11/20: Light of Life

11/20: Light of Life

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  1. Thank you Josh for this great Lift. I love the terminology, "in a way that we can understand", in revealing the Christ message to man, in a practical way, that meets our need right where we stand. From the Bible we learn that God's ways are higher than ours, through Christian Science we see that power of Truth demonstrating the "light of Life" in our human experience; the Christ dawning upon human thought that heals, and transforms. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you, Josh, for the uplifting thoughts in this Lift!! Look forward to seeing you in December!!

  3. Thanks Josh, very helpful !

  4. "So to our widening vision dawns/ The reign of Soul supreme ..." (Can't remember all the words to this hymn or its number) but it implies that our vision must be "widening" to see that sun rising. Let no error obfuscate this vision nor eclipse our rising in this light of Life. Very nice Lift.

  5. I I love watching a beautiful sunrise and the natural beauty of earth, and I also love to be in prayer where the Christ-light reveals to me ideas in divine Mind, messages of love and care to its creation, including man, and truths of divine Love, free of any limiting objects and/or imaginations of the 5 physical senses. The revelations of God's peace, love, beauty and completeness are eternally infinitely beyond human words or optical visions.

  6. I've seen more sunrises this November than I can remember.
    Your reference to the "light of the world" as the light of Christ
    means that this light in our heart does not depend on the weather.
    Nothing can stop us seeing and feeling more of this Christ light.
    Thank you Josh.

  7. Light is life, plants couldn't live without, our lives wouldn't last much without it, light is a revelation. Light is so powerful that even a little bit of it can break into the darkness and reveal what’s within.

    Darkness can’t break into light.

    Light is an eternal beginning, exists because God exists, it happens over and over.

    We are not afraid that light won’t come back, we know that, even during the darkest of nights, even during a bad storm: the next day there will be light.

    Jesus said, “I am the light of the world…” John 8:12

    Luz es vida, las plantas no podrían vivir sin ella, nuestras vidas no durarían mucho sin ella, la luz es una revelación.
    La luz es tan ponderosa que apenas us poquito puede romper la oscuridad y revelar lo que hay adentro.

    La oscuridad no puede romper la luz.

    La luz es un eterno comienzo, existe porque Dios existe, sucede una y otra vez.

    No tememos que la luz no retorne, sabemos que, aún en la más oscura noche, aún durante una mala tormenta: al día siguiente habrá luz.

    Jesús dijo, “Yo soy la luz del mundo…” Juan 8:12

  8. Thank you very much!!!

  9. Thank you Josh for a wonderful lift of remembering the Christ Light is ever present.

  10. Josh, Thank you.

  11. Just what I needed this morning.
    Thanks Josh

  12. Excellent Josh, thank you.

  13. Great. Especially in the summer I like to be out walking along the river when the sun is coming up, and creatures are waking up or returning to their burrows or dens after a night foraging for their food. I see things that are not there during the full daylight hours.

  14. Thank you.

  15. A beautiful message .Thank you Josh .

  16. Many thanks Josh for reminding us that "The light of the Christ shows forth man's sinless nature." "You are God’s purpose, His great design./ Beautiful, blameless, His child divine./ Holding your thought to the good and the true,/ Spirit will form you anew." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #453).

  17. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  18. Thank you. We can always look forward to a beautiful day when we have the light of Christ in our thoughts.

  19. Great lift, thank you!

  20. El camino de la luz, es aquel que Cristo con amor señaló, la luz aparece allí donde está el Amor.

    ¿Por qué entonces, a veces parece todo oscuro? si lo reflexionamos... la luz no es nada por si misma, Cristo nos lego la más sublime iluminación, pero aún así, brillando la luz, nos oscurecemos, y la luz se aleja. Es cierto... que es fácil hacerla retornar, porque sólo requiere entendimiento, dejar de lado lo que oscurece a veces hasta puede ser creer que es mágica y que está ahí para tomarla sin ningún esfuerzo, si miramos el peregrinar de nuestros precursores bíblicos nos damos cuenta que nada fue fácil para ellos, incluyendo a nuestro amado maestro, y a MBE, su vida fue un constante esfuerzo y renunciamiento a todo lo que ocultara la luz, la Verdad que revela que la iluminación viene por el amor que expresemos, al amar y dar amor, encendemos la lámpara... y si brilla en todo su máximo explendor, el Amor.

    Cuantos de nosotros en algún momento no nos hemos sentido a oscuras, hasta que nos damos cuenta , cuan fácil es volver a encender la lámpara, para que nos vuelva a iluminar. Jamás me cansaré de repetir las inspiradas palabras de Eddy, reciprocamos el amor, y eso nos hace aptos para recibir luz, la Verdad, que se expresa a traves del Amor, como todos nuestros precesores...Manteniéndola encendida, como ellos, ¡¡obrando con amor!!

