11/6: Inseparable from God's goodness and love

11/6: Inseparable from God's goodness and love

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In today's Daily Lift, Brian Talcott quotes from Psalm 139: 7-10 from The Voice translation of the Bible.

  1. Thank you Brian for sharing this truth that can't help but bring healing! Mortal mind tries to tell us that we can be alone, depressed, and maybe even in dire straits. In reality, God's love is already at hand, willing and able to help and fill us with a sense of love and purpose. Physically we may be miles or even oceans apart from family members, but the love that is from God does not allow time and space to create a sense of separation for His children. A wonderful Lift.

  2. Thank You!!! And that is for sure!!!

  3. Thank you!!!

  4. Beautiful, Brian. Thank you! Will add that to my list of verses to commit to memory:-)

  5. I was just needing some assurance and comfort when I heard my iPad ping with a new message. I opened it up and it was this Lift. The answer to my prayer. Right here. Thank you. :)

  6. Thank you, Brian, for sharing this testimony and for reading the up-lifting scriptural selection which accompanied your healing. I wasn't stuck in a dark,noisy plane today, but some very dark thoughts accompanied by depressed, desparate feelings which were all disturbing me earlier today and I couldn't feel the love and joy and peace that I am heir to as God's beloved child. I prayed earnestly and continuously to know that I couldn't ever be separated from God's love. My brother and a couple of my friends were also praying for me. Gradually, the dark thoughts retreated and I began to feel God's goodness and love. By late afternoon, just before the early sunset, I was feeling completely bathed in light and wrapped in the everlasting arms of Love which I continued to feel as I listened to this lift and now as I write this. I am very grateful. God is so good and His goodness never fails us.
    Love and blessings to all!

  7. We just read that Psalm as our scriptural selection in our church service Friday (our Sunday) here in Kuwait with our CS informal group. So comforting for all. Thanks for the reminder. Could use it daily. Oh! That's what the Daily Lifts are for! Thanks to you, Brian, and all who put this together. Soooo grateful!

  8. Thank you for this beautiful confirmation,of the goodness and everpresence of God's protection
    Whenever needed, this shall be in my thoughts today, and tku Daily Lift team for the dedication, also I
    Find the comments most helpful :-)

  9. Thank you Just what I needed to hear today.
    With great love and gratitude,
    Mandi :-)

  10. grazie grazie per questa bellissa condivisone Pieranna form Italy

  11. Brian, Thank you.

  12. Hard to feel close to God when we are alone or maybe feeling that we are in a prison paying for some past mistake that won’t let us live in peace with ourselves…

    “Ah! but Christ, Truth, the spirit of Life and the friend of Mortal Man, can open wide those prison doors and set the captive free.” S&H 433:31

    I know the feeling. Psalm 139 was my loyal companion for many years, along with Psalm 91, while one assured me that there is no place where I could be away from God, the other one would assure me that with God at my side there is always a happy ending.

    Es difícil sentirnos cerca de Dios cuando estamos solos o tal vez sintiendo que estamos prisioneros pagando por algún error pasado que no nos deja vivir en paz con nosotros mismos ...

    "¡Ah! pero Cristo, la Verdad, el espíritu de Vida y amigo del Hombre Mortal, puede abrir de par en par las puertas de esa prisión y poner en libertad al cautivo." CyS 433:34

    Conozco la sensación. El Salmo 139 fue mi fiel compañero durante muchos años, junto con el Salmo 91, mientras que uno me aseguró que no hay lugar donde podría estar lejos de Dios, el otro me aseguró que con Dios a mi lado siempre hay un final feliz.

  13. Thank you for alerting me to this wonderful affirmation.God is everywhere.He is always with us .We are never alone.We are filled up full our cup runneth over.

  14. Many thanks Brian for sharing these few inspiring verses from Psalm 139, a version of the Bible you did not identify. Yes divine Love is ever-present. "Spirit blesses man, but man cannot 'tell whence it cometh.' By it the sick are healed, the sorrowing are comforted, and the sinning are reformed. These are the effects of one universal God, the invisible good dwelling in eternal Science." (S&H 78: 28-32) "Joy of the desolate, light of the straying,/ Hope of the penitent, fadeless and pure;/ Here speaks the Comforter, tenderly saying,/ Earth has no sorrow that Love cannot cure." (Christian Science Hymnal #40).

