11/22: John 17:22

11/22: John 17:22

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  1. Thank you Mark for this wonderful explanation of "expression" in the wholeness of its spiritual context. Our individual expression of God's being is the outcome of our oneness with the Father. Our true nature is God's true nature.. We are complete and whole because He is complete and whole. In the words of Mary Baker Eddy, "As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in being." (S&H page 361). An awakening to this truth brings glorious, infinite possibilities into focus.

  2. Yes, what a blessing, Mark.. amen to that for all time and eternity!thank you for the reminder!
    Our Father-Mother GOD is indeed Father of Lights and Eternal Living Glory! Blessedness for
    All peoples and nations.

  3. Thanks for reminding me that Christianity is one.

  4. Thanks!!

  5. What a wonderful lift. The oneness of God and me. How wonderful that it includes all of us in the Love and Security of Divine Truth.

  6. Thank you Mark, I needed that!

  7. Yes, what a BLESSING for each and everyone, thank you so much, Mark, for this inspiring message.

  8. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  9. Many thanks Mark for bringing this very profound and absolute statement of Truth to our attention. Yes, for me this spiritual realization of our oneness, is the reason for our success in the healing work. "Man is [always] the [perfect] expression of God's being." "One the Mind and Life of all things,/ For we live in God alone;/ One the Love whose ever-presence/ Blesses all and injures none./ Safe within this Love we find all being one." (Christian Science Hymnal #157).

  10. Hi Mark...How awesome that we can learn...and understand that Jesus' expectation was to make it clear that all that glory was not just for HIM...but also ours...to know...and to claim...to LIVE and express...because that's our divine right. It's our STATUS...as man...the expression of God's being.

    We are blessed at present to have you "in person" giving a lecture series in Sydney, Australia. Thank you for sharing yourself around the world in this way...and for these wonderful LIFTS where our understanding continues to grow...thanks "mate!"

  11. Thank. you for this very inspiring Lift. It is very helpful. Have a great weekend everyone.

  12. Thank you Mark For such a lovely DL.To realize that this glorious oneness with our Father is already there, that it was there yesterday and it will be there tomorrow, gives us such hope, peace, safety... There is no anxiety in this glorious oneness with God. We need not worry about tomorrow. All is well. Yes, what a blessing! My cup runneth over.

  13. Thank you Mark,

    I shall study that passage a bit more. Both Martin (1) and Malcolm (9) and the other Lifters really saw into the blessings of the Lift. The Lift has left me thinking a lot about prayer.

    There are a number of points that Christian Science seems to depart from other denominations & one of those points is prayer - of course this is just my view and not necessarily that of other members.

    People often speak of prayer as pleading with God for something. One of the coolest statements Mrs. Eddy writes about prayer is that "Prayer cannot change the Science of being, but it tends to bring us into harmony with it." (Science and Health - p 2:15).

    This "us" isn't just you and I, but EVERYONE. Some months ago a fellow Lifter said they were praying about someone in the apt building that smoked thus the smoke flowed into their apt. Just last night I read that a city in California has passed an ordinance banning smoking in apt/condos..this is the first of its kind. I thought back to prayer and how humanity is constantly being brought back into alignment.

    Prayer also teaches us to keep our thoughts aligned to God's because as John 17:22 says we are one with God just as Jesus was. We are loved, protected and empowered just as Jesus was because Christ is our divine heritage. Our prayers, then, help us see the solution that is already there..though at times we have to be patient.

    Again, thank you Mark. That "glory" is understanding, wisdom, love.

  14. Mark Thank you! What a Blesssing indeed"From glory unto glory,What great things He hath done," CS Hymnal!

  15. Thank you for this Bible verse to ponder Daily.

    Beverly Joyce SHM

  16. Esas palabras de Juan, me inspiran a pensar que humanamente somos individuales, no así en lo espiritual, ser Uno con Dios, como Cristo lo es, nos indica que en esa magnitud-única que es Dios no hay lugar para individualidades, la individualidad tiende a pensar por sí mismo independiente del otro y de los otros, porque hay otros en lo humano, en lo divino hay Uno solo, por lo tanto pienso que esta supuesta individualidad es un engaño y debe desaparecer en el Uno, como parte integral de ese Uno no como indivdualidad. Me gusta pesar que somos porción de Dios, ínfima, pequeñita, pero, ¡¡oh maravilla!! porción de Dios, como Un hecho real.

    Muchas gracias Mark, cerremos la semana parafraseando con : 1 de Juan; Aún no sabemos lo que hemos de ser, pero sabemos que cuando Él, lo real se manifieste seremos sus semejantes, integrados al Uno, individual absoluto, que no comparte su poder con nadie.

