11/8: Romans 12:2

11/8: Romans 12:2

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  1. Thank you John for citing this so-important Bible verse accompanied by your thoughtful and enlightened remarks. The world, made up of mortal belief, certainly does try to tell us who and what we are. When we "conform to this world" we are in a sense taking something away, that belongs exclusively to God and His spiritual creation, namely us! Mary Baker Eddy talks about the world and its imperfect model when she says, "The world is holding it before you gaze continually." Further on she says,"To remedy this, we must first turn our gaze in the right direction, and then walk that way. We must form perfect models in thought and look at them continually, ..." (see S&H pg. 248 12-29)

  2. Thank you for this lovely Lift!

    I love the idea of openly embracing transformation rather than stagnating into fearful conformation.

  3. Many thanks John for sharing this very inspiring Bible verse. Yes. "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind..." "We feel Thy peace, Thine arms of Love enfolding,/ We lift our hearts in praise and gratitude,/ And from this hour, a glimpse of heaven beholding,/ Go forth at last, our joy and strength renewed." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #450).

  4. Dear John, thank you.

    I will also para-phrase bits of this beautiful scripture Christian Scientifically(Truthfully) as follows: Be not conformed(overcome with illusions) of this world(error, sickness, sin,disease, fear..) but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind(His Mind because there is only one Mind and not many minds), that ye may prove(demonstration) what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

  5. Thanks John for your very good thoughts on a very favorite verse!

  6. Great lift, thank you!


  8. Thank you John. This lift should be broadcast on national television and radio, as at the moment, we are all being led around mentally by the news broadcasts that are all telling us about all the bad things that are going on in the world, and the ugly things people are doing to each other.

    It would certainly break the mesmerism and help people to wake up to realize that they don't need to -'be conformed to this world,' and believe what 'they' are saying. That they can resist all this mentally by declaring the Truth about every given situation they hear about.

    Hearing this message would also make people realize that they need to think for themselves and -resist evil in every form, by not buying into what seems to be going on and instead realize that God is still in control as He has always been.

  9. John, Thank you.

  10. Loooove this!!! Thank you thank you!!

  11. Very important message. Thank you John, We have so much"rubbish" given to us by the media that we need to keep in focus what the real and true are.

  12. Thank you so much, John, for this message today. It has totally met my need .....have now listened to it several times. It meets the needs of all the generations, doesn't it. I have always thought of it in terms of young people and the pressures on them to 'conform to this world' but thinking about it this morning, it applied so much to the older generation 'conforming' to aging and all that this implies....and for them this sense of remoulding from within resulting in true maturity...just so much to think about there!
    Thanks you so much for this inspiration.

  13. Thank you so much John, a very special message and great lift.

  14. “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” Rom. 12:2

    J.B. Phillips translates “Don’t let the world squeeze you into its own mold but let God re-mold you mind from within…” We can prove that the plan God has for us is good, we don’t have to hate o buy guns “because others do it”, we need not fear even when the media works hard at scaring us.

    We can trust that the love God has for us, His children, is just constant!

    “No os conforméis a este siglo, sino transformaos por medio de la renovación de vuestro entendimiento, para que comprobéis cuál sea la buena voluntad de Dios, agradable y perfecta” Rom. 12:2

    La traducción de J.B.Phillips explica, No dejes que este mundo te presione a su propio molde sino deja que Dios remodele tu mente desde adentro… Podemos probar que este plan de Dios para nosotros es bueno, no tenemos que odiar o comprar armas porque “otros lo hacen”, no necesitamos temer aún cuando los medios de comunicación trabajen duro para asustarnos.

    Simplemente podemos confiar en que el amor que Dios nos tiene ¡es constante!

