11/5: Open a book

11/5: Open a book

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  1. The Chinese proverb, "Open a book and the book will open you" I take it to mean, 'it will free your thinking'.
    As my life becomes busier, I found that my reading time is limited. But I always find time to read the Bible; which along with Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by MBE, have freed my thinking and given wings to my intellect -beyond my wildest dreams.

    (Now if I have the time I'll add a third book to the set, a cookbook, then I'm set for life.)

    El proverbio Chino, "Abre un libro y el libro te abrirá a ti" para mí significa, 'te liberará el pensamiento'.
    A medida que mi vida se pone más ocupada, hallo que mi tiempo para leer es muy limitado. Pero siempre encuentro tiempo para leer la Biblia; que junto con Ciencia y Salud con la Llave de las Escrituras por MBE, me ha liberado el pensamiento y le ha dado alas a mi intelecto -más alla de mi imaginación.

    (Ahora cuando tenga el tiempo le agrego un tercer libro al conjunto, un libro de cocina, así estaré cómoda el resto de mi vida.)

  2. Thank you, Marie, these books have been my light for many years and have filled me with love and gratitude.

  3. I love our Pastor, the Bible and Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy...the answers contained therein, the healing and comfort, are our "sufficient guide to eternal Life," our path "to the arms of the Father." (Science and Health)

    Thank you Marie and love to the DL community!

  4. Thanks so much for this. It's one which I will love to share with others. Thank you for making this so much easier.

  5. I witnessed many Christian Heroes this weekend as several members of our church in Perth, Western Australia, talked with some of the 1095 visitors touring our beautiful Art Deco church. We and many other buildings in our city opened our doors to the community as part of an "Open House" event.
    We each have stories to share about how Science and Health and The Bible have transformed our lives. Be a Christian Hero to the community they are eagerly waiting.

  6. Dear Marie

    Thank you so much for your spiritual message.

    Could one share this with all of you.

    "Are you in the picture or is the picture in you?".

    Please ponder the above, embibe it, make it your own and wonderful things will be revealed to YOU.

    Love in Christ


  7. Yes, Maria, I've found the same wonderment about the world's favorite book!
    Thank you for presenting your love of the Bible so beautifully.

  8. Thank you.

  9. Dear Marie. To be honest, if I were marooned on a desert island and allowed only one book to have with me, it would be Science and Health with key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

  10. Thank you for this wonderfulDL and thank you Peter #6 for your thought provoking comment. To listen to the DL every morning and reading the comments is like my morning breakfast at home. It´s like you say, we open a book and the book opens us. Simply beautiful.

  11. Mrs. Eddy says, " If the world were in ashes, the contents of 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures' would remain immortal." (Miscellany, Messages to Branch Churches, page 178.) The same is true for you and for me, too.
    Thank you for the thought and translation of the podcast.


  13. Thank you for this Lift .

  14. Abrir mis libros de Ciencia Crisitiana es lo que hago regularmente cuando tengo problemas o cuando simplemente quiero tener una comunicacion mas elevada que me permita acercarme a Dios mas prontamente porque ellos me ayudan a comprender.
    Pero tambien leo lo que me pueda de alguna manera acercar a un entendimiento mayor, ayer viendo una exposicion de un cientifico en su afan de negar la existencia de Dios con relacion a la creacion del universo lo unico que hace es confirmarlo ya que el caos que es el universo segun ellos no lo creo Dios, paradoja quizas esta en el agujero negro donde no existe el tiempo, quizas la materia lo ve negro, y es la entrada al verdadero universo.

    Muchas gracias Marie, y disculpen los errores tengo nueva compu y no encontre el acento y no quiero dejar de compartir estos momentos con el Daily Lift de ninguna manera.

  15. Thank you for reminding me that I can transform my earthly walk to one of spirit, love and heavenly presence. When I open the Bible and Science and Health to any page I find the truth and hope needed to remedy any error or false belief my human mind thought was real. Divine mind is always superior, always there and always activates the blessings when I remain open.

  16. Thank you Marie for reminding us how great and inspirational the Bible is in opening our thoughts up to the good and the pure!

