11/28: The riches of gratitude

11/28: The riches of gratitude

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful lift!!

  2. Thank you John for this important Lift. Gratitude is the acknowledgement of the blessings that God has bestowed on us. Christian Science teaches that action expresses more gratitude than speech. In fact, Mary Baker Eddy, tells us precisely what that action should be, she says in S&H page 4, "To keep the commandments of our Master and follow his example, is our proper debt to him and the only worthy evidence of our gratitude for all that he has done." Our sincerity in demonstrating these steps prepares us to receive even more.

  3. and John.....Gratitude for this Thanksgiving Day message - a splendid lift.

  4. Thank you John, - I feel grateful every time I open up my laptop and find a new daily lift waiting there for me. Thanks to all who give us these lifts and to Nate for presenting them along with the music.

  5. Heart filled thanks for this Lift today, and especially to all the daily contributors - I have so much to be grateful for, thanks too to for the Board of Lectureship, and the team at the Mother Church who make these Daily podcasts available.This week I saw a mother's tears as her son began to play music, and she recognised his playing, "I can hear him" on the cd she heard. Some years ago he had been told, after a car accident, he would neither speak, nor move, nor communicate again. Today (still in a wheelchair) he can communicate, laugh, play, and vocalise. I am so grateful for all God has done for me in my life.Happy Thanksgiving everyone x.

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for illustrating how spontaneous the feeling of gratitude can be. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  7. Thank God for the Bible anf Christian Science .Thank God for gratitude -Hymn 146 " IN GOd I find a precious gtft ............ , The gift of gratitude." Thank you John.

  8. What a lovely Lift John - thank you so much.

  9. More than a month ago I had the privilege of celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Canada so it is a bonus to celebrate again with our U.S. neighbours. Thank you John for sharing your riches of gratitude. Today the bonus thought of "respect" means a lot to me. (Respect for those doing what they can to cope with traffic delays and traffic pile ups along the east coast will help add to the riches of gratitude).
    Mrs. Eddy also refers to respect in regard to our relationship with those in the medical profession.
    "Great respect is due the motives and philanthropy of
    the higher class of physicians." she writes in Science and Health (pg. 151).
    And again she refers to this respect being reciprocated by the " best thinkers":
    "Had not my first demonstrations of Christian Science
    or metaphysical healing exceeded that of other methods,
    they would not have arrested public attention and started
    the great Cause that to-day commands the respect of our
    best thinkers." (Message for l901, pg. 17.)
    Today I see a clear connection between having respect for all those expressing philanthropy,
    good motives and clear thinking, especially those in the medical profession, and finding comfort for ourselves and others in the riches of gratitude. And we will find ourselves commanding "the respect of our best thinkers."

  10. John, Thank you.

  11. Thank you so much. This didn't so much lift me as send me soaring aloft feeling unfettered and free.

  12. So good to be reminded of all the good going on. Thank you also Gary (4.above) for reminding me of the respect (I love that word! I based a whole statement of my primary school teaching program on Respect which I equated with Love) we do owe to all the philanthropists engaged in doing good. My almost favourite section in the Christian Science Monitor is about those in the world "making a difference". How we do need to give thanks and support with our regular prayers - besides looking for and accepting such opportunities ourselves. Giving thanks to you, John, and to God for this awareness of the supremacy of Good. Happy day - every day.

  13. Thank you, John, for “The riches of gratitude … gratitude … truly one of the best ways of measuring one’s wealth …”

    Your inspiring lift reminds me ...

    In my own experience, there was a Christmas season that began with a teary-eyed prayer of lament to God. “I have nothing to give.” was met with “You have your love.” What had begun as my poorest became my richest Christmas and has richly blessed every Christmas since.

    My Christmas “shopping list” became prayerful consideration for each one on the list. As I embraced each one lovingly in thought, I was led to give compassion, kindness, gratitude, gentleness, patience, humor, encouragement, forgiveness, mercy and other such gifts, as well as the gift of time together or practical help in getting a task done. My treasure trove was never depleted, always replenished. In fact, the more I gave, the more I had to give. The Christmas spirit abounded!!!

    Gratitude is the key that unlocks our treasure trove, from which we can share our “heart’s rich over-flow.”

