11/28: Enter the closet

11/28: Enter the closet

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  1. Thank you Ginny for this great Lift. God bless your husband for finding that place that gave him the peace and solitude to pray. Its nice to know that in Christian Science we learn that God is a very present help in trouble and that our "closet" may need to be wherever we are when we turn our thoughts to God. Its our mental sanctuary that in the words of Mary Baker Eddy, we can "enter into a diviner sense of the facts, .." In the midst of wherever and whatever we may be confronted with we can know Mrs. Eddy's words, "Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle,-is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal." (S&H page 306) These words will prove true and faithful.

  2. Great!! ... thank you Ginny

  3. Many thanks Ginny for this inspiring lift. Yes. "We can turn to the presence of God [Love], to that Christ presence that Jesus showed us, and we can expect healing." "O holy presence, that stills all our demanding,/ O love of God, that needs but to be known!/ Heaven is at hand, when thy pure touch persuades us,/ Comfort of God, that seeks and finds His own." (Christian Science Hymnal #174).

  4. Enter your closet

  5. Dear Ginny

    May one hunbly thank you for such an uplifting thought.

    May we all look at what Mrs Eddy said about "secret place".

    Miscellany (2)

    My. 188:7
    Your feast days will not be in commemoration, but in recognition of His presence; your ark of the covenant will not be brought out of the city of David, but out of "the secret place of the most High," whereof the Psalmist sang, even the omniscience of omnipotence; your tabernacle of the congregation will not be temporary, but a "house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens;" your oracle, under the wings of the cherubim, is Truth's evangel, enunciating, "God is Love."
    My. 244:15
    The "secret place," whereof David sang, is unquestionably man's spiritual state in God's own image and likeness, even the inner sanctuary of divine Science, in which mortals do not enter without a struggle or sharp experience, and in which they put off the human for the divine.

    Wishing you all a wonderful adventure.

    Love in Christ

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham CS.

  6. Thank you Ginny for your welcome reminder! Bless you for sharing this thought which blesses us!

  7. Ginny,Thank you! As I proceed on the spiritual journey I am learning the importance of "Spending time in the closet" reflection.Early mornings are my "closet" times when everything is still and I am able to sit quietly "Listen" pray. I cannot begin in full to explain the joy and inspiration,from this humble quiet ,spiritual of being in "The secret place", At--one-ment!

  8. Thank You, Ginny

  9. “When you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly” Matt.6:6
    Did you ever run to the bathroom to be alone and gather your thoughts, or even to be able to pray in the middle of a turmoil? That is my “closet”, not to run away or hide, but to quiet my own negative thoughts and to commune with God.
    The best time to think is when we are alone –with God- and just listening.
    Any moment is the best moment, try it!
    Jesus said, “the kingdom of God is within you” Luke 17:21… even right now is the right time.

    “Cuando ores, entra en tu aposento, y cerrada la puerta, ora a tu Padre que está en secreto; y tu Padre que ve en lo secreto te recompensará en público.” Mateo 6:6
    ¿Has corridor alguna vez a al baño para estar solo y acomodar tus pensamientos, o al menos para orar en medio de un torbellino? Ese es mi “aposento”, no para escaparme o esconderme, sino para calmar mis propios pensamientos negativos y estar en comunión con Dios.
    La mejor hora para pensar es cuando estamos solos –con Dios- y solo escuchamos.
    ¡Cualquier momento es el mejor momento, prúebalo!
    Jesús dijo, “El reino de Dios entre vosotros está” Lucas 17:21… aún este mismo momento es perfecto para hacerlo.

  10. Beautiful - thank you so much.

  11. Lovely,lovely lovely, thank you.

  12. Thank you.

  13. Thank you for the simplicity of Frank (4) . Also for the quotes from My. from Peter (5). All very helpful along with Ginny's important message. Many thanks to all. The most difficult thing I find is silencing the mortal suggestions in order to be able to hear what we need to know to destroy any discordant condition, even when we know that God has not caused it.