  15. So beautifully put. Thank you

  16. Now that's a lift!!! Thank you!

  17. John, this is such an appropriate and practical lift!!! Thank you. J.B. Phillips' translation is very interesting, especially the part that says "let God remold you from within": indeed, to reflect God in all aspects and be free from the world's influence we need to let God create us completely anew at every moment, starting from our deepest thought. I think this relates to the "multi-thinking" that you referred to in a previous lift. I also like Phillips' translation "so that you may prove in practice [...] and move towards true maturity", as well as your own interpretation of this maturity as "loving as Jesus loved". To me this means moving towards the ultimate being of perfect love, which enables us to heal. What a practical advice for a perfect day. It makes me excited to practice this right away!

  18. This is perfectly apt today, thank you so much. I woke up thinking 'defend me from mortal thinking, material energies and matter talking' - no possibility for being squeezed into a mortal mold - I love the JB Philips translation and thank you for your Lift today. Thank you to all the BoL, lifters and contributors who make this such a wonderful daily lecture for the world. X Happy weekend.

  19. Thank you, this Lift has been a great help to me this morning. Thanks to all the Lifters.

  20. John, thank you for the reminder to stay ever alert, and guard our thought.

  21. Thank you.

  22. Thank you John for today´s wonderful DL based on Romans 12:2.. To stay alert and remold us from within. To be not conformed to this material world and what it is trying to tell us. To turn our gaze to the perfect model as Mrs Eddy says in S & H page 248: "Let unselfishness, goodness, mercy, justice, health, holiness, love -the kingdom ofheaven- reign within us, and sin, disease, and death will diminish until they finally disappear." I would also like to thank all the contributors who submit their different approaches to the subject. I find it so enriching! Blessings to all the spiritual family around the world. Have a great weekend.

  23. Thank you John, this lift ties up this week's Bible Lesson on Adam and Fallen Man quite nicely. I see it as another way of saying the Golden Text.

    Golden Text | I Corinthians 15:22

    For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

    Thank you so very much for this and to all the voices around the globe sharing their own inspired thoughts. I just love this community of Love!

  24. Thank you, John. This is beautiful encouragement for having no other gods..."none other but the one divine Mind to guide" us. It is so easy to think about what others will think of my housing choice, my work, my income level, my hair color, my size, my shoes...

    But I truly want to conform (transform) myself to God's plan only.

  25. It is so comforting to know that all lifters are thinking the same thing and are standing firm against the encroachments of the mortal world. I have a need to stand firm today. Please pray for me and all others in need.Thank you John.

  26. Perfect thought to start the day. Thank you

  27. Thank you John for you wonderful reminder: "not being squeezed into a mortal mold", we have to be on the alert for possible mortal thoughts. Mrs Eddy wrote in Science and Health: "Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, yo will control yourself harmoniously" ( 392:24-27) I love these words, they prevent us from thinking wrongly and open our eyes to see what God wants us to see: His image and reflection everywhere!
    Lots of Love to the DLCommunity!

  28. Wow...wonderful lift....thank you so much!!

  29. ohhh, just needed this today, as a best friend seems to be passing on, thank you John

  30. Right on, John. Many thanks for this powerful reminder

  31. Thank you, John, for your healing message from Romans12:2 using both Bible translations…so very helpful.
    Good weekend to all!

  32. What a wonderful reminder, thank you John!

  33. Thank you dearly. Just what I needed to hear.

  34. Thank you , John, for this powerful reminder that we must stay awake and not conform to the worldly beliefs about life that are around us. Our Levittown community was so blessed by your lecture last weekend. Thank you again!

  35. Bajo ningún concepto debemos conformarnos a este siglo, o sea al mundo material, es más debemos estar alertas para que no nos atrape un sentimiento de ceder ante las exigencias de la sociedad, como legítimas, sino rechazar tal imposición con la mayor firmeza, entendiendo que debemos apartarnos de todo lo ajeno a Dios. El error tiende a entramparnos con derechos que no son tales y que conllevan es sí mismos el desvarío de lo real y eterno, que es lo divino, no hay otra senda que la de Cristo Jesús, y esa esta llena de buenos ejemplos, que anulan las pretenciones del mal.