    Muchas gracias Josh, nos inspiramos a traves de la inspiración que recibimos, pero podemos ampliarla, inspirando a otros.

  21. you are a deep thinker Josh - and your thoughts are like bread for me. thank you !

  22. you are a deep thinker Josh - and your thoughts are like bread for me. thank you !

  23. Thank You Josh: AMEN! "Morning - Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and progress." page 591: 23 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy ; It has been my favorite "time" of the day of all times.

  24. Thank you, Josh.

    Preparing my day prayerfully in my office here in Chicago. We are about an hour away from sunrise.

    Great lift to begin the day with the Christ light which includes All Mankind - “…and the darkness did not overcome it”

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  25. Thank you!

  26. Metaphorically, it is much like earth's hemisphere position to the sun when light and day is continual throughout the twenty-four hours. Darkness, or night, will not be known, only the eternal light or revelation of Life, Truth, and Love. That is, no seeming interruption, separation, loss of thought from the illumination of the manifesting divine idea, or Christ. Thought, understood, will then be correctly positioned to Truth. Always awake! Thank you, Josh, for this day's Lift.

  27. Thank you Josh! To me, the sunrise is an example of God's law! We can always count on the sun coming up, just as we can count on God's law. And with the sunrise comes the illumination - the understanding - that is the result of looking to God's law for the answers. It reminds me of the verse from I John 1: 5 that says: "This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all." This is such a comforting and applicable statement. Thanks again for your powerful Lift!

  28. Thank you for this lovely and inspirational message.

  29. Thank you Josh. I have been fortunate to have seen some amazing sunrises and sunsets and am always in awe. The sunrises wake us to the awareness of God's glorious day and the sunsets lead us to rest and the assurance that God loves us and watches over us each step of the way.

  30. keep 'em coming Josh, thank you!

  31. And Josh, that Christ light can go on shining the Light on experiences and revelations that took place in thought many years ago, and still are more clearly seen (understood) as the Light peels away more of the shadows with the Truth in each uncovering. So wonderful to look back and realize there was more to it than I first thought. As more of the Christ is revealed we also lose the sharp features of the false sense of good.
    Nancy, you could try CSHymnal 287 by Edith Gaddis Brewer. It's one of my favourites, too.
    Thank you Josh, Nate, and the production team; The Mother Church: and the Daily Lift family.

  32. Thank you, Josh, for this clear, comforting message - so full of light! Gratitude, too, to the DL Team and Lifters all!

  33. Thanks Josh for inspired message to remind us the Light of the Christ, Life speaks in your consciouness! Thats wonderful! Mario Vicencio Sao Paulo, SP

  34. Thank you Josh. This lift has been a light to my life and a lamp unto my feet.

  35. Thank you for this beautiful lift that brings clarity to my studies.

  36. Thank you and thanks everyone for sharing.

  37. Beautifully inspiring and affirming! Thanks, Maria

  38. Great inspirational lift. Absolutely hit this DL beautifully.

  39. Thank you, Josh, for "Light of Life ..."

    I'm reminded that every sunrise looks like a sunset. It's through our understanding of which is which that we expect to experience more or less light to soon follow. I'm realizing that to the extent that I declare every human circumstance as a "sunrise," even and especially when it seems like a “sunset” (maybe never to rise again!) - to that extent am I being a Christian Scientist. I am aligning by consciousness with God’s laws of Divine Love and the promises are fulfilled, by which I and everyone concerned can expect to be blessed by the "Light of Life.”

    … and from our pastor …

    "The wakeful shepherd beholds the first faint morning beams, ere cometh the full radiance of a risen day" (S&H vii:2).

    “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” (John 8:12).

  40. Thanks to all, Josh and commenters, for your inspiring messages. I have a poem "Turn toward the light" by Carolyn Abbot Sebbard (Sentinel, April 10, 2000) that describes the power of light. The first two verses are:

    Look at that flower,
    so beautiful and bright,
    It naturally turns
    to the sun's shining light.
    It doesn't work hard
    to get what it needs;
    It just accepts all
    the radiant sun feeds.

    I once felt so needy,
    so void of the light:
    How could I find
    inspiration just right?
    I looked at that flower
    not working so hard,
    and just let go and said,
    "Leave it to God!"

    I just love the idea of letting go and leaving it to God. We can always trust God's love and control.

  41. What wonderful thoughts. Daylight is my favorite time of the day, watching the light of life is so totally amazing as each morning is different. I always want to share these glorious sights with everyone. I am soooooo very grateful for these tear producing moments. It is all Love. Thanks again Josh.