    Mrs. Eddy's hymn 207 "O gentle presence" is a helpful calmer of thoughts, I find. She reassures us in the 4th stanza : "Beneath the shadow of His mighty wing; In that sweet secret of the narrow way, seeking and finding, with the angels sing; "Lo, I am with you always," - watch and pray." She then wipes out all the offending material suggestions and assures us that we can find our "home and heav'nly rest" - all safe and sound and untouched by any erroneous belief. We really do dwell in that secret place of the most high.

  14. I love it, Ginny, thank you. Just what was and is always needed, being in the "closet."

  15. Dear Jinny, how blessed are you to have a husband who set such a good example...though it was hard to digest initially..he was guiding you and the children to a special place .. Thank you for your message today. xx

  16. Ginny, thank you for reminding us that Mind will always be a sanctuary for us from the chaos around us.

  17. Our closet is such a comforting place, it is like being a little child climbing into the lap of a parent. Snuggling down, embraced by 'everlasting arms of love' and listening to the heartbeat of Truth. We don't enter into the closet to find God but to climb into Love's lap, a lap that is with us wherever we are. Thank you Ginny for sharing such a sweet event and to all the inspired thinking before and after this one. I will visit this closet many times!

  18. Thank you Ginny for that timely uplift as I sit here with my coat already on about to rush out of the house to perform many duties - I am reminded that I can stay calm already within my closet which is always within me.

  19. Thank you for this wonderful LIFT . Just what is needed for this week and aiways. Many thanks.

  20. Simply beautiful and to the point. The power of prayer, of entering into the closet and away from what mortal senses are telling us. Thank you Frank for your comment and to all the comments that remind us about the power of the Christly presence of Love in our lives.

  21. Thank you

  22. Thank you! Exactly that that I today experienced too!

  23. Thank you Ginny for this powerful and healing reminder .

  24. Thanks so much, Ginny. This made me think about the great humility it takes to stop bossing a situation into submission, and instead entering the closet - once there, in that prayerful space, it always feels right.
    (PS. I couldn't help giggling when you mentioned it was your husband in the cupboard... having stood next to your husband I know he's a tall, wide-shouldered man and it must have taken even more humility to climb into that space!!)

  25. Que bueno Ginny el recordatorio, estar en comunicación con Dios en el lugar secreto que es nuestra consciencia nuestra puerta hacia el pensamiento elevado que toma contacto con Dios y en silencio comulga con el santisimo en una entrega total para que Él guie nuestros pensamientos y acciones y que reconfortante es sentir Su guia amorosa que despierta a reconocer cuan cercano está y cuan posible Es la comunicación y la bendición de las ideas que vienen de Él para corregir y guiar al mejor camino.
    !Pacientemente esperé a Jehová, Y se inclinó a mi, y oyó mi clamor, y enderezó mis pasos" Salmos
    "El estudiante puede equivocarse en su concepto de la Verdad, y este error, en un corazón honrado, es seguro que será corregido" MBE

    Sin duda quienes esperamos en Dios seremos escuchados y lo más sustancial es que oímos Su voz.

    Muchisimas gracias Ginny

  26. Yesterday morning I was having a painful time reconciling a seeming lack of progress in my life in regards to a project I have devoted a number of years to. Upon waking, the word which came to thought was fruitage. With my state of mind growing more rather than less anguished, I cancelled plans for the day and instead visited a Reading Room where I was warmly received.

    After a brief but enlightening chat with the attendant on duty, I proceeded to a study area where I researched sources from Mary Baker Eddy's writings on the word fruitage. And after I had exhausted this material, I simply carried on reading several chapters from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

    A sense of restoration and clarity soon followed, on delving into chapters randomly selected, and this meant surrendering to a spiritualized perspective while forsaking a worldly, material one.

    To those who are open to its great truths, this poignant and stirring volume can uplift and heal even the most adverse and seemingly hopeless conditions. In my case it was about regaining a right perspective on God's ever-present love, guidance and protection. And once I had humbly allowed the truths of Mrs. Eddy's writing to wash over me, I quickly found healing and a cleansing of thought from fear for tomorrow and regret over past sorrows.

    I appreciate Ginny's poignant reflections on the value of retreating to one's closet in order to prayerfully realign one's thoughts spiritward.

