11/27: The wisdom of giving thanks

11/27: The wisdom of giving thanks

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  1. Thank you Brian, Sandy and I so enjoy your Lifts. When we humbly turn our thought to God in giving thanks, we are acknowledging His presence and power in our lives, His loving care and control over all His creation. In yielding our thought to the one Mind we begin to see evidence of the power of the Christ acting in our lives, spiritual power taking precedence over the material. The result is we experience the love, care, strength and guidance that God is continually pouring forth. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you Brian, what an appropriate message for this Thanksgiving day.

  3. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  4. Thanks, Brian for that encouraging, strenghtening, loving daily lift !

  5. If we give God all the credit for His mercy and wisdom —and listen with gratitude— life wouldn’t give us so many challenges!

    No king in history got to be more famous than David; even today his followers are in the millions.

    His wisdom was as great as his humility:
    “Thine, O LORD, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all.” 1 Chronicles 29:11

    Si diéramos a Dios todo el crédito por Su misericordia y sabiduría—y lo escucháramos con gratitud—la vida no nos daría tantos desafíos.

    Ningún rey en la historia ha sido más famoso que David; aún hoy en día sus seguidores son millones.

    Su sabiduría fue tan grande como su humildad:
    "Tuya es, oh Jehová, la magnificencia y el poder, la gloria, la victoria y el honor; porque todas las cosas que están en los cielos y en la tierra son tuyas. Tuyo, oh Jehová, es el reino, y tú eres excelso sobre todos. 1ra de Crónicas 29:11

  6. Many thanks Brian for this great reminder, as I look out of my window at the result of last nights heavy snow fall. "Thine, O Lord, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O Lord, and thou art exalted as head above all." (I Chron. 29:11-13). "To God compose a song of joy;/ To God make melody,/ Whose arm of strength does wondrous things,/ Whose hand brings victory!" (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #459).

  7. Thank you!

  8. Thank you! Hearing a little child do the sign off was wonderful, too!

  9. Wonderful message for "Thanksgiving", everyday. Thank you, Brian. Such an important reminder that God is in charge and we step back to glorify His works.

  10. Reassuring and clear and I am so grateful for this, thank you. How much God accomplishes, and how visible this is when we step out of the way 'fixing things', letting God speak through us, and to us...listening indeed each day. So many thanks everyone for these Daily Lifts and to all who contribute.

  11. Thanks Brian

  12. I could sleep last night into this morning worrying about many things. Thank you...I am going to bed now!

  13. Thank you Brian, that's a great and wise idea. That's the way to have instantaneous healings.

  14. Lovely - and so timely. I certainly do give thanks, Brian. 1 Chronicles 29 is such a classic verse, and I am always glad to be reminded of it.
    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all who celebrate this specific date as a national holiday - and to all those who don't!

  15. Thank you, Brian!!

  16. Thank you Brian,

    Thanks also to the many Lifters especially Martin, Malcolm and Elena. Wendy I so agree with you as it is a message of "Thanksgiving" every day.

    This morning I opted to focus on organizing myself for the day as opposed to going for a morning ride. As I was putting away some brochures I saw one which I read to say "Pray with Confidence". I immediately thought of Thanksgiving and that is what Thanksgiving is all about - a prayer of confidence - as we give thanks.

    I reached for the brochure wondering where it came from. It turned out to be one from a bank which really read "PAY with Confidence" I laughed.

    I then remembered that poem of hearing the backyard bird singing before the dawn -thus not seeing any evidence of the light but knowing it is already there, just not viewed humanly. That too is prayer with confidence. I loved how you kept the focus on God and not feeling that we ought to say "I will take it from there"

    I often think back to Christ Jesus giving thanks as he took a few loaves and fishes to share among the many and still having many baskets remaining. Jesus constantly felt and understood God's government. He also took the human footsteps to mirror this Godly government as he insisted on order, love and care.

    In Barbados we have our Thanksgiving Service on January 01 and it is a refreshing, joy-filled experience. Many from other Churches come and share testimonies just from being at that service.

    Again thanks

  17. claire UK Gratitude and appreciation are like music they go on resounding in thought. A very helpful lift thank you.

  18. Thank you, yes we should always give thanks to God our Father Mother. Especially when I am driving I give thanks t for each and everyone on the road.

  19. grazie grazie grazie Pieranna from italy

  20. "Listen with gratitude" Thank you so much for that beautiful idea!

