11/28: Daily bread

11/28: Daily bread

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  1. Thank you Ginny ,what a nice bit of "fresh mental cooking",I think I'll savor that all day !

  2. Thank you, Ginny. I am looking forward to a "tasty day" nourished by God's Love. The warmth and smells of homemade bread baking is a comforting vision I, too, remember well. So good to connect that to being given our daily bread from The Creator. :)

  3. God's Love is our “daily bread”, is fresh every day, it feeds us, it meets our need.
    "Taste and see that our Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him" http://bible.cc/psalms/34-8.htm
    The Bible tells us to cast our bread on the waters, the ripples will multiply our blessings and will keep on blessing along" http://bible.cc/ecclesiastes/11-1.htm
    Sharing God’s Love will guide us, will take care of us and sustain us and everyone we share it with.
    El Amor de Dios es nuestro “pan de cada día”, se renueva cada día, nos alimenta, supple nuestras necesidades.
    “Gustad, y ved que es bueno Jehová: Dichoso el hombre que confiará en él“ http://bibliaparalela.com/psalms/34-8.htm
    La Biblia nos dice que hechemos nuestro pan sobre las aguas, las ondas multiplicarán nuestras bendiciones y seguirán dando bendiciones por doquier. http://bibliaparalela.com/ecclesiastes/11-1.htm
    El compartir el Amor de Dios nos guiará, nos cuidará y nos sostendrá a nosotros y a cada uno con quien lo compartamos.

  4. Yesterday, sunday, when I went home from our english churchservice here in Hamburg I felt spiritually fed by our Father-Mother-God, and am very grateful for that. And I thank you very much for your lovely DL, dear Ginny!

  5. Thank you.

  6. GOD's LOVE is fresh every day and it takes many forms - a really wonderful promise for every one! And I enjoy being fed by this LOVE at work, at home, with friends ... getting all the strength, the ideas and solutions for today, tomorrow and even the days after tomorrow!

  7. I used to be a dab hand at turning out the good loaves of bread too, Ginny. The big challenge was the yeast. We used to have to culture our own yeast bug in a bottle. Is that correct? Is the yeast the culture, and the bug just the yeast? But there were other special requirements: potato water for making the dough. Have the kitchen warm, and no opening and closing the door while the process is going on. How satisfying to turn out beautiful loaves from a coal burning Carmichael range. We have special requirements for our daily offerings to friends and family too, which is an ongoing process: give them the best you have, greet them with warmth and pleasure; listen with compassion; and wrap everyone around with lots of love and fun. There really is something so close to the heart about home made bread. It has to be shared. No one ever refuses a slice, and everyone wants to take some home with them.
    Thank you Nathan and the hard working Moderator, the BoL and lecturers, and our new weekly intake of Lifters.

  8. When I come to the line "Give us this day our daily bread" a line from Mrs. Eddy's Hymn 23 comes to mind, referring to "Dear Christ, forever here and near..."

    "Fill us today with all thou art - be thou our saint, our stay, alway." It is quite appropriate for this season also, being called "Christmas Morn".

    May this "gentle beam of living Love, and deathless Life..." feed us all this day and forever.

    Thank you, Ginny, for a lovely strengthening lift.

  9. Thanks for this Ginny. Come on everyone, eat your fill of God's infinite Love bread for his children. There may only appear to be 5 loaves but the truth is, it is unlimited - enjoy....

  10. Thanks, and may it feed those famished affections with God's grace. Amen.

  11. Thanks!...

    ...daily inspirations, insights by the Christ at our side - for the purpose/calling of "bright prospects" in the here and now!

  12. A lovely, nourishing lift. Thanks!

  13. Many thanks Ginny for that inspiring lift. Yes. "Today we can feel that wonderful nourishing bread of God [divine Love] guiding us, and taking care of us, sustaining us through our day and every place we go." "That courage may sustain our way? Out of the darkness into day,? Thy day, celestial, fair." (Christian Science Hymnal #104).

  14. Thank you. I have been making pumpkin and cranberry bread and nut bread for the Christmas season. I like the "Daily Bread our Father gives us best of all. thank you again.

  15. lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. o dia de hoje é simplesmente maravilhoso.obrigado por suas palavras, Gina

  17. Thanks for the delicious and nourishing ideas - a very satisfying breakfast! :-) I especially appreciate your allusion to angel thoughts. I'm picturing them as little morsels off the loaf, to sustain us throughout each day - as much as we want, whenever we need, or as we like. So, we never have to feel hungry and certainly we can never starve. All we have to do is "eat it up." :-) Always available. Never depleted. Fresh. Thanks, again, Ginny.