    "Porque si alguno te ve a ti, que tienes conocimiento, sentado a la mesa en un lugar de ídolos, la consciencia de aquel que es débil. ¿No será estimulado a comer de lo sacrificado a los ídolos? 1 de Corintios
    Dicho de otra manera, si predicamos de la Verdad divina y cedemos ante los reclamos dudoso de la sociedad, porque así lo reclama, estamos conformándonos a este siglo cediendo a la exigencias materiales y mundanas, y por ende, estamos estimulando la consciencia de aquel, qué es débil, a confusión en lugar de fortalecerla con nuestra certeza y convicción, de rechazo a todo lo que niega a Dios, porque todo lo que no es Dios, lo niega.

    Cuanto menos consciencia del mal o de la materia tienen los mortales, tanto más fácil es abstenerse del pecado, la enfermedad y la muerte-que no son más que estados de la creencia falsa" MBE

    Muchas gracias John, muy buen ejemplo a seguir.

  36. Thanks, John, for just the message I needed for myself and for someone else I am helping through prayer. I especially like the J.B. Phillips translation you gave.Thanks also for those who gave tid bits of it. I like what #17 said "let God remold you from within": I will look up the entire quote. This is so helpful when being bombarded by so much bad news reported by the media.

  37. Such an important message to be tacked up on our invisible wall today and always.

  38. Thank you for that reminder, John.

  39. Thank you John for this so uplifting reminder.

  40. One of the challenges we all face is the accumulation of erroneous and useless information that reaches us constantly through media of all kinds. We are hardly aware of the many ways this tries to shape us into its own image. Is obesity really a result of the accumulation of calories--or of false information? I've noticed increasingly that my college students seem so impressed by shallow cliches that they pick up on television, and believe to be their own ideas. They have trouble reading the classics because they are anticipating triteness, and are unprepared for brilliance. The trite and the sentimental are as harmful as the obviously evil, because they subtly clutter up the transparency through which original genius could appear.

  41. Thank you John for being part of the Daily Lift community and by your sharing , you help to reframe with faith filled words the Truth. It is in the silent communion with God where the miracles take place and then outwardly appears as harmony in our experience. Something that helps me understand the sometimes crazy appearance of the outside world is when I remember that "we are in this world , but not of it." Also like to remind myself of the scripture that says, " Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. May the joy and grace of Gods presence be felt today.

  42. "oh so innocently. . ." How good of you, John. We CAN refuse to see error at all, intentional or otherwise, as a real purpose, influence, or fact. A non event, a no thing, no power and no one.
    Then we ARE transformed daily and stay in that perfect view of perfect God and perfect creation. Good!

  43. Thanks John! That Bible verse is one of my favorites too---and one that I can let govern more of my thinking every day! Thanks for the reminder to be alert to not letting the world's standards necessarily be OUR standards--for thought and action. When I think of "pressed", as well--it takes on the conotation of "impression" or even an image made in the mold,--perhaps a false image, an image made in the image and likeness of motal man--a worldy man (or woman). This is a false image--an identity that we need not let the world impress upon our thinking and actions--a mortal "standard". Our identity as a child of God--innocent, holy and pure, is wholly separate from the worldly "idenity" that world views, events, and experiences may try to attach to us as defining who we are.

  44. Thank you for referral to this wonderful Bible reference. I think it ties in nicely with the Rule for Motives and Acts in our Christian Science church manual which is read once a month in our Sunday service. Thank you so much. I will cherish this passage today.

  45. Thank you John. Your lifts are always so inspiring.

  46. Recently, I realized that I was not allowing myself to love. The realization brought a soft and gentle feeling within me that I wanted to pursue and strengthen.This feeling is in its embryonic stage, believe it or not! I have to work hard with this, as mortal messages can strike at any time and send me spinning in the other direction of fear and distrust.#22 and #27 have helped a lot here. If I am not to let in certain thoughts that are a threat to the harmony of the body, then what thoughts should I let in? "Let unselfishness, goodness, mercy, justice, health, holiness, love -the kingdom of heaven- reign within us" S&H p248. These are the thoughts I must concentrate on. Thank you!