  15. Thank you.

  16. Thank you.

  17. Thank you so much for your gently expressed message this morning. So lovely, so true, so comforting.

  18. Thank you so much. What a beautiful translation of Psalm 39 and read with such loving assurance.

  19. INDEED...SO COMFORTING AND SUSTAINING. Thank you very much.

  20. How true. He is there even when he is not in our thoughts He will make His presence felt

  21. Thank you. What a great reminder that where ever we are no matter what is going on God is always there .with us.

  22. What a lovely lift! Thank u for sharing your experience.

  23. Thank you, Brian, for this reminder of the comforting assurance of Ps. 139 ~ love this version from The Voice! Just got my copy of this recent translation, thanks to hearing passages read by other church members (thanks #7, Wendy!!).
    Many years ago a dear friend told me how much she wanted to visit her son, but taking a flight was the only way to get to his new location and she was terribly afraid to fly. We spent some time reading Ps 139 in several different translations. She printed out the one that spoke most clearly to her so she could pray daily with it as the date of her flight approached. She tucked it in her purse so she could take it with her on the flight. When she called after getting off the plane, she could hardly contain her joy! This assurance had freed her of the former fear and she knew it would never again keep her from flying ~ in fact she was able to feel spiritually uplifted as the plane took off, relating that she left that fear in the dust, riding on "the wings of Love!"
    Thanks for this reminder, Brian ~ and thanks to the DL team & family!

  24. Thank you Brian for this timely and uplifting message. Yes, there are times when we feel cut off from health or wholeness. At times like these it is good to remember that we are inseparable from God´s goodness and love. To let God permeate our thoughts and to let in the light that scatters the shadows and gloom. Although it´s not always easy we can know that God´s right hand will embrace us for He is always there! We have never fallen from his arms. "For He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways" Psalm 91. My heartfelt thanks to all the DL family!

  25. Beautiful, thank you!

  26. No hay espacio ni distancia ni momento, ni lugar para Dios, todo es hoy, aquí y ahora, y lo importante es comprender porque.

    Cristo jesús, confesó, que Él no sabía lo que sucedería, solo Su Padre lo sabía, en Primera de Juan, él también confieza que no sabía cómo hemos de ser, Ambos reconocen que no es potestad nuestra hacerlo saber lo que está en la Mente divina. y sin embargo, su accionar demuestra una total entrega a Dios, entonces me he preguntado. ¿Qué es lo que da tal convicción? Y mi reflexión me llevó a entender, que es un sentir, sentir a Dios, trasmitiendo lo que Él Es, que entiendo es lo que Cristo hizo, trasmitir un sentir, que sana no solo el cuerpo, sino y principalmente la moral, y se produce, por la sencilla razón, es lo que Dios nos trasmite a nosotros, en ideas, pensamientos, pero sobre todo Su Amor, que Es el que obra. No sabemos, pero confiamos en él, porque sí sabemos que es la escencia de todas las cosas. Por lo tanto no sabemos lo que hemos de ser, pero sabemos que somos amados y por eso amamos. Con eso basta para conmocionar al mundo , como Cristo lo hizo.

    Muchas gracias Brian, los mensajes también son un sentir que va más allá de lo escrito, porque llegan al corazón y lo conmueve a obrar con el mismo sentir.

  27. Thanks for the reminder that we can never be separated from God's love!

  28. Thanks so much for this real Truth we are always in presence of God. Mario Vicencio, Sao Paulo Brazil

  29. Thank you Brian! What a lift. Such love

  30. Thanks for your message.
    Thanks also for # 23 and #1

  31. Thank you!

  32. Yes, dear Brian, this is such a wonderful wonderful Psalm! Thank you for sharing your experience.

    About 25 years ago my daughter announced that she would go to South America with her girl friend who knew Spanish quite well. If this was ok with us ? Well, she was around 20 years old, blond haired and very pretty. The longer I thought about this, the more afraid I became. Until one day I remembered the 139th Psalm. And just like with you, this gave me the answer. I suddenly knew that it didn't matter wether she was in France, in Scottland, in Spain or in South America, or at the North Pole - God was with her! Always. Nothing could ever separate her from her heavenly Father-Mother. He would always spread his wings and hold out His arms for her, like for all of His children.
    This was a real comfort, a wonderful assurance. And I was able to let her go. The two girls were over there for 3 months, visiting three different countries and had the most wonderful - though sometimes challenging times. She came back full of rich experiences, with much more inner freedom and very relaxed.
    This Psalm is a real life saver, isn't it!