    "Come, walk with Love along the way,
    Let childlike trust be yours today;
    Uplift your thought, with courage go,
    Give of your heart's rich overflow,
    And peace shall crown your joy-filled day.
    Come, walk with Love along the way."
    (Hymn 139:3)

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!! ;-)

  14. I’m sorry I never had a gratitude diary, if I would have written one beginning the day Christian Science found me… today I would have my own library!

    Gratitude is, maybe, the best way to measure our wealth, (recognizing the good in our lives are invaluable riches) a humble acknowledgement of God's love for His children and the sharing of it… and definitely, the smoothest road to progress.

    Lamento nunca haber tenido un diario de gratitud, si yo hubiera escrito uno comenzando el día en que la Ciencia Cristiana me encontró… ¡hoy tendría mi propia biblioteca!

    La gratitud es, tal vez, la mejor manera de medir nuestra riqueza, (reconocer lo bueno en nuestras vidas es un caudal incalculable) un humilde reconocimiento del amor de Dios para con sus hijos y el compartirlo... y, definitivamente, el camino con menos obstáculos para el progreso.

  15. Thank you for this truly uplifting Lift. My dictionary defines gratitude as 'a warm and friendly feeling towards a benefactor'! So lets have a warm and friendly feeling towards God and His man today! The origin of the word gratitude is in the idea of being pleased, and we know from Genesis that God saw everything that he had made and that it was very good. He is pleased and we can be pleased back.

  16. Thank you so much John for your timely message about gratitude on the US day of Thanksgiving!
    I am reminded of Mrs. Eddy's special understanding of President Lincoln's Proclamation making Thanksgiving a National Holiday here, as a celebration day of union of north and south. After all, she lived through the Civil War and she was keenly aware of the human lack of freedom and suffering of the physical conditions of slavery. She equates physical bondage to mental bondage many times in "Science and Health" and her other many writings.

    My gratefulness today is for Mary Baker Eddy and her extraordinary determination to free mankind from its' moral fetters, to show us that divine Love frees man (and woman) from the bondage of purely mortal existence to the joy of a free, new day replete with God mandated freedom from sin, disease and death.

    "We can all seek and find safety in God's love..." as you say John.
    Oh grateful joy! Oh grateful joy!

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team too, for your messages!

  17. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  18. And I'm so grateful for this Lift too!!

  19. Many thanks John for these very uplifting thoughts during a time of national Thanksgiving. Yes. "We can find safety in God's love," during a time of so much distant traveling. Yes. "We all do have so much to be grateful for." "Governed by Love, you’re safe and secure;/ I am forever beside thee./So rest and know wher-e’er you go,/ Home and heav’n cannot be denied thee," (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #444).

  20. A lovely lift John, thank you so much. "Our gratitude is riches, Complaint is poverty, Our trials bloom in blessings, they test our constancy. O life from joy is minted, As everlasting gold, True gladness is the treasure that grateful hearts will hold." Hymn 250 So no complaints, just heartfelt gratitude for all of God's wonderful blessings throughout the year ! Happy Thanksgiving to all around the globe!

  21. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. Yes there is much to be grateful for at all times.

  22. Thank you. The question of how to proceed is answered for me by that beauty of holiness. I can help my fellow travellers by thinking rightly, holding to the right thought, and giving thanks to God, the source and condition of all existence. ( Reference; Science and Health with Key the the Scriptures, page 181, by Mary Baker Eddy. )

  23. Absolutely, thank you

  24. A great lift for every day, not just Thankgiving...thank you!

  25. Thank you John! Yes, gratitude is truly one of the best ways of measuring one´s wealth. It´s a humble acknowledgment of good in our lives. I loved the strong words you used: God´s love is strong, tender, enduring and assuring. Give unto the Lord glory and strength. Yes, we have so much to be grateful for. I also liked all the comments... To show respect for all those around us. No complaints. Complaint is poverty. We have our love to give. Blessing to all!

  26. Para alcanzar gratitud, entiendo debemos comenzar por ser agradecidos nosotros mismos.
    Agradecidos a todo aquel que da amor, comenzando por el propio dador... Dios, y así continuando en linea ascendente hasta llegar a Su plenitud, Su totalidad donde nada hay más que Amor, hasta sentirnos, como peces en el agua, nadando en cristalinas aguas, o volando como un ave, que planea en busqueda de mayor altura para llegar al infinito cielo y ahí hacer su nido.
    Y sí podemos hacerlo, no como ellos sino como nosotros mismos tomando las arras del espíritu, (Amor) que nos da todas esas potestades, y un más que ni siquiera podemos imaginar de tan sublimes que son.