  47. Violet (40) I completely agree with you. John Tyler I am always happy to see your lifts because, just like this one does, they always help, illuminate, and just really ring with truth for me. Thank you very much.

  48. Yes, this verse is a prayer for the world! How can we be conformed to violence, war, destruction, terror, when we can "prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." We know how to do this -- to accept nothing in thought that is not of God and to affirm all that is good -- peace, brotherly kindness, abundance, protection. This is the "still, small voice" that is "heard in the desert, and in dark places of fear" (Science and Health p. 559).

    Thank you, John, for a prayer for today, a prayer for the world. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  49. Love your lift, John. LIstening again and reading all the truth inspired comments lead my thought to "Eternal mind the Potter is, And thought th'eternal clay: The hand that fashions (molds) is divine, His works pass not away... Hymn #51.
    Hope this helps you,too #29

  50. Thanks for the lift and helpful comments.
    The idea came to me this morning with conviction that God's plan for me really is good.

    On a much grander scale, Mrs. Eddy wrote, "Which came to me this heavenly conviction, --a conviction antagonistic to the testimony of the physical senses? According to St. Paul, it was "the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of His power." (from Ephesians 3:7)
    May we all be "gifted" with these angel messages.

  51. Thank you, John, What a beautifully clear perspective. Let's follow it!

  52. Love this John...big thanks...what a great reminder that "transformation" is the natural act of divine Mind, saying consiously "No" , and letting the "Yes" of Love renew , reconform, remold...beautiful Daily Lift

  53. Powerful, wonderful, excellent. Want to hear it again and again. So simple but profound. Love it. Thank you.

  54. Thanks, Dear John! I love that you ended your LIft by reminding us of our Real Purpose and Goal: To Love as Jesus Loved! Wow! I woke up this morning bombarded with thoughts of some regrets and sadnesses about my life. I let the world's thoughts start to mold me and I started feeling pretty "moldy"! I put on a Sentinel Radio CD and then tuned into this Lift and I feel Saved! Whew! I seem to need constant reminders on my Path to stay "grounded and rooted in Love"! Am constantly seeing how different Life looks through the eyes of Spirit and am constantly having to turn my vision from the world of matter to the world of Spirit. Love Christian Science! Love the Lifts and Love All of You out there - "in the world, but not OF it"! Happy, Joyful Weekend to All!

  55. Thank you so much John for your strong reminder lift. The mesmeric quality of life today is just one more challenge to keep our thinking strong and not a part of the world, but apart from the world.

    One of my favorite hymns is Hymn 52, the first two lines of which read:
    "Eternal Mind the Potter is, and thought the eternal clay.
    The last verse reads:
    "God’s will is done; His kingdom come;
    The Potter’s work is plain.
    The longing to be good and true
    Has brought the light again.
    And man does stand as God’s own child,
    The image of His love.
    Let gladness ring from every tongue,
    And heaven and earth approve."

    God's will brings daily salvation.

    As always, thank you lifters

  56. As a person who endeavors to "do the deeds that break the earthly dream" ( Hymn 296), this Lift is a very enjoyable and vibrant encouragement ! Thank you John !

  57. P.S. Dear #25 Janice, We are holding you firm in Love today! Dear #29, Life is Eternal - and we are finding this out right now! Dear #40 Violet, Loved your Comment! Mrs. Eddy addresses this in Science and Health re. be aware of reading frivolous novels, etc. as they only pollute the mind.

