11/19: Therapeutic encounter

11/19: Therapeutic encounter

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  1. Thank you Rob for this wonderful Lift and the related healing of the blind woman. Mrs Eddy's ability to heal and to know the receptivity of the thought of others was indigenous to her spirituality. Once it is understood that true health is found in consciousness, that is our conscious union with God, instead of matter, healing will be seen as natural rather than miraculous. Mary Baker Eddy says in Miscellaneous Writings page 5, "Metaphysical therapeutics can seem a miracle and a mystery to those only who do not understand the grand reality that Mind controls the body." She goes on to say,"That man is the idea of infinite Mind, always perfect in God, in Truth, Life, and Love, is something not easily accepted, weighed down as is mortal thought with material beliefs."

  2. GREAT story !

    Thanks, RG..

    ..and love to the Community

  3. Two prayers. Too good!

  4. Many thanks Rob for pointing out that this wonderful feeling of divine Love just "washing over us," might may be thought of as a form of spiritual therapy, since the power of God [Love] heals every ill. "Love bids all discord cease./ Conquering hate, enthroning peace,/ Love, Love alone is power." (Christian Science Hymnal #179).

  5. what a beautiful example of divine Love's power to heal. No drugs, no medicine needed, just the gentle presence of Love meeting the human need. Thank you for getting our week started in such a wonderful way, Rob

  6. Hi Rob I'm so glad you told us again of Mrs.Eddy's experience with that little blind girl. What wonderful example of unselfed love that reaches out to bless others. - a great example of Christian healing! Thanksgiving greetings from London! Ann K.

  7. Didn't you ever wish that something magical happen in your life and all of the sudden you are healed of something -overnight?
    It could happen, it’s called: chance. Do you believe in faeries... like the will o’ the wisp, you might even see it materialized…
    The Bible teaches us to look higher into the spiritual to find true, lasting, satisfying, substance.
    Look deep into reality, study earnestly The Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23, and you’ll see a whole new, balanced life opening just for you and your loved ones. You'll be having a spiritual therapeutic encounter, believe me, is better than magic.

    ¿Alguna vez deseáste que te sucediera algo mágico y de repente te sanes de algo —de la noche a la mañana?
    Puede suceder, se llama: casualidad. ¿Crees en hadas? …como el fuego fatuo, hasta puede que lo veas materializarse…
    La Biblia nos enseña a mirar más alto, hacia lo espiritual, para hallar la verdadera, duradera, sustancia que satisface.
    Busca profundamente en la realidad, estudia seriamente el Padre Nuestro, el Salmo 23, y verás como se te habre una vida nueva y balanceada, especialmente para tí y tus seres queridos. Estarás teniendo un encuentro terapéutico espiritual, creeme, es mejor que la magia.

  8. Thank you, Rob


    Divine Love heals.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  9. Thanks Rob-Just what I (we)needed today.Michael.England.

  10. Dear Rob

    Thank you so much for you healing and loving message.

    Yes, we are all a product of our thinking.
    How true it is that, when we change the thought the picture will changes.

    Our text book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in every page is gently guiding one to see Oneself " as the perfect child of God, reflecting and expressing His infinit and perfect Love.

    One has found it a great, adventure to reserch Princlple, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love through the Christian Science Concordance on line.
    What an eternal revealing adventure for all..

    The first step
    Is getting ones hand on the handle of the door.

    The second step
    Is going through the door.

    The third step
    Is letting go of the handle, then and only then will one see what majestic plan He has for each and every ONE.

    Oh, how much God loves us all.

    All have a wonderful eternal adventure

    Love in Christ

    Peter Reichl- Cunningham CS.

  11. What a beautiful experience! Thank you, Rob.The encounter with God is there always.

  12. Thank you, Rob, for this interesting view of things. Yes, the 23rd Psalm is such a good prayer, love that. And thank you so much for your "God and health" video. I listened to it at a time of great need, and will listen to it another time.

