11/6: Loved, lifted, guided

11/6: Loved, lifted, guided

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  1. Ahhh! So comforting and uplifting are these blessed thoughts! Thankyou sooo very much for riveting my my attention away from the lying distractions that would have me believe that I am trapped in dire circumstances!!

  2. Thanks so much, Josh.

  3. Thank you Josh. Just what I needed to hear!

  4. Thank you Josh for this lift. It was exactly what I needed and I also could direct a friend to your lift who, too, got inspired by your message. So, thanks a lot!

  5. Did it ever happen to you to feel safe and relaxed in the middle of what appeared to be a dangerous situation? It happened to me.
    After it was all over I couldn't figure out why I felt so calm!
    Today, looking back I realized it was God letting me know that I had nothing to worry, His angels were surrounding me and guiding me through the lesson I was learning. A lesson on trust.
    I was loved, lifted and guided.

    ¿Te pasó alguna vez el sentirte a salvo y calmo en medio de lo que parecía ser una situación peligrosa? A mí me sucedió.
    ¡Una vez que todo pasó no puede explicarme por qué estuve tan calmada!
    Hoy en día, mirando hacia atrás me doy cuenta que había sido Dios dejándome saber que yo no tenía razón para preocuparme, Sus ángeles me estaban rodeando y guiándome en la lección que estaba aprendiendo. Una lección en confianza.
    Yo estaba siendo amada, elevada y guiada.

  6. Thank you.

  7. Wow this is exciting - usually after listening to the Lift there are lotsof comments to read but seems like the opportunity to comment has just opened so I guess mine will be near the top ! And the top comment is to say how fantastic it is to be given daily such inspirational messages covering such an amazing vareity of topics - there is no need that has not been met. Josh talks about the story when the 'enemies' were encamped around seeming to box in the prophets; the feeling of being boxed in for me at the moment is by a host of people giving their support in a loving way but based on material 'solutions' rather than spiritual ones so it is tricky not to offend. I am most grateful for their care and must appreciate their expression of God's love in no way falls short. As ever a work in progress ! I am looking out for the chariots of fire to purify the situation !

  8. Thanks Josh,
    Thousands of angels( good thoughts) keeps our shield of faith in our hand and our armor in place so we see only good going on.

  9. Many thanks Josh for this great reminder that God [divine Love] is always there. Yes. "Good is all around us." "Lo! they that follow after good,/By them God’s word is understood,/ So they prove Him,/ Praise and prove Him!" (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #448).

  10. This Lift touched me because I often worry about my family out and about in London - especially my daughter who travels around London late at night.Sometimes I have been frantic when I have been unable to reach her on her mobile. Josh's Lift is very comforting, to know that good surrounds her and everyone else, so that when I can't be there personally, there is a power much greater than mine, guarding and guiding. Thank you.

  11. A gentle but wonderful firm and powerful reminder that we are always "loved. lifted and guided" - Thank you so much Josh

  12. Gracias Josh por el inspirado mensaje de hoy. Gracias Elena por tus acertados comentarios. Hace muy pocos días unos queridos familiares contaron una experiencia ,como en medio de una tormenta y durante una travesia en barco ,se sintieron amados protegidos y elevados por el Amor divino.

  13. Josh, that is one of my favorite Bible stories, especially when you think of solutions for conflicts - military or personal. Invite your enemies for diner, and they stop being enemies. A real recommendation for the partners in the near east - Israel and Palestines, Iraniens and all else. That anyhow is much better that sanctions and threats.

    Thank you so much

  14. thank you josh

  15. Thankyou a beautiful simple and powerful message

  16. THANK YOU! So helpful!

  17. Thank you Josh for this lovely and timely DL. Thanks to all the comments before. In the past, I have also gone through many difficult situations and sometimes I have also felt boxed in but every time I turned to God in prayer, somehow a sense of calm reassurance has covered me as if God were telling me: Relax, I AM with you all the way.It´s like when Mrs Eddy refers to Angels in Miscellaneous Writings Page 306: "Oh, may you feel this touch, -it is not the clasping of hands, nor a loved person present, it is more than this: it is a spiritual idea that lights your path! The Psalmist saith: "He shall give His angels charge over thee."... it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help.... This sweet assurance is the "Peace, be still" to all human fears, to suffering of every sort" . Surely the prophet Elisha was aware of this. Good day to everyone out there in the whole wide world!

  18. Thank you for this daily lift, it reminded me of this prayer of protection:
    The LIGHT OF GOD surrounds me;
    The LOVE OF GOD enfolds me;
    The POWER OF GOD protects me;
    The PRESENCE OF GOD watches over me;
    Wherever I am, GOD is, and all is well.