  27. I am so grateful for the loving tho'ts that greet me every morning on Daily Lift and carry me safely along.

  28. Thank you!

  29. Yesterday I had a moment of chaos and was looking for that "closet" to go to, but I was on the road, driving. I knew I had to get still and pray for a moment. Suddenly there appeared a safe place on the highway to turn off, so I took it. Then I reached out to God in my thinking with an acknowledgement of "Thank You for being here with me, and for taking care of me and all of us, and for quieting my thoughts with Your peace, and for leading me. I yield to Your control, Father-Mother God." After about ten minutes the chaos cleared, I got back on the road, arrived home, and that was the end of it. Thank you, Ginny, for the reminder in today's Lift that even in the chaos God provides a closet of peace and calm for us. Give your precious husband a hug from all of us!

  30. Matt. 6:6
    "...when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

    Like #7 early morning is my "closet" time when everything is still and I am able to sit quietly, listen and receive. Thank you Ginny and all for this wonderful early morning "Lift."

  31. Thanks to this Forum for another wise and wonderful Lift. There's humor, inspiration, and healing!

  32. Ginny, I so love listening to you! Thank you. We all progress on our spiritual journey with these Daily Lifts. Thank you Daily Lift team. But most of all, I thank our dear Heavenly Father for all the good he bestows on us.

  33. Thank you so much, Ginny. I guess we have all had those days when the kids outdid their parents in the effort to gain precedence and power! We can turn away from the attention grabbing drama, and just turn inwards to the Secret Place of the Most High. God's divine Love is right there, in that quiet and calm place.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the Board of Lectureship and the lecturers; and the soft and sweet speaking Daily Lift family.

  34. Humorous and insightful Lift. I must admit that I was a bit angry at the seeming negligence of the husband...The lesson of stillness and remembrance of God and remembering to listen--in spite of chaos and daily activities--is one that reminds me of Jesus' visit with the two women (Mary and Martha?)--one was busy in the kitchen preparing food while the other sat with Jesus and listened and communed with him. Sometimes it takes faith to relax sufficiently to be still and pray. Thank you.

  35. Thank you Ginny. I enter the closet a lot during my day (no matter where I am or what I'm doing) to stay close to the most important part of my life - the spiritual status as God's perfect expression. These lifts are wonderful reminders of our oneness with God and living in the atmosphere of the divine Mind where we are always nourished by God's great Love!

    Much gratitude for all those involved in bringing these daily gifts to the world.

  36. Would some please elaborate on what we are listening for. When I listen, I hear all sorts of noises, traffic in the background, room noises, the furnace etc. Mrs. Eddy refers to the inaudible voice of Truth, If it is inaudible, how do we hear it?

    Is it just watching our thoughts. Right now my family is going through a lot of challenges and I am finding it difficult to pray through.

    Thank you.

  37. Oh, Ginny, that is so funny, it made me laugh! Yes, sometimes we need to learn how to "pray on the run" and not use prayer as a way to escape from our every day lives. If God is ever present, then God is with us as we participate in our daily activities and we don't need to hide away to find our peace and presence within. Thanks for sharing!

  38. The original “closet” (greek “tameion”) in the Bible was referring to a storeroom. For safety reasons, such a room would be an inner room of the Hebrew house, discrete. And, even more helpful, the word tameion may be derived from tamias meaning dispenser.

    “When you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly” Matt.6:6

    Yep, it is a supply closet!

    Thanks Ginny, also Peter (5) and always Elena (9) for clear renditions! Joel (26) appreciate your notes.

  39. Thank you.

  40. Thank you, Ginny, and for all of the preceeding comments (too many very special ones to mention individually). This early morning quiet time is my time for study, prayer, and reflection and is so precious. I value it dearly.

