11/21: God's got your back

11/21: God's got your back

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The Bible quote from today's Lift is Isaiah 58:8 from the New Living Translation: ‘…the glory of the LORD will protect you from behind’.  

  1. Thanks, Mary, this has brought an expectation of quiet confidence to my upcoming day and travels..

  2. Thank you Mary for this great Lift highlighting Gods ever-operative law of protection. I worked for many years in a profession that it became common practice for individuals to wear body armor. As a practical means of protection I did as well. But I never for a minute, in 30 years of this work, doubted where my real protection came from. The body armor was heavy and burdensome. Gods protection on the other hand was light as a feather, extended itself to others, and never failed to bring its wearer home safely.

  3. Thank you Mary. A great reminder!

  4. Beautifully expressed, Mary. Thanks so much.

  5. Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war (CS Hymn 264) and even in war itself, “and the glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard” Isaiah 58:8
    Always forward, always firm at the post of duty, always knowing that “One on God's side is a majority” said Wendell Phillips
    His children can expect God’s protection in any circumstance and age.
    God has our back covered wherever we are today.

    Vamos adelante, huestes del Señor (Himnario de la CC pág. 264) hasta en la guerra, “y la gloria de Jehová será tu retaguardia.” Isaias 58:8
    Siempre hacia adelante, siempre firme en el puesto del deber, siempre sabiendo que “Uno con Dios es mayoría” dijo Wendell Phillips
    Sus hijos pueden esperar la protección de Dios en toda circunstancia y toda edad.
    Dios proteje nuestra espalda dondequiera que estemos hoy.

  6. John from Idaho
    this is so true. we look forward knowing God does have us covered

  7. Thanks Mary ... I love that story of Daniel .. God didn't make the lions go away ... but he made them harmless ... And Daniel victorious ... like you said God had Daniel's back!

  8. Many thanks Mary for your inspiring reminder. Yes. "We can stop worry about falling out of His [Love's] reach in any circumstance." "Hear His call, one and all,/ We who follow shall not fall." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #430).

  9. Very appropriate for this week's Lesson. Nothing can creep up behind us unawares when we know, as Ps.23 tells us, that "......goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever." When we follow Christ, he is not only before us, but bringing up the rear as well. We are so protected and safe.

  10. God's got my back! No lion!

  11. Thanks Mary for such a timely reminder of the strength and constancy of God's protection.

  12. Mary, Thank you for the truth that I can be expectant of God's goodness today, and every day.

  13. Lovely message, Mary. "Everlasting arms of Love"....CSH. are beneath, around, above

  14. Thank you, Mary, for this lovely Lift and thank you to all the Daily Lift family for their inspiration and sharing. I feel surrounded by friends!

  15. this is a very powerful and, for me personally,timely, Lift . Thank you Mary .

  16. Thank you Mary, A great lift to start my work day. My heart is full of gratitude for the wonders of His love...for all of us ...this day and every day.

  17. Thank you.

  18. just what I needed at the moment, thank you.

  19. Thank you so much Mary, and Martin thank you for having the back of many of those we care about. And to the DL crew and all the lifters out there, blessings.

  20. Aggression cannot have the last word! The news today seems to particularly highlight places round the world where citizens and children are caught in cross fire between military action. The'Lifters' prayers and comments affirm that Love is all-encompassing protection and Truth is leavening the thought of everyone - communities, soldiers, peace-brokers. As so many are saying, great reasons for gratitude!

  21. I love it. Thank you.

  22. It is great to take a well known saying like "He's got your back" and see it with a deeper metaphysical basis. Thanks heaps for this insight, Mary!

  23. thank you mary

  24. I love thinking that God has my back. Thank you, Mary.

  25. Awesome... such a great message, thank you so much!

  26. Thanks Mary (and thanks again for item #20). Indeed God's loving power is encircling and embracing all of us, all over the world, at all times, in all ways. Thank you everyone for sharing.

  27. Thank you

  28. Thank you Mary for this touching lift. I love to hear that Aussie accent, just lovely. Thank you for every word of this lift. I love the thought of feeling God's presence by my going to meet Him in thought and feeling. It is the conscious effort of turning to God each morning that sets my day right and gives me the grace to face whatever may show up. I love the assurance provided by the 23rd Psalm and the story of Daniel in the lion's den.These are reference points that we never tire of. Why? Because the idea within the Bible stories and prayers or psalms are meant to be that guiding comfort to meet that ever burning need for higher Truth that MBE puts so well in her interpretation in the Lord's prayer on the fourth verse as follows: Give us this day our daily bread....Give us grace for today. Feed the famished affections. Not jjust empty affections, but absolutely famished. Thank you Mary for helping to meet my hunger today for spiritual nourishment.