  13. Thanks Rob,
    I used to recite the 23rd Palm on the stage at Sunday school when I was a little boy. It was one of the hymns I had at my wedding too.It is beautiful.

  14. This week the state here began what is called horse-therapy. Prisoners at the state prison farm, in their last years of incarceration, if selected, can care for horses that have been rejected due to previous abuse or neglect and rehabilitate them. But human kindness is still in the realm of the material, which means limited thinking. Christian Science addresses this seeming mixture of good and bad as the tares and the wheat. In her textbook, Mrs. Eddy writes: "Mortal mind judges by the testimony of the material senses, until Science obliterates this false testimony. An improved belief is one step out of error, and aids in taking the next step and in understanding the situation in Christian Science." [Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, chapter called Science of Being, page 296].
    Thank you for the Psalms, which is always for me soothing poetry during times of stress."
    Thanks for the music.

  15. You know, Rob, I cried when I listened to you tell this healing to the people who were present at the lecture. And it made me think about the lady who spoke to my mother on the tram into Brisbane in 1933. Mrs Eddy would have spoken to the young girl so lovingly, with such tenderness and mercy. And I realized that the woman on the tram was probably the first person who had spoken to my mother with such love and sincerity that my mother's life was changed from that moment. She was unwaveringly obedient to Christian Science, and up early to dress her four children to take them to church and Sunday School for the very first time.
    Later on, during WWII when New Guinea was invaded, two of our cousins, brothers and barely in their 20s, often visited my mother's home before they were sent overseas into the worst areas: outnumbered, without field support or adequate equipment. My mother had given both young men and my brother a small copy of Science and Health, and they all came through.
    Years later I spoke to the elder of my cousins about my mother and the role she played in their lives at that time. I mentioned her love for them and her unhesitating willingness to speak to them of God, and Jim referred to her as "a very gentle believer."
    Thank you for the lecture, Rob, and for the Daily Lift today. Much treasured.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lift family.

  16. Thank you, Rob! I loved the whole lecture "God and Health" in which you also tell this wonderful story about MBE healing the little girl's blindness.

  17. Thank you Rob, for this powerful healing Truth for all mankind.

  18. Thank you Rob and all the team, for this wonderful morning spiritual breakfast !

  19. I love this - it reminds me of my grandmother's aunt who, on hearing that God's Love was entirely within her, stood up.She had worn a surgical boot for many years and announced that she no longer needed it, and that if this Truth were true she would climb the stairs and be whole.... which is exactly what she did,she removed the boot and walked upstairs. This immediate healing brought her ,and my grandmother, into studying Christian Science.The simplicity in your message is beautiful. Thank you.

  20. No hay magia, tampoco hay logros sin esfuerzos, y sin dejar que nuestros pensamientos estén alineados con Dios dejando que fluyan y que sean ellos los que esten presentes en nuestra mente solo de esa manera podemos erradicar el error para plantarnos en lo real donde la ilusión humana no tiene cabida y la magia de los logros fáciles desaparece en Una realidad que lo llena todo no dejando lugar a la fantasía ni al error que pretende usurparlo por que si ya está ocupado con Dios le será imposible al error entrar para engañar, es maravilloso, ¿no creen? estamos seguros contra la pretendida magia del error y de la fantas{ia de que sin esfuerzo podemos lograr bienes espirituales y ser sanados sin renunciar a las creencias humanas materiales.
    "El fin de todo el discurso oído es este: Teme a Dios, y guarda sus mandamientos; porque esto es el todo del hombre" Eclesiastés

    "Lo que amamos determina lo que somos" MBE

    Muchas gracias Rob

  21. I love this healing and thank you for revisiting this.It is an example of the unlimited un every direction
    power of Divine Love and grace working and operating able to overcome all apparent lack and limitation with its blessings.