  17. Thank you for this blessing of our reason for being!

  18. Thank you so much, Mark. Very helpfull!

  19. Thank you so much, Mark. As Harry says, it really is awesome to have you right here with us.The Daily Lift today is a prayer that I seemed to resist with all my being at different times. The acceptance seemed to be so much more than I could imagine. And then sometimes the clouds did literally part and I could see so clearly it was a shock of joy and disbelief - actual pain. But with steadfast practice I'm able to accept it as my divine right. Great success at some times, and a bit wobbly at other times. . .
    Mark, the style of riding we spoke of in Wynnum is Western Pleasure. It does have a great following, especially after Christmas on the Australia Day weekend at 503 Goonoo Goonoo Road, Tamworth. If you just happen to be back in Australia. .
    Many thanks Nate and the team; The Mother Church and the Daily Lift family..

  20. Thank you!

  21. Thank you Mark

  22. This beautiful lift has special meaning for me today....thank you:)

  23. Thanks, Mark, for bringing this Bible verse to our attention and alerting us to our oneness with God. What a blessing we all have!

  24. Gratitude for God's blessing of the one eternal Christ with us and for the blessings of Church! Thanks, Mark, for this healing Lift and also to the Daily Lift team and Lifters for the generous sharing each day!

  25. YES< YES< YES!!! Soooooo greatful, Thank-you always.

  26. Thanks for the inclusive prayer. We are all one with God including all the ones in the Philippines.

  27. I am scheduled to speak to a large audience this afternoon, and have been quite nervous about doing so. Listening to you this morning has placed all of my "butterflies" in formation. I know that my real job is to simply express God. Thank you so much.

  28. My day is a record of me expressing only God's being, essence & nature! I will be sure to express God well!!!

  29. This is just terrific. Thank you for this wonderful message!!!

  30. Your Lift this morning is a blessing, Mark. Everyone reflects the glorious radiant light of Truth and Love. Knowing that we can look for it and expect to see it. Love being loved and loving.

  31. Thank you for this important understanding of reflection and our oneness with God.It brings peace,joy and strength.

  32. Thank you, Mark. Thank you Lisa #27. What a lovely prayer of affirmation to begin a day, every day.

  33. Thank you Mark.

  34. Thank you Mark for reminding us that Mrs. Eddy clearly explains in "Science and Health" that "Jesus expresses God's being" and we too "express God's being" because as she says, "Man is the expression of God's being"(p 470). I think this point is pivotal in understanding how we, all of us, can feel closeness to God. After all, if we express God's being, we are at-one with God and we cannot help but express all of God's attributes. And we are at-one with God, that is our heritage, our right, our "indestructible relationship" (p490) as Mrs. Eddy says. So if the relationship is indestructible, then it is always there for each one of us to claim anytime, every hour, every minute.

    "There is but one I, or Us, but one divine Principle, or Mind, governing all existence..." (MBE "Science and Health" p 588).

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team for this week's forum.

  35. Yes, what a blessing indeed! We have so much for which to be thankful, and God's grace, His blessings, are our all. Thank you, Mark. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  36. Thank you, Mark, for this LIft of Oneness! I believe that often people have interpreted Jesus' statement: "I and my Father are one" as meaning that he was God himself in a human form. Mary Baker Eddy brought to the forefront of thought the metaphysical understanding that God and man are one in being. (See #1 Martin and S&H p. 361.) She also emphasized the fact that the basis on which Christ Jesus' healing work was done was man's oneness with the Father. What a terrific opportunity we have to experience healing by acknowleding and accepting our oneness with God! Christian Science offer us this opportunity. So Grateful! Much Love to All and Happy Weekend!

  37. Special thanks to #12. Excellent commentary to go along with this beautiful Lift.

  38. With the alleged appearance of so much turmoil going on in my family this scripture is perfect for me to share. Thank you.

  39. Thank you for your great lift.

  40. Mark, I love what you said about the New Testament not being so much about God helping Jesus but a record of Jesus expressing God's being, essence, and nature, and that our life is a record of us expressing God's being as well. Terrific! Will hold on to that one! Love to all

  41. I am so grateful for this "lift" and for the fact that both Daily Lift and Daily Thought are part and parcel of the enrichment that students of Christian Science can now claim..I'm so grateful for the awareness that Christian Science gives us of our true spiritual nature and of our at-one-ment with God, with each other,with all mankind..Thank you for this very helpful lift..

  42. And Mark, how comforting to know that the hour is now! Now, we glorify God as Jesus taught us by his example. Thanks. AND thank you to everyone for your thoughtful comments.

  43. Wonderful lift and comments! Thank you so much !

  44. Thanks, Mark, for your very clear and helpful Lift!

  45. I am the expression of God's being. That says it all! I'll keep that with me all day, and each day.
    Thanks Mark, so much for this Lift. And thanks to Nate & team for bringing us these treasures, and to all the Lifters who enrich/expand my understanding.