  41. AMEM and Thank you All

  42. Thank you thank you Ginny. Just what I needed for today. Smiles!!!

  43. Ginny, thanks so much for a wonderful lift!

  44. Thank you, Ginny, for “Enter the closet … and shut the door … shut out what the material senses are telling me is going on and look for that deeper, spiritual reality that when brought to bear on the situation brings healing … even in the midst of chaos, there is a place in consciousness where we can turn to the presence of God … and we can expect healing …” I’ve learned increasingly to appreciate the closet. Whether or not I can find a physical place of quietude, I need to lift my consciousness. I used to “take what the material senses are telling me” into the closet with me and then try to sort it out in all its seeming reality to me. It was about me taking a quiet “time out” to figure things out. Like considering a “pros and cons” list of human solutions. But, that approach to prayer is limited by human problem-solving techniques. So, I learned to enter the closet without any material problems or solutions. I began to take only my willingness to give to God my full attention. Also, I used to think of the closet as a kind of “empty space” in consciousness. Then I was inspired to consider the closet filled up full with spiritual valuables, treasure from heaven that are mine for the taking. Now I enter the closet filled with God in whose presence I always am; but, wherein I consciously choose to be, with a “What would You have me to do?” expectation of healing. The human yields to the Divine and all good is possible. Thank God!

  45. Lovely, healing Lift! Gratitude for the countless healing gifts of God and thank you, Ginny, and all ...

  46. Thank you, friend. I remember that story and it is such a good reminder. Hugs, Marty

  47. Thank you so much for this lift. It is so good to awake this morning and listen to you. Your voice has a calming quality which I so appreciate. Times are very difficult for me, and it appears I have nowhere to go, the feelings are of overwhelming proportions and have brought a deep despair. Because I keep looking for God, I turn to whatever source seems to be an answer, I read from a journal someone gave me, to find a
    'safe place" to go within, I lamented to myself, that I had no such place, to be safe. This morning, your "daily lift" and some of the words of responders, seem to be a response from above. I am grateful to awake this morning. In this physical place, there has been no sense of safety. I will return to this lift today, to study and trust in God's provision for me. Again, thank you Ginny

  48. Thanks, Ginny. I have paper-clipped Mrs. Eddy's teaching about the "closet" in the chapter on "Prayer" in Science and Health so I can find it quickly and review her interpretation of Jesus' instructions.

  49. Wonderful, thank you. Check out Christian Science Hymnal, #237: "O may we be still and seek Him..."

  50. What a perfect Lift to start the Christmas season. As a child, I used to love to lie down under the Christmas tree before many gifts had been placed there, to look up at the lights and smell the pine scent. Later, I had a wonderful dog who always seemed very pleased to have a real tree in the house. She, too, would lie under it, perhaps imagining life in the forest.

    When I've entered the closet of prayer, my experience is a lot like that: Lights start to twinkle, a calm and bright sense takes over, and I'm at rest and expectant of good...then I'm ready to witness the entirely natural unfoldments that only a few minutes earlier might have seemed like miracles.

    The movements, adjustments, and fresh ideas that we experience in prayer don't occur in time. They can be instantaneous, evident with our rising thought. When I've prayed about work or school situations, I've often left the closet with a willingness to be very thorough in my work or study...to not take any shortcuts out of fear or doubt. But then, somehow, "time" expands, and I have all the time I need to meet the deadline with a quality product. This has happened to me so many times that the spiritual reality is becoming more and more clear to me.

    I want to give praise and gratitude to God, Christ Jesus, my Pastor, and all my helpers in Christian Science, including Mary Baker Eddy, for opening the door of the closet for me to go in and "pray aright." Let's all "Be strong and of a good courage." Deut 31:6

  51. Ah, another beautiful Lift to enjoy before getting started with the tasks of this day! Thanks to Ginny and to all of the Lift family for sharing. It's wonderful to cherish the fact that in reality, there is no chaos. None. Zero. Entering into the quiet closet of spiritual conciousness, we claim this fact and prove it in our lives.

    What a gift we've been given!

  52. Thanks, Ginny,
    There are many times a day when I have to step mentally into a quiet place in thought to reverse the lies that seem to be surrounding my desire to bless. Starting out on a day where thought has been prepared to love all I see is wonderful. I find that if the desire to bless is strong, nothing will offend it. Thankfully, God leads us out of the maze of human thoughts. He/She is right there to take the job of turning our thinking to "Love's divine adventure". “The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany,” p.158:9

  53. Thank you very much Ginny for this "Lift".

  54. Very nice and very helpful... thank you so much!

  55. Thanks, dear Ginny, for the great reminder to go into my closet, and sometimes even stay there!

  56. Ginny, Thank you!! this is so good of you to share that experience of intensive family-raising time.
    I appreciate all the "closet" stories you all are sharing to add to this Lift, including #26 Joel --finding it in the Reading Room, and Elena #9 -- in the bathroom, and Missy #29 while driving the car. The closet is not cramped or small, it is infinite -- God's secret place. ( Psalm 91)And it is everywhere! So, we can't be outside of it, nor can our peace be lost.