  22. How therapeutic this is: yesterday afternoon in my kitchen while filling jars with pickles I put on a CD by the MBE Library and listened to the reading of the letter with just this encounter at the Baptist church-
    so I'ii cherish that all the more and isn't that also showing just how connected we are - thank you dear team and Rob - I bet you'd have loved to have met that lady !

  23. Hi Rob,

    Thank you so much for those healing thoughts. You have shared, in my mind, the essence of Christian Science; love and understanding as demonstrated by Mary Baker Eddy and the little girl. If you think about it, the mother too was in her rightful place and hence the encounter.

    One day I had started out to do some photography; it was to be a day of photography but of a deeply inspiring kind. I opted to travel alone and told no one of my plans. Well, when I got up, it was raining so no sunrise. Added to that I had a few issues with the camera etc etc which resulted in delays.

    As I was driving the thought came to me to go back home and write-off the day because too much had changed. i then saw a hungry dog on the road and made a plan to bring him some food. That is when it hit me, I was in my rightful place at the right time and I should continue with the journey.

    Since all of my plans had changed I had one thing left to do, and that was to listen to God. EVERY step of the way I felt directed and lead by love. I captured more meaningful and inspiring photos than I have in a long time and in half the time. I was home before 2:00 p.m. that day.

    In last week's lesson we read in I Cor 2: 9 "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." I had to listen to God and not my frustrations.

    These therapeutic encounters are indeed healing. Thanks!

  24. thank you rob

  25. Thank you for the therapeutic message.

  26. Thank you for this great Lift Love shows us the way to go and All all is well.

  27. Thank you for this message

  28. Thank you for the inspiring message.

  29. Love is always telling the story. Are we listening and doing as it suggests? If so, then now is always the time for thanksgiving for we are also wonderfully blessed with healing. "Physician heal thyself." Thank you Rob.

  30. I was so taken with this message that I have played it 3 times to soak it all in. Just love it and it brings tears of joy! Thank you!

  31. Thank you, Rob, for this healing Lift, as well as for your recent lecture video, "God and Health," and other numerous works for Church and the community at large. While each day is one of giving thanks, special Thanksgiving thoughts and God's blessings all!

  32. The simplicity of the Christ brings healing - thank you very much!

  33. It is the humble, childlike thought which is most readily and easily touched by the purity of the Christlike thought, and blessed by the therapeutic encounter. Mrs Eddy understood Jesus's love for little children and loved them too for the same reason. In Christian Science our eternal, spiritual status as God's children is so clearly stated. Let's claim that inheritance now and be healed of whatever would deny it. Thank you so much for this lovely Lift.

  34. Thank you for this healing Lift! And for all of the Lifts! I appreciate starting my day with a healing message. Mary Ellen in La Quinta, California

  35. Thank you Rob, Just what I needed to hear this morning. And your voice is so loud and clear I can understand every word. My heartfelt thanks to the "Daily Lift" eam, all you dear lecturers that contribute, and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  36. Thanks so much, Rob, for reminding us of the healing of the blind girl in the Baptist Church - what an inspiring encounter. And thank you Margaret #14 for sharing the experiences of your very loving mother - what a blessing you had and such a beautiful example of protection for your brother and cousins.

    I loved the little voice at the end of the Lift!

  37. Thank you!

  38. Thanks!
    The touch of Love - a taste of heaven - realization and healing!

  39. Thank you for the exmple of that beautiful healing and the affirmation that divine love always heals.

  40. What a beautiful uplifting sense of "therapeutic encounter!" So simple and fundamental, based on familiar treasures--the 23rd Psalm, the 91st Psalm and the Lord's Prayer (with Mrs. Eddy's interpretation from Science and Health) are the platform for all else. We can rest assured that the truths expressed here radiate out like roots of a tree from which all else grows. Committed to memory, we always have them at hand to meet every need. They are a direct communication from God to man and are filled with the assurance of healing. Thank you so much!