  29. That was great! Just what I needed to hear. What we all needed to hear
    and to remember!

  30. Qué importante saber que estamos seguros bajos Sus preceptos manifestando sus Atributos en nuestro diario andar y con la seguridad que nuestras espaldas están cubiertas por si algo se nos hubiera escapado o filtrado a nuestra consciencia entorpeciendo y desviarnos del camino que ha sido trazado por Cristo con un accionar que no deja dudas sino solo certezas de que la proteción viene de Dios y que está a nuestro alcance. ¿Podría preguntarse porque suceden accidentes y dolor? Podría responderse no suceden sabiendo que es así, pero esa simple respuesta no es suficiente se hace necesaria una demostración y siento que nada hay tan sustancial como predicar con el ejemplo; Cristo lo hizo, Eddy, y los Patriarcas Biblicos y toda persona que con esos atributos acciona marca un rumbo en el accionar despertando consciencias dormidas a veces sin siquiera nombrar a Dios pero si obrando en consonancia con Él.

    Muchas gracias Mary,

  31. Thank you. Yes, we can always know that we are "God protected and God directed '.

  32. Thanks so much, Mary, for just the thought I needed this morning. God not only has my back, but everyone else's as well. Such a comforting thought!

  33. Thanks for your message of Love and Protection from Australia, Mary! Yes, God is covering us with his feathers! (Maybe Turkey Feathers.....??!!) Happy American Thanksgiving to All! And whoever you are #28, You've Got It! Thanks!

  34. Thank you, Mary, for this healing Lift! Abiding gratitude each day and Thanksgiving blessings all!

  35. All things covered by God. Thank you, Mary.

  36. I found these two passages in Isaiah:

    ¶Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be thy rereward.

    For ye shall not go out with haste, nor go by flight: for the Lord will go before you; and the God of Israel will be your rereward.

    God has our back TODAY!

    Love you DL Community

  37. As Lori #32 says, "God not only has my back, but everyone else's as well". It isn't possible for God to protect one of us and not all the others. I will be knowing this today in prayers for Syria and other Middle East conflicts. God's loving care and protection extends to everyone of His children, both sides of the wars, rebels and government officials, civilians and soldiers. All His dear children are protected by Truth, comforted and embraced by healing Love, and guided to peaceful solutions by Principle.
    Thank you, Mary. Thank you, BoL. Thank you, Mother Church.

  38. The Indians where I live think in terms of the six directions; before, behind, beside right and left, above, below.
    God's got it all covered! We are indeed surrounded, encircled, safe in the omnipotent omnipresence of divine Love. Thanks to Mary and all who are getting this Good News out to the world today.

  39. Thank you so much for such a wonderful message, I needed that today.

  40. I actually kept God pretty busy for many adventurous years and I was always very aware he was protecting me with all His love, and Mind, He really was an impervious armour. And just like the panoply of Love, wrapped closely about me. Even today, when approaching an intersection on a rise, there were three white lines, with everyone waiting for the car to the right, but the moment I went to start forward, the one on my right moved too. All cars came to a stop again, and then we moved forward in more of a sequence. All were safe and protected from harm. and we proceeded on our various ways.
    Thank you Mary, the board of Lectureship, and the lecturers; and the Daily Lift family.

  41. Thank you everyone. I'm taking "God has my back" and #35 with me today.

  42. Thank you.

  43. How comforting!!!! Thank you, Mary
    At this Thanksgiving season, I'm so thankful for this "Daily Lift" and all my lifter friends!!
    Love and blessings to all

  44. I love this phrase! Thank you, Mary!

  45. Thank you for this dear message
    .When I was out for lunch with a friend yesterday,we decided to change our spot in the restaurant from a table to a booth that became available.So we gathered up our food and belongings and moved.After about an hour we prepared to leave and I realized my purse was missing.Oh my! That was a time to pray.I looked at the floor near the table where the purse had been. A sweet family sat there,the second ones to occupy the space since we had left, and I asked about my purse.Oh yes,it was there and had been turned in at the main counter!
    You can bet I was grateful and relieved and feeling so cared for by God!

  46. Thank you, Mary, for “God’s got your back … ‘the glory of the Lord will protect you from behind’ … we can expect God’s protection … whatever ‘den of lions’ we might find ourselves in … God’s got our back … stop worrying about falling out of His reach …” The protecting and healing Truth of “God’s got your back!” has been helpful to me regarding various back problems. Our backs don’t belong to the overweight of heavy burdens (of any kind!) or too much work or a wrong move. God gives us strength and stamina and direction, proving our full range of motion as the reflection of Soul. Our backs belong to God! In Science and Health (385), under the marginal heading “Honest toil has no penalty,” Mrs. Eddy wrote, “Whatever it is your duty to do, you can do without harm to yourself.” Also, “God’s got your back!” has helped me, during times when I’ve been alone or without allies in a good work or found I’ve been talked badly about behind my back. I’ve learned to go forward in good work and in fellowship with right qualities. In fact, my awareness that “If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31) has often times turned “foe” into “friend.” We are advised to, “Guard yourselves … Seek to occupy no position whereto you do not feel that God ordains you … always wait for God's finger to point the way …" (Ret 80) I/You don’t have to keep looking over your shoulder to see what’s back there. “God’s got my back!” "God's got your back."