  18. Ginny, thanks so much for bringing back precious memories of my high school days, and Margaret #7 for sharing your experiences making bread. I dated a boy whose mother had owned a bakery shop in England and she made the most delicious home made bread. In the winter he would walk across the Genesee River bridge in Rochester, New York, to my house and together we'd walk back across to the frozen pond where we ice skated. When it was time for me to go home, we'd stop at his house first and his mother would just be taking a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven. We would sit down to hot bread and butter and a cup of hot chocolate. Then he'd walk with me back home across the cold, windy bridge with our stomachs nice and cozy and warm. Now I have God's Love to keep me cozy and warm through the sometimes chilly paths of life.

  19. Feed the famished affections, I am satisfied and can truly say YUM YUM. The Daily Lift feeds us and I thank you for this outstanding program.

  20. What a lovely, comforting "meal" you gave us today, Ginny! I was instantly transported in memory back to the warmth and comfort of Grandma's kitchen, and the ever-present aroma of fresh-baked bread that greeted anyone who walked in the door. The added spiritual dimension you lent to those memories, sweet and good and oh, so "tasty" in the very best Soul-sense of that word, means more than you can know. Thank you! :)

  21. Our daily bread -- divine sustenance. What more do we need with God's angel messages speaking to us moment by moment. Thank you, Ginny.

  22. Barbara from Florida 11\28\11
    I too am reminded of a time when my daughter made homemade bread and I would come home from a night job and be greeted with that wonderful aroma. How wonderful to remember that beautiful expression of love. What a wonderful spiritual meal. Thank you.

  23. I love to eat and I also love bread. At Thanksgiving dinner a friend brought a freshly baked bread as his contribution to the festivities...After Ginny's short sermon I connected the two and the realized that the bread that I love to eat and my friend's gift of bread are symbolic of my devotion to God and really is the most sustaining bread of all.

  24. My granddaughters were overnight last week and when we said our prayers, they asked me what "daily bread" means. You answered their question so much better than I did and I have shared this lift with them. Thank you for this timely "Lift"!!

  25. Ginney you're such a "good cook"... thank you. Jan

  26. Yummy! I love to bake; the smell and taste of fresh bread is so comforting, nourishing, delicious and satisfying, just the right expression of what God is always providing to us. And we always want more! Thank you Ginny!

  27. Thank you Ginny for this warm lift. I also made bread and loved its smell as it baked. There have been several articles in the papers about the importance of gratitude. They all say that people who express gratitude are happier. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you again.

  28. Well, I got through on spirituality.com and got to experience the taste and smell of fresh-baked bread first-hand! Yum! Thank you, Ginny! "Bread" and "Dough" can also be slang for Money! "Hey, man, how much bread ya got?" Or, "Give me some dough!" Our constant knowing that all our needs are met, whether it's money, angel thoughts, friends, food, a job, laughter, joy.....will bring what we need right to us! Thanking you, in advance, Divine Love, for always meeting all my human needs! I just need (knead) to keep my eyes open to recognize the good that's always here - just to meet my needs! It may not be what I think I want, but God always, always gives me what I Need or Knead! Thank You, God!

  29. Thank you, Ginny. I love making bread, the exercise, as well as the patience to let it rise. This Soul sustaining bread is always there feeding our thoughts with Love.

  30. Yummy! Thank you :)

  31. Lets watch for God's love to touch each and everyone and feed each and everyone!

  32. Cozy image, Ginny and I love the sharing it inspired so far (22 as I type)! It's such fun picturing the bread-making experiences shared by my Lifter friends #7 Margaret, # 14 Mary H, #18 Lori, #20 Wanda and #22 Babara! God's presence is that tangible in our lives- divine Love inspires the generous baker and comforts and sustains the grateful partaker - the aroma reaches the most stubborn heart...

  33. Thank you Ginny for reminding us to daily look for and recognize the comforting love God has in store for us.

  34. Thanks Ginny!

  35. WOW! What a joyful daily lift, Ginny!

    Once a day I take my apple basket mounted on a shiny red industrial dolly and head down the street to an organic bakery located in 150 year old defunct distillery. The bakery donates all of their unsold bread to my church, and I, in turn, distribute it to needy families and singles in my inner city neighbourhood. For instance one family of three living in a tiny home recently adopted four additional children from the Congo whose parents died of AIDS. My supplying them with a dozen loaves each weeks helps them make ends meet and the kids love when I supplement the bread with organic croissants and banana chocolate muffins.