  57. Thank you so much for this reminder.

  58. Noble ideas! Well delivered!! Worth preserving in memory!!!

  59. Jack - Boston: Thank you - meeting my specific need at this quiet hour. With love and gratitude.

  60. Thank you Ginny and all the responders.It has come to me that God provides the closet for prayer. I have needed one many times on my experience. So we find it whether we are at home,in someone else's home,on the road,in a storm or a war zone.God provides that spiritual spot we need,that quiet place of refuge.All of us have it all the tme.He provides it.We just need to enter it.

  61. Wonderful, Ginny - thank you for such a lovely, timeless, and practical Christmas gift!

  62. I feel extremely blessed to listen daily to these beautiful messages. Thank you, Ginny!!! Your voice is so comforting and assuring!! This world can get pretty noise. My closet is available anytime anyplace!!! Thank you, God for ALWAYS being with me!!!
    Love to all

  63. Dear Ginny; I thought that was funny. Your Husband actually going into a closet. That's exactly what I did for awhile since I was at that time, 1962, very new to C/S. but I quickly grew out of that. My closet to this day has been when I retire for the night, when all is quite and Mortal Mind isn't rushing to and fro. It's quite an exercise, but I see progress in that. What better time to commune with God when Mortal Mind is asleep. Also, I have to agree with Mary Baker Eddy when she tells us that the greatest rest for a human being is Holy Work.

  64. While his disciples were fighting a losing battle trying to bail the boat covered with the waves, Jesus was sleeping on a pillow - in his closet, aware of the harmony of the kingdom of heaven. The disciples thought they desperately needed another hand to bail the boat, but Jesus rebuked their "little faith".
    "Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?" (Matt:8:26) I suppose he did help them bail the boat, but definitely without fear.
    Thanks for this humble lesson on the importance of the closet and the value of faith.

  65. Need to cut my time here short for now, but I must say thank you! Love your funny, honest sharing, Ginny. I haven't finished the comments but already feel calmed and greatly encouraged by what I got to read - #3 Malcolm's hymn 174 and # 24 Carey for bringing out "the great humility it takes to stop bossing a situation into submission." I soooo need these Lifts right now. Thank you all and I look forward to spending more time in the closet with you!!!!!!! :)Tracy

  66. Hi Ginny,

    As I am sitting in the car, in a parking lot, getting my "Daily Lift Fix", the cell phone rang. I could see it was my husband calling. I answered joyously, " Hi Honey, you are the husband in the closet being so gracious. It is on the daily lift about a husband like you."

    He said, "okay, I guess I will have to go to the Daily Lift to see what that is about. And I was calling if you wanted to go to the symphony after the Christmas party this weekend? "

    So, I got a gift and a daily lift today. I am thankful for the Daily lift's gifts of Love.

  67. We learn lessons in unusual ways sometimes, don't we? Thank you for sharing this lesson.

  68. It has been part of my daily routine that I sit down and read my lesson first. This morning, however,
    I went into the Daily Lift and found such inspiration from "entering into the closet" that I decided to
    pray first. This turned out to be special time, calming my thought, and infusing my mind with God's
    goodness. I than turned to our Daily Lesson sermon savoring the passages from the Bible
    and our textbook.
    My morning is filled with joy, gratitude, and anticipation for all the good God has in store!

  69. Wonderful ! thank you :-)

  70. Thank you, thank you. What a joy to know the door of that closet is always open, we can take that closet with us, and we can reside there in. What lovely comments as well. Thank you Ginny and thank you all.

  71. With your permission I would like to add to my previous comment. The other day when I found myself addressing a false claim in prayer I realized that I had said aloud the words,"get out and shut the door behind you!" I realized that if anyone had been within earshot I would have had some explaining to do. Finding an actual closet may not be such a bad idea. Please thank your husband for me!