  21. Great lift...thank you!

  22. Thank you for this Lift and the reminder not to " take it from here", but continue listening.
    I agree with Adele ...continue listening to the lift to the end of the sign off... The precious child's last words are a lift, too....make me smile every time!

  23. "Rejoice in the Lord always" (Philippians 4:4). "In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you" (1 Thessalonians 5:18).
    One of the early definitions of "thank" is "thought". To give thought to God obviously means think of Him.
    In God's case, our focus should honour the Giver and pay homage to Him,

  24. Beautiful and timely DL today. Thank you Brian and ALL the contributors. I liked the idea that gratitude and appreciation are like music, they keep resounding in thought (Claire #17). Your DL reminded me also about what Jesus said before raising Lazarus: "And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. And I knew that thou hearest me always..." John 11: 41-42. Thanks, thanks, thanks and blessings to all who are working for this great cause around the world.

  25. Good recipe for Thanksgiving
    Thank you for reminding me of David's insight into gratitude
    You all have a great day !

  26. Thanksgiving prayers for all of you for adding much to my life and I know to the lives of many. Yes, it is not so wise "to take it from here!" Much gratitude for the ability we were given to listen and to be in the atmosphere of Love on this Thanksgiving and always.

  27. Sincerest gratitude, Brian, DL Team, and Lifters everywhere! Thanksgiving blessings all!

  28. Entiendo,que el agradecimiento, la gratitud, encierra en sí misma la sabiduría, ya que sin gratitud difícilmente podamos aspirar a encontrar la senda que conduce, exactamente allí donde ella se encuentra. Sabiduría que no quiere decir ser sabio, sino reconocerla y saber a quien pertenece, y que podemos ser conscientes de ella y ser partícipes de ella. No pretendiendo ser sabios por nosotros mismos, sino conscientes de la real Sabiduría que nos llega del infinito, para que, recorriendo la senda del Cristo, , no pretendiendo ser sabios en nuestra propia opinión, sino que podamos ser sabios en prudencia, bondad, paciencia, tolerancia, amor, etc. etc. y sobre todo obrando de acuerdo a la misma Sabiduría , que con Bondad, señala el camino.

    "Debéis aprender a reconocer a Dios en todos Sus caminos" MBE No y Si

    La gratitud es un bello capullo que va abríendo pétalos de sustanciales argurmento para acercarse a la sabiduría divina, porque de ella emana todo lo demás.

    Muchas gracias Brian, Podemos concluir, que es sabio agradecer cada día los mensajes inspiradores, ya que son fuente de progreso.

  29. Thank you, Brian, for “The wisdom of giving thanks … ‘Thanks, God, I can take it from here!’ Big mistake … staying close to God through a discipline of listening with gratitude on a continual basis is best … hear, acknowledge, and receive more of God’s wise and loving guidance all the time …”

    You are so right!!! Thank God and “take it from here!” is exactly what I used to do. Although it’s not as big a mistake as not going to God at all, I have found greater stability through your recommended “discipline of listening with gratitude on a continual basis.” This latter approach to my relationship with God puts the focus on God, instead of on what seems to be happening in the human realm. First God / all-Good / Love-itself! Then me, to "let go and let God" lead me through the human realm, to “love one another.”

    Also, going to God "all the time" has brought to me the practical realization that Good is not fragmented, temporary, or illusive in my daily experiences. My understanding of all-Good as ever-unfolding and uninterrupted continues to grow.

    “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;) And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works” (Heb 10:23-24)

    … reminds me of our Daily Lift family - nourishing each other as we share whatever we have, as if "feeding the multitudes" from our own store of "loaves and fishes." (Wow, Troy! "Loaves and fishes," came to you, too! ;-)

    Thanks, everyone!

  30. Busted! I had to laugh when I recognized myself in "Thanks, God, I'll take it from here."

    But then there was a small but important uncovering...that I feel like I don't deserve more than a little help from God. That somehow I'm supposed to be independent and self-sufficient and "take it from here" without further aid.

    But God isn't like an overtaxed human parent. God is Infinity, and I'm not a separate child demanding more than my fair share of Her "time" -- which is not even a factor in heavenly Reality. It's actually better for everyone if I just keep asking and asking and asking God for wisdom, for next steps, for right words.

    Lean on God's care, feel more harmony and security.

    I'm grateful for all the help...in the form of very specific good thoughts (or angels) and gentle directions that I receive each day...one day at a time.