    What a joy it is for me to be doing this labour of love, bringing hope and sustenance to countless multicultural people, young and young at heart. To me the giving is all spiritual, sharing God's goodness while meeting all kinds of wonderful people along the way. Life just wouldn't be the same without this service to others I so look forward to providing.

    Thanks again Jinny for the outstanding lift via your spiritually enriching thoughts!

  36. Thank you, Ginny,for sharing just a bit of our Mother's love today, always there for each one of Her children.

  37. Ginny, as a Chef...I truly appreciate the art of baking...the paralles between the fresh bread and the qualities in us from God is one I shall carry with me though out my day...thanks

  38. Thank you!

  39. Hi Ginny and all of you. Thank you for this sharing of Jesus' prayer, "Give us this day our daily bread."
    So many warm memories connect us with bread.

    Here is an anonymous poem I have had on the fridge for years.

    Be gentle when you touch bread,
    Let it not be uncared for or unwanted.
    So often bread is taken for granted.
    Ther is such beauty in bread --
    Beauty in sun and soil,
    Beauty of patient toil.
    Wind and rain have caressed it --
    Christ often blessed it.
    Be gentle when you touch bread.

  40. Feed the famished affections! Thank you Ginny!

  41. KL - Karachi

    What a lovely bread you gave me... I am not a baker but every morning we get delivered hot fresh bread
    at our doorstep! But the best is yet to come. God supplies all His inspirational angel messages and blessings with each morsel of crusty bread, and how about hot crusty baggett which everyone loives.

    Truly bread of heaven kis always the very best to eat and digest every moment of our lives...

    Blessings to you Ginny.

  42. I love to think of the transformation that takes place with the yeast of bread. The bread takes on a whole new form as it rises. Putting this analogy next to your lovely inspiration this morning Ginny is giving me much food for thought! : ) Thank you for that. We can expect to be raised, transformed, mothered, fed, with the sweet smelling savor of Christ along the way.

  43. I love your parallel of warm-baked bread to the statement from the Bible, "Taste and see that the Lord is good." Gave me a very warm, loved, and loving feeling about God's care. Thanks Ginny!

  44. Thank you, Ginny, for your warm and healtfelt message so lovingly delivered, and thank you to all you Daily Lifters for your helpful and thoughtful comments. Happy day to everyone!

  45. thank you ginny for the yummy lift mmmmm!!!

  46. Lovely reminder of our Father-Mother's daily, moment-by-moment care for all of His-Her children. After I'd walked away from my computer to begin a little chore I was reminded to pray that God is feeding everyone, me, my family members, my neighbors, and everyone in His wonderful creation with His fresh healing ideas that lift our hearts to hope and spiritual understanding. God's bounty of healing ideas is unlimited, fresh every moment. All we have to do is hold out our hands and receive the warmth and nourishment of His loving inspiration.

    Many thanks.

  47. Daily bread comes in so many forms. My earnest desire is that each one is receiving it in the way that nourishes them in the specific and unique way that they need.

  48. Thank you.

  49. Ginny, the first loaf of bread (I) ever baked was when my first grade class of 30 children took on this task. Each one stirred, some greased the pan, waited (patiently?) for the dough to rise, and finally began to smell the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread...as did the rest of the classes in the school. It was a huge success and we did share with the teaching staff. I love the connection you made with the Lord's prayer today. Thank you so much!

  50. "A warm slice of God's Love..."

    When I hear that wonderful line of the Lord's Prayer, "give us this day our daily bread", I think of how God provides for everything we need in life. Supply is always met! We are like eager children waiting by the oven door, taking in the wondrous warmth of love permeating through the growth taking place within. We are witnesses to that growth, participants, too, and sometimes, (at least I admit to) being a little impatient for the results!

    God provides for us all right when our needs require - our Father-Mother looking on, lovingly helping us through patience...and then cutting us a warm slice!

    Thank you, Ginny!!!

  51. It is always important to put in a little yeast to get the bread to rise. I thought about two statements that I have found so very important to ponder when including the Christ Truth into our consciousness as a part of our Daily Bread. "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" (Gal 5:9) and the "Ages pass, but [the] leaven of Truth is ever at work. It must destroy the entire mass of error, and so be eternally glorified in man's spiritual freedom." (S&H 118:10)

  52. Ah . . . I've just been fed my "breakfast" via this LIft and all the 47 comments so far. Ginny, thanks to you, I have also just committed to having "a wonderful day in the kitchen of God." My famished affections are being fed, right this moment . . .thank you, one and all. Special thanks to #28 Bev--your comments gave me a very "kneaded" laugh :)

    And to Nate and your musical crew--loved the new sounds for this week. I almost had to get up and dance . . I DID do a little computer-chair-boogie :)

  53. Thank you Ginny for today's Manna. It made me think of hymn #46:

    Day by day the manna fell;
    O, to learn this lesson well,
    Still by constant mercy fed,
    Give me, Lord, my daily bread.