  41. Thanks Rob for inspiring daily lift. Divine Love is the wonderful therapy which can heal every ill.It reminded me of beautiful Truth from S & H (pg 57) Love enriches the nature,enlarging, purifying & elevating it.Thanks again.

  42. Thanks, Rob, for “Therapeutic encounter … the interaction between doctor and patient where neither drugs nor surgery are used and still there’s healing … it’s believed that the interaction changes the patient’s mental state and this changes the body … the ultimate therapeutic encounter is between us and God … Divine Love … always heals.” It seems to me that in the Lord’s Prayer, we are given the authority with a built-in mandate to heal. “Our Father which art in heaven … Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven ...” To prove heaven here and now? To overcome the belief in sin, sickness, disease, or death and prove heaven! Mrs. Eddy, after studying Jesus’ healing ministry, called it, Christian Science. It’s the Truth of our being! In applying the laws of Divine Love to the human condition, Mrs. Eddy proved and shared her findings with us in many ways - all to keep us alert to our reason for being. We each have the divinely-authorized power to prove heaven on earth right now. Every encounter (meeting) we have, can be therapeutic (healing), whenever, whatever, wherever. Mrs. Eddy proved and so can each of us with increasing consistency, that “man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.” And so, let us insist that every interaction changes our mental state to align with God’s laws of Divine Love. “For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.” Every encounter a testimony of the sovereignty of Divine Love - Heaven on earth. :-)

  43. Thank you, dear Rob! We are Awakening to Love! Now I know why Mrs. Eddy wrote the following statement and why most C.S. Churches have it on their church walls: "Divine Love Always Has Met and Always Will Meet Every Human Need." Our job, as Human Beings walking the earth plane, is to allow our true selves to shine forth and to make conscious contact with this Divine Being called Love and to be transformed and healed!

  44. Yes, this brought tears of joy for me too. The grace of God is truly beyond what we can imagine and to know that we were created in God's image -- there is simply no greater gift. To hear about that precious child being lifted to Love, I can think of no better way to start the day. Thank you so much Rob for this beautiful lift and to all the others with your insightful comments. And thanks to Martin #1. Your words resonated deeply for me "Once it is understood that true health is found in consciousness, that is our conscious union with God, instead of matter, healing will be seen as natural rather than miraculous." And your quoting Mrs. Eddy, "Mind controls the body.,,man is the idea of infinite Mind, always perfect in God, Truth, Life and Love..." Indeed, "today is big with blessings!!"

  45. What a wonderful therapeutic encounter for that little girl!

    I am reminded that my mother was sent home from the hospital as an infant with a terminal condition. Her mother knew about THOSE Christian Scientists and had, I am told, seen them walking past her home on Sundays, always looking especially happy. Somehow, she connected with them. I really do not know further details of the encounter, but I am sure I know the results!

    My sense from all that Mrs. Eddy wrote is that she was absolutely aware that God is divine Love, always providing good, not to be obstructed. This child’s no-chance encounter with Mrs. Eddy was divine consciousness touching her. It is always therapeutic to accept a healthy “dispensation of Truth” (My 221:6).

    Thank you, Rob.

    Hey! #13. I spent a lot of years in horse-therapy! They have a huge advantage over other therapy. They don’t speak! You must “learn to listen” to get along. It’s a start!  .. just having fun with you! Really, I hear you. Human solutions can't hold a candle to divine Love solutions.

  46. A perfect message for me today. Having also had a vision problem that healed, I especially love this story.

  47. Thank you Rob.

  48. Thank you, Rob, for your Lift of sweet confidence in the power of divine Love to heal.

  49. Thank you, Rob, for a strong healing example to start this week. As always, I appreciate all the comments by our Lift family, especially #15 Margaret's sharing and #42 Nela for "...let us insist that every interaction changes our mental state to align with God’s laws of Divine Love. “For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.” Every encounter a testimony of the sovereignty of Divine Love - Heaven on earth." What a wonderful goal. I have re-written it as an affirmation to work with. I love cherishing the idea that every encounter has healing potential for us all.