    Just yesterday I woke up early feeling rested but depressed, depleted, and mentally foggy. I had a full day of work ahead, and many concerns about family. My "angel" was to take first things first and not to indulge this pile-up of worry. Also to guard the mental atmosphere at my workplace by affirming the presence of the Christ. The day was a beautiful blessing to many, and I felt both loving and loved as I went through it. By the end of the day, I still felt rested, but also joyous, energized, clear as a bell. I don't know how to explain such a shift except as a healing.

  31. I first of all want to say what a great lift it is hearing that cheerful little voice at the closing of Brian's inspiring message. My prayer is the 3rd verse of hymn #3, "Grant then, dear Father-Mother, God, Whatever else befall, This largess of a grateful heart That loves and blesses all." And as the welcome to the Christian Science Bible Lesson in the front of the full text Quarterly assures us "as you actively live love day by day, even moment by moment, you can see the healing and benefits that result, helping not only yourself but everyone your life touches." May everyone who hears this lift experience the blessings of its message.

  32. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving, too!

  33. Thank you Brian for your lovely reminder for giving thanks! David certainly did have so much about which to be grateful.
    My grandmother taught us that He needs His reflections (us) to praise Him daily and acknowledge our obedience. I have found that a grateful heart brings grace also. After all, God's divine Love does surround, lead and protect, always.

    I am reminded of Hymn #342:

    " This is the day the Lord hath made;
    Be glad, give thanks, rejoice;
    Stand in His presence, unafraid,
    In praise lift up your voice.
    All perfect gifts are from above,
    And all our blessings show
    The amplitude of God’s dear love
    Which every heart may know."

    How perfect is God's Love for each and every one of us!

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team. I want to give thanks to you all!!

  34. A perfect prayer, thank you

  35. There is no Thanksgiving Day as such in Mexico, but I often hear people exclaim, when good news is given, "Gracias a Dios!" Thank you to God. God is acknowledged as the source of good in everyone's heart. The prayer from Chronicles mirrors this gratitude. Thank you, Brian. Thank you dear Mother Church. Thank you God!

  36. Thanks for reignest over all.

  37. Thank you.

  38. Thanks, Brian, you helped me to realize how very wise and intelligent it is to give Thanks and Acknowledgment to the Source of our Being! We wouldn't exist without God! Wow! That's a lot to be Thankful for! I also see how having the humility to recognize that I don't have all the answers keeps me close to the Source of Love and Guidance, which I need every moment! This "time of year" i.e. The Holidays, can often seem a bit edgy and strained and tense, especially with Families. Just want to recommend the C.S. Online Chat this week - it's Terrific! It's about dealing with Family Issues. Also, we have a great C.S. Bible Lesson this week re. how to stay Alert and not get Deceived! Big Hugs of Gratitude and Love to all the Family of Lifters, the Daily Lift Team and the Mother Church and Christian Science!

  39. Yes, thank God, praise His name, exalt Him together, as we do on the Daily Lifts. God answers before we call, meets all our needs, and has given us His Christ to bring home the message. I love this forum for the world to join in gratitude continually in fresh, new, and inspiring ways. Thank you, Brian, DL team, Lifters, and The Mother Church Board of Lectureship for the blessings sent out and gratefully received.

  40. I would like to take this opportunity to give gratitude for these wonderful daily lifts and all who share their inspiration - such a blessing to us all.

    I seem to get advertisements to do with 'lifts' and 'lifting' whenever I tune in to these daily gems, and one of those is an ad. for "fork-lifts trucks'!!!!! This makes me smile, but also inspires me to know that we are not lifting up heavy loads, put putting them down, and lifting up our hearts and minds to God to find all the real things of value and help in our lives. For this I am truly grateful.

  41. To pray to God when things get bad and then not think of God when things get good is of no useful endeavor. It's just plain gobberly-gook
    of no consequence. God is our very being, our very existence, our very help and our very security. We must constantly thank him, acknowledge him, praise him. It's just common sense, for leaving God out of thought for even a second opens wide a pandora box of trouble, and we don't want that. God never separates us from him. It's the other way around. So keep giving thanks every moment to God and see the sense of this every moment. Your days will turn out better, better health, better repore with your fellow man, better job performance, etc.

  42. Are we truly grateful for the good already recieved? My answer is yes!

    Thank you divine Mind and Mary Baker Eddy for giving us this healing Science! What a wonderful blessing to have so much love expressed!