  42. Terrific, Josh! I never understood why my Day just doesn't seem complete if I don't get up before the Sunrise. I love to start out running in the dark and watch in awe as Light begins to fill the sky! Of course! It symbolizes the Christ Light to me! I live in N. Idaho where the Winters are Long and Dark. A lot of people take Vitamin D to help combat Depression or sit under one of those Light Lamps to defeat SADS - a name for the symtoms of Light deprivation. I am so Grateful that no matter what the weather, I have the Light of Christ to lighten my path! A while back someone commented on the DL that, "Physical light is NOT a requirement for Joy!" I have that on a Post It on my Desk! So, thanks again for the reminder! Also, thanks to #20 Nelly! Although I can't read your Spanish words, I know you are sending Good Thoughts to All of Us! Love and Christ Light to All today! And don't forget to watch the Sunrise!

  43. LOVE your lifts!!!

  44. Thank you for this revelation today, Josh. It is also helpful to "unsee" the increasing distractions of this holiday season with its share of commercialism, sensationalism and emotionalism.

  45. Thank you for this inspiring ray of light.

  46. The warmth of the christ-presence is clear and dear in your voice Josh, embracing all of God's creation.

    Thank you so much

  47. Living in El Paso, TX, we seem to get more sunlight than many other places. I absolutely love it. I call it "God's smile". That always lifts my spirits even on a cloudy day because I know that God's smile is still there. Smiles from any source always emit a loving warmth that makes one feel embraced. Thanks lifter and lifters. Made my day. El Paso Patt

  48. John 8:12....thank you for this beautiful daily lift

  49. Thank you Josh .

  50. Thank you Josh! This is lovely!

  51. Wonderful ideas! I emailed this to my son in Mountain Home AFB and hope he will meet you some day.

  52. When ever an idea comes knocking on my door of consciousness, I instinctively know that's the light of Christ leading me to make the right decision. It never fails. Once you experience it and become attuned to it, questions like; "Am I making the right decision," never again enter conciousness for one knows where it comes from, GOD.

  53. "A glorious day is dawning, And o'er the waking earth, The heralds of the morning are springing into birth, In dark and hidden places, There shines the blessed light, the beam of truth displaces the darkness of the night" (CS hymnal 2) As I watch the sun come over the mountain to start a new day I think of the above hymn. Each day is different but with the same promise from God. "Lo I am with you always"
    Thank you Josh, and all the lifters for their inspiring comments, and thank you Nate and your team for always lighting up my day.

  54. Hi Josh Thanks for this sunrise message -- and relating it to Jesus' message of His Christ light so nobody has to walk in darkness or fear or sadness. This light is shining in each of us. This makes me think of Hymn #2 in the Christian Science hymn book

    A glorious day is dawning,
    And o’er the waking earth
    The heralds of the morning
    Are springing into birth.
    In dark and hidden places
    There shines the blessed light;
    The beam of Truth displaces
    The darkness of the night.

  55. The depth of your gratitude for the light of the Christ symbolized by the sunrise evokes a quiet assurance of total care and oneness with our Father/Mother God. Thank you Josh, I pray to meet each sunrise in this way.

  56. Thank you for this beautiful light filled lift!

  57. I recorded, materially on my lil digital camera, just this morning with the joy of what you are talking about.Thank you for your comments.

  58. Lovely, thank you.

  59. Thanks for the lift, Josh. #42-Bev reminded me of this citation from p. 588:19 in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

    Marginal heading reads: "City of our God"
    This city of our God has no need of sun or satellite, for Love
    is the light of it, and divine Mind is its own interpreter.

    All who are saved must walk in this light.
    potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors
    within the heavenly city.
    Its gates open towards light
    and glory both within and without, for all is good, and
    nothing can enter that city, which "defileth, . . . or
    maketh a lie."

    No light deprivation of any kind in this city of pure Christly consciousness, where we all can live now. The light we reflect while studying the Holy Bible beams to all mankind and blesses those thinking they're in the dark. It helps them awaken to the fact that All is light & Love.

  60. "Now each morning, each sunrise... you can see yourself and all of us being revealed by God." Josh, your words, this theme, is one which I have been hearing from many people, of many faiths, over this past year. Truly we are all waking up to our divinity, today, a little more than yesterday. But, Mrs. Eddy states that ""Eternity, not time, expresses the thought of life, and time has no part in eternity." This concept is bringing us all into the "newness of Christ," the revelation of Love's revealing the precious nature of every child of God. It is the cleansing of sin- the belief that we have all "missed the mark" and cannot escape the darkness of mortality. It is the 'Son'shine which raises us up each day to know that God has forgiven all of us, and so we must forgive ourselves, and then we can forgive everyone else- the way that Jesus did, by 'seeing' God's man, not the mortal counterfeit. And, this 'seeing' occurs when we see the Son/Sun shine of Love each morning, even before we open our eyes.
    So, thank you, Josh, for reminding me to wake up in God's Light of Life!