  50. Thank you.

  51. Thank you for demonstrating divine nature in your message.
    Through the genuine power of your words, I was reminded once again that it is not only the knowing and believing, but the feeling sense of the presence that heals.

  52. What a good way to approach our study of the Bible Lessons - expecting a "Therepeutic encounter". We do have the ability to soften human will and be receptive to divine blessings and healing, increasing our faith in the power of Truth, God to heal.

  53. Today's lift reminded me of a healing I'll never forget that my Christian Science Sunday School teacher in Chicago, Illinois shared with me in 1950. She said she was praying while cleaning her glasses and, suddenly, the glasses broke in her hands. She never had to use glasses again. Today's lift encourages me to continue my prayer about my vision and wearing glasses. Thank you. I'm so grateful for Christian Science in my life.

  54. I can only echo the others..what a great Lift! My short prayer is "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." (Mary Baker Eddy in S&H) This has been my mainstay since I learned it in Sunday School many years ago. Psalms 91, too, has always been one of my favorites and I've recommended it to people to read when they are in need of feeling God's love and care.

    Thanks Rob. I am looking forward to hearing your lecture.

  55. This lift meets a specific need. Thanks for the encouragement. Never knew about Mrs. Eddy citing those three prayers. Also helpful. Now to accept them with a childlike thought!

  56. Thank you very much!

  57. I was very glad to know that Rob Gilbert has been lecturing to the Medical Field and explaining the therapeutic mental effects on the human body with Christian Science in mind. He is showing to many medical personal that there are better ways of healing than through drugs and that when C/S is used correctly, final healing is accomplished and the patient can look forward to never having that particular disease ever coming back.

  58. I've been in Boston for many decades and never heard of that healing. Thank you, Rob, for sharing it by putting it in such a useful context, THERAPEUTIC ENCOUNTER. That's the therapy I want.

  59. In the season of gratitude, this 'thank you' is heartfelt

  60. Thank you Rob. Having worked in the medical field for two years and recently being responsible for assisting my Mom to appointments with her doctor, I'm reminded how patients look to their doctors for confidence and reassurance and how my Mom seems to benefit from those visits, whether any medication is supplied or not! Certainly the thoughtful members of the medical community are experiencing, through such instances in their practice, various challenges to the mechanistic, material view to healing. I so appreciate the gentle encouragement of your message identifying "the ultimate therapeutic encounter" that is between us and God. This benefits not only those of us who love the Daily Lifts, but progress in the medical field.

  61. Gentle delivery.
    Gentle Love.
    Gentle Healing.
    "O gentle presence, peace and joy and power; " CS Hymn #207,8,9,10,etc. -- words by Maryl Baker Eddy.

  62. Now we must go and do likewise!

  63. I'm blown away with tears in my eyes! Thank you so much Rob for this inspiring lift.

  64. Very inspiring. Thank you.

  65. Such pure vision expressed in this uplifting thought and story. Thank you !

  66. Dear Rob, this is sooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us. I understand your wish to have been there with the little girl to see and hear Mrs. Eddy. Such a precious experience. It deeply moves me.
    Thank you again.

  67. During WW 2, my Mom proved that protection and healing is achieved by knowing and understanding the 91st. Psalm and it has always been a "Bright Star" in my practice of Christian Science. Thank you for all you for sharing.
    June in Mobile Alabama

  68. Rob,
    I'm so grateful for your clear and so easily imbibed sharing of divine Loves provision for all...you ooze the Spirit and Love of this divine Science...I know it's God expressing in you" the infinite idea forever developing itself, broading and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis" S&H 258:13... keep oozing...the world has need of you...with love Kirsten

  69. Very inspiring... thank you!

  70. Just wonderful, dear Rob. Thank you and all the UPlifters. What a precious message.

    I, too, had a healing of eyesight as verified by my passing the driver's eye test for the first time ever. I was reading the lesson which destrooys the false teaching of "Adam and fallen man" and rebelled against the thought that I was "taken out of man" as some mere afterthought. Immediately my vision cleared.