  17. Yes, Marie, I was given a book for my 14th birthday, and that most assuredly opened my eyes, and thoughts and life! The Bible and Science and Health, although they had always been in my life at Sunday School, were not part of my life until years of "weary wandering in the desert." And yes, I really aligned with Moses. And as the years passed, many other Biblical characters. Even when the transformation seems to be taking forever, it does happen. And sometimes it's even better when you see it in others, than when you are aware of these changes in oneself. Thank you so much Marie, and Shannon especially for the translation; thanks to the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  18. Thank you, Marie, for this sharing of appreciation for the Bible and Science and Health. Each book requires the study of the other. Without the Bible, Mrs. Eddy could never have written Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Without Science and Health, we would not have the spiritual interpretation of the Bible. They are a matched set and our guide books for life. Thank you, Marie. Thank you, BoL.

  19. Thank you.

  20. Of this also rest assured, that books and teaching are but a ladder let down from the heaven of Truth and Love, upon which angelic thoughts ascend and descend, bearing on their pinions of light the Christ-spirit. – Ret. 85:9

    It is a complete understatement that reading has never interested me. Therefore, I can say, without doubt, that what Mrs. Eddy says here is absolutely true. In crunch time, it has never been the labor of reading that has come to my rescue, but rather the quiet trust that the angelic message of healing is waiting for me. When it shows up in the flopping open of a book, it is specific, to the point and a huge relief. Angels have been using the Bible for centuries and the Science and Health and Hymnal for a long time. No need to go too much further, but I would never limit angel messages to reach us.

    Thank you Marie (and Shannon) for another great Monday Lift Off!

  21. These two books are our perfect traveling companions through our days and nights. Thank you.

  22. I opened the book and it healed me. Many years ago my Sunday school class was given the assignment to read Isaiah and I became completely consumed with it. Shortly thereafter while attending a Wednesday night testimony meeting, one of the members testified about the healing of a wart on his hand. I had had a number of large warts on both of my hands. I looked down at my hands and they were completely clear. I have no idea exactly when the warts disappeared, but I attributed the healing to the study of Isaiah. One of my favorite passages is from 41:10 where it says, "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness." And verse 13, "For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee." This was the first healing on my own as a student of Christian Science and I am still so grateful!

  23. Msrie, This the perfect message as I embark today on a spiritual retreat where I have planned to dive deep into the Bible and Science & Health. I have seen the transforming power of God's word in my life and pray daily that the whole world feel the Christ. Blessings to all and much gratitude for the Daily Lift team.

  24. Thanks, Marie, for “Open a book … ‘and the book will open you’ … take the Bible … and another book … Science and Health … your life can be transformed …” And so it has been true for me as, one way I study these books is through the Christian Science Bible Lessons. I love to take my questions to this worldwide “dual and impersonal pastor” for healing answers. Not just reading; but, studying as at the feet of the Shepherd, listening to be guided and protected in how to go. In this way, I build good ideas and understanding in my consciousness that precede speech and action; expectation, witness, and expression. And healing happens. It’s wonderful to be a member of a “book club” :-) dedicated to exploring and applying the Truth of being to overcome the belief in sin, sickness, disease, and death. So, yes! “Open a book and the book will open you.” But, not just ANY book. All books serve us best, when they support Life, Love, Truth, Principle, Spirit, Mind, and Soul – Good, in general and how to live a Good life. Then, healing happens. Can you imagine any better way to love God and each other than to transform the human condition by overcoming all that flesh is heir to? While some feel that’s just impossible, Christian Science offers proof that with God all things are possible. After all as my son would say, “Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to succeed.”

  25. Thank you. ♥

  26. ....Nous sommes à préparer une présentation visuelle de La Bible pour tous les passants au-dedans et au-dehors de notre Salle de Lecture. Et cette année, inspiré de larticle du Héraut de février 2012 p. 17 ; «La Bible nest pas un roman à énigmes...» nous y figurerons parmi d`autres éditions La Bible pour les Nuls.Ainsi vos précieuses remarques Marie, viennent corroborer à souhait cette invitation lancée au monde entier." Penser globalement, agir localement." MERCI !

  27. Such a wonderful lift. I love the expression, "Open a book and the book will open you." I also find that the question from Peter #6, "Are you in the picture or is the picture in you?" is quite profound. So true that this apparently "very real" physical world is just a picture like our dreams. This question reminds me of the quantum physics question, "If the tree fell in the forest and no one was there to hear it, would there be a sound?" Even more to the point is, "If no one were there, would there be a tree?"