    Thank you Brian for all that you do!

    Thank you Christian Science Board of Directors for giving us this website to share the blessings with each other.

  43. Thank you so much Brian for this Lift and everyone for all the comments.
    As I was going over a long list of 'must do's' before family gathers at my house, a seemingly daunting list, some things that had not been done in quite a while, a list of what some may call 'chores', the thought came to me so clearly that doing 'house' work is nothing but gratitude. Whether it be washing dishes, mopping floors, cleaning the bathrooms, we are putting our house, our consciousness, in order. We are getting rid of the clutter, the dirt and making 'all things new'. As we complete the tasks then we have prepared ourselves to bless and be blessed, every day. The burden of 'chores' has been lifted and everything will be put in order with such gratitude.
    I am so grateful and humbled by this thought, especially since I don't have to 'take it from here'!
    My prayer for each and everyone world wide is from Pulpit and Press, page 11.
    "Divine presence, breathe Thou Thy blessings on every heart in this house."
    Thank you Mrs Eddy!

  44. Thanks for the beautiful message, Brian. And thanks for pointing out the lovely thanksgiving prayer of David in I Chronicles.
    11 Yours, O Lord, are the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory, and the majesty; … 12 Riches and honor come from you, and you rule over all. In your hand are power and might; and it is in your hand to make great and to give strength to all. 13 And now, our God, we give thanks to you and praise your glorious name.
    And what a beautiful, clear translation. BibleGateway.com states that the NRSV [New Revised Standard Version] was published in 1989, and "has received the widest acclaim and broadest support from academics and church leaders of any modern English translation….
    "Rooted in the past, but right for today, the NRSV continues the tradition of William Tyndale, the King James Version, the American Standard Version, and the Revised Standard Version.
    The NRSV stands out among the many translations because it is "as literal as possible" in adhering to the ancient texts and only "as free as necessary" to make the meaning clear in graceful, understandable English. It draws on newly available sources that increase our understanding of many previously obscure biblical passages. These sources include new-found manuscripts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, other texts, inscriptions, and archaeological finds from the ancient Near East, and new understandings of Greek and Hebrew grammar."

  45. Thank you, Brian, for this wonderful reminder to continually thank God for all good! And thank you, Everyone, for all your comments of encouragement and love. Grateful blessings to all.

  46. Amen. Thanks Brian and everyone for sharing.

  47. Thank you Brian, Nate, and all involved in bringing us these Lifts, especially the sweet voice in the sign off. The verse quoted is one of my favorites. Yes, God deserves our continual praise and we are the beneficiaries of that praise because it brings us closer to Him. We set aside the 4th Thursday of November for a day of Thanksgiving but being thankful is a 24/7 practice.

  48. "Thanks God, I'll take it from here." You nailed that error Brian. At one point or another we all slip into that erroneous thought. I know I have. Learning to listen with humility for God's guidance and be grateful is always a work in progress. Such a wonderful message this is. Thank you so much!

    Every morning I walk my dog with my neighbor and her dog. She just returned from Santa Fe, New Mexico and the first day we walked she told me how she spent a week in bed resting because of a virus. She got well before she returned. This morning she told me the same virus was back again. She's not a Christian Scientist but I have talked to her about CS and that God does not create disease. Yet, she does not seem open to changing her thinking. I looked to God for what to say to her. Then the angel thought came to talk about gratitude and especially since Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I told her a personal story of how I realized a time I thought was suffering was actually full of blessings -- drawing close to God and experiencing love. I shared the Maya Angelou story about the "attitude of gratitude" that a lifter had posted at one point. By the end of our walk I could see she was much happier and a lot of her anxiety was gone. These Daily Lifts are such blessings for which we can be grateful! So true, Brian, about the wisdom in giving thanks. Thank you!!

  49. Thank you so much. I knit and I try to think of a good God thought in every stitch by being thankful ...Wonderful

  50. Thank you, Brian!

  51. I give thanks to God every day and at Thanksgiving Day I multiple the thanks! Thank you! A thousand Thanks!

  52. Much gratitude for your lift Brian. Wonderful to know the All-in all is in charge. To Troy in Barbados, I'd like to hear more about the Jan. 01 testimonies for a Thanks to God. Wow what a good idea!