  46. ONENESS.!.....how lovely to learn to get rid of" self " and learn this Truth.! It is a practice for sure, but doing it, then reveals the transparency we are so we can be God's expression and use this Truth to heal and help others ." My cup runneth over!" with this. Now to go practice it. Thank you!---Merri

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from Psalm 23.

  47. I agree with Mark that of itself, John 17:22, is a prayer. A prayer to obliterate intolorence and racisism for ever. It shows not only are we at one with ourselves but also with God. So how could we be against each other because of race, creed, beliefs, or even our sexual preferences? The answer is a simple, we can't. And that's how I prayed all these years for harmony amongst our selves, and now in the 21st Century we're seeing progress toward human acceptance of each other regardless of the above.

  48. Mark, I love this, inciting me to think of oneness in the same time I have to do my tasks. I'm so happy having these messages. It's comforting me. Thank you Mark. Thank you everyone who makes Daily Lift possible.

  49. This message today is expressed so clearly. Thank you for sharing this understanding you have with all the listeners. And isn't it a wonderful and comforting message!

  50. Thank you, Mark, for “John 17:22 … a prayer that Jesus, himself, prayed … ‘And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one’ …”

    I’m understanding ever more clearly that this “one-ness” is the Truth of our being – the Truth that makes us free from “every ill that flesh is heir to.” Accepting the glory of being in the image and likeness of God/all-Good/Love-itself!!! is claiming our oneness.

    It reminds me of a meeting my husband and I had with a financial advisor, who was pointing out to us that we were eligible for a certain credit. In response to my husband’s hesitation, the advisor said, “It’s like free money just sitting on the table, waiting for you to take it. It’s yours. Take it.” We did!!! J

    Under the marginal heading, “Standard of liberty,” Mrs. Eddy wrote, “ Christian Science raises the standard of liberty and cries: ‘Follow me! Escape from the bondage of sickness, sin, and death!’ Jesus marked out the way. Citizens of the world, accept the ‘glorious liberty of the children of God,’ and be free! This is your divine right” (S&H 227:21).

    I’m understanding ever more clearly that each day (several times a day even!) “a glorious day is dawning …” (Hymns 2:1) and I’m learning ever more clearly how to “rejoice and be glad in it!” (Ps 118:24) as I increasingly obey the still small voice* of Our Great Advisor sometimes shouting within me, “It’s yours. Take it!!!”

    *I Kings 19:12; Mrs. Eddy’s Writings; Hymns

  51. Good is the only record we have and the only record we need to keep.
    Thanks so much for your lift Mark!

  52. Thanks for this inspiring lift. Not many minds uniting as one, but one Mind expressing itself as all. Wonderful.

  53. Thank you, Mark and Daily Lift tech team, for
    bringing us this message. I thought I was familiar with the book of John but this is a verse in a chapter that I have not given the attention that I now intend to give. As I just looked up the verse to read it in context, it appears that the entire chapter 17 is a prayer. I am grateful for this daily bread/inspiration. What a feast. Thanks, commenters, all 48 of you so far this morning. May we all be one!
    Love and blessings to all beings everywhere all the time! May we all be one!

  54. Mark, thank you for this healing message.

  55. We are one with Him, and thus one with each other. Thanks, Mark

  56. This holiday time of year seems to bring out more of that feeling of oneness as we encounter each other during the day no matter where we are. More people seem to respond with a smile or some courteous gesture. I don't seem to notice so many "frowns". The Christ spirit is certainly more pronounced. Not only is your lift terrific, Mark, but the added unfoldment shared by all you other lifters is a perfect ending for the week. I definitely feel uplifted and soaring mentally. Thanks ONE and ALL. El Paso Patt

  57. "Expressing God's being...." Think you Mark for so clearly explaining this Bible verse/prayer. This can be our first response to those who are not expressing "Gods being". This kind of prayer removes our fear and the limitations it would impose on others. It may even open the door to ideas where "Love is reflected in love." (Science and Health pg 17), Expressing Gods being is indeed a blessing, and is a natural choice available for everyone.

  58. Mark, thank you for expressing God's being!

  59. I love the idea that we reflect God's unity. One God/One Reflection. Isn't that the law that rules out discord?

    Would love to hear Mark's and others' thoughts on this.