  54. What a fulfilling message. Listening to it was a delicious breakfast

  55. What a delightful thought of the smell and taste of freshly baked home made bread! Thanks Ginny, for comparing this to the angel thoughts - "These angels deliver us from the depths." - S&H pg. 566.
    This lift also reminds me of "leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures
    of meal, till the whole was leavened," which refers to the healing and uplifting of the whole of human thought. Let's make some bread!

  56. Wonderful fragrant daily lift....Reminds me of my baking bread in the 50's to wean my children off of white bread...Thank you #39 Joy for the reminder of that wonderful poem about bread and how much the line in the Lord's Prayer comforts us...Give us our daily bread, meaning all good in every way. God is good.

  57. HA! As I sit down this morning to listen to today's lift I have potato bread rising in the kitchen (using up the leftovers from Thursday's feast!)

    How I love your thought about angels bringing us sustenance. As I prepare my thought for the activities in the weeks ahead, instead of looking to experiences to supply (nourish), I am endeavoring to see that the qualities I want to experience are already present in thought: love, joy, peace, tranquility, equalibrium, gratitude. I don't get these from doing the holiday activites but I already possess these ideas and so reflect them in the activities.

    Thank you Ginny for such a comforting and warm lift!

  58. Thank you, Ginny. Before I heard today's lift, the first hymn I turned to at random this morning was #90 and has this line: Bread of heaven! Bread of heaven! Feed me now and evermore. Next, I thought of hymn # 46 which reads : Day by day the manna fell. Appreciate comment #57 from Cynthia, too.How wonderful is God's daily provision!

  59. I'm very happy with the daily bread and I want to send me this SMS for my comfort ! Thank sincerely.

  60. When I grew up I had a neighbor who expressed those Godlike qualities of motherhood in baking fresh rolls, and always selflessly sharing with our family. I truly appreciated her loving care and a few others who always looked out for our large family of seven children, Thank you for the reminder "Give us this day our daily bread", the bread that is continuous and infinite. Thank you daily lift team.

  61. Thank you Ginny. I was just listening to a radio interview with the writer Jim Harrison who said that he reads poetry every day so that he can "be there when the bread comes out of the oven." (Quoted from the french poet Rene Char). Both Mr. Harrison's words and your Lift today express a daily readiness to receive inspiration.

  62. Thank you for this warm slice of inspiration ;-)

  63. Dear Ginny---you give so much. How do you have time to bake bread? You have inspired me to go bake a loaf of bread. As the bread rises, I will let my thought rise in gratitude for all the good that God has for us. Something you never lost sight of. I am grateful to you for working in the field of Christian Science and for your constant good thoughts for mankind. This is a Lift to share and it is on its way to others.
    Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  64. Thank you, thank you, Ginny, for this slice of bread from the loaf you received for today from our Father. Somehow, you make the Lord's serving of daily bread much easier to recognize, and expect! I'd never thought of slices to nibble on throughout the day. I'd thought of a loaf. A slice makes it so much easier to indulge in, and when the slice is gone, there's the rest of the loaf. Never thought of it before, but our Father has all the ingredients to prepare many loaves for us, should we need more, or if we unknowingly let a blessing go stale without benefiting from it, when we didn't recognize it. This is a Lift I'm going to enjoy many days. I got a fresh glimpse at supply. The slice you offered us, feeds all of us! Hope you have baskets to take up what is left over. You cyber-demonstrated the feeding of 5,000. It's like 2 Lifts today. Receiving our daily bread is filling enough to stand on its own, but seeing how a Lift shared, feeds so many more than we even see with comments, makes me realize doing that with computers is no easier than God meeting our needs in any way, shape, or form manifested for us to receive. A computer and the web can't do more than God. I got more of the loaf than just a slice!
    All the responses today, as we could expect, are heart warming, and soul satisfying. I especially appreciate # 35 Joel's work feeding famished affections, and sharing with us. #39 Joy, thanks for the poem, worth pondering more deeply. #55 Gary, with all of us, we can do it!