  47. Thank you Mary! And all the Lift family!

  48. Very nice. Thanks for the comforting lift. As I look back on my life I can see that God has had my back for a very long time! And I am so grateful! (=

  49. Yes! Thanks, Mary! God certainly does have us covered with His feathers, as it says in the Bible. (Maybe Turkey Feathers...??) At this wonderful American Thanksgiving time of year we can certainly be grateful for being covered in His soft Love of Feathers - of whatever bird! Much Love and Gratitude to All!

  50. Thank you. God has my back and my whole being.

  51. Thank you Mary,
    This was proved to me so many times, after the storm Sandy I traveled home from NJ, and there were no street lights, and there seemed to be a light around my car, I was safely home in a few hours, even driving over two bridges. Thanks so much for reminding me.

  52. Thank you Mary, wonderfully said and (#7) Anita, thank you for the sweet thought that the lions (problems of any kind) did not disappear, they were just made harmless. Love that!!!

  53. A wonderful way to think of protection especially during this Thanksgiving holiday week-end with so many activites and demands going on at once. Thank you for this this Lift .

  54. Lovely and so helpful! Thank you so much!

  55. Beautiful. Thanks for the confirmation expressed in a different and delightful way.

  56. Thankyou Mary.........also nela..."if God be for us"...most helpful...

  57. Hello to you Mary, and thank you for revealing once again, there is nothing new under the sun that God is All. This new phrase "I am at your back" has already been done and in operation by the Glory of God at our back, as you pointed out in the Bible.

  58. The last several days I've been thinking, "God's got my back." God is taking care of me, protecting and uplifting me. With more recent back injuries, I remembered and sought more growth from past spine injuries healed from knowing that like a backbone or skeleton is the body's structure/support, God's Church is my structure of Truth and Love, generously giving tangible proof elevating me and moving me full of grace. Whatever is my duty (and privilege) to do, I can do without harm to myself or to others, and I can give singing proof that Christian Science heals all. God is fair and doesn't punish us for doing good ( lots of digging, lifting, bending/twisting, shoveling for school gardens.) God's got my back and God is the only power, infinite Good is in control blessing all. So I cannot feel hurt from back-stabbing. Without physical aid or rest, the severity and frequency of the back pain has gotten less, my movement freer, my focus better. But more importantly, more insights and healing from longtime bigger issues are breaking through with so much more freedom and joy, and I've been better help to others. God is more real to me than the back pain or painful memories from back in my past. God's got our back, and front and sides, inside and out. Praise God!

  59. Thanks, Mary. A lovely and encouraging twist on a modern idiom. So comforting and assuring to think of the truth that "God's got our back". And it's emboldening to remember this protecting power of God isn't waiting for a tough situation to present itself to us before it springs into action. We can know that this 'safety net' of God's care for us precedes any unfortunate occurence. As Mary Baker Eddy observes: "Remember, thou canst be brought into no condition, be it ever so severe, where Love has not been before thee and where its tender lesson is not awaiting thee." [ My 149:31-2] Confidence in that fact, that God's love is both before and behind us, can quiet apprehension and strengthen our resolve to move forward without fear. God's love for us -- both before and behind.

  60. Inicialmente me gustó mucho el lift porque nos recuerda la protección de Dios, aún en las situaciones imposibles como en el caso de Daniel.
    Pero estuve leyendo otra lectura sobre la identidad de Dios y el hombre y recordar el lift me despertó una reflexión más profunda.
    Es un alivio saber que hay un Dios que nos cuida y protege siempre. Pero ese pensamiento OCULTA, ESCONDE, el hecho mayor y verdadero, el hecho espiritual de que ya somos uno con Dios que soy su reflejo siempre.
    DESPERTAR a esta Verdad es un hecho tan poderoso, (alienante desde la mirada humana ) que me desconozco y temo.
    Y es que debo MORIR a mi sentido humano para comprender esta dicha inigualable de la unidad con Dios, que para el hombre es LOCURA, como dice Pablo.

    Por eso el temor es el mayor enemigo, por su sutileza.
    Pretende que protege mi integridad cuando en realidad Preserva La Vida De Un Sistema De Creencias Que Es Lo UNICO Que Tiene Que Morir.
    Porque si el grano de trigo no muere ........