  58. Thank you for this 'prayer' lift - it's just so good!

  59. Thanks John: your messages are always strong and affirming. I so enjoy listening to your delivering them in english and french, and comparing with the spanish version from the bible in inherited when my mother passed. In general, these Daily Lifts appear to be miraculously and perfectly timed; they are truly gems! With love and much gratitude, Maria

  60. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, John. Focusing on that one verse made me realize how succinctly it sums up Christian Science practice. Mrs. Eddy must have loved it as much as you do! Thanks too, for your lecture to our church in Asheville. It was wonderful meeting you.

  61. Thank you

  62. This is an important Lift, especially when we are surrounded with negative reports from all around us. When something bothers me I tried to keep focus on the true idea that God is the only power and His will, love, harmony, good, and justice shall be done. Thank you John for reminding us of this important verse.
    To No. 25, Janice, God's love is with you and will meet your need.

  63. The bodies of the dinosaurs may be gone but it seems as if their brains are still around. All you have to do is watch television or read the papers. We see mortal mind expressing itself as territoriality, dominance, aggression, fear, self preservation, judgment, condemnation, and self destruction. How wonderful not to be conformed to this world, this state of consciousness, but to have the Christ consciousness. It is indeed the way, the truth and the light. Thanks for this lift.

  64. ROMANS 12: VERSE 2 really speaks to today' s Teens. Every one wants to be part of the group. They want to be accepted to such an extent that they fall into several traps. Smoking because the others smoke. Drinking alcohol because the others do. Heavy drug use because the others do, etc., etc., and on and on. Here in Romans 12
    Is a special directive to stay with the mold that God originally created for both Teens & Adults to live the Truth and able to discern the suggestions that will lead out of Truth.

  65. Thank you, John, and to all you Lifters. So many good and useful thoughts. Amazing how something I've known and heard for many years takes on new life. Sandra, #49 'His works pass not away'.... from hymn 51 - I'd never related that to the thought of a person's passing. Of course! We are all the work of God. So helpful and especially today.

  66. Thank You, And I am a reflection of what God is, rather than what the world.says I am

  67. How perfect this is. The part, "Let God remold you from within," such dominion. Thank you for such powerful ideas.

  68. Thank you, John, and for all the wonderful comments. " Be true and list the voice within, be true to thy high ideal, that perfect self that knows no sin, that self that is the only real" The voice within tells me man is God's image and its a perfect mold!

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from Hymn 20 in the Christian Science Hymnal

  69. Thank you John there is so much comfort and protection in the Bible, and we can apply them to our daily needs. I picked up on your use of the word "influence". When we are renewed and inspired by the spiritual idea, we are not confined or conformed to any material inFLUence, no matter what the season.

  70. Mary Baker Eddy tells us to "stand porter at the door of thought, letting in those thoughts that...", so it helps to ask every moment, "did that thought come from God?", or, "is this thought a thought that would honor my Father, God?", or "is this thought a thought that a loving Father-Mother God would send to me?" Thank you, John, for this really important lift today!

  71. Nice to hear the Phillips version.

  72. Thank you.

  73. Your comments are always such fresh takes on immortal ideas. And so easy to keep close in thought all day. Thank you.

  74. Dear John

    Thank you for heads-up message from Philips Bible and the King James version.
    I am also thankful for the Christian Science Monitor newspaper which gives the clear view of humanity, and keeps us awake to the issues, while not letting the world squeeze us into its own mold...

  75. Thank you John!

    ..come out from the material world and be separate.. S&H

  76. Great lift, perfect for this weeks lesson which instructs us "let no man deceive you," "believe not every spirit," "earnestly consider whether it is the human mind or the divine Mind which is influencing...," etc...

  77. Just what was needed today. Thankyou.

  78. I love that you paired the King James verse with JB Phillips. It gives such a fresh view to a beloved passage. The message you shared was a powerful one! Thank you. We often don't even realize how the world is squeezing us. To be awakened with this Lift is a great gift. We can then truly "come out from the material world and be separate." (S&H)

  79. thank you

  80. Thank you all, especially #62 and #57 for your words of support and love. It is so strengthening!

  81. Thank you #69, for your comments about what thoughts to let in. They were really helpful. (jennifer #46)

  82. Danke, lieber Hans,
    this is one of my favorite verses too, particularly from JB Phillips. I wish he had translated the Old Testament as well. It is such a practical picture. Particularly at this time of the year when one starts pressing the ginger dow into the different moldes in order to get the figure one likes most.
    But God doesn't press us into anything. To Him / Her we are as free as eternal Love and Truth.