  33. God's presence - always right "there!" And that's truly where we are, too! Thanks, Brian, Daily Lift team, and Lifters all!

  34. What a comforting lift. Many thanks. It reminded me of the beautiful song called "Psalm" by Julia Wade on her CD "Upon the Mountain". It's a favorite of mine. The words, in modern English, combine several psalms, including the words in today's lift. Her voice soars when she sings that God is with us: "your right hand shall always hold to me, you are there on the wings of morning, you are therein the halls of heaven, watching over me, with you the night shines as the day."

    I feel I should give some information on how to get this CD. It has been carried at Christian Science Reading Rooms, and can also be bought at her own website. Here's a link to hear a sample, including an excerpt from "Psalm" that has the words from today's lift

  35. Thank you so much for this message, such a comfort to hear this thoughts this morning

  36. So helpful, thanks

  37. I loved hearing that particular translation of the Psalm. Thank you!

  38. Oh Brian, this very Phalm 139 has always brought me such peace and comfort as it brought to you years ago!
    I thank God to let me know that through Bible´s wisdom I will always be able to find healing to whichever chalenge might find me anytime and anywhere!
    IThank you so much, for your gentle and loving lift!

  39. Thank you, Brian, for “Inseparable from God’s goodness and love … Psalm 139 …”

    I will accept and hold tight to that which describes our relationship with God:

    “1 O Lord … 2 Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought ... 3 Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways ... 8 If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there ... 11 If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me … 14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made …”

    And because I am always learning how better to apply the laws of Divine Love, guided by Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, I can overcome any tentative approach to claiming my sacred birthright. For instance, from the psalm: “6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.”

    Nothing God has given, gives, or will give to us is too wonderful for us! We are meant to attain and sustain the Truth of our being, even and especially as we continue in our earth journey.

    And we are strengthened in knowing: “17 How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! 18 If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand: when I awake, I am still with thee ...”

    Again, thanks Brian, for this “wake up!” call.

  40. Thank you for the Lift, Brian!

  41. Dear Brian, What a wonderful inspiring and uplifting translation of Psalm 139 that is new to me. This thought along with Psalm 91 "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways." and the 3rd verse of Hymn 144, "For God, immortal Principle. Is with us everywhere; He holds us perfect in His love, And we His image bear." are among the inspiring thoughts I prayed with in a very desperate situation I faced with my 11 year old daughter. We were relocating from New York to California and during the drive seeing all of the national and state parks along the way including Death Valley in July which nearly became that for us. We became stranded between water supplies in an overheated car and had seen no other vehicles. We sang hymns and prayed earnestly. A pickup truck approached, turned around and pulled up behind us. A young man came up and said he used to work for the highway dept. in the park and the park ranger lived nearby. He filled our radiator with water and we followed him up to the ranger's house where they hosed down our car and gave us some lemonade to drink. He then followed us out of the park to Lone Pine, California, where he directed us to a garage and motel. What an angel he was! This experience has been a reminder whenever I'm tempted to feel separated from God that such a separation is absolutely impossible. God certainly is everywhere guiding and protecting each one of his precious children. Thank you God!

  42. Thank you Brian. I have an up coming event where I will represent CS. I will stay with this thought.

  43. Thank you Brian, I needed that.

  44. thank you so much Brian, for that wonderful rendition of that much loved Psalm. what a beautiful testimony confirming God's loving presence with you when it seemed you were all alone and far from your loved ones. Indeed God is with all of us no matter what or where. and no matter what our circumstances might be. thanks to all the others who commented on this lift today.

  45. Thank you Brian I am working to know that I am not separated from God or my health. Thanks to everyone.

  46. "Even then....even there" God is with us. What a blessing for today! Thank you, Brian, for this sweet reminder.