  61. Thank you Mary for the new insight that God is at our back, giving us strength and perseveration and doing things without harm to us or others. Also thanks to #56 Eddie for his good work-out on physical back pain and to overcome it with the only true structure of truth and love, most helpful. Thanks

  62. This morning breakfast at the diner one of the regulars had no money due to a bad bank transaction card and they told him he could not get a new card until Monday. So I gave him what cash I had on me and he said he would pay be back. I said don't worry about it. The young people I meet have a different world to live in than the one I had at their age. So I heard the Daily Lift on my cell phone and then went on to do my errands. A little later I listened in again on my cell phone after it changed to today's Lift.
    So if it means giving, then that is what we do. What Jesus would do. The Science that operates unspent. (Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellany, page 353.)
    Thanks for the ideas.

  63. Thank you so much for your timely message Mary. That is just the message I need to take with me today!

  64. Wow! that's a great Lift. Thankyou for the inspiration! xxoo

  65. Very appropo, Mary, as a relative is having a diagnosis for back problems today. The best Parent always watches over His/Her beloved offspring, maintaing present perfection.

  66. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for this clear thought. We do well to remember this - we are never alone! What a joy life is when we realise that we are walking hand in hand with God.

  67. Reminds me of a crazy uncle and friends -- who always covered for each other. He was a good C.S., too!

  68. Thank you Mary for that re-assuring message.
    It has given me much confidence to go through my day.
    God's got my back covered!

  69. Thank you for this very comforting and protecive truth.

  70. This was such a wonderful Lift for today - full of love and comfort. Thanks so much!

  71. God has got our back covered. Comforting idea that gives us courage to go forward, like all those who have been working and praying for peace in the Middle East over decades and decades, and sleepless nights and apprehensive days. Today's peace treaty is based on the "principle of “quiet in return for quiet,” and a set of “understandings” to reassure the parties about future actions and expectations."
    This has a similar ring to the same principle, "Love is reflected in love" as the spiritual interpretation of the Lord's prayer, "And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors." (S&H pg. 17).
    With this foundation, this peace treaty will blossom into "quiet" coexistence. With "God at their back", the people will turn in a new direction, becoming builders of eternal good.

  72. Thank you Gary # 69, I too, am quietly cherishing the formation of the peace treaty announced today. It deserves prayerful support with many of the themes lifters have shared - God, Love, Principle is every-present, filling all space. Everyone's inspiration has been so valued.

  73. Gracias por tus palabras,es muy cierto que Dios sabe lo que nosotros necesitamos y no nos deja solos .

  74. Thank you, a lovely clear and reassuring message for today, just right and needed

  75. Thank you Daily Lift staff and community. There are such reassuring and strengthening ideas expressed here for the world, as well as for our individual journeys. It's a lovely sense of God, Love truly being our refuge - God; Love "encircles me, and mine, and all." (Mary Baker Eddy from Mother's Evening Prayer.)

  76. What a lovely message. So comforting and warm. Thanks Mary for your wonderful, joy-filled lift.

  77. Oh Mary, I have thought about this many times, but never worded it qute so modern. I've declared, since God was able to protect Daniel when in the lion's den and the three Hebrew children in the furnace of fire and other wonderfully blessed patriarchs, that the same God is quite capable of caring for me today because it is the very same God. Your lift brings my prayerful expression up to the 21st century, and I love it. Thank you so very much.

  78. Comforting. Thank you!

  79. Thank you so much Mary for the good lift.

  80. Thank you. God sustains guides protects and watches us always. A timely reminder!

  81. Dear Marie,

    Thank very much for your beautiful message, God covers your back, and your are never out of
    Love Margaret Newcastle

  82. Ever see those Cop Shows on TV. I am sure every one has seen them. Well, they tell about a Cop having a partner who "Covers his/hers back." All well and good for the Cop, but isn't having God covering your back as you fight crime, or a Fireman fighting fires, or a Marine fighting a war a better safer way? You can be sure it is.

  83. very grateful to hear these messages and thank you marie- for today's daily lift.

  84. On side one of the Preface to 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures', it's author, Mary Baker Eddy writes: The time for thinkers has come.
    By definition, all readers are thinkers.
    However, sometimes -and this Daily Lift is one of them- we need a clarified reminder !
    Thank you for your loving alertness, Mary !
    And thank you all commentators -terrific extensions- !

  85. Thank you Mary, and all the Lifter family for the reminder that we are never alone dealing with a problem, whether physical, financial, domestic, and world related. There is but one God governing all, and His Love is all encompassing - right here, right now. Sometimes, when faced with a situation, I go into panic mode and seem to forget the truths that sustain me - God's Truth, that Divine Love is always meeting every need.

  86. I love this- but where in the bible is this to be found? I've looked every even tried googling it to no luck!
    VS in Iowa

    Daily Lift Team:
    The Bible quote from this Lift is from Isaiah 58:8 from the New Living Translation: ‘…the glory of the LORD will protect you from behind’.

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