  72. Every day my gratitude for the Daily Lift and for the comments grows by leaps and bounds. At one with God is a concept I've spent some time working on and the idea of a closet,filled with his blessings is very helpful to me at this time..

  73. What a wonderful message. I am so grateful for all the responders to the Lifts. The definition of closet from Biblical times was so timely, especially since that closet of old was a storage space. We certainly go to our closet within or out of a physical space for spiritual supply. I wanted to add that for #26 I am sure all the listeners to the Daily Lift include her in their prayers as part of a caring family. As Mary Baker Eddy requires us to pray exclusively and collectively for our congregation during silent prayer, I include all the listeners (readers) of the Lift as today's congregation. There is no one on earth God loves anymore than he loves you.

  74. What an adorable, precious lift! I so appreciate the comments, also, including the reminder that the closet is a storeroom filled with wonderful things. I chuckled at the description in 24 (and indeed, visualized myself) "bossing a situation into submission," instead of going into the closet. Number 4 is a lovely way to remember it, too. Thank you so much, Ginny, and everyone!

  75. At our friends' bar and bat mitzvah, I learned that the prayer closet is a prayer shawl worn about the shoulders pulled over the head, with both hands closing it in front of the face, with bowing to omnipresent God in all directions (before us for to God is where we are heading, behind us for God has our back protecting us and pushing us forward, to our right and left surrounding us with His glory and goodness.) This closes our eyes and attention to others and us from their view, to purge us from personal sense. The storehouse of all supplies and protection, all comfort and heavenly home is in the center of our consciousness wherever we are.

    I'm also learning that the prayer closet of eternal, infinite GOOD means shutting out all sense of time/mortality, so I stand porter at the door of thought impersonally recognizing, "That's just a thought of the human mind." Not mine. I categorize the type of thought: imagined past or future neither real, a check list of things to do, evaluations, defensiveness, worries, frustration, thanking persons/matter, personal attachment, repetitions, complaint, vain attempts at experiencing love/wholeness, someone else's sales pitch/ditty, an unwanted picture, mere mortal opinion... blah blah blah. Let it go. Breathe in inspiration now. NOW God speaks to us. Stop the chatter, look, listen, half-smile. Love unconditionally, trust/thank Mind, seek/see/be God's grace here/now.

    Ever one together, now what are YOU saying/doing, God?

  76. A closet within that is always available is a reassuring thought. Thank you.

  77. I will never forget when my understanding made the transition from the material belief to the spiritual apprehension with regard to the "proper place" to pray. How incredibly freeing it was to know that ANY place, physically speaking, can be a sanctuary of prayer when the consciousness is attuned to the Allness of God and His/Her loving ever-presence. Naturally it's an added bonus if we have a humanly peaceful setting in which to engage the divine -- but it's not a mandatory prerequisite. Knowing that outward-seeming disharmony is only the false testimony of the material senses goes a long way toward establishing the peace which comes of humble, comprehending prayer. Thank you, Ginny, for the courageous disclosure of the incident that resulted in your own broadened understanding of this forever fact. Wow. We never know what is going to take us up higher, do we?

  78. Wonderful Lift. Wonderful comments.

    47 Kathleen--I am sending you the warmest, sweetest hug I can. :) Though I don't know the particulars of your situation, I do know what it is like to feel swamped in despair. But my dear friend, you already have the answer: you said "because I keep looking for God . . . ". When I have felt the most lost, that's when it is most noticable that, like a plant seeking the sun, my face, my heart, turns toward God. And because God/Love is everywhere, everywhen, then Her Love always--always!--speaks in a language I can understand. May you, dear Kathleen, feel Love's healing, comforting presence as close as your breath.

    36 Dennis--Boy, I know what you mean about hearing all the human muss and fuss around us, when we are trying to listen to God. For me, the "inaudible voice of Truth" is something I "hear" with an inner ear, not the things on the sides of my head. (although a few times the communication HAS seemed like a humanly outloud message). What I "hear" are mostly like non-tangible touches, if that makes sense. A line of a hymn, a bible verse, something from S&H, or other, often whispers into thought. As far as shutting out the human noise, what helps me is thinking of a home that has a vestibule, or entryway. That's where, if you are coming in, you shed your outerwear, etc. Sometimes, when human life seems noisy, I have a "vestibule" time in my closet where I go over a prayer, or a hymn . . . until my thought is quiet and tuned in to God.