  71. Thank you so much. What a wonderfully inspiring lift!

  72. John
    I get so much Love from the comments

  73. With divine Love meeting our human needs, it paves the way to our turning to these much- loved prayers that have proven to be a salvation in times of trouble, also opening the way to Mrs Eddy's statement in S&H “According to Christian Science, the only real senses of man are spiritual, emanating from divine Mind. Thought passes from God to man, but neither sensation nor report goes from material body to Mind. The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man. Matter is not sentient and cannot be cognizant of good or of evil, of pleasure or of pain. Man’s individuality is not material. This Science of being obtains not alone hereafter in what men call Paradise, but here and now; it is the great fact of being for time and eternity.”

    As in Psalms, "Be still, and know that I am God;" and this intercommunication blossoms..

  74. Thank you for this beautiful 'theraputic encounter' with the Daily Lift. We are so blessed.

  75. Rob,
    Thanks so much for this lift. What a great approach to use when explaining CS to others!

  76. Wow, thanks so much for this great lift and the wonderful lecture...What blessings !

  77. Oh thank you, Rob!!!! Enjoyed your message and all the wonderful comments!!! I love reading about healings!!! And your recent lecture, so helpful. I feel so blessed
    Love to all

  78. Thank you, Rob, for such an example of Mrs. Eddy's love and healing through her awareness of God, Love's provision and care.

  79. Wow. Thanks.

  80. Mrs. Eddy's healings are always inspiring -- so simple, direct, and powerful. The lifters can always be counted on to expand what is not possible to put into a 90 second recording. It's interesting that some medical researchers needed a term to talk about the mental interaction between healer and patient. In one article the researcher thought that drugs have been hiding the therapeutic effect of the mental interaction all along and its only recent that this interaction is being recognized.

  81. Thank you.Absolute love,heals absolutely.That's what came to mind when I read your lift.We must all "go and do likewise".Thank you again for this therapeutic encounter!

  82. How profound, Rob! Thank you.

  83. Simply great! As we all truly are.

  84. Thank you, Ron, for an amazing Lift. We cannot begin to thank Mrs. Eddy enough for the precious gift she gave to mankind in Christian Science. But certainly we can daily strive to reach the spiritual heights she reached, and which Jesus reached in our daily lives and demonstrations — as this is possible for anyone seeking to understand Truth, Life, and Love. This Lift is a keeper, for sure!

  85. Thanks for sharing this story Rob! I had never heard this one before, but it is so sweet and helpful! I can remember sitting on my Grandfather's lap when he visited and reciting both the 23rd. and 91st. Psalms from memory thanks to the CS Sunday School training. He was not a Christian Scientist, but even as a child I felt the love and healing he felt when I did this, and I felt good inside!

  86. Thank you Rob for that great Lift and wonderful experience from Mrs Eddy.

  87. Thanks Rob for this wonderful example of the healing power of Truth. I'd forgotten I'd read that healing encounter a while back and it's so powerful. Thanks everyone for sharing.

  88. Thanks so much, Rob.

  89. I love this story. It shows how simple and pure Scientific healing really is. Thank-you, Rob!

  90. A good lift.

  91. So grateful for this lift and the reminder of those two prayers as the best of gifts from our Father Mother God.... Thank you.

  92. an encounter with MBE would have made anyone's day.... but We have her very thoughts in our great
    Textbook and our great Bible .. and these are forever! we can encounter as much TRUTH as we can
    handle... healings will come with applications of all-seeing,all-acting Truth-power... what a resource
    to work with... what a direction to be going in!! thanks, all lifters !!

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