    Seems you can also say, "Open your mind to God and he will fill it with this thoughts." To me, this is the essence of prayer. Jeremiah 29:13 "And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart." And Mrs.Eddy tells us in S&H pg 1 "Desire is prayer." It is no wonder that people open the Bible to the exact right page and sentence and the angel thought answering their prayers awaits their discovery. Yet as #20 Nancy said, God's ways of reaching us are infinite. God's love, care and goodness is infinite. Wake up and reach for his answers because they are always there.

  28. This topic is so true! I love to read and have found that I am able to learn history, geography, cmpassion, etc. by identifying with the characters and their challenges. So, that leads to the best two books of all that cause us to "repent" and to learn that the kingdom of God is at hand to lead us through our challenges. Thank you Marie and Sharon.

  29. Thank you Marie and Shannon! As Jesus said and proved: "The Kingdom of God is within you."!!! We All - whether Christian, Muslem, Jew, Mormon, Hindu, Buddhist, New Ager or 12-Stepper - are blessed with an inner presence of a Higher Power which we are free to contact using our own form of Prayer and Meditation! So Grateful that we are ALL Children of God!

  30. Thank you for sharing. I've had so many healings from just reading the Word of God.

    Last night the mortal belief was that my stomach became painful as I stood up and the excruciating pain would not reside, but I was able to grab my Bible. In quiet prayer I opened to the beginning of Psalms. The words in Ps. 1:3 came alive. As I worked with this verse to declare my being as incorporeal and perfect I was instantaneously healed. I finished he treatment and recognized there never was a moment that I was separate outside of God's care. It was like the belief never happened. I am free of this alarming claim and I am so grateful for the Bible's rich message as the 'recipe for all healing.'

  31. Thank you Marie for the reminder that the "opening" of both the Bible and Science and Health is the beginning to "opening" our thoughts to the healing messages that were meant to be shared. For, without opening these books, we would be unable to read and then understand the words, so lovingly written for our benefit.

    A current example of this would be my daughter studying for a school test. She cannot glean an understanding without opening the chapter subject book and pondering the statements she will surely be tested on later. A closed book will do her no good.

    Another example for myself was the desire to review the Voting Pamphlet that had been mailed to us. Without opening that pamphlet, I had no idea the importance of the Propositions being presented. There were painstakingly put together arguments, for and against each topic. These, followed by rebuttals for and against each topic, where the reader has a choice to open his or her thoughts to the good points written for our benefit.

    Along these lines, the apostles and disciples took the time to handwrite the Bible so that it would be passed down through the ages. Mrs. Eddy, too, thoroughly read the Bible and it opened her eyes to be able to write Science & Health and other wonderfully healing messages in pamplets, prose and hymns alike.

    Yes, how important it is to not only open these books, but to open our consciousness to reveal the good God always has in store for us, today and always.

  32. Science and Health with key to the Scriptures by MBE has certainly transformed my life from a material way of thinking to a spiritual. It has broadened my thinking to a clearer understanding of what is true and what is truly false.

  33. ....a way to open our thought to God's message.

    God prepares us so we can hear God's direct communications. No one is left out!

  34. Thank you for this inspiring Daily Lift. "Open a book and it will open you." A good thought to ponder when giving Science and Health to friends and family!

  35. Books and ladders and heaven -- oh my!

    A long long long time ago there was a quote in the C.S. Monitor which stated, 'If there be a ladder which reaches up to heaven, there must needs be something at the top upon which it rests." I may have misquoted, but the message is there.

    Thank you Nancy #20 for Mrs. Eddy's words. All this in turn reminded me of Jacob and his ladder of angel thoughts.

    Hmmm, I never quite thought of our adventure spiriitward in the terms of ladders and climbing. Now that's worth pondering

    We must keep climbing/learning and remember that if we miss a rung, there's one to catch us just below as we once again ascend to the final rung of revelation.

    'I climb with joy, the heights of Mind..." Hymn 136: CS Hymnal

  36. Yes! I appreciate how this lift and the comments bring out the way to find our true identity and selfhood merely by reading the right books.
    "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" does unlock the true spiritual interpretation of the books of the Bible. Much more than being a compilation of historical documents and stories, we find our own true biography and individual identity in these books.
    Rather than a book of miracles, impossible ideals, and the eternal repetition of evil, we find infinite blessings, healing, and instructions on how to destroy sin.
    We are really here to help each other, as evidence of those helping their neighbours in need as a result of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. Mary Baker Eddy sums it up in this phrase from Science and Health (pg. 376)
    "-that Life is
    Spirit, and that there is more life and immortality in one
    good motive and act, than in all the blood which ever
    flowed through mortal veins and simulated a corporeal
    sense of life."