  53. Gratitude has been a key for my advancement in the understanding and demonstration of the Christian Science which Mrs. Eddy imparted to her students. And because she counseled that "Action expresses more gratitude than speech" (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, 3:26), I am impelled to express endless gratitude for our Daily Lifts and the wonderful messages they convey, delivered by inspired speakers. Thank you to all who make this possible.

  54. So many comments of gratitude and powerful expressions of grace here today. Thank you.

  55. Thank you, Brian, for this wonderful Lift, and also to fellow Lifters who join in sharing these beautiful truths, either silently or by posting comments. Too numerous to mention are the gems offered through the comments, but they always add to the message, meeting needs and giving comfort. "We are not divided, All one body we...." Christian Science Hymnal #264. Just like a giant circle of prayer encircling all and spreading the Word of Love. I am so grateful to God for His bountiful blessings. And endless thanks to Nate and the Daily Lift Team for making this daily feast available. Love to all!

  56. Giving thanks every day has become a part of my life. Listening, listening always for God's voice (angel thoughts) to direct my path seems to be more difficult. However, the more grateful I am for the many blessings I've received, the more I am led to listen. Though I 've certainly been guilty of "Thanks God, I'll take it from here" - I find that doesn't work out so well - The mortal me doesn't do as well as the "real" me that God sees.

    Being grateful for these Lifts is one of the most important things I do everyday.

    Happy Thanksgiving (and every) Day to everyone.

  57. Gratitude for Eternity and for these daily reminders that each moment is a moment of divine Eternity where we can take comfort in humbling and aligning ourselves with God.
    I cant think of a more wonderful group or forum to thank than this!

    Thanksgiving Blessings!

  58. Thank you Brian. Thank you Dl. team and thank God or Life, truth and love.


  60. Wonderful !!! Thank you! :- )

  61. Giving thanks is a way to keep praying... without ceasing.. Thanks, Brian and commenters and website staff!
    Love and blessings to all!

  62. If God gives us a gift, what should we do with it? Surely we we should use it to God's purpose, be passionate about it, love it, exult in it, expand it and let the light of its beauty and goodness shine out towards others. We should be confident in it, be fulfilled by it, be made harmonious by it and be completely healed by it! There will be no denying our gratitude then! It will ring out in truth and freedom! Our thank you will be of joy that knows no end!

  63. Thank you very very much.

  64. What a perfect time of the year to express our gratitude to God; to praise Him, to adore Him, to glorify Him, to honor Him in ALL ways. We truly are bountifully graced with His divine love, always...now and forever. And to acknowledge that He is in charge is our daily prayer. How privileged I am to be His perfect child reflecting only good.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day and every day!!!

  65. This is an excellent lift........Merci

  66. If God gives us a gift, what should we do with it? Surely we we should use it to God's purpose, be passionate about it, love it, exult in it, expand it and let the light of its beauty and goodness shine out towards others. We should be confident in it, be fulfilled by it, be made harmonious by it and be completely healed by it! There will be no denying our gratitude then! It will ring out in truth and freedom! Our thank you will be of joy that knows no end!

  67. As Mrs. Eddy realized through studying her Bible, God never leaves us alone so we make mistakes and he can punish us, God never leaves us alone. We never have to fear we'll end up somewhere God is not because he is all, here and now eternally.

  68. Wonderful Lift and beautifully spoken --- thanks so much, Brian!

  69. Thank you. It's a beautiful prayer.

  70. Brian, Thank you. God is cleverer than me and the more I learn that the wiser I become ( demonstrate).

  71. Thank you for the reminder to not "go it alone," Brian. The angel thoughts that appear, when I am listening, continually bring joy to my heart. Recently this one made me laugh aloud, "What is that to thee? Follow thou me." (John 21:22) The timing was perfect. Following is a poem I memorized 16 years ago to help me see through a difficult situation. It continues to be a blessing. A prayer Father, give to me the grace To see Your child in every face, To see each one beloved and pure, Blessed with beauty, wise, secure. Help me know not one will stray Beyond Your love, Your perfect way. Let me see one family, All in One and one in Thee. http://sentinel.christianscience.com/shared/view/261j8gzoybo?s=e By Gloria Mertz Beasley November 10, 1997, Christian Science Sentinel

  72. Thank you.

  73. thank you brian.

  74. So wise to constantly remember that God is the doing and I'm the reflecting--thank you, Brian! Hey, I loved the music in this particular lift; thanks production team!!!


  75. Thank you, Brian! I've always loved the solo based on the scripture you quoted.

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