  83. this was so good! Thank you, John.

  84. Yes,cleanse thought so that we can love more! This answers a prayer for today in dealing with a seemingly frightening illness in the family. I'm entirely grateful.

  85. Thank you.

  86. I wish to thank you also! The article entitled; "Individuality-Its Eternal Presence" by Barbara Cook has been so helpful to me, and corresponds so well with Romans 12:2
    It's in the Anthology of Classic Articles III, and in the CS Joirnal, Feb. 2001.
    God's ideas are forever free! Blessings to all.

  87. Beautiful, John. Lots of food for thought. I think I'd better get myself a copy of J. B. Philips translation of the Bible.

  88. So helpful. Love the J.B. Phillips translation. Thank you!

  89. I love the concept that the door to our consciousness has only a knob on the INSIDE and we are totally responsible for opening or not opening it to thoughts that come our way ... Much love and appreciation to all that contribute to this DL community and all the efforts that go into making it happen ...

  90. Thank you so much.

  91. Excellent Lift, John --- THANK-YOU!!! It's great to know & to be able to practice the what, how & why of true Life ... living. Wonderful spiritual & practical wisdom in the Lifter comments today. Merci beaucoup, DL team. Loved the music.

  92. Thanks John.
    I am still practicing you "Multy Think" Daily Lift. what an inspiration that was and now how to defend ourselves from aggressive beliefs (be--lie--fs) all LIES about us.. Lies of the so called laws of matter and its concoctions. Lets escape the worldly squeeze and hug our Father-Mother God back instead.

  93. thankyou John, that is all we need.

  94. thank you john

  95. Thank you for this uplifting message.

  96. To love as Jesus loved is a constant goal and I appreciate the inspiration given in this message.

  97. haven't been listening to the lifts lately. and tonight feeling a little mired i decided to give one of them a whirl. am so glad i chose this one!

  98. Wonderful! Thank you so much.

  99. Let's not be impressed by the world. Let's express our divinity.

  100. John, I am so glad for this precious lift.
    Our task is to live so much different than the world s means and ways. That s a privilege and joy.

  101. The daily lift today is so right on with what is taking place in our government, and the only hope for a recovery lies within what the daily lift says today. mortal mind has no control in our universe, if we ralize ONE WITH GOD IS A MAJORITY. We as students of Christian Science certainly hold the future of our Country by realizin that God is in control.
    Don Thomas

  102. Our true identity emanates from the source of all goodness and Divine perfection. This love of us is so gentle and complete that it breaks the bounds of mortal thoughts of self-righteousness and self-doubt that so plague us. Allow ourselves to accept this love, allow ourselves to pass this love onto mankind and allow ourselves to love God back,energetically and completely. We are transformed!

  103. Thank you. A lovely Lift for my day.

  104. Dear John and whole global prayer team, this Lift was so helpful as I listened to it again this morning after hearing horrific news on the radio, and thinking about how to pray for Veterans Day. Mrs. Eddy has given us the prayer to be shown "how to go . . ., how to gather, how to sow, how to feed Thy sheep," and this Lift is so helpful in doing just that. With thanks and love to all!

  105. Terrific! Thank u : )

  106. Thanks for the reminder not to conform!

  107. Thank you for this loving message. It goes out to the world. We are separate from matter because we are spiritual - under the direction of one mind - God.

  108. Thank you John I could feel love coming from your voice much needed lift for me

  109. Carol, Switzerland
    Thank you so much dear John for this wonderful lift.

  110. What a beautiful message, thank you so very much.