  60. Thank you.

  61. Thank you Mark always for your deep and wonderful daily lift messages. It's interesting that I went to bed last night thinking about my at-one-ment with our Creator, God. How loving and gentle and caring He is to only see us as His perfect children and we reflecting only perfection. As I was working on a situation before bed, I couldn't help but to remind myself of my understanding of me and my Father-Mother God. To sincerely and freely know that we cannot fall out of his perfect creation nor be diseased, nor faulty, or be defective. Thinking and expressing natural thoughts of my being and my Father, forever inseparable and eternal, had only encouraged me to forever feel God's ever presence. How comforting, and helpful, and liberating that was. "For in Him, we live, and move and have our being".
    "This is the day the Lord hath made, be glad, give thanks, rejoice!!!!! God Bless You All.

  62. That was just what I needed to hear, very powerful and theologically on target. Thanks!

  63. Mark, this is wonderful! Thank you. And Nela (No. 50), so fun!

  64. Rembering a ( good or bad) record of our history in matter, must be wiped out of consciousness. We have Preexisted with God and only have a record of spiritual good. Thanks for reminding me Mark.


  66. Thank you Mark for this reminder! I was watching a TV program this AM called Bible Secrets Revealed. It showed how the three major world religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, are in constant turmoil about "rights" in the Holy Land and who has them. I had to view this program through what Christian Science teaches about man's oneness with God. It seems a shame that there is so much contention still going on there. To me, God's Chosen People are all His spiritual ideas, and the Holy Land is the kingdom of heaven. This viewpoint takes it out of the material view and right to the spiritual view of reality!

  67. "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men"Luke 2:14.

  68. Our oneness with Divine Love is our spiritual status. Only as we see the real man are we truly "tolerant" of one another. Mrs. Eddy's explanation of spiritual status or oneness has enabled me to see the one and only real man as the basis for 25 years of Christian Science institutional work indcuding multitudes of healings ,many of them my own.

    My gratitude for these Lifts and all the many expressions of gratitude is unbounded. Truly substance is spiritual.

  69. Of course we are the oneness with the Father! and I also love the idea that I, too, am a "record of of God's essence, glory, and being." Thank you, Mark, Nate, and all the Daily Lift cast and supporting crew. You all are a tremendous blessing.

  70. Thank you for this wonderful clarification of the glory we have and have always had 'before the world was', which is of course now.

  71. Thank you so much Mark for the helpful lift.

  72. Thank you Mark for this great lift on our Oneness with God. It is a blessing to All indeed!

  73. 'Thank you.

  74. Thank you, Mark for this inspiring lift and all the comments.

  75. thank you mark

  76. Glorious oneness with God is everyone's forever status, and it’s important to celebrate it. In our oneness, God expresses in us constantly all of the strength necessary to heal and cleanse.

  77. Thank you Mark for the lift today and your last comment. Such a healing uplifting thought.

  78. Indeed, what a blessing, Mark! Sometimes, we may not "feel" that oneness with GOD, but it is ALWAYS present. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of Jesus' perfect example of expressing His
    oneness with GOD, and showing us by example how we, too, can and do express that ONENESS.
    I am reminded of the times we are told in the Bible about Jesus "going off to pray," and that serves
    as an example to us of how we can stop,..... be still....and remember our Oneness each day, also.
    In a material world that seems to emphasize the error thought and appearance of separation, we can
    heal ourselves, our communities, and our world in KNOWING the Truth of OUR Oneness with GOD.
    With gratitude for your reminder, Mark.

  79. Thanks Mark and all,
    Thanks #59, I've been seeking to understand the idea (or law perhaps) of spiritual reflection also.
    It helps me to picture trees by a lake. The reflection of the trees in the water are exactly like the ones on the shore. Anything that isn't in the original isn't in the reflection.
    Mrs. Eddy has a lovely depiction of this idea in Miscellany page 150 (lines 11-25). ...."ask God to enable you to reflect God, to become His own image and likeness, even the calm, clear, radiant reflection of Christ's glory....."

  80. MARK, I just love how God blesses each of us and holds us in His care lovingly and safe. Thank you for your insight into John 17:22.

  81. Thank you.

  82. Thank you, Mark. Inspiring.

  83. "What a blessing" --- YES, for sure! I gained so much from repeated listening of this Lift! Merci beaucoup, Mark!

  84. Thank you, Mark. I love the allness of Oneness.

  85. Such a wonderful reminder that our Bering isn't someday out there its now..hits not becoming it is being.only now..for us to be a record of that being is so powerful..I love your lifts ....it always is like a warm fuzzy hug..thank you so much my friend..

  86. Thanks for the strength necessary. I have my Bible with John 17 open on my desk since Friday morning to remind myself all this weekend.

  87. Beautiful thoughts, Mark. Thank you!

  88. dear mark, dear friends,

    I have a question: how can we hold this awerness of oneness with GOD during the whole day ?-
    sometimes this is not so easy for me

    can you help me a little.....................Thanks thanks and thanks again

  89. Thank you,, Mark, and thank you, Cici and all other commentors for sharing your thoughts. A real Lift for today!

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