  37. Thank You Marie, Shannon, and Lori.I am going to start reading Isaiah again.I am reading
    the Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy for the 4th time. A pratitioner once told me as
    soon as she finished reading Science and Health, she would start over again. A teacher
    at Prinicipla has read it 23 times. Thanks again. Flo Wells, Atlanta, Ga.

  38. Your beautiful Lift today reminds me of hymn #114
    "Holy Bible, book divine,
    Precious treasure, thou art mine:
    Mine to tell me whence I came;
    Mine to tell me what I am.

  39. Thank you.During our recent challenge here in the middle of Manhattan,the comfort of the bible and Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures calmed many a fear!!They were the light in the darkness.Your lift is very important to remember.

  40. It is very true that the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures has opened the hearts and minds of so many of us. Thank you for this lovely Lift.

  41. This is so profound in its utter simplicity. Can reading and pondering the right books change your life? My experience has proven the answer to be "yes."

    The Bible lessons are my daily companion, and they have lifted my moment to moment journey into the light of better health and morals. I am so very grateful that I have shared copies of these with hundreds of people with work in a variety of institutions and in the Reading Room. Sometimes the results are instantaneous healings, but I rest assurred that healing will come to all.

  42. "Listening to, and walking with God" -- sounds like a good idea. I'll do that today. Merci, Marie!

  43. With thanks to #6 - the picture is always within us, it just needs to be shared with others, somewhat like the rays of the sun, to bring a healing message to friends, co-workers and ultimately the world.

    The Daily Lift is always the highlight of my morning and I am forever grateful to the many people who make this happen five days a week.

  44. Carole 11/5/12
    Thanks ! Reading has always been a favorite pastime since childhood. Your encouragement to read my favorite books strengthens my earth walk for choosing paths ,supporting different ideas and responsibilities, and loving my ever expanding and wandering families. Reading the Bible and Science and Health is my manual for walking the walk. Thank you again for the much appreciated reminder.

  45. Wonderful Marie!! A simple thought, but deep and meaningful for our lives. Thanks so much for your contributions to the DL. Good books are absolutely necessary for spiritual growth-----but, we must be open to the ideas presented in them. So much of "Christianity" today is a jumble of personal interpretations of the Bible on a wrong basis. Closed thinking results in closed opportunities. But when we open our minds to the Truth, we experience the liberating effects of Truth.

  46. Merci bien Marie.........Thanks for all the inspiring comments Lifters..

  47. Thank you for the inspiration, Marie. What a good plan for further reading!

  48. Thank you, Marie and Shannon. I like your statement, "I discovered that in all ages, men and women, listening to and walking with God, became Christian heroes." It points out the timeless universality of the Christ - as Jesus told the Jews, "Before Abraham was, I am." (John 8:58) The Christ, or Word of God, was expressed by Noah. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel, Esther, Ruth, and other Bible heroes, as surely as by those who came after Jesus. How blessed we are to have their examples, which continue to inspire. I, too, am a book lover and have been since childhood. For me, the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures are the only ones that are absolutely essential to my well-being and to my understanding of God and of who I am as His beloved child.
    As Hymn #251 in the Christian Science hymnal states:

    O Word of God, most holy,
    O wisdom from on high,
    O Truth, unchanged, unchanging,
    O light of earth's dark sky,
    We bless Thee for the radiance
    That from the hallowed page,
    Alantern to our footsteps,
    Shines on from age to age.

  49. Thank you so much Marie! I so agree with "Connie"! Hymn 114 "Holy Bible book divine shine upon this heart of mine". It surely does this! I love to turn to it, our dear "chart of life" as Mrs. Eddy refers to it on P. 24 of her primary work, the other wonderful book, Science and Health referred to in this wonderful lift! I've often thought how naturally one compliments the other and, helps on our journey. Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder! I love hearing it each day, and reading all the wonderful, insightful comments!

  50. How true. I love this quote in from the Bible..."The word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

  51. Thank you so much!

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