usually. Thanks for "Every iota of beauty and joy" and for "uninterrupted care." My childhood practitioner used to quote her Teacher, Dr. Tutt who said, "There are many teachers but only one teaching." Thanks for the podcast and for the music.

  55. Thank you so much! So many strong ideas to utilize - beacons of hope, inspiration and protection. Will be focused on witnessing the holiness of days filled with present calm good. Our world deserves the Christ spirit, as do we all. Thanks again.

  56. Thank you so much, Suzanne for this wonderful message. It is good to remember that those not experiencing family feasts are always encompassed in divine Love - cared for and comforted. Recently a friend teaching Sunday school asked what invisible things I am grateful for. I had just been thanking God for the changes in my thought I have seen recently. Mrs. Eddy says, "Divine Love corrects and governs man." I'm so grateful to be watching God work in my thought - this does make every day holy. I look forward to a more consecrated preparation for the holy season this year.

  57. Wow!
    "uninterrupted care" for the Holy-Days ahead.
    Precious message
    Thank you

  58. It's a wonderfully healing way to start the holiday season thinking of these days as holy and blessed by God. Thank you for this beautiful Lift.

  59. A beautiful reminder of what we need to stay focused on today and everyday. Thank you for the timely reminder.

  60. I love this lift! It is so true, a "Holy Day" is the best of all! This reminds me of a Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, when I learned the difference your beautiful lift brought out. We were looking forward to driving up to a Holiday feast with all the trimmings, family, friends, grandchildren and amazing food, lovingly prepared by our daughter in law. After church I was suddenly so uncomfortable, I knew that I could not go. Rather than disappoint everyone expecting us, I persuaded my Husband to go alone, while I stayed home to pray. I read the wonderful book by MaryBaker Eddy, "Christ and Christmas" and "What Christmas Means to Me". I too learned the difference between a "Holiday" and a "Holy Day". Yes, it was sadly sweet to think about what everyone was doing "up north", having family fun, but turning from that and embracing the quiet "Mountian top" of study and prayer I had been given. Truly, it was a "Holy Feast"! It had an added gift, I was healed, permenantly, of that problem! Never came back! There's a lot to be said, all good, about this insightful, wonderful "Lift"! It's another "keeper" to refer to and listen to often! Thank you so much Suzanne for sharing it!

  61. Thank you, Suzanne, for reminding me to begin rightly in thinking about this holy day and the holy days forever ahead.

    One Christmas I just wanted to understand the Christ. I spent my time reading and pondering the Christmas issues of the Sentinel and Journal as well as the daily lesson and Mrs. Eddy's messages related to Christmas. It was a holy time and I felt so peaceful and hopeful. That understanding has continued to grow.

  62. The holiness of responses of "Lifters" is a blessing to the world! And I'm praying that each of those responding here, as well as the world that is being embraced by this holiness of thought, will feel a buoyancy, joy, and increased capacity to share it all. There are so many wonderful comments here from wonderful thinkers. #51, I know Love's presence is holding you and your family up so that you are ever more clear that your son is moving forward, living, loving, and learning in freedom. And Donna K---hello!

  63. So good, Suzanne. Makes me think of a new song I have learned (lyrics by Rickie Beyers Beckwith) where each stanza has the prayer ...Let me live in a wholly holy way; let me love in a wholly holy way; let me walk in a wholly holy way. 'Tis the season...always!

  64. The holidays are almost upon us, but they become Holy Days with daily readings of "What Christmas Means to Me and Other Christmas Messages" by Mary Baker Eddy. Reading this book at Christmastime makes the days and weeks so special -- decorated with Love -- and helps me focus on a true appreciation for God's great gift to us of His Son. Thank you, Mrs. Eddy, thank you Mother Church, thank you Suzanne, Nate and the BoL.

  65. Thanks Suzanne
    Happy Holy Days to you and to all

  66. Thank you, Suzanne -- Good thoughts for right now!

  67. Such a lovely holy uplifting message, thank you Suzanne. Number 51 please know that God's dear Love is embracing you and your family, including your son. Blessings to all.

  68. I love your message, dear Suzanne. Thank you very much. Every day is a holy day in God´s loving embrace. Much love and gratitude to all the commentators.

  69. Every day is a holy day - YEAH!

  70. I resolve to do better at what your Lift has imparted...

  71. This idea of a holiday - like Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day - or Voting Day - being a "Holy Day" is a something to think about. Thank you Suzanne. It reminds me of the commandment to "Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy...." (Exodus 20). I've seen the practice of that idea change from people going to a physical church on Sunday, to people going shopping at the Malls on Sunday. But Jesus had a more holy observation - "Is it lawful to do good on the sabbath days or to do evil ...?" (Mark 3).
    It's really not hard to find something good. Like today was our third day of brilliant sunshine where our November weather is usually 99% dark and rainy. You can't go wrong on the subject of weather here today. And even though our regular weather should return it will still be a holy day, "lawful to [find and] do good...." Every day a "holiday".

  72. Many thanks Suzanne for this message. Thanks to God for all the constant blessings.
    The last sentence in this week's Lesson- Sermon illustrates the reality that today is a holy day, and so is every day:

    "Man in the likeness of God as revealed in Science can-
    not help being immortal." (page 81 of Science and Health)

    en español
    Muchas gracias Suzanne por este mensaje. Gracias a Dios por todas sus bendiciones constantes.
    La última oración en la Lección-Sermón de esta semana ilustra la realidad de que hoy es un día santo y así lo es todos los días:

    "El hombre a semejanza de Dios, como es revelado en la Ciencia, no puede evitar ser inmortal".

  73. Dear J, #51

    Your son is God's own image, give your son to the Lord like Hannah did (1 Samuel 1) there's no place where your beloved son could go, he is already here and now in the bosom of his Father-Mother God, loved and cared for.

    He is within the Sustaining infinite, Life is eternal and your son is growing spiritually without any material ties to slow him down...

    "God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis" S&H 25:13

    Have a wonderful Christmas, receive the Christ child into your bosom.

  74. Just beautiful, Suzanne! Thank you for your very inspiring lift. In recent years, I haven't looked forward to the holidays since loved ones have passed. Now I will change that thinking and embrace them as all Holy Days, and I can rejoice each day! I will celebrate God's presence, love, and uninterrupted care not only for myself but for those who have passed on. Thank you, also, for your message to #51.

    To dear J #51: My love is wrapped around you. My 23 year-old son passed a few years ago, and he is in my thoughts and heart every day. I hope you will feel Divine Love's tender comfort and know your son is experiencing the same comfort from the same God. The love you and your son share will always be, and no material circumstance can ever change that. Much love and warm hugs to you.

  75. Great Suzanne....happy holidays to all

  76. Hi Suzanne,
    Belated thank you but OH........it is a holy day, even a day late. Thanks Lift team and others. This messages is so timely as we Americans enter these upcoming two holidays.

  77. Thank you for these beautiful and spiritual ideas, they up lift my consciousness and I have the certainty that every day is a holy day.

  78. Thank you!

  79. Very helpful Lift & comments. Thank you all very much.

  80. Thank you

  81. Thank you Suzanne.

  82. Thank you so much Suzanne.

  83. That was so nice, what a great reminder. And thanks Malcolm #10, for the daily hymn!! I love your hymn reminders every day!!! I look forward to them as I love the hymnal, as you must also.

  84. so wonderful to be uplifted by gifted Christian Scientists