  47. So wonderful to have emphasis of the Psalms brought into the DL's.

  48. Thanks, Brian, for this loving, complete, and forever true message of God from Berkeley to the world!

  49. Thank you Brian. How lovely and reassuring. I needed that this morning. Thank you to the entire D.L. Team.

  50. Thank you Brian for this Lift. Great and marvelous. Likewise all
    the comments.

  51. A beatutiful trranslation. It opens up new vista of thought. Thank you.

  52. Oh, Brian, one of my Favorite Psalms from the Bible! Whoever wrote that had such a sweet sense of the Ever-Presence of God, Love! I have been "rescued" many times from dark, lonely thoughts of wandering alone, by this reassurance. To live in this Presence moment by moment is to be consciously in the Kingdom - where we truly are and always have been! I am just so Grateful for God's Love and for the Love of All of You! Thank you, Brian!

  53. There is nothing more reassuring than "feeling" God's protection and loving care. Many years ago when I was in college, I was driving home at night on the weekend to my parent's home about 50 miles away. I found myself being followed by a car. I knew I was being followed because if I slowed down, it did, and if I sped up it did. I didn't feel fear because I turned immediately to the idea that God was with both of us. No victim and no victimizer. When I got to a small town, I simply asked God what to do. I was directed to speed up, turn off my lights and turn into a side street and someone's driveway. The car sped past me and disappeared. I continued on home safely. Thanks lifters for your sharing. El Paso Patt

  54. Thank you. I woke up this morning from one of those repetitious dream I have from time to time of getting lost even in places I am familiar with and then allowing myself to wonder about that phenomenon whenever that happens. Those words of the Psalm just lifted my thought right out of such wondering. There is NO place where God is not there upholding me.

  55. Absolutely LOVE this lift...I could see you on that plane...alone, homesick, hurting. And then heart touched and healed by Psalms 139. The Bible contains the recipe for all healing, Mary Baker Eddy writes. Indeed! Why don't I open it more open? You have inspired me, Brian. And, that translation of Psalm 139 from the Voice is so comforting. New one for me. Will check it out.

  56. Oh Brian, your lift brings to mind one of the fondest memories I cherish with my son. When my son was ambulanced to ICU, we were limited to 4 daily visits of 20 minute intervals. The morning after his admission, he broke down and cried, full of fear. He felt so isolated, do alone and feared dying there by himself. I instantly felt God's presence and told hm God is right here and has been with him every moment. God loved him more than he could ever imagine. God's love was immense, infinite. I told him everyone who loved him was with him in spirit. He was in our thoughts and prayers and even when our bodies weren't present, we were together. Immediately the waves of grief and fear overwhelming hm ceased and we both felt tremendous peace. My son had erected an emotional barrier that kept me from talking to him about God but that also was washed away. He told me as much as he had resisted to please keep telling him about God because he needed to hear it.

    "Love never fails." 1Corinthians 13

    We can rejoice in Psalm 139. And also, Psalm 91 -- truly God's angels did have charge over us that day. Angel thoughts came to me, giving me exactly the right words to say. After that my son called God "his best friend" and was more full of love and appreciation than ever before.

  57. Thank you, Brian, for your beautiful reminder of God's ever-present care and love. We just can't be separated from it for a moment.

  58. Thank you Brian. It is so good to know that God is always with us to comfort and to guide.

  59. This Daily Lift is perfect for today since it seems that I'm not on top of my game. I already feel so loved, cherished. A friend reminded me that I always coincide with God (always moving with Him, always in His presence, fulfilling His purpose for me.). Thank you Brian and friends for your wonderful thoughts on this subject, this can only complete the healing.

  60. Thanks Brian. I'm reminded of the cartoon by Le Pelley so many years ago in the Monitor, "even there."
    And thanks folks, for sharing.

  61. What a comforting Daily Lift! Thanks so much, Brian. While reading the wonderful, uplifting comments, one of my favorite hymns popped into thought: Hymn 139

    "I walk with Love along the way,
    And O, it is a holy day;
    No more I suffer cruel fear,
    I feel God's presence with me here;
    The joy that none can take away
    Is mine; I walk with Love today."