  79. Beautiful Ginny!

  80. Thank you, Ginny! It is a good reminder when one is feeling that there is too much going on to enter into a closet more literally, but to know that I can make a moment in my day to gather and re-gather the harmony and spiritual goodness to bring balance and resolution to each difficult situation that may arise. Once I do feel that Love washing over me, I have to laugh that I was in a bundle of stress at all because its reality completely vanishes.

  81. Thank you Ginny for such a beautiful message and sharing. Thank you daily lift team.

  82. Thank you Ginny for this very good "Up Lift", and thank you to all the dear commentators. I love to know that this "closet" is at hand , within us, all the time, everywhere, to be used whenever we need it.

  83. Thanks Ginny. While working in a primarily Muslim country one of my co-workers engaged me in a religious discussion, asking why I never prayed. I assured him that I prayed all the time (praying without ceasing) and we specifically discussed Matthew 6:6-7. At the time we were discussing whether or not to install a "call to prayer" loudspeaker in the worker accommodation. I left the decision to him and I prayed about the situation - - in my own "closet". Later he advised that it just didn't seem right to install such a system because the workers were not all Muslims. As you mention, clearing away the "static" is a most important step in prayer and sometimes that does mean getting to a place where we can literally close the door. Thanks again for this Lift and reminder.

  84. Amazing what a wonderful world of kind people you responders are. I just finished reading your comments and feel so moved by your wisdom and love..thank you!

  85. Thanks for reminding us of the meaning and importance of that phrase.

  86. Thank you Ginny for this uplifting thought...

  87. Even when we can't go into a closet literally, we can know we are already in "the secret place of the Most High". In Irving G. Tomlinson's "Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy", he quotes her as writing, "The secret place, whereof David sang, is unquestionably man's spiritual state in God's own image and likeness, even the inner sanctuary of Divine Science". (page 87) As we can never be less than God's image and likeness, we can never be outside of His sanctuary, our closet. What a comfort.

  88. Thank you Ginny, I appreciate your example which demonstrates working together as a team, sometimes in different ways (that can be so frustrating sometimes)- and that being still and listening is sometimes the best action- taking those moments to hear and feel God's love and direction, than to take action and keep doing God's work.

    God's in charge of every situation! I've been doing a lot of group work at school and it seems so hard sometimes because everyone is doing their own thing, not always contributing as I think they should or as they've said they would. It can feel overwhelming! But, I've been working to see God as in charge of our groups, in charge of each individual and taking care of us and our project. This is a good time to go in the closet- to find Love's perspective and let ours go. To see the good that is there, in each member and really appreciate what they do do. This heals. Each one is an expression of one Mind not many. Each one is governed by Principle.

    So, getting worked up about different work ethics isn't helpful: ) feeling burdened and stressed out. God's in charge, and we can go in the closet and claim our oneness and that of everyone in our life.

    Thank you Ginny, lots of love to you and your sweet family.

  89. Thank you, Ginny, for a wonderful lift today. And I am so grateful for all of the comments. Special thanks to Maureen from Spearfish (#78). Although your message was directed to Kathleen and Dennis, your comments also helped me. I love these daily lifts, and I look forward to listening and catching up on several I have missed from being out of town. I know that whenever I listen to the daily lifts and read the comments that follow, they are always helpful and meet my needs at any given time. Thank you to everyone involved for this loving provision that is such a treasure.

  90. 36 Dennis, your inquiry is quite touching. It takes some little courage for people to discuss what “hearing God” means for fear of looking ridiculous. But, I would say persistence pays off.

    Here is the simplest of examples. A woman I know (not a Christian Scientist) had grief healed in a moment when she was alone and saw a rainbow and felt immediate peace that everything was alright. That rainbow did not heal her. Grief is not the simplest foe. What did? She had a closet moment. Our closet is the private time when we are willing to trust an invisible God at this very moment…completely. The rest of the display is Love in action, first healing and sometimes even visible, audible, or beautiful.