  61. A very helpful message. Thank you.

  62. I thank you so much Josh.

  63. I used to start my day before dawn & always had this sense of peace when the sun rose as I began my day tending the gardens. Now that I've retired & no longer see the dawn, you have brought back to me that same reminder of "peace" I felt as I watched the sun rise. It was God's hand of love washing over me & the world. thank you Josh.

  64. Oh, I love the lift and every comment!
    Sunrises and sunsets have always been a conversation piece in our home while growing up, a home provided by my Aunt/Mother for me and my two brothers. The rules and discipline were sometimes strict but how grateful I am for the lessons learned. I am so grateful for being brought up in a Christian Science home where Love reigned.
    Love to all of you.

  65. Thanks, Josh! I'm at my desk enjoying both the sunrise and Sonrise! Have a glorious day!

  66. This very morning I saw a beautiful sunrise, and it gave me joy. Your 'Lift' explains so beautifully why we love to see a sunrise or sunset ~ it's the Christ Light shining on all.
    Thank you!

  67. Hi Josh Great Daily Lift. 'To those leaning on the sustaining infinite' every dawning day 'is BIG with blessings' S&H page 1Thank you for an inspiring Daily Lift

  68. Josh~ my day is brighter because of your lift!!! Thank you
    And to Lori #40 thanks for the poem!!!
    Love to all

  69. The sun is always shinning. Only when we are turned away from it (our planet,) or ourselves do we experience darkness. I had a very small window put in a basement room. When the light comes in it illuminates the whole large room. Some times the light seems small but it has the power of the whole sun behind it. I am so grateful for the light we experience by studying Christian Science. We see the Christ light often in the faces of little children and one time I saw that radiant glow in a lecturers face. I love that song " you Light up my Life.' God Bless

  70. Thanks Josh and all for the inspiring thoughts.
    "Oh, may you feel this touch, ---it is not the clasping of hands, nor a loved person present; it is more than this: it is a spiritual idea that lights your path!" (Miscellaneous Writings by M. B. Eddy, p. 306)

  71. Your Lift reminds me of what Mrs. Eddy says in S&H, "Life, Truth, and Love are the realities of divine Science. They dawn in faith and glow full-orbed in spiritual understanding." This understanding reveals our spiritual and eternal identity, "undimmed by a declining sun."

  72. Great lift, Josh!!!! Also, enjoyed your lecture in Irvine, CA. Friend told me she spotted an "ambush" the very next day, and was alert to it, and defused it! So, thanks for that, too!

  73. TY, Josh, and TY, Nela, #39 for this additional insight:

    "I'm reminded that every sunrise looks like a sunset. It's through our understanding of which is which that we expect to experience more or less light to soon follow. I'm realizing that to the extent that I declare every human circumstance as a "sunrise," even and especially when it seems like a “sunset” (maybe never to rise again!) - to that extent am I being a Christian Scientist."


  74. Good stuff Josh!

  75. I was born in Guam till I was 11 years old and have since lived here in Southern California. However, it is known that the sun rises and sets on this small beautiful island, a territory of the United States. As a child, I loved to rise in the mornings and see this beautiful sunrise, and at that time I thought it was huge and so close to touch. I was always amazed where that light was coming from; always very curious of nature. And as the sun sets, the sun seemed so much dimmer with different hues and in a more beautiful way. Oh how I loved that experience as a child. Now as a Christian Scientist for over 40 years, I realized how perfect these lights are and so wonderfully created by our Father for all of us to know that this light is stemming from within, in our spiritual nature, soul. To just let our lights shine and share this wonderful truth with everyone we touch.
    Thanks Josh, your beautiful lift certainly brightens my day! Si Yu'us Maase (in Guamanian...Thank you God)

  76. Just a short note of thanks to all the lifters who replied to me in yesterday's lift. Your advice was such a blessing and I was also blessed by your care and love for me.The light of life was certainly shining though you and on to me! Victory!

  77. Josh, thank you for bring YOU !! Joe Lawson, Bristol Virginia

  78. Thank you and grateful for #40 Lori's poem.

  79. Josh, thank-you for your insightful, inspiring and enlightening Lift!

  80. Marilyn's metaphor #69 about even though the light seems small, it has the power of the whole sun behind it, reminded me of the bible verse Matthew 25:23 "His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord."

  81. makes me re-think the word REVELATION. Many thanks!

  82. Thank you Josh--You have a way of stating things which enable Truth to be, for me, more clarified.

  83. I like how you talk about God and the sunrise. The sunrise is very pretty and is a very peaceful moment because God is surrounding me and you. I really enjoyed listening to you talking about God and how he will always surround us.

  84. What an amazing Joy for our Days.

  85. Great DL ! Thanks so much, Josh