  62. Thank you Brian for your lovely daily lift reminder! The Psalms are always so comforting and healing. Isn't it wonderful to know God is ever present no matter where we are and no matter what we are doing?
    In "Science and Health" Mrs. Eddy includes in her chapter titled "Fruitage" the following example healing by E.E.N. of Washington, D.C. :
    "I learned that the infinite good is the one Friend upon whom we can call at all times, an all-powerful, ever-present help in every time of trouble; that His children are really governed in peace and harmony by spiritual law, and as the right understanding of it is gained, the other things soon follow, bringing a peace the human concept can never know" (p695).
    God is all; "can we ask for more"? (Hymn 270).

    Thank you again lifters and the Daily Lift Team.

  63. Thanks Brian for this antidote to the dark feelings of separation or limitation that would intimidate us.
    Many useful comments here:
    "...the love that is from God does not allow time and space to create a sense of separation for His children. A wonderful Lift." #1.
    "...I was feeling completely bathed in light and wrapped in the everlasting arms of Love which I continued to feel as I listened to this lift and now as I write this. I am very grateful. God is so good and His goodness never fails us.
    Love and blessings to all!" #6
    "We just read that Psalm as our scriptural selection in our church service,,," #7
    "...He will make His presence felt"#20
    "Muchas gracias Brian, los mensajes también son un sentir que va más allá de lo escrito, porque llegan al corazón y lo conmueve a obrar con el mismo sentir." #26 (Roughly, "This message goes beyond what is written because it reaches the heart and spirit).
    "God certainly is everywhere guiding and protecting each one of his precious children. Thank you God!" Lori #41. Lori's experience reminds me of two instances where my pick up was broke down, and left stranded. The fan belt broke and the engine overheated. Only a short time stranded and
    a service truck stopped and supplied the correct fan belt and some oil at no cost. The second was
    a dead battery where no traffic at all could be expected on a side logging road.. Only a short time, and hunters came by and started my vehicle. Good morning to all.

  64. Thank you for this lift.
    For no matter where I go. For no matter what I do. God is there. Yes, God is there.

  65. Oh my, so beautiful! Even your voice is comforting and I know we are all feeling God's love through this absolutely beautiful Lift. Thank you Brian - God bless you & everyone.

  66. Thank you for a very comforting message!

  67. All things work together to them that love God. This is so true, rather than sinking into depression, I immediately remember the above which is also a reminder that we are never separated from God, not even for a nano-second.

    Daily Lift Team
    "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,.." Romans 8:28

  68. Thanks so much.

  69. Ah yes, God is not some mysterious far off power that we have to inform, beg, cajole or plead with, hoping that it will come and do something for us. Be quiet, stop the noisy chatter of mortal mind. Listen, God is closer to you than breathing. All power. All presence. Within you. Stop believing in the absence of Love. Start expressing him and you will experience him. Thanks for this lift.

  70. Brian, thank you so much for this very inspiring Lift! It will definitely be aired on our local radio station next week. Many sincere Christians and Bible-lovers will enjoy it, and I will listen to it frequently as well. Love and blessings to all today and all-ways.

  71. p.s. this Lift will also be enjoyed the week of Veterans Day by the many vets and patriotic citizens of our County.

  72. Thank you for this lift and all the wonderful sharing of experiences - all so uplifting.

  73. Thank you Brian, thank you God for this lift. 'If I make my bed in hell', seems like this lift is lifting me out of that belief into where I should be, Heaven, harmony. Thank you daily lift team.

  74. Brian such a wonderful expression for all of us who needs to know and be reassured of God continual presence with us. Thank you

  75. It was so helpful!! Thank you!

  76. This lift makes me so appreciate our wayshower and savior, Jesus Christ. Many of my Christian friends will enjoy this lift, it has such universal appeal. Gods blessing to all. Ever so much thanks Brian.

  77. I must add my profound gratitude for this Daily Lift and for all the many wonderful comments. God indeed is everpresent and His/Her Truth meets all our needs. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"

  78. I too through the years have cherished the comfort and safety of this Psalms. Thank you for sharing!!

  79. This is so helpful with my husband, who is in a care home. Thank you dear Brian and all upLifters. This shows the Biblical truth that "a small one will become great."

    Also so appropriate for the upcoming holiday. We must pray for all our veterans, thank them and see them as always in the loving arms of The Parent.