  19. I love the thought of opening our eyes to all the good that is already present. I like to affirm that there's always a blessing in every situation. Thank you Josh.

  20. I, too, greatly appreciate yout powerful, comforting message of love at a time of
    great reaching out to God for healing Truth,
    forgiveness and protection. God bless you and all listening to be strengthened in Christly & brotherly affection and perfect peace.

  21. When I get to my destination this morning, 54 miles from here, I will listen again on my cell phone, 617-450-3430.
    Thanks for the Elisha Story. We always have more than we need, infinitely more.
    Thanks for the podcast and music.

  22. Thank you for a beautiful way to start the day!

  23. What a wonderful lift. Thank you so much!

  24. El Amor es la guia segura para una elevacion permanente que es lo que proteje, la confianza de saber que somos tan intocables por el error como el propio Dios, no importa la situacion que estemos atravezando sea de la indole que sea igualmente estamos protejidos por el Amor y si eso mismo sentimos protejemos a los demas en Un solo hecho irreversible de bondad divina.

    Nunca he estado en situaciones extremas donde pudiera temer por mi integridad fisica o por la vida pero si en muchas donde lo fundamental es actuar en bien de los demas y siempre he sentido la misma protecion y el mismo amparo, porque no importa la dimencion del asunto o lo que implica sino que el mismo principio obra siempre de la misma manera con Amor, dando paz y confianza.

    Muchas gracias Josh muy inspirado mensaje.

  25. That has always been my favorite bible story. I love when Elisha asks God to open his servant's eyes. And boy, did I need the reminder of that story today as I am struggling with being boxed in by unfair US tax issues, a neighbor who has illegially blocked my car, etc., etc. THANK YOU JOSH.

  26. Thank you for this very helpful Lift. I love the fact that the good that surrounds us is the only power present. God doesn't do impressions! He does the real thing! Spiritual power, presence and understanding.

  27. Thank you, Josh, for these comforting and healing truths! My gratitude to you, the Daily Lift Team and Church workers, all those joining in sharing the Word - it is going forth to bless all!

  28. Very helpful... thank you so much for this wonderful lift!

  29. Thank you for this lift today. It is very helpful for me.

  30. Thank you for a great way to start our day and thank you Diane #18 for that poem.

  31. Nice. Thanks so much, Josh!

  32. Thank you Josh for this reassuring message.. Much love to all.

  33. Very comforting! Thanks!

  34. Hosts of heavenly angels with us all. Thanks Josh.

  35. A beautiful Election Day message. Thanks!

  36. Really Nice! This reminds me of the 5 G's: God, Good, Guides, Guards and Governs.
    I think these thoughts are especially signficant and pertinent on this US election day!

  37. I am so touched that God spoke to me this morning through your words. I am greatly helped.

  38. Thank you, Josh, for “Loved, lifted, guided … no matter where we are and regardless of circumstances, God’s love and guiding light is there shepherding us onward … ‘Fear not’ …” I’m proving the Truth of being in what you’ve shared in this morning’s Lift, increasingly as I learn better to just yield to Love. As I consider being “lifted,” I think of “Footprints” in which a man had a dream about walking on a beach with the Lord. As the man viewed scenes from his life, he noticed two sets of footprints. Although every once in awhile and often enough, there was only one set of footprints. The man questioned Jesus about why He wasn’t walking beside him during some of the most challenging times in his life. Jesus explained, “…when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” When I think of being “guided” and “guiding light,” I have to smile. As I look back on my own lifelong testimonies of “God with us” and “signs following,” God’s guidance has felt just like pure light shepherding me out of darkness and into the recognition that there is only Light. What an awesome God we have! Our God is Love, itself! All. And so, not one of us can be outside of being “Loved, lifted, guided!” There is no outside of All. Really.

  39. Thank you Josh for " the Truth that heals". So well and gently expressed.
    Thank you also Diane (#8)for sharing that lovely poem.
    Greetings also to all the happy Daily Lifters around the world

  40. "He knows the angels that you need and sends them to your side, to comfort, guard, and guide." CS hymnal #9 It is so reassuring to know that no matter the circumstance or the problem, God is there with you. Big problem or small, God has the answer and all we need to do is listen.
    Thanks Josh for this wonderful reminder and thank you Lift team and commentors for your love and insights.