    Muchas gracias John, por este día de inspiración y por todos los días con que Dios nos bendice

  27. Thank you !!

  28. Thank you for this wonderful lift. Such a gift is gratitude, and it does bring permanent healing.

  29. Beautiful! Thank you so much. Wishing you a blessed day o Thanksgiving!

  30. Lovely tender lift on this Thanksgiving Day in America. Thanks, John. From beginning (hey, hey) to end:
    "Have a great day" from that precious little voice, today's lift brings a huge smile and a wave of gratitude. Blessings galore, everyone!

  31. And amen to all of the above, John and the Lift family! I think gratitude comes in direct proportion to our need for "growth in grace".
    The more we recognize and appreciate the continual outpouring of love and abundance from God in every conceivable microscopic atom and avenue of our life, the more grateful we are for every smile, every nod of recognition, every instance of good extended to us in infinite provision; courtesy and respect in a neighbouring country; kindness and consideration from our families and neighbours; goodness and gentleness from the very young everywhere - in every moment God shines His Christ light on us, as the sun shines on the leaves of trees, on the earth beneath our feet, and in our heart. Mrs Eddy asks, "What can be more than God?"

  32. thank you john

  33. What a spiritual lift! Gratitude is so healing. Thank you, John.

  34. HAPPY THANKSGIVING To all of the Daily Lift Community and a blessed day promised to all those whose mind is stayed on Thee.

  35. Gratitude is indeed riches. A number of years ago I wrote an article "Life's Amazing Journeys" in which I relate the truly amazing details of three major moves in my life: Rochester, NY to Darien, CT (when my daughter was almost 4 years old); Long Island, NY to Mountain View, CA (when my daughter was 11 years old); and from Southern California to Northern California (by myself). The harmonious working out of every detail in each of these moves seems to be a miracle, but it was entirely the government and protection of God. His Love guided me. Whenever I'm tempted to feel discouraged or that God is somehow absent, I'm uplifted and reassured of his omnipotence and omnipresence when recalling these moves. Gratitude for all of the good in my life is indeed overwhelming. And for these Lifts reaching to all corners of the world blessing so many. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  36. A beautiful lift. I'm reminded of verse 14 in 2nd Corinthians:

    Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ

    Thanks to all who help provide these great lifts!

  37. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for this lift - it is so much what I needed.

  38. Right on!


  40. Thank You John,

    Thank you to the other Lifters as well and Happy Thanksgiving! We do not 'celebrate' Thanksgiving Day in Barbados but I can certainly appreciate the love and gratitude that is flowing today..the preparatory work was certainly being felt all of the way here in Barbados.

    I loved the comments from the Lifters..ALL. Nela, yours stood out to me; "My Christmas “shopping list” became prayerful consideration for each one on the list." could not have been expressed any better. When I was a teenager, I remember not having a job over the Christmas period nor the prior Summer so I had very little funds for gifts.

    That year I sent out cards very early and I prayed for my friends and from then, I had a different view of Christmas and giving thanks. I made the cards from scratch and it felt good to visit with friends and see the cards I sent on their fridges, work cubicles and notice boards for years.

    Thank you to all and to the Mother Church, the Practitioners and Lecturers, the Daily Lift Team, the World-wide Church Membership for the constant love and support you give. That love is like a sunrise that will one day dawn in everyone's consciousness causing them to rise and greet this dawning with expectation.

    One may stay in their bed and not watch the sunrise but this never influences the sun; likewise I am very grateful that the Bible (reinforced by the teachings of Christian Science) reminds us to love & giving thanks is sweet love.

    Love to All

  41. Hapoy thanksgiving thanks john!

  42. I am sharing thanksgiving with my daughter and family in providence my son in laws parents live an hour away and can no logger make the trip I am watching my precious son in law who is a gourmet cook pack up a car with pots and pans an Pyrex dishes to reheat the dishes already prepared and all the fixings to cook the bird in his mothers oven we will join them later to partae of this great feast as I watch him I remember the hymn that says an offering of love wherto God leadeth me how grateful I am to be a parr of such an active expression of love please rejoice with me

  43. Thank you, John, and also #13 nela, for your words of wisdom about the real and normal spiritual nature of these holidays.