    Honest answer from Maureen from Spearfish. Thank you. Yeah, I keep several hymns in my closet while waiting on God. But I have to remember to stop singing and actually listen...trust completely.

  91. I am so grateful there is a closet to go in! I can remember days where that closet seemed like is was in a different house and it felt like trespassing to enter in. Studying my weekly Bible Lesson, getting to know THE Cause and Creator with an intimate closeness and striving for ever increasing self awareness has really helped me to feel (and understand) that I belong (and why I belong). Sometimes there are days where I still feel like a guest instead of a resident...but I try and remember that there are infinite closets in the Kingdom of Heaven available to each of us, we just have to choose to open the door and get our prayer on.

  92. Thank you, Ginny! How right on.

  93. Arn ~ UK ok..GET QUIET
    focus on reality..GOD the Almighty F-M MIND/LOVE
    receive your deserving..... peace and joy and power!

    keep doing this............GOD is doing it all / STAY loyal ! STAY happy !!

  94. Thank you, Ginny. Bless your husband who really knew the higher thing to do. How loving he was to come out and help you. The whole experience is a good good reminder.
    We all have learned from your lovely Daily Lift. Makes me think of Mary and Martha story in the Bible. One knew the higher way of learning and knew what was more important. Sometimes it is hard to do this, but we know that going to higher (more spiritual) way brings the best results.
    Thank you again.

  95. As a bachelor, and living alone I have never had to go on a search for my spouse, so I don't know what that's like, but I learned a lot from this Lift and the responders. With horses, sometimes you just gotta bolt. Thanks for this treatment and podcast. Very useful for my day today.

  96. This lift is just what I needed this morning. Thank you soooooo much.

  97. This lift reminds me of a story from when I was little. I am the youngest of four and my Dad was studying for his Masters. He went missing one night and was found in my Mom's closet with her earmuffs on trying to study. Lol! I wish I had seen it for myself! Apparently it was hysterical! He was doing what he needed to do to shut out any distractions trying to enter his thought and keep him from learning. Isn't that what we're doing when we are trying to be quiet and hear God's loving guidance?

  98. Thank you for this lift, Ginny!
    I have recently moved, and could not find my special "closet" midst the rubble of boxes and misplaced furniture. Now that the physical work has settled I have discovered that my most effective place to receive His word is out in the open, in the back yard garden, where I watch hummingbirds dance and hear the 5 Freeway rumbling by. I am so grateful to have uncovered my peace in Christ again, in this special place.

    God is all present, all powerful and everywhere. Even the days when we sit clouded unable to find our peace in Christ, God is still there. I count my blessings daily for reminders like these, and for the beautiful Science discovered by Mary Baker Eddy, the Divine Comforter. Thank you Ginny!!

  99. The closet...the refuge from chaos...for me sometimes the closet finds me. Like I'll be obsessing over something I'm afraid of or confused at...and then something washes over and gives me a moment of peace.

  100. Thank you, dear Ginny.
    I love the awakening to true action shown by your dear one. I once heard that the better translation of "closet" is actually " storehouse." I think of it as a pantry all full of the right materials to meet every need.

  101. Thanks a wonderful help at the extra busy time of year! Something to always remember and hold on to!

  102. Thank you Ginny, wonderful lift and comments

  103. Thank you so much for this sweet reminder of our Father Mother God's ever presence and care ... we only need to obey this heavenly message to just 'enter into the closet' from all that would distract us regardless of how important the situation/challenge may seem to be....

  104. I thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Hi Ginny: Thanks for this reminder to take time in the midst of things that seem so important and find that inner closet and pray. Those unexpected answers to problems do come especially when we quit fussing---stop, and listen to what the Father has to say. We are taught at an early age that in case of fire on us to "stop, drop, and roll." In the midst of challenge, I will practice---stop, enter the closet, and pray
    A good reminder, dear one. Ann Botts. Banning

  106. Its so much going into the depth for me, because I just now needed these words about our closet where we can calmly be with our 'GOD and pray to him for every solution. Thank you so so much, dear Ginny!

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