  41. Thanks, Josh, for this reminder of God's power. I'd like to share a testimony!

    One time I found myself in a dangerous situation, lost and out of water in the Grand Canyon. My boyfriend and I, both experienced hikers, had gone off the trail on the Tonto Plateau, and we somehow lost track of where we'd come from. When I realized how dire our situation could potentially be, I turned wholeheartedly to the God I knew to be the absolute source of good...the all-knowing in whom nothing (and no one) is lost. The answer was immediate and not based on human logic. The way involved some steep climbing downward, but my boyfriend helped and encouraged me, and within a very short time we were back on the Tonto Trail, which led us to a source of water.

    Of course, it's better not to go off the trail. But if you do, God will shepherd you back.

  42. What a blessing these lifts are!Thank you.Thank you.

  43. Great ideas in this lift. Reminded me of a poem I found in the October 1943 isue of the C.S. Journal, just as I was going into the army. It was entitled ASSURANCE, written by Estella Stetson. The ideas therein got me safely through a U-boat attack, enemy strafings or shellings, & getting lost behind the enemy lines once. The poem reads:
    You are God's child, safe in His care. His love, His truth are everywhere.
    No earth-born strife, no ocean wild Can conquer you. You are God's child.
    Seeing the spiritual picture is proven safety when the material picture seems rather dire & dangerous.

    This poem can be found at http://journal.christianscience.com/shared/view/24a2zl5cefk?s=e
    Daily Lift Team

  44. Thank You for starting the day out Right , God loves us All.

  45. Josh. What a wonderful lift for this early morning and beyond. Thank you so much. Indeed the knowledge of Love leading and guiding us on our way takes us out of situations in which we feel trapped. I am completing the second year of my study of Christian Science, relentlessly now, and am so grateful to the one who introduced me to it. Without the understanding I now have, deeds of mortal sinner would have crushed and destroyed me but I now know that divine Mind which is in Christ is also in me, His spiritual offspring that reflects Him. There is absolutely no power that can take this truth away and we will always step out of trapped situations victorious. Mrs. Eddy says it beautifully in S & H 427 "Immortal Mind, governing all must be acknowledged as supreme in the physical realm, so called, as well as in the spiritual". I hope I am not arrogant in pronouncing that everything possible to God is also possible to me as divine Mind is my only Mind. Thank you to all the daily Lifters as your daily guidance sets my day so beautifully. Much love to you all.

  46. Thank you so much Niles. Also thank you Number 18 . Who is the author of that poem ? It is perfect.

    This prayer was written by James Dillet Freeman for all soldiers during World War II.
    Daily Lift Team

  47. Thank you for this lift and the Elisha story. My husband, daughter, and I were recently in Seoul, S. Korea visiting our son. One night my daughter and a friend went out with 3 of the men our son works with. They were out well passed midnight. The next day the young women were commenting on the fact that the 3 men divided up so that one was in front, one in back and one on the side. The young women felt very safe with these dear men who were protecting them like treasured sisiters. I was very touched with this show of protection considering the 5 had just met. There was such a feeling of being immediately adopted into an international family.

  48. Please pray for the USA today, all lifters during this crucial election. God has this country, and all the countries of the world, in His hands, loving, guiding, lifting us to make good decisions based not on personality or superficial reasons, but on integrity, wisdom, economy, and brotherly love as our guides. Your lift was super helpful this morning, Josh.

  49. Thank you Josh for this timely and helpful Lift.

  50. Thank you! Definitely changed my thought about a situation that I was thinking about. My thought was, "I can't go because of xyz" Yet God's love and light are the safety that is always surrounds one and all! Thank you for this wonderful reminder!

  51. Thanks i needed that thought.Howard

  52. I was led and accepted C/S after my first wife died (passed on), but during my childhood, I had so many proofs of God's ways of "Loved, lifted and guided." In fact there is so many of them it would take pages to list them, but of them came to memory as I read this Daily Lift. It happened before I was ten years old. Upon visiting my cousin who was younger than I, I, for some reason I do not recall, was all alone near his house when a pack of wild dogs, more than 5, came barreling down the street, knocking me down. I was terrified. Today, they tell you never show fear to dogs for they sense it. But this time, the dogs, after their growling actually showed compassion, and licked me all over the place, allowed me to get up, allowed me to pet each one and leave to go to my cousins house. I was not bitten or hurt. At that time I didn't not realize God's protection, but now I realized that not knowing it, I had an instinctive realization of the protection of God's Love. I write this in order to inform everyone, not only C/S, that this instinct is built in already for every one. It's much like a flower In the shade that bends it's way toward the Sun as it grows.

  53. Thank you for this very helpful spiritual inspiration.

  54. thank you Josh -- as always, thoughtful, inspired and a blessing. I so appreciated this message on this "vote" day here in the U.S.A. -- where rigidity and the barrage of media/mental agressiveness on issues has kept many of us feeling constricted. Your comments took me to a totally different approach!