  80. What a beautiful, comforting version of Ps. 139! Thank you so much!!!

  81. Thank you so much Brian for the helpful message.

  82. Thank you for your reminder that God is "ever present!"

  83. Thank you! This is a perfect, comforting lift of thought for a (my) seemingly complex and difficult day!

  84. Thank you, Brian. Your story aboard the airplane showed me that wherever we are, God is already there with inspiration and love. I love Psalms 139 and the constant inspiration it gives me.

  85. This is apparently from "The Voice Bible"
    Can I go anywhere apart from Your Spirit?
    Is there anywhere I can go to escape Your watchful presence?
    If I go up into heaven, You are there.
    If I make my bed in the realm of the dead, You are there.
    If I ride on the wings of morning,
    if I make my home in the most isolated part of the ocean,
    Even then You will be there to guide me;
    Your right hand will embrace me, for You are always there.

  86. Thank you for today's lift. Grateful for all of the commenters, too. Once when I was covering a class for another teacher, things seemed out of control. I happened to look in the corner of the blackboard and written very small in the corner were the words encircled "I'm here, too!" Those comforting words were a reminder of God's presence and I was able to handle the situation. Thereafter, I remembered to write this helpful note to myself in the upper corner of blackboards whenever I covered other classes to remind me that I'm never alone.

  87. thank you brian

  88. Thank you Brian -- and for sharing that version of the psalm
    So good to hear it in fresh ways.
    Thanks to all the Daily Lift Team, and for the whole family of listeners!

  89. Thank you so much!!!!

  90. Thank You !

  91. Thank You!! Just what I needed to hear!!

  92. I like that and thank you.

  93. Oh, how we all love this psalm !
    One night I'll never forget. Many years ago, my husband and I were joyously cruising with friends on their boat in the Caribbean. I always felt at home under sail, but this was my first overnight passage.
    The wind was brisk. Huge swells; lift, lift, lift,--drop, lift, lift, lift,--drop. I was suddenly gripped with unexpected fear.( A quote from somewhere--something like --"the sea is so huge; my boat is so small."
    Nothing in sight anywhere except this vast ocean. So dark. What if?, what if? I prayed. Yes, psalm 139, vs.7--12. Perfect. And I remembered a poem by Kipling--Seal Lullaby. Like the baby seal, we were at home in the arms---"of the slow-swinging seas"---substitute "of divine Love." Soon, "the peace that passeth all understanding"--(Philippians 4:12)--erased all the fear. The rest of the night was heavenly, under the brilliant stars. "Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift." ( 2 Corinthians 9:15.)
    And thanks for this Daily Lift---and all of them !

    The last entry--titled "Whither"-- on the CD--(available in C.S Reading Rooms)--"Somewhere To Begin", by Andrew James, is a perfect rendition of Psalm 139, vs.7-10.

  94. A sincere thank you for this assuring lift.

  95. What a great Lift! A timely reminder of such a fundamental Truth... I am sharing this right now with my daughter, off at college, who might be having feelings of detachment & separation right now. Thanks!!!

  96. What a wonderful translation of Psalm 139, that you have shared with us from "The Voice" Bible translation, I can't wait to read more! Thank you so much Brian, and to ALL who have given such inspiring comments. June U.K

  97. Wonderful Lift and terrific comments with wonderful insights and experiences shared!Very comforting and encouraging. I'm so glad I checked in again today to re-listen and to finish reading the comments. Many thanks to all involved.

  98. So true and such a loved psalm, always inspiring and comforting. Thanks, Brian, for the lovely lift, and to all concerned for the infinite ways the inspiration is shared.

  99. So simple. So clear. So reassuring. Thanks for sharing the simple Truth that uplifts and heals. Something everyone can grasp and hold onto.

  100. Great Lift!
    Thank you!

  101. Thank my freind!!
    Since our Lord is All in ALL and we are his cration,we never been out of his Goodness and LOVE...
    Much love
    Paul Fotie from CAMROON

  102. Merci mon cher Brian
    C'est just ce que tu dis. etant donné que Dieu est Tout en Tout nous ne pouvons en aucun cas vivre en marge de Son amour,il est vraiment TOUTen Tout..
    merci!! montres cher ami
    FOTIE PAUL CS Yaounde Cameroon

  103. Thank you,

    I kept this daily lift so I could replay again,
    today my need feels great and I now know that I'm not alone.