    One Thanksgiving, I was lamenting that I had no one to cook for. While excellent in many ways, my life had taken a shape that didn't look much like the magazine pictures of hosting a family meal. But then I realized that the real "work" of this holiday IS the gratitude. So I started cultivating that "beauty of holiness" and expressing my thanks that day in very practical ways to others. The day was completely uplifted.

  44. Thank you for the reminder that gratitude is a measure of our wealth - not the other way around! And thank you too for the description of the "beauty of holiness" as "the thought atmosphere of His love".
    Much gratitude to you, to the Daily Lift team, and to all those who share their comments.

  45. 11/28/2013
    Thank you immeasurably, John. I agree with #11; this eloquent lift sent me soaring.

  46. There isn't enough words to express my gratitude to MBE and her discovery of C/S that enabled me to rid myself of timidity, and the ability to express Truth without fear of what others think.

  47. John, a perfect Lift for a perfect day. We set aside one day to express our gratitude, but gratitude is an every day, every hour event, and I'm learning that more and more.
    I start out each day with a big THANK YOU to all connected in the bringing us these Lifts and to all the commentators who add their rich ideas and I try to make sure that gratitude stays with me all day.
    Bountiful blessings on the whole world-wide family.

  48. I'm off to church - how grateful I am to be going.
    It's a sweet little church and all the members are my dear family - how grateful I am for each one of them!
    Thank you Mother Church for these Daily Lifts - they have blessed me and set my thoughts winging all through the year.
    How grateful I am for the work of Mrs. Eddy and for our Master's laying down a path for me to follow.
    And dear God, Mother-Father, how grateful I am to be put in the midst of so much love.

  49. Thank you for this perfect message!

  50. Thank you, John Q., for this Gift of Gratitude! In America we have a National Holiday of Thanksgiving, but Gratitude is really Universal and available for All to practice Everyday! One of Mrs. Eddy's quotes that is often used as a Grace at mealtime is: "Gratitude and Love should abide in every heart, each day of all the years." Since All is Well and All is Good, we can be Grateful right now and see only Good unfolding. Big and Deep Thanks this year for the Daily Lifts - I feel that these Lifts have contributed so much to my own spiritual growth. Love and Hugs to All!

  51. Thank you John and thank you all!! It's been a great exercise if you will to do a little extra recognizing of all I have to be grateful for. I have said before that these lifts are like a Wednesday testimony meeting everyday and I love that! Gods first response to us is always love.

    One of the things that struck me today was Troys comment how 'one may stay in bed and not watch the sunrise but that never influences the sun'. I'm using that same thought but substituting whatever might be bothering or tempting me to believe anything that is untrue about our relationship with God and his/her love for every single one of his ideas. Whatever it is, nothing can influence the fact that God is Love, God is all, God is in control and God knows the answer and meets every need.

    Thank you again John and all and Happy Thanks-giving everyday!

  52. Thank you, John.
    And thank you, Father-Mother God, for ALREADY giving us ALL good!

  53. Feeling super grateful to start my Thanksgiving right here with you all, savoring the richness of John's Lift and enjoying feeling connected to such a wonderful, prayerful community. Wow, #15 Eleanor, thank you for pointing out the correlation of gratitude being the reflection of God's satisfaction and pleasure in the Genesis 1 creation! Love that! And I must echo #30 Grace, regarding being grateful for and truly delighting in this entire Lift from Nate's familiar greeting to the grin-inducing child's ending copyright tag!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all and please feel my mental hugs squeezing you in appreciation!!!! Tracy

  54. Thank you, John, and all the people expressing their thanks. I so enjoy these lifts and do look forward to them each day. So nice to have one today!

  55. Dear John and the Lift family
    Thank you for this message of real gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all.
    I am thankful for the many
    people around the world share their gratitude and healings in this space.
    Nela and Troy -- thanks for sharing those insights of humble, loving gifts.

  56. Happy Thanksgiving to this beautiful community..

  57. Indeed, I have many reasons to be grateful for!
    And one of them is to meet all of you, my fellow lifters, sharing loving and helpful messages everyday through this blog!
    I wanna give special thanks to the Board of Lectures and to Nate, for his dedication and hardwork to make this project possible to people worldwide.
    John, thank you very much for your lift!