  55. Perfect thought for the day. Thank you.

  56. Knowing that all U.S. Voters in our Presidential Election today are Loved, Lifted and Guided! WOOHOO!

  57. Thank you.

  58. Thanks so much for this beautiful inspiration :)

  59. Josh, Thank you!
    and I gain so much from the comments of everyone in this conversation.
    what an amazing way to start the day!
    "Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected, walking with courage..."
    Now I pray that the God-Love guides and lifts the voters today, in your country.
    We know that God is in charge, as the Lord's prayer says "For Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory for ever."

  60. In a moment of frustration this morning, I was thinking of all the problems that seemed to be presenting themselves in so many different avenues. I felt beleaguered by obnoxious individuals in not just one group, but in everything I have been involved in. I did feel surrounded by negativity. I am so grateful that I listened to your lift. What wonderful inspiration you have shared! God is stronger than any of these seeming problems. Thanks very much.

  61. A wonderful message and also all the DL's comments...

  62. Thank you Josh.

  63. Thank you Josh for this insight into how Elisha prayed for his servant's eyes to be opened - opened to the presence and power of good surrounding them. Which is real? good or evil? Spirit or matter? When his servant saw the right answers to these questions, his fear of the enemy was cast out. Since "One on the side of God is a majority", he no longer could "see" evil - and neither could the Syrian soldiers!
    What a great lesson for today's voting day, and for today's Syrian soldiers. Great peace have they which love thy law.

  64. Thank you very much for this lift! I so needed to listen to this as I am feeling "boxed in" at work and not sure of the direction I should take. But leaning onto God's Love and taking a moment to pray is helping me. Thank you again for your wonderful words :-)

  65. Thank you so much, Josh!!! That thought also came to me when I was overcome with fear driving onto a US military base in Seoul, South Korea. I knew to "pray like crazy" when fearful thoughts try to come into your thinking and the story of Joshua came to me and I felt the "legion of angels" all around us, comforting us and protecting us. A few minutes later the air raid sirens when off. I knew/felt the power of God all around us. The sirens stopped and I went on to my meeting with the U.S. Navy Admiral. As I went down the hall for my meeting there was much commotion and people told me that a North Korean fighter pilot had just defected from North Korea and had flown over the city of Seoul and had landed outside the city. There is a "no fly zone" over the city and he had managed to fly under the radar, undetected, and land. I was told later that he brought with him North Korean military plans to dig tunnels under the Demilitarized Zone to invade South Korea. We are all "cared for, watched over, beloved and protected"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Open your eyes to all the good that is going on...the only power there is...and you are safe! Thank you!!!

  67. Thank you, #43 GLS, for the comforting poem. And thank you, Josh and the BoL team for another great start to our day. The perfect message for a perfect day! Angel thoughts are all around us.

    Everlasting arms of Love
    Are beneath, around, above;
    God it is who bears us on,
    His the arm we lean upon.

    (Hymn # 53, Christian Science Hymnal)

  68. Thank you so much for the beautiful DL today. It was exactly what I needed to be reminded.

  69. What a wonderful lift! What wonderful comments to go with your lift this morning! Thank you so much everybody!

  70. Thanks, Josh. Great message.

  71. Thank you Josh...I so often refer to the three G's..Guides,guards and governs...Thanks to all...

  72. thank-you--so wonderfully helpful

  73. A gentle, wrap-your-self in His ever-present love and care! He will do the rest....Thank you!!!

  74. Yesterday I, too, felt trapped. Mine was a life threatening situation. And it was God's love and light that shepherded me onward. I was eating lunch, some soup and a sandwich. I noticed in the fridge some kale left over from days before. It was still green and looked OK but on biting into it discovered it was dry and tough. I though it would be OK to eat it anyways but I was wrong. The kale somehow became logged in my windpipe and I couldn't breath. I couldn't even gasp for air. My eyes began to bulge as panic set in. Nothing I tried could dislodge the kale. Then a small voice came to me saying, "keep breathing through your nose. So this I did and was able to calm myself somewhat although the problem was still in evidence. Then out of nowhere the kale simply rose in my throat back into my mouth and from there I was able to discard it. The problem was solved. The first thing I did was to profusely thank God for saving me from choking to death. And it wasn't until I phoned a Christian Science friend and related the story that I felt a sense of sorrow and also a sense of closure. It got me thinking that we need others as witnesses in our lives. And perhaps that is why church and giving testimonies is so important, at least for me. We need to be sharing our spiritual journies to make them fully real. Why else would God put us in communities? A great lift, Josh

  75. Thank you, Josh.

    Keep up your good work for the movement.