  66. Thank you Ginny, for the thoughts about Angel thoughts, providing us with our daily bread......ideas.which enable us with whatever our needs are.

  67. This makes me think of aroma, the aroma of God, good. In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy says: God, sends forth the aroma of Spirit, the atmosphere of intelligence. I too am inspired to bake some bread. I used to do that, time to do it again and enjoy the aroma of Spirit. Thank you for this daily lift!

  68. Thanks Ginny and #28 Bev...just what I "kneaded".....Thanks to the entire lift group..

  69. Ginny, what a wonderful inspiring fresh lift! I will think of this every time we make bread - and God gives it to us fresh every day.

  70. Thank you Ginny and Daily Lifters,
    In my Country (Australia), some of the bakers are considering using more chemicals in the bread to make it last longer.Because of this people are discussing making their own bread.

    In The Bible, when the Children of Israel were in the wilderness, God provided manna each morning and told Moses the children need only take as much as they need, no more, or the bread would go bad.

    We really do need fresh bread and to have faith that this will be delivered each moment this nourishment is needed.
    Thank you again for this most inspiring Lift

  71. Everyone of these comments is a delicious slice from the loaf offered by Ginny in her lift today. So, thank you Ginny and thank you everyone for sharing. Fed, filled, and full of joy and love and gratitude.

  72. Thanks Ginny and all for this great Daily Bread lift! Very inspiring and savoury! :)

  73. Thank you for your delicious comments. The your personal experiences, metaphysical insights and joy give such depth to the lift today.
    I hope your day is full of the joy of giving of your abundance.
    With much love,

  74. I had to come back in to share this! I never buy specialty breads at the grocery, mostly because they are too expensive. It didn't bother me, but today, of all days, I saw displays of packages with a dozen croissants, packages with 4 crumbless biscuits (whatever that is), and special dozen breakfast doughnuts, all from the deli there, and marked down to sell by tomorrow. The price made them very economical! Running on no sleep since yesterday, I didn't have time and couldn't bake bread in my rental oven that never adequately regulates oven temp. I almost passed them up, and today's Lift came to me. Father had bread for me. I got a pkg. of each to have for the week, hoping a daughter & granddaughter (who tried to come yesterday to help with a particular task, but rains stopped that) will get time to drop by another day, or if not, I'll freeze leftovers. I'm sure your Lift, Ginny, brought this bounty on, Thank you again. I feel it manifested from the spiritual slice you gave us earlier.

  75. Reminds me of a nurturing start to the day ... in GOD'S KITCHEN!

  76. "taste and see" -- I love the intimacy and tangible feeling of this lift.

  77. Thank you, Ginny! Although I've never made homemade bread, I remember how much I enjoyed buying it with my folks on their drives through the 'back country' of New England on weekends. It would fill the car with the aroma - and so good to eat! Like the angel messages we get, as you say.

  78. Thank you for the bread of Life.

  79. Thanks for the nurturing thoughts of baking bread. His grace is sufficient for us.

  80. thanks Ginny

  81. Thanks Ginny for the lovely, warm, nourishing lift one day late! So glad I caught this one before it got lost in the shuffle. Happy holiday season to everyone!

  82. Thanks for your mail of daily lift to me, am blessed with it.

  83. Daily bread. Great example. Thanks!

  84. LOVE the concept of God's kitchen... where good is always bubbling, or rising, where we inhale the aroma of Spirit, where we are always welcome, where God is always ready to nurture us, satisfy us, provide that which enhances our growth.

  85. Ginny, thanks for the 'daily bread'. How great it is that Christ Jesus gave us 'the Lord's Prayer' that really covers all human needs everywhere at all times and this daily supply is easy to experience, just trust God wholeheartedly !

    En español

    Ginny, gracias por el 'pan de cada día'. ¡Qué grandioso es que Cristo Jesús nos dio 'el Padre Nuestro' que realmente cubre todas las necesidades humanas en todas partes y en todo momento y este suministro diario es fácil de experimentar, ¡solo confía en Dios de todo corazón!

  86. So nourishing. Thank you!

  87. How appropriate to speak about our daily bread-- of God's sustaining us, nourishing us with endless supplies of insprirational bread of daily angel thoughts, guiding us to our goodness! Blessed Thanksgiving, one and all, all way-- love, Rob of the Rockies

  88. Thanks Ginny - your wise words (and those of all the other Daily Lift contributors) very much appreciated (whilst cooking or not!)

  89. Tasty, delicious, ...... right on...... thank you, Ginny....for that wonderful treat.....

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