  58. I am grateful for the moments of inspiration from the Daily Lifts. Thank you Mr. Adams for this uplifting message.

  59. What a blessed day this is! Thank you to John for this beautiful, heart-filled Lift and to all the thoughtful Commenters for sharing. Indeed a feast of Soul. Loved #15 Eleanor's contribution about gratitude relating to being pleased; God being pleased with all His creation and how we can be pleased right back. What a sweet revelation! Also really appreciated #36 Marilyn's reference to II Cor:14. Happy Thanksgiving to all today and every day!

  60. Gratitude, yes! Are we not all thankful when we need a Practitioner and that telephone is answered from a distance afar. Absolutely.

  61. Yes, we do have so much to be grateful for. Thank you John for this lovely, inspired and strenghtening Up Lift. Happy Thanksgiving to all , with much love and gratitude.

  62. Thanks for this reminder. It is soaking in on me!

  63. Yes we do- and we know that "gratitude brings riches" just as Christian Science teaches. And everyone is blessed when we give thanks to Our Father-Mother, God, Divine Love.

  64. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I start every day with these Daily Lifts and am infinitely grateful not only for the inspiration gained from the lifts themselves but also for the wonderful loving ideas expressed in everyone's comments. I have gained so much from these daily "meetings". Someone said they're like daily testimony meetings and they are; with the outpouring of love and gratitude being expressed by everyone. I am truly grateful to be able to share in this glorious opportunity.

  65. Thank you for this Thanksgiving message and the love behind it.

  66. Perfect lift for today....and always.Thank you,John

  67. I too wish to add my gratitude for this wonderful lift John. Sharing in the comments submitted just make me feel I do belong to this family with the same ideas. A good thought I read in a recent Sentinel that meant a lot to me was that one just cannot focus on gratitude and fear at the same time. So being aware of a fear in my thought I set to and made a gratitude list. Where was that fear? It was just gone through my asserting my gratitude for everything and anything. The thanksgiving service put out by the Bible Lesson Committee is always a treasure.

  68. Dear Mr. Adams, It is always wonderful to be reminded how uplifting and right it is to be grateful
    !! Thank you so much for being so unselfish to share this with everyone!!

  69. This daily lifts gives us one more reason to be grateful! Remind us of the riches of gratitude, of generosity of thought, thoughts of love and friendliness.

    Gratitude is healing, is generous, is life giving, teaches lessons, faith and trust.
    Today my gratitude is for this wonderful country that struggles to survive but still opens her arms to every heart looking for a better life.

    Politicians may pull one way or another, but the heart of the people is good enough to help the individual —even if they don't agree with their politics...

    The world criticize our laws, our way of living, but still, they come daily, by the thousands.

    Yes, the laws change and move around, but the fact that this country was founded "under God" as the Constitution says, is really established and grounded and will remain so no matter what turn the future laws will take...

    Let's give God all the power and let's keep on moving forward!

  70. Thank you.

  71. Thank you, Belatedly but nonetheless appreciative.

  72. Thank John for a welcome and excellent 'lift' - for which I am grateful.
    Also my gratitude to all the 'lifts' from other contributors which I also enjoy and find of great inspiration.

  73. Lenore from Lakewood, OH.....Yes, I want to cultivate more gratitude! I plan to have a good day because God will be handling all of my problems.....I can relax and concentrate on how I can be more positive and respectful toward others who I interact with each day. Thank you, John

  74. nature is unfathomable Mind expressed (to reference MBE- "Unfathomable Mind is expressed")-- I look around and feel that sense of gratitude you are talking about for the amazing expressions of creation we have around us-- everywhere. thank you!

  75. Dear John many thanks for this healing message.
    I'am so GRATEFUL for all the daily-lifts I have been listened
    to till now. They've given me courage, they've learned me to love and to frogive more. Love's thoughts

  76. "This beauty of holiness is the thought-atmosphere of Love." What a take-away, something to stay with me forever! Thank you, John. Thank you, dear Mother Church, for these wonderful greetings each day.

  77. Thanks John, I am very grateful we can access these daily lifts on any day and under so many different circumstances! Thanks

  78. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Lift --- thanks so much, John! As, #76 quoted I quote as well: "This beauty of holiness is the thought-atmosphere of Love." Wow, so much spiritual & practical depth, immediacy and assured continuity in this idea.

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