    "God's Love and guiding light is there shepherding us onward."

    One with God is a majority!

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  76. love these lifts and you!

  77. Oh Josh, how timely. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  78. Thank you, Josh, for the enlighting lift today, it covers so many bases from our personal experiences to community, state, national and world events that are encircled by fear and looking for a human solution. Being able to listen for divine guidance is so important but when we are still and listen we see the Truth that has always been there protecting everyone in every situation.

    Thanks for this stimulating lift, which has provided so many wonderful examples in the comments left today. Thanks, too, to those who have shared their experiences.

  79. Special thanks to #74 - Joel of Toronto

    As you said, "And perhaps that is why church and giving testimonies is so important, at least for me. We need to be sharing our spiritual journies to make them fully real. Why else would God put us in communities?"

    Yes. We all need each other. You have to let this healing Science meet people where there are as it will never leave them where it found them.

    Perhaps, we need to go and get those who feel so unwelcome or unworthy and let them sit in the front row. Who did Jesus sit with? He even went a step further and loved them.

    The so-called rules or judgements are resulting in poor church attendance.

    Perhaps, rather than judging or condemning erroneously, we behold in Science the perfect man. Easier said than done. Trust me. Most are not doing it as well intentioned as they may be.

    “No church, or society, or informal group, is left out.”
    Fujiko Signs
    2010 President TFCCS

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  80. Thank you, Josh, for the clear message and encouragement to use our spiritual sense which does result in protection and progress.

  81. Thank you Josh for this lift, not mentioning any material conditions! So very uplifting! I felt trapped into a wrong belief concerning my body but the thoughts you shared with us opened my eyes to the Good that is around and in me, to God, loving me, lifting my thoughts and guiding my path. I am no longer concerned and already feel free mentally.
    Thank you so much !

  82. Very nice. Thanks for brightening my day!!

  83. Thank you so much Josh for the nice message.

  84. Thank you, Josh - seems like you are right here speaking only to me. I am reading the text in 2 Kings and the gentle words "Fear not: for they that he with us are more than they that be with them". Such a sweet reminder of the ever present of God.

  85. I am loving all the stories in the comments, so fun to read...thanks for sharing!

  86. What a beautiful and timely message, Josh, for today's US elections and also for the turmoil we are experiencing in Greece before a crucial vote in the Greek Parliament tomorrow. You've lifted my prayers to greater heights. Thank you.

  87. Oh what a perfect message, Josh, for today our Election Day in America! This belief of feeling "boxed in", not knowing yet which candidates or propositions to vote for, can be eliminated when we remember that all of God's goodness is around us guiding us into making the decisions that feel right for us. A visitor in our reading room today felt buoyed up even though she wasn't certain of her voting choices yet but knowing that as she proceeded to her voting destination, she would know what she needed to know when she needed to know it!
    Thank you, Josh, for being such a bright light of love for your fellowman!

  88. Thank you ..Our daily lifts never ends in Christian Science.

  89. Thank you Tobious for the example of being
    protected from growling dogs. who licked you

  90. The Elisha story has been a big help to me many times!

  91. Grateful Josh for the reminder that
    GODS ALLnews LOVE and protection
    with us even when we aren't manifecting

    Monique 81 gleaned from your comments thank YOU

  92. Thank you, Josh and all. Joel, your mention of the recent nudge you had in thought about the real importance of sharing testimonies is encouraging today. Thanks! Beautiful day to all

  93. Thank you Josh for steering me back home today with your lift.

  94. Such an important concept. Thank you for this inspiring Lift.

  95. we can't be stuck or trapped as we realize all that is around us; Love lifting and guiding. Thank you

  96. Thank you, Josh, for this reminder. I, too, have been in such situations in my life and have remembered this. It is such a help!

  97. You are so right Josh I found this a healing message thank you

  98. All that's going on is God, good! thanks so much, Josh!

  99. Particularly good, Josh. And we all have the in-built readiness to let God show us the good that pervades all, surrounds us, and is the true substance and power right where ugliness, shame, or fear tries to cloud our vision. Circumstances can never really be the horror they sometimes try to seem, because like the prophet comforting his servant, we too can recognize and feel the all-presence of God, good, as our true circumstance. I love this quote from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy: "...Mind, God, is the source and conditon of all existence." Thanks again for this great lift, full of peace, power, and promise.

  100. Awesome Josh, thank you! Things are never as dire as what mortal mind would suggest, especially, when the "still, small voice" of the "One, altogether lovely," the "lovingkindness" of our dear Father-Mother, appears in thought, and then is surely manifested in wide, protective blessings.

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